01x02 - Episode 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Cuffs". Aired: October 2015 to December 2015.
"Cuffs" follows the lives of front line police officers within Brighton and the surrounding area of Sussex serving within the fictional South Sussex Police service. The cases are both surprising and exciting.
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01x02 - Episode 2

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You can't catch me! Won't catch me!

110. Still elevated.

Hardly surprising, what you've been through.


You know, there can be a lot of side effects -- not just physical.




A sense of unreality.


Don't let him get off the end.

I can't believe I did that.

To Jake!

Of all people.

( Lino chuckles )

Get down on the ground.

On the ground, now!

( He chuckles )

How are you? Yeah...

Get down on the ground, mate.

I'll get down on the ground. I'll get...

Ooh, a clean-shaven officer.

That's what I like.

( He chuckles )

How? Explain to me how this happened.

We were in pursuit.

Suspected drug dealer.

He was high, sir.

Completely off his face. Uncontrollable.

I'm a Taser officer. I need you to put that down.

"I'm a Taser officer. I need you to put that down."

If you don't put that down, I'm authorised to sh**t you.

Put that down now.

You're not going to sh**t me.

'The suspect was brandishing a w*apon.

'Donna was the Taser officer.

'As far as I'm concerned, she followed all correct protocols...'

I'm going to... Taser! Taser! Taser!

( He groans )

Don't move. Stay on the ground.

You sh*t me!

'What happened next was entirely unpredictable.'

Sorry to interrupt, sir.

There's been a bit of an incident. on the pier. It's Jake.

Stay down. I'm warning you. Just stay down.

No, wait!

( They groan )



You all right?


I shouldn't have jumped in.

No need to apologise, mate. She loved it.

Yeah, well, it's not every day you get to sh**t the boss's son.

Trust me -- you're going to be the talk of the division.

You're a legend! [LINO CHUCKLES]

What? Come on!

Just stop!

( Siren wails )

I have a jewellery box in my bedroom.

And the other one must've gone up there while I was in the garden with the boy... looking for his dog.

Yeah, I'm not sure there was a dog.

But he had a lead -- a red lead in his hand.

I-I saw it.

Doesn't mean there was a dog.

Maybe he just said that to get you out the house while his friend went upstairs.

Mrs Simpson...

Oh, Tilly, dear.

Tilly. Er, did you notice anything about the boys?

Clothes? Height?

Er... I don't know. I didn't really...

Oh! They had a motorbike.

Younger one had long hair and the other had a red T-shirt.

I-I can't believe I let them in.

( Clock chimes )

( He groans happily )


Right, OK, we'll get on to local inquiries...

Is that a hot-water crust?

You know your pastry.

My nonna makes a rabbit pie -- pasticcio di coniglio -- almost as good as yours.




Yeah. Yeah, we'll see if anyone saw anything.

My Bill.

He'd have known how to deal with those boys.

We were married for 50 years.

On the market.

OK. Thanks.

Right. CSI will be here within half an hour, so we'll just hang on.

Make sure we preserve any prints or DNA for them.

Radio: 'Any patrol, please, for an immediate graded call 'to the Joy of Ink Tattoo Parlour...'

( Volume decreases )

'Reports of a violent disturbance.'

( She sighs )

( Siren wails )

Stop it.

Control, this is Kilo 220. Show us state six. Over.

What's going on?

A customer. He's gone completely...

Look at crazy man!

( They shout indistinctly )

Get off him. Back away now!

Back away! Stay back.

Stay back. Come on!

Come on!

Come on. Come on!

Jake! You want some more?


Jake! Jake, for God's sake, come on.

Come on, then!

( He exhales loudly )

And we're going to keep you here, pending further forensic analysis on the substances we found on you, OK?

Can't exactly say how long.

The time...

Pete, you want to listen to me?

The time and my consciousness are one... travelling together.

We're going to use your door keys to access your property.

To cross frontiers to the...

To the flesh of the universe.

You all right with that, are you?

Rather than us breaking your door down...

( She gasps )

I see you.



But you hold the key that unlocks your own enlightenment.

I'm your trip guide.

Your psychic travel agent.

( He chuckles )

Excellent. Thank you very much.

And we'll come and sort out those security measures for you, OK?

It will be a uniformed officer but you make sure you check his ID before you let him in.

Yes. You're very kind.

Tilly, Control have just told me this is the third time you've been burgled.

Yes. Yes, I think so.

You ever thought about moving somewhere with a bit more support, Tilly?

Sheltered accommodation or...

You sound like Martha, my daughter.

Always on about bungalow... Basingstoke...

You're not keen, then?

I've lived off this land all my life.

Two stupid little boys won't scare me off.

You'll have to carry me out, feet first.

All right, Tilly.


I nearly forgot...

(Be nice.)


(You're not...)

( Footsteps approach )

There you are.

Martha made it for me.

It's a record -- my jewellery.

I'll show you what's missing.

That'll be really useful, Tilly. We'll make sure this gets to CID.

12,843 results for a gold locket.

Needle in a haystack?

First you've got to find your haystack.

( He sighs )

Three times last night.

Can't keep up the pace.

Sandy not pregnant yet?

It's not for dint of trying.

She's all fallopians and fertility windows.

But what about me, eh?

Oh, I'm just expected to perform, on demand.

A... gigolo.



Do you ever feel, like... blocked?

Bran flakes, every time.

No, just, you know, the...

Your conscious... ness...

You all right?


Ryan: You froze.

I didn't.

So, why didn't you jump in, then?

Well, I tried that on the pier, didn't I? Nearly got fried.

Anyway, I-I was keeping a reactionary gap.

You know, a distance between me and...

Both: The violent offender.

Yeah, I know the theory. It doesn't really work in practice, though, does it?

By the time you get your head out the textbook, they've smashed each other's faces in.

What were they fighting about, anyway?

( Jake chuckles )

Your son's been arrested for possession with intent to supply and I have written authority to search this address for evidence.

Any questions?

Peter wouldn't be involved in all this.

He's a student.

He is doing his PhD.

Oh, in what?

Pure and applied chemistry.

He's always been so very bright.

Even at primary school, they noticed him. G and T.


"Gifted and talented".

My husband used to call him our little inventor.

Always beavering away in the garage.

( Phone line rings out )

I have to see you... tonight.

No, I don't think that's possible.

It's not an operational imperative.

Could you bring it up at the next SMT?


You can go if you need to.

I could pop back in after dinner, if you're sure.


Music: Drops by Jungle

♪ When you're so high, you ♪
♪ Don't think ♪
♪ When you fall from the sky, you ♪
♪ Won't break ♪
♪ So come down from the clouds ♪
♪ Come down ♪
♪ So come down from the clouds ♪
♪ Come down ♪
♪ When you're so high, you ♪
♪ Don't think... ♪

( Horn honks )

♪ When you fall from the sky, you ♪
♪ Won't break ♪
♪ I've been loving you ♪
♪ Too long ♪
♪ I've been loving you for ♪
♪ Too long ♪
♪ Hm-hm ♪
♪ Hm-hm ♪
♪ Hm-hm ♪
♪ Hm-hm ♪
♪ Hm-hm ♪
♪ Hm-hm. ♪

OK, OK, team four. We're not done yet.

OK, so, erm... [HE CLEARS THROAT]

Today's doughnuts, courtesy of... Student Constable Vickers.

( Cries of approval )


An electrifying arrest. [HE CHUCKLES]

And for those of you that didn't see it live... we have here an action replay.

I don't know if I want to see this.

Team four at its finest.

'Put that down now.

'You're not going to sh**t me.

'Taser. Taser. Taser.'

Lino: Don't do it...

300 hits and counting. [HE CHUCKLES]

Don't be stupid.



Get ready.

50,000 volts? Someone want 50,000 volts?

Here we go, here we go...

( They cheer )

And then see this.

Watch him now...



Sit down. Sit down.

Carry on.


Er, DS Moffat, you had something...

Boss. Sir.

Quick request before you head out.

For those of you who don't know, this is Peter Foyles, also known as Red Pete. He's an alleged drug dealer.

Now, I have him in custody and we're building a case while we wait for the results from the dr*gs lab.

In the meantime, can you ask around whether people on the street know him and what he's selling? Thank you.

Did I really sound like that?

Yeah, you did.

Oh, and if you do seize any bags similar to the ones he's been manufacturing, just be careful, as ideally I want to take fingerprints to try and connect him to the dr*gs supply. Thanks a lot. Cheers.

Let's do it. Come on.

One for the road?

Take mine. Go on.

Not two!

Cheers, Jake. Are you going to do this once a week?

Yeah, yeah. No worries.

They giving you a hard time?

Bit of banter. It's fine.

I, er, heard you found your mum last night.

Yeah. She was in a bit of a state.

Mm. Yeah. Work called. She said it was all right for me to go.

She would say that, wouldn't she?

You know what she's like -- brave face.

I think we should talk to the doctor about getting her some different anti-emetics...

I'm onto that.

Look, it's brilliant that you've come back home.

That you're there for her.

Means a lot to her.

To both of us.

That, however... is shocking.

Landlord reckoned he came in about midnight.

Paid in cash.

On his own?

No. With a lady.

She left by herself around two hours later.

No wallet? Car keys?


Put the call in to the MPLO. See if anyone's reported him missing.


Look, I can't guarantee I'll be back, but I'll be home as soon as I can.


Babe, listen... I can't make any promises -- you know that -- but some fatty's d*ed in the saddle and I'm stuck here with the boss.

Hey... Oh, come on, you know what Felix is like.

He's hardly Mr Family Man.

( Machine beeps )

Can you explain to me why we found drug manufacturing equipment in your mother's garage?

No... comment.

For the benefit of the tape, I'm showing the suspect exhibit JM1.

Are these yours?

No comment.

What are they?

No comment.

How much do you charge for them, and who are you selling them to?

No comment.

OK, great. Interview terminated at 1500 hours.

Already? Intense.

Oh, don't worry. We will be interviewing you again when we get the results back from the lab.

(I haven't done anything wrong.)

So, your mum's sick?



What kind?



Too early to tell.

How's she coping?

Mainly by being furious. [HE CHUCKLES]

Already sworn at the Macmillan woman!

Difficult patient, then?

Not really. She just...

She likes being in control.

The old man might be the boss at work, but at home she wears the...


Oh, no. No way.

( Siren wails )

Not having that.

Your collar, Jake.

Control, this is Kilo 220 for a vehicle PNC check.

Dukes Mount, code two...

Know why we pulled you over?

Slow day?

You were riding without a helmet.

Hey, do I know you?

Don't think so.

I do. I recognise you. You...

You used to surf, man.

Shoreham. Yeah... You and me, bro.

Remember? We shared some line-ups...

Yeah. Maybe.

Caught a break or two back in the day. Few dawn patrols.

Well, you can't drive on a public highway without a helmet, so...

Yeah. Look, man, I'm sorry about that. I forgot it.

I'm still acclimatising, you know?


Yeah. Culture shock, you know?

Just got back from six months on Siargao Island. It's...

It's basic. But, oh, it is paradise.

k*ller reefs.

Radio: 'Kilo 220, vehicle is confirmed as a Vespa scooter.

'No reports of it lost or stolen.'

I'm going have to give you a traffic offence report.

You're giving me a ticket?

The Central Ticket Office will write to you offering you a fine, a course or a court date.

And you'll have to push that bike home.

Know what, man? You've changed.

Who are you, Mr Pixelated?

Ain't on the fingerprint database, no-one's reported you missing...



Recognise her?


She goes by the name of Pearl.

Don't think I need to tell you what she does for a living.

They're going to need a big fridge.

Cos, er... th-that's what they say, isn't it?

That the average size of coffins has, er, doubled...

( Phone chimes )

'Scuse me, boss.

Oh. The old lady's jewellery's turned up online.

I'll, er...

I'll respond to the, er...

Donna, it's Carl.

I've got an address for your distraction burglars.

Ashwell's Yard.


Listen... Right, watch your back. I know this family.

Nicked the boys myself several times.

Trust me, they can get rough.

Remind you of home?

Yeah, this is just like Italy.

That's them.


( He pants )

Kilo 230, this is a priority call.

I have a male making off on foot at Ashwell's Yard.

Suspect is Sean Ashwell, wanted for burglary.

Any units to assist?

On the ground! On the ground now!

Get on the ground now!

Lino. Lino, I need...


( She groans )

Are you OK? You all right?

Are you OK?

The suspect... is a loss over the perimeter fence, towards the A283.

( He pants )

My colleague has been booted in the face.

She is conscious and breathing...

Where the hell were you?

Radio: 'Roger that, Kilo 230. Do you require an ambulance?


I've got a warrant to search your premises. Hey!

What do you want?

I'll have that.

Get off it. That's my bag.

Let's have a look. Let's have a look.

What's this?

This yours?

This you, is it? This your husband?

What are you doing?

Get away from me.

I'm arresting you on suspicion of handling stolen goods.
There she is. There she is.

There she is.

Hello, Pearl. ( He chuckles )



Don't know why you're asking me. I don't know what you're talking about.

Oaklea Bed and Breakfast. Your client d*ed. You left the scene.

What client?

( Phone rings )

Yeah, hello.

Fat bloke.

Looked like he liked pies.

Pies and prost*tute.

What's he done now?

Look, I'm working at the moment -- I can't get out of it.

Pearl, come on, don't make this hard on yourself. We know you were there.

I wasn't there! I told you, it wasn't me...


Right, well, so...

Who is...

Who's that?

Could be anyone.

My hair's not like that. She looks a right state.

OK. Thank you. Bye.

You all right, boss?

If you don't cooperate, I'll be sending patrol cars up and down your street every five minutes -- understand?

I only took the cash I was owed.

That's all.

Just what I was owed.

DI Kane.

Can you put a name though PNC and the local system for me, please?

KC Malone.

Do you know who he was?

That's what we're trying to find out.

So, it's not a, er...

Not a regular client, then, no?

We were... right in the middle of it, you know?

He went a funny colour, made this weird noise...

It was awful. [SHE SOBS]

She's pretty.

My daughter.

Oh, right, I didn't know you had...

She's got one of her own now -- Lexi.

That's a nice name.

So, where do they live?


I don't want any trouble.

I just want my script.

Please -- I just need my methadone.

Kevin Malone. Shoreham-by-Sea.

Verbal warning last year for kerb-crawling.

Deputy head?

Also, er...

Married with two kids.

( She groans )

I'm sorry.

It's all right.

Look, it's my choice. My risk.

I shouldn't have run ahead.

Just trying to catch the bad guy.

And, er... just so you know, I...

I am going to get back into shape.

I'm going to go to the gym. Double my training.

I know you will.

Yeah, that's fine. I'll hold.

Oh, you...

Damn it. Damn it!

All right. Turn around. Turn around.

Thank you. Good to go.

I need to see the doctor.

Yeah, I know.

I need something.

Come on. Pearl, sit down, be quiet.

[HE SIGHS] Timed this well.

Right. Book her in, then you can head to Shoreham, do the death knock.

I need to clock off early tonight, boss. I did mention it.

You need to inform the family of the victim's death. But I can't.

It's Madison's...

She's my youngest -- it's her birthday, and I promised the family I'd get home on time... for once.

I'll see you in the morning.

So, you're not coming with me?

Boss, listen, I know that something's come up for you -- and it is none of my business, I know -- but... Felix, I really need to get back to my family tonight.


Just do your job, DC Hawkins.

( Gate buzzes )

We've had the results back from the lab and they tested negative for controlled substances.

You're going to be charged with affray, but released without charge for the dr*gs.

At this time, we intend to take no further action against you relating to these offences. You are now free to go.

I tried to tell you...

I did nothing wrong.

Yeah, well, I don't agree, but then what do I know?

I'm not "gifted" or "talented".

I don't understand what chemicals you use, what compounds you copy, how you keep it all legal.

But I do know one thing...

Legislation moves forward.

Laws change.

I will catch up with you.


( Gate buzzes )

Cheers, Shaz.



Corey used to do all that -- surfing.

Now he just chucks himself off tall buildings.

Ah. Parkour.

I don't care what it's called. It's bloody stupid.

His mother would be turning in her grave.

Radio: 'Any patrol, please, for an immediate graded call to 24A, Princeton Drive. The landlady has reported a su1c1de.'

I got four lodgers in the house. 22 years -- not a problem.

But this one? Always in arrears. He hasn't paid the rent in months.

I came here to give him notice to quit.

Control, this is Kilo 220. The male is deceased. Evidence of su1c1de.

Come outside with me. I'll take some details.

What am I going to do about my money, then?

Can you inform the duty DI? I'm going to need CSI at this location.

I've got so much to pay for, you wouldn't believe it.

How could he do this?

( Man sneezes, Jake gasps )



'So, now, we're either Tasering each other or mistaking people for corpses.'

No wonder everyone out there thinks we're useless, incompetent and uncaring.

Let's not make it easy for them.

Boss, it was a confusing situation.

The su1c1de victim...

That wasn't...

He thought his landlady was going to chuck him out.

He was trying to make her feel sorry for him.

Oh, great plan(!)

Except she called an ambulance, and he didn't know when to stop pretending.

Probably just before they nailed down the coffin lid.

Right. Well, as you can imagine, I've just had a very embarrassing conversation with CSI, explaining why they weren't needed, and sent my apologies to the FME... who were all very impressed with our police work(!)

Boss, he poured fake blood everywhere.

Hundreds of su1c1de notes.

Honestly, I-I couldn't... I couldn't find a pulse.

This is Inspector Webb.

Are you smiling?


Take this is as a learning opportunity.

Don't take anything for granted.

Check everything twice.

Everyone can make mistakes.

Even you?

Don't push it.

You can't keep doing this, Dad.

I have to work.

They look after you now.

It's what we decided -- remember?

Are you listening, Dad?




( He breathes heavily )

( He slurps )

( He coughs )

( Toy squeaks )

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I had to go to Shoreham.

Ruin a family's evening.

Break their hearts.

How was it?

Oh, er... mental.

Screaming. Cake... Vomit.

[SHE CHUCKLES] Yeah, they loved it.

Maddie? She's in bed.

I put her in the bath. She was nearly half asleep already.

She had a lovely time.

Yeah, and I missed it.

I'll make it up to you.

Oh, er, are you going to have a shower?

Yeah. Yeah.

Er... Well, don't take too long. I've taken my basal temperature.

Good. Good.

Er... Right -- ready when you are.

Oh, come on, gorgeous! We only want to see your Elgin marbles...

That's as*ault!

Touch me again, I'll perform a citizen's arrest.

I told you. Step away from each other. Now!

Oh, come on.

Nice to see you've got such authority.

It's all right, mate, they've lost interest in you.

Nice helmet!

It's a hat.

Radio: 'Any unit for an immediate graded call to Burr Farm, Chisenhale Lane, for intruders on the premises. Elderly female caller reports intruders inside her house. The caller is the victim of a distraction burglary yesterday.'

( Siren wails )

This is Kilo 230. Can you show us state five to that request, please.

'We were at the address yesterday. We're leaving Marine Parade now and our ETA to Burr Farm should be approximately ten minutes. Over. Received, Kilo 230. Are any other units available to assist? Over. Kilo 220. Show us state five to that. Our ETA is 15 minutes.'

They're here. They're back.

'Stay calm. I'll need some more information.'

Please. Please send someone.

'My name's Karen. Can I call you Tilly?'

Oh, yes. Yes.

'OK, Tilly. The police are on their way to you. In the meantime, I need to ask you some questions. Where are you in the house? Can you get to somewhere safe, like a bathroom, where you can lock the door?'

( Banging )

No... I-I can't.

I can't. They're in the house.

'OK, tell me what's happening.'

'When you said, "They're in the house," how many do you mean, Tilly? Tilly?'

( Dialling tone )

'All units attending Burr Farm, we've lost contact with the caller.'

( Clock chimes )

Radio: 'State six received. Over.'

This is Kilo 230. Show us state six at Burr Farm. Over.


Tilly... look at me.

Can you hear me, mate?

Give me the g*n.


Can you hear me? Look at me. Look at me.

Give it to me, Tilly.

That's it. That's it.

It's all right. It's all right, mate.

Request ambulance. Request ambulance.

Control, I have recovered a g*n from the caller.

'It looks like this w*apon has been used to sh**t a young male in the house.

'I have the female householder detained safely.'

That's it. Next right.


Control, this is Kilo 220. Show us...

Whoa, stop, stop, stop.

Please. Please help my brother. Please!

Please, please. He's been sh*t. She sh*t him.

You go! I'll stay with him.

Calm down, all right? Tell me what happened.

M-My colleague is still applying pressure.

No. Still no response.

Tilly, look at me. It's all right.

The ambulance is on its way. It's going to be all right.

Just look at me. CPR?

On... On what?

No, er, no signs of life...

Ryan: It's OK, Jake.

It's all right.


Just stop.

All right?

It's... It's too late.

( Siren wails )

Are you sure it's my man?

Tall, wiry, swinging some kind of walking stick, cane thing...

Music: Warrior's Dance by Prodigy

♪ Come with me to the dancefloor ♪
♪ You and me, cos that's what it's... ♪

Returned so soon?


I'm arresting you on suspicion of maliciously administering poison, so as to endanger life or inflict grievous bodily harm.


I'm arresting you on suspicion of m*rder.

You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you fail to mention when questioned something you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say may be given in evidence.

( Engine starts )

( Siren wails )

( Phone rings )

Hey, Mum.

'Don't you "hey" me.'

What have you said to your father?

He's fussing around me like Florence Nightingale.


Er, I don't know.

'What do you mean, you don't know?'

Jake? What's the matter? What's going on?

Nothing, Mum. It's... It's all good.

Bit damp?

Just washing off the blood.

Yeah, I heard.

Are you all right?


Still, I know something that'll cheer you up.

I saw you online.

( Jake chuckles )

Getting Tasered.


I like to entertain.

Oh, you did.

If you want to sue the police...

(you've got my number.)

Music: Winter Fields by Bat for Lashes The third time she's been burgled.

I know.

Third time.

What did we offer her?

A little chain across her front door.

♪ Hurtling through heavy snow ♪
♪ Our hands are cold and the moon sets low ♪
♪ Little sister, let your sharp teeth show ♪
♪ Pass winter fields ♪
♪ Stop the car by the old wire post ♪
♪ Scaredy rabbits make good paper ghosts ♪
♪ That lick the salt off the Sussex coast ♪
♪ And fall into winter fields ♪
♪ Rows ♪
♪ Of white ♪
♪ Spelled our escape in the old torchlights ♪
♪ Oh, Mother, I'm scared to close my eyes ♪
♪ Some winter dreams ♪
♪ Make you dive and dive ♪
♪ And dive down ♪
♪ In sub zero, I can't stand still ♪
♪ Colours of absence flooding the hill ♪
♪ In wonderment, I trip and spill ♪
♪ Through winter fields ♪
♪ Under the stairs taps the metronome ♪
♪ The diver suit that we've all outgrown ♪
♪ I need to get to where the wild things roam ♪
♪ Through all of my winter dreams ♪
♪ Rows ♪
♪ Of white ♪
♪ Spelled our escaped in the old torchlights. ♪

Carl: Sometimes those mistakes spiral out of control and you think that it's over, that it's irreversible.

But the thing that you learn... is that there's always a way back.

Unless you go over the edge.
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