01x05 - Gimme a T

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Feed the Beast". Aired June 5 - August 2, 2016.
"Feed the Beast" follows two friends, on the brink of losing everything, who try to turn their lives around with a dusty pipe dream of opening up an upscale restaurant in their hometown of the Bronx, but one brilliant chef is in trouble with the Mob and the law.
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01x05 - Gimme a T

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ANNOUNCER: Previously on AMC's "Feed the Beast."

I have an emergency!

My sister's unconscious.

I'd hate for you to have gone through all this trouble and we don't pass inspection.

You'll pass.

Maybe you've forgotten what we wanted that oven for?

Oh, how convenient!

Yet another discussion that didn't involve me!


Don't worry, I'm gonna take care of everything.


I own you!

I suggest you lean on TJ's support person, Dion seems very committed.




(WIND bl*wing)

Tommy: Come on, bud.

You got to get up, get dressed.


Yeah, I, uh, I had trouble getting out of bed, too, this morning, thinking about tomorrow.

You know what I was thinking?

I was thinking maybe we could, uh...

I don't know, make her something.

You know? Like a... Like a nice card, or even a cake.

We'll get through it.

Just like the whole year... You and me, okay?


All right, people.


The clock is our bitch today, okay?

Let me taste that.

Oh, my God. I love it!

No, no! Not now, Chef!

I'm mid-whisk! You look well.

Hey, Habib. Come on.

Perfect cubes. I want perfect cubes.

I got your cubes right here, Chef.

Hey, what's the haps, T.J.?

Dion: Hey, dude.

You all right?

How about tomorrow, I show you how to bake a cake?


Have a think about it, okay?

Do you have a finalized menu?

You know, the one I asked for yesterday and the day before yesterday, and pretty much every day this week?

Yeah, sorry. I've been kind of busy making up for the week that that idiot chef wasted turning my restaurant into a pile of deep-fried shit.

I need to get the menu to the printer.

Patience, chica, all right?

W-What's the Spanish word for "patience?"


All right, but that's more than one word.

Tommy! Tommy.

For the outside sign.

You wouldn't believe the things people throw away.

Nice, Mose.

I have a lead on a spectacular "T."

Can't wait to see it.


Such waste!

One of Chef Kevin's uninspired choices.

Good riddance.

Maybe some people would like it.

Believe me, if we serve this crap, the state will revoke our liquor license.




Please tell me we have a liquor license.


I sent the application with the check.

I forgot to follow up.

It's been crazy here.

Okay, when did you send the check?

Last week.

Pilar, it could take months to get a liquor license!

We... We open in six days.

I'm so sorry. I feel awful.



Oh, thank God.

(SNIFFLES) My sister woke up.

I... I should see her.

I'm so happy!

I mean, I still feel awful, but...

Oh, I know a guy in the restaurant business that might help out.

I-I'll make a call.


You know what? Don't call anyone.

Don't... Don't do anything. You should go see your sister.

It's more important.


But the liquor license...

I'll handle it. Go.


Hey. We got an issue.

All right, guys. Guys, hold your thoughts.

Hold your thoughts.

I want to know what Mr. Moran thinks first.

Dion, I-I need...

Come on. Taste it.

A little bit of sauce.

Food. Fork.


It's good.

What... That's it?

It's amazing, okay? It's erection-worthy.

All right, come on, man.

Don't... Don't tell me what you think I want to hear, all right?

Tell me what I need to know.

Look, Rie always told me what I needed to know.

Yeah, I need you to be that voice for me, man.

Here's what you need to know.

You need to finalize our fantastic menu so the rest of us can do our jobs, okay?


T, T, T. T.


Is this about tomorrow?




Whatever you need, huh?

You know that, right?

Yeah, thanks.

All right.

Everything okay?

Yeah, yeah.

It's, uh...

It's Rie's birthday tomorrow.

Anyway, look, uh, come on, man.

Tell me.

Do I need a different protein?

You need a different protein.

You need a different protein.

You need a different protein.

All right, I'm thinking.

I'm thinking.

Oh. Oh, I'm thinking...

What do you got?

I'm thinking langoustines, huh?




Our agreement is I make weekly installments.

You'd know that if you'd read the contract.

I'm not cutting you a check until Monday.

We need you to expedite the liquor license.

What makes you think I can do that?

'Cause it's the kind of thing you do.

Let me understand.

You, Mr. By the Book, are asking me to do something unscrupulous, after hating me for living my unscrupulous life.

I remember when you were 16, you called me a criminal prick.

Well, look who needs that criminal prick now.

You need this, too.

The restaurant won't make money if we can't sell wine.

How do you fail to get a liquor license?

Isn't that the whole point of your "career?"

You're in over your head with this clown car you're calling a restaurant.

Either step up to your responsibility or stop wasting my money.


Can you get us a license or not?


No guarantees.






♪ Fever dream ♪
♪ Or so it seems ♪
♪ All I see is ♪
♪ What used to be ♪
♪ Fever dreams ♪
♪ I've been around, I'm lost and found ♪
♪ I b*rned it all to the ground ♪
♪ Ashes to ashes, hope that dashes ♪
♪ My own new mystery ♪
♪ And all I see is what I used to be ♪


That prison guard?

Taken care of.

Just like you taught me.


Someone in our organization leaked my prison visit.

It's the only way the Asians could have set the h*t.

I'll find the rat. Squash it.


How's your father?

No change. Your sister?

She woke up.

Really? She just... woke up?

It might happen for your father.

He might be back to his usual self soon.

God willing.

God willing.

Oh, thank you, again, for your help with the health inspection.

You don't by any chance know anything about liquor licenses, do you?

Need to speak with you, Boss.


I hope this isn't the last time I get to see you.

You, too. You have my number.


Her sister woke up.

Found out who tipped off the Asians.

You're not gonna like it.

Hey. Where you been?

At the hospital.

Let me guess. You need some money.

Just... just a scratch, all right?

I-I got to do some sourcing.

Next installment is Monday.


T! No money till Monday?

Come... Come on, man. What gives?

It's in the contract. Read it.

You'll like it.

Lots of fun surprises in there.

Hey. I'm doing langoustines.

If you could just ask your dad to give us the installment just a little early.

Look, I was just at my father's to ask him to...

For more money, okay, and we're not gonna get it till Monday.

T, come on.

Close the door.

Can't you just go back and ask him?

The restaurant is not all about you and your whims, all right?

I've got other issues I'm dealing with.

Dude, look, we still got to work together here!


Dion, if there's anyone who can make something out of nothing, it's you.




Hands are, like, impossible.

Easy if they're wearing mittens.

But your hands are awesome, T.J.


I Googled what happened to your mom.

Do you r-remember anything?

That's messed up.

Boy: Hey, Turd!

Mute boy.

You know, I think I'm gonna puke every time I look at your mural.

Well, I need a barf bag every time I have to look at your face!






Sorry to bother you.

Is Dion Patras here?

Dion went to the fish market.

Would you like to wait for him?

If you'd like to wait...

No, uh, just...

Have him call me or meet me there at 3:00.

Eastgate Family Clinic?

You do not want to go to Eastgate Family Clinic.

Why not?

I mean, is there something wrong with it?

Do you have another recommendation?

I recommend you reconsider your decision.

(SCOFFS) Excuse me?

How old are you?

I am none-of-your-business years old.

You do not want to do this.


Look, you don't know what you're talking about.

Just give Dion the message, please.

I do know what I'm talking about.

Look, there's always a problem.

Matthew gambled away my savings, Ruben drove my RAV4 into a hotel pool.

I thought Diego was the one, but he ran off with a stripper.

Two weeks later, I found out I was...

So it seemed like the sensible thing to do.


Look, I don't know about you and Dion, but I do know if you want a baby... maybe this is the baby you get.


Yo, what's this?

It's the wire you're gonna wear next time you meet with the Tooth Fairy.

Oh, hell no. No, no, no, no, no.

Hey. Listen to me. Are you listening, huh?

I tossed your chef for you.

Okay? It's a two-way street, remember?

This is what you owe me.

Come on.

The Tooth Fairy will k*ll me if he catches me wearing a wire.

Did you not understand the term "quid pro quo?"

It's Latin for you're wearing a g*dd*mn wire.



Oh, you got to be kidding me.

This belongs in a museum.

The Bluetooth bugs are unreliable.

Like you.





And Voilà.


Poor as a pauper.

Hey, you know what?

Dreams come true to the man who pers...


Hey, Marisa.

Oh, uh, langoustines.


Yeah, grilled.

Salt, pepper, kiss of lemon.

It's, uh, it's beautiful.

She has something to tell you.


Okay, uh, I hesitate to ask...

In the prison visitation room.

When your penis was visiting my vag*na.


Right. Yeah.

No, I, uh, I still hesitate to ask...

Yes, Dion.

It's yours.

You were a sparkling oasis in the desert of my love life.

What do you want to do?

Well, I was thinking about getting an abortion.

Right. Right.

You know... You know what?

Wha-Whatever you think is best.

I just want you to know that I truly, truly support...

I was thinking about it.

Until she changed my mind.


Marisa: I'm sorry.

I don't even know your name.

Oh. Pilar Herrera. (CHUCKLES)

Hi. Marisa Gallo.


Love your earrings, by the way.

Hoboken Flea Market.


What the hell? What? (STAMMERS)

Pilar opens her mouth and makes parents of us?

What about what I want?

Okay. Yeah, sure.

Let's explore that.

Do you want to be a real father to a real child that I am really going to have?


That's what I thought.

Oh, Christ.

This is supposed to be the happiest day of my life.


You were about to have an abortion like five seconds ago!

Yeah, that's because I knew that you would react this way.

Oh, you... You.

Who was that?

Yeah, my lawyer.

And the mother of his child.

Found your phone in the wine room.

Missed a few calls.

(SIGHS) Thanks, Mose.

You got your lawyer pregnant?

How did that happen?

You know, the usual way.

Technically, she's not my lawyer anymore.

Oh, a technicality.

That's... That's good.


Your reaction to getting someone pregnant is to snort cocaine?


Yeah, well, I'm fresh out of celebratory cigars.


What's up?

You must be looking for Tommy.


He's in the, um, walk-in.


Do you want a... Do you want a restaurant or not?
Hi, Mr. Moran. It's Anna Davis. We have to talk.

Okay, I'll... I'll be right out.


You brought T.J. home.

Why did that happen?

Uh, I called you multiple times.

I'm sorry.

I didn't have my phone on me.

Oh, good.

If I could talk to you and your Support Person together.

Man: Yo, Chef.

You want these in the walk-in?




You know, I'm a support-ive person if not an actual Support Person.

What's this about?

Can I talk to you privately?


Um, why don't you go help Habib while I talk to Ms. Davis, okay, pal?

Right here.

Uh, T.J. got into a serious fight at school...

A fight that he started.


Your son will be suspended for two days.

No... Jesus.

You know, Mr. Moran, I'm receiving a lot of pressure to bring in Child Services.

Wha... Pressure from who?

The principal, the administration.

T.J. hasn't spoken in a year.

(SCOFFS) His grades are failing.

And now he's violent in school.

Look, I'm telling you.

He... He must have been provoked.


You know, I came here today wondering if I could ease their concern about T.J.'s situation.

Look at him. Look.

You see how engaged he is?

I mean, surely there are other kids who are more in need of the protection of Child Services.

I smelled marijuana when I walked in.

You lied about having a Support Person.

I... Look, that was a misunderstanding.

I'm sorry.

I will be calling Child Services.

Why? Why would...

They'll make a visit unannounced to see if this is a suitable environment for T.J.

That's totally unnecessary.

Well, I'm doing you a favor.

I could lose my job if they found out I gave you a heads up about this visit.

Yeah, maybe you should lose your job.


For your son's sake, Mr. Moran, get your shit together.

Billy: That looks amazing, Boss.

Oh, by the way... here's a list of the safe houses we've been checking out in case we got to move product.

You cook a mean rabbit.

- Magnifique.


Real good meal, Boss.

Would you make me a cappuccino, please?


Dessert wine?

Thank you.

Any word on who told the Asians when I was going to be visiting my father in prison?

We'll catch the rat. Don't worry.

How's the crème brûlée?

To die for.

What are you doing with all that money?

What? What money?


I'm joking.



You're my cousin.





If I thought it was you, you'd know.


And now you know.

Can you hear me, Billy?



'Cause I want you to hear this.


I am going to watch you die.

Actually, Patricia, you can expedite a liquor license for a friend.

A friend who helped your husband cut some corners to get his condos built.

I know you'll do your best.

(TELEPHONE BEEPS) What a bitch.


You were saying?

The abdominal pain, shortness of breath, vomiting...

Platelet count is down.

White-cell count is not good.

I thought your treatment was supposed to do something other than make me more sick.

Relapse was always a possibility.


Bottom line?

You need a bone-marrow transplant.

And if I don't want to do that?

At this stage of leukemia, the prognosis can be less than a year.

Have you discussed your health condition with your family?

Blood relatives are your best bet as far as finding a matching donor.


What are you doing here?

Well, it's her birthday.

Hey, I knew her before you did, bro.

Uh, remember that one Halloween at the Webster Avenue apartment?



It's... It's probably not appropriate.

Probably not.




♪ ...birthday to you ♪
♪ Happy birthday dear Rie ♪


♪ Happy birthday to you ♪



Dion: Oooh!


Oh! Whoo!

What did you wish for?

Well, it won't come true if I say it out loud.

Well, you should have wished for more wishes.


Then you could tell me what you wished for, and if it didn't come true, you'd still have like 1,000 more wishes.

Kid has a point.

But if I told you I wished for more wishes, then the wish for more wishes wouldn't happen.



That's not how it works.

Yeah, Rie, that's not how it works.

Of course not.

But you know what?

I'm curious, too.

Yeah, come on. Don't keep it to yourself.

Okay. Okay.

I wished for a perfect opening night at Thirio, in the not-too-distant future, with my boys.

And a pony.


Really holding out for a pony this year, guys.


Ah, man. Listen, I got to jet I love you and leave you.

Happy birthday, old lady.

Old lady?



There. Get the first piece.




f*re in the hole!

There we go.




Uh, excuse me.


I need to see you. My house.

Look, I can't, man.

I-I'm in the middle cooking.

Cooking for your friend Tommy Moran?

And his angelic son T.J.?

How about that lovely lawyer friend of yours?

What's her name? Marisa Gallo?

She seems nice.


I'm not asking, Dion.


That's not how I showed you.

Why are you going so easy?

Did you get into a fight?

Did you win?




Let's give your knuckles time to heal.

I want to show you something new.

(VEHICLES PASSING) There you are.

I got a call back from that PR lady.

Thirio's gonna have some buzz for opening night.

Buzz is good.

We missed you at Grief Group.


I couldn't drive.

I would have given you a ride.

I didn't want to go, you know?

The last thing I need is our Crying Circle of Fun, sitting around, talking about how sad we all are.

I'm not sad.

I'm pissed.

I'm angry.

Left this stinking hole in my life for no good reason.

Man: I hear you, man.

My ex, Tiffany... She didn't die.

She left me.

But it's like... no explanation, no note, no nothing.

Sometimes it crushes my heart so bad, I can't breathe.

Plus, bitch stole my PlayStation.

Uh... this is a little different.


That's my bad.

You know, I put on this face for T.J. every day, and sometimes, I just can't.

I... I can't keep lying.


Yeah. All the shit I tell him.

"She's in a better place."

What am I supposed to teach him about a world that... that takes a mother from her son like that?

What do I say to him?

That tomorrow will be better.


How do you do it?

I mean, you lost a husband.

How do you stay so optimistic?

Well, you're right.

Tomorrow will be better.

It won't be Rie's birthday anymore.




Donna cut me way too big a slice of cherry crumble.

Have some.

Not hungry.

You hear to bust my chops about Patrick Woijchik?

Give it a rest, will you?


You're gonna be a grandpa.

The father's not in the picture, just FYI.


Come here.




I haven't told Mom yet.

You want me to tell her, huh? She'll be happy.

I know. That's exactly why I got knocked up...

So Mom would be happy.


(SIGHS) Hey, hey.

Marisa, listen to me.

You're not doing this alone, okay?

Whatever you need, I'm here for you.

You got that?




Sorry, honey.

I got to go.

I am so happy for you.

Where you going?

I have work.

One of my cases blew up.


Whatever you're doing, be careful, all right?

I'm serious.

I need you.

Don't worry about me, pumpkin.


Get yourself some dinner, okay?

Something besides pie.

Remember how I showed you.

This is not a toy. This is a w*apon. Understand?

Okay, relax.


Finger on the trigger.

A gentle squeeze.

Wow. Let's try something with a little less kick.

Might be easier to handle.

Jensen, give me that pearl-handled revolver.

Not bad.







I need your expertise.

I tasted the most sublime Coq Au Riesling in a little village in Alsace.

The chef was kind enough to give me his recipe.

I followed his instruction to the letter, but it's still missing a little...

je Ne sais quoi.

You call me here to taste your Coq Au Riesling?

I trust your judgement.

Oh, it's good. Yeah.

It's, uh, restaurant-quality.


Well, it could be the greatest Coq Au Riesling in the world, but then anyone in the world could make it 'cause I'm tasting the recipe.

Now, I-I'm not tasting you.

What do you think it needs?

Well, what do you think it needs?

You're the chef.

Perhaps a little... crème fraîche.

There you go.

There's some in the fridge.

Hey, you know, Patrick, look.

I could talk food all day, I really could, but you know, I'm kind of b...



Oh, Jesus.


This is what happens when people betray me.

Do you trust me, Dion?

Yeah, I do.

I didn't get anything.

What the hell happened to my wire?


I'm not working for you anymore.

You're in for a world of hurt you quit on me.

You know what I can do to you?

What can you do?

Come on. Do it. I don't give a shit.

'Cause what he could do is 1,000 times worse than anything you could imagine.



Thanks, Jensen.


Teej, come here.

Listen, buddy.

We got to talk about what happened at school... the fight?

Teej. Hey.

Don't ignore me.



How'd that fight happen, huh?

Did you... Did you start it?

Teej. What are you doing, huh?

We're... We're about to have dinner.

Don't... Hey!

No sandwich right now, okay?

Don't... Hey. Don't ignore me.

Come on. You know what? Let's go upstairs.

Let's go... hey! Let's...

Teej. Hey!

God damn it!

Talk to me!

Talk to me!

I can't help you unless you say something, god damn it!


I don't want to be this angry all the time.

You're not angry at T.J. because he can't talk.

You're angry at Rie... because she can't talk.

I am.

Look, uh...

I know I must be a... piss-poor consolation prize.

Yeah, I'm not going anywhere.

You got me.

I love you, man.


Really? Thanks?

I mean, I-I just said, "I love you," and all you can say is, "Thanks?"


I love you, too, Dion.

It doesn't count if I have to pry it out of you.

Oh, for God's sake.

I really love you.

I mean...

I... a love that I've never...





We got our liquor license.

What... What do you mean?

I th-thought we already had our liquor license.

Don't worry about it.

Listen, you got to get rid of any coke you may or may not have lying around, all right?

I can't have it with T.J. here.

I know. I know, I know.


No, I know.

Look, I'll... I'll take care of it.

And you...

Maybe... Maybe ease up on the bottle a bit, too, huh?

No, really, just for a week.

See how it feels.




Mose found a "T"?


Ah, look at that.

Thing of beauty.

Five days.

All right.




I had a bad day.

That's no excuse.

I should never have yelled at you like that, okay?

I'm really sorry.



You accept my apology, hmm?



Nice. I don't know who...

Who took that?

(LAUGHS) Look at that hat!


Oh, that's me and Dion.

I was, uh,... Actually, I was about your age.


Love you hair.


Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Jets and Giants.

Two seconds left.

Hail Mary. Touchdown!

So much fun.



Dion: Listen, I got to jet.


Happy birthday, old lady.

Old lady?


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