01x10 - Everybody Runs

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Minority Report". Aired: September 2015 to November 2015.
"Minority Report" is a sequel adaptation of the 1956 science fiction short story "The Minority Report" and 2002 film of the same name. Ten years after the end of Precrime in Washington D.C., one of the three Pre-Cogs struggles to lead a normal life, but remains haunted by visions of the future.
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01x10 - Everybody Runs

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Previously on Minority Report...

Remember me? My name is Wally.

I'm here to help.

Blomfeld thinks we never should've ended Precrime.

My agency had plans for it.

You're one of them.

So, what do you want me to do?



One more and then I'm done.

I'm out for good.

Memento Mori is planning a t*rror1st att*ck on the district.

Coded message cards delivered to scientists, each one stamped with the anamorphic image of a human skull.

Get down!

Get her to a hospital now!

Get me a secure exit!

If Congress moves forward with this bill, the senator's just going to be the beginning.


They came to the island.

They found you?

I just barely got away.

It's happening.

Put them in.

Woman: Let's see.

High school... built a DIY neural interface for a neighbor's paraplegic dog.

Then MIT.

Expelled at 17 after a privacy protest escalated into illegally accessing NSA's Utah Data Center.

(clears throat)

We've had our eye on you, Mr. Wallace.

Am I under arrest?

We'd like to offer you a job.


Sorry, I-I...

A job for the police?

Sort of a new program.

It's hush-hush.

This is a nondisclosure agreement.

Working with what?

You first.

It's not "what."

It's who.

Are they okay?

Woman: Considering they can predict every m*rder within a hundred miles?

Pretty normal kids.

You want to meet them?

Can they see us?

Both: Boo!


(both laughing)

You guys are such idiots.

And then the neural interface collects the photons emitted by your neurons on each action potential.

Will there be a test on this?

No, I didn't want you to be scared.

I thought understanding how it works might help.

We're not scared.

We want to help.

Besides, it'll only be for a few days.


Dinner after is on me.

(indistinct chatter)

Their last session in the milk bath was 36 hours, but we hope to b*at that.

Every time we take them out, we miss another m*rder.

What, you want to put them in for longer?

The decision has been made.

How much longer?

If we're lucky?

60 years.

They're just kids.

No one likes it, Mr. Wallace.

But three lives in exchange for how many thousands?

I'll give you the day to think about it.

Okay, lie back.

There you go.

Agatha, are you feeling comfortable?

Yeah, thanks, Wally.

No, no, stop, I-I don't know.

Okay, okay, I'll ask him.

Hold on, geez.

Hey, Wally?

Can we watch that movie again after we're done?

Sure, Dash.

Many times as you want.

That movie sucked.

See you tomorrow, Wally.


See you then.

Dash: There are three of us: Agatha, Arthur and me, Dash.

We were called the Precognitives.

We can see m*rder before they happen.

For six years, we were held against our will and used to save lives.

But after the government's Precrime program was shut down, we were finally released.

We kept ourselves safe and hidden from the world, until now.

Reporter: The senator is in critical condition after the assassination attempt.

Police have the assailant in custody.

His name is Dr. Lionel Gray,
a genetic scientist at Seoul National University...

This is what we're dealing with now?

Decentralized cells.

We have a tonnage issue with insanity in this country.

And genius insanity, which is a dangerous combination.

Attacking with a genetic slime that modifies cells, turning facial skin pigments into a hideous death mask.

You know Memento Mori is going to try to top this.

Even though Gray is in custody.

I do.

And a conventional defensive strategy isn't gonna cut it.

Which is why we have to be creative like them.

But unless you're here to tell me that you found...

I did.

I am here to tell you I found them.

I told you about Charles Peele.

Former employee, broke into D.I.A. to steal the plans for your new Precog milk bath.

You figured he was doing it for one of them.

That lead pan out?

It led us to the cabin of a woman on Fiddler's Neck.

By the time we arrived, it was deserted.

She must have seen us coming.

We pulled DNA from the residence and sequenced it.

This allowed predictive facial reconstruction of three people.

A female and two males, twins.

Now, none of these matched any genetic records in the database.

But a fourth sample did.

A D.C. Metro homicide detective.

Her name is Lara Vega.

Let's just say her recent arrest record has been exceptional.

You think she's working with them?

There's only one way to find out.

You told me that you're not alone.

That there are others working with you.

I said others with a conscience.

Do I get to urinate?

Sure, as soon as you help us.

If this ensemble wasn't so flattering, I'd be tempted to sully myself.

Who is working with you, Dr. Gray?

I'm ruling out Nobel Prize winners.

As I told you, Memento Mori is not centralized.

We share a common mind but work alone.

Isn't that correct, "persons behind the curtain"?

Every answer he gives, he might as well be meditating.

No bounce in the biometrics.

Someone cut him and see if he bleeds.

I'd be happy to.

I figured you'd be more forthcoming, Dr. Gray.

You didn't exactly fight when we arrested you.

su1c1de-by-cop is not on my bucket list, Detective.

Man: Special Agent Glasser?

They're waiting for you in interrogation, sir.

This is about to get more interesting.

Wrap it up, Vega.

The feds are here.

How's it going in there?

The guy is unflappable.

What's the latest on the senator?

Intensive care.

She isn't gonna make it.

What's with Lurch?


You know her?

She works for my brother.

Is everything okay?

About an hour ago we received an anonymized message on our server.

The Memento Mori symbol... a distorted human skull.

Accompanied with the warning: "Stop the vote."

Steven's Law.

The genetic modification bill.

Congress is set to vote later today.

They're going to be even more determined to go through with it now, given the as*ault on Senator Meizhou-Shi.

We think Memento Mori must be planning to execute a wider-scale att*ck in protest as early as today.

Dietrich: The department is on high alert.

Your department is going to be following our lead on this from now on.

I'll start by interviewing the suspect.

Sir, if I may suggest, you may want to keep Detective Vega in the room with you.

He's right, sir.

He seems to respond to her.

Thank you, Agent Shale, but we're well-staffed.

We appreciate you allowing us to share your facility, Chief Dietrich. Moving Dr. Gray to another venue would have taken up valuable time if another att*ck is imminent. Shall we?

Yes, sir.

He gave up too easy.

Dr. Gray.

He wants to be here.

Well, we're glad to have him.

Where is Dash?

I don't know.

Because people's lives are at stake here.

Where is Dash?

Some freakishly tall woman came to see him.


If you say so.

She works for Arthur.

Did he say where they were going?

No, they didn't say anything at all.

They just left.

Without telling me?

He's not 12, Vega.

Where you going?


(door closes)


In the flesh.

Blomfeld found the cabin.

She barely made it out in time.

Then she left things behind that will lead them here.

I'm not sentimental in that way.

And Arthur's kept my identities fresh.

Vega: Yeah, but you left DNA.

I'm sure Blomfeld sequenced it already for predictive facial recognition.

You all need to leave the city now.

This may be the only time you ever hear this, Vega.

But I couldn't agree with you more.

I need to get to my apartment.

No, it's too risky.

Blomfeld has the weight and reach of D.I.A. behind him.

Unless he doesn't.

There were only three of them at Wally's.

He arrived without a warrant, ransacked Wally's place, and never brought him in for questioning... why?

He doesn't want anyone else at D.I.A. to know he's looking for you.

Yeah, because he's gone rogue.

Or he's working for someone else.

Foreign government, defense contractors.

If he's gone rogue, he'll limit his access to the D.I.A. databases so it can't be traced back to him.

But no accountability.

So no need for him to play by the rules.

Don't engage Blomfeld.

Get out of the city.

She's right.

This is the future you've been seeing.

We need to run.

Unless there's no escaping it.

We've been aware of this for months.

We've been waiting for it.

And everything that's happened, everything we've done... my vision has stayed the same.

I still see us in that milk bath.

What are you saying?

Maybe trying to run away is futile.

You got to be kidding me.

For three months, I've been hearing you warn us that they're going to force us into a milk bath and now you just want to give up?

I didn't say that, Arthur.

We need to keep our emotions in check.

And you wonder why I was the first one to leave the island.

If you had both stayed, this wouldn't be happening right now.

I'd rather die violently here than in my sleep there.

Well, thank you for taking me with you.

Guys, not now!



Can we get some air in here?

(people screaming)


99. Melendez.

Gianelli. Santos.


God, it's so hot.

(gasping): Air.


Can... you see?

How many do you remember?

You heard the names. How many do you remember?

Melendez, Gianelli, Santos...

I don't know.

Can you try to remember more?

No, it's just one big... jumble.

I also heard a number.

"99." You kept repeating it.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Agatha: Men and women, suffering.

Like nothing I've felt before.

What do you mean?

We were so many.

Dying together.

What kind of an att*ck?

Our eyes, our faces were...

Same thing that happened to the senator.

Memento Mori.


t*rrorists. We have one in custody for the att*ck on Senator Meizhou-Shi.

Can you tell where this att*ck takes place?

Indoors, I think.

I really couldn't see much else.

And what about you, Dash? You sure the only thing that you saw...


A park and a swing.

No bodies, no-no sign of v*olence?

It was a minority report.

When one of us sees a different future than the other two.

Bad time to be having one of those.

Sorry, Detective, we're only human.

I realize sometimes that's hard to remember.

I have to get back.

And do what?

And tell them that an att*ck on the city is imminent.

Then I'm coming with you.


There's nothing for you to do.

You didn't even see it.

I'll be back.

Just be ready to move quickly.

Agatha: And when they ask you how you know this att*ck is coming, what will you say?

I'll tell them the truth.

That I just know.

You do know I was doing fine in this city before the both of you showed up?

Glasser: Can't stonewall us forever, Doctor.

There are other ways to get these answers out of you.

They're gonna hit us today.

Memento Mori?


How do you know? Dash?

And Agatha.

They're together?


Let's worry about the att*ck, not where they are.

There's going to be heavy casualties, maybe hundreds.

It's another viral vector att*ck, but this time on a larger scare.

What's the target?

We couldn't tell.

We need to bring them in.

They've done enough.

We're talking about a t*rror1st att*ck, hundreds of lives...

I think they can spare a few hours out of their day.

It's not a few hours. If Blomfeld finds them, he'll put them back in the milk bath for the rest of their lives.

I won't let that happen.

I need to get a question to Gray.

Sir, can you ask Gray what the significance of the number 99 is?

Tell us about the significance of the number 99.

Look who's back.

Ask him if it's the number of senators he has left to k*ll.

Is that the number of senators you have left to k*ll?

Should we be playing hot or cold?

Glasser: Detective, you care to join us?

Is it an address?


I'm getting chilly.

We know the att*ck happens indoors.

How much do you know about viruses, Detective?

No, probably not much.

I don't mind if you ignore me, Doctor, your body's answering the questions.

Will this att*ck be localized in D.C.?

(monitor beeping)

Viruses truly are one of the wonders of the world.

I'll take that as a yes.

Tiny scraps of genetic material not even truly alive.

Until they find a host.

What's the target? The White House?

The Capitol?

They work their way through a break in the body... mouth, nose, cut in the skin.

Then comes the magic.

I'm not seeing anything.

He's trying to calm himself, confuse the readings.

They'll latch onto a cell, force their own DNA inside it, use your cell as a factory to make more of them.

So many the cell bursts open, viruses spilling out, and the process continues.

The vote's happening today.

They are the oldest form of life...

We know that's why you're doing this.

...and they will be here eons after you and I are long extinct, Detective.

How long do we have?

I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

I do appreciate your conviction.


No! No, no, no!


Call the medevac!

Call the medics!

Pulse ox 92 on ten liters.

What's in his system? What did he take?

Looks like a mix of Mizolpam and Darcopine.


Get word to the Hill.

Increase security at Russell, Dirksen and Hart.

Yes, sir. Fly him to Gates.

I want a Beemer system waiting.

What was that, a su1c1de capsule?

No, he would've been d*ad by now.

He swallowed a general.

They're taking him to Gates for a brain imaging.

Well, they don't need him conscious to scrub his memory for clues.

It just doesn't make any sense.

He's always been one step ahead, at every turn.

God, I wish they had seen more.

Yeah, about that...

Detective Vega.

Deputy Blomfeld.

You just missed the fun.

Homeland just took the suspect to the medi-ship.

You can catch them.

I'm sure Glasser has a handle on it.

Actually, I'm here to talk to you.

Fiddler's Neck. Heard of it?

Yeah, a... peninsula-turned-island after the waters rose.

Destination for people who want to be left alone.

I take it you've been there.

Yeah, once.

There was a tobacco operation.

I made several arrests.

It's in the report.

Well, it's no wonder Lieutenant Blake finds you so impressive.

A city homicide detective who takes out a vice ring out in the sticks?

What's this about?

Don't worry.

It's nothing dire.

I was just curious.

While you were on the island, did you see any of these folks?

Yeah, the woman, but not the others.

Who are they?

We pulled their DNA from a cabin owned by a woman named Agatha Blaine.


That's not her real name, by the way.

We found your DNA out there, too.

I questioned her while I was there.

Of course.
(door opens)

Henry, uh... I'm sorry.

It's not a problem. I heard about Gray.

I've been asking Detective Vega here for a little help on my new case.

These are the suspects you, uh, were talking about?

Persons of interest.

And I really appreciate you letting me use your system to run the face search.

No problem.

You haven't done that yet?

No. These just came into my possession.

Well, what's wrong with the D.I.A. system?

You would think it would have more juice.

Unless this isn't a D.I.A. case.

(clears throat)

The system is all yours, Henry.

I'll get you all set up.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

For your cooperation.

He has their faces.


He's gonna run them.

Blake told me.

Blake screwed us.

Blake tipped me off.

He told me Blomfeld was coming.

While you were in with Gray, I erased all of Dash's record from the system and I wiped Arthur's face from the city feeds.

(exhales) But...

They need to leave the city.


What about him?

Vega: We need to lose him.

Now, while Blomfeld's busy.


I'll go first, through the women's locker room.

If he follows, let me know.

Pick me up out front.

Yep. You got a stalker.

So there's a Space Blue leaving D.C. to Barcelona in two hours.

We don't have passports.

Now you do. Pick a name, any name.

Blomfeld knows what you look like.

He's using Metro servers to scan the city's surveillance network, which means...

Which means we can't go out in public.

We don't have much time.

We were followed.

Of course you were.

It's okay. He was easy to lose.

Excuse me, Stretch.

What about Memento Mori?

The feds are scrubbing Gray's memories for clues, but it's a sh*t in the dark.

You still seeing an empty park?

Maybe if we could get to Wally's and upload my vision...?

No, it's too risky.

Blomfeld is probably surveilling it.

You all need to get out of here.

Yes, but not looking like that.

You have to fool the facial recognition.

You're here to do that for us?


Free of charge.

I'm sorry.

I wish I could do more.

You know how many lives you've saved, Dash?

Now it's time for you to let me save yours.

What, by running away while you run into the f*re?

You saying I can't handle it?



Akeela: All right.

Who wants in on the chair first?

No way.

Dash goes first.

Fine. Dash.

It's like dealing with children.

It's fine. I'll go first.

Where is Dash?

(door opens)


What an idiot.

He's always been the strongest one.

(crash nearby)


(footfalls approach)


I'm warning you I'm armed!

Dash: It's me.

No, no, no.

You can't be here.

Blomfeld has this entire street under surveillance.

Maybe, but he's undermanned.

Who knows how long until they get here?

Not to mention where they send us or me?

At least you have a warm milk bath.

My future is a cold cell.

Are you really trying to compare misery indexes?


There's gonna be an att*ck.

Hundreds, maybe thousands of fatalities.

I need your help to stop it.

Did they destroy our machine?

You coming or not?

What did you see?

A park.


A park and swing.

Agatha and Arthur saw an att*ck on a whole bunch of people.

The same thing that happened to the senator, but I got nothing.

A minority report?

Or maybe there's more in me that I just couldn't see yet.

A piece, a detail.

That's why we need to look.


Water. It looks like...

The reservoir.

Mobile command is set up on the Capitol.

Alpha on the mall, Beta right here.


You could've told me you tipped Akeela off.

Things are moving fast if you haven't noticed.

But if looks could k*ll, girl...

Yeah, I'm sorry.

Yes, sir, I'll do it now. Lieutenant?

We need resources deployed to reservoirs and water treatment centers.

Okay, I'll pass it on upstairs, but why?

The Beemer just pulled an image from Gray's memory.

The target is the city's water supply.

I'm getting details now, hold on.

That doesn't make any sense.

An att*ck on the general population?

I mean, Gray is twisted, sure, but he has principles.

He wants to save humanity, not punish it.

What are you saying?

Gray attacked the senator knowing full well that he'd get caught, right?


Gray wanted us to bring him in.

Then stayed silent, played hard to get.

Why? Why get caught and then go mute?

I take it you have a theory?

So he could swallow that pill, knock himself out intentionally, forcing us to scrub his brain for memories.

He wanted us to see them.

When means those clues?

The water supply?

That's what he wanted us to find.

Maybe those aren't images of the real att*ck.

Maybe he doesn't even know the real plan.

Maybe he just filled his brain with fake ones to throw us off the scent.

So if Gray sent us in the wrong direction, then what's the real target?

The water treatment centers are located on the outskirts of the city.

What if he's diverting us there to clear the area?

Expose us.

The city center.


Akeela, what about those names I gave you from that tip?

What names?

I ran them.

There's a Donald Smith.

He's a congressman from Iowa.

But it's a very common last name.

It could be anyone.

What about staff... janitors, uh, government employees in the area?

I'll go run them.

You need to evacuate the Hill.

Is there some intelligence you want to share?

Where did you get those names?

What if she said a confidential informant?

I'd make you tell us who that person was, and if you didn't, have you arrested for treason.

So... not that.

But you need to trust her on this.

I do, but my bosses won't.

Come to me when you have more.

The names.

Livia Nunez is aide to Jon Chu.

And Sonya Gianelli works for Senator Avila.

They're all staffers.

Memento Mori is attacking Congress.

Yeah, but how?

It's Gray.

He won't talk to anybody but you.


Hello, Detective.

Nice nap?

Yes, thank you.

I would like to apologize in advance.

What is about to happen should have no reflection upon your tenacity or intelligence in trying to stop this att*ck.

I know you're planning an att*ck on Congress.

Oh, you're very good.

Tell me how.

That would just spoil the fun.


Get the entire Hill evacuated now.

Good-bye, Detective.

I do hope that you come to see that this is for the best.


(hangs up)

Good work, Detective. You were right.

He just told us.

Why would he tell us?


My new detail is a girl hopping off a swing?

Damn it. Wally, what is going on?

Why can't I see more?

If it's really a minority report, that means there's another path the future might still take.

Or we're just not seeing enough.

Let's do it again.


We don't have time. You need to go.

Oh, no. No, no, no, no.

It's good to see you again, Mr. Wallace.

But it seems that we left something behind.




(door opens)


It's been a long time, Wally.

So you want to get the band back together?

Hey. Can you hear me?

We don't have a lot of time, so listen carefully.

We know you have a photonic containment system.

We've seen the plans.

Our best chance of stopping this att*ck is by putting all three of us into the bath together.

Wait, you want to help?

Our way.

Well, you could have just asked and spared us the 50,000 volts.

We don't trust you.

You and your men will take us to the milk bath and get us in without alerting the D.I.A.

We know that they're not tracking you because you're freelancing.

Whatever vision we see as a hive mind will be conveyed to the authorities.

To Detective Vega.

By me.

And she'll take it from there.

And if you and your friend try anything, you answer to them.

Do we have a deal?


If that's what it takes to stop an att*ck, fine.

I'm a patriot first.

Good. We're walking.

Come on, everybody in. As safely and as fast as you can, please.

This way, this way, please, everyone, this way. Step in, please.

It's not a drill but don't panic, please.

There's room here to the right.


Keep going.

When was this built, 2010?

Aman: This way, please, this way.

Man: Everyone into the room, please.

Right this way, ma'am.

Just take a seat over here.

Can we get some air in here? It's boiling.

(phone ringing) Who is it?


What are you doing?

You can't be calling me.

It's okay. We're going in.

Going in?

The milk bath.

The milk bath? Dash, what about Blomfeld?

He won't be a problem.

We have him under control.

(door opens) I got to go.

Stay by the phone. We'll be in touch.



Wicked déjà vu.


(indistinct chatter)

You wanted the Precogs? You got 'em.

What do you mean?

They have Blomfeld.

They're gonna help us.

Man: Get some water here, please.

(indistinct conversations)


Thank you.


Okay. Unfortunately, you guys know the drill.

No drugs.

You have to.

The pain would be unbearable.

It would interfere with what you see.

Your mind needs to be clear.

Take it, Arthur.

We are so never gonna be even for this.




It's okay.

(soft gasp)

They're fully sedated.

(sighs): Here goes.



Wally: Okay... okay, we're getting something.

Vega, can you see it?

Vega: I'm not recognizing anyone.

Yeah, well, who can with their faces like that?

And if it is the congress, they'd be safe by now... they're in a bunker.

Wally, the number 99.

I see it. Looks like a readout of some kind.

I can't tell what it is.

What about Dash, is he getting anything?

Wally (sighs): Nothing. It's like... he can't see it.


Hang on.

(low grunt)

It's the same thing. A park.

What was that?

Go back.

Wait. There.

A hand.

Hold it. Hold it.

Stackhouse Park.

Capitol Hill.

Next-door to the Senate office building.

You said the entire congress was evacuated to a bunker. Where?

Underground. No one knows exactly.

Maybe directly underneath the park.

We need a map of the tunnel.

I don't have the clearance.

Call Shale and tell him to get everyone out of there now.

Lara. You're gonna convince them based on whose intel?

I sent them down there.

I sent them into the bunker.

This is my fault.

♪ ♪


The swing.


Get me Special Agent Glasser.

I need him right now. Right now!

He's alive.

(gasping breaths, grunting)

♪ ♪


(indistinct chatter) MAN: Please!

(clanging in distance)

(air whooshing)

(w*apon f*ring)


(w*apon's high-pitched whirring)


(continues gurgling)


(whooshing stops)

(all groaning)

I need a Hazmat unit, Stackhouse Park.


It's over.

They did it.

They did it.

(light splash)

Get them out of that milk bath, Wally.

Get them out of the city.

(Precogs gasping, grunting)

Oh, no.

What's happening?

They're having another one.


(echoing scream)


(bones crack)


Wally! What is it?

I don't know. You need to stay here, wait for the Hazmat.


Be careful.

Call Thurn-Tippett.

Tell them we've got the whole package.

You liar.

You're selling them? How much?

This was never about the money.

I did it for our country, its future.

But yeah... I'll do all right.

Words fall short, gentlemen.

Who wants to do the honors?

We got to up their doses for their long trip.


You bastard! You k*lled her!

(indistinct shouting)

(electrical zapping)

Dash: Arthur, stop.

Dash: Arthur, cut it out! Hey! Hey!

Agatha: Do not k*ll him! Arthur!

Arthur, no! Arthur, stop!

He k*lled her!


(quiet gasp)

No... no...

No. No, no, no, no.

No, no, no. No.

No. Please. No.



(rapid panting)

(whispers): I'm sorry.

(panting slows)

(soft exhale)


Is everyone okay?

They betrayed us.

But we were ready.

Ready? She's d*ad.

Did you see that coming, too?

I told you everything I saw.

I'm so sorry.

Did you stop it?


You did.

(footfalls approaching)



You're okay. Thank goodness.

No, you can't be here.

The buyers are on their way.


Blomfeld's selling them to a third party.

Get dressed. I need to get you three out of here.

What about them?

Put them in.

Wally: What do we do when they wake up?

How about they don't?

Wally, how long will these drugs keep them out?

High dose? Two or three days.

That'll give you a head start.

If we're lucky, they'll wake up with a little amnesia, the last few hours won't be clear, but... don't count on it.

There's a more permanent amnesia.

We are not k*lling them.

They wanted to enslave us.

Arthur's right.

They're the only ones who know our faces.

Yours, too, Vega.

Dash: So at the end of the day, we are no different from them?

You're unbelievable.


I'll take the heat. Tell everybody the truth.

Maybe they'll arrest me; I don't care.

By then all of you will be far away and safe.

But when they scrub your brain to find clues about us?

They won't tell them where you are... because I won't know.

I won't let you do that. No way.

It's the only way.

Listen to your partner.

(laughs softly)

Arthur... I can't let them get away with that.


Vega: No, no, don't!

(Dash and Agatha gasping, grunting)

(gasping breaths)

(Dash groaning)

Vega: Arthur!

♪ ♪



♪ ♪
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