01x02 - Episode 2

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "The Last Panthers". Aired: April 2016 to December 2015.
"The Last Panthers" is based on real events inspired by the notorious Balkan jewel thieves "the Pink Panthers". An independent claims specialist is given the job of recovering stolen diamonds... no matter what it takes. Also on the trail of the diamonds, is a police officer. The investigation takes them across Europe and into a world where shadowy figures control events.
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01x02 - Episode 2

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All teams go.


You're clear to go in.

There are kids over there.



You can't go...

He's had a heart att*ck.

There's nothing.

Nothing? No.

We have 2 more warrants. Let's go.

It's going to shit. Hurry up.

Is it clear?


Nobody here.

They're here. Come on.

No warrant for this one.

They're moving the g*n. Let's go.

I'll call the commandos.

No, no time.

Are you alone?




Retirement pays!

His pacemaker malfunctioned, but he's stable now.

But Mr. Celik...

I'll find the money.

What money. Milan?

Stop freaking out.

Excuse me. I have to breathe.

Are they going to cut me open again?

They need to fix your heart.

Why? Is it broken?

Be serious.

If only Nada Topcagic hadn't rejected me... it's only natural.

You know, the blonde who sings "Daybreak".

I don't know those crappy songs.

You don't know anything.

Daybreak, daybreak Shut up. People will hear you.

I don't want to wake up without you I cover the pillow with kisses thinking of you You are my passion Just die, will you?

By Allah, are you as hungry as I am. Milan?

Forget Allah, we're Serbian now.

Hunger will k*ll me way before angry Serbians do.

Adnan, we're both hungry.

Let's toss a coin.

Whoever wins kills and eats the other.

Are you cold?

Come here.

Times have changed.

You know I never liked you.

I'll be honest with you, because that's how I am.

When you came back.

I told Zlatko to tell Dragan to f*ck off and to put a b*llet in your head.

He clearly didn't listen Maybe you're not as powerful as you think.

Wait here. He'll see you soon, Should I call you Milan or Animal?

Call me Milan.

Little Milan.

I'm Zlatko, little Milan.

Are you ready for what's in store for you?

What's in store?

He wants young blood, little Milan What for?

I need money.

Maybe you can get some.

Are you messing with me?

Show him.

That means you're mine.

Any problem with that?

I can work for you.

Go in there.

You watch yourself.

Seen this place?

A real shit hole.


But the kids like it I let 'em play here.

One of my many contributions to the local community so the Panthers stay well-loved. I'm copying politicians.


I'm listening.

I need money for my brother. My share of the diamonds.

You see, Animal.

You were never good at small talk.

Come, I have something to show you Birdsong.

What the hell is this?

Don't laugh.

Birds from Kosovo, it's important.

Dragan never understood we had to modernize.

The money in diamonds... and even in g*n is small change.

And it's too risky.

Far too risky.

The risk you might k*ll a kid, say.

This is the modern age.

We have to change how we do things. I am.

No more dr*gs, g*n, and diamonds.

Just clean stuff.

What you brought me isn't what we are anymore.

Maybe you're not what we are anymore.

I'll give you the money for your brother.

But a lot has changed.

Be patient.

And trust me.

Cut the crap.

You talk about... trust and all that, but you're wearing the watch I stole.

I stole it, pal.

I say again, be patient and trust me.

Time heals all wounds, old pal.

They discharged you?

I left.

Nothing serious, then?

A cracked rib and a big bruise.

Where are the old folks?

Roman said to go easy on them.

They've had an ordeal.

It won't take long.

Where are they?


Let's start again. Don't I know you?

I grew up in Les Agnettes. I'm Rachedi's son.

Your sister Samira was nice.

She worked at the hospital.

Is she still there?

And you had a brother?

What time did the guy enter your home?

2 minutes before you.

He burst in, made us lie on the bed, hid the g*n under it.

Margot was terrified.

He forced you?

No, he knocked...

You let him in. No sign of a break-in, No sign of a break-in!

No, I opened the door, he pointed a g*n at me.

His name? I don't know.

Yes, you do.

His name?

I don't know.



You do know.

I don't.

What's his name?

Don't know.

Frédéric Mimo. Don't know him?

Everyone knows him, don't they?

You don't know him?

What about you? You don't know who he is? Sure?

Just like the rest, at 12, he was a good kid.

At 13, he was a lookout.

At 14, a runner. At 17, he's d*ad. In whose place?

In my place? Where? In our place.

You helped out the local g*ng?


You helped out the local g*ng?


You helped out the local g*ng?

You did nothing?

He knocked.

He put a g*n to my head.

He hid his shit.

We'd never seen him before. Sure!

Is this how you want to play it?

Les Agnettes isn't like it used to be.

Keep up, Mokhtar.

I'm trying to.

I'm trying to.

Cool it, you two.

Shut the f*ck up!

I told you to keep up.

Oh, shit!

Oh, shit!
OK, Khalil?

Good timing.

I was looking for you.

Does it hurt?

A bit.

And here?

You're enjoying this!

Remember when your father broke his leg? How he screamed!

And he said I overdid it when I gave birth.

The men in this family were never any good with pain.

Remember the Belairs?

Georges and Margot.

A bit older than us. They lived in the middle block.

What do you think of them?

They were always nice to you.

Why do you ask?

Seen them again?

They might be involved in something.

I'll get it, Mum.

You be careful, son.

Yeah, don't worry.

What're you doing here?

What do you want?

You've pissed people off.

How do you know?

You be careful.

People are talking about you, and not in a good way.

Did they send you to scare me?

You a ways were arrogant.

No one sent me.

But everyone's talking about you.

'Cause they know who they're dealing with.

Or they want you d*ad.

If they find out I came, I'm d*ad too.

Sure they didn't send you?

Just watch your f*cking step.

Stop being so reckless.

Give this to Mum.

Say it's from you.

I will clean up Les Agnettes.

Anew future is coming to Belgrade.

The future of Serbia.

A future in which we'll have an airport which is world-class for a world-class capital.

The European Union is reaching out to us.

We will take this outstretched hand and shake it Belgrade is open for business.

What a scumbag.

Scumbag politician.

I bet you voted for him.

Why are we here?

Mr. Guillaume Von Reeth from Plex.

Over to you.

We're here for him.

Is he in g*n?

Zlatko wants him to work with us.

Here we go.

The airport deal.

We want the security contract and some shops.

There's money to be made.

Take this, keep watch, and don't sh**t any kids.

Georges... it's him, right?

What the hell...

You're going too far.

Needs must.

Careful, Animal.

Shut up, Animal.

Animal just taught us a lesson.

OK, great.

Blood in the Belairs' room. So?

It's from the Serb who got sh*t in the heist.

You're joking?


You were right. He's in Marseille.

Him, The Serb. Where is he?

I know what you did.

We're looking for him. I know he was at your place.

I know what you did.

When I lived on the estate. It was already bad.

There were dr*gs and shit.

But it wasn't like now.

Now all they want is a g*n and to play boss.

Little kids can't go outside without risking being sh*t.

You made them think I talked.

You trapped me.

You don't want it to change?

The White Knight of Les Agnettes!

It needs one.

You're what? 60? 65?

60. 60?

How long will you be their mule?

I know how it works. You stash their gear, they top up your pension.

It's not that bad, I get it.

Go f*ck yourself.

Georges, I know it's scary, but...

You're partly responsible, you have to help us.

Sometimes things are too rotten to change.

You're sure?

I can't help you then.

We've got them, 2 names.

Borisav Simic and Drago Jankovic.

Interpol came up with the goods, after all.

Nothing on our Serb?

"Our Serb"?

The one I found.

Well, actually, you haven't found him.

There's nothing on him in the DNA database.

But he's here, in our town.

We know he's connected to Les Agnettes.

It's our job, not Interpol's.

My way was the right way.

They may never be found, but we know who they are.

Give me a bit more time with the Belairs.

They've gone.

I told you to release them.

You can't keep pensioners locked up forever.

They've gone?


They've released the Belairs.

We need to find them.

She's good at it.

Think so?

She misses nursing.

It's better than nothing.

I sat in the bathroom, sewing The officers asked who I was with TN13 to BAC130 Alpha. Burglary underway at 57 Michelet.

We'll deal with it, TN13.

TN13 to all units.

Reports of sh*ts fired on the Route d'Aubagne, 2 people down.

Do we ignore it?

Yeah, no choice.

If they att*ck us, we're in the shit.

They would have by now.

Anyone here?

They've gone.

Ask HQ about the sh**ting.

TN13 from TK140.

TK140, go ahead.

What about the sh**ting?

2 people k*lled outside a vehicle parked on the Route d'Aubagne.

They've been sh*t. There's already a team on site.

This was in my pigeonhole.

Who knows I work there?

Your name's on it.

For the White Knight Membership card it's a gym card.

Is someone trying to tell you something?

What's going on, Khalil?
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