01x02 - Let the Wicked Be Ashamed

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Of Kings and Prophets". Aired March 8 to March 15, leaving 7 episodes unaired.
"Of Kings and Prophets" is based on the Biblical Books of Samuel and follows characters including Saul and David, the successive Kings of Israel, their families, and their political rivals.
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01x02 - Let the Wicked Be Ashamed

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Previously on "Of Kings and Prophets"...

[Lion roars]


There's a lion that kills our sheep.

Flog him.

Let me k*ll the lion instead.

[Lion roaring]

Word of this will spread. You will be famous.

Together: Saul, King of Israel!


Our enemies now are the Philistines.

When your sister marries Mattiyahu, at last, the 12 tribes of Israel will unite.

And you fortify us against the Philistines.

I have a spy in the House of Saul.

I am at your service.

Meet my general... Goliath.

Where's Mattiyahu? [Sobs] Where is he?!

You put yourself above the Lord.

You are not the Lord.

I am the prophet.

And I am the king!

The Lord... he will take your throne from you and choose another in your place.

Michal: Father, please do your best to avoid more bloodshed.

Saul: That is why I meet with King Achish at w*r council, Michal.

She's pretty.

Isn't she?

Saul: I'm leaving your brother Ishbaal here to protect you and your sister.

He is in charge while I'm at w*r council with King Achish.

You listen to him.

Daughter... it would be wise to remember I did not k*ll Mattiyahu.

It was the Philistines, and I will seek retribution for their act.

[Door opens]

[Horse whinnies]

You can't be serious.

I just really like her.

[Laughs] Of course you do.

She's a beautiful princess.

I know. I know. But it's more than that.

Now that you're in the palace rubbing shoulders with the royals, have you forgotten all the stories?

Saul is ruthless.

What do you think he's gonna do when he finds you under the skirts of his favorite daughter?

Am I that unworthy a suitor?

For a princess, you are the definition of an unworthy suitor.

You're a shepherd.

No, Yoab.

Yesterday I was a shepherd.

Today I'm in the royal court.

So who's to say that tomorrow I can't win the hand of a princess?

[Swords clatter]

Do not align yourself with this family.

They will not be around much longer.

But then why did you go and join their army?

Because the army will always be there!

It's the House of Saul that's falling apart.

Everyone can feel it.

Samuel said, "Torn from the throne."


Yeah. That could mean anything.

Every king is torn from the throne eventually.

It's called dying. It's gonna happen to all of us.

This king is not gonna die peacefully in his bed.

The Philistines are coming.

Do you want to be sitting at the dinner table with Saul when they arrive?

You k*lled Mattiyahu, a son of the House of Judah.

That is an act of w*r I cannot ignore.

I am willing to overlook your atrocity if you pull your troops from the northern border.

You dragged me out of dinner for this?

Saul: You will never defeat us.

We have the higher ground.

We have 30,000 men.

The tribes will unite.

Judah will lead the charge.

Then there are more of you to k*ll.

You've stood in the way of our trade routes for 20 years.

You're not interested in trade routes.

You want our land and our water.

And with our iron, we'll take it.

You've no w*apon.

We have w*apon.



Oh, Saul.

Everyone knows your God has forsaken you.

Surrender your city.

I may let your children live.

We will be waiting.

Wherever you come, we will be there.

♪ ♪

[Gryphon screeching]


A gryphon outside! It attacked me!

It's a bad omen!

[Speaking indistinctly]

What's wrong?

The prophet's talking to God.


Aaron: Prophet Samuel, what did God say?

Babesh: Prophet?


Elohim has made his choice.

And he said we had to go now?

There are those who would stop me.

We must be on our way.

Where are we going?

To anoint a new king.

[Indistinct conversations]

[Swords clanging, men grunting]

What is this?

The slaughter of the Amalekites.

The king thinks recreating the battle will make us forget the prophecy that he is to be torn from the throne.

[Horse whinnies]

Storyteller: With the Lord by his side, Saul slew the Amalekites as was commanded.

Give praise to our great king for victory.

Give praise!

They're not cheering.

Give praise!

It's the prophet.

His words still ring in their ears.

The Lord will take the throne from Saul and put another in his place!

Elohim wants another king! The prophet said it!

Saul is our king!

Man: The prophet said it!

[Indistinct shouting]

Then take this back to him.

[Shouting intensifies]

Silence them!

Saul disobeyed Elohim!

Saul is our king!

[Shouting continues]

Ishbaal: They should be k*lled.

Jonathan: Ishbaal, you can't k*ll people for being unruly in the town square.

It makes you look weak.

Weak? I have led my people to victory after victory.

Which is why you can dismiss one drunken idiot.

It was more than one.


The whole place can come down.

Do you think I care?

My husband is d*ad!

[Crying] My father sent him to his death.

Well, Elohim commanded it to be so.

No! You just wanted your iron!

And now I've lost my husband, and you've started a new w*r, so go pray that the tribes will fight by your side.

She is a foolish girl.

Right now we have to attend to the tribes.

Call them to council.

Tell them you hold the throne just as you always have, until you pass it to your eldest son... Jonathan.

Kingship must come with the blessing of the prophet.

Forget Samuel. We're not going to need his blessing.

The Lord commands us to respect the prophet, Ishbaal!


Get the harpist.

He finds your music soothing.

Well, it's an honor to serve the king.

It's this way.

You're worried about your father, but you needn't be.

He's a great king.

[Chuckles lightly]

You k*lled a lion.

Surely you can handle my father.

[Soft harp music playing]

♪ ♪

[Music stops]

Why have you stopped?

The song ended, my king.

What if I choose for the song not to end?

You want me to play it again?

No. No, no, no, no.

That's not what I meant.

I said, what if I chose for the song not to end?

I am the king.

I am allowed to command a song, am I not?


You're not from here.


No. I'm a shepherd from Bethlehem.

A shepherd?

Ahh. I was a farmer.

Uh, well, I was a... farmer.

[Chuckles] What did you grow?

A few things. Dates, wheat, olives.

My mother... she would, uh, sell them at the market.

Do you miss it?

Yes, I-I do.

I miss it very much.

I... I was a very happy boy.

And then the prophet turned up, and... and told me that Elohim had chosen me and I was meant to be king.

It was such an honor to be anointed.

It's an honor beyond reckoning.

Who would say no, hmm?

[Both laugh]

No one.

No one.

And I didn't.

[Sighs] I served the prophet Samuel loyally.

And now I'm told Elohim doesn't want me.

Like a flame going out, he's gone.

He's not gone, my king.

Then why can't I feel him?

You. You are David of Bethlehem?

Yes, sir. I am.

I am Hanoch of Ruben. This is Eitan of Judah.

It's an honor to meet you both.

We've heard of your bravery with the lion.


With more men like you in our ranks, Israel might have a chance.

Your fame has spread far and wide.

Is that all I'm to be remembered for?

You wish for more?

My father... how was he?

What did he say?

Well, with all due respect, Princess, the king has taken me into his confidence.

I wouldn't really feel comfortable speaking about it.

But he's... he's all right.

You don't need to worry about him.

So many people doubt him now because of what the prophet said.

Ishbaal said something awful to my father.

The prophecy's hit him the hardest of all.

Well, if anyone can ease his mind, it's you.

Well, I should, uh...


[Indistinct conversations]

Hasn't got a blade.

That one hasn't got a handle.

Everything is in terrible condition.

Who are you?

I beg your pardon, highness.

My name's Yoab. I'm new to the palace.

I can see that. Question for you... do you think a peasant has the right to criticize the king's armory?

I'm not criticizing, sir. I'm observing.

Observe more silently.

Ishbaal, let's talk.

The Philistines are on the march.

The fires are lit.

We don't have the troops to repel them.

Father warned they would come if we wasted our energy fighting the Amalekites.

We did as the prophet commanded.


Yes, we did.

And it will be the last time he commands us.

[Indistinct conversations]

[Rhythmic drumbeats]

Ishbaal, prince of the House of Saul.


It's late. What do you want?

There is turmoil in the city.

I need you, my best assassin, to take care of it.

What's the name?

[Indistinct shouting and rowdy laughter]


You want me to k*ll the prophet?

My father has spent his life doing this prophet's bidding.

And now he's going to try and tear him from the throne?

He is the mouthpiece of your God.

I want him d*ad before he anoints another.

It's going to cost you.

I want him d*ad.

Today I call on the loyalty of all 12 tribes of Israel.

w*r is coming, and our troops prepare for battle even as the Philistines march upon us.

We will prevail.

But the tribes must be united.

Perhaps you should have thought of uniting the tribes before you sent Mattiyahu to his death.

Your son's loss is our loss, too.

Your son was to marry my daughter.

We grieve as one.

Your grief does not bring him back.

We must now protect all our sons.

Hanoch speaks wisely, my friend.

We must unite the tribes to protect our future generations.

How can we accept a leader that does not have the faith of the prophet?

[Crowd murmuring]

The Philistines are animals.

They eat dog and pig.

They worship a sea monster, and Saul has defeated them again and again and again with my sons at his side defending you and yours.

This is how you repay him?

Because I did not hear the prophet say, "Betray your king!"

The prophet said...

No one knows what the prophet meant, and he is not here to explain himself, but Saul is here.

As he's been here ever since he was anointed.

[Crowd murmuring]

The tribe of Ruben pledges its loyalty to the House of Saul.

We thank you, Hanoch.

[Indistinct speaking]

Eitan of Judah, will you pledge your loyalty to the House of Saul?

The 11 tribes together do not equal the might of Judah.

Your men are fierce... it is true... much like their chieftain.

If we do not join, you and your bloodline are wiped from this earth.

Some would say that's as it should be.

Eitan, we are old friends.

You once asked for my hand.

You chose Saul.

We must think of our children.

My heart aches at what happened to your son... Mattiyahu.

But you also have a daughter... and I a son, who will one day be king and has yet to take a wife.

[Speaking indistinctly]

Let's hope he comes back alive.
Jonathan: Our scouts say the Philistines have mobilized over 30,000 men.

We have 1/3 their number.

Judah is with us.

We have their 10,000.

What did that cost?

His daughter and my first-born.

You arranged my marriage without informing me?

I bring you 10,000 men to help you fight this w*r.

You should be thanking me.

Thank you, Mother.

[Exhales sharply]

I have done it.

He wants Jonathan for his daughter.


How quickly he sells his second child to have a chance to enter the House of Saul.

You knew he would.

But you... you... you were dazzling.


I must rest before we march.

This day has taxed me.

[Inhales sharply]

[Door closes]

See that I'm not disturbed.

[Door closes]

[Indistinct conversations, horse whinnies]

You're a devout man, Goliath.

Perhaps that's why you've never lost a battle.

I kneel to Dagon for the protection of my family.

I don't need his help to k*ll.

Have you decided from which direction we'll att*ck?

From the Valley of Elah, but it's not going to matter.

We will destroy them wherever we meet.

Are you not concerned the tribes will unite?

That won't happen.

I also have other strategies.

So, what news do you bring me, Rizpah?

I conveyed your generous offer of silver.

It was accepted. Meet Hanoch of Ruben.

He commands 6,000 Israelite soldiers.

He will betray his King Saul and bring his men to the Philistine side.

Hanoch: They bring with them 10,000 soldiers.

Saul hopes the addition of Judah's army will discourage you from invading the city.

Without knowing that your army will desert him as soon as battle commences.

Yesterday I pledged to him the loyalty of my tribe.

He has no idea of my plan to betray him.

Saul is my friend and ally, but our Lord has condemned him.

Who am I to disobey Elohim?

And if it comes with a fortune in silver, so be it.

This has nothing to do with your silver.

I have a 9-year-old son.

I want to see him grow up.

[Coins clinking]

It was only a jest.

Rizpah: Queen Zaphra, I thank you for your hospitality.

It is dangerous for you to come back and forth to Gibeah this way.

A concubine is nothing to Saul.

As long as I take care, he does not miss me.

Why return to Saul's bed?

It's t*rture to you.

I want to be there when it happens.

I want to see his face when he realizes I helped tear him from the throne.

[Indistinct conversations]

Michal: Ishbaal?

Go on inside.

Ishbaal: Is he d*ad?

Asriel: Not yet.

I went to the tabernacle, but he was gone.

No sign of Samuel, but, lo and behold, this one shows up.

[Exhales sharply]

Tell him who you serve, Babesh.


[Breathing heavily]

Tell him.

The prophet.

I serve the prophet.

I won't hurt you.

Just tell me... has he anointed another?

Not yet.

And where was he going?

I don't know.

When I left, he was south of Ramah.

Thank you.



[Sighs] You startled me.


It's late.

I'm waiting for my brother Jonathan to return from a w*r scout.

I have something important I must discuss with him.


Ishbaal... he... did something... to protect my father, I know.

What did he do?

I have to talk to Jonathan.

I will wait all night if I must.


I'll wait with you.

Zaphra: What do you really want?

Saul has stood in front of our trade routes for too long.

We will take what we came to take.

We captured their Ark of the Covenant, and their God rained horror on our people... plagues, boils, death.

Now you insist we challenge this God again?




Their God did this to me, Achish.

I see you.

I see you.

It's getting late.

You should go back inside the palace and get some rest.

I must talk to Jonathan.

Can't you wait until the morning?

[Door closes]


Ishbaal has hired an assassin... to k*ll the prophet.

[Exhales sharply]

Oh, if this gets out, it will destroy the union of the 12 tribes.

He's terrified that Samuel will anoint another in father's place.

But if this assassin kills Samuel, Elohim will destroy us all.

Aaron: Prophet, shall we make camp and see if Babesh finds us?

We must keep moving.

If the Lord wills for Babesh to find us, he shall.

[Breathing heavily]


We worried for you, Babesh.

I'm sorry, prophet, but I was lost.

Well, you are safe with us now.




Elohim sees all.

He said it was a gift from the prophet.

Tell your prophet I will meet him myself.

And if I see you again in my city, I will not give you the mercy that the prophet has bestowed upon these two.

You will beg for mercy from Elohim and from Samuel.

You will feel what it is like when he does not answer your call.

Bury them.

♪ ♪

Ishbaal, I know your plan.

I won't let you.


Move aside, sister.

If you k*ll Samuel, you'll damn yourself and this whole family!

We're already damned, apparently, because Samuel said so.

And do you know what he's going to do next?

He will anoint a new king.

If... If that's God's will...

God's or Samuel's?

And how can you be sure?

And are you willing to bet our father's life on it?

Because I'm not.

Let me tell you how this works, Michal.

Old kings and their heirs must die to make way for the new.

Now, you've already seen how the people are turning on our father.

A new king is all that they need to spark a full-scale revolt.

And what will the people do when they find out that the son of Saul k*lled their beloved prophet, the voice of Elohim?

Just get out of my...

What kind of consequences might that spark?

Get out of my way.


I don't want to hurt you, okay?

I won't let you go.

I'm sorry.

What are you doing?

If it's a fight you want, I'll give it to you.

No. Just stop.


It's okay. Just stop.

Everything's okay.

Isn't it, brother?

Fine. Have it your way, sister.

[Staff thuds]

Are you mad?

No, I don't think so.

You spent the night with the princess.

I was protecting her.

Oh, is that what we call it?

Yeah. Her brother...

Yeah! Her brother.

The next hole he has me dig could be for you.

So if you want to live a long and happy life, I'd stay away from both of them.

Yeah, well, that's not gonna be easy.

I'm supposed to be playing for them tonight.

You best go get yourself cleaned up, then.

I'll finish this.

Saul: Our scots say the Philistines are on the march and are three days away.

But even though we face mortal danger, we celebrate the future of our tribes united against our enemies.

The House of Saul announces the betrothal or our beloved son Jonathan... [Crowd murmuring] to Sarah, daughter of the house of Judah.

[Indistinct conversations]

It's a beautiful feast.


You're not much of a talker.

We're about to go to w*r.

[Soft harp music playing]

Did you tell the harp player what we were arguing about?

I told no one.

I only prayed to Elohim to stop you, and I'm grateful that he did.

You stopped me.

[Harp music continues]

I don't know what you know or what you think you know... but if I catch you... speaking about me to anybody...

I will k*ll you, your family... and every animal in your fields.

Keep out of my business.

Stop acting like a child.

You remind Judah of what he's lost instead of what he's gained.

You know nothing about love.

Father doesn't even invite you to his chambers unless it's to talk about strategy.

He loves his concubine more than you.

Saul: I said to Achish...

He will think we are waiting for him in the north, so he will come down the valley.

It's the only other option.

And we will be waiting for him... with Elohim by our side.

This is what it means to unite the tribes.

This is the courage we need from a leader.


Hi. I'm Taavi.

Y-You k*lled a lion?

I did. [Chuckles]

You want to know what it was like?



In my city, we give alms to the musicians.

Thank you, my lord.

This is Philistine silver.

Where'd you get this?

My father.

He has bags of it under his bed.

Hanoch: Taavi... time for bed.

♪ ♪

I don't believe this.

Hanoch commands 6,000 men.

He has been beside me through glories and defeats.

Even with Samuel's prophecies he has stood by my side.

As any traitor might to obscure his duplicity.

Michal, you know nothing of these matters.

My king, I'm not making any claim against Hanoch's loyalty.

I only make claim of my loyalty to you.


[Silver clatters]

I will have my guards search Hanoch's chambers.

You did well to tell me of this.

You, at least, I can trust.

I'll call for you later.

"I'll call for you later."

That's what she said.

That's obviously a call to the bedchamber.

But if I were you, I'd keep my belt laced tight.

Mm. If she calls for me, I'm going.

David, think.

I am.

With your brain this time.

w*r is coming.

If this Hanoch of Ruben has turned traitor and you were the means of discovery, then you need to stay out of it now.

Your presence is requested in the palace.




[Taps bars]

You must not speak a word of this to anyone.

David: Of course not.

Where are we going?

She said to bring you downstairs.


My queen.

You did us a great service tonight.

Hanoch's room was filled with Philistine silver.

What will be done with him?

He'll be made an example of.

But I didn't ask you here to talk about Hanoch.

The Philistines are but days away.

They march 30,000 strong, and I'm not sure we will survive.

I need you.

I need you now.

My queen, I can't.

This could get me k*lled.

So could refusing your queen.

Taavi: Father, what's happening?


Where are they taking us?

Hanoch: Have mercy, my king!

Father, what are they doing?

Father! Father!

Have mercy!

My king!

My king, I beg you!


Let them go.

[Woman vocalizing spiritually]

[Indistinct shouting]

Hanoch sold his loyalty for Philistine silver.

This is what we do to traitors.

My king, not the boy!

All of them, now.

[Children gasp]

[Crowd murmuring]

Do not betray me... for I am your anointed king!




You are angry.

You think I went too far, but it had to be done.

Hanoch was a traitor.

He would have brought the alliance down.

And the boy... well, boys grow into men.

If I hadn't have done what I did, many more would have died.

This is the price of kingship!

But now I think on it, I don't need music. I feel fine.

Hey. You can't just leave.

You were right. I don't belong here.

What did you expect, eh?

Something... something... better.

Where are you going?



I sent for you.

They couldn't find you.

You're leaving?


I wish I could leave, too.

My father... he...

My father should not have k*lled the boy.

But when you're in his position, you act as you think you must.

Then I pray... I'm never in his position.

Goodbye, Michal.

♪ ♪

[Sheep bleating]

[Flies buzzing]

What's happened?

The prophet is here.

And he's... he's looking for you.

David, son of Jesse.



It is so that Elohim has anointed you shepherd over his inheritance, over his people Israel.

He will be to you a father, you will be to him a son... and he will call you... "The Beloved."

David, with this oil, you are anointed.

Elohim... has chosen his king.
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