02x18 - Legacy

Episode transcripts for the TV show "CSI: Cyber". Aired: March 2015 to March 2016.
CSI: Cyber is a direct spin–off of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and the fourth series in the CSI franchise. Special agent Avery Ryan works to solve crimes as a CyberPsychologist for the FBI.
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02x18 - Legacy

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Avery Ryan?


I'm Jessica Turing.

I believe you and I are in love with the same man.

Uh... Jessica... Andrew is deeply devoted to you.

Normally I wouldn't doubt that, but things have changed since Andrew's visit here a few weeks ago.

He's working late a lot.

Isn't interested in discussing the final details of our wedding.

I've noticed the two of you talk more than you ever have over text and e-mail.

I realize he's your ex-husband, but I thought you had both moved on.

I'm sure that Andrew shared with you that he's been the victim of a hack.

That someone filed a false death certificate in his name.

And it takes a lot of work to clear that up.

You know that he's our main witness in this case against this hacker?

How convenient for you.

I'm not sure I like what you're implying with that...

Then I'll be more direct.

I love Andrew and I want you to stop communicating with him.

I imagine there are plenty of people on your staff qualified to handle any business regarding the hack.

I'm gonna marry him, Avery.

Please don't get in the way.

I'll see myself out.

(phone rings)

Avery Ryan.

So that means somebody must've compromised the government servers.

I'll be there in a half an hour.

The NSA, CIA, Homeland Security, Department of Defense and the FBI.

Each of us were sent e-mails explaining the Federal Government Office of Personnel Management has been hacked.

Gentlemen, there's still a possibility that this is a hoax.

Man: We can assure you it's not.

The hackers sent proof.

Attached to each e-mail is a PDF of our own SF-86 file with every personal detail included.

This is the document that government employees fill out when applying for top secret clearance.

The form contains health and financial records.

Details on drug use, sexual preference, psychological issues.

Information on friends, spouses and family members.

Man 2: Which is a particular concern to the CIA.

That's all anybody needs to impersonate or blackmail any of my agents in the field.

Man 3: President's concerned that additional government documents have been compromised.

And servers also house files, such as Social Security numbers, fingerprints and credentials of over 21 million federal employees.

In which case, our entire government is vulnerable.

Man 2: How long until you know the extent of the hack?

Or even who's behind it?

No thr*at or demands have been made.

No individual or group has come forward claiming responsibility.

Until we know what devices were used, the point of intrusion, the motive, all that I can tell you is our target is incredibly smart and tenacious.

We've instructed intelligence to review any cyber chatter they've detected over the past few months from the usual suspects.

China, Russia, North Korea, Iran.

As Head of Homeland Security, I recommend that we proceed with the belief that the hackers breached the entire system.

Ryan: We'll need to notify all other agencies.

Immediately disconnect from the OPM servers, so no further theft or damage can occur.

I will have my team start working on patching its vulnerability and tracking down this target.

Homeland Security can assist in any way that you need.

Director, we've got this covered.

Do know that the Department of Defense is on alert.

If any of our foreign adversaries are involved, Congress will consider their actions an act of w*r.


Two hours ago, the U.S. government was hacked.

Wh-Where's Elijah?

I don't know. I'll text him.

No, I got it.

You get everybody else in here whoever's not already here.


Got to take a rain check on tonight.

Text you later?

Yeah. Okay.

Where you going?

It's my last day since the hacker for hire program is over.

Nelson's decided to stay.

He even has plans for Quantico.

But I don't have that option.

Until the judge hands down my sentence...

No, you're staying here.

Look, I don't have the authority to-to do this, but I don't want you going anywhere until I tell you to.

We need you here, okay?

Now, go.

Get back to work.


Yeah, I got it.


(phone buzzing)

You should get that.

It was buzzing in the car.

They can leave a message.

Listen, Dad, this whole mess with Nina?

It's my problem, not yours.

Are you telling me to butt out?



Come on, showing up at her bar to confront her?

Eh... What were you thinking?


And promise me you will show up to your chemo treatments, so you don't end up back in the hospital.

I'm not gonna live much longer.

You know that.

Dad, come-- look, come on. (stammers)

It's true.


I love you, son.

You make me very proud.

Ah... Dad, please.

Sounds like you got to go.


Come here.



Krumitz: Okay, here we go.

All the e-mails were sent from the same e-mail accounts.

And... this IP address looks legit.

All right, no proxies?

No evidence of spoofing?

No, it didn't even scrub the e-mail headers.

Not a very sophisticated hack.

Yeah, but our target had to be somebody skilled enough to know how to evade intrusion detection to break into the OPM.

Then why would they leave a digital trail that is so easy to track?

Russell: Their mistake.

Let's take advantage of it.

Can you get a name and address from the service provider?

Sure can.


Here you go.

Arlington, Virginia.

Call them, tell them to meet Krumitz in tactical.

All right.


You're Krumitz, come on!

Oh, right.

Gentlemen, the e-mail that each of you received came from a device in the home of Robert and Margo Hazelton.

Nelson: Margo Hazelton is a Chinese national.

Husband is an engineer who frequently travels to China for work.

I hacked the target's e-mail accounts.

Same ones that sent the PDFs.

I discovered over 150 messages offering a lot of money for the OPM files.

Russell: The Hazeltons are looking to sell the information.

In the wrong hands... National security nightmare.

This is Snowden all over again.

(door slams open)


What the hell is this!?

Hands in the air! Hands in the air!

On your knees! On your knees!

You can't break into my house!

Robert, why are they here? We haven't done anything wrong!

Look, can you just tell us what this is about?!

What are you looking for?!

Are there any other computers in the house?

Uh (stammers) our son's room!

Uh, Jake, upstairs.

Look, he's only 13. Let me go with you...

Stay where you are!

Our daughter's upstairs, please!

Please, you'll scare her! I want to call a lawyer right now!

Computer's clean.

Jake! Emma!

(yells in Chinese)

Oh, that's genius!

It's mineral oil.

Jake's who we're after.



See, the hard drive's missing from this computer.

Jake hacked the OPM.

You're telling me U.S. government secrets are in the hands of a 13-year-old kid?


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Original Air Date on March 13, 2016

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♪ And miles... ♪
♪ Oh, yeah. ♪

(heavy pounding)

Are you Wizard?


(chuckles) The movie Troy, right?

Yeah, just thought it was cool.


You bring the hard drive?


Oh, that's just Echo.

It's all good.

He's a friend.

Come on, show me what you got!

Mundo: Oil trail leads to the garage and out the driveway, and the kid's bike is missing.

So we can rule out a kidnapping.

Locals put out a BOLO.

I'm thinking he's got a buyer for this hard drive already.

(phone buzzes)


No. Um...

Krumitz, tell me about Jake.

What can help us find him?

This kid's brilliant.

Right. At something other than hacking?

'Cause he led us right to him.

Yeah, I can't really figure that part out.

But this kid is really, really smart.

This computer's processor and RAM overclocked.

Means it operates at a higher clock speed and voltage than the manufacturer planned.

But that can cause the computer to overheat and you'll fry the components.

So Jake built this cooling system inside this fish t*nk, filled it up with mineral oil because it doesn't conduct electricity.

13 years old.

I mean, that is knowledge.

Krumitz, I appreciate your admiration, but this genius is out there selling top security secrets.

We need to find him.

Yeah, I see myself in Jake.


No, what I mean is, I didn't have just one computer.

I built others and I backed up my hard drive.

So let's take a look at the home network, see what other devices are connected.

We confiscated the mom's tablet and the dad's laptop, but the... what is this other device there? JBC?


Jake's backup computer.

There's a backup drive.

It's gotta be here.

We can find it using an app that makes wireless signals visual.

Come on.


I got it!

Gardner: Do they know where their son is?

Ryan: No idea. Jake's cell phone's off.

They gave me the number of some of his friends.

I'll make some calls.

But Jake's parents are scared and worried.

They don't know any more than we do.

And you believe them?

Yes, I do.


Are you aware that the Hazeltons hosted a Chinese foreign exchange student for two years?

A student that returned to his country and subsequently was arrested?

I think the Hazeltons are very generous people.

And for the record, that student was arrested for leading a pro-democracy demonstration.

Jake Hazelton's a 13-year-old domestic t*rror1st.

How can you be sure that the parents aren't involved?

I was told the mother screamed the children's names when the SWAT team moved upstairs.

That was her warning.

That's when Jake knew to grab that hard drive and get out of the house.

Well, then what happened?

He slipped past our well-trained SWAT team that was surrounding the house?

Clearly, Jake was not there when we arrived.

That doesn't rule out the parents' involvement.

It's okay. I rule out the parents' involvement.

Under whose authority?

What is your issue, Director Gardner?

It was your Cyber Division, Agent Ryan, that recommended the course of action to prevent this kind of breach, and it clearly failed!

And now you seem to want to operate here with a great deal of autonomy.

First of all, the Cyber Division recommended protection updates that were denied because of budgetary restrictions.

Secondly, hackers are innovative.

They always find a way.

I earned my autonomy.

It is not "Agent Ryan," it is "Deputy Director Ryan."

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a 13-year-old national security thr*at to find.

Hey, Emma.


My name's D.B. Russell.

I want to ask you a few...

Boy, that...

Does that hurt?


Well, it looks like you've got a...

Excuse me.

That's crazy.

You got a...

Have you seen this trick before?


Okay. (chuckles)

I used to be better at it.


You're worried about your parents, aren't you?

Don't be. They're gonna be fine.

They're just helping us out.

What about Jake?

Well, we're looking for Jake, actually.

Do you know where he is?



Maybe he hurt him.

Who hurt Jake?

Who you talking about, Emma?

The Wizard.

Ramirez: The back-up drive confirms that Jake is responsible for the OPM hack.

I'm on the OPM site right now.

That vulnerability has already been patched.

Wait a minute, we just recovered the code.

How's that possible?

Jake must've patched it.

Why would he do that?

Because he's a white hat.

Not quite, Krummy.

He did run off with the hard drive.

That sounds a little gray to me.

Yeah, I'm with Raven.

Jake reached out to a lot of people about the breach.

Check out this hacker forum.

See, this is how it all starts.

You execute your first big hack, you start bragging about it... and nobody believes you actually did it.

And then you gotta prove it. I mean, you can either share the code or sell the exploit and you got everybody on the forums taking about it, calling you a genius, and by that time, you're in.

You're hooked.

Black hat.

You know, we don't all have to cross to the dark side.


All right. Here we go. White hat theology.

My experience isn't just textbooks and computer science classes.

I was just like the both of you.

I was curious. Bored.

You know, when I was 13 years old, I started messing around online, and one day I found myself inside a bank's network.

Right there.

All the money I could possibly ever want right in front of my face.

You didn't take anything?


I was satisfied by the thrill of getting behind the site.

You do realize that's called hacking, right?

I mean, it... it is a crime.

It's what you do afterwards that makes all the difference.

Jake patched the vulnerability on the OPM's site.

That's why it was so easy for us to trace the hack and the e-mails back to his computer.

He thought he was fixing the problem.

We're the ones who decided he was a criminal.

Krumitz, the kid was sending thr*at messages to the government.

No, he sent proof that he did it to the government so they would know the system was vulnerable.

The intrusion was patched after the e-mails were sent.

Jake got no response, so he just did it himself.

Or he did it to make his drive more valuable.

He'd get a lot of money.

He's on the run, Krummy.

No, he's scared.

Wouldn't you be?

Russell: Hey, guys, anything on that drive about someone named "the Wizard"?

Yeah, I did see that handle.

Actually, there was one message from a Wizard715, and he says, "You're getting lots of attention. Let's take this conversation offline."

That means there's a chance that Jake had conversations with this Wizard in a... in a private forum.

Is there any way, anything we can do, to identify him?

On a private hacker's forum, activity's untraceable.

They use spoofed addresses or the site is usually hosted on a computer in another country.

What about legacy footprints?

That might work.

Guys. Sharing?

Digital evidence that you leave behind on the Internet and forget about.

Digital exhaust.

Krumitz: Somewhere on the Internet, the Wizard may have used that handle without anonymizing himself.

Yeah, it's like a burglar wiping his fingerprints from a crime scene, but then forgetting to wipe 'em off the doorknob when he leaves.

Thank you. Now you're speaking my language.

Locard's Principle.

Every contact leaves trace... even online.

Now, do me a favor. Get...


Do that legacy thing.

Quickly. Please. Thanks.

You're on a plane tonight?

The red-eye. I know it's unexpected. But I got a call and they need me to start tomorrow.

Greer, I... I wasn't kidding when I asked you to join me.

A plane ticket?

You didn't strike me as the e-ticket type.

Come to Paris with me, D.B.

Greer, I...

Stop saying my name.

In fact, don't say anything more.

If you're there at the airport tonight, great.

If you're not... I get it.

I just don't know how else to tell you how I feel about you.

You're blushing.

Is that what this is?


I also sent you a boarding pass in a text.

(knocking at door)

D.B., we found a legacy footprint.

Someone with the email address Wizard715@fasttapsmail.com listed a phone number on Craigslist posted three years ago.

We got a location on the cell phone.

Um, get Elijah on the phone.

I'll be right there.

I'm so sorry.


(labored breathing)

Mundo: Call 911!

Do you have the hard drive?

Achilles has it.

Jake? Achilles is Jake?

Where is he?

You have to save him.

He ran off with the hard drive.

Echo went after him.

And he'll k*ll him for it.

Mundo: Gerald Fenwick, aka Wizard, died in surgery.

Traces of blood and skin found underneath his fingernails were a DNA match in CODIS to Jeffrey Stevens, aka Echo. We found Jake's bike at the gym, and his fingerprints also place him at the scene.


Jake had priors?

No, his parents volunteered his toothbrush and we lifted partials that were a match to what we pulled at the scene.

And where do we think Jake is now?

Mundo: He's on the run.

Not from us, but from Echo, who will not hesitate to k*ll Jake for that hard drive.

It's possible Jake was working with Echo and Wizard got in the way.

That's an unlikely scenario .

There's been no prior communication between Jake and Echo, either on e-mail or on forums.

Foreign intelligence chatter just revealed that earlier today somebody brokered a deal to sell the OPM documents to Russia.

Mundo: All right. Well, we recovered Wizard's laptop.

Hopefully, it'll provide the answer to that question and where Jake is headed.

Something happened at that gym that Wizard was not expecting.

Besides getting sh*t?

You know, a 13-year-old doesn't go to meet a stranger in an abandoned building if they don't feel safe.

There were no signs of struggle between Wizard and Jake at the scene.

You know what I'm thinking?

Wizard had a plan and Echo had another.

Wizard: Wow. (laughs)

Wow, this... this is it!

This is everything from the OPM.

You did it, kid!

You really did it.

Jake: Didn't mean to.

It just kind of happened.

I sent an e-mail explaining what happened, but nobody wrote back.

It's good that you reached out to the community.

How much do you think we can get for the hard drive?

(chuckles): What?

This is serious stuff, man.

We gotta give this to the FBI, so the kid can be a genius and a hero.


(chuckles) What do you mean, no?

I mean no.

Run, Achilles!



I can't access Wizard's laptop.


Thought you said that Tableau 3 could crack any code.

Wizard doesn't have his name for nothing.

He likes bells and whistles.

His laptop is equipped with a biometric lock and liveness detection.

Meaning we need his fingerprint.

Yeah, but not just his print-- we need him alive.

The print has to be alive.

The scanner on Wizard's laptop considers three things.

One, that the fingerprint being scanned is a match to the device's owner.

Two, that it's human skin.

And three, an active pulse.

Meaning without Wizard, we can't unlock the laptop.

Okay, all right, so that means we need to bring him back to life, right?

Bring his laptop. Let's go.


How is he gonna bring him back to life?

I have no idea.

Did you do this a lot at your old job?

This, and many things far more gruesome, actually.

Let's hope that, uh, Wizard here was right-handed, or I'm gonna have to start all over again.

You sure that's gonna work?

Oh, yeah, absolutely.

We need his fingerprint, and Raven's only requirements were that it be human skin-- which this is-- and an active pulse.

Yeah, but it's not alive.

I know, I know, but the scanner here determines life based on blood flow and, uh, fluctuations in life underneath the skin created by a pulse, and I, D.B. Russell, am alive and have a pulse.

Shall we do this?

Let's do it.

Oh, I hope this works.

All right.

No match.

No, no, no, no, wait, wait, wait, wait.

I'm guessing Wizard is a thumb man.

Try his thumb.

Yeah, yeah, I like that.

Look at that. (chuckles)

Look at that.

That's what I'm talking about, baby.


Oh, my God, I love this one, but do you think it's gonna be enough for 120 people?



Ryan: Andrew, um...

(sighs) This is never gonna be easy.

(sighs) Jessica came to see me.

It doesn't, it doesn't matter, but what does matter is that she is right.

We can't be friends.

I don't, I don't understand.

I want to be more than friends.

And I know that I didn't fight for our marriage when Hannah died, and I know I let you walk out of my life three weeks ago, when I should have been saying all of this.

And I know this is wrong to be doing this over the phone in the middle of a really, really stressful day.

I mean...

(sighs) I mean, me.

I-I'm... having a really stressful day.

But, Andrew, this is right.

We are right.


I want to try again.

I want you back.

Chocolate or carrot cake?





Uh, Avery, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

I'm gonna have to call you back.


Uh, sure.





(Krumitz sighs)


I recovered the private messages between Jake and Wizard from Wizard's laptop.

Jake doesn't know Wizard's d*ad.

Okay, how's that important?

Because Jake is still communicating with Wizard, or whoever he thinks Wizard is, and he's actually getting messages back.


He stole Wizard's phone-- he's pretending to be him.

Yeah, they've set up a meeting time to exchange the hard drive, 4:00 p.m.


That's the problem-- I don't know where.

The message just says, "meet where Wizard spent his summers as a kid."

That's it, that's all I got.

All right.

We got 45 minutes to figure that out.

Just got a hit on the BOLO.

Jake Hazelton was spotted at an Internet café in Adams Morgan.

That's about 20 minutes away.

Is he still there?

Mundo: I don't think so. Raven's pulling up the surveillance footage now.

Ramirez: Screen one, that's Jake in the café at 3:04 p.m.

Can we get closer to see who he's texting?

No, I tried that, but the picture gets grainy.

My guess is it's the fake Wizard, Echo.

Nelson: Well, we tried calling his phone, but we can see from the footage he's got it in airplane mode.

I mean, he doesn't want anyone to find him.

Yeah, it means he's using hot spots to communicate via Wi-Fi.

But we can't track or reach him unless we know the Wi-Fi network he's signed on to.

There's gotta be some way to warn him that the man he's about to meet is not Wizard, but Echo.

Well, maybe we can use the surveillance footage to determine the meet location.

All right, Jake left the café at around 3:00.

He's on foot, he's no longer on his bike.

Chances are he's not gonna take public transportation.

That's too risky.

Okay, so let's do a little geographic profiling.

On foot, Jake could, what?

Travel a radius about three miles.

So use the café as the epicenter.

All right.

(sighs) Nice try, D.B.

But, uh, it's not getting us anything.

Do we know where Wizard spent his summers?

Did we get anything off of his devices?


Ramirez: Wait a minute, there might be one way we could find Jake, but we'd have to force Jake's phone onto a network.

Krumitz: Okay, okay, I like where you're going with that.

That might work, but the phone will only connect to a Wi-Fi network it already trusts.

Wait a minute, are you guys talking about forcing the phone to connect to Wi-Fi?

His phone can connect, even though it's in airplane mode?

Yeah, but we'd have to rename every Wi-Fi network inside the three-mile radius to that trusted network.

Yeah, but how many thousands of routers are there in Adams Morgan?

I mean, we don't need to reassign them all.

Just enough to blanket the area.

Krumitz: Okay.

I got Jake's mom's phone.

Their home Wi-Fi network is Hazelton Home.

Right, the phone will recognize that name and connect.

But it's gonna take some hacking to rename the signals in our radius.

Let's go.

All right.

D.B., you're here at home base.

Elijah, Krumitz, we're going to Adams Morgan.

We find anything, we'll reach out.

Okay, let's do this.

All right, we're in the three-mile radius.

Nelson: Guys, we're at 50%.

No sign of Jake's phone.

D.B., Jake's phone just connected to one of the Wi-Fi networks.

All right, can we find his location?

With Wi-Fi, we can call him on the Internet.

That's great, Raven. Do it, pull it up.

Put it on speaker.

D.B., we're just going in circles here.

You guys have to give us something.

Avery, we're trying to reach Jake right now on his phone.

Got him on speaker.


No, Jake, this is D.B. Russell with the FBI.

Look, d-don't hang up.

Jake, you haven't done anything wrong.

We just need you to tell us exactly where you are right now.

Is there anyone else there with you?

Avery, we've got Jake on the line; we're talking to him now.

No, I'm waiting.

I'm at the community...

Oh, no!



Help, please!



Help me, please! Help!


Come on, please, please!

All right, all right.

So that means that Echo is with him right now.

He said community. Community something. Find it.

Somewhere in Adams Morgan.

Avery, look for signage with the word community.

Raven, you've gotta give us something more than that.

Avery, his phone is still live, but we've lost Jake.

We're running out of time.

Two shots were just fired, Avery.

Get us a location now!

Hey, hey, guys, guys, D.C. has a g*n locator system.

It detects and gets the location of g*n using acoustic sensors.

We need authorized access to that site.

Ryan: Don't worry about that right now!

Hack it if you need to.

Do it, pull it up right now.

Raven, focus on Adams Morgan.

Russell: Find the last sensor recordings.

Use time and distance between the sensors.

Where they intersect will be our location. Go.

Nelson: Okay, we got it, we got it.

Russell: Avery, go to Adams Morgan Community Pool.

Ryan: Raven, send units to the location.

Set up a roadblock. No one goes in or out.

Mundo: Nelson, we're gonna need SWAT backup.

All right, I'm calling Dispatch now.

Hey, Jake? Jake?

More g*n were just fired, Avery.



(tires squealing)

Go, go, go!

We got a runner!

You there! Freeze!


Where's Jake Hazelton?

He's d*ad!

Krumitz: He's in the water!

Ryan: Got it! Got it!

Go, Krummy!

Soldier: Come on.

I got him. I got him. Got him.

Ryan: Come on, come on!

Okay... Okay. Got his head.

Ryan: Okay.


He's breathing! He's breathing!

I'm Deputy Director Avery Ryan.

We're from the FBI.

You're safe.

We're gonna get you to a hospital.

Krummy, he's gonna make it! You did great!

(gasping): Okay...



Dang, D.B.!

Smooth with all the ladies, huh?

Yes, I am.

Yes, I am.

A job well done.

Ryan: What happens to Jake now?

Well, we can protect him under Responsible Disclosure.

Well, that will make Agent Daniel Krumitz very happy.

Jake went to Wizard because he needed help.

They wanted to do the right thing.

Well, thank you, Avery.

You make us look good.

Krumitz: Yeah! I mean, I went right in.

It was, like, just instant, so...

I really, I feel like I want to do a little less tech stuff, and a little more, like, take down the bad guy, rescue-type stuff...

Is that right?

Man: Elijah Mundo.


You've been served.

Well, what is it?

A restraining order from Nina Moore.

I'm having you banned from this hospital.

I'm just trying to help you.

I don't want your help!

I want you to leave! Stay out of my life!

Enough is enough.

Raven, before you leave, I...

No, Avery, please, let me go first.

This is really hard.

I love my job... and everyone here is my family.

What happens next is in the hands of the judge, and I can only hope that I...

I-I get time served.

And then what?

Well, I'll still have a record, so there's no chance for me to go to Quantico.

Private sector, maybe?

Raven, you don't have to be an agent to work here.

You can be a consultant.

I want you to know I really believe in you.

(sighs heavily)


What's going on?

You know, when you... you're young and you, you wish you were older because... you could do whatever you wanted?


And then you-you get older and then you wish you were younger because, if you knew then what you know now, you-you could've done anything you wanted.



What you're saying... strangely makes sense to me.

Good, because I'm... I'm staring at that moment in my life, right now, where I could... do what really makes me happy.

Right now.

But I'm gonna need you to accept my resignation, Avery.

(voice breaking): What?

I have loved every single second that I have spent at Cyber Division.

You know, I'm done with bodies and DNA and epithelials and Bluetooth devices and pi boards.

I'm just done.

Oh, come on!

It's Greer, isn't it?


Yeah, yeah, I think so.

I have a seat on a red-eye that could change my life.


I'm gonna come back in two months and do this the right way, I promise you.

Okay. Okay.



You poured your heart out to me and I said chocolate.

I don't care what you say as long as you're here!

(groaning happily)

You're not gonna marry her, right?


I'm yours.

I'm sorry, Elijah.

Nina-- whoa, whoa.

Put the g*n down.

I realize the restraining order was a bad move and I knew you'd be mad.

That's not what I wanted.

I just wanted to be your friend.

Mundo: I know that, so... why-why don't you just put the g*n down, and we'll talk about it.

No, I don't want to do that.

I've already tried to talk to you, but you don't answer my phone calls anymore, and you don't come to the bar, and all you do is you push me away!


Stay down. Stay down.

He's losing a lot of blood.

Ryan: D.B.!

You're gonna make it, do you hear me?

You're gonna make it!

Stay with me!

I'm right here!

D.B., D.B.! Do you hear me?

You're gonna make it!

Mundo: He saved me. She was gonna k*ll me.

He saved my life.

Michaels: Parking garage of the FBI Building, Level B.

We need help right away!

Nelson: You'll be okay.

Ryan: D.B.!

D.B.! D.B.!

(echoing): D.B.!

Krumitz: Now, if you can think outside the box, have mad hacking skills, and write code with your eyes closed, you could have a future at the FBI Cyber Division.

You could be part of the first class of the Young Apprentice Program.

And I was just kidding about writing code with your eyes closed, unless you can do it.

Ah, ah! (laughs)


Ah! Go, girl, go!

Ryan: Go! Go!

(laughing) Go!

You look lovely.

Mundo: What, are they taking anybody these days?

(Nelson laughs)

Ramirez: Look at you!

Mundo: There's no height requirement.


I still can't believe they gave you a g*n.

Hey, man, I'm a graduate of Quantico.

Agent Brody Nelson.

Sound good, don't it?

It does, it does.

I know. Yes, it does.

Ah! Avery!

Thank you. Thank you for everything.

Ryan: I'm so proud of you, Brody Nelson.

Oh, no, you didn't!

Yes, I did.

Oh, damn!

Bam, bam, ow! Look at that! That's my boy! Check me out.

This is unbelievable, that you let this happen.

Look at that.

Hey, man, I am an official FBI agent.

You already packing? Geez, Louise! (everyone laughing)

Oh, oh, oh!

Since, uh, since Raven is a consultant now and I'm an FBI agent, does that mean I get to boss her around?

What?! Absolutely not!

Why not? (scoffs)

There's no way! She could b*at you up with a g*n!

(all laughing)

Ramirez: Man...

I wish D.B. was here to see this.

Yeah, me, too, baby. Yeah.

Oh, thank you.

And he would never believe FBI Agent Brody Nelson.

Aw, come on. Right?

Brody Nelson with a g*n.

I don't think any of us really believe that it's actually happening.

D.B. had faith in me, okay?

Mundo: Not that much faith.

Krumitz: To your face, maybe.

(everyone continues chatting, laughing)

Latimore: Wait a second... (laughs)

You're still carrying around that cane for sympathy, aren't you?

Yes, I am. Yes, I am. Mm-hmm.

And it's working, too.

I'm getting extra pastries wherever I go.

Oh! And... free French lessons at Lulu's.


Well, let me hear a little.

(with French accent): Ho-ho!

Ho-ho! That's all I got.

(both laughing)

I will drink to that.


I'm gonna lay some French on him.

(speaking hesitant French)

(both laughing)

That was very good.

Thank you. I've been practicing.

So this is what happily ever after looks like.


How do you like it?

It-it-it's better than my wildest dreams.

Come here.

(Latimore laughs)

Oh, my.

(both laughing)

Russell: Oh, la-la.

(both laughing)

Latimore: Aw, enchanté.

Russell: You're something else.

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