01x08 - Episode 8

Episode transcripts for 2015 TV mini-series.
Supernatural m*rder mystery set on the Cook Islands. Kyle and Budgie arrive in paradise, but not everything is as it seems.
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01x08 - Episode 8

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Everything I've seen is going to happen to her. I've proved myself.

I can stay. Only I'm thinking we should go.

What else have you been lying to me about?

It's Dries, look!

There's no-one there.

He's right beside you, Maui!

I know where Dries's body is. There's a trace, but it's fading fast so we need to go now!

Maui Vaipiti, Detective Constable Lara Morgan.

I'm arresting you on suspicion of pearl-smuggling and m*rder.

These are Vaipiti pearls...

Why would he steal them just to give them back?

Get your uncle's boat and go. You can change the future.

What I saw doesn't have to happen.

Aumea is the one that has been chosen.

My red dress.

Just burn it, then everything's fine.

It's gone!

Kyle was here.

Don't worry. I'll take care of you, I promise.

Hey, you're shaking. Just tell me what happened.

Koringo suspects. We need to leave now. My bag's in the boat.

Just grab yours and let's go.

Wait, we should leave separately.

Why? If anyone sees us together, it's over.

OK, I'll wait here a few minutes then meet you there.

Just hurry, OK?

I found the dress. You were right.

I've hidden it under the mattress. He doesn't know it's gone yet.

I'll get it. Just relax. You're safe now.

Just go home and stay there.

Don't confront him. Please.

I won't. I promise.

Trust me.

But I'm a key witness! You can't release me without protection.

Yeah, Hauraki's orders.

Koringo is bailing me out for a reason.

You do realise that?

He didn't bail you out.

Dries is d*ad, Maui won't talk, there's just not enough evidence to prosecute.

Well, do the bikers know that?

Because I'm a d*ad man walking otherwise.

We'll let out a press release just as soon as we can.

Like they know how to read! Can I just stay at your place?


We don't have to get jiggy.

I mean, I might have performance issues anyway with all this stress flying about, so it's probably best if we take things slow for a bit.

Key under the mat, is it?

Shall I just let myself in, yeah?

(Door slams)

Aumea? Aumea?

You coming along too?

Thought you didn't approve?

You've run away with Aumea once already.

Do you really think that they will let it happen again?

They can't stop us.

The Reverend Calcott can.

He has everyone watching you.

Reporting back. They always have been.

This boat will not work. They have disabled the engine.

Even Aumea has betrayed you.


(Engine sputters)

You can trust no-one now... but me.

Matikutu is the one driving Kyle's actions.

There's no such spirit.

He was real. Matikutu existed.

He's playing us for fools. We cannot indulge him.

My mind is open, that's all.

You know, our stories have meaning too!

We've taken the dress back.

I'm going to destroy it, make certain the future he predicted can't happen.

I've burnt it already.

It's finished. The only thing d*ad now is Kyle's vision.

Aumea, pick up your phone. I'm at the boat, your bag's gone.

Where are you? What's happened? Please, just tell me you're OK.

She has been duped by Calcott.

But his purpose is not yet clear.

He has a book, a journal.

Tyler told me. Full of bat-shit crazy stuff.

You must go to the church, find what it says.

We tried, but it's locked in his crypt.

I need to find Aumea.

Shit, do you think he's keeping her there too?

That is my fear, yes.

That's why she hasn't come.

(Horn beeps)

Kyle! Budge!

Wait. I'm coming with you.

Where's Aumea?

She's in trouble.

We need to get Lara and as many police as we can.

I can't save her alone.

If my past taught me anything, that's it.

Matikutu, right?

Hey, big guy. Gimme five.


Is he smiling?

He's cracking up.

Let's go.

(He speaks maori)

(He speaks maori)

(He speaks maori)

You have our gratitude and respect, Maestro.

Now we are one.

I can't wait for my family to meet you.

They're arriving tomorrow, first thing.

It's about time.

I was starting to doubt that they even existed.

The day I've dreamt about for so long is finally here.

It's going to be a whole new adventure.

Thank you for sharing it with me.

I've searched every database, police and civilian, and there's no record of him anywhere that goes back more than five years.

Passport, ID?

Logged and current, but there's no medical or employment records since before 2009.

No education details. It's like Koringo didn't exist.

Or he got himself a new identity.

So who was he before?

(Door slams)

It's OK, I'll deal with them.

(Door slams)

I need you to go and warn Aumea.

We've got some new information.

You have to come with us.

Aumea's being held c*ptive.

(Music plays)

(Chatting and laughter)

I told you this is where she'd be.

It's her hens party.

I sent out the invites.

I waited for you. What happened?

I came to my senses.

It's over, Kyle.

My red dress has gone.

It's been destroyed.

Your sick little fantasy can't happen.

What are you talking about?

I've changed what you saw.

I'm safe now.

You're not safe.

I've been checking up on Koringo. He's not who he says he is.

Nor were you.

I thought we were friends.

But you were both just using me.

I believed in you.

It's not me who's the danger, it's Koringo and Calcott and it's happening tomorrow!

Go and live your life, Kyle. And let me live mine.

But you're not listening to me!

Hey, what's with the big pow-wow? Are these guys the strippers?

No. As if I would do that to you.

Although, if you're up for it...?

I'll give it a go.

Sorry. You've been barred, remember?

They need to leave. Now. Why?

Aumea, wait, please...

Get off me!

Let's move.

(Kyle sighs)

She's scared. They've got to her.

You should arrest Koringo.

Don't worry, we're watching him.

As soon as we get something concrete, we'll pull him in.

Aumea is running out of time.

You must find the journal.

See that smile she gave me?


I need to see Calcott. There's a book I need to borrow.

You don't have to come.

What sort of wingman bails now?

Not the kind that steals beer from beach bars, that's for sure.

I got one for you, too.

Come on, they owe us that much at least.


Looks like he's expecting us.

I guess his Angel told him.

It's probably watching our every move.

That's really comforting, thanks.

Matikutu's watching us.

It'll all even out in the end.

Don't say words like "The End".

Not with the Prince of Darkness up there waiting for us.

We can take him. No sweat.

Yeah, better this than being strippers at Aumea's hen party.

It was a wake and Aumea knew it.

Nothing's changed, no matter what she said.

So stay focused, OK?

(Congregational singing)

Here, hold this and do a recce.


Have a look around.

For what?

Other Reverends? More d*ad people?

You're the one who sees spirits.

Trust me.

(Congregational singing)

So, are you still with me?

Or has Captain Crazy dragged you on board?

I'm still open to offers.

If you've got one.

(Singing continues)

I need the book.

His journal.

When we wish our eyes to be opened, we must turn... to the Lord.

(Music stops)

Only He can grant us the vision we need.


According to Tyler, you think I've been brought here for a purpose.

We have both been chosen to fulfil God's task.

I just want to save Aumea.

You are seeking redemption. Like all lost souls!

Open your heart.

Confess your sins! There can be no working God's miracle...

I'm not working for God!

That spirit that you call Matikutu is an illusion!

And your Angel's real?

Only the light of our Lord Saviour can guide us.

There can be no forgiveness or absolution without further sacrifice.

(Doors open)

Ah... Uh!


Budge? Are you OK?

(She whimpers)

To feel the warmth of God's embrace, Kyle, you must be willing to lose EVERYTHING.

(Door slams)

We've got a Plan B...


What is going on? How can they be part of God's plan?

I do not question the Angel, I obey him.

Just as you and they must obey me.

The Day of Judgment is here.

It's time to choose.

Turn your back on God now... and you will burn.


(Ripples of laughter)

To the god, Ono, who came down to earth on a rainbow to give a black pearl to the princess as a sign of his eternal love.

All: Awww!

You need to start drinking some water. Thanks, Peckham.

I would drink an ocean for a guy like that.

Laughing: Oh, my God!


All: Cheers!


Your back's going to break way before that wall does.

I'm trying to leave my body.

Send my spirit out like you did, in a coma.

I can do that too.

Matikutu reckons I can control it. Make it happen again.

By hurting yourself?

I was emotional, stressed out. I need to work myself up, find that state again.

Then...go out and get help.


Do we have a Plan C?

Matikutu, he set me up.

I need to get out of here and find out why.

(He moans softly)

Is that it?

Have you gone?


(Kyle sighs)

I'm trying to concentrate.

It's not easy, you know.


(Laughter and music)

I... I don't know what happened. She just... She just like, keeled over.

Jesus, are you all right?

She'll be fine. It's just one too many and all the excitement.

Yeah, yeah, OK, erm, I...

I should go with her and make sure she's OK, so...

(She shrieks)

Just take her home.

(She giggles drunkenly)

I'm fine, thank you, I'm fine, thanks.

We'll find another way out, yeah?


(Text alert)

Lara! Lara, it's me!

The bikers are here. They're at the church. Calcott's hiding...


(Insects chirrup)

Your gifts are growing quite remarkably.

I hope Calcott has your body secured at least.

Yes, I can see you.

You're not the only shaman on this island, Kyle.

It's a confession to the police, for pearl smuggling, exonerating Maui.

My wedding present to the Vaipitis.

I should at least give them back their son, if I am taking their daughter.

You mean k*lling her?

To be reborn, as the Reverend says.

You're so contradictory.

You see d*ad spirits and yet Calcott's beliefs seem absurd.

Aumea wasn't reborn in my vision.

Just d*ad.

That's the problem with prophecies.

They show you pieces of the puzzle, not the whole picture.

You still hope you're going to save her? I will.

I can see how it haunts you.

The vision of her body in water, d*ad.

Just like the unborn child you once had, floating in its mother's womb.

The child you failed to save.

Just as you'll fail with Aumea.


She is mine now, to do with as I wish.

And there is nothing you can do to stop me.

(Kyle gasps for breath)

Not only do I see spirits, I can hurt them too.

It's a power you would learn also, Kyle.

If only you were going to live that long.

He needed one last push.

It's time.

Calcott knows what to do.


Peckham, what're you doing? Just stop, OK?


(Car door slams)

No! No, no, no, no, no!

(Kyle gasps)


Give me some kind of warning! I nearly shat myself.

(Kyle retches)

Are you OK?



Mate! Mate?

What's happening?

What's wrong with him?

(He retches and heaves)


He's having a seizure. Oh, no, this can't go wrong, not now.

Untie him, quickly.

And get him some water.

It's OK.

Just relax.

Give him some space!

Step back, all of you.

(He struggles for breath)

The front door's unlocked.

I'll try and give you a few seconds' head start.

Don't worry about Budgie. It's you they want, so run fast.

OK. You do it.

Go! Stop him!

He's running.

You know what to do.

Well done.

Now keep his idiot friend secured and await salvation.

Screw that, you gospel freak.

Whoa Budgie, stop, stop! I'm on your side!



You think so?

Calcott's planning to sacrifice Aumea!

Kyle's gone to stop him, but he's going to need back-up.

Why are we standing here gabbing, then?

You get her dad and Peckham and I'll get Lara and the cops, come on.


(Insects buzz)

Talk to me. We can't get to Koringo unless you do.

I know you were smuggling out of necessity, for your family. I...

(She sighs)

Look, I can live with that. Respect it, even.

But you're not a m*rder, Maui.

I couldn't still love you this much if you were.

Please tell me you've got a g*n.

Hauraki's not picking up.

It's just us. And me.

You can lock me back up again when this is all over.

I can help. She's my sister!

The bikers k*lled Dries!

They made me bury him and Koringo's blackmailing me now.

I'll sign a statement.

I'll testify, anything, just ...

Lara, you need me.

Gets my vote.

(Insects buzz and chirp)

Sobbing: No.

No! No!

(She pants)

Be the person you said.

The one I believed in.

Help me!

I said don't finish it.

This condemns you.

This is what I saw, the first time.

It's happening!

(Rustling and footsteps)

They're coming to k*ll you.

You said you'd save me!!

Aumea, wait. We have to change it...

Stay with me! Aumea!

(Muffled cry)


(He gasps for breath)

It exists.

He has found the pool.

As you promised.

Surely now... you can reveal yourself?

Behold. The Angel!


He's a Momoke.

This isn't a story, it's real.

This is where the Momoke came out.

And stole my crops.

I was the farmer.

When they came back, my father captured one... and made her his wife... my mother.

The white woman of Manutaki.

I am the son she left behind, the one he trapped here with him... until finally... after years of searching... his father's debt to me will be paid, his soul released... and I will go home.

(Siren wails)

Oh, they're here.

Where's Taringa and Hauraki?

I've left messages - Maui's come in their place.

It's less release, more redemption.

Is he allowed a spade? Well, do you want to take it from me?

Which way do we have to go?

Follow me. Come on. Come on.

The Momoke are a myth... a Maori legend told to tell their children.

And what is your religion, if not stories you choose to believe?

Control the shepherd and you control his flock.

Then you are a demon, sent to trick me and I abjure thee!

Why are you doing this? Why me?

I am half-Momoke only.

I cannot pass through the portal to their dimension without a sacrifice of my human half - a relative... one who shares my bloodline, my symbols - they will not accept me otherwise.

Only you could find the pool, only Aumea can open the portal.

It must be so.

If you'd just left the island, as everyone urged, she would have been safe.

You weren't brought here to stop her death, but to cause it - that is your destiny, Kyle.

You can't change the future any more than you can change the past, just repeat it.

Let's not be afraid.

I will take your spirit with me, to live in my world...my love.


Let me do it. Throw her in.

I saw that also.

If you don't follow my visions exactly, you'll fail.

It must be as Kyle has seen.

You're planning to spirit walk, to save her, but to do that, you must have a body to return to.

Ihaka...when we're gone, k*ll him.

(He speaks maori)



Goodbye, Kyle.

And thank you, brother.


Budge, drag our bodies out and then wait.

We're coming back.

Please, please, please, don't!

Please... It's OK, trust me.


Get off her!

Find the g*n, Tyler! Find the g*n!

I can't find it!



Come on, Aumea, come on!

We need to gather in all the pearls, help us!

Get all the pearls quickly.

Come on, Aumea, please!

(Kyle coughs)

He's brought my spirit back.

Kyle, is everything OK?

Here, she's coming round.

Aumea, Aumea.

Quickly! They're coming! Aumea.

We need to throw all the pearls in - only then will the portal close.

Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

Wait! The bodies, drag them into the pool.

We've got to get rid of everything. We can't explain this to Hauraki.

Budgie! I chucked them.

There must be more!

Oh, shit, yeah, how did that happen?

Sorry, Mum!

Aumea, please.

Come on, don't do this to me.

(Aumea coughs)

Aumea...you're safe now. It's OK, it's over.

Are you sure you want to do this?

This is the Manutaki experience. Once tried, never forgotten.

I can't leave now, mate.

But what do you know about pearl farming?

Aumea says Maui'll teach me.

Least we're not barred from this place any more.

Fancy one for the road?

I'm not going to say no, am I?

Hey! I wish you'd stay.

Me too. You could always work here.

I've got Dries' job now - I can hire who I like.

Nah. There's... there's nothing here for me.

Hey, I could introduce you to Zoe.

She's single and gutted the wedding got cancelled.

(Women laugh)

The chief bridesmaid always gets laid.

Apparently she's been going through a bit of a dry patch.

So, you think I'm in with a chance because she's desperate?

That's really insulting.

He's right, forget it.

Whoa, don't listen to that.

I invented the dry patch.

Bring her over!

Here. I found this in your stuff after the accident.

Thought I should keep it, just in case.

Help you pay off your debts back home.

Or get me to Rio.

No, the debt thing first, obviously, you little beauty!

All right, all right, keep them hidden - they're still stolen goods, remember?


What is it? You OK?

Nothing. It's cool.

Thanks, yeah? Back at you. Big time.

OK, then. Let's party.


(Bottles clink)
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