01x08 - In Lies the Truth

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Feed the Beast". Aired June 5 - August 2, 2016.
"Feed the Beast" follows two friends, on the brink of losing everything, who try to turn their lives around with a dusty pipe dream of opening up an upscale restaurant in their hometown of the Bronx, but one brilliant chef is in trouble with the Mob and the law.
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01x08 - In Lies the Truth

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Announcer: Previously, on AMC's "Feed the Beast"...

A restaurant, in this location.

You want me to chef for you again?

More than that.

I wanna know when that kid comes back, that TJ's gonna be protected.

Somebody broke in. Left this under my pillow.

I'm gonna rip off his b*lls and shove 'em down his throat.

(g*n f*ring)

Man cooks from the heart. You can't fake that.


Tommy Moran: Did you sleep with Rie?

Dion Patras: No, but I do have a psychotic episode?


I would have gone again. I swear I would have ge again.


Did we lose her?

I think we lost her.

I think you should give in, for the greater good.

Oh, really?

She'll tip us better if you do.

Oh, you're gonna pimp me out? Even I got morals.


Yeah, nobody over the age of 90.

Oh, well, that's very principled of you.

You think it's bad that I'm always complaining about Tommy's drinking, but this is my fifth vodka.

Oh, no. God no.

What, you work hard, you drink hard, right?

That's right.

So here's to it. Here's to...




Mmm. You know what?

There's no better feeling than cooking for a hundred people and nailing it.

Oh, we nailed it, right?

We did.

Yeah, we always nail it.


I mean... you do, I just follow your lead.

You know, it's not like I'm really doing anything.



Yeah, I should...

I should probably go.





Rie, I love you.









Come on, T, ask me anything.

I'll tell you whatever you want to know.

Okay. What sauce are you doing with the duck tonight?

Oh, Tommy, come on. We've gotta talk about this.

No, the only thing we have to do is our job.

You do yours, I do mine.

Hey, uh... remember when I said you should lighten up on the drinking?

I don't know, maybe now's a good time to start boozing it up again, huh?

Or not.

Amazing. We've gone from empty to almost 50% booked.

Hey, that's great.


Hear that, Chef?

We're almost half full tonight, and we're 80% the next two weeks.

Yeah, that's... that's great, Pilar.

Hey, you know what?

I-I gotta head out and do some sourcing.

Tommy, I'll be back later, huh?

Great news, Herrera. You go, P!


You know, out of all the incredible things you did for me last night, I can't stop thinking about the flower you brought me.

Great. I'm glad you liked it.

Yeah, I liked it.

Are you okay?


No, just... just work stuff.


I had this amazing dream last night.

I was up in the greenhouse with this great guy...


...and he brought me a flower, and he made me a picnic, and it was one of those dreams that was, like, so real.

Something happened last night.

Finally. I'm glad you noticed.

No, between me and Dion after you left.

Okay, and it's just... I'm... just trying to deal with it, all right?

And, um... look, I-I had a great time.

Really, I mean it.

I should order more candles since we're gonna be busy tonight.

Guess a lot of people are excited to be here.



♪ Fever dream ♪
♪ Or so it seems ♪
♪ All I see is ♪
♪ What I used to be ♪
♪ Fever dreams ♪
♪ I've been around, I'm lost and found ♪
♪ I b*rned it all to the ground ♪
♪ Ashes to ashes, hope that dashes ♪
♪ My own mystery ♪
♪ And all I see is what I used to be ♪

Hey, your friend Rudy's place in Greenpoint.

Is that still available?

No, his ex-wife and that creepy kid of hers are staying there.


I was just thinking. I'm sorry, man.

That's disgusting. Are you gonna eat that?

Come on, let me cook for you.

Give me that.

Go on. You were thinking?

Yeah, well, I've been invited to executive chef at a place near there on the waterfront.

Invited? Who invited you?

It's a perfect location.

You know, it's a stunning kitchen.

It's great.

Who invited you?


Actually, it's Patrick Woijchik.

How old are these?

Patrick Woijchik?!

You got eggs, right?

Why would you even consider working for that psychopath?

'Cause this place is gonna be a money machine.

It's a much faster way of paying off my debt to the guy.

And what about Tommy and that restaurant you and him just opened?

Me and Tommy kind of h*t a speed bump.

And that speed bump is?


He just found out I slept with Rie.

She was hot.

Okay, I'm not justifying it, I'm just saying...

Yeah, whatever.

The point is Tommy's so pissed, he can't even yell at me.

Thirio is getting booked.

Yeah, it'll... it'll be fine.

I'll just... I'll just get Tommy a new chef.

I know. I know, I'm an assh*le.

But really I'm... I'm showing Tommy mercy.

I mean, could you imagine having to work next to the guy who had sex with your wife?


Okay. Look.

Look. This is me, and that's my nephew.

And that's my nephew's best friend.

What's wrong with you? Tommy is family.

Just like that baby you've got coming.

You don't run away.

You stay and you take care of what you have done.

No. Tommy hates me.

Hate, love... that's family.

Yeah, I...

I owe you a lot, I know that.

Family, remember?

And, yeah. You do owe me.

Here. Keep this.

Clearly, you need the visual reminder.

This looks delicious.

You know what would go great with that?



Marisa: Dad, don't you think this is overkill?

A man broke into your apartment and basically terrorized you.

Not overkill, protection.

Now, you can also trigger the alarm by using this app right here.

Okay, but I just...

I'm not taking any chances with you or my grandchild.


But in the meantime, I'm gonna put a call in to the organized crime unit, have 'em put Patrick Woijchik and his group on surveillance.

Pumpkin, they've already done that.

Listen to me, you were right the first time.

We need to let the feds handle anything having to do with the Woijchik family.



So you're obsession with Patrick Woijchik... just letting it go?

Yes, counselor.

I don't have any time to chase down that stupid Polack.

I'm gonna be too busy buying cribs and strollers and all that crap.

Breakfast tomorrow?

Hey. Get some lunch for you and your buddy.

Thanks, boss.



Kale. Huh? Vitamin K.

Now, especially good for buns in the oven, according to 10,000 web sites.

Is that so?

Hey, is... is that your lunch?

Little known fact... I'm the only person in New York who does not like kale.

Well, how about I braise it with a little... a little cream and pancetta, huh?

Nope. Not going near the stuff.


Yeah, I... I should...

I should probably get back to work.


You should.


We practiced ethical non-monogamy.


What's up, Tom?

Hey, Tommy.

Hey, guys.

Hey, Tommy, did Dion tell you what tonight's specials are?

He did not. Another one of his many secrets.



Hey. Tommy.

It's TJ's school.

Hello. This is Tommy Moran.

No, I dropped him off this morning.


No, he's not... he's not back...

(SIGHS) Wait, I think I know where he is.

Thank you. I'm sorry.

Hey, there's the man!

Dion, who you got back there?

Yeah, tell her to come on out.

Yeah, real good.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know what?

A little less talking and a little more work, please.

Hey, Chef, there's someone here to see you.



You can't just leave school, Teej.

Having a bad day?

Yeah, me, too.

Come on.


Giordano: Alls you gotta do is get him to meet you there, okay?

(SIGHS) All right, he shows up, finds me instead.

Hello, Patrick. Good-bye, Patrick.

Come on, this is crazy, all right?

I don't want to be caught in the middle of this.

You're not in the middle of anything 'cause you're not even there.


My C.I. calls in an "anomynous" tip.

The Feds show up, they find a d*ad Tooth Fairy with evidence that bl*ws all the heat towards the Chinese.

They see what they want to see.

And nothing comes back to you.

All right, look, I'm gonna have to think about it, all right?

Well, think about this...

Ziggy is practically a vegetable.

I put his son underground, and you are free and clear of that Polack forever.

All right, well, you know what, like, I'm a felon.

All right, you're talking about accessory to m*rder.

That son of a bitch broke into my daughter's home and left a tooth under her pillow... my tooth!

Wait, you have a daughter?

You say he threatened you and the people you love, a real shame, and not my problem.

But once he threatens my daughter!


You listen to me, Patras... th here's the only way.

Woijchik is gonna die, and I'm gonna have the pleasure of k*lling him.



Giordano: This here's the only way.

Woijchik is gonna die, and I'm gonna have the pleasure of k*lling him.


Hey, Rie. I brought TJ with me.

He's really been missing you.

I wanted to remind him that you're always here, watching over us.

Hey, you mind waiting over on the bench for me?

Just need a moment with your mom, alone.


...just so you know...

I know.

I'm not sure how long Dion was gonna keep it from me.

Probably forever.

And you...


You sure as hell wouldn't have to tell me, right?

You cheat, you die... you take the betrayal to the grave with you.

Aren't you lucky.

Well, now that the truth is out, here's some truth for you.

You know how I've been telling you how... how great TJ's been doing, and that I'm fine?

Well, I'm not fine, Rie.

And neither is your son.

He's traumatized.

He hasn't spoken a word since you d*ed.

And me, I've been... I've been holding you up in this... this perfect light.

A beautiful shining memory of who I thought you were.

Well, what am I mourning now, huh?

You destroyed all of it.


When I drop you off, you have to go right back to class, all right?

Jensen's gonna pick you up after school and bring you to granddad's.

And then later, she'll bring you back home.

So... So we can hang out.

You know, have dinner together.

Make a snack if you want, but then get right on it, okay?

I know, buddy. miss her, too.

But we'll get through this together, okay, you and me.

Tommy: 85% of taste is smell. Go ahead and nose it.

This is Portugal's answer to white g*n, okay?

Recommend it with all seafood and it also pairs well with our cheeses.

Steven, we're not drinking, we're tasting.

Remember, right? Come on.

All right. Our last white is a Pinot Grigio.

You can expect melon fruit, medium body with...

Yo, yo, yo, look! I got some beautiful branzino.

Excuse me! Excuse me! I'm trying to prep the staff.

I'm sorry, Tommy. Sorry.

As I was saying, um, we can expect...



...melon fruit, a faint bitterness.


Can we please focus?

We open in an hour.

Okay, you're gonna embarrass yourselves if you don't know what you're pouring.

Hey. Uh, we're gonna have hints of green...

Can I talk to you for a minute?

I guess it's not immediately obvious that I'm in the middle of something.

What else?

Huh? Hints of lime, right.

Green apple.



Give me a sec.

Pilar, look.

What's wrong with you?!

I can't really go in...

Whatever happened between you and Dion must be pretty big 'cause it's turned you into a complete jerk.

He slept with Rie.


That's pretty big.

So, I'm sorry for being a d*ck.

I might be a d*ck for a little while.



But you don't have to be a d*ck with me.

Yeah, I know.

I know.

Just stick with me, okay?

Till I get past this.

I'm sorry you're going through this.

Well, actually, I'm glad you know.

I want us to always be completely honest with each other.

I want that, too.

Okay, I gotta go see my sister.

I'll be back before we open.


Pilar: I'm sorry I don't have much time.

Tooth fairy: That's okay. I'll be brief.

I'm opening a restaurant in Williamsburg.

French, top-notch chef, one of the best.

I'm so happy for you!

I like the way you carry yourself.

I think you'd be a fantastic maitre d'.

I want to make you an offer.

Oh, Patrick, that's so...

Honestly, my first thought is to say no, I'm happy where I am.

But the truth is I've become involved with one of the owners of the restaurant.

And that's a bad thing?

Yes. Because I've lied to this man a lot... ever since I met him at our grief group.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Who are you grieving, if I may?

No one.

I'd had this string of terrible relationships with guys who cheated on me or walked away.

So I went to this grief group, thinking there might be men there who could commit, 'cause, obviously, they'd committed before.

Wait, you were there to...

I know.

It sounds so crazy saying it out loud. I...

And as soon as I got there, I met this man, and suddenly I'm telling him I had a husband who d*ed.

And now I can't take it back.

We all lie about ourselves sometimes.

I... I'm also in love... with someone.

I've been waiting a long time for this person to see me in the same way that I see them.

Does this person know you're in love with him?

Or... or her?

You know what, if you're happy where you are, perhaps you're right.

You should stay there.





I'm back.

Oh, right, good.

You okay?

Yeah, yeah.

How is... How is your sister?

Um, good. Thank you.

Ready for the big night?

Yeah. You?

Ready, ready, ready.

Good luck... not that you need it.

You, too... either.

You look great.



See you out there.


Okay, so it's a branzino, wrapped in prosciutto, served with a Meyer lemon preserve.


Right, yeah. Yum.

Yum, exactly.

So the dish... the dish to push is the pork chop, served medium rare.

If anyone asks for that well done, Habib has been specifically instructed to shove that chop up that person's ass.


So, any questions?

We all good?

All right, let's knock 'em d*ad.

Yes, Chef!


I'd like to say something.

Uh... sure.

Somm's got the floor. Let's listen up.

Well, I think you should know...

...just how proud I am of all the hard work you've put in to make this happen.

And, remember, no matter how crazy it gets tonight, let's have fun.

Dion: Hey, Tom.

Are you all right?

I'm great.

Any new symptoms?

Not unless you count bleeding out of every damn hole in my body.

I warned you that kind of bleeding would start eventually.

Unfortunately, the disease is moving a little bit faster than I...

Time to go?

Hey, you forgetting your backpack?

As I was saying, I was hoping you'd move up the donor list before the disease progressed to this point, but...

Have you asked you son?

(SCOFFS) I'd rather die twice.

You know, Aidan, he's a less likely candidate, but your grandson could possibly... No.

It would just be the first step.

I take a blood sample...

I'm not letting you stick a giant needle in that boy's arm, so drop it.

Well, without a donor, our options are...

See you next week.


Fiasco, garnish these for me, please.

Yes, Chef. All over it.

Okay, Chef, four more orders away.

86 on the chops!

Excellent. The 2007 Barolo is a great choice with the lamb.

I'm sorry, we asked for the 2010.

Oh, right. My mistake. (CHUCKLES)

Either way, it's a great choice, but I shall return with your wine.






It's a great house, huh?

'Tis! A very, very great house.

Hey, T, T, I...

I know you had a shock to the system, you know.

I know you're doing your best to play through it, but...

But what?

No one's gonna fault you if you... if you want to go upstairs and... and call it a night.

Why? Have I given you any reason to think I'm unable to do my job?


No, man.

No, it's just, you know, Steven can take over if...

Steven doesn't know shit about wine.

And I feel great.

But (CLICKS TONGUE) thanks for the concern.


Come on, why don't you just kick me in the b*lls or something, huh, get it over with.

What? (LAUGHS)

No, not your b*lls. You'd be lost without those.

This is bullshit.

I mean, pretending like you're not upset.

Of course you're upset. I'd be upset.

Now, see, that... that's bullshit.

You have no idea what it's like.

You have no idea how I feel.

'Cause this, this isn't something that other guys do to Dion Patras.

This is something Dion Patras does to other guys.

Even his best friend.


There's the big guy.

Hey, TJ!



Thanks, Jensen.

Appreciate it.

Hey, what's up, man?


Huh, you hungry?


Hey, I, uh, heard that Andre kid got suspended, huh?

Things doing better at school?


Listen, you know, if things are still tough, you gotta let us know so we can help, you know?

Hey, buddy.

Hey, you got laundry upstairs to fold, okay?

I'll be up in a minute.

Oh, hey, here. I'll empty your lunch stuff.

Don't talk to my son.

Come on, man, I'm just letting him know if things get bad...

I'm just letting you know don't talk to my son.


What's up with him?


Very good.


Uh, sorry, Tommy.

No, it's totally my fault.

Wrong wine, table 12.

They ordered the Magalousia.

You mean the Malagousia.

I mean maybe you should take a minute to collect yourself.

Collect myself, why?

I'll take care of this. You have a stain.

Woman: Excuse me!


Is there a problem?

This wine is dumb.


It's a vintner's term, meaning...

No, I know what it means, but that's impossible.

I've poured most of this case, and it's drinking beautifully.

May I?


It's perfect.

Excuse me, but I know wine, and this wine has fallen off.

Well, I actually know wine, too.

Yeah, it's part of my job.

And this wine has not fallen off.

But, you know what?

I'll be glad to double-check for you.

Glug, glug, glug, glug, glug, glug.

That's God's own nectar.

That's a thing of beauty.

You know, at $90 a bottle, we shouldn't have to argue with you.

No, there's no reason to argue. This wine is spectacular.

I'd like to speak to a manager.

Absolutely. How can I help?

Mrs. Kassidy, with a "K," am I right?


Chef Patras.

You were here two nights ago?

I was.

Welcome back. Welcome back.

I'm so sorry if there's been some kind of a confusion.

There's no confusion, Chef.

Mrs. Kassidy, with a "K," is saying that this wine is bad.

Well, then let us get you a new bottle... on the house.

And I say Miss Kassidy is crazy with a "K."

All right, listen!

You can just relax, man, relax.

Okay, just be cool, be cool.

Be cool. Be cool.


Our sommelier is, you know, he's very passionate about his wine.

He gets a little... a little carried away.

Our chef is so passionate about other people's wives that he carries them away.

Right, okay, Tommy, right. That's enough.

Careful. Hang on tight to this one.

Let's talk out back, please.

You know what's dumb, Mrs. K?

Tommy, come on!

Spelling Kassidy with a "K!"

Would you stop?

Who the hell do you think you are?

Embarrassing me like that?!

Oh, you're embarrassing yourself.

Now, would you get upstairs and sober up?

Wine is my domain.

Or are you trying to move in on everything that's mine.

Would you just stop?! Look, you're pissed off at me, you're taking it out on the customers! How many times?

You said I could ask you anything.

You said you'd tell me anything I wanted to know.

All right, well, now I want to know.

How many times did you screw my wife?!

All right, come on.

No, answer me, you son of a bitch.

Chef, you might want to take this outside.

Answer me!

Tommy, the people in the dining room can hear you.

Pilar, get him upstairs.

Come on, you want to do this?!

Come on! Outside now!

All day! All day you've had to come at me with this in private!

But, no, you gotta lose your shit in front of everyone!

Yeah, including your own son.

How many times?

How many times, Dion?!


Liar. (GRUNTS)

All right, it was a mistake.

All right, it was a one-time mistake.

Where else? Were you ever in our bed?

No. No, God, no.


God! Okay, like, you've gotta stop doing that.

Did she like it, huh?

Did she tell you how much she liked it?

Tommy, come on.

Did she, huh?!

We were drunk, all right? We both felt bad about it!



Was she in love with you?

I was in love with her.

There, I said it.

Yeah, but she didn't love me, Tommy.

Said the one thing that was wrong with me was that I wasn't you.

You son of a bitch.






How did it happen?

It was a long time ago, Tommy.


Where was I?

You were studying for your somm exam.

I remember that.

She was so happy when I told her I passed.

At least, I thought that's why she was happy.

Look, Tommy, I don't know what to say.

I'm... I'm sorry.

Jesus, you're good.

When I asked you if you'd slept with her, you... you made me think I was out of my mind.

You actually made me feel guilty for even thinking you could do that to me.

I know.

I-I know you must think that I'm cowardly, and that I'm pathetic, but...

I would have gone through anything to stop you from finding out.

I mean, she was gone.

I didn't want my friend feeling any more pain than he had to.

We're not friends.

You gotta move out, tonight.

We'll keep uh... keep Thirio open for a little while for the crew.

But you and me, we're done.

And stay away from my son.





How are you doing?

You know, okay.

Not okay.



Come in.

You have an accident?

Yeah, I walked into a door.

Look, I can't stay.

I just came to tell you in person how much I appreciate your offer.

But, you know, Thirio is... it's personal to me.

Yeah, it's looking like it's gonna do well, and... and I have to see it through.

And I'm already in a partnership.

You know, there's a very good chance you're going to regret this.

Well, that's a chance I have to take.




What happened?

Can I stay here tonight?


Simon: You know, friend, I enjoy this as much as you do.

How about you don't pay me any more, we just...

You want to go again?


I'm down.








You are... nothing.



Just tell me... is there someone else?


Yeah, there is.

He's 6'1" and loves his wine.


Maybe a little too much.

Hey, you forgetting your backpack?

(g*n COCKS)

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