01x10 - Tsunami: Part Two

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Proof". Aired: June 2015 to August 2015.
"Proof" is a fascinating series in which a brilliant surgeon searches for proof of life after death.
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01x10 - Tsunami: Part Two

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Previously on "Proof"...

Sometimes Ivan needs to be protected from himself.

So if there is anything going on that could jeopardize him it's best I know about it.

You're going to let this machine k*ll you.



I'm going to flatline. Only temporarily.

I want you to stay.

Thanks for coming over.


Good morning.



[Agnes Obel's "Fuel to f*re" plays]

[Sirens wailing]

♪ Do you want me on your mind? ♪

♪ Or do you want me to go home? ♪

♪ It might be yours is as sure as I can say ♪

♪ But can't be far away ♪






[Flatline stops]

How is your father?

He's very upset.

So he froze my bank account, canceled my credit cards.

I'm sorry.


It is wonderful.

In what way is this wonderful?

My father cannot keep me under his wing forever.

For the first time in my life, I feel totally free to do what I want with my life.

And what you want is to be with me?

Since the day I first saw you.

What is wrong?

Is it the debt you owe my father?

We can pay it off together.

No, I will find a way to pay him back myself.

Then it is the girl.


The one who was here.

Janel... Is a colleague.

And a friend.

Do you have feelings for her?


Something was beginning.

Maybe it was just the beginning of a beginning.

But it probably would've gone nowhere.

Or perhaps somewhere.

The unknown can be much more powerful than the known.

But that does not matter now.

It matters to me.


Before I settle here, before we start our future together...

You must decide...

Me or what might be.

[Cellphone vibrating]

It's Dr. Tyler. I must take this.

Yes, Doctor.

You understand that although I'll be operating on your brain, you'll only be sedated at the beginning and end of the procedure.

Yes, but I'll be awake in the middle.

I know. I've studied all the steps.

Frankly, I'm surprised at how simple it all is.

Yes. Simple, if you've had four years of medical school and eight years of specialized training in advanced neurosurgery.

I'd like monitors in the operating room so that while I'm conscious, I can observe the procedure from every angle.

If you wish. Most people would prefer not to look, but...

And miss the chance of seeing my own brain exposed?

[Laughs] It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Let's hope.

Anyway, while you're awake, I'll be probing certain areas near the tumor...

With electrical stimulation to make sure that you don't adversely affect my speech or cognitive abilities.

You're not going to assist me like this during surgery, are you?


Unless it's necessary.

Well, I'm excited.

Oh! I'd like Dr. Tyler to be a part of my surgical team.

I'm sure she'd say that she can do my job as well as everybody else's, but this actually is brain surgery.

Not for medical assistance... For conversation.

I think we'd enjoy discussing the surgery while it's happening.

Today's her day off, but I'll give her a call.

The two of you in there, backseat driving...

Now... [Inhales deeply]

I'm excited.

Zed: Automated anesthesia, dermal sensors, EEG, heart-lung machine, and a freezer full of ice.

What is this, Dr. Tyler?

I think you know.

It is equipment for hypothermic cardiac arrest.

What is it for?

Or I should say, who is this for?

Ivan Turing.

But he's too weak to use it.

So I'm going to use it in his place.

This is a flatline machine.

That's only half of it.

To cause death.

It's also used to restore life, and that's why I wanted you here... to ensure that happens.

But I know that this is a lot to ask, so if you want to walk away, I understand.

I don't want to walk. I want to run... far away.

I wouldn't blame you if you did.

And what then? I know you, Dr. Tyler.

Even without my help, you will still find a way...

I've made my decision.

What's yours?

I will help you with this on one condition.

It must be me who goes.

Zed, it has to be me.

I can't let you do this, Dr. Tyler.

I am not just doing this for Ivan Turing. I am doing it for me.

What makes you think your experience this time will be any different than the last...

Under controlled circumstances, with enough time, that I will be able to find some of the answers that we've been looking for.

And perhaps your son?

I need to know for myself.

I need to find out firsthand if any of this...

My... my NDE... the things that we've been investigating...

If any of it is real.

I can't move on unless I do.

It's the only way.

Are you going to help me or not?


What happened?

Sit down, Sasha. This may sting a little.

[Chuckles nervously] Oh, God.

That's what you said to me before you told me mom and dad were splitting up.

I've had some... Bad luck, I'm afraid.

A, um, a tumor has taken up residence inside my brain.

It's caused a lot of problems. That's why I collapsed.

They are going to remove it this afternoon.

It's a relatively routine procedure...

Nothing to worry about.

But this, uh, procedure will take care of it?

It will take care of the tumor.

But that's only part of the problem.

I have advanced adenocarcinoma. I've had it for some time.

Oh, my God.

Is it...

For most people, but as you know, I'm not most people.

They told me six months. It's been two years.

And... You never told me about it?

I could've been here for you.

You shouldn't have had to go through this alone.

I can't say it's been easy, but Janel has been a huge help.

You told your assistant?

She's my associate. We work very closely together.

And we don't?

I needed to keep control of the company, Sasha.

I was concerned that if you knew about my illness, you'd feel compelled to do the right thing and tell the board, and you know what that would mean.

You don't trust me.

That's not true.

But there's a lot at stake.

I didn't want to put you in that position.


Um... Time for your haircut.

What about Dr. Tyler? Is she scrubbing in?

I'm sorry... We were unable to reach her, and we can't wait any longer.

When I'm fully sedated, then you start the heart-lung machine to begin the cooling process for my blood.

I am very familiar with the procedure, Dr. Tyler.

But if you don't mind, just one more time before I die.

The blood is to be cooled down to 14 degrees celsius, the internal organs to 20.

Then you'll inject the potassium to stop my heart.


All blood will be removed from your body and stored in the machine.

By that time, the EEG monitor should register no brain activity whatsoever.

You'll pack my head in ice and then turn everything off.


Make sure you monitor the cerebral oximeter.

40 minutes is the outside safety limit, so you bring me back in 30.


Yes, Doctor.

Thank you.

[Click, beep]

[Machine beeping steadily]

[Monitor beeping]

[Air hisses]



[Rapid beeping]

[Flatline continues]


[Timer beeping]

[Sirens wailing]

[Thunder rumbles]





Hello, Carolyn.

I warned you to stop.

What is this place?


Am I really d*ad?

Is any of this real?

Yes, Carolyn.

It's real.


But you would say that if this was just some hallucination.

I might also say that if this was just what you always said it was...

That surge of activity in the brain moments before death.

Believe me, it's neither.

Am I...

Am I really on the other side?

Not quite yet.

That's where you need to go.

The answers to all your questions, everything you've been searching for...

It's right there.


I'll take you to your son.

[Monitors beeping rapidly]


I need to know something.

I've seen you. I've talked to you before... Back there.

How is it that you're able to be here?

Do you go back and forth between life and death?

There are... Several of us...

Who have guided people to the other side.

That's why I visited dying patients...

To help them pass.

So you lied to me.


You said you didn't have all the answers.

I don't.

[Beeping continues]

I've taken people this far.

But I've always left them here to go on without me.

But now it's my time.

I'm ready to pass on myself.

Are you coming with me?

Will I be able to go back?

He's going. It's time.


Sweetheart, wait!

He can't hear you.

Come with me now.

He's just there.

[Breathing shakily]

You said that we're not supposed to know what's on the other side.

But you were talking about the living, weren't you?

That's what you meant, isn't it?

That we can't cross all the way...

And go back.

[Defibrillator charges, discharges]

You came all this way.

Are you gonna leave without knowing...

[Defibrillator charges] Come on. Come on.

Without being with your son?

[Defibrillator discharges]

It's just a few more steps.

[Defibrillator charges, discharges]


[Beeping slows]

Zed: There's a pulse. There's a pulse.



I need an ambulance at 1895 fifth street!

Female, 40s, irregular heartbeat.

B.P.'S 85 over 55, body temperature only 91 degrees.

Did you find her inside a freezer?

Downtown loft... With one of your docs.

It's Dr. Tyler. It's Dr. Tyler!


Okay, I've got a pulse, but it's weak.

Someone tell Dr. Barliss to get down here.

Run a phenylephrine drip, and let's get her wrapped in warming blankets. Let's go.

What the hell happened to her?

Oh, God.

What... what... what happened? What's wrong with her?

They... Don't know yet. She was in cardiac arrest.


Oh, my God.

Was she... was she running? What... what happened?

Well, she... She's stable now.

You can ask her all about it when she regains consciousness.

Charles: Are you awake?

Ivan: Uh-huh.

That's it, huh? That ugly little glob?

That's it.


It's like an alien life-form feeding off its host.

Let's, uh, get started with these tests, shall we?

Just relax and do as I ask.

You sound like my sister. [Chuckles]

What's your favorite food?

Well, you'd think with all my travels, it'd be something exotic, like grasshopper tempura.

But what I really like is pie.


All kinds of pie.

Apple, cherry, peach...

Ba... Ba... Ba... banana cream.

That was strange.

But we know the area not to impinge to keep you talking coherently.

Now, motor functions.

Um, wiggle your fingers, please.




All right. And once more.


We're really nothing more than machines made of flesh and bone, waiting for electrical impulses to set us in motion.

Except this machine can think, feel, create.

Computers can't even learn on their own.

Not yet, but they will... And soon.

Synaptic technology has already progressed to the point where computers are showing signs of real intelligence.

It's only a matter of time before they begin learning on their own.

What happens when artificial intelligence realizes the human race is no longer necessary for its survival?

If they're truly intelligent, our machines will probably decide to eliminate us.

I'll have to remember to be nicer to my laptop.

Look at that.

I've always imagined that's what my brain looks like when I concentrate really hard.


How is he?

He's still in surgery.

I-I-I wanted to see him, but they said it was family members only.

Well, I know he thinks of you like family, Janel.

That's why you knew about his cancer even before I did.

So he told you.

I'm so glad.

I knew you were hiding something.

But I never dreamed it was this serious.

I asked you point-blank if there was anything I needed to know, and you said nothing.

It's what he wanted.

By keeping this secret from me, you have damaged Ivan's company and his legacy.

I just hope you haven't cost him his life.

So I need you to tell me right now...

Is there anything else I should know?

[Monitor beeping steadily]

Hey, sleepy.


Where am I?

You're at work... Lying down on the job.


How you feeling?

Like a building fell on me.


[Smacks lips]

How did I get here?

Apparently, the EMTs brought you in.

I'm not all that clear on the rest of it.

What do you remember?

Cat? Do you remember anything at all?

Where were you?

I was running.

But I didn't get there.

What do you mean? Get where?


I don't know. Everything went black.

They thought you had a heart att*ck, but the tests came back negative.

They don't really know what happened to you.

I wish I could tell you.

[Chuckles softly]

I'm just glad you're doing better.

You had me scared there.


She was pretty freaked out, too.

You feeling up to seeing her?


I want to.

Just... I'm feeling a little sleepy.

Tell her I'm okay?

I will.


Get some rest.



I'll send her in in a little while.

I'd like to take that home in a doggie bag.



All right. Put that in a jar for Mr. Turing.

Just a few more tests, uh, then we close up.

Uh, move your fingers, please.

Perfect. What's your favorite band?

Backstreet Boys.

I'm kidding.

It's the Grateful d*ad. Always has been.

Mine too.


All right, move your toes.

Ivan, your toes... Move them, please?

He's unresponsive.

His O2 sats are dropping.

Brain tissue is swelling. I think he's seizing.

We need to induce coma.

Give him propofol, midazolam, and secure his airway stat.

Nurse: Right away, Doctor.

Damn it!

We successfully resected the tumor, and it doesn't appear to have spread.

I run a business, Dr. Richmond.

I don't need the good news first.

There were complications.

We had to induce coma to reduce swelling, to try to prevent injury to his brain.

So there's a possibility of brain damage?

We'll just have to wait and see when he's ready to be brought out of the coma.

In other words, you don't know.

I know your brother.

I know that he's a remarkable man who's accomplished incredible things.

Personally, I don't think there's anything or anyone who can stop him.

[Pager beeps]

I'm sorry. I have an urgent matter that I have to attend to.

I'll keep you posted.
Hey. How's she doing?

She's pretty tired.

It's weird, huh?

She's about the last person I'd expect to have cardiac issues.

Well, I'm just getting up to speed.

I've been in surgery all morning.

But according to the E.R. team, there were some very peculiar things about all of this.

What are you talking about?

Well, for one thing, her body temperature.

She was cold... Unusually cold.

And then there were the cuts on her legs.

Maybe she fell when she blacked out.

No, these were precise, Len, like incisions...

Right above the femoral artery.

I know how it sounds, but it looks like she may have had some sort of procedure.

What sort of procedure? Where'd they find her?

Apparently, they picked her up from a loft in an industrial area on fifth street.

What was she doing there?

No idea. Maybe Dr. Badawi can enlighten us.


Why him?

He was with her when they brought her in.

Didn't he tell you?


Dr. Barliss, I was just...

I want to know what happened this morning...

Right now.

I'm not sure what you mean.

Stop it. I know you were there when she collapsed.

You just forgot to mention that?

I understand that you're upset.


Listen to me. She wasn't running.

The EMTs picked her up in a loft.

Why was she there, why was she so cold, and why the hell did she have incisions in her legs?

You need to ask Dr. Tyler.

I'm asking you.

Wait a minute.

Did this have anything to do with her work for Ivan Turing?

That life-after-death crap?

Did he put her up to what... Whatever the hell this was?

Answer me.

[Monitor beeping]

Hey, Soph.

[Voice breaking] Mom.

[Sniffles] Oh, my gosh.

I was so worried. Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Gonna take a lot more than this to get rid of me.

Don't talk like that.

Come here.

You can't leave me.

All right? You just can't.

I can't lose you, too.

You're not gonna lose me.

I want you to know that someday, we're gonna see Will again.



Where did those flowers come from?


Where did the flowers come from?


Some lady dropped them off when you were sleeping.

What did she look like?


Did she have short, gray hair? Did she have a green scarf?

Uh, I-I don't know. I-I think so, yeah.

She was an older woman, and she was pushing a cart with flowers and stuff.

Mom, what's wrong?

It wasn't real.

Mom, you're kind of freaking me out. What wasn't real?

Any of it.

I realize he's still in a coma.

I'm just saying, when Mr. Turing wakes up and he can talk, I need you to page me... It's important.

Nurse: I understand, Dr. Barliss.

Excuse me. I couldn't help but overhearing.

Dr. Barliss, is it?

What is it you need to speak with my brother about?

Your brother?

I'm Sasha Turing. Sorry.

Is there something I can help you with?

Right. You work with him at his company, don't you?

Yeah. As much as anyone can work with Ivan.

Let me ask you something... Do you know anything about a building downtown on fifth street?

Company owns a building there.

It's one of Ivan's many rabbit holes.

Why do you ask?


Dr. Tyler.

What are you doing?

I'm trying to get out of this damn bed, but it's not going very well.

I'm pleased to see that you're feeling better, but you need to lie back down... You've been through a lot.

I haven't been through anything.

Everything I saw... None of it was real.

So you did see something.

Yes, but it was all just another hallucination.

You cannot hallucinate when you're d*ad.

And from 11:17 this morning until almost 16 minutes later, you were completely flatlined.

No, then it was just always what we thought it was...

Just some sort of synaptic... Event in the brain just before the moments of death.

How can you be sure about that?

I saw the woman with the green scarf...

Patricia Alcott.

I saw her.

And she told me she was passing on and never coming back.

I saw her go to the other side with Will.

So she should be d*ad.

But she was here today, dropping off these flowers.

God, I hate zinnias.

No. I saw your EEG.

There was no cortical activity.

So isn't it possible that...

That those images that you saw, everything you experienced...

They were just part of my subconscious.

They were my memories.

This woman, my son... They were never there.

I made them happen.

So you think that this is all for nothing?

No. No, no. Not for nothing.

Just not what we were hoping for.

Help me... Help me get up.

You should know that...

Dr. Barliss was very upset.

He asked me a lot of questions, and I-I-I... I couldn't answer.

You must speak with him.

Yes, I know. I know.

I'll tell him everything.

Just not here, not... not now.

Can you go find Sophie for me?

I need to get the hell out of here.

I-I'll stay.

What the hell is this?

That's a heart-lung machine.

These are cardiac and brain-wave sensors.

I don't know what that is, but I've got a pretty good idea what all this is for.

And that is...?

It's to induce therapeutic hypothermia.

Pretty advanced, too.

Usually, it's for patients with g*n or s*ab wounds so the metabolism can be maintained at the point of death until their injuries can be repaired.

But why would Ivan have something like this?

You don't know, do you?

Ever since his diagnosis, your brother's been obsessed with finding evidence of the afterlife.

He convinced Carolyn to look into it for him, and... All of this equipment is his way of taking a test ride to the other side.

You're saying that he built this so that he could experience death?

But apparently, my wife b*at him to it.

Sophie: Hey.

Black tea with no sugar... Just the way you like it.


I should collapse more often.

Not funny. I'm sorry.

[Knock on door]

I'll get it.

Where's your mother?

Dad, what's wrong?

What the hell were you thinking?

Len, I told you I wanted to talk to you...

Yeah, I got your text.

You planning on feeding me more of your bullshit?

Dad, she just had a heart att*ck.

Len, I think we should talk about this alone. Sophie, why don't...

No, no. Let's... let's talk about this right now.

Tell her the truth.

Tell your daughter what you did.

Tell her how you tried to k*ll yourself.


I didn't try to k*ll myself.

Oh, really?

You had the blood drained out of your body, had your heart stopped intentionally?

What would you call that?

It was an experiment with equipment that I had checked out thoroughly.

There are no great discoveries without some risk.


You actually did that?

Sophie, I never... I never, ever would've done it if I didn't think I couldn't come back.

Oh, my God.

But you almost didn't.

Your little joyride almost became a one-way trip.

It was legitimate scientific research.

I have been looking for answers. You knew that.

I did what I thought I had to do to find them.


I know you've been having a hard time getting over Will's death, but I had no idea.

And all this Turing stuff, it's just made it much, much worse.

You need to get help, Carolyn.

And until you do, I think Sophie is better off with me.

No. No, no, no, no. That is not happening.

It's not a discussion.

Yeah, you're damn right it's not a discussion.

You are not taking Sophie.

She's not safe with you.

Come on, Sophie. Let's go.


No, I'm staying with mom.


[Voice breaking] I know why you did it.

I'd do it, too.

I'd do anything if I thought I could see Will again.

Did you hear that?

Do you see the ideas you put in her head?

Dad, I'm not gonna k*ll myself. I'm staying with mom.

You heard her.

I'm not giving up.

I'm gonna talk to a lawyer.

Get help, Carolyn.



Come here, sweetheart.

Let's talk.

Woman on P.A.: Dr. Myers to triage. Dr. Myers to triage.

I know all about your research with Ivan Turing...

The flatline...

Charles, I am not going to make you f*re me.

So I've decided to resign.


Look, we both know how this goes.

You have to convene a review board to look into my behavior, my license gets suspended, my surgical privileges revoked.

I'm not about to put either one of us through that.

We have known each other for a long time, since you were an intern...

An exceptionally talented and annoyingly smug intern.

So please... Help me understand this investigation into life after death.

I told myself in the beginning that it was all about the contributions to Medics International and... Turing's scientific curiosity, but I don't think that was ever the whole truth.

I wanted to know for me.

And that want became a need.

So you thought this would somehow heal your pain, your grief.

I wish you would've come to me and told me all of it.

I-I could've helped.

Charles, I was looking for answers, not a cure.

And what did you find?

And at what cost?

You have... You had a reputation.

I know, and I tried very hard to keep it quiet, even from you.

But think for a moment how many great discoveries are made because people of science aren't afraid to risk everything to know more.

Listen to yourself. You actually thought you could do this...

That you could pierce the veil of the greatest mystery there is.

That didn't seem like hubris?

Even to you?

If you had seen the things that I have seen...

If my flatline experience had turned out differently...

If I had been able to quantify, even a moment...


You're not thinking rationally.

I don't think you have for some time.

You were right... Resigning.

You can't have people's lives in your hands, Carolyn.

I'm sorry.


Zed was just doing what I asked.

He's going to be an amazing doctor.

Don't punish him for my mistakes.

You came.

I almost didn't.

So much has happened. I thought we should talk.

Well, I'm glad you did.

How is Mr. Turing?

Uh, he's out of the coma, and he's doing better...

I hear.

I'm not allowed to see him.

I am sorry.

So, uh, what about you?

What are you gonna do?

Well, things do not look good for me at Bay Vista.

But even if they allow me to stay, I would not want to be there without Dr. Tyler.

So I've decided to honor my original contract and go back to Kenya.

Janel, about what happened with us...

It was just a kiss, Zed.

Really not important.

Not now.

Ivan: Hey. Dr. Tyler.

I'd get up, but there's a hole in my skull, and they say my brains could ooze out all over the floor.

Dr. Richmond says the surgery was a success.

So now I'm back to the usual run-of-the-mill cancer.

That's good news.

I'm sorry. That's great.

While you were having your surgery, I used your flatline machine.

I took the trip you couldn't.

Wait. What?

You said it was too dangerous. You said...

Never mind. W-what happened?

Did you see something? What was it like?

It was incredible.

It was beautiful...

And disturbing... and it was all an illusion.

What do you mean, an illusion?

It was just as I always thought.

It's just the mind flashing familiar images, trying to make sense of them as the body is shutting down.

But you saw something.


It's not what we were looking for.


I'm sorry.

Then we just have to keep looking.

The flatline machine wasn't the solution, but...

You were right when you said I wanted answers just as much as you.

You were right.

But I know more now.

And the cost has been too high.

My career, my personal life...

I can't.

No, you can't give up now.

I'm sure it's been hard, but that just means that we're on the right track.

We have to keep going, with or without my company.

My sister... She took control.

But she forgets that I know how to fight dirty.

Ivan, I'm...


I'm sorry.

You'll have to do it without me.

Dr. Tyler.

I am going to know.

I'd like your help.

But whatever it takes, I am going to find the truth...

To a scientific certainty.

If anyone can...

[Elevator bell dings]

Dr. Tyler. Nice to see you up and around.

I'm sorry... Do I know you?

You were sleeping when I came by the other day.

But I spoke with your daughter. Beautiful girl.

Hope you liked the flowers.

That was you?

You left the zinnias?

That's right. I'm a volunteer with Helping Hands.

We deliver flowers, magazines, things like that.

Yes, I know, but I thought it was someone else...

Patricia Alcott.


I'm sorry... no.

Poor Patricia.

What do you mean?

Well, she passed away two days ago.

Sudden stroke... Poor thing.


At least it was quick.

We all have to go sometime.

What time?


What time did she die? It's important.

I... I don't know.

A friend spoke to her that morning, but she never showed up for a luncheon we were having.

Must've been around 11:00 or so.

Are you all right?


That's when I saw her.

You... Saw Patricia before she d*ed?


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