03x13 - The Enemy Within

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Under the Dome". Aired June 2013 - September 2015.
An invisible and mysterious force field descends upon a small fictional town in the United States, trapping residents inside, cut off from the rest of civilization. The trapped townsfolk must discover the secrets and purpose of the "dome" and its origins, while coming to learn more than they ever knew about each other.
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03x13 - The Enemy Within

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Four weeks ago, an invisible dome crashed down on Chester's Mill, cutting us off from the rest of the world.

The dome has tested our limits, forcing each of us to confront our own personal demons...

Rage... grief... fear.

My God.

(people exclaiming)

Now, in order to survive, we must battle our most dangerous adversary... the enemy within.

Something's wrong with the dome, Joe.

It's calcifying.

I will get the dome down before then.

The transmitter from the radio station?

I can use it to amplify the tones for the device.

Is my daughter in there?

Stop! (grunts)

The thing that-that came out of the cocoon, I think that is your baby.

It's you.

You have your father's eyes.

I'm the queen now.

Dawn: This isn't our home anymore.

Our freedom awaits us on the other side of the dome.

And I will guide you to it.

That's why I've called you here.

Christine's reign is over.

She fulfilled her purpose to create a new, stronger queen.


I am here to lead you, our kinship, out of the dome to prevent the extinction of our species.

What once protected us is now strangling us.

But before we can move on, we must stop a dire thr*at that will do anything to thwart us.

There is an enemy within.

No b*llet holes.

The tubes are intact.

Transmitter's good to go.

All we need now is some power.

What's gonna happen when we get out of here?

How will we even go back to our old lives?

I don't know that we can.

The only thing that matters is getting out of this dome.


Big Jim: Hey, Romeo and Juliet?

How about a little less standing around and more, uh, getting us the hell out of here?

Once I get the solar panels on line, I can power up the transmitter.

I still have to figure out a way to keep it from overheating.


We all die.

Julia: Should we really even be out here doing this?


Dr. Bloom deserves a burial.

We're not the kinship.

We bury our d*ad.


I know how hard this is on you.

She was your last hope of finding a cure for your daughter.


Come on, let's just go find Christine.

She's had some rest.

Maybe she'll remember something that could help us.

Fight's not over.

We got company. Run.


Look out!


Damn it.


That's enough right there, Sam.

Put that silly thing away.


Eva's d*ad and so is Christine.

Say hello to our new queen.

Hey, Dad.


Yeah, what is it?

You look so much like your mother.

You humans and this need for sentiment.

My name is Dawn.

And I am nothing like Eva or Christine.

Why did you k*ll Christine?

She served her function.

Very much like you have.

In the animal kingdom, once a male of the species fathers its offspring, its usefulness is over.

As is your so-called Resistance.

If that's true, why is she keeping any of us alive?

Big Jim: Leverage.

She took Joe.

She'll use our lives to... force him to do whatever it is she wants.

On the plus side, she does have your eyes.

Where's Norrie and Jim?

In a jail cell with the rest of the Resistance.

And if you don't finish what you started, I'll t*rture them all, starting with Norrie.

No, you won't.

You need me to bring down the dome, and I need their help.

They're traitors.

They're my friends.

So if you don't want your reign as queen to be a really short one, you're gonna let them go.

How do I know that you'll cooperate after I release them?

Because humans and the kinship share one thing...

The need to survive.

I want to get out just as much as you, but not without the others.


But Big Jim and Julia stay locked up.

They've never been one of us and can't be trusted.

Just as long as you don't hurt them before the dome comes down.

Very well.

But don't think you've won anything here.

You're still a part of the kinship.

I can feel it inside you.

And whether you want to admit it or not, you'll always be one of us.

Julia: What do you think?

No, there's no way to win this one.

If we stop Dawn before the dome comes down, then we all die.

If she brings the dome down, then the kinship just escapes into the rest of the world.

Unless we k*ll her before she has a chance to escape.

And without her, the rest of the kinship they won't know what to do, where to go.

She's my daughter.

There's got to be some part of me in her that can still be reasoned with.

She may be your daughter, but she's nothing like you.

Kyle Lee.

A special kind of idiot who videotapes himself throwing eggs at cars on my lot and posts it on the Internet.

I was younger then.

Yeah, well, you're still just as stupid.

I tell you what... When I get out of here, I'm gonna commit an act of mercy and end your life.

Joe: Let them out, Kyle.

Do as he says.

Norrie, Hunter, Lily...

You're with me.

Barbie, the amethysts need to be taken to Willow's Clearing, so you'll accompany me.

What about Jim and me?

You'll stay here.


Hey, uh...

I need my dog.


He's the key to my heart.

You can't trust her.

There's nothing of you inside her.

I'll find out.

What if you're wrong?

If I'm wrong, then I'll... then I'll k*ll her myself.

Christine's no longer one of us.

What happened to her?

Why do I feel different?

We have a new queen.

Where is she?

Christine (on recorder): A new world is dawning that many in the kinship will not live to see.

You will face challenges once the dome is down, but you'll have my recordings to guide you.

And you'll have your instincts.

Trust them.

(recorder beeps)


Come in.

Barbie and the others have the amethysts.

They're ready to be moved.


I've proven myself.

Let me be there for you.

I have others to consider.


He tried to drown the children of the kinship.

He's impulsive.

Let me be your mate.

The role of the Alpha must be earned.


Before we go, there's something you need to know.

Chester's Mill is surrounded by the m*llitary.

Once the dome is gone, the army will flood in.

And you will be captured and experimented on just like Christine was.

Christine never mentioned...

Because she didn't know.

She and Eva were the first ones cocooned.

But I know how to assure our freedom.

The cement factory has tunnels that lead to the next town over...

Behind m*llitary lines.

Maybe I have found my Alpha after all.

I'll see to the amethysts. You go to this cement factory.

Prepare our exit.

(Indy pants, whimpers)

Hey! Here.

Oh, good boy.

All right. He didn't get any of his stupid on you, did he?

End of humanity is upon us, and all you care about is your dog?

Yeah, well, he's the, uh, key to my heart.


Kyle, can we get some water?

It's, uh, Jim's heart.

(groans, coughs)

I think it's the heat.

You heard Dawn, she wants us unharmed.

He needs water.

My heart?

Yeah, good thing he doesn't know you don't have one.

Big Jim: Well, who needs a heart... when you got a brain?

Joe: Here goes.

"Ground control to Major Tom."

Lily: I don't understand.

No signal, radio or otherwise, can get in and out of the dome.

Exactly, that's why I'm jacking up the transmitter's signal.

When it can't get outside the dome, it'll start bouncing off the walls, back and forth, uh, building in strength, kind of like an A.M. radio signal, bouncing off the ionosphere when it cools down at night.

Obviously, that's a simplification.


She's already running hot.

If it overheats, we're cooked.

I mean, that's why you guys need to stay here and keep it cool while I'm busy with Dawn.

Assuming we can power the fans without shorting out the solar panels, then what?

Meet up with Dawn, uh, set up some microphones, pick up whatever she's gonna do with the amethysts, send the signal back to you guys.

And then what? We just run for cover?

Theoretically, the dome turns to dust, like in the Matrix, but...

But what?

Well, if I got Christine's schematic a little bit wrong, then...

You didn't.

You're a genius.

And I'm coming with you.


It's just like you said.

We are in this together.

(pants, grunts)

Almost there, come on.

Tell them to get up.

They're exhausted.

They need water.

They're weak.

So then help them.

Christine said the kinship was to take care of its own.

I'm not Christine.

Not another step.

You're not a leader.

You're a k*ller.

Like father, like daughter.

I would never...

Take a life?

We both know that's not true.

Do you ever wonder why you lived the life you did in The Matrix?

One that embraced your darkness?

Did it ever occur to you that it was all done so that you could pass that darkness on to me?

Pick it up.

There's not much time left.


Where are you going?

Willow's Clearing, back to Dawn.

Is that why you left me at the lake?

To get closer to Dawn?

I left you at the lake because Christine joined the Resistance, and the kinship was threatened.

I figured you'd be okay, and you are.

Now move.

You tried to take my rightful place as her Alpha.

You tried to drown children to solve our problems.

Do you think that makes you a good leader?!

Kid, you're unfit, unstable.

You don't get to talk to me like that anymore.

You're unworthy of Dawn.

She's mine.

Stay out of my way!

Now do you understand?

I'm better than you.

Over here.

How many g*n do you own?

Never counted.

As usual, Red, you're asking the wrong question.

It's not how many g*n it'll take to stop the kinship, but how many b*ll*ts I'm gonna put in the new queen's head.

We should head to Willow's Clearing.

That's where Dawn said they were taking the amethysts.

(Indy barks)

I knew you couldn't be trusted.

Don't move!

You got us.

Now what?

I'm taking you back to Town Hall.

And then I'm gonna sh**t your dog.

Your dad was, um... Denny, right?

(chuckling): Yeah.

He ever tell you we played baseball together?

What are you doing?

See the trophies?


We won, uh, league championship senior year, and, uh, they gave us this.


Golden ball.

I played second base, and, uh, and your dad, he, uh, he... well, he just... he just, uh, warmed the bench, mainly.

sh**t... my... dog?!

Jim, stop!

He's d*ad.

We should go.

Hey, Hunter, are you there? Can you hear me?

Loud and clear.

Dude, the relay you set up at the clearing is working.

Joe: Copy that. We're just gonna secure these cables down, check the solar panels and head back your way.

Hunter: Copy that.

Your work here is done. You can go.

You're just gonna let me leave.

You should be with Julia.

Love may be a foreign concept to our species, but I can see it matters to you.

Consider your freedom as a parting gift from a daughter to her father.

What are you gonna do when the dome comes down?

The m*llitary has a perimeter set up all around it.

Sam's taking care of it.

Don't mistake my letting you go as a sign of weakness.

If we meet again, you'll be very sorry you found me.
Junior: Dawn!


How do you know me? We've never met.

I have none of my mother's memories, but I have Christine's. She was very fond of you. I can see why.

What have you done?

What I needed to do to earn the right to be by your side. I k*lled Sam. For you. For the kinship.

I'm afraid the kinship in Chester's Mill is lost.

I don't understand.

Our rebirth was compromised the moment your father destroyed the egg.

But now, as the first queen born here, I can use Christine's maps to find the other eggs.

Together, we will do this all over again, the right way, under a new dome.

And what will happen to them?

Once we've added to our numbers, we'll come back for those we have to leave behind.

But for now, it's time to begin.

Will it work?

Whatever you're gonna do with the amethysts, the microphones are picking up the sound.

I'm using shortwave to send the signals back to the radio station.

Yeah, in other words, we're out of here.

You're not going anywhere.

Well, we have to go back to make sure the transmitter doesn't overheat.

Norrie: Yeah, 'cause if it crashes, we're all as good as d*ad, so move.

I need both of you here, especially you.

That wasn't part of our deal.

Our deal was for you to help bring about the dome's destruction, and that's exactly why I can't let you leave just yet.


What the hell is she doing?

(Dawn whistles a lower tone)

If Julia and Big Jim hadn't interfered, none of this would be necessary.

We'd all be united, ready to make this world our own.

(Dawn whistles a higher tone)

But without the egg, there's no way for the dome to complete its cycle.

That's why Christine needed you, Joe...

To use your knowledge to find a replacement for the egg.

(Dawn whistles)

Dawn: But then your friends in the Resistance destroyed the amethysts in the tunnels, except for this one.


All right, I got her in my sights.

I'm gonna take the sh*t.

Not until Dawn brings down the dome.

Then k*ll the bitch.

(Indy barks)

Christine relied on your ingenuity to find a way to replace what was lost.


So that the dome would know it was time to set us free.

I don't understand the kinship's song.

If there are eight notes, why did Christine only draw seven amethysts?

And what produces the eighth note?

Not "what."


That's insane.

I'm the eighth note to bring the dome down?

You're one of the four hands and first to see the pink stars.

So if I do this, then what happens to me?

You'll be one of us again.

Joe: No.

No way.

You don't have to do this, you...

No matter what happens, I love you.

Don't you ever forget that.

No, Norrie...

Hunter: Joe!

Joe, the transmitter's gonna blow!

We got to get out of here!

Hurry, let's go!

We got to go!


Joe, what are you doing?

This was your plan all along.

You knew he would sacrifice himself for me!

Joe saw the pink stars, too.

Oh, no...


I love you, too.


You know what to do.

Joe, no!

(whistling tone)




(Norrie sobs)


Son of a bitch.

The dome, it's gone.

(Julia laughing softly)

Junior: I won't let you hurt Dawn.

(Big Jim grunts)


(grunting, growling)

Dawn's getting away!

Stop her!


(gasps, sobs)

Joe! What are you doing?

Get off me!

I have to find him!



(Big Jim shouts)



You are the past.

Dawn is the future now.




Stop fighting, son! Give up!

We won't.

We never will.


Don't make me do this.





Don't take another step, Dawn.

I weakened that board.

You're not going anywhere.

Let me by.

I can't do that.

You'd stop the kinship?

Everything you and my mother worked for?


That wasn't me.

I'm your child.

Whatever's in you is in me.

Well, then, it's a darkness that I have to destroy.

You'd k*ll us both, for some high ideal you believe is worth fighting for?

I would fight to my death and yours to save humanity from you.

(board creaking)


Please don't do this.

I'm your daughter, I... I love you.

I know you love me.

You're no daughter of mine.


No. No.


(Barbie grunts)

I can't believe it.

We're free.

Believe it.


Soldier: Freeze!

Get down on the ground! Don't move!

Get down on the ground!

(indistinct shouting)

Get down! Stay where you are!

Get down now!

Keep your hands up!

(crying quietly)

(footsteps approaching)

(door opens)

I want to see Julia Shumway.

And good afternoon to you, Mr. Barbara.

I said, I want to see Julia Shumway.

Once you've been debriefed.

No, we've been doing this for days.

You're just stalling now.

Well, that's because I can do whatever I like.

And today, I would like to do something different...

Summarizing your account of the events. Hmm?

Four weeks ago, an impenetrable dome, made of an unknown material, suddenly appeared around Chester's Mill.

At first, you and the people of Chester's Mill focused on how to survive after being cut off from the rest of the world with limited and diminishing resources made worse by ecological disasters that threatened the town almost daily.

And, of course, there was the human thr*at, as well.

Then, approximately ten days ago, you were, in your words, cocooned and infected by an alien presence that called itself "the kinship."

In fairly short order, the kinship began to control the minds and bodies of the people of Chester's Mill.

Those who were not infected formed a resistance, and had some success, but ultimately had no choice but to aid the kinship in building a device that brought down the dome.

Now, would you say that's an accurate summarization the events?

(clears throat)

You're missing a hell of a lot of details, but... that's what you guys do, so...



Then we are in... violent agreement that your story fits with our observations and the accounts of other survivors.


Unfortunately, a story about body-snatching aliens and pink stars is not a story that we can allow the world to know.


This is gonna be your version of what happened.


"Four weeks ago, a radical experiment seeking a ground-breaking alternative source of energy, conducted by Aktaion, went horribly wrong. Aktaion attempted to repair the problem, but their solution only made things worse, until eventually their CEO, Hektor Martin, who was under the dome the entire time, was k*lled... the result of a terrible experiment he was solely responsible for. Tragically, most of the town expired when the dome came down, leaving only a few survivors."

So you're-you're talking about those of us that show no signs of an alien infection.


And as long as it remains dormant in you and the others, you will have your freedom.

With conditions.

There are many more details there to commit to memory.


My men found this.

Do we have an agreement?

And what happens to the rest of the town?


What are you going to do to them?

They're safely being held until we can find a cure.

This so-called queen, Dawn, is d*ad.

The kinship doesn't pose a thr*at.

We are not monsters, Mr. Barbara.

But do take this as a warning: should you or any of your friends speak about "aliens from a distant homeworld," or should the word "kinship" be even whispered in conspiracy theory circles, the terms of this agreement...

And your freedom... Will be forfeit.

Oh, come on, Mr. Barbara.

Only your signature is keeping you from seeing Julia Shumway again.

Everyone else signed.

Is there a problem?

(pen clicks)

Well, not for me.

But for you?

Oh, yeah, big time.

You see, the way I see it, you've got a lot of explaining to do.

I mean, after all, the dome was an international media sensation.

How many millions... Uh, billions of people want to know what happened?

How many people are desperate for the truth?

Now, sure, you could... have a pundit... with his tie, and PhD from Harvard do the talking for you.

But you got to ask yourself: will people believe him?

So... there must be a... a better way to tell your story.

Imagine counting on someone who lived through the events, a pillar of Chester's Mill community, whom everybody will believe.

A person who could sell ice to an Eskimo.

That's derogatory... They're called Inuits.


Be that as it may, all I'm saying is that person would want fair and just compensation for performing such a great service to their country.

Hypothetically speaking, what kind of "fair compensation" are we talking about?


No, you tell Congressman Simms we're not about to cut a deal if he can't line up his own delegation.

Really not a good time, babe.

Tell me about it.

We got a h*t.

I'm gonna have to call you back.

Is this line secure?

I work for the NSA.

Yeah, I think the line is secure.


Time stamp says three weeks ago.

Look, you need to call your boss. Now.

I'm on it.

(g*n f*re)

Julia, don't!



I'll get it.

Haven't I seen you on the news or something?

(engine revs)

All right, h*t it.

(car engine starts)

There you go.

Bless you. Thank you.

You got it.

You all have a good day.

You too.

Woman: Really, Ted?!

Would it k*ll you to get off your ass and thank them?

Hey, when are we gonna do that?

What's that, fight?

The day's still young.

Get married.

(engine revs loudly) Huh?

Lose something, Private?

Sir, no, sir.

You mind telling me why you're going through my desk, Jenkins?

Colonel Finley was asking for the requisitions I left for you to sign.

Is that all?

That's all, sir.

Jenkins... ?

Get me my coffee.

You sure you're not mad?


Never liked that fishing pole anyway.

(laughing): I really didn't mean to drop it in the river, it's just that fish was... (laughs) he was all squiggly.

Yeah, it was all squiggly.

Would have been delicious.


All right, moody, so if it's not that, what is it?


Um... you-you serious about, uh, about getting married?




We've been on the road for, what, a year?


And Chester's Mill seems like a lifetime ago.

What do you know about me?

I know... that there is no one in the world... that I would rather spend the rest of my life with.

Good, because, um... otherwise, this might have gotten really, really awkward.

When did you... ?

I-I got this a few months ago.

It's beautiful.

Julia Shumway, you are the most thoughtful, brave... the most stunning woman that I have ever met...

(tires screeching) Will you... ?

(dog barks)

Nice rock.

Miss me?

Don't get mud on the rug.

It's a gift from the Turkish ambassador.

Can see the White House from here.

(door closes)

Not bad for a first-year congressman, huh?

Heard it was a landslide.

Well, everybody loves a hero.

Yeah, well, you're no hero.

I don't care how many files she deleted.

Well, my constituents might beg to differ.

I think you know my chief of staff.

Julia, Barbie... good to see you.

How was the Grand Canyon?

I got Mr. May here a cushy little job at the NSA.

So you were spying on us.

Has anyone heard from Norrie?

Not since she enlisted.

(inhales, clears throat)

So what's this all about, Jim?

Why are we here?

Family matters.

Show 'em.

Barbie: Dawn?

Julia: No, it's not possible.

She d*ed in Chester's Mill.

That's what we thought.

Big Jim: Eh, speak for yourself.

I've seen enough bad movies to know if you don't have a body, they ain't d*ad.

Everybody in this room knows that we are not alone in the universe.

The kinship caught us with our pants down, and I, for one, am not about to let that ever happen again.

Not after what it cost me.

Where is this taken?

Omaha, about a month ago.

I came up with a facial recognition program to piggyback on all our surveillance.

Strictly off the books.

Hence the delay in catching this.

You know what this means, right?

She could be anywhere.

(latch clicks)



(over intercom): Joe.

Joe, it's me.

I knew it.

I knew you weren't d*ad, no matter what they kept saying.

Look, I can't get you out of here right now, but I'll come back, and I'll tell the others.

We will help you.

Go on, touch it, I dare you.

Woman: All right, field trip's over.

You three not hear me?

Look what we found.

Just like you asked us to.

I see that.

But it's time to go now, okay?

We'll come back another time.
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