01x02 - Episode 2

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "The Outcast". Aired July 2015.
"The Outcast" tells the story of a young boy's struggles to fit into the life of a post-w*r English village after witnessing the death of his mother. Based on the bestselling novel of the same name.
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01x02 - Episode 2

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One watch.

One wallet.

(Doors slam)

Good luck.

(Door slams)

(A child laughs)

(Distant car and radio)

♪ Baby... ♪
♪ Having me some fun tonight ♪
♪ Yeah! ♪
♪ Well Long Tall Sally She's built for speed, she got ♪
♪ Everything that Uncle John need ♪
♪ Oh baby... ♪

Hello, you!

I'd no idea you were back! Hop in.


Are you getting in, or not?

♪ Oh baby... ♪
♪ Yeah, baby ♪
♪ Whoo! ♪
♪ Baby... ♪
♪ Having me some fun tonight... ♪

Home, is it?

If that's all right.


(Car rumbles and screeches)

How's it feel?

Deborah Foster got married.

Apart from that, do you know, I don't think a single thing has happened.

(Car radio turned off)

Welcome home, Lewis.

Thank you.


Hello, Alice.

You knew I was coming?

We weren't sure.

I wrote.

Yes, I...

(A woman clears her throat)

(Dog barks outside)


Hello, Daddy!


Welcome home.

Thank you, sir.

Look, Dad, I wanted to...

What is it?

I wanted to...

What is there to say?

Just that I'm sorry.

Everything is to be different.

Yes, I know.

What then?


I want to make it better.

If I can.

(Engine starts up)

I'll be off.

Yes, thank you, Mary. Goodnight.

(Door shuts)

A fresh start, then?

Yes, sir.

I was hoping to find some work.

I see.


(Owl hoots)

All right?

I just wanted to say, let's try to be friends this time, shall we?

Of course.

He missed you.

He did.

Was it bad?

There are worse things.

No more silliness?


No, of course.

(He awakens gasping)

I'm off!

All right dear. >

Tamsin tells me she saw your boy on the road yesterday.

Yes. Yes. He's home.

He's keen make a go of it.

Good to know the system works.

Thing is, Dicky, I was wondering if we might find something for him at Carmichael's.

Who, Lewis?

Yes, Lewis -- It would do him a world of good, I think.

He can hardly expect to walk straight into a job.

No... Of course.


(Record plays): ♪ Well cry me a river ♪
♪ Cry me a river ♪
♪ I cried a river over you. ♪
♪ Now you... ♪

It crossed my mind to tell him, I wouldn't trust that boy to feed my dog.

You'd have every right.

I think it's extraordinary.

♪.. so untrue... ♪
♪ Well, you can cry me a river... ♪

Any chance of something with mint in it?

There you are!

Hello, infant.

After everything you've done for that family already!

Exactly. And only two years.

He must have behaved himself...

What are we all yapping about?

What did he say to you?



Oh, not much -- why?

Well, now Gilbert has asked your father to find him a job.

Do stop that, Kit!

I told you, he was fearfully polite and rather embarrassed.

Well, so he should be.

They should've damn well left him where he was.

-- I don't see why! He didn't commit m*rder!

Oh, shut up, Kit, no-one's impressed.

One doesn't really want a person like that anywhere, does one?

I don't suppose you could put him somewhere it doesn't matter?

The quarry office, or something.

Well, I expect I'll do something like that.

You could see him in the morning.

Mr Aldridge would be so pleased.

To forgive is divine, Daddy, you know.

My good girl.

♪ Wop bop a loo bop a lop bam boom! ♪
♪ I got a girl, named Sue She knows just what to do ♪
♪ I got a girl, named Sue She knows just what to do ♪
♪ She rocks to the East She rocks to the West ♪
♪ She is the girl that I love best Tutti frutti, oh rutti... ♪

Try not to be peculiar.

Lewis Aldridge?


Mr Carmichael is waiting for you.

♪ Tutti frutti, oh rutti Wop bop a loo bop a lop bam boom! ♪

How is everything at home?

Fine, thank you, sir.


I've asked Mr Phillips to find you something. Phillips?


Right. Something in filing.

We won't stand for any funny business.

No, sir.

You'll be on trial. On Mr Carmichael's say-so.

Nine o'clock sharp, Monday morning.

I'll show you the ropes then.

All right with you?

Yes. Thank you.

I don't usually employ men straight out of prison, of course.

No, sir.

I've no interest in you personally, Lewis. If you can't... manage... your father wouldn't like it.

Do you understand?


Look here.

I'll be paying you almost nothing to do a worthless job, because your father has worked for me for some years.

Do you see?

Don't get above yourself.

Go on.

Thank you, sir.

(From radio): ♪ She bent down and turned around and gave me a wink ♪
♪ She said, "I'm gonna make it up right here in the sink" ♪
♪ It smelled like turpentine It looked like Indian ink... ♪


Yes, fine.

Daddy can be an awful bully sometimes. You shouldn't let him.

No. He's right.

♪ At Thirty-Fourth and Vine ♪
♪ He broke my little bottle of ♪
♪ Love Potion Number Nine. ♪

I say! How would you all like to come up to the house for tennis and things on Saturday?

All right. Thanks.

Kit, come on!

(Chatter in background)

All right?

Where are they, I wonder?

Gilbert! Alice! Aren't we lucky with the weather?

Hello, Claire. Yes, it's lovely.


Some drinks?

Where's Dicky?

Oh, he slunk off to show Dan Maxwell his new pride and joy.

Ah, the Jaguar...

Excuse me. Catherine!

Look, Dad, why don't I just go?

Hello, Mr Aldridge, Mrs Aldridge! How are you?

Come on.

It's been absolutely deadly.

Thank goodness you're here.

Mrs Patterson, you remember Lewis Aldridge?

Of course.

You do have an effect.

Run along, infant.

Hello, Kit. Wind'll change.

It's been a while.

Now, hit it to me properly.

I'm terribly good.


You absolute swine!

All right.

I'll get it.

Think it went over there.

You're beautiful.


You used to frighten me.

Did I?

Are you a reformed character now?

Don't I look it?

Look, how would you like to come out to dinner with... - There it is!

I don't really want to play any more, do you?

(Distant): She didn't do that, did she?

Yes, she did!

Ed! You didn't come all the way down this morning just for this?

See you later, Lewis.

Come on.

And she says, "I've had such a good day that I shall marry the man "who teaches me how to putt this 18-footer."


And so the first fellow says, "It's a ten-inch break, right to left." And the second fellow says, "No, no, no, just pick it up and put it in the hole." - LAUGHTER Lewis!

Sorry, can I just...? Thank you.


Your stepmother is unwell. I want you to take her home.


Yes. Please.

(Whispering): For God's sake, behave yourself!

Thank you.


Go on.

Are you all right, Mrs Aldridge?

Little Kit Carmichael.


It's fine.

Taken home like a child.

Not behaving properly.

Can't have people behaving so badly.

Why won't you look at me when I'm speaking to you?

Just like your bloody father!

(In tears): I'm sorry.

(She sighs)

I don't mind.

Really, I'm sorry, Lewis.

It's fine.

What a fool. I expect you hate me.

Of course you do. You always...

Always hated me. I know that.

I don't hate you.

The thing is... I've always felt so badly about everything.

About what?

About you.

You don't know how it feels.

Looking at you and knowing it's all my fault.

I'm not your fault.


I should never have met him, or I should have been better.

You were such a little broken thing.

I was too young, and I'm sorry.

(She breathes heavily)

Are you still broken?


(Voice trembling): Don't do that.

Don't... Don't you want not to be alone?

Just for one moment, not be completely alone? - STOP!

(She gasps)


(Heavy breathing)

(They pant and moan)

(She cries out)


(She cries louder)


(She moans and sobs)

(She cries)


(Ash sizzles)

All this, for me?

Stop it!

It's disgusting.

Are you still broken?

(Car approaches)

(Door opens)

(Footsteps on stairs)

Walk or fly, Lewis?

I don't mind.

Alice, walk or fly?

Whatever's easiest.

So -- work in the morning for us both.

Yes, sir.


You can use the car. I'll get a lift with Dicky.

(He breathes heavily)

Don't look at me!

Turn around. I'll come out.

All right.

What's wrong?


Did you do it yourself?


Your hair.

I saw a girl in a film with short hair.

She was so glamorous.

Not a boy?

Shut up. No, a girl.

What's prison like?

It was all right.

Were they mean to you?

I kept my head down.

Both our fathers hate us, I think.

Why would yours?

He thinks I'm detestable.

You seem all right.


Stop it! OW!

I've got a splinter.

Let me see.


I thought you were tough.

Buff files monies in, blue files monies out.

You'll find 1952 from April here, and ascending.

We've just the one sharpener.

It's on my desk.

All right?

(Horn blares)

Sandwiches in the car, are they?

Fancy one of mine?


You won't want to eat with me.

(Door opens and closes)

Music: I Remember You by Victor Schertzinger & Johnny Mercer

(Clock ticks)

(Ticking intensifies, music fades)

(Ticking stops)

Will you be all right to lock up?

Yes, sir.


(Lamp click intensifies)


Are you just going to pretend?


You don't think...?

You can't think that I want...

Morning, madam.



(Engine revs)


Giving you a g*n, are they?

Well, things have come to a pretty pass, I must say.

Radio: A Life On The Ocean Wave by Epes Sargent

(Talk and laughter on radio)

(Bell chimes)

We wanted it all to be just the same.

Dicky Carmichael helped enormously.

(Bell continues)

Morning, reverend.

It's all right, dear. Come on.

Take no notice. Come on.

(She sobs)


It's fine. It's fine.

Come on.

I don't want to.


Let's go for a walk.

Come on.

Mr and Mrs Carmichael, good morning.

Don't you like me any more?

You used to think I was pretty. I know you did.

I'm leaving soon.


Your father warned me off.

How romantic.

They'll be ages and ages.

(Birds tweet)

(She giggles)

Not walking, then?

I don't want to now.

What do you want?

I want you to feel better, I suppose.

You want me to feel better?

About what?

Dora Cargill walloped you, ha!

It must've hurt awfully.

It did.

(Soft piano music)

I'll take you back.


You shouldn't be here.

Scared of what you'll do?

We should go.


(Music intensifies)

All right. Stop now.

Don't be cross.

No, I'm... I'm not.

(Now I know what you want.)

Beastly thing to say!

You know people say you k*lled her?

Some people, anyway.

When you ran away all the time.

And you were so bad.

People say it was guilt for k*lling her.

Didn't you know?

I was ten.

I'm sorry, Lewis.

(I'm so sorry.)

What else do you want to make me feel better about?

(She moans)

(All right... Stop...)

I said enough!

Stop it!



(She gasps)

Where have you been?


Just wait there, young lady.

What's all this?


What happened?

Ow! Stop it!


Daddy, no!

(Door slams)
(Look at this.)

Stop it.

(What is this, then?)

Let go!

What did he do to you?


We were kissing, he kissed me.

Let go! You're horrible!


(Tamsin weeps)

I'm so sorry.

Oh, darling, I'm so sorry.



Yes, thank you.

Here, here.

Good girl.

So... the boy.

He made you... go with him.


He said he wanted to talk to me.

And then he attacked you?

He didn't... but he hit me.

He punched me.

(Door shuts)

(Tamsin weeps)

Lewis, stop!


What?! - Shhh!

I need to talk to Tamsin.


She doesn't want to see you.

Is she all right? - Forget her.

I need to... - Lewis!

We have to run away.


Get in the car, come on.


Stop it.

Get in the car.

You're mad! - Me?

(Kit laughs)


(They laugh)

(Jazz music)

(They laugh)

(Car horn)


(Lewis laughs)

(Indistinct voices)

I've never been out in London at night before.

I should hope not.

There. Is it all right?

(Jazz music)

Bloody hell.

All right?

I'll get us a drink.

Long time, long time.

How've you been?

Life goes on, you know?

She's a pretty girl.

Beer and a coke, please.

(Guitar and saxophone)

You're so lucky.

When I run away, I can't go anywhere.

The police would just bring me back, or I'd be kidnapped for a white sl*ve or something.

Boys have much more fun.

You run away?

All the time.


I don't know.

Existential crisis or something.

Well! for God's sake, we ARE having a heat wave.

That's jail bait, Lewis.

This is no good.

What do you mean?

Kit, you have these little girl ideas about me... but I've got nothing you need.


I can only do you harm.

You're wrong.

You think you're dark, but you're not.

You're light.

I know you are. You always have been.

(Applause and cheering)

(Music resumes)

♪ I'm gonna love you... ♪


♪ Like nobody's loved you ♪
♪ Come rain ♪
♪ Or come shine ♪
♪ High as a mountain... ♪


♪ And deep as a river ♪
♪ Come rain or come shine... ♪
♪ I guess when you met me ♪
♪ It was just ♪
♪ One of those things ♪
♪ But don't... ♪
♪ Ever bet me ♪
♪ Cos I'm gonna be true ♪
♪ If you let me ♪
♪ You're gonna love me ♪
♪ Like nobody's loved me ♪
♪ Come rain ♪
♪ Or come shine ♪
♪ Happy together ♪
♪ Unhappy together ♪
♪ And won't it be... ♪
♪ Fine? ♪
♪ I'm with you always ♪
♪ I'm with you rain ♪
♪ Or come... ♪
♪ Shine. ♪

(Bell rings)

Get out! - It's a relief to see you, Miss.

Come on!

Come on. Turn around.

You can't do that.

It's all right, he'll take you home.

No, I won't go!

Come along, Miss.

All right, so you didn't att*ck Tamsin Carmichael and you didn't abduct her sister, Katherine?

No, we just went.

(Lewis grunts)

Is she all right?


Tamsin, sir.

You haven't told me if she's all right.

(Lewis grunts)

(Lewis sighs)

Come on now.

I've told you, please.

You went for a walk, you got friendly, you got to friendly with her, she said no, you lost your temper.

No, I didn't.

You said you were angry. - Yes.

She was... she was being... she said, she said that...

Saying things? What was she saying?

(Muffled voice): Lewis! Lewis!

I'm sorry...

She said that... she said that...

I'm sorry.

.. I'm sorry.

Tell me how it happened.

(Amplified banging of pen on desk)

Start from the beginning.

Did you see your mother get into trouble in the water?

Did you try to help her?

(Lewis as child): I couldn't...



(Distorted sound)

(Chair scrapes on floor)

Miss Carmichael isn't making a complaint, sir.

We were swimming and she drowned.

(Throbbing heart b*at echoes)



(She laughs)

(Car keys rattle)

I just haven't dared.

(Footsteps climb stairs)

I think the best thing would be if you were to go somewhere you can get better.

I'll look into it.

Was it very bad?


Is he all right?


Gilbert, I don't think he hit Tamsin.

Will you be all right?


I'm going to Dicky's, I don't like to leave you with him.

I told you, I don't think he did it!

I heard you.

I don't know why you're defending him. Have you seen him?

Do you remember what he did?

Please don't shout at me.

I'm just saying, I don't think --

I'm not shouting at you.

I'm going to the Carmichaels to see what I can do, and then I will come back. Will you be all right, Alice?



(Door closes)

I have my daughters' reputation to think of.

You can tell him there's nothing more to be said.

If you reconsider...

No! The matter's closed.

Gilbert. - Dicky.

Come inside.

Let's go into the study.

Let's have a drink.

Dicky, I'm so sorry, I don't know what to do any more.

(Record plays): ♪ High as a mountain ♪

(Car engine starts and drives away)

♪ And deep as a river. ♪

(Door opens)

Give me a reason, young lady.

I made him take your car.

It was my idea.

(He grunts and she whimpers)

I hate you.

(She cries out)

I don't care!

(She cries out in pain)

(Knock at the door)

You look all right!

Have you seen my face?

Mummy did her best with it.

Does it hurt? - Not too bad.

Why is it the only time he does it to me, it has to show?

Yours never do.

What happened, Kit? When he took the car?


I don't mean that sort of thing.

Did you tell him?

Tell him what?

Does he know?

About Daddy?

Of course not.

Well, good.

Nobody would believe a person like him anyway.

I know.

You are feeble.

You should just come down and apologise.

What am I going to do?

I'm not exactly the person to ask.

Kit! Wait!




Let go!

She's your stepmother! It's like...


It wasn't... [HE PANTS]

I came to tell you not to worry.

About Tamsin.

They've told the police to leave you alone.

I didn't hurt Tamsin.

I know that! You're so stupid!

How do you know?

Because it was him!

I don't understand. Kit?

I knew they wanted to blame you.

I made you run away with me so you'd be safe.

But it went wrong.

It was a silly plan.

Your father?

Usually he only does it to me.

I've never told anyone.

I wanted to tell you. I don't know why.

Your father hits you?


Quite a lot.

(She whimpers)

I don't ever want to see you again.

Kit! Kit!






Who is it?

For God's sake! - What?

Oh, my God! - Preston!

Oh, my God!

Preston! - Daddy?

Stay away.

(g*n cocks)

(He breathes heavily)

(He whimpers)

(Disorientating whooshing)

(Birds chirp)

(He sobs)

'Wake up.

'Wake up.

'Wake up.'

'I never told anyone.

'I wanted to tell you.'

You're home.


(She pours a drink)

What's the matter? Did you see the doctor?




What did he say?

Oh, he gave me a form to fill in.

We talked about Lewis.

What form?

What's for dinner?

Gilbert, this is to have him committed.


For God's sake, what?

You can't do this.

No, we have to bloody find him first.

When he hurt himself this time...

It's not just that!

You can't do this to him. It will break him.

He's already broken.

I am not going to discuss this with you, Alice.

You're not his mother and it's not your decision.

Find another topic, please.

And if you can't, why don't you go to your room?

I don't know how you can live with me and be so hard and so cold.

I used to blame myself... and Lewis.

But perhaps it's just you?

When we met... and you were so very sad... I thought I could make you forget her... and be happy.

(She laughs)


Hello, Dad.

Where have you been? - Somewhere.

Why don't we sit down and talk about this?

Why? Who's coming for me?




What? Do you think I'm going to hurt you?

I want to.

You've done nothing for me.

And all of this time I've been trying to make it up to you.


Why couldn't you have faith in me?

If you'd have... just liked me... just for one minute, been on my side... but you couldn't.

You were used to too much love as a little boy.

She spoiled you.

Well... you put a stop to that.

It's not a question of wanting to help.

From the day she'd... it happened.

I just couldn't look at you, Lewis. You were so like her.

You didn't know what to do without her.

You didn't want my company.

Don't follow me.

Don't call anyone.



(He sobs)

(Bells toll)


Kit, you are going to have to change.

All right.

You can borrow something of mine.

Don't take all day.

A proper dress, please.

I'll go with you.

Get out!

Kit's what?

5'2"? 5'3"? You're a big man.

That's quite a challenge beating up a girl like that. - How dare you.

How's Tamsin?

Don't! Don't you mention her name.

Tamsin? Why not?

I'm not the one who messed up her face.

I didn't touch her.

She was all over me though.


For a nice girl she certainly does have a way about her.



Is that it?

That's better.

You ARE insane.

Do it again.

Thank you.

(Car engine rumbles)

(Bell tolls)

(He groans)

♪ Dear Lord and Father of mankind ♪
♪ Forgive our foolish ways ♪
♪ Re-clothe us in our rightful mind ♪
♪ In purer lives thy service find... ♪

(Distant singing)

♪ Oh, still small voice of calm ♪
♪ Oh, still small voice of calm. ♪

Please be seated.

It is during these last days of August...

(Congregation murmurs)

I'm sorry.

(Congregation gasps)

He does this. He does this.

It's not a secret now.

Tamsin? It's him.

Tell them.

Go on.

He won't do it any more.

Let go of her.

Kit! Kit!

How could you? How could you do that to that to me?

There was nothing else!

There was nothing else I could do, I had to protect you. - Protect me?!

I got my enlistment notice and it's either that, or prison again and I didn't know what else to do.

I waited for you!

I wanted to be all grown up for you, and look at you.

I know I'm no good. I know that.

But, Kit, you are.

And I thought I could save you. But I can't.

Save me? I'm fine!

No, Kit, you are not fine.

You're just brave.

You deserve everything.

I wanted to tell you that.

And that I love you.

Well... I've done it now.


Why don't you come to the surgery with me?

Let me take a look at you.

It doesn't matter.

Yes, Lewis, it does.

Of course we understand. Goodbye.

(Phone rings)



Poor Hillary. I am so...

Well, goodbye...

(Line goes d*ad)

Just leave them. We'll manage.

Do you know, I heard on the wireless that it hasn't rained since the 23rd of June.

I had no idea it had been so long.

May I go swimming after lunch?

They say the reservoirs are drying up.


I hope they aren't going to start that rationing nonsense.

The garden's completely flat.

I said could I swim?

(Door opens)

You'll be going to Sainte Felicite early.

I've telephoned them, you will take the train on Wednesday.

We won't expect you home for holidays.

By the end of your stay there you will be almost 18.

Do you understand?


Don't you think when I'm gone it will be your turn again, mother?

(She sobs)


If you write, write to the flat in London.

I think we're going to leave this house.

I won't write.



Good luck.

All right?


Mrs Aldridge, is Lewis there, please?

No, Kit. He's gone.


(Train whistle blows)

You are good. - What?

You are good!

You said you were no good and you are. And I had to tell you.

I'm sorry. - No, no, it's all right.

I promise, I'll be better for you.

No, I love you.

You're beautiful.

Come with me.

I can't.

I can't leave you here.

No, I'll be in Switzerland. They're sending me away, and they don't want me back.

I'll come there, I'll find you. Look, here... I'll be here.

I don't know where they are taking me after.

Don't worry. - I'm not.

Don't be sad.

I'm not sad.

(Conductor's whistle blows)

Look, Lewis, we're saved!
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