01x20 - Episode 20

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Dickensian". Aired: December 26, 2015 to February 2016.
"Dickensian" shows the interaction of iconic characters created by Charles Dickens.
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01x20 - Episode 20

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( Street bustle )

( Church bells peal )

( He gasps )

( He gulps )


Morning, ladies.

Ain't you never wanted to get married, Fan?

Whatever for?

To have a man about the house.

There's nothing a man can do I can't.

Oh, what about someone to smuggle up to at night, eh? Warm your feet on?

I got a blanket for that.

You can't get romantic with a blanket.

I don't want someone slobbering all over me if that's what you mean.

They don't all slobber.

Oh, never met one yet that didn't.

Breathing all over you, reeking of ale, making you red raw, scraping their beards all over you, and pulling you about.

And all the time, making out like they're doing you some favour!

Well, it don't sound very appetising when you put it like that.

There's only thing men are good for and that's fighting, if there's a w*r on.

Thins 'em out, as well, so you don't get pestered so much.

Do you get pestered a lot, then, Fanny?

I've never been so mortified!

He was like a wild animal, standing there with his bowl!

It's simply a testament to the excellent nature of your stew, my love.

I should never have given them them dumplings.

It was a step too far, Bumble!

We have been thwarted by an act of kindness!

( Chattering )

Yes, my cherry biscuit, though perhaps your reward shall be in Heaven.

( She slurps )

No, it will not, Bumble.


I have no intention of waiting that long.

I will have you back at the business in hand.

Today, sir!

Raise me up, Bumble, do you hear me?

Raise me up!

( Shell clatters )

( She slurps )

Raise me up!

( Bustle, dog barks nearby )

Come straight home tonight.

Martha and John are coming for tea.

Ah, that'll be a treat.

They're bringing a chicken, so I'll get some vegetables on the way home.

What's the occasion?


Oh, right.

See you this evening.

Just our anniversary...

Scrooge: Cratchit!

( Door clanks )

( Knock at door )

Go away.

( Door opens )

Didn't you hear me?

It's your sister's wedding day, Arthur.

You think I don't know that?

Despite your reservations about her choice of husband, this is still a Havisham wedding.

Your father would expect you to walk Amelia into church.

An honour that now falls to an uncle she hasn't seen in ten years.

If she's stupid enough to marry that man, then she has exactly what she deserves.

I'm not here to scold you, or to hold you to account.

What, then?

I'd simply hoped to persuade you to be at your sister's side, as your father would have wanted and for the good of the Havisham name.

I can see I am wasting my time.

You know, Arthur, I've never thought to discuss this with you before, simply because... to do so would somehow defeat the object.

But don't you see?

What your father did, the provision he made for you in his will...

It wasn't a reflection of his feeling for you.

It wasn't a punishment.

It was a call to arms.

A call to his only son to go on and follow in his footsteps, to become the man he knew that you could be.

He himself was a... a self-made man, he took great pride in being so.

He simply wanted you to share that same feeling.

He did what he did because he thought you were capable of emulating him.

There's no greater compliment he could have paid you.

No greater love...

...he could have shown.

( Door opens and closes )

( He inhales )

( He sobs )

( Bustle )

Oh, come here, darling.

( Woman giggles )

( They murmur )

It's not raining, is it?

Please, tell me it's not raining.

No, Miss.

You're sure?

As I came in, the sun was peering through the clouds.

( She sighs )

Of course it was.

Thank you, Sarah.

Miss Barbary.

You're here!

How could I not be?

( Amelia chuckles )

Thank you.

( Hooves clop, bells jingle )

But do you love him?

I'm fond of him.

And as Lady Dedlock, I can do much to help the family, restore Father's standing, help Frances's social position.

And James Hawdon?

Captain Hawdon was a few months of madness, nothing more.

The impetuousness of youth.

You seem different.

Do I?

You're my best friend in the world.

I want you to be as happy as I am.

Sir Leicester and I will build a good life.

I hope so.

And are you happy?

I have never known a feeling like it, to know I am to be Meriwether's wife.

That I will be loved, cherished.

It's no less than you deserve.

( She chuckles )

My mother's.

I've thought about her a lot since Father died, it's been such a worry, doing everything on my own.

Dealing with the brewery, Satis House... and Arthur.

But now I'll have a husband.

To wake up every morning and know that I'm not alone, that whatever the day brings, good or bad, will be shared.

Begging your pardon, miss, but we should start dressing you.

Yes, we should!

Nancy: 'f*g!'

You and me ain't got no cause for hard feelings.

Bill paid you off fair and square. As for where he got the money, well, that's between you and him, it ain't nothing to do with me.

He paid me with my own money, Nancy!

There are lines that shouldn't be crossed.

Bill Sikes, I can understand, I wouldn't have expected any different, when the cat's away the mice will play! But...

( He sighs )


You think it was him what told Bill where you kept your stash, don't ya?

Only you and Dodger knew where it was.

Yeah, well, a wild goose never laid a tame egg, HE is what YOU made him.

But I've sent word for him to come back now he ain't wanted by the coppers any more. And I want him to be safe.

I mean it, I will not have him hurt.

So, when he's back, I'll bring him here and you make your peace with him.

As though nothing ever happened?!

( He sighs )

( He chuckles )

Come here.

You're an old rogue, f*g, but there's a heart in there somewhere. I know there is.

Well, keep it to yourself, my dear.

A heart is very bad for business.

( He taps )

Go, go!

Mr Havisham and I are old friends.

So, you found my humble abode, my dear?

How can I help you? Do you have more items to sell, perhaps?

Oh, no. I'm not here to sell, I'm here to buy.

Keep going! Keep going.

That's it. Lovely!


You know Mr Compeyson? You've seen him with me in The Three Cripples?

Yes, sir.

He'll be at the tailor's. Find him and give him this.

Tell him it's urgent, that it's vital he reads it immediately. Go!

( Hum of conversation )

A tonic.

Something for the head, sir?


This will shift it.

( He splutters )

Best to follow it with a drop of whisky.

Burn off the taste.


From Mr Havisham, sir, said it was urgent.

( Hum of conversation )

I couldn't get to you yesterday, we were rushed off our feet.

An entirely unwelcome predicament for a one-legged man, I imagine(!)

You're most understanding, Mr Scrooge(!)

Please don't mention it.

I have simply added a further tuppence to the debt.

An extra day's interest.

You old skinflint.

Tuppence is tuppence!

I asked for two.

Trust me, Bill here is all you'll need.

Mr Ebenezer Scrooge.

Mr f*g.

You know me?

By reputation, sir.

State your purpose.

I was very sad to hear of the demise of your partner, Jacob Marley - it must have been very difficult for you, my dear.

Must it?

It doubled your burden, did it not?

Jacob's death was an inconvenience.

Ah, an inconvenience...

But, as men of commerce, we should know that adversity sometimes offers opportunity.

You speak in riddles, sir. I have business to attend to.

Then I will come to the point.

You are now left to manage your business, alone.

What of it?

I have recently lost some of my capital and am pondering the wisdom of having all my eggs in one basket, as I'm sure you will understand.

So, I have been thinking, perhaps I could be persuaded to invest in a new business.

And if it was something already established, all the better.

You're proposing a partnership?

Scrooge and f*g.

It has a certain warmth to it, does it not, my dear?

May I speak plainly?

Please do.

I have recently been relieved of one partner and I feel all the better for it.

Now, if I had a desire to take on another, which I do not, I doubt that my first choice would be someone that I met in an ale house.

Neither would it be someone who conducts his business from a sewer, with a reputation for purchasing stolen items from the criminal world.

Is there any part of that which is unclear, sir?

I'm sensing you need a little more time to think about it, hmm?

Good day, sir.

Compeyson: Where's Arthur Havisham?

( Door opens )

What are you playing at, Arthur? I'm in no mood for games.

Nor I.

So, what's so damn important you drag me here on my wedding day?

I want you to leave my sister...

...my family, alone.

Damn your eyes, I've no time to listen to this.

Yet listen, you will.

It's too late, Arthur, there's nothing you can do.

And if I need to fight my way out of here, I will.

Have Mr Compeyson sit down, would you, Bill?

( Scuffling )

( Grunting )

( Compeyson groans )

( He groans and coughs )

( He pants )

You see, Compeyson, you forgot something very important.

That the only thing that kept me from exposing you was self interest.

A simple equation - if I exposed you for what you are, then everyone would understand my part in it.

But your mistake was taking away everything I had.

Including hope.

( He pants )

Mr Sikes, you are a regular here at The Three Cripples, are you not?

I am.

Enjoy exchanging stories over an ale or two, no doubt?

It's been known.

Well, then, I have a tale for you.

When my late father died and left the Havisham fortune to my sister and not to me.

I hired Mr Compeyson here to seduce her, and in doing so, to bend her will to mine.

In order that she would renounce the will and I be reinstated as Master of Satis House.

Please feel free to share this with anyone who will listen.

And so, the secret is no more...

...and our destinies no longer aligned.

( He chuckles )

You can't scare me off, Arthur.

Oh, I assure you, that's the very last thing on my mind.

Then, what do you want?

The only thing I have left of any value - the love of my sister.

And so, to that end, I intend to go to Satis House.

Amelia will hear everything.

I will sob at her feet and beg her forgiveness.

And she WILL believe me.

( Church bells peal )

I guarantee you, once I'm done, you'll never set foot in Satis House again.

All done.


You look wonderful.

He won't be disappointed?

Only if he's a fool.

I don't think I've ever seen anything so beautiful, Miss Havisham, not even in the newspapers.

( All giggle )

Don't do this... Arthur.

Maybe... it was wrong of me, cutting you out of things like I did.

It was selfish of me, I see that now.

But we can go back to how it was.

Just let the wedding go ahead and we can make a new plan.

You cannot do this to me!

Just think how close you got.

Close enough to smell the money.

It's not just the money...

( Arthur chuckles )

( He laughs )

It's her!

You... You love her, don't you?!

( He laughs )

The hunter caught in his own trap!

( Scuffling )

( He groans )

In this bag are my 30 pieces of silver.

Every penny we stole from my sister, I won't have the stench of it near me a second longer.

I intend to follow in my father's footsteps, to begin with nothing.

So, it's yours.



How predictable you are.

There's a condition.


Well, I knew that to win back my sister's respect, she will need to know the truth.

But then, I thought how much better it would be, coming from you?


Oh, I think you might want to reconsider. My lawyer will explain.

You have two very clear choices, Mr Compeyson.

To accept Mr Havisham's very generous offer and leave here unharmed with £10,000.

Or you can reject his offer and be handed in to the authorities, where I will use my not inconsiderable influence to ensure you are charged with your crimes and imprisoned for them.

You will write a full confession to Miss Havisham, setting out the truth - the entire truth, the facts.

As cold and as heartless as they are.

Miss out one word or try to court her favour or forgiveness in any way and you will not receive a penny and I will have you arrested.

Do you understand?

You will then deliver it to her in person.


Why would you ask me to do that? Why would you do that to her?

If I write it all down, you'll have what you need.

No, we will not have it said that it was written under duress, that you were coerced, that this was somehow false.

She will read it and see the truth of it in your eyes.

This is not a matter for negotiation.

( Chattering )

Is the carriage here?

Yes, miss.

( She sighs )

I feel sick.

You'll be fine... Martha, a glass of water?

I don't want to be late. Or do I?

You'll be there at the exact moment you're supposed to be.

I'll see to it.

What would I do without you?

You're done.


Wait! My shoe...

My stocking's tied and it's pinching.
( Door opens )


I'm sorry.

( He claps )

Staff dismissed.

Give it to her.

You must read it now, Sister.


All a lie.

For my money?

Leave us, please!

I will never leave you alone with my sister again.

I don't believe it!

You've made him say these things!

You forced him.

Tell her.

Yes, they forced me to come here...

...to write what you hold in your hand.

But what I've written is the truth.


I've done what you asked, damn you. Now can I go?

What's that?

The money from the sale of the brewery shares, I won't take it.

I said he could have it, if he came here and told you the truth.

You said you were sorry.

I am.

Then show me.

Leave without the money.

I will burn the money if I can stay - for an hour alone with you.


I will hear her speak!

I am not to be bought!

( She sobs and grunts )

( She sobs )

Get out.

( She weeps quietly )

Everything in that letter is true, it was as cold and as spiteful as you believe it to be.

Every moment, every second was contrived, bent to one purpose.

To relieve you of the Havisham fortune.

I didn't care about you.

Or once think beyond the money.

But these last few weeks, as I neared what I thought I wanted, I saw an even greater prize before me.

I saw you.

( He sighs )

And I loved what I saw.

As I stand here now I... I love you still, I swear it.

You're already married.

It was a marriage of convenience, nothing more.

I would have freed myself from it.

Fate throws people together in different ways.

No-one is given a choice of how that first meeting will be.

A sibling's fury and desire for vengeance may not be as palatable as a chance meeting in the park or an introduction through mutual friends.

But until I knew you, I didn't know you.

Every lie I have ever told you has become true, every falsehood is undone, every promise remade.

Because although it was never part of my plan, you have stolen my heart.

And you have broken mine.

Then give me the slightest glimmer of hope, and I will stay and I will repair it.

I love you, Amelia.

And I loved you.

Oh, my sweet Meriwether...

...there are things that can never be undone.

You have taken all the secret things about me and tainted them.

You have made them dirty...

...and now, the joy of them has turned to shame.

You held my head to your chest...

...as I sobbed like a child because I missed my father.

I cried so hard I could hardly breathe...

And the rise and fall of your chest comforted me.

You made me feel an equal.

That we could face this cruel world together.

You made me trust you.

Made me feel safe in your arms...

...as if nothing bad could ever happen to me again.

And I gave myself to you.

Which of these can be undone?

All of this, I swear.

You cut too deep.

To think that every moment I lost myself in you was false.

I looked on you as my life and you looked on me as your prey!

You have broken me.

So, I want you to go.

To leave me sitting here amidst my folly, surrounded by my stupidity for all the world to see.

For my father to look down on.

Do you think he will be proud?


Please make him go.

( She sobs )

( She gasps )

Stupid shoe!

I'll have to have it seen to.

Will you look at it for me?

Yes, of course I will.

We have time...

Only I...

I don't think I will be getting married today after all.


I'm so sorry.

It hurts so much, I fear I shall go mad.

Let me help you upstairs, get you out of this dress.


Amelia, please, come with me.


I don't wish to change!

Don't you see? I must wear it until my heart has healed itself.

Until then, I will wear it to remind me of my foolishness.

He's gone.

( He laughs )


You hated me that much?

I never meant for it to go this far, I swear it.

I was just so angry...

...and I wanted to get back at you.

When he came, he just twisted everything.


You all knew?

Tearfully: Everybody knew.

No. Not until today.

Don't you see? He's gone now.

We can be together again, I can help you. We can do it together.

Everything together. As it should be. Hmm?

I'm your brother.

I don't have a brother.

I want everyone to leave.

Get them out!


Get him away from me!


Perhaps we should leave her alone.

Get out!

Get out!


Get out!

Come on.

Get out! Get out!

Get out! Get out! Get out!

( She screams )

( She sobs loudly )

( Door closes )

( Amelia's screams echo )

( Sea birds call )

( Men shout nearby )


Ah, Dodger!

You all right, darlin'?

What's done is done, no doubt with bad on both sides.

People like you and me need to stick together, Dodger, all we poor have is each other.

We take care of each other because no-one else will do it for us, will they, my dear?

I wouldn't have told 'em nothing if you hadn't.

I know, my dear, that's why you're back in your rightful place at my side.

So, it's done. Hmm? All forgotten?

It is on my side.

Then we'll shake on it, my dear.

( They spit )

Now! There's just a little...

Shoo! Get off!

A little bit of business to deal with while you're here.

What sort of business?

There were others what had their eye on it, but I kept your bunk.

Trouble is, you're three weeks behind on your rent.


What? You'd rather I'd have given his bunk away?

Better get to work, then.


You're my very best boy, it's a pleasure to have you back.

( He takes deep breath )


( Tentative footsteps approach )

Leave it!

No-one is to touch anything.

Leave me. Close the gates.

Admit no-one. Do you understand?

Pardon me, miss?

( Door closes )

Are you all right?

( Church bells toll )

( Clanking, hinges squeak )

( Gates clang )


( f*re crackles )

( Door opens )

( Bull's-eye whines )

How did it go?

Well, he ain't best pleased with you, but he's taken Dodger back all right.

I ain't worried about f*g.

What are these for?

They ain't for anything, just to look pretty.

You spent money on 'em?

Only a farthing.

They'll look nice in a jug on the windowsill.

Yeah, well, I work hard for my money, girl, I don't want it wasted on no flowers.

Now make me something to eat.

Can I fetch you some tea?

No, thank you.

You can sit with me though.

You're worried about Amelia Havisham.

It's so sad.

People can be so cruel, can't they?

Perhaps they don't always mean to be.

Do you think?

Sometimes people can do the wrong thing with the best intentions...

...or the right of something isn't seen straightaway.

Love is so difficult, isn't it?

Brings such pain.

I sometimes think we'd be better off without it.

Though I think it's nice to know you have BEEN loved, isn't it?


My baby...

...did you bury her nearby?

In a quiet cemetery.

The location I must keep secret.

I couldn't bear to see it.

I know.

You've been so kind to me. I'm almost afraid to ask.

Ask what?

I want her to know that she was loved.

She will know.

I'm leaving for Chesney Wold tomorrow, there is much to arrange.

But... I need you to take this to her for me.

It's a... It's just a silly thing.

But it was given to me by her father.

It's all I have left of him.

Honoria, I...

Please, just bury it with her.

She must feel so alone.

This will tell her that she was loved.

Promise me.

( Flame roars )

( Raucous drunken laughter )

The baby's mother wants this to be with the child.

( Drink sloshes )

( Amelia's screams echo )

( He whimpers )

( He sobs )

It was terrible, the sound of her heart breaking.

It just goes to show, it don't matter how much money you've got, it don't make you happy.

Well said, Mrs C!

Coal, Ma.

Oh, thanks, darlin'.

Oh, something smells good!

It's a chicken, big as a goose!

Not quite, but there's plenty to go round.

Good day?

It is now.

Happy anniversary.

( Applause )

Bob, you shouldn't have!

Commit this to memory, boys, when a woman says, "You shouldn't have!" What she really means is, "God help you if you didn't!"

( All laugh )

It's lovely.

It's got a farthing in it, too. For luck.

Here's yours.



( All chatter )

I hope as perfect as the last 19 years have been.

I know what you're up to, Mrs Emily Cratchit.

And what might that be?

You want me to carve the chicken!

Caught red-handed! Right everybody, round the table, come on, let's eat.

Can you find some space, Tim?

Nice to have you home.


( All exclaim )

( Applause )

( Piano plays, low conversation )

Not at this time of day, not with my disposition!

What's this? What's this?

( Bull's-eye slobbers )

Daisy! Up and get the empties from Mr Pickwick!

My t*nk's empty, girl.

So's mine.

You heard me.

( Bull's-eye growls )

You know you've always got a home to come back to?

Yeah, but I've got a new home now, f*g.

Bill Sikes is not an easy man to deal with.

I can handle him, don't you worry.

( Laughter and chatter )

Mr Bucket!

Mr Venus! May I join you?



Good to see you, my friend.

Likewise, Mr Venus, likewise.

Are you just, er, passing through?

In a sense.

Though my visit is convivial, it is also, in part, of a professional nature.

Two budgies slain with but a single m*ssile, as it were.

You are doing more detectiving?

Indeed I am, Mr Venus.

My superiors have given me a new case.


A man found m*rder, s*ab through the heart in a room with no windows and the door firmly closed from the inside!

Tell me more.

Well, it would not be ethically appropriate for me to reveal...

( Applause and chatter )

( Indistinct conversation )

Goodnight, Mr Scrooge!


Well, it sounds like a right old do of a wedding, by all accounts, people screaming and shouting, and she never even got to the carriage.

Oh, I knew he was trouble, his eyes were too close together.

How come you never mentioned it before?

Well, I may not have said it. But I thought it.

Hmm, how very astute of you Miss Biggetywitch.

Oh, be quiet, Bumble!

Get me another drink.

Yes, my little love pudding.

( He chuckles and grumbles )

( Fanny belches )

Your sherry, Mr Bucket.

( Piano introduction )

( Cheering and applause )

♪ I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls ♪
♪ With vassals and serfs at my side ♪

At my side...

♪ And of all who assembled within those walls ♪
♪ That I was the hope and the pride ♪
♪ I had riches all too great to count ♪
♪ And a high ancestral name ♪
♪ But I also dreamt which pleased me most ♪
♪ That you loved me still the same ♪
♪ That you loved me, you love me still the same ♪

All: ♪ That you love me, you love me still ♪
♪ The same ♪
♪ I dreamt that suitors sought my hand ♪
♪ That knights upon bended knee ♪
♪ And with vows no maiden heart could withstand ♪
♪ They pledged their faith to me ♪
♪ And I dreamt that one of that noble host ♪
♪ Came forth my hand to claim ♪
♪ But I also dreamt which charmed me most ♪
♪ That you loved me still the same ♪
♪ That you love me, you love me still the same ♪
♪ That you love me ♪
♪ You love me still ♪
♪ The same. ♪

( Cheering and applause )

Crowd: Aw.

( Applause fades )

( Clock ticks )

( Wind whistles, flame gutters )

( Flame gutters )

( Groaning )

( Fizzing )

( Chains jangle, heavy scraping )

Marley: Ebenezer...

( Chains jangle, heavy scraping )


( Jangling and scraping gets louder )


( Street bustle, chatter )

( Dog barks nearby )

You hungry?

Got any lodgings?


Then why you been crying?

I saw a ghost... at the window.

A ghost, eh?

You'll be needing some lodgings tonight?

Yes, please.

Come on, then.

Jack Dawkins is me name, but people call me the Artful Dodger.

What's yours?


Oliver, eh?

I know a respectable old gentleman what'll give you lodgings for nothin'.

And won't ask you for the change - that is, if any gentleman he knows introduces ya.

( Accordion plays, laughter, chatter )

( Door slams )

( Accordion plays faintly )

( Music fades )
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