01x94 - Gag Reel

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Limitless". Aired: September 2015 to April 2016.
"Limitless" revolves around a man who discovers the power of a mysterious drug called NZT-48, which increases his IQ and gives him perfect recall of everything he's ever read, heard, or seen. Based on the film of the same name.
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01x94 - Gag Reel

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Early this morning he was out walking in Bronx Park and was sh*t in the head by a high-powered r*fle.

I'm all right, I'm all right.





Your place has been compromised. You don't...

Leave it in the place that's been compromised.

I messed up.



Man: And action.


Oh, God! Are you all right?

You're gonna double your dose?

No, of course not, but you never know, I might...

This is Queens, and this... is Edelweiss, whose official name of record is the German Hospitality League, supposedly some cross-cultural... whose official name of record is the German Hospi...



...some cross-cultural goodwill club.

Whose... Oh, God.

And the recipient of record for payouts from the magical mystery fund.

[BLEEP] Sorry.


And recipient of record of payouts from the...

Hey, do you see that? The alarm's...

[BLEEP] Sorry.

I mean, everyone "espects..." Expects.

I get no "espect."

Susan Epstein's own daughter left her on the side of the road.


Man: What?

It was a terrible daughter.

Oh, I'm not gonna break in.


I'm not gonna... Stop it.

I'm so sorry.

I'm not gonna...

Got it. Sorry.

I'm not gonna break in.

This doesn't look like mine, so why the...

I almost cussed.

Damn. Damn. Sorry.

I just wanna show you that I'm serious. This is Perry Mason.


Just to show you I'm serious, Naz.

This is Perry Maj... This is Perry...

Just to show you I'm serious. God.

I found Perry Mason.

Man: Finally tell Mr Sands...

Hey, Sands, you know what, man?

Cram it!

Brian's voice: And he'd say, "I will, Brian. I will cram it."

Tag me in.


You're blocking the camera.

Am I?


We would like you to admit that a man named Sanjay Dayal...


We would like you to admit that a man named Sanjay Day...

We would like you to admit that a man named Sanjay Dayal...

I can't [BLEEP] do it. Just stop. I'm sorry.

I've broken the whole rhythm of everything.





Hey, Grover.


You said you have a hookup for NZT?

Hey, Grover.


You said you have a hookup for NZT?

I can't. I can't do it. I need calm for one second.


Woman: We don't wanna hear the high heels.


Was that a good one?


I try to talk as low as I can.

No, I'm just kidding. It's getting warmer.


Man: Hill, scooch over a little closer behind the shoulder of...






I got a call from Jarrod Sands' office this morning. You remember him?

He heads up Senator Morra's personal security.

Woman over radio: Hey, Frank.


Woman: Where would the four walkies need to be picked up at?

Frank: Maybe where the truck drivers are, in the cabs of the trucks?

Maybe they're in the Denali.


You know, I meant... There's a helicopter coming up, Brian.

That scared the [BLEEP] out of me.

I gotta go in a second.

But I wanna tell you a couple of things.


He took everything from my life that mattered.

He'll do the same to you, I swear.


There's only one way out.

What's that?


You're going to help me k*ll Eddie Morra.


The baby?

The baby.



Oh, [BLEEP] hell.

So how can we prove it?

OK, how do you prove it?

How do you prove it, baby?


Can we do this again?

Do you think Dixon uncovered that Vox was being blackmailed?

And when Vox...


Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine.

I can't...

I know.

I'd say pit bulls?

Man: Dobermans.


Hey, do you see that? The alarm's disabled.

It's not accurate. It's not appreciated.

I would have expected you to know better.



And once they've inflated the bubble, the legion shorts those stocks...


Both: Bless you.

Thank you.

That's not your line, Mike.


Anything to be in the show.
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