03x10 - Kat's Meow

Episode transcripts for the TV show "m*rder in the First". Aired: June 2014 to September 2016.
"m*rder In The First" follows two San Francisco homicide detectives as they discover two seemingly unrelated cases were related to a young Silicon Valley entrepreneur. The second season follows the pair tracking down a student who escaped after taking part in a deadly sh**ting on a school bus.
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03x10 - Kat's Meow

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You bought 10 smartphones from Chestnut Connect, is that right?


Um, they were Christmas presents for Normandy's crew.

I wanted to make a good impression.

Did you give one to Billy?

[Plastic rustling]

He was Normandy's number one.

I wanted to make sure that he liked me.

Well, here's one of the phones that you bought.

We found it in Billy's possession.


It's his phone.

What does that have to do with me?

Well, it's passcode-protected, so we can't hack it.

There could be information on it that could help us break the case.

You know Billy didn't do this all on his own.

[Birds chirping]

Is there any possible way you would remember what the passcode might be?

It was a joke.

I made the passwords the same for all the phones.

Please tell me you remember it.


I mean, Billy might have changed it since then.

All right, well, you got eight chances before the phone permanently erases itself so...

No pressure. [Chuckles]



Hey, online dating is the only way to really meet people.

What? How else are you gonna do it?

Hey, you're up, guys... domestic, female.

All right.



Fellas, Alicia unlocked Billy's phone.


She's finally useful for something.

That's mean.

They're not our friends, Hildy, okay?

Don't overinvest.

Okay, well, Keefer's waiting on this phone, so...

I won't start the celebrations just yet.

[Police radio chatter]


Hey. [Clears throat]


I got a female D.B. in an ugly state, to say the least.

The neighbor who called it in wouldn't open up the door to talk us.


He told us that he heard a lady screaming and then he hit 911 and then turned up the volume on his TV.

By the time we got here, victim was D.O.A.

No suspects.

Is this her apartment? Not sure yet.

We got to call in to the landlord.

All right, good.

[Police radio chatter]

[Camera shutter clicking]

[Indistinct conversations]


Bet you're glad you got here before lunch.

This is one of the worst beatings I've ever seen.

I can feel three breaks in her mandible alone. - [Coughs]

Her left orbital socket is basically dust.

Done by somebody's hands?

I think so.

An instrument would have literally caved in her face.

There's a lot of breaks. They're all shallow.

These are just the newest ones, 'cause she shows hematomas at various stages of absorption.

Punching bag.

Yep. Pretty much.

Is that her?

Uh, could be...

I mean, general height, weight, coloring, but, given the damage, I'll probably need to run prints for a positive I.D.

So, I'm ready to remove her.

Man: Maria?

Uh, sir, this is an active crime scene.

My daughter! Where is she?!



Sir! Please!


Sir, please!

[Sobbing] No!

[Screams indistinctly]

[Police radio chatter]

You want to know who did this?

Her husband... Freddie Rivera.


He hurt her since they got together.

She finally threw him out two days ago, changed the locks.

He came back, didn't he?

I'm gonna put out an A.P.B.

Any idea where we might find Freddie now?

He runs with the Mission Locos.

They're always around.

He has them watch Maria when he can't.

Gangbangers, you know? Mm-hmm. Yeah, I do.

Okay, we're gonna get on this.

We'll be in touch.


I begged her to...

[Breathes shakily]

I begged her to come home to me a-and her mama.

She said no.

I said... I would sleep outside her door, keep her safe.

She wouldn't let me.

I should've done it anyway.


I should have been here.

[Mouse clicks]

Keefer: I don't really know what I'm looking for.

Well, keep going.

We'll know when we see it.

[Mouse clicking]

He deleted all of his e-mail accounts... deleted his text messages... cleared his search history. Yeah.

He knew he'd have to give outside access to his phone.

Did he delete his photos?

Those are always hard to lose.

These albums date back to Christmas.


Kind of scroll.

[Mouse scrolling]


Nice life, huh?

[Scoffs] Yeah.

Oh! Oh.

That's Normandy's wife.


I can see why Billy liked her.




Okay, okay.


Keep going. I'm getting embarrassed now. [Chuckles]

What is it with guys and their cellphone cameras?

They never expect to get caught.

Women know better.


What about voice memos?

Huh. Okay.

Timing's right on that. You're right. Let's hear it.

Billy: [Through computer] Yo, I'm not sure about this.

Man: Billy, come on, man.

This a win-win for you.

I mean, Normandy's the only one who loses here.

And who better, right?

So, what's your life been like since he cut you off?

Does he give a shit? I mean, you're nothing to him.

15 "G" ain't enough, man.

I know, man, but the way he treated you, come on, Billy.

I would have thought you'd done it for free.

20. I'm taking all the risk here.

All right, well, you know what we'll do?

5 up front, 15 when it's done.

Half up front.

Look, this is what I got right now.

When Normandy's out of the way, I'll be back in Alicia's life, and I'll have access to more money.

You know that, all right? And I'll pay the rest later.

Yo, I'm not using my own piece.

You don't need to. I'll get you one, all right?

It's clean. I got all this planned.

May 17th.

Yo, that... that's his

What do you care?

End of voice memo.

There you go. All right.

That's Alicia's father... Paul Barnes.

I recognize the voice. That's him.

That's not good enough for a warrant.

Ah! I-I, uh, brought Barnes in for an interview right after Lippman got, uh, arrested.

Uh, it was recorded. We can compare audios.

Good idea. Do that.

Yes, sir.

Hildy: Billy must have thought it was insurance... you know, if he was ever gonna cut himself a deal.

That's why he gave it to his lawyer.

Or he kept it to blackmail Barnes for the rest of the money... which got him k*lled instead of paid.

But he outsmarted the smart guy.

He gave us Barnes.

Assuming the audio matches.

It'll match.

[Horn honks]


What? [Laughs]

A promise is a promise.

Dad, I didn't... I didn't actually expect you to do it.

[Chuckles] Get in.




That was a dick move of me, asking you for a car.

You had every right to be pissed off at me, Michael.

Okay, but that's no excuse.

I shouldn't have squeezed you.

You negotiated.

Eh, not really.

[Both chuckle] True.

You can take it back if you want.

I don't.

It's yours.

And you're gonna need a car next year when you're away at college.

Is that actually gonna happen?

You can wherever you choose. It's up to you.


So, press down on the brake, push the button on the right.

[Dashboard beeping]

[Laughs] Thanks, Dad.

I'm gonna Uber home, all right?

Have fun.


Yeah, you're right.

Red is your color.


[Dashboard beeping]

[Door closes] Siletti: Hey.


Michael loves his new car.


Good thing he didn't ask for a Ferrari.

No, he's a good kid.

Eh, when he's not acting like a jerk.

Cristal. At 11:00 in the morning?

It's your favorite... 2004.

[Dishes clattering]

So, what are we celebrating?

Oh, where to start... my new job, our second act together.

I love you, Cassie.

[Cork pops]


The end of our legal troubles.

[Champagne fizzing]

And the beginning of our future.

Well, we still have the civil case.

We don't.

Mr. Ramirez decided to drop the lawsuit as of this morning.

[Glasses clink] You settled with him.

[Sighs] Okay, so how much are we paying?



Wait. I-I don't understand.

I explained to his attorney they didn't have a case that would ever go to trial.

He agreed.

Because the criminal charges were dropped.

No, because Mr. Ramirez is a criminal.

Had him investigated.

What did he do?

He's an undocumented immigrant.

Gave me all the leverage I needed.

[Chuckles] You blackmailed him.

Mm! [Swallows]

I aligned our interests.

We both wanted to protect our families.

You haven't learned a thing.

Well, that's not fair.

Okay, Mario, we are paying him.

We don't have to.

[Glass clinks]

We k*lled his wife, and we took a mother away from her kids.

The guy wants $15 million, with a third of whatever he gets going straight to his lawyer, "Mr. You Don't Win, You Don't Pay."

If you don't make a fair settlement, I will cost you even more.


I'm gonna take half of all your assets and a big percentage of your future earnings for spousal support.

You'll have to pay the attorneys' fees for both of us, and good divorce attorneys aren't cheap.

Or... you do the right thing.

This is blackmail, Cassie.

This is leverage.


But you know I'd miss you, right?


Oh, now you're just playing me.

Mnh. You love it.


We make an excellent team.



[Horns honking]

[Doorbell chimes]

[Baroque music plays through stereo]



What's with the funeral music?

You're gonna put me to sleep.

Well, the sugar will keep you awake.

How do you... how do you drink that thing?

Mmm! I love 'em.

Tastes like my childhood and Type II diabetes.

[Smacks lips]

[Cellphone ringing]

Oh, here. Hold that.

Hold it.


It's Koto.

Yes, sir?


We're on our way.

Change of destination. Drive-by sh**ting.

Why us?

We're closest.

Sure you don't want her?


I got to drive.

[Engine starts]


[Police radio chatter]

[Siren wailing in distance]

[Camera shutter clicking]



Excuse us.


Hey. What do you have?

One eyewitness.

Most excitement he's had since his first hard-on.


And did you I.D. the victim?

Uh, Federico Rivera, per his license.

I'm waiting for the light, and I hear these pops like firecrackers, just like everybody always says.

And then, suddenly, that car smashes into the stop sign, and then I see this other car...

What type of car, Ted?

Not a car... a pickup, actually.

Old. White, I think.

He busts a "U'ie" right in the middle of the street and peels out that way... like, east.

North? North.

You see the driver?


What about a license plate?

[Sighs] Uh...

I thought drive-bys only happened in Oakland.

Well, now you know better. Welcome to San Francisco.

We got your contact info, Ted.

Okay. So, good luck.

I'll watch the news!

Hey, you were right. Rivera has a long sheet.

How'd you know?

Oh, we're psychics.

That's cute.

So, assuming Freddie came home, knocked down the door, and k*lled his wife, it does... it doesn't seem like a random event that he got his own ticket punched by lunchtime.

He was in Locos.

That drive-by could've just been a turf thing.

Yeah. I mean, he died either way.


And we know which way the... the sh**t went, so maybe we check the cameras that he went by before he had to change streets.


The beauty of a high-crime neighborhood... besides keeping us fully employed... is that businesses actually have decent security cams and are happy to share.

So, here we go.

[Key clacks]

Here's some angles near the crime scene where you'll see a white pickup.

I've isolated these frames that show us a partial plate.

There's only one unknown digit... a number, not a letter.

A single variable, 0 through 9.

We got this guy.

Yes. Thanks, Kami.

[Sing-song voice]

Say thank you.

Thank you, Kami.


[Keyboard clacking]

[Mouse clicks]




It's registered to Angel Silva.



Doesn't mean he was driving it, right?

Does he even have a record?

[Mouse clicking]


He's a law-abiding citizen.

[Both sigh]

He's got motive, though.


Koto: What's the alternative?

Go grab him up.

He's a good man, Lieutenant. He did us a favor.

"Us," Navarro?

He closed the case.

Vigilante justice isn't justice.


We don't take sides.


Sure we do.

Just go make the arrest, okay?

I don't like it, either.


Angel: Voy!


Sí, voy.

[Door opens]

Mr. Silva. Is that your vehicle?


Did you happen to loan it out today?


Vehicles can get... borrowed without your permission or stolen.

It's okay.

I know why you're here. Just do it.

The g*n's still in the car.

Step to me. Turn around, sir.

Angel Silva, you're under arrest for the m*rder of Federico Rivera.

You have the right to remain silent.

[Handcuffs click]

Anything you say may be used against you in court.

You have a right to the presence of an attorney before and during any questioning.

Woman: What are you doing?

If you cannot afford it, one will be provided to you...

Mrs. Silva, your husband is being arrested for the m*rder of Federico Rivera.

Freddie's d*ad?

...these rights?

[Exhales] Thank God.

But it wasn't my husband.


You're wrong. He was with me all day.

You know I wasn't.


Oh, you... you tell them you didn't do this, Angel.

Just tell them.

I should have k*lled him years ago.


He doesn't know what he's saying.

He's cr... He's crazy from grief.


Let's go, Mr. Silva.

Angel, no. Let's go.

You can't take him! [Sobs]

Do you have any family that you can stay with?

Ahora sólo somos nosotros. (We are just us now)

Se lo suplico, por favor. (I beg you please)

Lo siento, señora. (Sorry ma'am)


Sí algo que podemos hacer, por favor llámame.


Noah: So...

[Keyboard clacking]

The top display shows the WAV form of the voice identified as "unknown male" in green.

The bottom display shows the voice identified as Andrew Lippman in orange.

Two key words recurred in all of the recordings I analyzed...

"Normandy," highlighted on the left, and "Alicia," highlighted on the right.

Now, comparing intonation, pitch, bass, and treble levels, vowel shape, sibilance, et cetera definitively shows you these two voices cannot be the same speaker.

That's a proof that Lippman didn't hire Billy to k*ll Normandy... right there.

We know he didn't k*ll Billy. His alibi's rock solid.

We have multiple witnesses. We have video confirmation.

Show them the Barnes' graph.

All right.

[Keyboard clacking]

So, the, uh, WAV form on the bottom in blue is the voice identified as Paul Barnes.

Same keywords highlighted.

And... [Keyboard clacks]

[Computer beeping] It is the same voice.

[Sighs] I'll handle Lippman's release.

I want Barnes in custody A.S.A.P.

Go pick him up.



Paul: [Through intercom] Is that you, Kat?

Hey, Paul.

Go away. She's not here.

I know. I need to talk to you.

The cops have come knocking three times now.


I'm clean and sober.

[Intercom beeps]


[Gates whir]


I forgot how good you look when you're sober.

[Chuckles] Hm.

Turn around. Let me see you.



[Breathing heavily]


[Breathing shakily]

That was for her.

This one's for me.


[Case clatters]

[Groans softly]

[Birds chirping]

[Soft thud]


[Breathing shakily]


Dispatcher: 911, police and f*re.

What is the exact location of your emergency?

My name is Kat Cooper.

I just sh*t somebody.

What is your location?

What is your address, ma'am?

[Indistinct conversations]

[Police radio chatter]

[Camera shutter clicks]

Hey, Kat.

Oh. I'm glad it's you.

We know each other.

Less to explain, right?

Did the officer that arrested you advise you of your rights?


Doesn't matter.

Doesn't change anything.

Well, now that you know your rights, do you want to tell us what happened?

I came here to k*ll that man.

And I k*lled him.

That's what happened.

Did Paul thr*at you in any way?

I know you're trying to help me. Thank you, but don't bother.

Whatever happens to me now, at least he'll never touch our little girl again.

It was worth it.

[Camera shutters snapping, siren wailing]

[Indistinct shouting]

When we drive out, just focus straight ahead like they're not there.

It looks better than if you try to hide your face.

Thank you.

[Clicking continues]

All right. I don't want to put her on display.

She doesn't deserve that.

I don't care what the D.A. says. He can go to hell.

Right. So, back door?


[Clicking continues]

[Engine starts, door closes]

[Muffled shouting]

Will I have to take my clothes off?

A female deputy will search you.

It'll be quick. Don't worry.

I'm not sorry I k*lled him.

I know you're not.

[Cellphone vibrates]

All right. I got here.

Kat, I have to leave, so Inspector English will escort you from here, okay?

I'll be okay.


[Door unlocks, slides]

You ready?

[Clang] Yes.

[Clang, sliding]


Alicia: Let me go right now!

Let me out!

Get me out of here!

[Door closes]

Glad to see you, Inspector.

What happened?

[Alicia straining]

Seems she checked out of rehab when she heard the news.

Called herself a ride to her favorite liquor store, where she still has an account.

Picked up a bottle of organic vodka.

'Cause she cares so much about her health, yeah.

Guzzled down half of it.

Made herself a traffic hazard wandering down the center line.

[Alicia straining]

All right, I'll take her into custody.

You're welcome to her.

[Pounding on windows]

[Alicia vomits]

[All sigh]


[Sighs] No, not again.




[Door closes]

All right. I got it, I got it.

All right. I'll help you rinse, okay?





Rinse again.



[Sink drains]

Turn around and face me.

Mm. Okay.

You all right?


All right.

Okay, sit here.

This is just a quiet room for you, all right?


I'll make sure nobody bothers you.

Try to get some sleep, all right?

[Sniffles] Is it true...

[Blinds rustle]

...what my mom did?

We'll talk about it when you're sober, okay?

[Door closes]


I want to thank the people of San Francisco for allowing me to serve them as district attorney.

It's the second greatest honor of my life, after Catherine agreeing to marry me.

But effective today, I have formally resigned from office and will be joining the firm of Tucker, McCart, Wireman, Clay & Chang.

And we are thrilled to have you.

Thank you.

Reporter: Mr. Siletti.

Why are you switching sides?

I'm not.

I'm still on the side of justice, but being a defendant has open my eyes.

You know, the system is broken, and that's not just a liberal mantra.

If the district attorney of San Francisco can be over-charged and over-prosecuted for political advancement or payback, then justice is not blind.

"Justice is accidental, and innocence is no protection."

But, no, don't quote me on that. That's actually from Euripides.

Any comment on Melissa Danson's resignation?

Res ipsa loquitor.

Cesar, will you stand up, please?

This is Cesar Ramirez, who... lost his wife in my accident.

The absence of any legal liabilities doesn't change my moral responsibilities to him and his two children.

Catherine and I have funded a trust for the Ramirez family to provide an income of $50,000 a year, until Mr. Ramirez's children both turn 21.

And I would like to present the first payment to Mr. Ramirez.

[Camera shutters clicking]

Thank you, Mario and Catherine.

Koto: Hey.


Has Silva been processed?

Yeah. [Sighs] All squared away.


Not really.

I mean, there are bad guys, and then there are good guys who make a mistake.

Yeah, well, m*rder is a pretty big mistake.

Yeah, of course, but if somebody did that to one of my daughters, you be locking me up, too, sir.

Okay, if the D.A. reduces the g*n enhancement then, with no priors, Angel could be out in 10, 11 years.

Maybe. But 11 years, man.

That's tough.

Yeah, and tougher on the wife.

She loses her daughter and her husband.

Okay, we're not social workers here.


No, sir.


He's got five girls at home.

I thought it was six.

Well, yeah. I mean, if you count his wife, it's six.

Decision, decisions.

Get the one with double sugar.

Aw, don't touch me, man.


There's someone here to see you, says she's Angel Silva's daughter.

I didn't know Angel Silva had another daughter.

Neither did I.

I haven't talked to my father in three years... or my mother, until she called today to tell me that my sister's d*ad and my father's a hero.

We're very sorry for your loss.

My father's no hero. He's the devil.

Wait. W-What?

His real name isn't even Angel Silva.

It's Diego Perez.

He changed his name when we had to get out of Phoenix.

When was this?

13 years ago.

I was eight.

He was an enforcer for La Eme.

I heard my mom say he'd started talking too much.

We'd have been better off if La Eme had just found him.

Was he ever arrested?

'Cause none of this came up off his prints.

I don't know.

I just know my father b*at all of us all the time.


My mother, Maria, me... back as far as I can remember.

Freddie was just another assh*le like my dad.

My sister, she was sweet.

Hard men find soft women, you know?

I'm not soft anymore.

I decided I'd never let a man hit me again.

But Maria, she thought it was love.

They loved her to death, didn't they?

[Muffled shouting]



[Clang, buzzer]

How you doing, Diego?

Claudia came by and talked to us.

That girl is a lying whore that we had to kick out of the house.

Anything she tells you is...

Can and will be used against you.

Phoenix P.D. has you down for 13 unsolveds.


You kept busy, vato.

You all don't know shit.

What we do know is that you cut a deal to testify against La Eme... and which... not that you had much of a choice with that kind of body count against you.

But then the word got out, right?

And La Eme was gonna k*ll you... probably slowly.

And so adios, Diego.

Hello, Angel. Great name for you.

[Scoffs] Here I was gonna talk to the D.A., try to get you a break, 'cause you're a family man, right, like me?

Everything I do is for my family, if you don't know that.

Yeah, Claudia told us all about how you do for your family.

You taught your wife and both your girls what to expect from a "real man."

You groomed Maria for Freddie. He finished the job you started.

So, new plan, Diego.

You're gonna be in the system under your true name.

La Eme's strong in Cali prisons.

Who knows, maybe the carnales forgot all about you.

But I don't think so.

They're gonna find you... easy.

Sleep tight.

Close 28!


I took care of business.


I closed your case!

You owe me something!


You should... You should thank me!

You should help me!

Do you hear me?!


[Lights buzzing]

[Knock on door] Hey.

Oh, hey.

Maria Rivera?


You know, if there is a God... and right now, I'm not too convinced... he must have been on a coffee break when this was happening.

Yeah. You get the feeling that God drinks a lot of coffee.

I get the feeling God drinks a lot, period.

But you didn't come here to... wax philosophy with me, did you?

Is she the only young female in the morgue right now?

No, it's been a rough week for the ladies.

Ms. Rivera makes three.

Any O.D.s?


You only met Paul.

You didn't know him.

You're right.

You think you understand, but you can't.

He made me.

I was a part of him.

And now he's d*ad.

Everyone that I love dies.

[Plastic crinkles]

That's the phone that I helped you unlock.


What's on it?

Your father and Billy planning Normandy's m*rder together.

I don't believe you.

Listen to it.

Audio can be faked.

Do you want to listen to it?

Sure. Play it.

Paul: [Through cellphone] All right, you know what we'll do?

5 up front, 15 when it's done.

Billy: Half up front.

Look, this is what I got right now.

When Normandy's out of the way, I'll be back in Alicia's life, and I'll have access to more money.

You know that, all right? And I'll pay the rest then.

I'm not using my own piece.

You don't need to. I'll get you one, all right?

It's clean. I got all this planned.

May 17th.

Yo, that... that's his

What do you care?

And then he k*lled Billy to cover it up.

Blamed the whole thing on Andrew Lippman so he could keep a sexual and economic hold on you.

It almost worked.

Did you tell my mother? Is that why she did it?


She had her own reasons.

He kept her from you.

He made her think that she was crazy for believing the truth.

I think k*lling him was the only way that she could... guarantee that he wouldn't do any more damage to either one of you.

[Exhales, sniffles]

I want to go home.

[Sniffles] C-Can I go home now?

Home is a crime scene, Alicia.


Let me take you back to the retreat.

I'm not going back there. Rehab doesn't help.

I can handle my shit myself.

Well, this is... this is a lot of shit, though.


That's not your problem, is it?

Come with me.

I want to show you something.


Why are you making me look at this?

Her name's Lizzie.

She O.D.'d, like you.

Only with less luck.

How old is she?


What did she take?

What difference does it make? She's d*ad.

If you want to stay alive, you need to change, or else that's you lying in there, under the sheet in the meat locker.

And your mother threw everything away for nothing at all.


Can I see my mom?

["Dusty Trails" by Lucius playing]

♪ We've been gone for such a long time ♪
♪ That I'm almost afraid to go home ♪
♪ A long road is a long, dragged-out imagination ♪
♪ Where things can go wrong ♪
♪ But we keep rolling on ♪
♪ Dusty trails can lead you to a golden road ♪
♪ I've been told ♪
♪ Can't remember who it was, but all she spoke ♪
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