04x03 - The Troubled Man

Episode transcripts for the 2008 TV show "Wallander". Aired 30 November 2008 - 5 June 2016.
"Wallander" revolves around a soul-searching detective and police inspector in the small town of Ystad, Sweden. Based on the novels of the same name.
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04x03 - The Troubled Man

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Despondency breaks off its course.

Anguish breaks off its course.

The vulture breaks off its flight.

The eager light streams out.

Even the ghosts take a draft.

And our paintings see daylight.

Our red beasts of the ice age studios.

Everything begins to look around.

We walk in the sun in hundreds.

Each man is a half-open door, leading to a room for everyone.

The water is shining among the trees.

The lake is a window into the earth.

♪ Tram wires cross northern skies ♪
♪ Cut my blue heart in two ♪
♪ My knuckles bleed down the tattered street ♪
♪ On a door that shouldn't be in front of me ♪

There's a noticeable difference.

Because you're relatively young, because you're reasonably healthy, it is likely to take hold more quickly.

How long?

That's difficult to say.

There will be moments of disorientation and possibly some more acute episodes.

But it is time to start making some adjustments, Kurt.

It's time to tell people.

Hi Linda, I spoke to...

Linda, I spoke to the doctor, and, uh...

I spoke to the doctor.

I had to, um...

I had to...

I got a call from the, um...

I had to speak...

I wanted to just give you a chat...

What is it?

Have you got a minute?

Yeah, yeah.

Come on in.

What's up?


Hang on.

What's up, what's up?

Hans's dad's gone missing.


What happened?

Sunday morning.

Haåkon got up for his walk...

... and left the house before Louise got up.

She heard him go, but he didn't come back.

What time?

6:00 a.m.

He does it every day.

And where does he walk?

Sit down, sit down, come on.

Past the lake, into the woods.

The back of their place.

It's a kilometer and a half there and back.

And has Louise told the police?

Yeah, they've looked.

I mean, I suppose whatever the usual search is, but...

Has Hans gone up?

No, she told him not to drop everything if he was busy, but he's upset, Dad, he's worried.

Most people don't stay lost.

90-odd percent of them come back by themselves.

Can you go up, Dad?

See if you can help?


Sure, I'll give Louise a call.


But I'm suspended, though.

I can't arrest anyone.

I'm sure it'll be fine.

You tell Hans that.

Tell him his dad will be fine.

I love you, Dad.

I love you.

Why don't you go and pick up Klara?

It'll be fine, sweetheart.

Thank you.


Oh, hello.

Hello, Mr. Wallander.

I can take your bag.

Oh, I can...

I can take it.


Thank you.



Oh, Kurt.

I thought it might have been...

There's a policeman down over the lake.


I've told him you're coming.

How are you?

This is so kind of you, but really, I'm...

Please don't worry about me.

We'll find him, Louise.


And no sign?




Good to meet you.

They're calling it a day.

The Navy sent a team to dredge the lake.

He's not in the forest.

The dogs couldn't find him.

He's not in the water.

His wife doesn't think he has any enemies.

What do you think?



Be my guest if you want to look into it.

We're not a big station.

Another mind on this would be...

Here's my card.

Thanks, um...


Let me know if you find anything.

Of course.

You're fine, you're fine.

You're 55...


57, 58, 59, 60, 61.

Come on, you're fine, you're fine.

55, 56...

Good morning, Louise.

Are you a breakfast person?

I'm diabetic.

You're not fat.

Well, I was wondering if Haåkon would have kept the cards from his birthday.

Does he usually do that?

Oh, I doubt that.

Now, what does a diabetic eat?

Just some fruit, some cereal, or...


You don't have to, it's fine, it's fine.

Just help yourself.

Haåkon's friend Sten called.

He's waiting to hear from you.

And, uh, there's his address.

Okay, uh, sorry...

Do you like Klara's kindergarten?

Yeah, the teachers seem nice.

Doesn't Linda want to stay at home?

Or doesn't Hans earn enough?

It's not a matter of, um...

You know what, I'll make this call, if I may.


Excuse me.

Excuse me, Sten Norlander?



Yeah, I think Louise said to give you a call.

Yeah, she did.

Linda's dad.


Yeah, I can see it.

Never met her, but...

So, you weren't at Haåkon's birthday party.

My sister was sick.

Plus it's not my kind of thing, so...

Was there anything on his mind recently?

Anything troubling him?

Would you say he was depressed?


Like about 60% of the population.

I mean, he was a brooder.

All this stuff just lately --

Putin sending subs into Swedish waters, whether or not we should do anything, whether or not we identify them, provoke an incident.

It'll have brought it all back again.

The submarine incursions from the '80s?

Pretty much torpedoed the both of us.

You think somebody's k*lled him?

Why would somebody k*ll him?

They wouldn't.

He didn't k*ll himself, though.

You want to come out?

No, thank you.

Can you remember the last thing that he said to you?

I don't know.

Probably something about boats.

Not much else to talk about.

I don't think either of us have ever done much else.


Hi Kurt, it's Lennart.

Are you all ready for tomorrow?


The internal affairs interview.

Uh, yeah.

Yeah, no, fine.

You'll be there, right?

Yeah, 10:00 a.m., Kurt.

All right, okay.

I'll see you tomorrow.



Bugger, bugger, bugger.

10:00 a.m.

Did you discuss the submarine incursions?

The idea that the government had purposely let the Russian submarines go?

They did purposely let them go.

We were out on the archipelago.

We were scrambled.

You know this.

It was all on the news.

It went all the way to the prime minister.

You think the prime minister...

I thought...

I'm so sorry.

I just found a...


Do you know where he used to play billiards?

He doesn't play billiards.

Just it's the only other thing in the diary.

He doesn't play.

He's d*ad, isn't he?

What the hell's been the point?


Good night, Kurt.

Why don't you call Hans and Linda, or...?

I'm a sailor's wife.

I'm used to being on my own.

Louise, you don't have to go through this by yourself.

I'll get them to come up.

I have friends.

I'm all right.

Goodbye, Kurt.

Goodbye, Louise.

Did you discuss the submarine incursions?

The idea that the government had purposely let the Russian submarines go?

They did purposely let them go.

We were out on the archipelago.

We were scrambled.

You know this.

It was all on the news.

Did you discuss the submarine incursions?

The idea that the government had purposely let the Russian submarines go?

They did purposely let them go.

We were out on the archipelago.

Are you saying the prime minister ordered you not to mine the submarines?

Yes, that's common knowledge.

Swedish neutrality is a joke.

It always has been.

Did you ever have any reason to believe...

A spy? A traitor?

Okay, thanks.

Sorry, sorry.

You okay?


Come on.

As I said, it was a long day.

I have a pain in the small of my back when I...

It was uncomfortable to sit there, so I took it out and put it on the seat.

It was a stupid thing to do.

Shirt, got my shirt.


I've got my shirt.

I've got the shirt, got the shirt.

Got the shirt.

How'd it go?

You all right?

Yeah, yeah.

I'm just, uh...

You okay?

Look, if you need to talk...

No, thanks.

Just, uh...

You have to let it...

Thanks, though.

I'll see you later, yeah?

Yeah, sure.

Swedish neutrality is a joke.

It always has been.

Clearly, it still is.

Did you ever have any reason to believe that one of the Naval command may have been unreliable?

HAÅ How do you define that?

How would youdefine it?

A spy? A traitor?


Hi, it's just me.


Hello, you!

I've got a scooter!


I can ride it myself!

You bet!

Oh, here.

Oh, Christ.

Oh, you look exhausted.

He's got something once a month.

It's every, um...

Every first Friday, as I recall.

Yeah, billiards in the diary.

She says he never played.

What? An affair?

Would you put it in the diary like that?

No, I wouldn't, but...

I was there for two days, and I can't...

I don't think that she even knows who he is...

No, they're not close.

They function, I think, but...

You know what marriages can be like.

Well, I mean, what exactly did he do?

Submarine commander.

Hans thinks he might have been in naval intelligence.

Although that's not something you're...

I mean, I don't think...

You keep that secret even from your family, right?

Maybe that's why Louise is like she is.

It's hard to live with someone if you know they're keeping secrets.

Klara asked if he was d*ad today.


Oh, hey!


Hi, darling!

How are you?

Dad's here.


Go and play.

Thanks for going up, Kurt.

How's Louise?

I think she'd be pleased to see you, whatever she says.

I have a couple more hours to do.

Okay, yeah.

She doesn't want me, Kurt.

And I don't think she wanted you.

No, I asked Dad to go up as a policeman.

Yes, thanks, I know.

Hey, come on...

It's fine, it's fine.

It's fine.

Mama, I'm tired.


Let's brush your teeth, come on.

I don't think Haåkon is d*ad.

I think he's left her.

Why would he leave her?

I really need to finish these things off.

Can we just...?

Hans, if you think...

If he's d*ad, he's d*ad.

If he's not, he'll come back.


Come on!

Yeah, Wallander.

Okay, okay.

Come on, come on.

Come on!


Steven Wilson.

Haåkon's friend?

I hadn't intended to turn up without warning, but I got the time in Copenhagen wrong.

I've been up to visit Louise.


You got time for a walk?

It's hard to talk to Louise.

Can't get a thing out of her.

You think he had an accident?

We don't know.

He's just gone.

He left a message on my answer service couple of weeks ago.

I don't check it regularly these days.

Nothing in it to suggest he was thinking of, you know, doing something stupid.

Just, "Give me a call."

Didn't seem urgent.

Now, of course, I wonder.

Did he visit you in America?

Every few years, he and Louise.

Once upon a time, Louise got along very well with my late wife.

You know Hans is married to my daughter?

I never met Hans.

Was gonna drop by and say hi before I go.

Also the sister.



I didn't know Haåkon had a sister.

Perhaps I misremember.

I tend to muddle things these days.

Look, um, I better go if I want to see Hans.

I got a plane to catch.

Can you call if anything...?

If you give me your card.


Listen, thank you.



Kurt Wallander from Ystad.

I'd like you to help me with a personal record, please.

The name is Signe Von Enke.

I assume that she is the sister of Haåkon Von Enke.

Yes, personal number is 400117-5498.

Probably born in the '30s or '40s.

Okay, uh, maybe I have...

What is the date of birth?


Is there... is there an address?

Can I help you?

I'm looking for Signe Von Enke.

Her brother's married to my daughter.

I didn't know she had a brother.

He doesn't know he has a sister.

Well, it's only ever her father who visits.


Regular as clockwork.

The first Friday every month, yes?


She's blind.

Severely brain damaged.

She's lived in places like this her whole life.

What does her father do when he comes to see her?

He sits with her, reads to her.

Holds her hand.

He was here last on the sixth?

I can check.


Thank you.

Hello, you have reached Louise Von Enke.

Please leave a message.

Louise, it's Kurt.

I'm on my way over.

I'm not far away.

Could you call give me a call when you get this?


Can I speak with Louise, please?

I don't know -- she's not here.

It's very unlike her.

She's not answering her phone either.

Yes, I know, I've tried her too.

Her walking shoes are gone.

All right.




I'm going to take them back to Copenhagen.

We'll be back at the weekend.

Why do you think she took her shoes off?

I mean, the soles of her feet weren't dirty.

How do you hang yourself over a lake without getting your feet wet?

These were in her coat pocket.

Right, what are they?

It's microfilm.

It's microfilm of naval documents: plans, movement orders.

They're old -- 30-odd years.

It's the same kind of film the Stasi used.

All right, listen to this.

Did you ever have any reason to believe that one of the Naval command may have been unreliable?

HAÅ How do you define that?

A spy? A traitor?

Who's he talking to?

I don't know, I don't know.

Where did you get it?

It was taped under a drawer in his study.

There's no indication of who he's talking to, or when.

He had a letter, some sort of news or something, on his birthday.

It was a card, it was in with the other cards, and there was something in it -- a photo, I think.

It really shook him.

Somebody's digging around in the past from that time into this alleged espionage.

I thought that it was Haåkon who was under pressure, but maybe it was Louise.

Maybe he was suspicious of her.

I mean, what is this?

Is this a su1c1de note?

A confession?

What's happened to him, then?

I don't know, I don't know, but it doesn't...


This all seems very elaborate.

If we suspect foul play, I'd be inclined to look closer to home.


Does Hans have financial problems?

He stands to inherit the property, the money.

He's been dealing with his parents' finances.

No, no.

I'm just going from past experience.

The truth is often just staring you in the face.

Come on.


I, uh... I found something.

Oh, my goodness me.

What is it all about?



The submarine incursions.

I knew he was always trying to find out where the orders were coming from.

I didn't know he was going into it in so much detail.

Why were the submarines...

Why was the incident so important to him?

The commander wasn't the only one to be upset.

We all wondered what the hell had gone on.

Ruined a lot of careers, Soviet subs in Swedish waters.

And, in the end, we had to let them go without identifying them.

There were a lot of rumors going around.

Rumors about spies?


A weak link in the chain of command.

So somebody gave a direct order not to raise the submarines?


There was an order to take no action.

Could it have been Haåkon who decided that?


No, I...

Do you mind taking a look at the back of the book, please?


Yeah, Louise.

So she's in there too.

Do you think that she could have accessed confidential information of his?

Then she could have passed it on to somebody?

That in some way she was the bad link in the command?

No, that's totally ridiculous.

I don't think either Haåkon or Louise committed su1c1de.

I think there's somebody here now, and they're covering up, they're cleaning up.

Haåkon is not a traitor.

Neither was Louise.

Excuse me.


Your son-in-law has received over three million kronor from his parents over the past year.

I called him.

He's a hard man to get hold of.

He denied it.

I'm not pointing the finger at anyone.

It's just something I need to clarify.


Hi, sweetheart.

Hi Dad, are you okay?

Yeah, can I have a word with Hans, please?

Uh, he's not home.

He's at the office.

Okay, when's he going to be back?

Not until late, I don't think -- about 10:00.

Is everything all right?

What's going on?

Have you found out anything about his dad?

No, no, no, no.

There are a couple of...

It's silly...

Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm not doing anything.

I'm absolutely fine.

Sorry to bother you.

I'll talk to you later, yeah?

All right, I love you, Dad.


All right, bye.

No, I need to see...

I need to see Hans Von Enke as soon as possible, okay?



I'll do my best.

Kurt, you can't just...

How long have you been stealing their money?

How long have you been stealing their money, Hans?

I haven't...

You have!

You have, Hans.

I've read the statements.

You lied.

You lied to Ytterberg about it.

You don't do that.

You don't do that, you don't do that.

You've been taking money.

You have been taking money from your parents.

You've been taking money from your parents.

Three million.

Three million from your parents.

I haven't been taking it.



What have you been doing, then?


What have you been doing, then?

You've been lying!

They've been giving it to me.

I've borrowed it.

Borrowed it?

I haven't been taking it.

Don't tell Linda, please.

I'm not going to keep anything back from...

I mean, what else have you been hiding from my sister?

Hm? Eh?

Did you?

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Did you k*ll your parents?



I was here all the time.

For God's sake.

The only thing I'm ever trying to do is just provide for my wife and my daughter.

That's all I think of, Kurt.

That's all I ever think of.

I'm sorry, Hans.

I don't really...

I haven't got...


Uh, we'll...

See you...













Dad, Dad...



No, I can't, I've got to be able...

It's okay.

No, no!

Take the taxi!

Got to take the taxi!

Dad, Dad!

Come on, give it!



Dad, stop!



Are you my daughter?


I'm Linda.

Dad, Dad, come on.

Come on, let's get you home.

Let's get you home.

Linda, yeah?


Let's get you back.

Come here.

Come on, come on.

Come on, let's get you home.

What did the doctor say?

They can't really say.

Five years, six, seven years, maybe.

What was I doing seven years ago?

Drinking red wine.

Falling asleep in your chair.

I was looking after Granddad.

Me and your mom had just got divorced.

I saw this 15-year-old girl set herself on f*re in a r*pe field.

That's something I could do with forgetting.

What's it like?

I can't really...

I don't know, it's all...

It's all sorts of different things.

Sometimes I find that I can't...

I can't even imagine where I'm supposed to be.

You kind of hit a wall.

You know, you try and go through it, you can't, so...

You try and get over it, try and go around it some other way, but...

You get, uh...

You get so anxious.

You get anxious, you get angry.

And then I just try and think back to, you know, things I know have happened.

I think I put things...

I know they must have happened.

And it's just the, uh...

It's just the pictures, the pictures aren't there anymore.

It's like suddenly a lot of things, it's like they're dissolving.

Why didn't you tell me?

I'm your daughter.

Because you're my daughter.

Because you have a daughter of your own.

Because I'm the son of a father who had this, and...

Well, let me decide.

I mean, it's gonna be hard.

But it is as it is.

We just have to find a way to...

I don't want you to have to look after me.

I want to.

I choose to.


I don't...

I don't think Hans is a m*rder.

No, neither do I.

Come on, be methodical.

What do we know about him?

What do we know about Haåkon?

Good evening, OÖstermalmrestaurant.

Hello, this is Kurt Wallander.

I want to talk about some people who worked at your restaurant.

I was a Communist.

I suppose I still am, in a way.

The only political truth that can't be questioned, in my opinion.

Is that why you applied for the job?

I was asked to apply by the party.

It was of some interest to know what conservative naval officers were talking about among themselves.

Nobody suspected that a waitress with swollen legs would remember what they'd said.

It was 30 years ago.

It can't matter now, can it?

Do you, uh...

Do you remember him?

His name was Commander Von Enke?

He was one of the better ones.

He didn't drink too much, didn't say too much.


So you didn't know him?

In what way?

As a member of the party, or...?



He was the same as the rest of them.

Hated the prime minister, terrified of Russia.

The fight between God and the Devil.

And the Devil was in the East?

And God the Father was also known as the USA.

Commander Von Enke's wife has been found d*ad in mysterious circumstances.

He has disappeared.

Despite appearances, I think one or both of them might have been...

Had some involvement...

I think one of them might have been a Soviet agent, in fact.

And I think somebody might have k*lled them because of that.

Could he have been the one who k*lled her?

That's what usually happened.

Or perhaps it has to do with the book.

Which book?

The historian.

He's writing a book about all of this.

I have something here.

Did you discuss the submarine incursions?

Yes, yes, that's him.

Ola Vikander.

Ola Vikander?

You don't know me -- my name's Kurt Wallander.


I'm a policeman, and Haåkon Von Enke is my daughter's father-in-law.

Commander Von Enke is a dangerous man.

He is a traitor of the worst kind.

Why do you say that?

He made sure that those submarines would never be raised.

There was never any orders.

Then he made an almighty fuss to cover his tracks.

You delivered that card to him on his birthday, telling him what?

What was in that card?




I tracked a record of payments from the naval treasury to a fisherman whose nets had been damaged during the incursion.

Haåkon authorized payments, and he overpaid.

The usual payment was 2,000 kronor.

When I spoke to the fisherman, he told me he had been paid 100,000.

He found something, and Haåkon paid him to keep it quiet.

So what does the fisherman say now?

He's d*ad.

His son's alive.

He knows something.

He's keeping quiet.

Money clearly still talks.

You know that Haåkon Von Enke's wife is d*ad?

Yes, I saw.

Yeah, and I think that you speaking to him prompted this...

Whatever this... whatever all this is.

He came here eventually to find out what I knew, to see how close I was getting to it.

I can't prove it just now.

My best lead was a defector by the name of Ragulin, who maintained that there was a Soviet spy in the OÖstermalm dining club.

He had no corroborating evidence, but I'll find it.

Haåkon won't scare me off, d*ad or alive.

You don't think he is d*ad?

I don't believe it for a second.

He's alive.

He's dangerous.

And he's behind all this.

What did Commander Von Enke pay your father for?

The damage to the nets.

And you told this man from Stockholm about it?


You told him that you had never asked your father what he got paid for?


That you were never curious?

You never wanted to know what your father knew?

You never wanted to know what your father was paid 100,000 kronor to keep quiet about?

What's it matter now, eh?

This man who paid your father off is my...

Is my daughter's father-in-law, and he is my...

... granddaughter's other granddad.

And I don't know whether he's alive or d*ad, and I don't know whether he's dangerous.

All I want to know is, if he's alive, is are my family in danger?

And I don't think I have much time left, and I really need to sort it out.

Come on.

Come on.

Hello, Kurt.

Here you are.

Ah, that's mighty kind of you.

To your health.

So, what are you doing here?

I guess I didn't make my flight.

I've been trying to think of some piece of information that might help figure out what's happened.

And did you think of something?

A friend of mine and I, we were colleagues, and I had this deal with him that he would help me, and if ever he became troubled by any consequences, then he would let me know, and I would help him in return.

And the way that he would let me know would be that he would disappear.

And how would you help him?

I'd find him.

Take him elsewhere.

This is an American device?

Those submarines weren't Russian, they were American.

Haåkon was working for you.

At that time, it was considered a priority to destabilize the government here.

It was perceived as being communist.

It worked.

After the fake Russian subs, support for the East dwindled away to almost nothing.

Which was another border made safe.

Another front closed down.

And Louise?


Was it always part of the rescue plan that she would die?

That he'd arrange a su1c1de, leave evidence to blame her?

I liked Louise.

Where is he?

Waiting for me.

But I won't go fetch him.

It would be inadvisable for us to become involved.

Far better for someone else, someone with an interest, to make him face up to his responsibilities.

To what he's done.

What about your responsibilities?

You wouldn't be here if you weren't afraid to face them.

If I confront Haåkon with what he's done, I'll make sure I do the same for you.

You're not in the best of health.

You have a family.

Are you sure you want to make that thr*at?

Where is he?

Haåkon, it's Kurt.

I'm going to turn around.

Put the r*fle down.

Turn around, if you wish.


If you leave me -- if you let me go out of here, Kurt --

I'll let you go.

Where the hell do you think you're going?

They're not going to come and get you.

You're waiting down here for a boat that will never arrive.

Wilson sold you out.


Yes, he did.


Yes, he did.

I'm not going down in history as a traitor.

My family...

Klara will not grow up with the shame of what I've done.

Yet you'll let them believe the lie of what your wife did?

My wife?

My wife cannot be punished, living or d*ad, any more than she has punished me and my daughter.

So you destroyed her.

You destroyed yourself all to hide your treachery in a w*r that finished 30 years ago.

You and I both do similar things, Kurt.

We see things, live through things that would horrify any normal person.

We do it to protect our children.

Haåkon Von Enke, you're under arrest for the m*rder of Louise Von Enke.


Allow me to go.

You know I can't do that.






Despondency breaks off its course.

Anguish breaks off its course.

The vulture breaks off its flight.

The eager light streams out.

Even the ghosts take a draft.

And our paintings see daylight, our red beasts of the ice age studios.

Everything begins to look around.

We walk in the sun in hundreds.

Each man is a half-open door, leading to a room for everyone.

The endless ground under us.

The water is shining among the trees.

The lake is a window into the earth.

Where did he wash up?

Near Saltshamn.

Drowning's the worst way to go.

Yes, well...

My condolences.


Okay, I'm going to get you too if you're going to get me.

Oh no, oh no!


Funny when you have kids.

You start understanding your own parents.

You realize, you know, eventually, you start...

Being a parent is more or less a long process of letting go.

I never got to give Linda away.

I'm glad she married you.

Got any advice?


You don't need any advice.

It's just moments now, Dad.


It's just moments now.

They don't join up.

What don't?

My memories.

My life doesn't join up.

I can't remember.

Someone else will remember.

Someone will remember for you.



You okay?


I'm fine.

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