01x05 - Episode 5

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Cuffs". Aired: October 2015 to December 2015.
"Cuffs" follows the lives of front line police officers within Brighton and the surrounding area of Sussex serving within the fictional South Sussex Police service. The cases are both surprising and exciting.
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01x05 - Episode 5

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( Jungle sound effects )

( Flare whizzes )

Come on, mate, just give yourself up.

Give yourself up now!

( Flare whizzes )

( expl*si*n )


( Firecrackers explode )

( He whimpers and coughs )

( Tannoy bing-bong )

'Hello, mate. Just to let you know, this centre is now surrounded.'

We have a police dog who we WILL release in the next 30 seconds unless you reveal yourself.

Give yourself up or we release the dog.

'You are surrounded. There is no way out.'

'You are surrounded'

On the ground! On the ground now!

Get down. Hands behind your back!

Behind your back!

I will burn it to the ground! I will burn it down!

Shut up! SHUT UP!

On your feet.

Control, this is Kilo-Two-Two-Zero, we have the male in custody.

There are no casualties.

We no longer require assistance or an incident command team. Over.

Come on then, mate.

You want to play soldiers, join the army, yeah?

I was turned down by the Marines, wasn't I? Dodgy eyes.

That's why I ended up here.

You work here?

I did till I got sacked.

Stupid cow on Ornamentals said I was freaking out the customers and that.

There she is, laughing.

Carry on laughing, you stupid witch!

She'll be laughing a lot harder when you get 18 months in a young offenders'.

Now get in. Shut up.

Well done. Good result. Clearly averted a major incident.

You can't keep ignoring me.

Your mother's coming out of hospital today.

She already suspects there's something going on.

I want you there at home.

I bet you do.

Whatever you think is going on, what matters is Mum.

You really want to do this here?

We need to do what's best for her.

Is that what you were thinking when you were cheating on her, "what's best for mum"?


She's getting chemotherapy, you're getting one over the side.

(This situation is a lot more complicated than you think.)

It's not. It's simple.

Is that all, sir? I need to get back to work.


No, it's NOT!

I was serving someone.

I saw him walk in and then he just helped himself.

Sweets. Drinks. Bold as brass!

Then strolled out. I couldn't believe it.

Can you give us a description? Height? Hair colour?

I don't need to describe him! He's round the corner.

Too daft to run away.

You'll rot your teeth.

Hey! You all right?

Been a while.

18 months, give or take a few days for good behaviour.

So when they let you out?

This morning.

They shoved me right out the gate.

Didn't even let me have my breakfast.

Come on, slap 'em on.

I appreciate you letting this go.

It's not in anybody's interest to pursue it.

If you say so.

Right, you, everything you nicked on the counter now, please.

Come on.

And the cans.

What about them? I can't put them back on the shelf, half sucked.

No, no, no. You put that away.

It's for setting yourself up.

I'll pay for the, erm...

Gummy Bears. £1.29.

.. Gummy Bears.

That's ridiculous.

There you go.

Thieving little wotsit.

He shouldn't be getting free sweets. He should be in prison.

Yeah, all right, love. Come on.

I don't want to go to no bail hostel.

I want to be back on B-Wing.

It's tough.

I don't understand. Shouldn't you be pleased to be out?

Why should I be pleased?

Didn't miss anything when you were inside?

I didn't miss nothing.

I had mates, my own pad, and all the dr*gs I could want.

Just take me to the station. You can charge me with something. Anything!

No, I'm not going to arrest you.

Please, man, come on.

I can't do this.

I want to go back inside.

I swear down if you don't do that I'll do something.

Jamie, Jamie... just stop, all right?

You're getting a second chance today, whether you want one or not.

Whatever, man.


Robert, I just had a quick question about the board and I just...

I haven't heard from you.

So I'm just hoping... everything's OK and that you're all right.

You believe what I just saw?

A seagull... eating a magpie.

Beak, feathers. Covered in blood.

How messed up is that?



What do you mean, "what"?

This is the animal kingdom turning on itself.

This could be the... the End Of Days.

Reported theft. St Bartholomew's Church.

I'd like you and DC Hawkins to deal with it.


You, er... You lose the first round, Boss?

Theft from a church has an impact on the community. Public interest.

Take it seriously.

Yeah. OK. We'll... Boss.

Cat scratch...


.. or sex scratch, what do you reckon?

I don't know, Carl. Let's just go to work, shall we?

Slow morning.


You know what they say, starts off quiet, ends with a riot.



Ooh, got you a present.


In there.

Come on?!

I don't have to get you anything back, do I?

No, you don't.

Oh, wow! Amazing!

Do you even know what it is?


It's a fitness band.

Is it?

Yeah, it tracks your activities, calories b*rned, steps taken, that sort of thing.

Amazing. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Very nice.

Radio: 'Control for any unit available for a disturbance at 31 Blosswood Crescent. Believed two females shouting and screaming.'

Kilo-Two-Three-Zero, we'll take that.

Let's get this heart rate up, shall we?

( Siren blares )

( Distant raised voices )

( Novelty dog-bark doorbell )

( He scoffs )

Woman: Why should I?

Why should I pay her if she hasn't done her job properly?

You don't pay me, the dog stays here.

Sorry, I don't understand what's happened here.

I have been in Antwerp on a sales conference for five days and I hired this... woman to look after Elwood and she hasn't done it!

Done what?

Elwood's regime! I told her!

I gave her specific instructions.

Two walks a day, limited biscuits, otherwise he just turns to fat.

I am an accredited dog walker...

(Is that a thing?)

.. and I have exercised Elwood every day.

You weigh him.

Go on, put him on the scales. You'll see he's not put on an ounce.

(No, we're not weighing a dog.)

Look, he was not this fat when I left him. I'm not paying!

No, no, I've had enough of this actually.

You pay her her money and you give her her dog back.

This is not a police matter, OK? Let's go.

Timewasters, seriously!

Just pass me the bloody rope.

Don't you dare!

I will...

Get off me!

For God's sake. Hey!

I've never seen a bank manager steal from his own bank.

What's his profile?

Tim Baxendale, 38, married, no kids.

Joined the Graduate Training Scheme in '95.

Worked his way up.

Extensively vetted. Never had any security issues flagged up before.

Obviously the bank's own security system is alerted to any suspicious behaviour.

Clearly removing £100,000 isn't part of his normal duties.

Early indication is he's acting under duress.

Thank you, sir.

( Door buzzes )

Hello, Tim.

Can I have a word?

Please... it's not what it looks like.

And your wife was already gone when you got home from work?

I went to running club.

I got in at half ten, like I usually do... and she wasn't there.

The back door was smashed in.

There was glass all over the floor and there was blood on it.

This morning... I got this.

My wife...

'Tim, they've taken me. They want £100,000.'

( She sobs )

'Tim, please, please, you mustn't tell the police.

'They said no police or they'll...'

You heard her! They'll hurt her! they'll hurt her!

Do you want to get your wife back safely?

Of course.

Then you need me.

The kidnappers might be watching you so you have to keep it together.

You must give no indication that anything is wrong.

A normal day.

Now, do you want to go up? Bed's ready. Sheets are all clean.

I don't want to go to bed.

OK, fine.

That's the last thing I need after a week in hospital.

( Mobile vibrates )

It's all right.

I have to take this.


Sir, early indications, this is a legitimate tiger kidnap.

The wife is vulnerable, a wheelchair user.

Yeah, and?

I want authorisation to put a Live Cell Trace on the husband's phone.

OK, granted.

Inspector, I don't need to remind you of the critical element of a live hostage and of the dangers of not dealing with it properly.


Whoever's behind this, your priority is to bring the wife home.

Do you reckon it's going to rain?

I dunno? Why?

Bethany's picking litter on the beach.


Parenting, eh? It's all about firsts.

First day at nursery, first day at big school.

First day at court-ordered community payback.

You must be so proud(!)

As long as she learns her lesson.

Victorian, solid silver.

I believe the insurance value it at £900.

And you've lost some money as well, yeah?

£150 from the collection.

Do you know where in the church they were stolen from?

After the service, we take the collection into the vestry, count it out before it goes into the safe with the communion set.

Who else has access to the vestry?

A number of people who work for me.

Cleaners, flowers arrangers, caretaker.

But I sincerely doubt if one of them...

We're going to need a list of all those people just to...

( Text message alert )

Excuse me. - .. eliminate them from our enquiries.

But, first things first, we'll get CSI down here, take prints from the collection box, OK?

I like that.

We call it Messy Church. The kids love it.

Did you do that pasta?

I like what the kids have done with the hair. Is it macaroni?

Fusilli, I think.

If I could have that list.

( She screams )

Control, this is Charlie Sierra 704, priority call.

I am at Diplock Market. Robbery in progress.

Suspect is an IC1 male, navy hat, about 18.

I am not pursuing. I have a female victim, pregnant and injured.

Are you OK?

My head.

Control, this is Kilo-Two-Two-Zero.

We are in a pursuit of the male robbery suspect.

Suspect heading south on Kensington Street.

Cut him off!

Come here!

Still on Kensington.

He's about 20 metres ahead.

'What's your position?'

I'm on Orange Row.

Excuse me, out of my way!

Mugger's heading into New Road.


'Mugger is heading into New Road.'

I've lost him. Where are you?

'I'm with you.'

Are you eyes on?

Not yet.

Ryan, I've got him!

Where's he going?


'Control, suspect is heading into Pavilion Gardens.'

I'm still in pursuit. Stand by.

Out the way!

Don't move!

Keep still!

Stop struggling.

Control, this is Kilo-Two-Two-Zero.

We have one... female in custody.

No injuries. Over.


Well done.

You took quite a blow to the head.

Are you sure you don't want me to call you an ambulance?

No, it's OK. I can drive her.

Let's get you both checked out, eh?


Yeah, probably be quicker.

I'm sure the baby's fine. I've got a headache, that's all.

Is this your bag?


Right, we'll book her in and we'll get it back to you as soon as we can, OK?

Thank you.

Really, thank you so much. I mean, you've all been so kind.

Thank you. She's very lucky.

WE'RE very lucky.

She was quite pretty.

Pretty fast.

Your turn tomorrow.


Breakfast in bed.

Oi, are you living with him?

It's temporary, you know.

Arrest statement.

Incident log.


Property book.


Crime report. Boom!

Right, let's palm this off. Get back out there.


No, no, no!

Come on, mate.

Absolutely no chance. I've got my own pile of crap to deal with.

Why should I bother with yours?



Right, I've run all the names through PNC.

Church wardens, cleaners, all have checked out all right apart from this one guy, Vincent Forbes.

The caretaker?

Odd-job man.

He's been working for the vicar for the past six months, after his conditional release...

From prison?


There we go. What does he expect?

Surrounds himself with ex-cons, and then comes running back to us when they revert to type.

He's a type, all right. Repeat offender.

Burglary, theft, dr*gs supply.

Handling stolen goods.

Our man Vinnie's got a list as long as your arm.

Round and round crime's revolving door.

( He sobs )

Walk with me.


( He sobs )

How can they do this to her?

She is so brave, so...

Never complains.

So vulnerable.

When they get in contact again... they're going to tell you where to go and what to do with the money.

You have to do what they say.

All right?

Good pray?



How do you fancy investigating the crime of the century?

as*ault with a china dog. Suspect's in custody. All yours, my friend.

Oh, guys, come on!

Loving your work.

Cheers, Mish.

You've got to be kidding me?

Burnt through 200 calories today.

You just put 600 back on.

Ah, well.

New regime going well then, yeah?

Still smell like fireworks.

Count yourself lucky, mate. Mine smell of paperwork.

Radio: 'Any unit for an immediate graded call to a personal att*ck alarm at Beeching Manor, Old Parish Road.'

Kilo-Two-Three-Zero, show us State Five, over.

Thank you, Ryan.

Here, boy!

Go on, boy.

Quick, boy.

See you later.


( She laughs )

Oi, cut it out, please!

Vinnie's confessed to stealing from the church.

He's returned the chalice and promised to reimburse the collection as soon as he can.

So you no longer wish to report a theft?


As far as I'm concerned, the matter has been dealt with.

And Vinnie's forgiven?

Yes, he is.

Until the next time?

The thing is, my experience with the Vinnies of the world is that you're wasting your time.

Once a junkie...

I don't agree.



Everyone's capable of change.

All right, Phil, cheers.

Thanks for letting me know, mate. I appreciate it.

'She's a handful.'

Yeah, well, one of these days she's going to be the death of me.

All right, see you later.

The Vicar's dropping the charges.

Yeah, well, it's one less job for us.

Actually, if that is done and dusted, do you mind if I nip out, half an hour max?

Just really need to nip this in the bud.

Yeah, fine.

Right, cheers.
( Siren blares )

OK, it's this next left. Sharp left. Here, it's here.

Kilo-Two-Three-Zero to Control, show at state six at Beeching Manor.

Everything appears to be in order, but we're just going to check the property now. Over.

Everything all right, sir? We've had reports of an att*ck.

And if there was a hoodlum holding his Kn*fe to my throat, I'd be a d*ad man.


If I was being att*cked, you'd be too bloody late.

Luckily, this is only a test run.

Sorry, can I just...

So there's no actual emergency?

We've just driven across the South Downs, responding to your call, which is a "test run"?

Which you have comprehensively failed.

Can you write that down, please, PC Moretti, exactly what this... gentleman has just said?

Doing it now.

I'm reporting you for the consideration of the question of prosecuting you for the offence of wasting police time.

How DARE you?!

I really wouldn't, mate. Not when she's got the face on.

OK, guys, take a break.

Oh, my gosh, smell that!

Do you want to go for a swim?


Is it warm enough?

Do you know who that is?

Some... nobber who likes bossing people around?

That's Phil Bunting.

Ex job. We've played football together for years.

And now your Supervisor.


So he calls me at work, as a favour, to tell me that you've been messing around in your session this morning.

It was boring.

It's meant to be boring, Bethany. It's a punishment.

It's not meant to be a fun day out.


You got any idea how that comes across?

Calm down, Dad.

Do you know what, I'm not going to calm down, no! This is embarrassing.

This is my work, my colleagues! This is not like school, you know.

You break the rules here you get put on report, they can fine you, drag you back to court, even impose another sentence on you.

I don't have to listen to this.

Yes, you do. OI!

You see those kids, your new best mates, do you want me to tell you about them, cos it's all marked out for them already, like little stepping stones and it starts with this.

With court orders, with community payback.

Then there's a couple of stints at Young Offenders and then the real stuff.


They're already on that path and I don't want that for you, Bethany, all right?

I'd give anything for you to avoid that, sweetheart, but, you know, you've got to turn this round pretty damn quick.

Do you hear me?

Cos once you're on that road, it's a hell of a job to get off it.

I'm not sure it was Vinny.

Of course he did.

Nicked a load of cash, antiques from the church, bought himself some dr*gs.

Probably sneaked it in here and he is using it already.

And breaking his licence terms, left, right and centre?

Are you sure you don't want to leave this to probation?


I want to search his room.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, I've got something for you.

Sit there. Be quiet. Wait till I've finished.

Excuse me, Miss.

Why didn't you give this to me when I came in instead of wasting my time?

Tried but you wouldn't listen!

I'm sorry that I stole the money from the church and that I scored but I didn't take it all.

Colin, the vicar, he understands.

He knows I don't want to do it any more.

I hate what it's done to me and my life... but it's hard.

Control, this is DS Moffat. I'm at the Marine Street Bail Hostel where I've arrested a white male on suspicion of possessing Class A dr*gs.

I'm going to need a unit for prisoner transport back to custody, please.

'Copy that. A unit's on its way. Over.'

Soon as my guys turn up, they'll take him back to the station and I'll sort out the rest of the papers on the probation.

Listen to me! I need someone to listen to me.

Just wait there until we're finished.

I'm not waiting, I'm not waiting!

OK. OK. OK. What's going on?

Look, I have to go back. I need to go back.

I can't do this!

OI! Calm down!

No... Put it down! Put that down right now!

Shut up, shut up, shut up!

All right. OK.

Through radio: 'All right, all right.

'What's your name?

Jamie Frears. CD2894.'

( Siren blares )

(Sobbing): B wing, Long Cross!

OK. Good. All right. OK, Jamie.

Just put the syringe down. OK?

Everything's going to be all right.

We're going to sort all this out together.


( Jamie sobs )

Look, I want to be back on B wing, yeah?

I want my own pad, all my boys, yeah?

And if you can't do that, if you don't make that happen, I'm going to hurt him, you know? I'm going to do this!

Jamie? It's all right.


Jamie. She can't do that.


She can't promise you the same wing, mate.

Your old pad.

But if you s*ab him with that, you're get banged up in some CAT A.

You don't know that.

Middle of nowhere. None of your mates. On your own.

You think you're lonely now...

How do you know that?

Because I've been there, mate.

Believe me, you don't want to end up there.

( Dog barks in distance )

Look. Come on, mate.

I know you're scared.

I know how frightening it is when you walk out of that gate and all of a sudden you're on your own.

I get it every time meself.

Don't feel like freedom, does it?

Feels like fear.

Jamie, look at me.

This... This ain't going to help.

( Jamie quietly sobs )

( Jamie groans and lands on floor )

( Jamie groans )

( Siren blares )

Control, this is Kilo 220. Show us State Six at the bail hostel.

Out of the way!

( Dog barks in distance )

I'll get the first aid kit.


Why didn't you just arrest me this morning?

Hi, I'm returning some property to a patient. Marisa Desai.

Let me just check for you.

Not to worry.

Mr Desai? I've got your wife's handbag.

She stopped breathing.

They're trying to save the baby.

They've taken her to theatre.

They think it's a brain haemorrhage.

It's OK.

It's OK.

Great. Missed the action again.

You all right, Jo?

Can you take a prisoner back to the station for me?

This one yours?


Come on then, mate, you're coming with us.

On your feet, please. Bit quicker. Thank you.

See you in a bit.


Right, watch your head on the way in, mate.

You can take the cuffs off him.

All right mate, hold steady.

( Telephone rings )

( Telephone rings )

( Text message alert )

( Telephone rings )

( Electronic beeping )

( Beeping stops )

( Telephone rings )



Let's go.

(Stop looking at us.)

Want some water?

OK. Suit yourself.

Thank you very much.

You're very welcome.

What's this? Why don't they just have cups?

( Busy chatter through halls )

( Mr Desai sniffs )

Mate, you all right?

I... I don't know.

N... Not really.

Come on. Come on.

Sit down.

( Jake exhales deeply )

She was fine.

( Ryan sighs )

She was all right this morning.

( Jake sighs )


It just doesn't make sense.


It doesn't.

My wife, Monique.

She was a combat medic. Helmand Province.

Two tours of duty.

Front line. Casualties.


Know how she d*ed?

Getting bread and milk from the garage.

Parked up, walked around the front.

Drunk driver drove into the back of her car.

Crushed her against the wall.

Life is short.


That's all you need to know.

( He sighs tearfully )

How's your mum doing?

Bit better, I think.

She's out of hospital.

Came home today.

( He sniffs )

I can stay with Jamie if you want to get off early.

( Police sirens blare in distance )

( Telephone rings in distance )

( Telephone keypad is dialled )

( Phones ring )

Don't have kids. Right? Take the pill or join a convent.

Whatever you do, do not have kids.

( She cries quietly )



( She sniffs )

( Knock at door )


There you go.

Thank you.

Do you want a hug? Or would that be weird?

A bit.

Come on, Jo. Talk to me.

You've been quiet all week and then today you've been...

What's going on?

I can't.

Why not?

I can't.

Is it the job?

Cos you can talk to Felix, ask for a few days leave, take a break.

I can't.

I've got the board, my promotion. Anyway, it's not that.

Oh, it's everything.

You wouldn't understand.



Because you're so sorted.

Oh, yeah, you're right.

I am all sewn up, me, aren't I, eh?

Daughter's going off the rails and I'm too frightened to tell my wife I don't want any more kids.

Wow. Eh? On Easy Street, me(!)

Why can't you tell Sandy?

Well, because... cos that's what's known as a deal-breaker.


Jo, come on, please don't cry.

Come on. This is not like you.

I don't know who "me" is, Carl, I don't.

I don't.

Come here.

Thank you. Thank you.

Aw, what?

What's the matter?

Rubbish. Look! All day, as good as gold, "sedentary".

Poor Lino.

Yeah, poor me.

You know what? I'm going to go home, I'm going to put the footie on and cry into my cannelloni.

That's not going to help, is it?

Right, come on, get your coat. Come and have dinner at mine.

Won't Alice mind?

No, she loves me taking work home.

Come on.

All right, it's your funeral.


Keep your eyes on the taxi driver.

Everyone on standby.

'I planned it for years.'

First I rented the garage behind the house, somewhere to hide.

Then, over time, I ordered the laptop, phone, tripod for the camera, booked the plane ticket.

But this, the money... I knew I couldn't do it on my own.

Who is he? Friend? Boyfriend?

The only person I talk to all week -- my taxi driver.

He takes me to physio every Wednesday. I knew he needed money.

And I knew I could trust him if I gave him a cut.

And Tim?

Oh, he had no idea. He leaves for work, he locks me in.

At first, he'd say he was keeping me safe.

It was too dangerous for me to go out.

Then he would hang the house keys just out of my reach... and take away my ramps.

I felt trapped... suffocated.

(Arguing from downstairs): You don't listen to me.

Why should I listen to you, if you don't listen to me? It's crazy!

Like I had no choices of my own.

He controls everything I do.

I have no independence, no freedom.

He won't let me out of his sight.

All these years, trapped in that house, plotting my escape.

Most women, if a marriage goes wrong, they would walk out, start again.

If I want to be free, build a new life... I had to rob a bank.

Thanks for the lift.

Don't know how long I'll be.

Don't worry, take your time.

There's some leftover pasta in the fridge if you get hungry.

It's OK. I'll... I'll go out.

I'll get something.

Go on, off you go.


Good luck with the whole... family drama thing.

Thank you for coming. I know it's not easy.


No, I want you to know that I understand, I appreciate...

Don't kid yourself.

Jake, come on.

I'm not doing it for you.

Where's Mum?

You look terrible.

Thanks, Mum(!)

Are you ill?

What's the matter with you?

I'm just... Nothing. It was just full-on today. Bit knackered.

Anyway, you don't look too hot yourself.

I've got cancer. I'm allowed to be pale and interesting.

Your dad didn't say you were coming.

I'm here now, that's what matters.

It certainly is.


A solicitor?

HE LAUGHS That is a bold move.

I like him.

I really like him.

I should hope so, you've moved in with him.

Just as long as you're sure you're doing this for the right reason.

Don't know what you mean.

Yeah, I think you do.

Look, it may surprise you, sweetheart, but...

I know exactly who your dad is.

And this... this is not your battle to fight.

I've missed you, Jo.

What are you doing?

Hey! Have you got a card or something?

I'm pursuing the male with DC Hawkins.


Hey, you can't do that here.

I broke the rules, didn't I?

Not that those guys would have the guts.

Look, can we just get back to work, yeah?

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