01x02 - #AmericanPsycho

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Guilt". Aired: October 2016.
"Guilt" revolves around an American student in London whose roommate is m*rder. People begin suspecting her then start accuising her of the crime.
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01x02 - #AmericanPsycho

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Previously on Guilt...



Grace, what did you do?

Natalie: I don't care if they found Grace standing over the body with a bloody Kn*fe in her hand.

I know my sister is innocent.

Never underestimate jealous girls.

Bruno: Grace said that Molly thought she was being watched, that someone was stealing her stuff.

Gwendolyn: You want someone to pay for what happened to your sister.

You have to trust the system.

Natalie: What was Grace's d*ad roommate doing with the scarf I gave you last Christmas?

Well, I don't like what you're insinuating.

You need to give yourself permission to mourn.

How about you, Professor?

Will you be mourning Molly?

Gutterie: What Scotland Yard needs to do is stop wasting time harassing an innocent, terrified young girl, and start trying to find the sadistic butcher who k*lled Molly Ryan.

I think you're ready.

Gutterie: Luckily, a case this dirty, there is plenty of guilt to go around.


(laughs) I'm Molly Ryan.

And I'm Grace Atwood.

An Irish girl and an American chick do London.

We are visiting the home of the Queen of England.

I really need to pee.


Would she let me use her loo?

Grace: Why are we even watching this?

It's just a stupid travel vlog.

Guessing Stan didn't wake us up at the cr*ck of dawn for nothing.

That Harvard education wasn't lost on you.

Unless we cough up 15, 000 quid, this little beauty goes viral.

Turn it off.

No, come on, we were just getting to the good part.




(phone chimes)

Why is he texting you?

Give me...

Give me the phone, Grace.

Why is he texting you?

Give it here.

... the phone.

Are you seeing him?

No, of course not.

Give it to me.

Molly: Ow, you're hurting me!

Grace: You are, aren't you?

Ow! Stop!

You're screwing him!

Ow! Grace, stop!

♪ ♪

I know it looks bad, but I swear, I didn't hurt Molly.

Really? 'Cause I'm pretty sure she said you were hurting her.

Yeah, well, she was overreacting.

We laughed about it later.

Gutterie: I don't care if you two made friendship bracelets and pinky swore you'd never fight again.

You look like you want to k*ll her.

Which means everyone will assume that you did.

We have to make this go away.

Do you know who sent it?

I'm working on it.

It's got to be Stephanie from our lit class.

We gave her our videos to edit.

She knows how to make stuff look cool.

Molly thought that when they went up, we'd be famous.

More like infamous.

All right, now... before I go clean up this stinking turd, I need to know what else I'm gonna step in with you.


Natalie: Are you sure?

Molly Ryan's m*rder is like news cycle cr*ck.

This girl's not the only creep who's gonna try to exploit you.

Gutterie: Every idiotic thing you ever did, said or vomited on social media will come back to haunt you.

I need to know if there's any other b*mb out there.


There's nothing else.

All right.

Well, I'm gonna go bury this.

You're gonna keep your butt in this room.

But it's Molly's memorial today. I have to go.

That's a good one.

(laughs): Like I'm gonna let her do that.

You know, her friend d*ed.

Could you act like a human being for a minute?

Grace will look guiltier if she's not there.

We want people to forget Grace even exists.

That memorial is gonna be swarming with press.

Last thing Grace needs are some talking heads debating whether her short skirt makes her look like a m*rder slut.

I don't even want her walking down the hallway to get ice, you got it?

I'm going.

I don't care what he says.

We'll go together.

It'll be fine.

Grace... who was texting Molly?

You were so pissed.

Was it Luc?


I was totally wrong. It was nothing.

Well, whatever it was, I need to know.

Might come back to bite us.


Here's the thing.

Molly was kind of... she was kind of a flirt.

She liked older guys, and...

Oh, my God, this is so stupid.

James was in town a lot, so when I saw that he texted her, I...

James? James was texting Molly?

No, it was nothing like that.

She was helping him pick out my birthday present.

He got me this.

You bought that?

No, I didn't buy that. It was the truth.

Besides, who else was he gonna ask?

It's not like you were gonna help him.

♪ There's a woman ♪
♪ She fails him every time ♪
♪ She can't come down ♪
♪ She lives to be declined ♪
♪ There's a woman ♪
♪ She's every fantasy ♪

(both panting)

♪ And no reality... ♪

I thought we said we weren't gonna do this anymore.


Why don't we just stop saying that we're not gonna do this anymore?


(elevator bell dings)

♪ It brings me back to life. ♪

You two carpool or something?

You don't think Madam Prosecutor would want to hitch a ride in my crappy car, do you?

Gwendolyn: Look, in five minutes, I've got to go convince my boss that we're making some progress in the Molly Ryan m*rder investigation, so please give me something I can use.

Still trying to confirm whether Molly was shagging our naughty professor.

He's been at his brother's cottage in Kent since the tire slashing on the news, but I want to get him in here today to get a statement out of him.

Any leads on who else the baby daddy might be?

Well, if Molly's friends know anything, they're keeping their traps shut.

And the lab are taking their sweet time in getting us any fetal DNA results.

I think that Luc Pascal is a good candidate.

Call me old-fashioned, but I like to think that a lap dance still counts for something.

Pike: Yeah, but Mr. Lap Dance, he's got an alibi.

Grace Atwood.

Gwendolyn: And he is hers.

It's all pretty flimsy in my book.


Maybe they k*lled her together.

Or Luc is protecting Grace.

If Grace saw that lap dance, she might have snapped.

See, but what I'm stuck on is Molly's missing phone.

A girl like that, her phone is super-glued to her hand.

And the phone isn't the only thing missing.

Grace said that Molly thought someone was watching her, stealing her things.

Now Molly's stuffed monkey's been stolen from the crime scene.

That's what you've got for me?

A missing monkey?

So, the media vultures are right, and we've got bugger all to make an arrest.

♪ She's a Hollywood girl ♪
♪ On top of the night... ♪



First night's always the hardest.

I'm sorry I freaked out.

I just didn't think he'd ask... for that.

I meant what I said when I told you you don't have to do anything you don't want to do.

Your boss seemed really pissed off.

He said the client refused to pay, and I-I cost the club, like, a bunch of money.

I'll handle Finch.


This is what your cut would've been if that w*nk*r hadn't stiffed us.


You earned it.

But it's just paper, Kaley.


It's not worth it if going back to the club takes something from you.

Something special.

It's kind of a lot of paper though.

Hey, I'm gonna run out for a bit.

You gonna be okay?


I want to finish picking photos for Molly's memorial.



Why won't you pick up?

The press is all over my hotel.

I'm going crazy.

I hate not talking.

I miss you.

Please, call me.

♪ ♪

(gate creaks)

Did you k*ll Molly?


Answer me!

Did you k*ll my sister?


I saw the papers.

You're obsessed with that professor.

You didn't want Molly to steal him away from you.

So you went after her like you went after his wife.

No! I dumped Professor Linley months ago when I found out he was married.

Don't lie to me.

I loved Molly.

I'd never hurt her.

Did you follow me here?

Patrick: Molly had this in her room back home.

Is this all her stuff?

Uh, yeah.

She used to live in this building, before we all moved in together.

Why are you here?

I... wanted some of, uh, Molly's pictures from when she was growing up, for her memorial today.

What have you got there?

It's just an old necklace of hers I found.

I don't remember Molly ever wearing this.

I can't believe I let a year go by without seeing my sister.

She talked about you all the time.

She did?


She told me, when she was little, she wanted to take ballet lessons.

But your mom said they were too expensive.

One day, you walked her to class and they were already paid for.

She never knew how you got the money.

She was really good.

She deserved them.

She also said that she never had a single date in high school, 'cause you scared all the boys away.

They were all eejits.


Do you know how I found out Molly was pregnant?

In the bloody papers.

Do you think that professor knocked her up?

I don't even know for sure if she hooked up with him.

One day, I saw him creeping on her, and I warned her to stay away from him, but... you know Molly.

She did what she wanted to do.

Do you know where that bastard is?

Are you gonna go after him?

I wasn't there for Molly when she needed me.

But when I get my hands on whoever k*lled her, I promise you, before they die, they're going to suffer.

(knocking at door)

Um, where's your sister?

You left her alone?

Let me spell it out for you.

Leaving Grace to her own devices, she grabs a shovel and starts digging her own grave.

You and that hat can quit worrying about Grace.

Finding her a new lawyer.

Someone who's not on James's payroll.

Wow, you really do have a bug up your butt about your stepdad, huh?

Pretty sure you know why.

James had something going on with Molly Ryan, didn't he?

His stepdaughter's friend?

Geez, that would be bad.

See, you didn't answer the question.

(snaps fingers)

Right. You can't answer the question.

Attorney/client privilege.

I know you're ethically challenged, so let me spell it out for you.

The fact that you're representing James and Grace at the same time is a big old conflict of interest.

It's only a conflict of interest if I am not smart enough to keep both James and Grace out of jail.

Fortunately, for all of us...

You know who else is smart?

Andrew Grantham.

I've got a call into his office to take Grace's case.

(chuckles): I love Andrew Grantham.

Yeah, I just sponsored him at the McCallister Club.

Skipped a ten-year wait list.

No way he's gonna be poaching a client of mine.

Sorry. Try again.

Michael Converse.

My mentor from law school says that he...

He's preparing to defend a serial k*ller.

Lucky bastard.

Yeah, he's not available.

You could do this all day long.


Yeah, and I'm sure you could find someone else to represent your sister.

And they might even be less ethically challenged than me.

But you know what?

They're all losers, every single one of them.

Every single one has seen a client of theirs go to prison.

But not me.

And I don't care who's paying for it.

I'm not about to let Grace wind up in jail, because I am not a loser.

Now, can we please just move past this "I'm a bad guy" thing and get on with defending your sister?

Maybe if you'd gone with that one.

Fedoras are for pimps.

(door opens, closes)

Molly Ryan was my student, nothing more.

Oh, please. Really?

Look, I didn't have to come down here.

I-I could have hidden behind my lawyer.

But I'm innocent, and I want you to focus on finding whoever k*lled that poor girl.

Or... you're a highly educated man who thought it would be a cinch to put one over on the lunks down at the station.

I'm not here to play games.

So ask your questions, and let's get on with it.

All right. (chuckles)

All right.

What about Grace Atwood?

Was she nothing but a student, too?

That was a big mistake.

But it's been over for months.


Was Carina Grabill a mistake?

Evelyn Winters. Veronica Ancell. Sara Kayla.

Whew! This is a lot of girls.

Was it like, new semester, new victim?

Those women were just as willing as I was.

Bruno: Was Molly willing?

I didn't sleep with Molly.

Why not? Why not?

She was just as pretty as these girls.

Just as beautiful.

Just as young, just as vulnerable to your charms, or...


Maybe she didn't think you were so charming.

Maybe she thought you were just a pathetic old pervert.

Did she laugh in your face, Professor?

Is that what happened? Is that why you didn't sleep with her?

Is that why she's d*ad now?

I asked her to a coffee once.

She said no, and that was the end of it.

I-I didn't k*ll Molly.

I never laid a hand on her. I swear.

In that case, you wouldn't mind giving us your fingerprints and a DNA swab so we can clear this up for good, will you?


Well? What did you get?

Linley's wife never dropped his alibi, even when I dropped the sweet young things in her lap.

Yeah, Linley didn't cr*ck, either, but I did get prints and DNA, so you never know.

We might get lucky. Did you get any hits off the phone?

Not a single text to Molly or any of his other birds.

Which means he's got a burner somewhere.

Yeah, which is probably at the bottom of the Thames by now.

Along with Molly's phone.

♪ ♪
♪ Throw me down ♪
♪ I'll steal the moon ♪
♪ I'll tear the night ♪
♪ Keep it from you ♪
♪ Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh... ♪

Molly always loved that one.

Making a playlist for...

... for her memorial.

How have you been?

If you need a place to crash, my sister and I have a hotel suite.

There's plenty of room.

I'm covered.

But the press on this case is nuts.

You must be going mental.

You have no idea.

And my lawyer says the press is gonna find everything.

Hey, does Finch record things at The Courtenay?

You don't need to worry about The Courtenay.

Besides, you only went once.

It's not a big deal.

My sister would freak.

So would Molly's family.

I went to her old storage unit today to find her necklace, but her brother showed up and he took it from me.

Better he have it than the coppers.

Maybe I should let the police find it though.

I mean... maybe the k*ller was one of Molly's clients.

What are you saying?

What if some sick wacko got obsessed with her?

There was some pretty freaky people at that place.

Molly's d*ad because I brought her there. It's my fault.

No. Roz...

Molly quit over a month ago.

None of the clients know anything about our girls.

You want to know who I think k*lled her?

One of the tossers you invited back to our flat.

You've never had to face the consequences of the selfish crap you pull.

But stepdaddy can't write a check this time.

He can't change the fact that you invited a bunch of strangers into our flat.

Then you went upstairs to shag your boyfriend and left Molly down there all alone.

And now she's d*ad.

You really are a b*tch, aren't you?

♪ Underneath my skin ♪
♪ Is all you'll see today. ♪
(reporters clamoring)

(cameras clicking)

No one beyond this point, please.



Oh, kiddo.

Are you okay?

I'm so glad you're here.


You look well.

Hi, James.

Grace. Where have you been?

I had some stuff to take care of for the memorial.

You can't just go running around.

Girls, you've both been through a lot these past few days.

I wish we were together under different circumstances, but, hey, we are... together.

So why don't we go have a nice lunch, huh?

(gentle piano music playing)

Mm, this is awesome.

You're the best.

Have you been doing a lot of shopping this week?

While Grace's life was falling apart?

James: My firm had a deal going down.

If I'd bailed, well, put it this way, you girls would not be staying in such a nice place.

And, thankfully, I knew that Grace had your support.

Waiter: Here you go, Mr. Lahue.

James: Oh.

Thank you.

Did you enjoy La Bohème last weekend?

James: The woman next to me was coughing through the whole thing, but otherwise, yeah, it was great.




You were here last weekend?

Actually, it was a few weeks ago.

But you didn't correct him.

You want me to correct a waiter who's just trying to be pleasant?



You're right.

So, did you two get together when you were here a few weeks ago?

Go out for dinner?

I'm sorry, honey.

I flew in for a meeting and left the next morning.

I just figured that for once I wouldn't ask you to entertain the old geezer.

It's fine.


You didn't have time to see Grace, but you went to the theater?

(laughs): Wow.

She's ruthless on cross-examination.


I went with a client. What can I say?

Knock yourselves out.

Why can't you just be nice to him?

Because I don't trust him.

Did you see how shifty he was about being in London last weekend?

You know what I see?

I see that James is still good to me, even though Mom's gone.

He paid for me to be over here, he's paying for this hotel, for my lawyer.

Grace, listen to me.

You remember that scarf you thought was Molly's?

I gave that to James last Christmas.

Why would Molly have it?

James was at our flat a few times.

Maybe he left it and Molly started using it. I don't know.

I get you don't want to admit James is a bad guy, but deep down you have your doubts.

I know you do.

You wouldn't have freaked out on Molly in that video if you didn't think James was skeevy enough to try to sleep with your friend.

That's not true.

You know he cheated on mom all the time.

I think that waiter had it right.

(groans) Seriously?

I think James was in London last weekend, not Amsterdam.

So you're saying James k*lled Molly?

James had more to do with Molly than he wants to admit.

I mean, come on, he was...

Oh, my God, Natalie!

Stop trying to make me hate James.

I can't believe you'd try to take another...

Take another what, Grace?

Say it.

I took dad from you, right?

It's my fault he's d*ad?

I didn't say that.

Wait, where are you going?

Molly's memorial.

Wait, I'm coming with you.

I don't want you to come with me.

Finch: Hey, Roz.

I thought I might find you here.

I've already spoken to Kaley.

She won't do it again.

You do have a way with the girls, Rozzie.

There's still the little matter of the 20, 000 quid Kaley cost me.

Your girl.

Your problem.

I'll get it.

I know you will.

Because you know what happens to girls who don't keep their promises to me.

Don't you, luv?

♪ ♪

Hey, Derek.


Worm Catcher?


Is that beer as piss warm as the rest of them here?

(chuckles) You know, it's not too bad.

You're American?

Yeah, New York.

I'm from Jersey.


Joe, an ice cold one of these for my fellow Yank.

On me.

Thank you.

You're restoring my faith in humanity.

I just spent three hours at the American Embassy dealing with this horrible woman who apparently hates people.

Or maybe just me.

Does she have a mustache?


How did you know?

I work at the embassy.

No way.

Why were you there?


My boyfriend works in London, and I gave up my whole life to move here and be with him, but...

I think he's shacking up with his yoga instructor.

Last weekend, he said he was in Amsterdam, but I could swear I heard Big Ben chiming in the background.

So I thought maybe if I checked his passport record, I could see if he was actually in London last weekend.

It's so pathetic, I know.


I can help you nail him.

I have access to the passport records.

Are you serious?


Oh, my God.

You're amazing.

His name is James Lahue.


♪ ♪

(cameras clicking)

♪ Came in from a rainy Thursday ♪
♪ On the avenue ♪
♪ Thought I heard you talking softly ♪
♪ I turned on the lights ♪
♪ The TV and the radio ♪
♪ Still I can't escape ♪
♪ The ghost of you... ♪

Grace, I've been looking for you.

Yeah, is that why you've been ghosting me for days?

I'm so sorry. I-I...

I just want to say...

So now you want to talk?

Grace, please.

Look, I was ashamed because I was such a jerk last time I saw you.

I-It's just, you have all these people who care about you, and the only person I have in the world is you.

You're not alone, baby.

James, my sister... they don't get what I'm going through.

You're the only one who does.

♪ As I try to make my way ♪
♪ To the ordinary world ♪
♪ I will learn to survive. ♪

I know it's a small consolation, but it must be nice to see how many people are here to honor your sister.

Patrick: Have you seen that bastard Linley?

He's not at his house.

I was hoping he might be bold enough to show his face at Molly's memorial.

You went to Linley's house?

Patrick, I saw your criminal record.

The last thing your family needs right now is for you to be in any more trouble.

My family needs answers. I need answers, and you're not giving them to me.

Look, I can promise you, if Linley had anything to do with this, we'll get him, but you need to stay away from this investigation.

Focus on Molly, and allow yourself to mourn for her.

I'll mourn for Molly when her k*ller's in the ground.


Hi. I'm Veena Patel.

I'm a reporter for The Story.

I hear you're frustrated with Scotland Yard's progress in your sister's case.

(reporters clamoring)

You're looking for Professor Linley, aren't you?

I have a source close to the investigation who's told me where he's hiding out.

I'll talk if you will.

(bells tolling)


Thought so.

That stunned look kind of gave you away there.

Don't worry, no one's gonna think you're a sneaky little blackmailer.

How did you find...?

Find you?

Grace said you'd be the skank with the bad ombré.

Sorry. It's her words, not mine.

You want to sit down?

I imagine it's not every day someone hands you 15, 000 pounds.

Do you have it?

Oh, hello.

Do you have the laptop?


All right, so here's the thing.

I find it kind of hard to believe that someone who would profit from her friend's m*rder would actually keep her promise about destroying the video, so I'm gonna make you a little promise instead.

You keep your trap shut, I won't tell your deeply religious parents about your abortion.

(chuckles): I'm sorry.

I mean two abortions.


Oh, and, uh, I'm gonna keep that.

But here.

Get yourself a new laptop.

Or some condoms.

Just saying.

When I first moved here, I was pretty homesick.

And then I met Molly... and she was from a different country, too.

And she missed her family just as much.

But that wasn't gonna stop her from having fun.

And she wanted me to have fun, too.

She took me to her favorite clubs, on walks in this beautiful park.

She introduced me to London takeout.


And she told me that only an "eejit" calls it "takeout" over here.



It's "takeaway."

(voice breaks): And whenev... whenever I was down, um... she always knew how to make me laugh.

Mainly because almost anything could make her laugh.


And when she got going, you really couldn't stop her.

It was seriously a problem. (sniffles)

(Grace sighs)

But that's the thing about Molly... is nothing really stopped her.


Driver: Are you ready to go, Your Highness?

Grace: I don't know how I'm supposed to keep going now that she's stopped.

I'm sorry, Molly.

I love you.

That girl can really work up the tears, I'll give her that.

Gwen, look at this.

That's a pretty interesting perspective, isn't it?

Gwendolyn: Was that taken through Molly's window?

Bruno: And the angle, it's d*ad-on.

This has got to have been taken from the same floor of the building directly across from them.

This could be their stalker.

Could be.

But I'm telling you, there is something off about Grace Atwood.

I mean, you don't slash someone's tires unless you've got a wicked temper and a violent streak.

Slashing up tires is a far cry from slashing up your friend.

I just don't buy it for her.

Because she's a girl?

Because she's young and pretty and from a wealthy family?

Bruno: Maybe this is cutting it a little close to home for you, huh?

What does that mean?

This isn't Ashington.

This has nothing to do with that.

Chase down whatever leads you want, but I'm telling you, you better not take your eye off Grace Atwood.

Grace: I didn't want to cry.

It's okay.

I bet Molly would have loved it.

You think so?

I bet she's looking down right now, relieved that you didn't tell the whole world you guys met when you stopped her from walking across campus with her skirt tucked into her underwear.

(both laughing)

(camera clicking)

♪ I set a f*re to the moon shape ♪
♪ We are just shadows in the cascades of history ♪
♪ Faded love ♪
♪ In your own games... ♪

(phone vibrating)

Just leave it.

(phone continues vibrating)

♪ I set our bodies in my long show ♪
♪ Its every whisper makes me more scared than anything... ♪

Oh, my God, Luc.

What is it this time?

They're calling me "American Psycho."

What a surprise.

You're a liar, James.

You weren't in Amsterdam last weekend when Molly was k*lled.

You were in London.

Your passport was stamped at Heathrow two days before the m*rder and wasn't stamped in Amsterdam until a day later.

So what?

You're accusing me of m*rder now?

You were texting with Molly.

And I know it wasn't over some BS birthday present.

The only thing that's keeping me from going straight to the police is my fear that they'll see this as one more reason Grace had for wanting Molly d*ad.

But if you don't start talking right now, so help me God, I will.

You're right.

I had an affair with Molly.

It was brief.

She was an adult.

So I'm a dirtbag, but I'm no m*rder.

I didn't even see her that night.

I was playing poker at Aspinall's.

You check their security tapes.

You must be up to something really dirty.

It's never that easy with you.

Come on...

You never admit when you're lying.

Whenever Mom would catch you in some story that didn't add up, you would just bob and weave until she just got tired and gave up.

I'm not gonna get tired, James.

I'm gonna figure out what you're hiding.

What do you want from me?

I want you to stay away from Grace.

If you do that, I'll quit digging.

But if you go near her, or if any of your shady crap bl*ws back on her, I will make you pay.

Enjoy your salmon.

Newswoman: A memorial for m*rder victim Molly Ryan, a young Northern Irishwoman studying in London...

Gutterie: It's like Whac-A-Mole with this girl.

(knocking at door)


Don't tell me you crapped the bed, too.

We have a Natalie problem.

Really? I find her so charming.

She knows I was in London the night that Molly d*ed.

She knows that we were texting.

We need to contain this.

We have to find Molly's phone before someone else does.

Don't worry. My guy's on it.

Soon as someone turns on that phone, we find it.

Well, that's not good enough, Gutterie.

I am paying you a fortune to fix this. Now fix it.

(door closes)

♪ ♪

(phones ringing, quiet chatter)

I think I've figured out which flat that photo was taken from.

I can do one better.

I got a h*t off Linley's prints.

From the crime scene?


Another d*ad girl.

This one took a header off a building up in Oxford six years ago.

Guess who her professor was.

Went down as su1c1de.

Linley's paw prints were all over a rain slicker she was wearing when she fell.

Or was pushed.

Son of a b*tch.

All right, let's bring him in.

♪ ♪
♪ I'll take my bow ♪
♪ I won't make a sound ♪
♪ I whisper truce ♪
♪ As the ashes h*t the ground ♪
♪ Hush, love ♪
♪ No, I'm not what you think that I'm made of... ♪

This one is special, luv.

You don't want to mess it up.

♪ Just a hero on a bridge that's burning down ♪
♪ Can you see my scars? ♪
♪ Can you feel my heart? ♪
♪ This is all of me for all of ♪
♪ The world to see ♪
♪ This is the end ♪
♪ My beloved friends ♪
♪ I'm lost in dreams ♪
♪ And all I know is where I've been ♪
♪ Run, love ♪
♪ I'm the truth that you're afraid of ♪
♪ I'm a fever that you made up ♪
♪ Just a martyr on the bridge that's burning down... ♪


Tea's ready.

(glass shatters in distance)

♪ ♪

(floorboard creaks)

♪ This is the end ♪
♪ My beloved friends... ♪

Who are you?

Who am I?

I'm Molly Ryan's brother.

You got her pregnant, didn't you?

No. No!

♪ So who's it gonna be? ♪
♪ The one that you only need ♪
♪ I gave it all ♪
♪ So who's gonna save us now when the ashes... ♪

You knocked her up?


And then you k*lled her!

Beatrice: Get away from my husband!

Get away from him now!



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