01x03 - Episode 3

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "Harriet's Army". Aired: August 5, 2014.
"Harriet's Army" follows 14-year-old Harriet, as she forms her own army of misfit children to search for spies during World w*r I.
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01x03 - Episode 3

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There's lights in the night!

What is that?

I don't know.

Numbers. Like a signal, maybe.

There was a break-in at the supply depot last night.

We saw lights!

They looked like they were coming from near the army depot.

It's spies!

What is it?

Stephen's ship was sunk.

Do you want to fight the w*r and catch some spies?

There's someone out there.

Get down.

Over there.

Do you reckon we should go and get someone?

No. I want to make sure.

Who was that? Who was that?

I don't know.

I reckon this is where you fell down.

He's not been gone long.


That's army.

I reckon you've found your thief.

This is proof.

It's not enough.

What would be enough?

Find him.

Find him and catch him.

He's not going to want to go back to the woods.

He's bound to think we've told the Army or the police or someone.

They could be waiting for him, and he don't dare go back to the depot, most like.

But he's still got to eat.

Where's he going to get food?

The same place we do - the allotments and fields and that.

So that's where we catch him, then.

Have you got any paper?


Right. We can put lookouts here, here and here.

And the rest of us will hold up over here... over that side, wait for him to come to us.

I've got to go to a meeting with the Sea Scouts.

Edward, would you mind... when you've finished the rotas, going around distributing them?

Everybody needs a copy.

Yes, Father.

Harriet, you look after Sam.

Make sure he brushes his teeth.

I mean all round, not just at the front.

Yes, Daddy.

Good girl.

How long is that going to take?


I'm just asking.

You got somewhere you need to be?


You heard what Father said.

You have to stay in and look after Sam.

Who's looking after me?

Harriet is.

And you're looking after her, too.

So if she does anything, goes out of the house or anything like that, you tell me and Daddy, all right?

All right.

Don't let her out of your sight.

( She sighs )

Go and brush your teeth.

Edward said not to let you out of my sight.

Well, Edward's a pill.

You were going out, weren't you?

With the army.

It's nothing to do with you. You can go.

I won't tell... if you let me come too.


I want to come. I want to catch spies too.

( She sighs )

And you can't go if I don't go too.

You'd have to do exactly what I say.

( She sighs )

( Whistle blares )

Get him!

( Shouting )

( Whistle blares )

( Shouts continue )

Spy! Spy! Get him!

Where's Harriet gone?

With me, Sam.


Surrender! You're surrounded! Don't you move!


( Shouting )

Stop it.

He's not a spy!

He's a spy!

He's not a spy, all right? Everyone calm down.

What's going on?

Jimmy, take Sam home, would you?

Is that Stephen?

Jimmy, take him home.

This isn't what it looks like. All right?

Aye, all right. Come on.

Go on, all of you.

Go home.

It's over.

Did everyone get the new rotas?

Just Bobby and Stan Mills left.

They're at the crossroads out of town.

Edward, stop in at home on your way, would you?

Make sure that Harriet's put Sam to bed.

We thought you were d*ad.

I mean, we heard you were coming back.

But then there was no sign of you.

Violet thinks you're d*ad.

Your mam and dad think you're d*ad.

Why didn't you go home?

I can't.

Why not?

You don't understand.

You don't know nowt about it.

About what?

About what it's like.

( Echoing g*n )

Tell us, then.

I can't.

Stephen, it's me.

Why can't you go home?

It... It were all right to start off with.

We was proud, all of us together. Pals and that.

Me and...

..Tom, Fletch...

..and Barry.

You're stuck in the trenches - half rotting from the wet and...

..no way to keep warm, but... it's all right, kind of, cos...you're with your mates.

Fletch was right next to me.

He hands me his mug of tea and says, "Hold that, Steve, I'm just going for a leak."

And then...

They sh*t him through the head.

Right next to me.

And then they said...

They said we were supposed to att*ck.

"Come on lads. We're going over the top. Fix bayonets."

We went over the top.

All of us blundering through mud and shallows, and they're sh**ting at us.

Machine g*n was everywhere. You-you-you...

All over. You can't hear right, you can't see right, so...

What happened?

I tripped over.

Some bit of metal went through my leg.

I just tripped, and I couldn't get up and they all ran on without me.

What happened then, Stephen?

They all died.


Every one of 'em.

Barry and Tom - everyone.

( He sobs )

I should have been with 'em.

Don't say that. I should have.

I just fell. It were just chance.

If I hadn't then I would've been with them.

But you weren't.

I should've been!

Don't be daft.

Why would you want to die?

Violet and your mam and dad are at home.

They don't care what you've done.

They love you.

You don't have to stay here.

You can go home.

It's all right.

Where on earth have you...?


She took you with her?

She took you with her?


Don't tell lies. Where is she? Where's Harriet?

I don't know.

Is this where she went?

What are these?

I don't know.

It's not mine.

Where did she get this?

Edward, please, don't be cross.

We were just catching spies.

Edward, please. It was just a game.


What's wrong? What is it?

11th... 11th...

15th... 15th...

24th... 24th...
( Knock on door )

What is it, love? It's late.

Hello, Mum.

( She gasps )



( She gasps )

Come in. Come in, lad. Come in.

Leave 'em be, eh?

Come on.

I can't believe it.

I know.

Do you think it's like that for 'em all?

All the lads in the trenches?

I suppose.

You got him home, though.

You did that.



There's something I need to tell you.

Well, go on, then.

You know Ma's found work?


She reckons she can get a place.

We don't need to hide out no more.

Now that money's coming in we could get a proper house again.

That's great.

In Whitby.

But that's miles.

I know... It's where the jobs are.

Jobs that'll take her, anyway.

Nothing's been settled.

She ain't found owt, but she's looking.

Harriet, say something.

When will you go?

When she finds a place, I suppose.

So we've still got time.


Then we need to use it.

What for?

Because we've had it wrong all the time thinking it was the depot the spies were after.

Well, it can't be, cos that was Jimmy's dad first off, and then Stephen.

So the lights mean something else.

They must do.

And we still don't know what.

Aye, all right, then.


Still work to be done.


I'll go to the sheep shed and keep watch.

You best go home, see if Sam's all right.

You did good tonight, Hattie.


( Door opens )

What's this?

All right, I know, but it was just for an hour, and I sent Sam home with Jimmy.

He's all right, isn't he? Sam?


Not your stupid army nonsense. This.

That's just about something else, that's nothing.

Do you know what this is?

You see these dates here?

These are when we lost ships. These are when our supplies got torpedoed.

These are the exact dates!

What are you talking about?

We only lost one ship.

One ship from this port.

Three more from down the coast.

This information isn't even in the newspapers. It's guarded.

And what's this?

These numbers here?

This is code, isn't it?

This isn't your handwriting.

Does it belong to Thomas Brown?


"They're not German.

They're not the enemy".

Then why's Thomas Brown got all this military information written down?

Lewis wrote them. They're when he's seen the lights at night.

There are no lights!

If there are, it's the Browns making them.

Don't you dare!

Thomas Brown's got you looking everywhere for your little "spies".

Everywhere but right in front of your face.

Where are you going?

I've got to tell the police.

Edward! Don't! Please.

You've got it wrong.

Just talk to him and you'll see. I promise.

Don't go to the police. Please.

I thought you were going to bed.

What's going on?

I should ask you.

What are you doing here?

It's nowt to do with you.

The coast. The harbour.

That's where you've been watching, then, is it?

Aye, so?


Edward, stop it! Let him explain.

All the dates of the ships that sailed and those that got sunk, does that make you proud - you and your German friends?

That's not my writing. It's Lewis's.

I know. I told him.

What do you mean, all the ships that got sunk?

There was more than one.

Other towns lost ships too.

These are the dates they were sunk.

But how does Lewis know?

Exactly, you tell me.

The numbers are different, that's why he put crosses.

See, different numbers.

Different lights.

Like a different code, maybe.

One code for when there's no ship going out.

And a different one for when there is.

The lights tell the submarines when to att*ck.

There aren't any "lights".

You're making it up.

There are too.

They come right over the...

..the ridge. There!

Get it down! Get it down!

I've got a compass.

I don't need one.


What is it? What's there?

It says it's right over that ridge, but there's nowt there.

Yes, there is. The ruins!

That's perfect.

That's just where a spy would want to be.

We need to tell them now. There's a ship due out tonight. Come on!

Where's my father?

I don't know. You changed the rota.

He left about an hour ago.

We need to use your bikes.

You take that one.

I'll warn the harbour.

You get the police.

Who are you, giving orders?

If we don't do this people will die.

Aye. All right.

What about me?

Stay here. Wait for Father.

You. Find Jimmy Cruickshank. Tell him to get the army to the ruins.

What? We're not allowed to leave our post.

Just do it!

Hey! We're supposed to stay here!

Has the ship left the port?

Too late, lad, it's already off.

The ship's going to get torpedoed!

There's a U-boat waiting for it, they've been warned it's coming out.

Stop the ship. Please.

( Stones clattering )

( Clattering )

Circle round! All of you!

( Clattering )

( Clattering )

Jimmy, you keep your lot right where they are!

Thomas, aim for his head!

What's this?

Don't move.

If he moves, f*re! All of you!

We've got you surrounded.

So don't move.

Just stay right there.

All right, that's his one chance.

If he moves again, f*re!

There's no-body here, is there?

It's just you.

Coming up here on your own at night.

You could get hurt.

She's not on her own!

What's he doing here, anyhow?

Get off home.

All of you!

Stop right there!

Evening, George.

What's all this, then?

You tell me.

Some kind of kids' game.

He's a spy.

Don't be daft.

Then what's he doing here, then?

That's enough.

This lot set on me.

I heard you did the same to the postman last year.

Someone should tell their parents about this lot.

Hey! Give that back!

See! He uses this to send his messages.

I'm the harbour master, for heaven's sake, of course I've got a signalling lamp.

How do you expect the ships to get in and out?

He's lying!

I have seen it from the sheep shed and the cottage!

It's a code. There's numbers.

Fours and sevens and...

And they change, if there's a ship or not.

It's a different pattern.

Give that back, please.

Why don't you believe me?

Come back here with that!

Hey! Just a moment. Give her a sec.

I'm arresting you on suspicion of treason.

Corporal, take him to the barracks.

He's been using this to tell the Germans when our ships are coming out.

There's a ship going out tonight.

It's still in the port.

My son managed to convince them to hold it.

Well, thank God for the Scouts.

It wasn't us. It was Harriet.

She worked it out.

And Thomas Brown.

Edward kind of helped too.

Sleep well.

One of the things I loved about your mother was how she kept surprising me.

She was an extraordinary woman.

Sometimes you remind me of her very much.

If she'd been alive...

..she would have been so proud of what you did tonight.

I know I don't always understand you, Harriet.

But I do love you...very much.

They're letting our Julie out, Mam says.

I reckon it was that captain that told 'em to.

That's wonderful.

That's cos you're a hero now.

You are, though. No-one can say anything against you now.

You can come back, all of you, back to your house.

Mam's found a place in Whitby.

It's right near to where she works.

There's room for us all, and she says we should all be together.

When are you going?

End of the week.

For good?

Until the w*r's over, at least.

Then who knows?

We could come back.

If we win, I mean.

Well, now we have to win.

We've still got till the end of the week.

What we going to do?

Don't know. Catch more spies, maybe.

More spies?

Where there's one, there could be more.

You're right. There could be.

Of course, we'd have to get the army up to scratch.

Sweep the countryside, do it proper.

Everyone wants to join up now.

Even the Scouts want to be in our army.

Edward's that jealous.

Maybe he can join, so long as he asks nicely and promises to do as he's told.
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