01x06 - Episode 6

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Beautiful Lie". Aired November 2015.
"The Beautiful Lie" is a contemporary re-imagining of Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina". Anna is happily married and she has the perfect family but one man will change it all.
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01x06 - Episode 6

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He's gone. He's left with her.

Skeet: We're going to be together, Anna. It's inevitable.

My brother isn't here anymore. I don't know what that means.

You, though, you were incredible.

Thank you.

Stay back.

Why do I always get the shit versions of things?

Why is it that the second I get to this house, everything falls apart?

Got a hug for me? I'd like that.

No! I don't like you. I hate you!

I have apologised... Leave me alone!

I have apologised and apologised, but you're locking me out.

How'd that go?

Are you screwing Theresa?


Do you want to?

Skeet and I met, and it just happened.

I think you knew what you were doing.

We all just want to help you.

I'm fine.

No, you're not.

You have no idea how I am.

Maybe you need a change. Have you thought about moving near us?

I might actually survive this.

What's this?

Divorce settlement.

I signed it this morning.


I know. Helen.

Hi, Helen.

Oh, yes.

Anna: When love ends, it's hard to picture ever being happy again...

I'm your girl, right?


.. and then one day, you're there.

You feel that?


Yeah? OK.


You nearly ready?

Yeah, I'm nearly ready!

Go, Xander. - Go? - Go!

That's it.

I was wrong. Go slow.

Slow. OK, that's good.

Now go hard.


Yeah. OK, go fast.

Go hard, go fast.

(Both cry out)


Oh, my God!

Holy shit!

You just won yourself another grand slam.

Oh, yeah!

Dolly: This is my house, this is my house!

Bride: Oh, my God, it's beautiful! It's so pretty. Woo!

Anna: Dolly got her celebrant's licence, and loved being the centre of attention, second to the bride, of course.

Fight for your love!


Bye, Dolly!


Kingsley! I love my job.


What happened?

I stepped, is what happened.

You're drunk.

They loved me. They kept cracking champagne, saying, 'Here, Dolly, have this. You're amazing.'

Such a work perk!

I'm not a practical man, but I do know enough to say that little, white, crawling things are never good.

What about sperm? Sperm are great.

Better call Peter.

You right?


Severe termites.

Is that bad?

Yeah, it's more than bad.

Molto bad.


You can't live here.

I can't find anything from the insurer, nothing.

Um, I can't remember if we had insurance and I didn't pay it or if we haven't got it at all.

Where are we going to live, you idiot? We're broke.

If only we had family nearby.


It'd be three weeks, tops.

A month.

You increased it before I said anything!

Come on. It'd be just like uni days -- beers on the couch.

No. No! We're having a baby.

We'll help.

We'll all have your baby.

We're good with babies. We've had three, and they're still alive. See?


Anna: Peter never could say no to Dolly.

One month. - One month. - One, just one.


Anna: Kitty knew whose voice that was.

She had imagined this moment in her head more than a thousand times, and here it was.


How are you?

Dolly told me you moved around here.

You look beautiful.

Oh. Thanks.

It's been awhile.

Yeah, a long while.

I can't believe how good you look.

How pregnant are you! Look at you.

I am cooked. Good luck trying to get that out.

I mean, really.

And, um, who's this?

This is Vivienne.

Well, it was nice to see you. I think I can say that.

Yeah, you too.

Take it easy.

Anna: Kitty never looked back.

Life goes on, if you let it.

Where is he?


He's coming.

Oh. OK.

Kingsley says you're seeing someone.


Has Kasper met her?


They get on. He likes her.

Oh, he does?

I've been trying to find a way to tell you I want to have a party here for his birthday.

Oh. Is she going to be there, your...


Am I?

I don't think we're quite ready for that yet.



Oh! I've missed you.

Where's your bag?

We had a few problems with the bag this morning.

You're going to need your things when you come to Mummy's new house.

I don't want to go.

You will. - Mm-mm. - I promise.

There's a pool and a cubby and a room full of...

Come on, mate. Let's jump in the car. Come on.

Come on. We've been through this.

(Kaspar Grumbles)

I'll strap you in.

I can do it. Kasper...



It's only for one night.


(Grunts angrily)

I don't want to!


Hey, stop it!


Just stop it.


Hey, what happened? Where's Kasper?

Ah, he wanted to come, but he had tennis practice.

So you didn't unpack anything today? What'd you do?

Just hung out with Vivienne.

Went to town.

I saw Kitty.

She looked really beautiful, you know?

Had a real glow about her, a real-life glow, you know?

I was just relieved to see that I hadn't messed up her life that much.

Well, I'm glad that everyone's at peace with the situation now.

No-one said peace.

No, it's all friendly, except for when it comes to me.

What'd you talk about?

We just said hi.

I shouldn't have told you about it.

No, I'm happy for you! I'm happy for Kitty.

Why wouldn't I be?

So what's the problem?

There is no problem.

(Cries furiously)

Anna: That was meant to be the moment he'd chase me in there.

We'd fight some more, then we'd f*ck.

That was how we solved our problems.

But he had stopped coming for me.

Both: No, no, no, no, no? OK, OK.

It's squashing.

Yeah, alright.


Yeah, this is good.

Yeah? - Yeah! - OK.

Are you in?



Dolly: Yoo-hoo, darlings! We're here.

Oh, God, they're here.


Peter? Hello, we're in your house! Well, it's our house now.

Thank you.

Don't thank me.

Instead of bringing on the baby, I brought on your whole family.

I love you because I didn't even need to ask, and you invited them anyway.

Well, you know, it didn't exactly happen like that.

Well, however it happened...

.. they're here, and I'm grateful.

Riley: Auntie Kitty, can we feed the horses?

Just going to stand there while we do all this, hey, watch your big man lift everything in?

Hey, I'm going to take you out.



Are you kidding me?


I'm on baby watch. The hand's on red, we're imminent.

You're wishing the hand is on red, but I'd say you're on orange.

We're not on orange, we're on red -- high alert.

You're not nearly uncomfortable enough to be on red.

You can still sit on your bottom.

Let's just say you are right, and the baby does come tomorrow.

This is the last night of your life. Tell him, Doll.

Yeah, go with Kingsley. I'll call you if there's any rumblings.

Labour takes a long time -- a really long time.

Tell him.

Please don't tell me to.

Part of me thinks you going out might be the only thing that makes this baby come.

I'll be here with Kitty, plying her with raspberry-leaf tea and curry.

We should get you upside down and tweak your nipples.

I don't mind, Pete. You should go. It'd be fun.

Go! I would like to spend some time with my baby sister.

Yeah, it'd be nice.


(Kingsley laughs) You love it!


(Vivienne grizzles)

(Line rings)

(Phone rings)



Ah, sorry, who's this?

It's Helen.

Oh. This is Anna. Can I speak to Kasper?

Oh, hi, Anna.

Um, I've just put Kaspie in the bath.

He's really knackered.

He had a really big day, so I'll probably put him to bed early.

Right. Well, can I speak to Xander, then?


He's, um...

He's also in the bath.

(Gasps and laughs)

Ah, OK.

So, um, I'd better go.

OK, bye.

I'm in the bath too?


Oi, oi!


We don't have to sit in here, we can go in the back.


Come on, mate. He's alright. You'll like him!

No, I probably won't.

Yeah, you will. Trust me.


Hey, lonely guy with beer.

Hey, Kingsley.

Pete, Skeet.

Yeah. Hello again.


Shall we get some drinks? You got some cash?

All asleep?

You look tired, Gabriela.

I go to bed now. Goodnight.

OK. Goodnight.

Did you look at her? She's traumatised.

It's not even eight, and Gabriela's going to bed.

That's what bedtime with small people does to you.

I think it's beautiful.

I don't mind.

Pete will, if you're in bed at 7:30 every night.

It'll be the end of your marriage if you don't think of the big picture, Kitty.

Well, he can come to bed with me.

Really, you should get someone from Gabriela's agency.

An au pair for the first two years might be the difference between unbridled joy and post-natal depression.

But I don't want a nanny to do it. I want to do it all.

I want to be there for every moment.

I'm just saying that not all of the moments are good.

There's a lot of washing. So much washing.

Well, I want them to remember that it was me doing all of that.

Remember it? They don't remember anything.

Poppy forgets Kingsley when he goes to work for the day.

Well, they must remember the feeling.

It must all add up to something.

Mum never did any of that stuff, and we turned out fine.

Yeah, you did. I didn't.

You think you had an eating disorder 'cause Mum didn't do your washing?

I might have been more grateful.

Greatful for what?

For her being my mother.

That's ridiculous.

I don't know why you've given so much of their childhood to Gabriela.

I couldn't.

This might be a good time to tell you that Peter and I don't want anyone to hold the child for the first month.

What's with all the carry-on? Who've you got in there, the Dalai Lama?

Thank you for respecting my wishes.

I'm going to go to bed.

Good luck with your baby.

So what is it that you... What do you do?

I don't really know what a music producer is.


.. write music, find the right singer...

.. record them.

What are you working on now?


You know, I kind of have to be in the right place to record music, and for me, the country ain't it.

It's too quiet, too small.

It's not for everybody.

I saw Kitty yesterday.

You did?


She didn't say?

No, no. She didn't.

Look, I thought we weren't going to talk about her.

But now that we are, I suppose I can say, without you, I wouldn't have what I have now.

So there's no kind of...


Yeah, cheers.

OK, OK, gentlemen, your last drinks for this evening.

One for you, fine fellow, one for you and one for me.

Do you guys want to come back to mine?

Naturally. My place is full of women and children.

It's my place, actually.

Yeah. Cheers.

We could go swimming. Look at that pool! The pool is beautiful.

It's freezing!

You alright with all this?

Yeah! I'm great.

You're not angry?

No. I'm glad you brought them over. It's like a house-warming of sorts.

Huh? Moscato and vodka.

You boys want a drink?

Yes, please!

Moscato vodka?


It's, um, like a Russian orchard.


Do you think I've got talent?

(Plucks guitar strings)

It's never too late, I guess.

That's right, it's not.

This picture is... is...

.. stunning.

Sorry. Is that a bad thing to say?


I said it anyway.

It's a long time ago.

Is it?


It's nice to see this picture again.

Sometimes I need a reminder of who I used to be.

I can understand that.

Can you?

Everybody talks about you, you know.

Me? Why, what's there to say?

Oh, you know -- 'Kitty married the perfect man.'

'Well done, Kitty.'

No, I don't think that's...

I'm happy for her.

Would you tell her that?

Yeah, I will.

I wouldn't wish my life on her.

Who would?

It is quite lovely to spend time with you, Peter Levin.

Yeah! Quite lovely.



This place is kiddie heaven.

Kasper must love it here!

He will.

He hasn't been here?

(Clears throat)

Skeet's worried about you. He says you've been crying a lot.

What? He's been talking to you?

He should be talking to me!

I know it isn't easy, but you've got to keep it open somehow.

This morning, when I watched him walk out of the house...

.. looking at him made me feel sick.

But when he looked back at me, do you know what I saw?

He was thinking the same thing.

He hates me.


I saw it.

No, he doesn't. He doesn't hate you.

When we met, I thought we were in love, but who knows what it was?

Maybe it was just a trick of the light.

You can't imagine how much it hurts.

I can't forget what I did.

Even when I sleep, it's there...

.. haunting me.

Kasper's face is haunting me.

You've just got to hang in there.

Life has a way of just bumbling along until it gets somewhere better.


.. let me talk to Xander.

I'll bring Kasper home to you.

I will.

I will!

Come here.

Come on.

Kingsley: Whoo! Let's go, baby!

(Peter laughs)

(Both sing)


Let's live together forever!

Oh. Hello!

How come you're still awake?

I'm counting beds.

Eleven years of marriage, and you still surprise me, darling.


Because Nick died at home, right?


And we're in the spare room.

(Lamp clatters)

Hi, honey. I'm home!

Oh, you smell!

Yeah, well...

It was your idea. Ooh!

(Laughs) Did you have fun?

Did Kingsley keep his pants on?


Right up until the last minute, yeah.

That's got to be a record.

Come to bed.

You'll never guess where we went tonight.

Anna and Skeet's new place.

Anna's really quite sweet, you know.

Beautiful. There's this photo of her in the living room.

It hits you like a rock in your eye. She's stunning.

You think, 'My God! She's from another world.' Ethereal.

But then you meet her in real life, and she's not quite as beautiful as in the picture, and that confused me. But then I thought, 'If she's beautiful enough for that photo to exist, then that makes her kind of extraordinary.'

Peter, I don't care how drunk you are, you have to stop talking.

You can't say any of this to me.

(Laughs) Who else am I going to say it to? There's no-one else here.

Skeet left me for her.

Yeah... I know. And he regrets it. But I don't.


Look, I'd love to be magnanimous about Skeet, and I would be if he wasn't such a cock.


Why did you marry me?

You didn't have to, you know.

You're so perfect. You're the most superior being I've ever known.

And you said yes to me. That's pretty silly on your part.

Why'd you do it?

Because I love you.

And I don't care if you think Anna's ethereal, because if you leave me for her, you're the stupidest man alive.

See what happened to Skeet? He's unhappy.

He told me you saw him.

Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't want to upset you.

It doesn't.

Are you scared about the baby?


I feel calm.
Last night was fun.

It was.

Why did you stay out so late when you could have come home to me?

I did come home.

Yeah, but with everybody else.

Yes, with everybody. You said you were happy about it.

I was.

Let's not make it into a thing.

I'm not! I'm not.

I love you, Anna.

Not just a little bit, and not just because you want me to or because I have to.

I've loved you since I first saw you.

And then you spoke to me, and my world comes crashing down around me.

Do you remember what we said?

I said I loved tennis.

You did.

You said you hated it.

I do.

You don't know anything about tennis.

I still don't.

So the very first thing you said to me was a lie.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry!

I don't know why I say these things!

Don't leave. Stop leaving me! You're always leaving me!

I just don't know what to do!

I missed you.

I don't know why. I'm right here.

(Kitty cries out)

You remember that noise?

I am so glad I'm not pushing a child out of my vagina today.

You were a champion at it.

Thank you.

I'll cancel work, and I'll do stuff.

What do I do? I've forgotten already. Shit.

It's going to be a long day.

We just need to ignore it for as long as we can.

Ignore it? You're having a baby.

Just go to work.

Just go!


(Dolly and Kingsley moan)


(Both moan)

Dolly, stop copying me!

Can you keep it down? The children are trying to watch television.

Ha! Very funny!

Dolly Victoria! You are so evil.

Hey, listen! Stop it, you two.

What's for dinner?

Do you mind if we invite a few people round?

Change of plans -- can you look after the children? We're going out.

Peter, wait!

What? What is it?

I'm going to come with you. Hold me.

Sorry. We didn't mean it. We're really sorry.



It's the kindest thing to do at this point.

If it's time for Biscuit to go, then it must be time that this old bird flew away too.

Mirra, you've got years before I offer you one of my injections.

You know you've always made me happy.

That's what's important.


Wait, wait.

I just want you to know that, well, if you weren't so big, I would have let you in the house.

(Horse whinnies)

Just such a loyal old boy. You were always my favourite.


Still are.


I'm just going to keep eye contact until he goes. - Good idea.


Beautiful, you are. You're beautiful.

Ssh, ssh.

(Horse moans)

Good boy.

There we go.

Ssh, ssh, ssh.

Good boy.


And just like that, a life ends.

Well, I couldn't think of a better way to go than...


Ah, I might leave you some time to say goodbye.

Hey, hey! You alright? You good? How are you feeling?

Shut up.

What do you mean?

Just back off.

(Text alert)

I, um, might go to town.


To see Mum.

Just you?

Do you want me to take Vivienne?

That's not what I meant.

Then come, if you want.

If I want?

I'm not invited.

She's edging me out of your life.

I don't know how to deal with you when this side of you comes out.

Just be in love with me!

I AM in love with you.

Well, then, stay. Don't go.

I'll be back!

You know what?

All I want to do is die before you hate me as much as I hate myself.

(Text alert)

Who is that?

I know it's happening, so why don't you just admit it?

Just tell me that you're with her.

Nothing is happening with Theresa!

I don't want to compete. I can't. But I shouldn't have to.

It's impossible to live like this.

If you leave me again, you'll regret it.

I think we need to spend some time apart from each other.

You're not going to say anything?

I hate you!

Just so you know.

And I've tried everything but ignoring you.

So that's what I'm going to do.

Dolly: You must go, now.

Kingsley: What are you doing?

So it's done good.

Why are you making me...

Just do it!

Alright, OK.

You sure?



I'm really nervous.

Actually, I feel sick.

Has anyone been physically ill from letting their au pair go?

It's time for her to leave. She'll understand.

The baby's born, - Hmm Huh. - we're all living here.

There's too many of us under the one roof, et cetera, et cetera.

Things have come to their natural conclusion. - Good? - Good!

Ah, shit. She's coming.

She's coming?


OK. Let's do it.

I'm going to have a shower before Kasper's party.

Kingsley wanted to talk to you about something.

Catherine: Oh, it's so exciting! A new little person in the family.

Phillip: I wonder who he looks like.

Peter: He's been completely...


Hi, Mum.


Mum, no! I told you -- one month.

Oh, nonsense! You don't believe that rubbish, do you?

I just want to take time to bond with my baby, and I knew my family would have a problem with it.

We're your baby's family too.

Oh, look at him, Phillip! He's gorgeous.

Does he have a name?

It's really hard to name a person.

The responsibility of them carrying it around their whole life --

I don't want to mess that up.

But we are thinking, Jago.

Jago? Horrible.


Oh, you wouldn't!


Do you want him to be a drug addict, is that your intention?

What about Charles?

Oh, Phillip!

We're not calling him Charles.


.. hooray!


.. hooray!

Alright, go on, Kaspie -- make a wish!


Happy birthday, mate.

Alright, come on, Kaspie, let's cut the cake.

Would you like some cake?


Child: Wait for me!

Hey, hey, hey!

I've got a question for you.

I was thinking, how about I come round tomorrow, pick you up, and we go on an adventure?



I saw your mum, and she wants you to know that she really misses you.

So why don't we visit her new house, together?

No! She should be here.


I'm trying to find Daddy, because he's not f*cking here!

Voicemail: This is Skeet. Leave a message.

Hey. I just was wondering where you are.



(Screams and coughs)

Shut up. Just ssh.

This is Skeet. Leave a message.


You know, I spent so many years hating my body.

All I could see was what it looked like and not what it could do.

And now look!

I made a little human and milk to feed it.

You're a natural, Kit.

When I was in labour, I felt like my body was doing things without me -- autopilot.

I wasn't controlling, I was just watching.

I wonder if that's how Nick felt when he was dying...

.. that it was just out of his hands, that's how you let go.

Very similar facial expressions, by the way, birth and death.

I know you feel like there's not much you can do right now, but there'll be a time when only Dad will do, and I promise to take a step back when that happens.

Mm. It'll be a baton pass.

Right now, you've got the baton.

And while we're talking, I think it's about time we scattered your brother, before he starts haunting us.

He can't stay on the mantelpiece forever.

Hey, little man.

Good fella. (Laughs)


Hey, bud.

My son, huh?



(Vivienne grizzles)



Mum, is that you?

Yesterday, I wished on my birthday candles that you would come to my birthday.

I heard you.

You started talking inside my head, and told me to come for your birthday, so I did.

I missed you, Mum.

Is that her?

Yes, that's her.

What are you doing here?

I wanted to see Kasper on his birthday.

Maybe use the phone, like a normal person?

It's not my allocated day to ring.

Well, I'm sure we could make an exception on his birthday.



Look, we're flying him to the Gold Coast today as a surprise.

To see the Worlds?

Yes, mate.

It's been a couple of months, and you're already going on a family holiday?

Please tell me you wouldn't dare comment on the speed of anything.

It's laughable, really.

Come here, sweetheart.

I want you to have the best day ever, my boy.

Be happier than you ever thought you could be.

And live your...


Just be kind, OK?

That's all you can ever do.

I love you more than love.

I'll be changing the locks today.


It's OK! It's OK.

It's OK. Mummy's here.

Mummy's here now. Ssh.

Anna, he's not here.

Please, Tess, don't lie for him. You don't need to lie for him.

You alright? Do you want me to take Vivienne?

I don't know where he is again. His phone's off.

Has he changed his number?

I need to see him.

Things aren't good between us.

Well, I'm sure you know that, actually.

If I could just talk to him...

I never stop missing him. And I loved him. We loved each other!

Anna, I do feel sorry for you, but it really has nothing to do with me.

No, but it does. It does!

You told me, on the plane, that when you find love, you chase it down until it's yours, and that's what I did.

That is exactly what I did.

Your son and I had a passionate love, and now I've lost my son because of it.

I would never tell you to choose a man over your child.

You always choose your children.

Anna. Anna?



Where is he?

Just go home, Anna.

Go home. You look sick. Have you even slept? You look sick!

I AM sick! I am sick to my stomach about how I practically threw myself at you when we first met.

I never should have done that.

I gave myself over to you because I thought that's what you did too, but clearly, that's not how you play the game.

This is it, Anna, OK? This is all I am. This is all I've got.

But you want something else.

You're never going to be happy because happy isn't enough!

I should have played you harder, and then you'd still love me. Yeah.

But instead, you're here, hiding behind your mother, while you screw that little elfin girl.

And I know you are, so don't even bother trying to lie to me.

You know what? You make me want to vomit 'cause you are a coward.

You have no courage, no guts. You're a weakling. You're nothing!

It's all in your head! You're making this up.

Just leave me alone, please.

My marriage, my husband, my child, my career --

I gave it all up because you chased me down until I did.

You wouldn't let me go. You pursued me and drew me in until I finally relented, and now, you're repulsed by me.

We were in love.

I gave up everything!

I gave up everything.




Let her go.


Just let her go!

It's OK.

It's OK, it's OK.

Anna: I could hear them laughing at me.

(Baby cries)

Oh, honey! Oh, sweetie!

I was poison to my children.

Anna, Anna?

Oh, bubba.


Skeet didn't know me. Nobody did.

I didn't even know myself.

I had lost my life...

.. or it had lost me.

Skeet: You hear that?

The train track. The metal is shrinking in the cold.

Hear the light? It's buzzing.

I can hear my wrist clicking.

I like that sound.

Sounds like you.

Anna: I couldn't hear anything.

(Train rattles)

(Train whistle)

They say people who throw themselves off a great height and survive change their minds halfway down.

The will to live is strong in every person.

The will to love gets a little more complicated, because love is just like people, really.

Dylan: ♪ You think that your kisses... ♪

Love is born, it grows, it changes.

Love ages, it dies.

♪ But it pains me to tell you ♪
♪ It's plain to see This is heaven... ♪

Some love transcends life.

♪ .. a prison for me ♪
♪ You think that I miss you... ♪

Love can be strange.

♪ When you're far away... ♪

Love is familiar.

♪ You think I wait for you ♪
♪ At the end of the day... ♪

Love can be broken, it can be fixed.

Love can be lost and then found again.

♪ This is heaven for you ♪
♪ And a prison for me... ♪

(Train whistle)

♪ Love is cruel... ♪

All I know is, love is what you make it.

♪ God knows that I'm not satisfied ♪
♪ I'm lost and I'm lonely ♪
♪ But I've never been free ♪
♪ This is heaven for you ♪
♪ And a prison for me... ♪

Love can come in and out of your world without warning... just like people.

♪ Now, I treasure my life ♪
♪ I love all that it holds ♪
♪ But I've seen the leaves change ♪
♪ From green into gold ♪
♪ Although when my time comes ♪
♪ I hope I don't find ♪
♪ I'm still in this prison ♪
♪ With you on my mind ♪
♪ Oh, I'm still in this prison ♪
♪ With you on my mind. ♪
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