01x01 - sl*ve

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Submission". Aired May 12 - June 16, 2016.*
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"Submission" follows Ashley leaving a damaged relationship, moving to a small town with her best friend, and her awakening when she discovers the popular erotic novel "sl*ve".
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01x01 - sl*ve

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♪ ♪

Oh, yes!



Not yet.

Not yet.



♪ ♪

C*m for me.


Oh! Oh!

Oh! Oh!

Oh! Oh...

[ snoring ]

[ moaning ]

♪ ♪

I didn't make you c*m? So you're blaming me.

No. I just...

You know I can't c*m from penetration alone.

Well, you were moaning. You were...

'Cause it's sex. It felt good.

It just wasn't an orgasm.

Like I don't know what an orgasm sounds like?

No, I know you do.

Ask anyone I've ever been with.

They've all c*m.

I'm sure.

Ever since you've gotten laid off, every g*ddamn thing has been an issue.

That is so not true.

Oh, okay.

Our sex life has been a problem for a while now, and you know that.

I'm sorry. I didn't know you were so unsatisfied.

Oh, because all the bottles of lube on standby weren't a clue?

Maybe you just have a dry vag*na.

Maybe you just don't understand that women need foreplay.

If you're so unhappy with this relationship, just say it.

I'm unhappy.

I just have to find another place to live.

Jules: Dude, come stay with me.

Jules, I have to find a job.

You'll find a job here.

Ivy may be a small town, but it's dope.

There's cute shops, great food, cool people.

This is your fresh start.

What do you have to lose?



Dude, you look so good.

Well, there is nothing like getting out a bad relationship to make a girl look her very best.

This house is awesome.

I know! My mom worked her whole life just so she could afford her own place and never even got to enjoy it.

I'm really sorry about your mom.

I'm not. I mean, how rad is this house?

Come on. Let me show you around.


I love it.


But I will only be here for a few months.

I have to figure out what I'm doing.

No, don't figure it out. Just stay here.

I want you here. I need you here.

It's not like you can go back to that shitty relationship.

I faked it for an entire year.

Faking only reinforces bad technique.

"Oh, yes, baby, keep ignoring my clit. That's right, keep ignoring it.

Oh, that finger jabbing's gonna make me c*m so hard."

For future reference, you can gauge whether someone can f*ck within the first five seconds of meeting them.

No, you can't.

Yeah. All good f*cks have aural fixations.


Aural. A person that can f*ck does a lot of ear shit when they talk.


I'm serious.

What does an earlobe look like?

A cl*t.

Aural people subconsciously always have sex on the brain.


I'm serious.

I'm gonna find you a guy that'll make you c*m.

By what, asking if he has an aural fixation?

Worked for me.

I'm having k*ller s*x right now.

You're in a relationship?

No, no, not a relationship.

Why not?


Oh, God.

And I work for both of them.


I know, I know, I'm going to hell.

But at least I'll see my mom again.

Where's the bathroom?

Why do you always go after the people you can't have?

Why do you always settle for the ones you don't want?

I don't always settle.

Mm, maybe not.

But remember, safe is easy, and easy does not make people c*m.

N*pple clamps.

For s*x. They're Dillon's, not mine.

These go on a guy?

No, no, no. Dillon, the other roommate.

A chick.


Yeah, but she's chill.

I mean, she's into some, like, weird kinky sh1t, but you'll like her.


All right. I've got some work crap I have to take care of and try not to sh**t myself.

There's beer and leftover tacos in the fridge.

Actually, don't eat the tacos because I can't remember when I bought them and they probably have food poisoning.

[ moaning ]

Yeah. Yeah, just like that.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.




Yeah, f*ck me.


[ bells jingle ]

[ moaning ]

Oh, my God.




[ both moaning ]

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Whoa! Hey. Hey.

Hold up a sec.

No, no, I'll come back later.

No, no, no. No, no, no. Wait. Wait.

Hey, I am so sorry.

I did not hear you come in.

I figured.

Yeah, let me, um...

Let me grab you a cup of coffee. On the house.

You know, I'm fine.

No, no, no. Please, please.

Our beans come from Kona.

They're really great. Trust me, they're delicious.

I'll even give you a bag to take home.

Just give me one second.


Yeah, bye.

See? I even washed my hands before going back to work.


Oh, yeah.

There you go.

Just have a little taste and tell me that that is not incredible.

[ zips up pants ]

It's great.

When will your manager be back in?

Why? Are you going to report me?

No. I was wondering about the job.

The barista job.

I guess. There's a sign on your door.

Yeah, yeah. Done. Yours.

You're the manager?

Owner, actually. Rafe Sterling.

You're kidding.

No. You can start tomorrow.

Don't you want to interview me?

You'll make coffee, you'll grind beans, you'll do fine.

And, you know, don't worry.

I promise I'm much more professional when there's actually customers here, so...

That doesn't look good.

Don't see it as bad.

The Ten of Swords represents the end of pain and the beginning of hope.

All right.

This card, though.

This is what concerns me.

The Emperor.

That's worse than the dude impaled by a bunch of swords?

Oh, in the reverse position, it's much worse.

It's telling me that you're in a situation where there's an abuse of power, an unequal relationship where you have no control.

But don't let that scare you.

Too late.

Well, do you know who this emperor is in your life?

I'm fairly certain.

You need to distance yourself from him.

You need to find a way to reclaim control over your heart, or the result will be devastating.

Dillon: Like his d1ck is in me, right?

And then this f*cking chick just shows up and is staring at us behind the bar.

Jules: Oh, my God. Who does that?

Dillon: I know.

Jules: But she never says a word?

Dillon: I know...

I thought you stopped banging Rafe.

I needed to get laid.

She was just sitting there watching you guys?

Yep. She couldn't take her eyes off of us.

Total creeper.

Oh, my God. That's her.

That's Ashley.

Talk about a small world.

I guess a formal introduction isn't needed, since you've already seen her vag*na.


I'm Dillon.


Welcome to the family.

So, did you enjoy the show this morning, Ashley?

I'm really sorry about that.

Don't be sorry. You got a sneak peek at the world's most epic d*ck.

It is perfection, isn't it?

I didn't really notice.

It was sculpted by the gods.

You've seen it?

I've heard about it.

It's so thick you can't quite fit your fingers all the way around it.

And it's just the perfect length that he can totally plow the sh1t out of you and you can still walk home the next morning.

[ cell phone rings ]

God, where can a person find a job that doesn't require that they work?

Hey, how's Thailand?

Jules: Yeah? I was over there earlier. They're fine.

Who told you that?

Well, she's wrong. I'm not dying.

Lay out with us.

Oh, I would, but I don't know where I packed my bikini.

Are you wearing a bra and panties?


There's your bikini.

♪ ♪ ♪

So do you like working at Brewed?

Well, I have enough time to f*ck on the job, so what do you think?

Listen, I know I already said this, but I'm really sorry about this morning.

They want me to spend the night at their house so their plants don't get lonely.

I need... I need to find another job.

Well, they're hiring at Brewed.

Um, not anymore. Rafe offered me the job.

So that's what you were doing there this morning.

That's not all she was doing.

Oh, my God. This is perfect.

You're in dire need of epic s*x, and who better to give that to you then Mr. Epic D1ck?

Aren't you and Rafe...


You know, I think I should just concentrate on one thing at a time.

[cell phone rings]

You know, job first, s*x later.

Gotta go.

Ash, listen to me.

You're never going to have great sex if all you do is stand around watching other people have it.

Yeah. You like that big d1ck in you, don't you?

Oh, that's right. Make daddy happy.

Oh, yeah. Make daddy real happy. Mmm.

Yeah. Who's your favorite stud muffin, huh? Huh?

You are.

Yeah. Mm, that's right.

[ sighs ]

You're late.

I'm sorry. I know your text said 8:00.

Look at me.

8:00 sharp.

Did you find a girl yet?

Not yet.

I'm still working on it.

That's a shame.

"My name is Mara, and I was his sl*ve, a plain faced girl in a maid uniform that floated around his house taking care of every corner and crevice."

"For years he watched me from a distance. I wondered if he ever fantasized about me the way I had of him. But after a year of waiting, he finally made the move I'd been yearning for."

"I was distracted by a smudge on the window when his hand found the inside of my thigh."

"I tensed to his touch, but my breath came in an exhale."

"He ripped my underwear from my body."

[ gasps ]

"I was already wet with excitement."

"He saw that my coyness had been nothing more than a protective mask guarding me from the danger of my attraction to him."

"He didn't ask for permission to touch me.

He simply took what he wanted and I obliged."

[ moans ]

♪ ♪

[ moans ]

♪ ♪

How long have you fantasized about this?

As long as I can remember.

♪ ♪

Beg me to f*ck you harder.

F*ck me harder.



That doesn't sound like begging to me.

Oh, please, f*ck me harder.


Because I want to feel alive.

Oh, what's going to happen to me after this?

You'll continue working here.

Oh, you're not going to fire me?

Not if you continue to submit.

What if I don't?

"Punishment became as prevalent to our relationship as reward, and on the days that I disobeyed him, there were consequences."

"But I enjoyed those consequences. For me, there was a sense of empowerment to it, knowing I could stomach the pain. I realized that there was great strength in my ability to obey his every command. But there was also a great thrill that came from defying him."


"A defiance than soon followed with the snap of a whip or the sting of his hand."


[ moans ]

[ smack ]



"And before long, the uptight young woman inside me had become fully unwound, taking pleasure in the knowledge that I could never exist with another man the way I had with him."

"And that my road to sexual freedom could only be found..."

"Through my submission."

This season on "Submission..."

So you don't strike me as a girl that likes to read smut.

I'd love to find out why s*x books have suddenly become hip with chicks.

Men have become these like passive little boys.

Oh, have they?

I want a submissive, not a nut case.

You're parading him around right in front of her.

You're stealing my husband away, are you?

That's quite an interesting book you've got over there.

Most men think it's just smut.

Who says there's nothing valuable in a little smut?

Sometimes losing control has its own kind of power.

We've all become so scared to take any risks anymore.

We've become slaves to our own boring lives.

I've never seen anything like this before.

He's playing you. Hard.

That book flipped on a switch inside me, and I haven't been the same since.

Let's begin.

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