05x16 - Rise

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Lost Girl". Aired September 12, 2010 – October 25, 2015.
"Lost Girl" focuses on the gorgeous and charismatic Bo, a supernatural being called a succubus who feeds on the energy of humans, sometimes with fatal results. Refusing to embrace her supernatural clan system and its rigid hierarchy, Bo is a renegade who takes up the fight for the underdog while searching for the truth about her own mysterious origins.
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05x16 - Rise

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Previously on "Lost Girl"...

Bo: I need to find the Pyrippus.

It's been depicted as a stallion that breathes f*re.

I think we can control it with this.

Bo: The Pyrippus is me.

Jack: How we doing this morning?

Lock me up, and now you wanna chat.

Bo, you have to help me, he took my wings.

You don't need Tamsin.

I have no intention of k*lling Tamsin, the baby will do that all by itself.

There's something I need you to do.

Kenzi it's me, get everyone and meet me at the club house.

We are completely trapped.

Jack did this.

What do you want to do?

Let them burn.

If I let this go, the whole building comes down.


Kenzi, Kenzi look.

The... the horseshoe.



Hey, guys.


It's the end of an era.

Why are you here? I mean, Bruce how did you know?

Bo called.

Told me to meet her here.

Bo did this.

No, no don't think that for a second she called Bruce.

She trapped us!

She also planted this!

Okay, she took it from my bag and she put it there to help us.

I've seen this thing shield Bo from f*re.

She knew it would protect us.

But what's the point of trying to m*rder us anyways?

To prove allegiance.

This must be apart of her plan to take down Hades.

Yeah, and she wants him to think we're d*ad, so we have to play along.

We need to move, we need to get to The Elders.

But, how do we travel and stay invisible?

Mark: I've got an idea.

It's a good one, I swear.

Goodbye crack shack.

Bo, this better be the greatest plan ever.

Come on.

Father and daughter, finally side by side.

It's time to fulfill your destiny.

There's nothing left to hold you back.

There is one thing.

Your backup plan.

I don't want her around.

Sibling rivalry.

You're reminding me more and more of myself.

You only have one daughter.

I'm it.

Consider it taken care of.


I want to do it.

I want to k*ll Tamsin.



Bo, whatever he did to you, you need to snap out of it.

Do you hear me?

Listen, I know what it's like.

Jack took control of me in Valhalla, do you remember?

And you helped me out of it.

You have the power to fight him.


Please say something.


Bo, say something.

(ghostly wind)

Time to get my destiny on...



First things first, we get word back to the Elders, get them mobilized.

Mark: A proper defense is only as good as its counter-offense.

Whatever Bo's plan is, we'll give one helluva fight.

Who needs w*apon when we have mascara and heels.

Hey those Louboutin's could take an eye out.

Vex, where do you keep your tweezers, and duct tape, your pharmaceuticals...

Watch out!

Hey, let's get something straight, as long as we're in my motorized caravan, they'll be no backseat driving, alright?

Hey, put those back!

You know, of all the creepy fetishes, how is this your weirdest, hmm?

I'll have you know that's German Weimar porcelain.

I've got a life outside of you people.

Get us there fast. Get us there safe.

We're in your hands.

Vex: Excuse me.

There I am.

f*re breathing mass destruction.

Should I pick up some Tums?

Oh, these are not flames.

These are streams of life force.


Consumed by my daughter...

My Pyrippus.

I'm gonna feed off the entire city.

First the colony.

Then the continent.

And once we're strong enough...

The world.

Every single human and Fae.

I know you didn't k*ll Tamsin.

My sweet daughter.

It's time to cut your long game short.

If you didn't think this is real, why did you play along?


I have you right where I want you.


What is this?

The hell shoes that took you to Valhalla serve me.

I made them to keep you where I want you.

Until you feed.

I will never.

It is your nature, Succubus.

You can't avoid what you were made for.

You can't make me do this.

I emancipated myself from you.

I have nothing to do with you!

Nothing to do with me?

Our connection runs much deeper than a hand print.

Deeper than hell shoes.

It runs deeper than blood.

I created you.

For me.

Push Notification. You didn't raise me.

I was raised by a good mother, Mary Dennis.

You had nothing to do with me. You don't have a say.

I don't have a say?

I don't have a say.

Hmph, you're right.

But even if I didn't raise you.

Even without me in your life, you found death all on your own.


Your first...?

Kyle was a long time ago.

It was a mistake.

I've learned since then.

Have you?

Cause it seems like death just keeps following you.

Hale. Rainer. Trick. Aife.


You k*lled Aife.

You k*lled Trick.

I did it for you!

To lead you to this very moment.

Death is your birthright.

It is your path.

It's a path you can't force me to follow.

Bo, it's time for you to embrace your true self.


Enjoy it!

Once you start, you won't be able to stop.

You'll love it.

I know you can feel it.

The hunger.

The darkness.

The power.


You've tried to run from it for years, but it's not a choice.

I stopped running a long time ago.

I found my family.


You mean Kenzi.

Did she stay?

Don't you dare.

And Tamsin.

Poor Tamsin.

After she falls in love with you and you break her heart.

Did she stay?


And then the thing you wanted most...

Imagine, a Succubus wanting a Friday night date at the movies kind of relationship.

How did that go for ya'?


That didn't last, no!

And Lauren.

Lauren dumped you not once, but twice.

And even if it had worked out with Lauren, eventually you would have to watch her wither and die with age.

Because death is part of who you are...



You and I.

We're not capable of love.

Now feed.

Only I will choose who lives.

That's my girl.

(ghostly wind)

Improvised sedative g*n.

Thank you Karen Beattie.

Woman of wisdom and eco-t*rror1st w*apon.

Glad we're on the same team.

Well, I'm glad you're the one leading us.

We're gonna go get our girls.

I used to worry about her all the time.

It's the nature of the Succubus.

But then she found her family.

No, she found you.

When you were together, I didn't worry so much.

Yeah, and then I pushed her away.

I know you think you can't be with Bo.

But you're wrong.

It's messy.

Yes, it's complicated.

And it's worth it.

You know, I used to worry about her, what would happen to her when I die.

And I realized, I don't have to.

She'll have you.

Kenzi: Um, guys, come here.

Either this is Aurora borealis or that Jerry Garcia weekend is coming back to haunt me.

Who is Jerry Garcia?

Dyson: It's Bo.

She's feeding.

Kenzi: I just peed.

Only a little.

Her group suck.

We've seen this before, but now it's the entire city.

She's gone full Dark Queen.

Or full on Pyrippus...

It doesn't make sense, how come we're not affected?

Lucky charm?

It's magically delicious.

Lauren: Of course, first the f*re, now this.

This horseshoe is protecting us from all things Pyrippus.


But not The Elders.

Jack: That's it Bo, beautiful.




Oh, yes, yes.

(evil laughter)


Doc, no pulse.

Oh no, no there's nothing... I can't do anything.

They're gone.

And so is our man power.

From what we saw outside...

Does that mean everyone but us...

Is d*ad.

Jack's completely taken her over.

She's lost...

Bobo, what have you done.

I can be more powerful than all other Fae.

Everyone will kneel at my feet.

There will be no more Dark and no more Light.

There will be only me.

My true army cometh.



All will bow before me.

I am your Queen.

That was incredible.


I need more.

All of it.

Everything, like you promised.

Patience, sweet pea.

In order to rule, we need soldiers.

An army.

Now it's time that I fill them with my will.

Followers, they're all the same...

What they need is direction.



♪ If you wanna know ♪
♪ If she loves you so ♪
♪ It's in her kiss, that's where it is ♪

Dyson: I know these officers.

They were good men.

Mark: How many do you think there are?

Bo couldn't have done this. It was Jack.

It had to be him.


What, what you think she did this?


You saw the blue light.

We all did.

This... this is Bo, it has to be, she's the only one whose capable.

No, he... he made her.

He's controlling the Pyrippus inside of her.

Just like he made her almost burn us to death.

D, c'mon, c'mon, back me up.

Kenz, open your eyes, look around.

Oh, what, what you think she's evil now, too?

Is that it?

You know, I'd really expect this from somebody else, but not from you.


What if we lost her?


Then we'll find her again.

Kenz, we'll find her.

We're not giving up.

Lauren: And nobody ever will.

We'll save Tamsin.

We will save Bo.

God, please let there be a Bo to save...

Something is not right.

There is still free will in the territory.

That's impossible.

I fed off everyone.

If you had, my steed would be complete.

Who is still alive?

My former allies.


The horseshoe.

Forged for me by The Ancients.

That's what Zee was up to.

She knew it would be used against me.

Forgive me, father.

It was before I accepted my true destiny.

Find them.

Take it back.

I will devour them.

Hell on earth, Baby.

Make it happen.

Guardians of the city.

Dyson: Kenz, come here.

Lauren: I think I just peed.

Kenzi: See?

Lauren: Dyson, what is this?

How many syringes you got in there?

Not nearly enough.

Here's one for you; how many stiffs does it take to destroy a motorized caravan and all its inhabitants.

That depends.

Do proposed inhabitants happen to have a life saving horseshoe?


Kenzi: I am so marrying this thing when we're done.


Go, go, go, go!

(g*n continue)

We pledge our sevice to Hades the Dark Lord.


Or be terminated.

This is how he planned to bring hell on earth.

Not by raising souls from Tartarus...

By raising them here.

But first, he needed to drain them.

Enter Bo's Chi suck.

Vex: How 'bout we talk about this over tea, when we're not being sh*t at, eh?


I knew you guys didn't like me on the force, but this is a little extreme, don't ya think?

Your shifts up.

What's up motherfae-ers.

You're doubt overcame Hades.

Well, she is carrying his child.

You're doubting for two.

Where's Bo?

She went Pyrippus.

No, she didn't.

She kissed me...

Oh, well, if she kissed you.

To put the key in my mouth, to save me, to help me escape.

A signature move she learned from me in Heccuba prison.

Did she give you the key before or after she fed off the city?


Lauren: Bo?

Dyson: Bo!

Bo, come down.

No, Kenzi, I'll handle this.

No, look I'm the only one that can bring her back.

I'm her heart, remember?



Boom boom-Bo.

It's me.

It's Kenzi. K-star.


Look, we've been through all this before, right?

Djieiene spiders. Kitsunes.

Even Tamsin went Jack Nicholson evil.

But we always come back.

Because we've got back.

And this Kenzi-conda don't want none unless you got buns. Hun.

Look, I left, I know, and I'm sorry.

But you were with me every second that I was away, and that is never gonna change.

Because you're my sister from another mister.

Until the end.

So please, please come back to me.

So what, your eyes are glowing a shade of hell.

I know that it's not you.

It's him.

So, please come back to fight him with us.

'Cause, we need you.

I need you.



Yes girl.


Ow, ow Bo.

You're hurting me.

This is mine.


(ghostly wind)


Oh my god!

Oh god, what have I done?


Is that you?

How could I have let this happen?

Bo, it's okay.

No, I don't want sympathy.

I wanna fix this.

He broke me, he broke my spirit.

He showed me who I really am.

A k*ller.

He wants to use me to feed so he can build his Dark Army.

Lauren: Yeah, well how do we stop him?

There's only one way.

I go Pyrippus on him.

Don't you mean Dark Queen?

They're one and the same.

And they're stronger by the minute.

The only problem is? I can't control it.

I can't risk hurting people again.

I can't risk hurting you guys again.

Bo, you've tapped into it before.

Without him.

After your Dawning, with the Lich.

To save us!

Look, Dyson's right.

You controlled it.

No, I didn't.

It just happened.

Because you're evil!

Not helping.

You know what, let her, she's actually pretty good at this.

You're evil.

But you're also good.

We all have both inside of us, good and evil.

And if he created a monster, let's use it against him.

I don't know how!

Bo, remember when we first met?

Did you ever think then, that you could control your ability.

No, not in a million years.

But you did.

I was there.

And I'll be there when you control it now.

I will always be there.

My mom wasn't able to suck the Dark Lord's Chi.

How can I fight him?

Why didn't you k*ll us?

Hmm, what made you come back?

All of you.

I remember how each of you taste.

Your love brought me back.

You guys are my family.

And I love you all very much.

Vex: Woah!

Bloody hell!

Mark: The Elders.

And I don't think they're here to help.

Twelve of the most powerful Fae.

And it's down to a fist fight.

(water breaking)

Ugh, okay, that is not pee.

Tamsin, your water broke.

It's a good thing we got a doctor on board.

Lauren, Kenzi... you guys stay in here and deliver this baby.

Mark, Vex, Dyson, no Elders get near this camper.

Remember, nobody dies.

They're under Hades control.

I've got Big Bad Dad.

How many Elders do you think you can mesmer at once?

We're about to find out.


It hurts!

You're telling me!

I feel like I'm being torn in half!

Tamsin, I need you to breathe okay, just breathe in and out.

In and out.

Kenzi, I need blankets.


One second, I'll be right back, I'll be right back.

Tamsin, I'm right here.

I'm right here, okay!



Okay, okay, okay!

Remember when we took yoga at the Y?

Pranayama that shit, okay.

In out, in out, in out.



Isolate me from my friends.

Break me up with my girlfriend.

k*ll Aife.

k*ll Trick.

Try all you will, you will not break me.

That is sweet.

But I'm not here for you.

Why do you think I let you keep Tamsin alive?

I'm here for my baby.

Then you'll have to get through me first.

As long as I'm around, I'm the favourite child.

Is that a fact?

Time for our first Father-Daughter dance.


You want a fight, Bo?

I'll give you one but, you'll lose.

The child cometh.

I can smell it!

Give it to us. It belongs to Hades.

Okay, you're doing good.

I should be out there fighting.

I'm a warrior.

Hey, you listen to me, what you are about to do is brave Tamsin, possibly the bravest.

This, this right here, is what it means to be a warrior, okay?

You got this girl.


Tamsin, Tamsin, it's time to push, okay come on.

(ghostly wind)

Okay, just stop Sailor Moon out there.

Why, whats happening?

Bo's giving the best HJ of her life!

You're dying Bo, I'm k*lling you.

You forced my hand.

All because you wouldn't accept what you truly are... evil.

You're right I am evil, but I am also good, everyone has both!

Except for you, that is why you chose Tartarus.

It's empty.

It's hollow.

You were created in the image of Hades.

We're the same.

You may have created me.

But you never gave a shit about me.

And that's where we differ.

See, unlike you, I care.

I am Trick's blood too.

His love makes me stronger than the evil that consumes you.

You will never use me.

You will never control me.

I will live the life that I choose.

I love you, Dad.

And I'm going to give it all to you.

Until the day you die...


♪ Let your heart b*at bright ♪
♪ Steady like the stars ♪
♪ Constant like the rain falls down ♪
♪ Folded like a flag ♪
♪ Hold it 'til the dark burns out ♪
♪ You found yourself ♪
♪ Holding on ♪
♪ You found yourself ♪
♪ Holding on ♪

(baby crying)

Lauren: It's a girl.


I'm your mama.

You were pretty amazing.

I suppose I was, wasn't I.

You weren't too bad yourself.

Hey, I heard you shifted.


So have have you chosen?

You know, Light, Dark.

No. And I don't think I ever will.

I have made one choice though.

Ten fingers.

Ten toes.

Healthy through and through.

Same can't be said for Tamsin.

Lauren: Her vitals are dropping.

She's fighting just to stay alive.

All Valkyries die in childbirth.

She's been asking to say goodbye to you.

I'm gonna save you, okay?

I'm gonna breathe Chi into you?


It's my time.


Please stay here.

I will be here.

Through my daughter.

She's my legacy, Bo.

You look after her for me, okay?

I promise that I will do everything to protect her.

Don't cry for me.

For Valkyries, our last life, it's not called dying...

It's called rising.


You have your mama's eyes.

She was the strongest person that I ever met.

You're my sister and I have to protect you.

But right now, I have work to do, dangerous work.

And that's why this is for the best, ok?

Even thought I can't take care of you right now, I'll watch over you.

We all will.

I promise you will not grow up a lost girl.

Precious cargo.

Take care of her.

Take care of yourself.

I never lost faith in you.

Even when I almost did, I didn't.

I love you.

You're my heart, Kenzi.


Tearful goodbyes are so last season.

Hades gone.

Baby safe.

Future completely uncertain.

Not completely.

I, human, Lauren Lewis... want to spend the rest of my life with you, Succubus, Bo Dennis.

I always thought that because of who I am, that I couldn't have a relationship.

Let alone with a human.

And then I met you...

And you broke my heart.

A mistake that I made twice.

And one that I would never make again.

Lauren, we're messy.

We're complicated.

That hasn't changed.

I know.

And I hope that it never does.

Do you think that we can do this?

I do.

Easy, k*ller.

Kenzi's obeying speed limits.

No texting and driving.

A little singing and eating...

They're safe.

Well, she is in very good hands.

The best.

So, are you going to tell her who her father was?

You mean who he still is?

Just because he's gone... doesn't mean he's not still out there.



Evil never dies.

What's wrong?


You sure?

We don't have to do this.

No, it's okay.

I want to.

What the hell?


Sorry to break up the party.

You're gonna have to come with me.

She has no idea what she's in for, does she?

Beer me.


You're underage.

But, what you can do is sign this.


The Ledger.

So, what's next?

Choose if I'm Light or Dark.

Not in this colony.

We're fighting to change some old rules.

So that one day, no Fae will ever have to choose.


Now that you've hit Fae puberty I'll do another full work up.

She's still aging into adulthood at an accelerated rate.

Just like her mom.

You probably don't remember us, but we've all been watching out you, since you were little.

Kenzi told me this day would come.

The mesmer.

The wolf.

The rookie.

The doctor.


There's one missing...

Hi Dagny.

God you're beautiful.

Famous words to a succubus.

The last thing your mother said to me was your name.

It means new day.

It's been hard watching my little sister grow up from a distance.

But Kenzi kept you safe among humans.

Until now.

What is this?


I don't know how... And I don't know when... But it's coming for you.

What happens then?

We'll be ready.
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