01x01 - You Don't Miss Your Water

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Quarry" Aired September - October 2016.
"Quarry" revolves around a Marine who returns home to Memphis from Vietnam in 1972 and finds himself shunned by those he loves and demonized by the public.
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01x01 - You Don't Miss Your Water

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(bird chirping)

(faint boat horn blares)


(thunder rumbles)


(insects chirping)

(g*n crackles)

(thunder rumbles)


(shutter clicking)

(voices overlapping)

Woman on P.A.: Southern Airways flight 49 has arrived at Memphis International Airport, gate 11.

It's gotta have some type of meaning, you know?

Man# 2: I'm not sure you're gonna find what you're looking for in a Memphis airport gift shop, Mac.

Gotta take what you can get.

Mac: I'll find it.


I still think this whole thing's a bad idea.

Oh, yeah? Why?

Coming home a day early, thinking you're surprising your wife.

How could that possibly go wrong?

What you mean? Man, you don't know what you talking about.

Heh, I know a year's a long damn time to be away.

You're liable to end up surprising yourself, finding some jackass flopping around on top of her.

(Mac chuckles)

All right, so I guess you think Ruth cheated on you, too, you know?

She sure as hell better not have.


Yeah, there goes that sense of romance, huh?

Nah, man, left most of that in Saigon.

Hey, you think flowers are too corny?

Always go with flowers.

Now, listen to the ladykiller here.

He might be onto something.

Trust me.

Okay, thanks.

You ready?

No, not yet.

Look at that sad little man.

Mac: It sure takes a lot for you to get laid.

"Coming home" p*ssy is like "lunar eclipse" p*ssy.


Ain't gonna happen again for me in my lifeti... hey, there she is!

Hey, come here, baby.

(grunts) Oh...!



If I didn't know no better, I'd think somebody missed me. (laughing)

I didn't forget my "white husband." Come here.

How you doin', Miss Ruth?

You brought him home to me.

I did. Trust me, it wasn't easy.

Hey, did you, uh, talk to Joni?

I did. She doesn't suspect a thing.

She thinks we're coming here tomorrow to pick y'all two up.

That's my girl.

I got something for you.

Oh, my.


Plucked fresh from the banks of the Mekong River.

Wow, aren't I a lucky lady?

Come on, let's go.

Uh, wait. There's something y'all need to know.

Um... y'all have any other c-clothes you can change into?

(voices overlapping)

Woman: Reporting from Memphis Airport, a not-so-welcome home for Lance Corporal Arthur Solomon and Sergeant Mac Conway, two local Marines who were implicated, but ultimately cleared in the supposed Quan Thang m*ssacre earlier this year.

(voices overlapping)

Man: Hey! Look at the bags! It's them!

sh**ting babies make you feel like a f*cking man, you fascist piece of shit?!

(crowd yelling)

(crowd chanting) Quan Thang! Quan Thang!

(dog barks)

(dog barks)

Recording: ♪ She's as sweet as tupelo honey ♪
♪ She's an angel of the first degree ♪
♪ She's as sweet ♪
♪ She's as sweet as tupelo honey ♪
♪ Just like honey, baby ♪
♪ From the bee ♪
♪ You can't stop us on the road to freedom ♪
♪ You can't keep us 'cause our eyes can see ♪
♪ Men with insight ♪
♪ Men in granite ♪
♪ Knights in armor bent on chivalry ♪
♪ She's as sweet as tupelo honey ♪
♪ She's an angel... ♪

What the hell did you do with all my Otis Redding?


♪ She's as sweet as tupelo honey... ♪


It's almost like you haven't seen me in a year.

You weren't supposed to be here till tomorrow.

Well, that's why they call it a surprise.

Oh, they're beautiful.

Yeah, well, I got 'em on discount.

(both chuckle)

Your records.

(music continues)

Seeing 'em just made me wanna listen to 'em and listening to 'em just made me too sad.

The place looks like shit.

(both chuckle)

Well, you're home just in time to help me straighten things up.

♪ She's as sweet as tupelo honey... ♪

What is it? What's wrong?

Nothing. It's just... it just doesn't seem...

I-I'm sorry, it's... it's you.


It is, baby. It's me.

Kiss me.

(music fades)


It's okay.

(dogtags jingle)


Take this off.



Recording on radio: ♪ I was born on a levee ♪


♪ A little bit south of Montgomery ♪

(shutter clicks)

♪ Mama worked in the big house ♪
♪ And Daddy, he worked for the county ♪

Both: ♪ I never had no learnin' ♪
♪ Until I turned 16 ♪
♪ When Joe Henry come out the river yonder ♪
♪ Lord, he made a woman out of me ♪
♪ Lord, he made a woman out of me ♪
♪ Yeah ♪
♪ I used to tease Joe Henry ♪
♪ I guess it served me right ♪
♪ Wasn't long till he left me ♪
♪ Crying out in the night ♪
♪ Joe Henry had his say ♪
♪ He wouldn't set me free ♪
♪ I fear to tell everybody ♪

♪ That the man made a woman out of me ♪

♪ Woman out of me... ♪


What's taking you so long?

You really home?

I'm gonna pinch you.

Mac: So, did you dream of me?

You forgot my face, didn't you?

Joni: I forgot your smell.

I got something for you.

You do?

I got something amazing for you.

Is it a kiss?


(chuckles) What is it?

All right. Close your eyes.

All right, Mr. Mac.

Oh, wow.


Uh, this is, um...

Mac: The tackiest thing you ever seen?

I was gonna say, "Exactly what every girl dreams of."

I mean, what do... what do you think happened, huh?

My man decided su1c1de by toilet.

I don't know. Poor little guy.

He's got his best bow tie on and everything.

I figured you could put it up with your collecti... wait a minute.

What happened to all your figurines?

Just needed the space.



It's very sweet, baby. Thank you.

I mean, you don't have to have it on display or anything.

No, you know what? I got the perfect spot for it.

It's the trash, isn't it?



Now you can see it every time you do the dishes.

Oh, yeah? Every time I do the dishes?

You heard me.

Come here.

Or what?

You do not wanna know "or what."


No, no, no, no!

Nope. You know what's gonna happen.

Please, please, please!

Yep. Here we go!

No. No!


Are you ready?

No, you son of a...!


Baby, you okay?


Yeah. Yeah. Never better.


(faint siren wails)

In 1968, many Americans thought they were voting to bring our sons home from Vietnam in peace.

McGovern: And since then, 20,000 of our sons have come home in coffins.

I have no secret plan for peace.

I have a public plan.

And as one whose heart has ached for the past 10 years over the agony of Vietnam,

I will halt the senseless b*mb of Indochina on Inaugural Day.

(phone rings)

(applause, cheers)

(phone rings)

(phone rings)



Hello? Who is this?

McGovern: ...running ablaze from b*mb-out schools.

(dial tone hums)

There will be no more talk of b*mb the dikes or the cities of the north.

And within 90 days of my inauguration, every American soldier, and every American prisoner out of the jungle...

♪ We will try to remember ♪
♪ When we didn't have no shoes... ♪

Arthur: Oh, okay.

Okay, I see the sh*t.

Take a sh*t.

If I miss, I get a do-over.

Nuh-uh! You already used your do-over.

All right, gentlemen! Time for breakfast!

Coming, baby!

It's my sh*t!

Gotta take it.

I'm taking it.

Arthur: Ahem.

Lou: Daddy, do you want bacon in your waffle?

Bacon in my waffle?

Ruth: Mm-hmm.

I've been crumbling bacon and putting it in the batter.

They can't get enough of it.

Y'all too fancy for a bowl of corn flakes and milk?

Ruth: Don't get all fussy. We still got some of that, too.

This one's b*ating me at basketball, you're putting bacon in waffles.

Go away for a year and this place goes to shit.

Sorry, sorry!

Look, y'all don't say them words, all right?

You ain't in the barracks anymore.

I know.

Ain't nothing in the barracks as sexy as all this.

Oh, I gotta go. I'm gonna be late.

Mm, sit down and eat something.

I gotta go, Ruth. Do I look like management material, baby girl?

You look like a giraffe.


All right, I'll take it.

Now all this food is gonna go to waste.

Well, my checks ain't coming anymore, baby.

Not gonna let you be the only one bringing home the waffle bacon.

Wish me good luck.

Good luck.

Thank you.



(music playing)

Thank you.

See ya tomorrow.

Go and get that sweet girl to bed.


When I got back from Okinawa, I asked your granddad if he was proud of me.

Know what he said?

Well, knowing Pop-Pop, probably something r*cist.

(Joni chuckles)

"Need to get a job." That was it.

Didn't tell me he was proud, nothin'.

Soft touch, your granddad.

Well, Lloyd, are you proud?

I think he needs to get a job. (chuckles)

I'm gonna settle up the tab.

Here you go.

Oh, it's okay.

No, no, take it.

Nah, I quit.

I'd bring you on if I could.

I wasn't asking...

But this economy, real estate's in the shitter.

There's just nobody buyin' houses right now.

Well, I'd, uh... I'd like to see you some now that I'm back.

Maybe I could come over, we could watch a ball game or something.

Probably be best if you don't come by the house for a while.

It's just the whole Quan Thang crap.

Saw all that bullshit at the airport on the news.

All those long-haired hippie idiots throwing crap at y'all.

Whole thing's got Susan worked up into a lather.

I told her I'm sure you were just following your orders...

Oh, d-did you, now?

You understand about women.

Yeah, well, I thought you'd understand about w*r, Dad.


Where are you going?

Oh, just Joni's got work early in the morning.


I just want you to know that... whatever happened over there, I'm proud of you.

If your mother was still alive, she'd be proud of you, too.

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, maybe she'd even let me come by the house.


No, it's been... it's been a real treat, Dad.

Thanks for the booze.

Come on.

(singing in Spanish)

(singing in Spanish continues)

(singing continues)

(singing continues)


(music stops)

Don't go stopping on my account.

You want the show, you gotta buy a ticket.


No, thank you.

So, anything stand out?

Just that the poor kid never had a chance.

Who's taking direct? Moses?

Karl? Oh, don't tell me it's Karl.

Jesus, I'll do it myself if it's "Ug-Mug" out there.

I believe I'm gonna take this one.

Well, well.

Boss man rolling up his sleeves and getting dirty.

I'm glad you approve.

I'll leave you to... is there a term for what you was just doin'?

Oh, I believe "breathtakin'."



(whistle bl*ws)

Believe y'all won State that year.

Hey. You must be Coach Blantz.

Call me Monty.

Coach Owen spoke real highly of you, son.

Good work ethic, strong character, good leader.

Well, he was a tremendous influence.

Yeah, he's a good man.

And he really seems to be enjoying retirement, too.

Unfortunately, I think he gave you some bad intel.

How's that?

We don't currently have an open position.

One of the assistants who was leaving, they're now staying on till the end of fall.

Okay, but after that, I mean, y'all need someone, right?

Well, no, then you're looking at winter break, so we wouldn't... no...

Okay, but then next year, you know, I mean, I could find something until then.

I don't think you should count on it.

Look. Listen, okay?

This is something that I... I know I can do, okay?

That I'd actually be really good at, so...

I can be a volunteer.

Or be an advisor, you know, until something opens up.

I just don't think you should count on it, son.

I'm sorry.

Thank you for your time.

Two tours, $156.68.


The "thank you for your service" card must've gotten lost in the mail.

You'll find a job, baby.

Something better than being a high school swim coach.

Well, what if I don't, hmm?

That's... that's barely one payment on this house.

And throw in the car and the pool?

You built that pool with your bare hands.

The pool's not hurting us.

My paycheck's not nothing.

Maybe it's just too much house for us.


Slow down. You've only been home a few weeks.

Just let me wear the pants around here for a while.


Great. Get dressed. We're meeting Andrea at the theater in 15 minutes.

I think I'm just gonna stay... stay here tonight.


Hey, don't you wanna find out how the apes conquer the planet?

It'll be fun.

Nah, I just wanna take it easy.

Okay, then I'll stay, too.

No, no. Joni, Joni, no.

You go. Have fun.

This is because she didn't come to the party.

No, it's not beca... all right, I just don't feel like going, okay, Joni?


It's gonna be all right.

We'll figure something out, okay?

Pop your lips for me.




It's just even better than I remembered.

Good. Then you're coming to the movie.

Nah. You go and have fun.

(crickets chirping)

d*ad man's float.

A little dramatic, no?

So, a total stranger walks right through your house, a house you share with your beautiful wife Joni, and look at you. Not worried.

You're ready.

Should I be worried?

Depends on how this goes.


Don't worry. Your wife is fine. She's enjoying a movie with a friend.

See, things here take a turn, I have a man stationed at the pay phone outside the theater.

Should anything happen to me, my man will make sure your wife is... not so fine. Understand?

Just a little insurance policy.

May I?

Is it gonna matter if I say no?

You got a glass?

(water splattering)

Just the glass there, "Spitz."

You want a drink, too?

Hmm? You hungry, 'cause there's leftover cake in the fridge.

"Civilization begins with distillation."

William Faulkner said that.

He was a Four Roses man just like you.

Who are you? Huh?

What the hell you doin' in my home?

You can call me the Broker.


As to the why... I got an opportunity for you.

(zipper whines)


Amway's not really my thing.


Maybe you don't understand.

Maybe... I don't want to.

I'm offerin' you the chance to make real money.

Right here at home doin' what you did for cr*cker Jacks overseas.

Prevent the spread of communism?


Mm, you can research a lot about a man, but you can't research his sense of humor.

No, son. I provide a service.

People have problems, I provide solutions.

Permanent ones.

Wait, are you... are you asking me what I think you're asking me?

Depends what it is you think I'm asking.

My guess is a smart guy like you, you got a good idea.


What, y'all Mob?

Y'all CIA, huh?

You got a preference?

Okay. (chuckles)

Okay, okay, listen...

I hate to ruin your trip, (laughing) Mr. "the Broker"... whatever the hell you call yourself... but I'm not interested.

Out of curiosity, how much a high school swim coach make these days?

Roughly five grand a year.

You didn't land that gig, did you?

Real pity.

That's 30 grand.

That's six years teaching pimply little shitheads how to Australian crawl.

All yours in advance. Take it. Enjoy it.

Buy that gorgeous wife of yours a car.


And then what?

Over the next several months, I'll approach you with jobs.

Each job pays four grand until you've earned out.

Oh, I see. And you'd be the broker.

I'm an agent between you and my clientele.

They don't know you, you don't know them.

It's all clean. Impersonal. Perfect system.

All you gotta do is pull a trigger.

Something we both know you're damn good at.

Okay, look, look.

Just 'cause you, you know... you followed me around for a few days, it doesn't mean you know me.

Why'd you go back?

Excuse me?

To Vietnam.

You're drafted, you serve your country, hallelujah praise Jesus in the manger, you survive.

You come back to this lovely home, your beautiful wife, your pool.

And then one whole year later, you go back.


You wouldn't understand.

Bet I would.

I know what happened to you in Quan Thang... what really happened.

Leave now. Leave now!

It was w*r, son.

You do what you gotta do to survive.

Hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey, you and your little f*ck' sidekick here, get the f*ck outta my house right now.

You understand it's in everyone's best interest to keep this conversation between us.

Yeah, and anything happens to my wife, it's gonna be in your best interest to find a deep, dark hole to hide in 'cause I'm gonna come looking for you, I'm gonna find you and put you in it.

What a waste.

Good luck, son.

I don't think you got any idea how bad it's gonna be for you out there.

Thanks for the whiskey.

(gate creaks)

(latch clicks)

(g*n clicks)

(door opens)

Joni: Baby?

(door closes)

In here.

(approaching footsteps)



You okay?

Yeah. Yeah, great.

Just went for a swim.

Man: That's your engine rack and your tire changers over here.

Got a hydraulic lift for the cars.

That's Tony.

And this here's the tire room where we keep used tires, retreads and such.

And... hey.

Last but not least... air filters.

Now, whatever they bring their car in for... transmission, oil change, can't turn off the windshield wipers... you grab one of these babies and tell 'em it's theirs.

They'll wanna replace it in a heartbeat.

They're gonna need one eventually.

Might as well get it from us.

This way. I'll show you to the break room.

(machines whirring)

(buzzer blares)

(whirring stops)

♪ I know a little bluebird ♪
♪ Sure as she would sing for me... ♪

Man, put that away.

No, you got the last two.

Come on. Come on, man.

I got it, all right?


Look at this. You're spending money like you're at a...

Thai whorehouse.

♪ ...she would sing for me... ♪


So other than the shit work, the no money, and being hated in your own hometown, it's goin' okay?


Two more rounds, man.

No, man. No, I can't, I can't.

Look, no, no. Joe... Joe, I can't.

Joni's making dinner. I gotta go.

Make it a round for the bar.

(whooping, cheering)

Mac: What are you doin'?

You believe this?

You risk your life getting bl*wn to shit, they throw rotten fruit at you at the airport.

Buy a round of whiskey, all of a sudden I'm Flip Wilson to these f*ck.

Man, I didn't realize there was this much pelf making shitty office furniture.

I thought that's where you're supposed to be.

Aren't you workin' tonight?

I quit.

(laughing) What do you mean you quit?

Come on.

I got something I wanna show you.

No, no, no.

No, last time you said that, it hurt so bad.

Well, I'll spit on it this time. Come on.


Come on, come on.

♪ It's the way you fly, baby ♪
♪ Oh... ♪

(exhales) Pff-ff...

Shit, man.

Look, man, that same assh*le showed up at my place, too.

Yeah, he told me. He said you weren't interested.

No, I'm not! And you shouldn't be either!

What, don't you see the opportunity here?

To go to prison or die, Arthur, which one?

Oh, so k*lling some Viet Cong, splattering their heads like melons, that's okay.

But k*lling some son of a b*tch who actually deserves it...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait.

"Deserves it"? Okay, says who?

Says who, man?! Some creep with a bag of money?

We're not talking about preachers and librarians here.

You don't get a contract taken out on your life if you're an upstanding citizen.

Arthur, Arthur, look, man.

You were somebody over there.

Okay, now you're not and I get it, okay?

Well, you wanna be a grease monkey all your life?

No, no, I don't, I don't!

But I'm not gonna get k*lled under a f*ck' car!

No, you're just gonna die there.

Ruth, Marcus, Lou.

What the f*ck you think I'm doin' this for?

If someone's gonna put this much f*ck' money up to have you k*lled, then you're already d*ad.

Shit is done!

If it ain't us takin' the money, it's gonna be somebody else!

Don't you get it, man?

Hey, don't you f*ck' get it, man?!

If you do this, you are who they say you are.

Come on.

Well, for a $30,000 advance, I'll be whatever they...

Come on!

What the f... we already are what they say we are!

Where you been?!

Do you feel a f*ck' thing anymore?

One human emotion?

'Cause I don't.


I'm gonna need a partner, though.

I want somebody to watch my back.

Come on.

No, man.

(thunder rumbles, rain pattering)

Beautiful car like this, regardless whether we do it or you, you're gonna wanna change it soon.

Yeah, that's fine.

It... it's a '71 fastback?

It's a Mustang.

Well, I know, but a fastback four-barrel? (whistles)

That right there is one of the finest muscle cars Detroit put out in a generation.

Were you in 'Nam, son?

Uh, no, sir. I was 4-F.

So anyway, with the timing belt...

No, no, it's okay.

Excuse me?

I know who you are.

Papers around here.

Quan Thang, right? I didn't believe any of the horseshit they said about that.

I appreciate it.

Anyway, with the... the timing belt...

There wasn't no m*ssacre.

Media makes us out to be the villains while the g*dd*mn V.C. are sending little three-year-old kids out of the rice paddies with hand...


Man: What the f*ck?!

No, no, please!


Man: Don't!

(man yelps)

Wink: Hey!

What the hell, son?

Man #2: It's all right, it's all right, it's all right.

I... I got it. I...

I got... I'm sorry, I'm...


Everything all right?

You're gonna drip water everywhere.

(faint siren blaring)

Mac: Okay, so who is he?

Arthur: Some scumbag private investigator.

And what is all this?

All right, now, somebody comes in, does a stakeout, right?

They set up a safe house, follow him... where he's going, what he's doing, what his pattern is.

Broker calls that the "scout" phase.

We come in, make sure he keeps on doing what he's been doing, find him alone, taking a shit or whatever, and pull that trigger. That's the "direct" phase.

Basic recon, execution.

That's right.

So tell me again why I ought to be sweatin' my ass off making shitty-ass office furniture all night.

So I figure you and me, we work that 30,000 advance off together...

No. No, no, we don't.

No, we work this four G for this job and then I'm out.

If that's how you want it.

Yeah. That's... that's how I want it, man.

I... look, I just need a little bit to keep my head above water.

All right, man.

Courtesy of the Broker.


How are you doing tonight?

Man: Think we can hang out later on?

Woman: How about right now?

Yeah? How about half off?

What am I working with?


Right here. I got this little bad boy.

Yeah? Why you doin' that?

I guess "Dumb Dora" ain't so dumb.

Man: Baby? Come on.

I got two good legs!

f*cking slut.

Well, I've seen enough of this f*ck's miserable life.

What about you?

Entrance to the safe house is that door right across the street.

Okay, wait for my signal.

(faint TV audio playing)

(door opens)

(door closes)

(dog barking)

TV commentator: And we are ready to start the fourth inning...

Commentator: And there's the windup and the first pitch, and it is a ball, low, outside.

Commentator: ...the strike zone.

Here's the second pitch. And that's a called strike right down the middle of the plate... one and one.

It's not a surprise...

Go, go, go.

(muffled g*n pops)







What the f*ck was that, man?

We should call somebody.


(panting) Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Just... just hand me a rag or something, man.








(footsteps clattering)

(bottles rattling)

Man: f*ck!

(car engine sputters)

(tires screeching)

Choir: ♪ Oh ♪
♪ I am on the b*ttlefield ♪
♪ For my Lord ♪

♪ Yes, I'm on the b*ttlefield ♪
♪ For my Lord ♪
♪ And I promised Him that I ♪
♪ I will serve Him till I die ♪

♪ And I'm on the b*ttlefield ♪
♪ For my Lord ♪

♪ Well, I was alone and idle ♪
♪ And I was a sinner, too ♪
♪ And I heard a voice from heaven ♪
♪ Say, "There is work to do" ♪
♪ So I took my Master's hand ♪
♪ And I joined a Christian band ♪
♪ And I'm on the b*ttlefield ♪
♪ For my Lord ♪

(song fades) ♪ I am on the b*ttlefield ♪
♪ For my Lord... ♪



♪ ...the b*ttlefield... ♪


♪ For my Lord ♪
♪ And I promised Him that I ♪
♪ I will serve Him till I die ♪
♪ And I'm on the b*ttlefield ♪


♪ For my Lord. ♪

Marcus, honey, you should try and eat something, okay?

(phone rings)


Uh, Mac?

For you.

Ruth: One of the detectives.


The Broker: How goes it?

I believe we have some things to discuss.

Uh, that's not... that's not gonna work for me.

I got 30,000 reasons you wanna make it work.

Tomorrow night, 5:00 p.m.

Limestone quarry, mile marker 97.

You got it?

Uh, yep.

Sounds like a date.

(dial tone hums)

What they say?

Uh, just setting up a time for me to come down to the station.

Here you go.

What is it?

It was nothing.

They were just trying to work it all... figure it out.

If you know why he was there that night, Mac...

I... I don't know. I don't know.

I have no idea.

One minute, he's working a g*dd*mn furniture factory and the next... he's dea... he's dea... (gasps) he's d*ad? (sobs)

He's d*ad? He's gone?

One month.

I had my husband back for one month.

(doorbell chimes)

I'll get it.

No, I got it. Mm, I got it.

I'm... I'm...

I'm gonna go to the bathroom.

Be right back.

(doorknob rattles)

One... one sec... one second.

(door closes)

Thank you all for coming.


Joni: Let's go for a swim.


Uh, I can't find "Otis Blue."

Well, like I said, if it's not in there, I...

I don't know where it would be.

Okay, but could you have loaned it to somebody? Andrea, maybe?

Okay, calm down. It's in here somewhere.

No, it isn't in there, okay? I already f*cking looked.

Why are you yelling? It's a record.

It's been a tough couple of days. Let's just go for a swim...

Nothing's where the f*ck it was! Okay?!

You have moved everything around!

I'm not the one who decided to go back to w*r, okay?

So forgive me for livin' my life.

I'm sorry if your record isn't in the exact same spot...

Hey, hey, hey, you know what?! Huh?

What, Mac?!

Forget it.

I'm sorry, I shou...

I shouldn't have...

I'm gonna, uh...

I'm going for a drive.

Oh, okay. I'll come with you.

No. You stay, okay? Need to clear my head.

Will you be back for dinner?


Will you be back for dinner?

I don't know. Probably not.

How long you gonna be gone?

I don't know, all right?

I don't know.


Put it down!

Put it down, f*ck! I said put it down.

Karl: Easy, easy.

It's goin' down.

Well, color me impressed.

f*ck "impressed," okay?

I just... I want you to leave me alone, you understand me?

I do, son. I really do.

There's just the tiny matter of the money that I gave to the dearly departed Mr. Solomon.

Now, I'm guessin' by the fact that you're settin' traps and firin' g*n, you ain't got 30,000 to give me, do you?

Hey, why don't I just pull this trigger?

Hmm? Something we both know I'm "damn good at."

Because you're not that stupid.

Okay, bullshit! I know there's just you and... and Mr. f*ck' Potato Head over here and a bunch of smoke and...

(g*n rings)

g*n: Leave it!

It's a nice try, Spitz.

"One victim was found d*ad of g*n wounds to the throat and chest.

The other d*ed from asphyxiation caused by choking on a cloth sock apparently removed from a prosthetic leg found on the scene.

The prosthesis belonged to neither victim."

It takes a certain kind of man to do that kind of thing.

Hollowed out on the inside.

Hard as rock.

Kinda like this place.

Maybe I'll call you "Quarry."

Got a nice little ring to it.

You know, there was nothing in your... in your file about another guy with Suggs.

Hmm. I'm still not clear as to why you were there.

You weren't interested if I recall.

He said he needed a partner.

Did a bang-bang job on that one, didn't you?

Hey, who the f*ck are you, huh? Huh?

Who the f*ck are you? His butler?

I told your friend to use care and caution.

Neither of you obeyed those instructions, so I really don't see how that one's on me.

I-I'll come up with the money. I will.

Or I'll find the guy, okay?

I'll find... uh, Suggs.

k*lling a one-legged man seems to be beyond your reach.

I got something else for you.

And then we're square?


Let's just say it's a start.

So, what... what are you gonna do?

You're just gonna keep holdin' this money over my head?

I gave your friend $30,000, son.


Okay, what do I need to know?

(car horn honks)


(faint siren wails)

Hey, stranger.

How'd she like the flowers?


Airport, about a month back...?

Wait, you?


Well, I sure am glad you're on our side.

I'd have hated to deprive the world of all this.

So, um, you know, Broker... (cap clatters) the Broker, whatever... he said I should see you.

Call me Buddy.



So, uh, what did he do?

Ol' Cliff Williams there?

He was part of the group that k*lled MLK.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, what?


Are you serious?

You are too precious for words.

No. No, he pissed somebody off.

Unfortunately for Cliff, it was the wrong somebody.

I laid out his pattern in the file there.

You just make sure it follows and Bingo was his name-o, you k*ll him graveyard d*ad.

It's easy enough, right?


Yeah, his "pattern." Okay.

'Cause, you know, everybody does the same predictable thing every day, right?

Have you met a human being lately?

Nothing but predictable.

I wish the unexamined life weren't worth living, then maybe some of these f*ck would off themselves.

Look, I'm not gonna tell you that we're doin' the world a service here, but we're doin' the world a service.


Oh... for you.

(chuckles) What is it with y'all and these things, huh?

Well, it's perfect for lonesome travelers like us, right?

It's gloves, a new piece, and keys for your loaner car.

Now, it's parked downstairs.

You're gonna leave your Maverick and take the loaner, okay?


I'm real sorry about your friend.

Come here.


Come on.

(scoffs) Hell no.


You are a special creature... and are very much loved.

Uh, what's... what's that for?

Wouldn't you like to know?

(music plays)

♪ Now, I've never been one to put another girl down ♪
♪ But if she can't do it ♪
♪ Why keep her? ♪
♪ Now, she made big plans ♪
♪ It's a hard kind of a problem ♪
♪ But let me tell you, man ♪

♪ I'm a fool to satisfy ♪

♪ Now she's just learning how to ♪
♪ How to ♪

♪ But I already know just what to do... ♪

(music continues)

Man: No, it sounds good.

Singer: Okay.

Cliff: These bands break up all the time.

Woman: Cliff?


You've got a message.

Singer: I guess I won't be the only one havin' a good time tonight.

(car door closes)

(brakes squeak)


(engine stops)

(dog barking)

(door opens)

Cliff: Hey.

Joni: Hey.

Joni: What the hell are you doing here?

Cliff: I got your message.

What... what message?

At the club.

The one that said "Come over ASAP."

I didn't call a club, Cliff.

No, seriously. We spoke about this.

This is done. You need to...

(g*n clicks)


Cliff: You want me to go? I'll go.

(Joni sighs) I don't even know when he... when he'll be home.

(panting within)

(Joni moans)


(line rings)

You knew.

Broker: Of course I knew.

Mac: Why didn't you just tell me?

Broker: Because you wouldn't have believed me.

You needed to see it for yourself.

Mac: Do you know how I managed to survive two tours?

What I told myself?

"You only last if you don't care."

It was bullshit, though. I cared.

♪ In the beginning ♪
♪ You really loved me, oh ♪
♪ I was too blind ♪
♪ I could not see now ♪
♪ But now that you left me ♪
♪ Oh, how I cried, I keep crying ♪
♪ You don't miss your water ♪
♪ Till your well run dry ♪
♪ I kept you crying... ♪

Mac: Ahem.


Jesus Christ. Can I help you?


Do you know who I am? Hmm?

TV or the newspapers?

Otis Redding records?

♪ Now that you left me... ♪



♪ I keep crying, I keep crying... ♪

Broker: Life's inherently complex, isn't it?

Mac: Death isn't.

Isn't what?

Mac: Complicated.

Death's just a switch that gets flipped off.

You're right about that, Quarry.

You're absolutely right about that.

(music stops)

(crickets chirping)

It's done.

(music playing)

♪ In the beginning ♪
♪ You really loved me, oh ♪
♪ I was too blind ♪
♪ I could not see now ♪
♪ But now that you left me ♪
♪ Oh, how I cried, I keep crying ♪
♪ You don't miss your water ♪
♪ Till your well run dry ♪
♪ I kept you crying ♪
♪ Sad and blue, oh, my, oh ♪
♪ I was a playboy ♪
♪ I just wouldn't be true ♪
♪ But now that you left me ♪
♪ Good Lord, how I cried, I keep crying, I keep crying ♪
♪ Ooh, I didn't miss my water ♪
♪ No, I never missed my water ♪
♪ Till my well run dry ♪
♪ I sit here and wonder ♪
♪ How in the world this could be, oh, my ♪
♪ I never thought, oh, I never thought ♪
♪ You'd ever leave me... ♪


♪ But now that you've left me ♪
♪ Good Lord, good Lord, how I cried ♪
♪ You don't miss your water, you don't miss your water ♪
♪ Till your well run dry ♪
♪ Ooh, you don't miss your water ♪
♪ You don't miss your water ♪
♪ Till your well run dry ♪
♪ I miss my water ♪
♪ I keep missing my water ♪
♪ I keep missing my water ♪
♪ I want my water ♪
♪ I need my water ♪
♪ I love my water ♪
♪ And I want my water ♪
♪ And I'm a little thirsty now ♪
♪ And I'm a little thirsty now ♪
♪ I want my water ♪
♪ I keep wanting my water ♪
♪ I never miss my water. ♪

(instrumental music playing)
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