03x10 - Ira Deorum

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Da Vinci's Demons". Aired: April 2013 to December 2015.
"Da Vinci's Demons" is a partially fictionalized account of the early years of Leonardo da Vinci during the Renaissance in Italy.
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03x10 - Ira Deorum

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You reached inside my head. You handed my plans to the Turks.

You needed to see what you are capable of.

This is our reckoning.


The greatest fighting force the world has ever known.

This is Prince Vlad.

He has provided armor to equip our soldiers.

The same armor used by the Turks.

The city states are too busy fighting amongst themselves to offer worthy opposition.

My brother seeks to build alliances across Italy.

(Coins jingling)

He needs your help.

We go forth now to fight not for eternal glory but for God and a united Italy!

From the bowels of this cursed city, you hold the Sword of God!

You have a visitor.

You are the Minotaur, Girolamo.

You are God's monster.

Show them that you're a leader, not a ruler.

I am guilty of what I am accused.

You shall be put to death.

(Shouts of approval)

Why do you fight for the Ottomans?

I know you were not born of their ranks.

My brother and I were taken as children.

I see a bird but without a head.

They're designs.

Some sort of machine.

(Cries out)

The energy focused here. The armor attracted it.


All we need to do is just lure them out into the open.

You cannot risk your soldiers' lives on a magic trick.

It's not magic.

Da Vinci: 'The Crusade Army...what's left of them.'

(Speaking softly) They tore us apart.

How many armored carts?


That's our first priority.

Prisoner: One way or the other... this w*r is coming to an end.

(Theme music)

♪ DaVinci's Demons 3x09 ♪
Ira Deorum
Original Air Date on December 26, 2015

♪ ♪

(Distant howling)


(Slow clapping)

Man: Well done, Da Vinci.

Well done.

Against all odds.

Against your very self.

You trumped innovation with innovation.

Genius upon genius.

I expected no less.

Did you do it?

Did you read from the Page?

I told you, I'm done with all that.

Your eyes betray you.

You read from the text, didn't you?

I'm proud of you.

You betrayed me.

You made me...a destroyer.


But don't you see?

Out of the ashes, a new better world will arise.

You don't believe me?

(Dramatic music playing)



I don't.

Then you will squander everything.

Do you really think I plundered your mind for the benefit of the Sultan?

It's time, Da Vinci.

Vanquish the Turks.

You know you can.

Then turn your dark science on Sixtus and his corrupt Crusade.

Strike now and you can vanquish all of your enemies.

Even you?

Even me.

If that is what you require.

For I would gladly give my life for your future.

What you have yet to do is more important than what you have done.

Save yourself.

Save the ones you love.

(Speaking softly) The ones I love?

(Birds cawing)


(Voice of Turkish guard)

Hands off me!

(Chains rattling)

All right!

(Guard continues in Turkish)


(Cries out)



(Locked door judders)


(Birds cawing)

(Speaking softly) Lorenzo?

What is it?

(Whispering) It's nothing.

Do you think it wise... that your first words to me today are a lie?

Forgive me.

I can't imagine what you've been through.

But I'd be concerned if you didn't have nightmares.

I don't deserve you.


I'll be the judge of that.

It's not the past that haunts me.

It's the future.

(Shuddering) The decisions, the choices we make, set our course.

And who knows where they will lead?

Who knows what we shall lose along the way?

Whatever the journey, rest assured... we're on it together.

It starts today by sending a message to Rome.


(Praying in Latin)

(Continues praying)


(Birds cawing)

Is this where you will perform your miracle?

Apologies. Your marvel of science.

(Whispering) No, this is the spot.


There's energy in the air.

The power of nature in the clouds.

(Electrical fizzing and crackling)

The device we built will gather that force, focus it... and then rain it down on what attracts it most.


We must draw the Ottoman forces here.

As many as we can.

And then pray that those remaining will surrender once they see the power of our w*apon.

Did you just say "pray", Da Vinci?

Indeed I did.

The greatest fighting force the world has yet to see brought to its knees by a man who likes to paint.

You see the hand of Da Vinci in this?

And you do not?

Al-Rahim assured me Da Vinci would join us or be consumed by his defeat at Otranto.

Neither of which has come to pass.

I admit we underestimated his devotion to a dying land.

Yet that fails to excuse your gross incompetence.

How one man could cause so much damage...

I am told he had help.

The survivors of our great victory over the Pope's Crusade.

And a son of Wallachia.

And what of your daughter? Lucrezia.

I told you, she knows nothing.

Nothing she will tell a father she despises.

She is not your concern.

That is for the Sultan's son to decide.

(Suspenseful music plays)

(t*nk piece clatters)

(Music continues)

(In Turkish)

(Speaks in Turkish)


(Speaking softly) Hello, daughter.

I heard the explosions.

Was there an accident?

It was no accident.

But you already knew that.

How would I know that? You have me locked up in here.


The soothsayer, she taught you her tricks, didn't she?

You warned them, showed them our armory.

You think I'm a magician now?

Is that why you're here on the eve of battle, to accuse me?

Are you looking for an excuse to remove yourself?


I can see it in your eyes.

You're afraid.

We have crushed their armies once and we will do it again.

There is but a handful of them left.

Yes, but that handful crippled your arsenal.

You underestimate them.

(Whispers) You underestimate Da Vinci.

(Breathes) I look forward to meeting your Da Vinci.

I will offer him my respect, right before I run him through with my sword.


(Bayezid groans)


(Lucrezia grunts)







(Lucrezia panting)

(Intake of breath)

(Chokes in agony)

(Lucrezia panting)

(Expiring breath from Bayezid)

(Lucrezia's panting subsides)

(Speaks Turkish)


(Sophia whimpering)


f*ck you.


(Crossbow clicks)



The keys. The keys.

(Keys rattle)

One of these days I'm going to save your ass.


(Sophia laughs)

Oh, we did it! We...

We read from the Page, me and my brother.

We can save Italy.

I knew you would.

Is he here? Do you have a plan?

We have to get that thing we built... into that tower... over there.

(Lucrezia sighs) The streets are crawling with Turks.

It's impossible.

Yeah, until the Crusade Army att*cks and every damn Janissary will be called to battle.

(Angry shouting from crowd)

(Angry shouting continues)

Bring forth the guilty.

(Shouting continues)

Bring forth the guilty.

(Angry shouting)



Lorenzo: People of Florence...

People of Florence, hear me!

(Shouting stops)

Today is a sad day.

It is a regretful day.

For today we condemn a man to death.

The crowd: Yes.

And this weighs heavily upon our hearts.

For the giving of life and its taking should be the purview of a power much higher than ours.

(Murmurs of agreement)

And yet, here stands a madman, who has committed heinous crimes...

Man: Yes.

..against my family...

Man: Yes.

..against Florence...

(Overlapping voices)

..against humanity itself.

(Overlapping voices)

And we cannot let such acts go unpunished.

(Murmurs from crowd)


You find this amusing, monster?

I do.


(Man laughs in crowd)

More madness.

(Murmurs of agreement from crowd)

Oh, the Ottoman Army. Where are they?


(Speaking softly) Where the hell are they?

(Exhales) They should be upon us by now.

They will be, Da Vinci.

Soon you will be wallowing in spilt Turkish guts.

How could you know that?

Whatever the game, I could always best my brother.

Your brother is the Turkish Commander?

We were imprisoned together.

(Speaking softly) Until he betrayed me.

(Speaking Turkish)

'Joined a darker side.'

Perhaps Allah will be more merciful than your daughter was.

I warned you all, she can be a very willful woman.

Now she is loose in the city.

She will be brought to me.

And when she's found, I will bleed her like the witch she conspired with.

(Man speaks Turkish)

Seems they wish to go to their reward.

(Call to arms)

(Man shouts)

(Shouting continues)

(Soldiers' voices)

(Male voices in Turkish)

(Dramatic music playing)


Okay, go.







What can I do?

You can start by stringing the cable.

Zo, what's your estimate on the draw from the top of the bell tower to the peak?

I haven't the foggiest.

I'd say about 60 feet.

You'd better make it 70.

Where's the entrance to the bell tower?

That way, up the stairs.

Access to the roof?

Well, yeah, if somebody wants to climb out onto the ledge and pull themselves up.


They really are related.

(Voice in crowd)

Proceed with the execution.

(Cries of agreement from crowd)

Beware, Lorenzo de'Medici.


Are you prepared to m*rder a man of faith?

(Shocked gasps)

Man in crowd: He's mad.

(Clears throat)

In all due respect, Father, you have no voice here.

Don't I?

Many here have heard my words.

Men and women: Yes.

Careful, Lorenzo, don't let him stir their hearts.

..taken them to heart.

(Murmurs of agreement)

Man: Yes.

Unless you come with a prayer for the d*ad, I suggest you let us proceed with our grim business.

(Voices raised in protest)

Man: No!



(Overlapping voices)

Man: Let him speak.

Woman: Let him speak.

Very well!

(Crowd quietens)

Have your say, Father.

A wise choice, Il Magnifico.

But I am merely a precursor.

An antecedent to one I have been looking for all my life.

Though a great battle is raging to the south, a yet far greater battle will be fought here.

And God Himself has sent His agent, His messenger, to aid us in our conflict.

A messenger of God?

Adding to the moniker of Monster of Italy, are we?

We are.

You speak of humanity, yet you have all but lost yours.
(Music plays and choir sings)

You claim my crimes are heinous, yet... who have I k*lled?

A corrupt cardinal... more concerned with perversion than preaching.

An Officer of the Night who conspired to keep your people from the glory of God's Crusade.

And yes, the beloved Mother of Florence.

A woman who betrayed not only you... but all the good people of this city.

Emptying your coffers and leaving you destitute in a time of need.

In a time of w*r!

You dare slander her memory?

You dare lie to your people?

I have not lied!

(Crowd yelling at once)

You have.

As a thief in the night you have stolen this city.

You have k*lled those who opposed you and endangered the lives of every man, woman and child under your care.

And now you endanger their very souls!

(Cries from crowd)

Do you not see?

Do you not see it is he who lies?

He who speaks with the Devil's tongue.

My family have served you all for generations.

Do not be swayed by this.

Do not allow yourselves to be led like sheep to the slaughter.

Know this, Florence.

Because of my actions, because of me, you will regain your wealth in both commerce and spirit if you submit as I have to the governance of the divine.


God has instituted me as His physician.

(Choir continues)

His messenger!

And executioner!

The tricks of a charlatan! He is the one to be feared!

He is the liar!

And I tell you this, if you observe what I have told you, you need have no fear of your enemies.

For you shall always be more powerful than they.

And God will defend you!

Qui benedictus est in saecula saeculorum!

(Enthusiastic cries of crowd)


(Enthusiastic cries)

(Birdsong and distant clanging)

Sophia, how are you getting on?

Almost there.

We need to hurry.

I know.




Da Vinci: 'Well, then, where is your brother's army?'

Making a fast march around the coast, no doubt.

You see, his gambit is to surround us, cutting off all hope of escape, then slaughter us mercilessly.

It's a classic move.

(Distant rumble)

(Speaking softly) What is that sound?



(Massed galloping, marching and voices)

(Suspenseful music playing)

(Ominous chant)


(Horse neighs)

Draw your w*apon!

(Horse neighs)

(Ominous chant continues)

(Battle cry)

For Italy! (Yells)


(All cry out at once)


(Crying out)

(Cries out)

(Quiet music plays)

(Whispering) Okay, careful.

Yep. Yep.


(Wind blows)






(Cries in background)

(In Turkish)

You are no brother to me.

That was your doing, not mine.

You sold your soul to that monster who imprisoned us.

The language of our birth, not that vile tongue.

(Cries out)

(Slates scrape) - Zo!.


I'm all right. I'm all right.

(Massed cries)

(Nico cries out)


(Grunts and yells)

(Cries out)



(Cries out)

(Breathlessly) Come on.

(Cries out)

(Screams) Zo!





(Whispering) Shit!



Say goodbye to your Prince, Da Vinci.


(Sword enters)





The signal... Where is it?

(Soldier cries out)

(Both panting)


(In Turkish)

Leonardo: Pass the order.

Everyone drop your swords and take off your armor.

It's over. No-one can save you now.

(Gedik Ahmet chuckles)


(Voices in Turkish)

(Men yelling in distance)

Soldier: Help me.


I disappointed you.

I'm glad.

I can no longer save you.

(Speaking softly) I know.

Lucrezia, be careful.


(Suspenseful music playing)






(Crying) No!



Wait! My life for her life.

(Quietly) No...

My life...for her life.

(Speaking softly) At least give me this.

As you wish.



(Arrow clatters)

(Leonardo groans)

Believe in yourself, Leonardo.

One man's death opens a doorway to the birth of the next.

(Cries out with effort)


(Music plays)


(Crackling and fizzing)

(Dramatic music plays)



What have you wrought, Da Vinci?

(Thunder continues)

(Rushing wind)

(Turkish soldiers cry out)

(Cries out)

(Crackling continues)


(Choir sings)



Vlad: Happiness is a crimson field... littered with the mangled corpses of our enemies.

We watched you die.

As you have once before and undoubtedly will again.

(Rattle of armor)

Your sorcery has worked, Da Vinci.

They fear your wrath.



(Breathlessly) Zo.

You all right?

You did it. Ha!

You fixed it.

Not me.

(Quietly) Her.

(Slow footsteps)

Uh... (His breathing quavers)

(Gentle music plays)

(Whispering) Did it work?

Did we do it?

Yes. (Breathing quavers)

We saved the city.

We saved Italy because... (Sniffs) because of you.

Ssh, ssh. Don't cry.

It's over.

The hurt...and the pain.

You're free.


No, no, no, no, please.

Please. Please. Don't go. Don't go.

Don't go.

There's nothing holding you back.

You're free to create.

And to love.

And to find joy.

You have to promise me that you'll do that. Promise.

I promise, I promise. I promise.


I'll... I'll meet you often.

(She stops breathing)


(Sobs) No.



Bring another bottle.

This is supposed to be a celebration.

(Footsteps approach)

(Doors thud)

I assure you, I am no apparition.

I was told Lorenzo had your head on the block.

Justice prevailed.

Well, then, this truly is a glorious day.

Come, sit, my boy.

I trust you've heard the news from Otranto.

(Speaking softly) I did.

Then let us drink to victory.

To our conquering Crusaders and the angels of mercy who have returned you to my side.

I um...

Couldn't help but notice you were not at mine.

(Awkwardly) Ha...

Where is the wine? (Sniffs)

I'm afraid your servants are indisposed.

(Suspenseful music playing)





Because I have found the path.

But the only way to reach my true potential is to finish what I started years ago.


(Riario groans with effort)



I have k*lled my mother at your behest.

And now I really must k*ll my Father and the false prophet who has led me astray.


Convenient they exist in the same person.

(Whispering) Don't you think?

(Expiring breath)


(Bone cracks)


(Choral singing)


(Baby cries)

Lorenzo: Sssh. Ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh.

Don't cry.

(Baby cries)

Everything will be all right.

(Baby continues crying)

We may have lost this battle but the w*r has only just g*n.

When you are ready, we will take the fight to them.

Sssh. Ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh.

Not only will you be ruler of Florence, you will sit on the papal throne.

(Baby cries)

Sssh. Ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh.

Ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh, sssh.

The world will be yours, Giulio de'Medici.

My son.

The world will be yours.

Ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh...


(Music plays)

(Choral singing)

Don't look back.


That's not the way to remember her.

I just want to remember what we were fighting for.

You're looking at them.

Leonardo: I have to start again.

We've not lost everything.


Not everything.


So, what's next?

Next, I...

I think we go home.


I've got some commissions to finish.

I promised Lucrezia that I would get back to who I was.

Who I am.

Florence it is, then.


Go ahead.

I'm going to stay in Naples a while.

What? What? Why?

These people need help rebuilding.

I can be of use here.

Well, you'll be missed.

See you on the other side.

So long, Maestro. Zo.

(Reins jangling)


Sophia: Is he all right?

Zo: No, he left a girl in Florence.

Well, she left him, I suppose.

(Leonardo exhales)

Right, uh, first I'm going to build a new studio.

And a boat.

What? A boat?

Why would I...?

A boat.

A boat?

For me.

As a token of your gratitude for all my years of friendship and service.

Well, I have no need for a boat.

But if you are building things, I'd love a library.

Oh, a lib... Yes, a library for you. A boat for you. Good.




(Whispering) It's just...

No, nothing.

It's just something... Something Verrocchio said to me once. He said, "People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things."

(Theme music)
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