01x04 - Episode 4

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV miniseries "Rebellion". Aired January 3-31.*
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"Rebellion" tells the story of the events surrounding the 1916 Easter Rising.
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01x04 - Episode 4

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( g*nsh*t )

( g*nf*re )

Not so keen to die for Ireland now are you?

Gladly die for her, but I'm starting to think I'm more use to her alive.

It would simply seem that I have been able to give him what you have not.

I'm not coming home, I'm needed here.

You're going to be fine my love, you're going to be fine.

From our spilt blood the phoenix of freedom shall arise...

( Loud expl*si*n )

...know that we have won!

( Explosions in the background )


What's left of the GPO is an inferno, whole street's been levelled.

( g*nf*re in the background )

( g*nf*re in the distance )

They know it's over, don't they?

In their hearts.

We need to fight with our brains, as well as our heart.

Well then it's agreed.

We avoid any more casualties.

Talk to them please Sean, on all our behalfs.

( Seagulls crying overhead )

Liz, I'm...

No, I don't regret a thing.

And forward march.

Thank you, yes I'm grateful to you for informing me.

Thank you Mrs. Magee.

You're welcome sir.


I've taken the liberty of drawing up our resignation letters.

Were we not just doing just as we were instructed?

We were the ones who were doing or not doing none the less.

I repeatedly attempted to warn you, Under Secretary, and Chief Secretary Birrell to the dangers.

That will be for an inquiry to establish the truth of or otherwise.

Since when were inquiries interested in the truth?

Do the honourable thing Hammond.

Is it not more honourable Sir, in light of your resignation that I see to the continued administration of the country?

I've only ever followed orders.

You may go now Hammond.

What are you looking at?

Nothing much.

Oh, we've got a smart alec here!

( Loud thud )

(Grunts and groans)

That's what real g*n feels like.

( Spitting sound )

Unconditional surrender, get used to it.

Hurry up missy!

Move, move, quicker.

Move it, move!

( Crowd shouting abuse )

Miss, Miss, Miss, will you tell me ma you've seen me and that I'm all right, will ya.

Move it!

Will ya, Miss, Miss.

Do you know him?




Michael Collins.

Carry on.


Please accompany me.

I insist on my right as a member of the Irish Citizen Army.

I'm the officer Lizzy, you're the prisoner.

I do the insisting, just move.

So you had no intention of marrying me?

Look, I know, I know things needed to change Lizzy but they were going to change anyway.

And you and your friends went and did this, I mean, look at the place, the city is in ruins.

Lizzy look at me, I'm talking to you.

I'm talking to you.

Don't you touch me!

Two years, I was gone for two years and I come back to this.

This is bigger than us Stephen.

I've been ordered to round up the women and send them home except the ring leaders and dangerous.

Well, I'm not going home.

You are.

I'm not.

I'm not going home, I'm not going home!

You are!

Have you not seen the state of this country?


No you haven't, you haven't!

You've got money, I've got money...

I came back to this.


You're going.

I'm not.

You're going home.


Get out!

The Mahons, ma'am.


Would you like some more?

You're a saint to feed people in your lovely house when food was so scarce.

Was it my brother that sent you?

His church, Father Mulcahy's at the GPO they said.

He promised to fetch me son, but it's been three days.

In fact we should be getting home in case there's word.

Come on.

Oh no, please, I couldn't possibly accept anything.

Oh no, we're not charity.

Me husband's in the army.

Well, he's doing his bit and we're doing ours.

( Loud crash )


I'm terrible sorry, ma'am.

Well done.

Doubled in price since yesterday.

Hope they remember all this when all this is done.

One shouldn't let one's left hand know what one's right hand is doing or don't you have that line in your bible?

Thank you very much.

We could do with some full-time help.

We haven't any letters of recommendation with us.

Minnie, is it?

Yes ma'am.

Why don't we try.

Sylvester will find you a uniform.

Thank you ma'am.


Elizabeth, Elizabeth!

Thank you Patrick.

Mr. Hammond.


Is it over?

It is.

That's a relief.

Has everybody been all right?

Well, I expect it was a bit worse in town.

Ms. Lizzy been comfortable?

Most uncomfortable if you ask me, and she's been sick.

With what?

With what she shouldn't have been doing without a ring on her finger.

Sorry sir, that's my garrulousness as Mrs. Hammond calls it.

Mrs. Hammond?

Yes, sir.

I'll check on our guest first.

( Tinkle of piano from other room )


( Coughing )

I'm sorry I disobeyed you at City Hall.

Perhaps you chose right.

We've been locked in this foul place all week.

Tell me, what's the news?

We held out the week.

Come, come join us.

Thank you.

(From other room) I am so sorry.

I had no idea it would last this long, I was desperate to come back.

I tried calling but Vanessa wouldn't come to the telephone.

At least you were safe.

I thought many times that being obliterated by a shell would have been preferable.

I know, I'm so sorry, she can be...

What, what can I be?


What can I be Charles?

Come to see your whore before your own wife.

Mrs. Hammond please.


Vanessa please.

I want her out of the house this minute.

You seemed lost in your playing.

I don't wish to remain your guest a moment longer than I have to.

Do you still have feelings for her?

No Vanessa, no of course not.

Well then, I want her gone.

Now then darling don't be silly, look...


I just think we should sit down, just talk about this calmly.

Nor are we staying in this Godforsaken country a minute longer than we need to.

I'm now the most senior member of this administration.

No you're not Charles, you're resigning.

If this week wasn't enough to destroy your career.

Without me this country would be rudderless, Sir Matthew begged me to stay on.

If you're the only helmsman this country has, God help it!

I'm very grateful to you Mrs. Hammond for the board and the doctor.

I don't want your money, what do you take me for?

Please leave my house!

I'm leaving.

May, May.

( Chime of the clock )

Aren't you coming to bed Charles?

What does, what does she have that I don't?

Stupid me.

She has a child.

But it's me that's failed you isn't it?

I haven't given you what you wanted.

Please don't leave me, I beg you.

I beg you Charles.

Vanessa, I won't leave you.

Vanessa, Vanessa, listen, listen, listen to me, listen.

I think you should go back home to England just while I fix things here, hmm?

Yes of course, whatever you say.


Mr. Sylvester said evening brandy sir.

And you are?

New help sir, Minnie.

Wasn't aware we were hiring.

I take it you were not involved in this?

I'm firing any of my staff who were.

No sir, I didn't go near it.


Oh, put it there.

Thank you, now would you pour it please?

Put it there.

Fine, thank you.

( Knock on door )

Mam, Mam?


I am sorry Mrs. Mahon.

I got there too late.

Peter was shot at the post office.

Yeah, yeah.

Thank you.

( Sobbing )

You can of course apply to the unit commander for leave for the funeral.

My deepest condolences.

Come on in and have a cup of tea.

Hello Nelly.

May, May.

I'm so happy you're safe.

What are you going to do?

I can't go home.

My father will not have me.

I have to go across the water, there's convents there.

To hell with that, you're not givin' that child away to the nuns and to hell with all them who condemn you, the world is changing.

You still believe a few b*ll*ts and bombs are going to change anything for me?

For any woman?

Your mother had to give you up Frances, it'll be the same for me.

It won't, I'll stand by you.

If they find out I took that document for you, I'll be sent to prison.

That's one solution I suppose.

I've taken care of the document.

What about your friends?

Pearse, the boys, should you not stand with them?

What good would I be doing to them in prison?

The battle is fought but the w*r is just beginning and I'm seeing how it's going to be fought.

On your feet.


Thomas Clarke.


Tobacconist and President of the Irish Republic.

Strip him.

Now, what are you Clarke?


...of the Irish Republic.

Look at him.

Look at him!

All of you bastards, look at him.

Your president, king of the Fenians (laughs).

I'll fix that fucker some day.

If they don't fix us first.

( Loud slap )

(Grunting and groaning)

( Loud thuds )

( Sobbing )

They k*lled him.

They k*lled him.

They k*lled Peter.

Put your clothes on!

Mr. Brophy, I...

The interest has doubled again.

I had to wait till daylight for the banks...

It's Sunday, the banks are closed, but your daddy owns one.

Any good was he?

I don't understand sir, where are we going?

Richmond Barracks.

But I'm not in the reserves.

General Maxwell has instructed me to prosecute the rebels, I need a junior.

He wants to hold the trials immediately.

Of course sir, thank you, a great honour.

A heavy honour, Wilson.

Yes, sir.

Who's defending?

No one.

Maxwell's insisted on trial by field court martial, so it might be done as swiftly and silently as possible.

What about due process?

Martial law, Wilson.

Military process.

Sylvester, Sylvester?

Where's Sylvester?

Is my father in?

No sir.

Bring me some sherry, dry, and a plate of cold cuts, and a hard boiled egg to his study.

Yes sir.
( Knock on door )


Sorry sir, but Mr. Sylvester said that's all we have left in the larder.

While mater feeds half of Dublin, her family starves.

I thought charity was meant to begin at home!


Come here.

Look at me.

It's you!

The little floozy.

I'm not a floozy sir, you took advantage.

Please, I need the work.

Me father doesn't want me working in the laundry, besides now they wouldn't have me back anyway.

I'm desperate to get out of that tenement.

All of us on top of each other, there's no life for me there.

Please, I want to make something of my life sir.

Don't worry Kitty, I'll be okay.

But having one's floozy about the place is not really on, it's better if you skidaddle, go on.

Hold on.

I wouldn't like to see you short.

You're a good little girl... here.

Ten pound?

Better than a cheap hat.

Thank you sir.



Your request for compassionate leave.


It's been refused and they want you transferred immediately to the 1st Regiment.

You're shipping out for France straightaway.

Who's taking... what about me son's funeral?

Look Mahon, if you want to make a run for it, I'll look the other way, tell them I couldn't find you.

No, no I can't, it's not an option.

Me wife relies on the separation money.

Ah, then good luck.

Papers please.

( Coughing and soft moans )

Can I help you sir?

Yes, what is all this?

It's a temporary field hospital, sir.

In the Castle?

Military trying to humiliate us.

That's Connolly isn't it, the union leader?

It's a gangrenous wound, but the doctor says if we operate we can save the foot.

Why save the foot, when you have no intention of saving me?

I'm sure we do intend saving you.

And I am sure you don't.

We're British Mr. Connolly, we abide by the rule of law, we're not savages.

Who are you?

Charles Hammond, Assistant Under Secretary.

Well, the game has changed, Mr. Assistant Under Secretary.

We you shall see your true colours now.

How dare you reproach me.

We've done our best to treat you people fairly.

Do you have any idea of the problems that you've caused us?

All of us, me personally.

Like I said, Mr. Assistant Under Secretary, true colours.

Half a crown for the water.

You thirsty?

Little rats.

You'll need to get your hands in your pockets though because you're not getting it for free.

Who's thirsty?

Nobody thirsty here, no, you thirsty?

Half a crown mate and if you ain't got half a crown your watch will do.

Thought not.

All very quiet now aren't we?

( Ping of coin )


It's your lucky day.

Here you go, ah-ah-ah.

( Spitting sound )

Drink it up now.

Every last bit.

You dirty little rats.

Eyes down, no heroics.

Don't be letting on you're anything but a humble volunteer.


Thomas Clarke.

Is this man known to be signator, plotter, commander, or otherwise significant in the rebellion?

Yes, sir.

Step out!


James Mahon.

Is this man known as signator, plotter, commander or otherwise significant in the rebellion?

No, sir.

I recognise him, sir.

He's one of Connolly's commanders.

Thank you detective, stand out!


Michael Collins.

Is this man known as signator, plotter, commander, or otherwise significant in the rebellion, detective?

He's a nobody, sir.




Ha, I heard you were here.


I'm here for the trials.

We're going to see General Maxwell.

I should be there now in fact.

How are you Stephen after...

After what?

Elizabeth, have you seen her?

She's in prison.


It was her decision.

And close the gate.

Has Mr. Butler returned Sylvester?

Just, he asked for supper to be brought to his study.

He'll be relieved to know the shops will be re-opening tomorrow.

We'll be back to normal soon.

That is a relief, ma'am.

(Shouting) Dolly, come here.

Goodness sake Edward, what's going on?

My money is gone.

Gone where?

From this desk, robbed, someone has forced their way in and taken it.

You, with your poor people and your charity, one of them did this.

Edward they were only ever in the kitchen and the hall.

How could they possibly...

That girl, the maid, she saw me doing my accounts, where is she?

She didn't show up today.

Why didn't you tell me?

I'm terribly sorry ma'am, I presumed someone had given her the day off.

No I hadn't.

I'm calling the police.

Oh, Edward please.

What's her name, what's her address?

( Doorbell )

Minnie, wasn't it Mama.

Minnie, Minnie what?

The door Sylvester please.

Brunswick Street Police Station, please.

Please calm down.

Edward Butler, yes, I wish to report a crime.

A robbery, Fitzwilliam Square.

Do not touch anything Harry, either of you, this is a crime scene.


Thank you.


Hello, thank you.

As soon as possible please.

Thank you.

They're on their way.

Where are you going?

Our daughter is in prison, Edward.

You're going there?

Yes of course.

I forbid you to go.

She's our daughter no longer.

You speak for yourself Edward.

But she's still my daughter and if she is in trouble I will do whatever I can to help her.


There's needs of course we cannot cater for.

Mr. Hammond.

We raided Pearse's school and we found this in one of the classrooms.

We've been through the employee records and we have a lead on who took it from the Castle.

Thank you detective.

I'll look into it, as soon as time allows.

Maxwell, he's prejudged them.

I'm a barrister, George, but I'm also a reservist, I must follow orders.

Then why bother with this at all?

What can we do for them Mr. Wiley?

See that these men get as fair a trial as possible under the circumstances.


There's no defence, no proper judge, no witnesses.

For the charge of assisting the enemy at time of w*r to stick, there still has to be some evidence.

Yes, their own proclamation, our gallant allies in Europe.

Hmm, could refer to the Belgians, the Serbs or the Finns as much as the Germans, stronger evidence is needed.

There's something I want you to do for me George.

George Wilson.

I expect you know who I am.

I was writing a letter to my mother.

I'm sorry if I interrupted.

I was finished.

Would you like a cigarette?

No thank you, why are you here Mr. Wilson?

A courtesy Mr. Pearse.

The senior prosecutor, Mr. Wiley, has asked me to inform you of the charges you and your fellow leaders face.

The charge is of assisting His Majesty's enemies in the time of w*r, a capital offence.

That's very kind of him, but please tell Mr. Wiley that I'm in no need of a defence counsel.

In a field court martial you will not be entitled to such.

No matter, I don't intend to defend myself and even if I did, I'm a qualified barrister.

Mr. Pearse, as prosecuting counsel it's not Lieutenant Wiley's role, nor mine to advise you on your defence.

I'm grateful for that.

Just to go back, if for such a charge to be upheld, you would need evidence?

If no such evidence emerges then you and your comrades will face the lesser charges of rebellion and incitement to cause disaffection.

These are not capital offences.

Well, I'm grateful to you, Mr. Wilson and to your Mr. Wiley.

Would you like me to see that your mother receives your letter?

I'm sure our friends will want to read it when I'm done.

What was it you said to Pearse?

Exactly what you told me.

And he writes a postscript to his mother, asking her to send his thanks and warmest regards to his good friend the Kaiser.

What's his game?

He must want to die.

Well Maxwell's only too delighted to help him with that.

What about the other leaders?

He signed their death warrants too.

Patrick Henry Pearse is charged that you did take part in an armed rebellion and in the waging of w*r against His Majesty the king.

( Crowd shout abuse )

Cheer up girls.

Remember, don't let them see your fear.

What are you doing here Charles?

I couldn't stop thinking about you May.

Did you have something to say to me?


Well, yes, of course, I'm sorry May.

Vanessa treated you abominably.

What about how you treated me?

Well, I suppose I could have treated you better, yes.

But I have decided I'm not going to resign and return home to England immediately like Vanessa wants me to.

I'm going it stay here and put things back the way they were.

I'll fix everything May.

All these little boxes you put the different parts of your life in, Charles they've collapsed.

You can't put them back together again so easily.

I'm serious this time.

You and I will have this child together, I have it all worked out.

Even if you could work it out, I'm not prepared to live in one of your boxes.

But why?

Because I don't love you Charles.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus...

Here ma.

What's this?

It's for Peter, so he can have a proper funeral.

He won't have to get buried with the paupers.

Have a hearse.

Where did you get it Min?

Mrs. Butler gave it to us when she heard.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee...

Such act as calculated to be prejudicial to the defence of the realm and being done with the intention and for the purpose of assisting the enemy.

Sentenced to death by firing squad.





( g*nf*re )

( Metallic banging )

37, Mahon, James.

112, Fitzgerald, Desmond.

104, Houston, John.

54, Cosgrave, William.




( Metallic banging )



( g*nf*re )

( Loud metallic banging )


( Banging )



( g*nf*re )
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