05x06 - Undertow (2)

Episode transcripts for the TV show "DCI Banks". Aired 27 September 2010 - 5 October 2016.*
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The tenacious and stubborn DCI Alan Banks unravels disturbing m*rder mysteries aided by his feisty and ambitious young assistant, DS Annie Cabbot.
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05x06 - Undertow (2)

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Steven Richards k*lled Annie.

He's too smart to go after police.

If you'd have done your job, Kat'd still be alive.

Her death is on you.

Kat'd still be alive.

This is our connection - the Crosslands Clinic.

That's where he and Colvin met.

A Citroen van of Colvin's.

I know Richards was behind this, I just need you to confirm it.

When she needed you most, you weren't there.


You almost k*lled him!

DI Morton will take over the case.


Arthur: Thank you.


The state of you.

Colin: Whilst I can't comment on any specifics, I can confirm that a suspect has been arrested in connection with the m*rder of DS Cabbot.

Is it true the suspect suffered an injury during his arrest?

I can't comment on that.

A high-speed pursuit conducted by DCI Banks?

This is a significant breakthrough.

Has DCI Banks been suspended?

DCI Banks has taken personal leave.

But he was responsible for the injury sustained by your suspect?

Thank you. That's all for now.

Do you think his replacement has the necessary experience to lead such an important investigation?

He's not even here and he's still causing me grief.

Where are we on Colvin?

Hospital cleared him.

We'll conduct the formal interview today.

House search? Nothing we can use.

What about the m*rder w*apon?

Still looking.

So apart from placing him at the scene, along with 100 others, you've got nothing?

We found blood in his car.

Not a lot, inside the boot.

We'll get the results in an hour.

It could be Colvin's blood.

Or it could be Annie's.

Christ, I hope it is. (DOOR OPENS)


(ON TV) DCI Banks has taken some personal leave.

Yes, but he was responsible for the injury sustained by your suspect?

Thank you. That's all for now.

Do you think his replacement has the...

Your boss doesn't look too happy.

The bloke you arrested, is he the one who...

(SIGHS) Yes and no.

What's that supposed to mean?

Someone ordered him to do it.

I thought it was a mugging.

It was made to look like one.

So, who ordered him, then?

His name's Steven Richards.

How come you haven't arrested him?

We don't have proof. Then find some.

Well, what do you think I've been trying to do for the last three days?

And now I'm "on leave", which means I'm not allowed anywhere near the case.

Oh, that's bollocks, that is.

Look, we're talking about Annie here.

I did what I could, Dad. Right.

Well, that's what counts.

Anyone remember Charlie Franklin?

He used to work for Steven Richards.

Yeah, I remember him.

Well, according to the lab, it's his blood in Stuart Colvin's car.

Well, according to the lab, it's How the hell did that happen?

Charlie Franklin's been missing for over a week now.

His sister Liz Telford filed a miss-per report yesterday morning.

Liz thinks something's happened to her baby brother.

Like what? Like he's d*ad.

Although... (SIGHS) ..it could just be he's upped sticks.

Franklin's got a history of moving about.

The blood in Colvin's car was supposed to be a match to Annie.

It was supposed to give us evidence to link Colvin to her m*rder.

(PHONE RINGS) And now all we've got is one blurry CCTV photo and circumstantial evidence.

(SIGHS) Colvin's arrived.

This is a CCTV image of a man on Barstock Road the night DS Cabbot was m*rder.

It's near to where her body was found and the time-code shows he was there around the time she d*ed.

Could that be you, Stuart?

That could be anyone.

Were you on Barstock Road three nights ago? I don't remember.

Well, the ANPR system clocked your car in the city centre at 8:24pm, less than an hour before DS Cabbot d*ed.

And the ANPR also picked up your car later in Chapeltown at 10:48pm, at this location, not 100 metres from where we recovered the bag that was stolen from DS Cabbot.

What were you doing in Chapeltown? Driving.

Did you stop in Chapeltown?

Would you?

You made a call at 9:12 that night to a pay-as-you-go number.

I don't remember making any calls.

Was it to Steven Richards?

I don't know who that is.

You and Steven Richards were at the Crosslands Clinic in February 2006.

My time at the rehab clinic is a bit of a blur, I'm afraid.

What about Charlie Franklin? Who?

We found his blood in your car.

Can you tell us how it got there?

You know, I bought that car, it must be...six months ago.

It could be the previous owner knows something about it.

The auction place will have all the paperwork, give 'em a call.

And tell them I'll be down to buy myself a new one soon.

What with your boss driving me off the road and all, must be a bit of compensation coming my way, what?

You picked a nice spot for her.

We need to talk.

Nothing to talk about.

How about Stuart Colvin?

Was he hired to k*ll Annie?

Hired by your husband?

I don't know what you're on about.

Help me here. Let go of me.

It must be hard, living in constant denial, pretending he's not the monster everyone says he is.

Or do the money and clothes help?

You know nothing about my life.

I know your husband kills people.

Annie had a daughter, Tamsin!

Er...hi, we're looking for Liz Telford.

She's my wife.

Yeah, I'm DI Morton, this is DC Blackstone.

We're here to talk to her about her brother.

We're here to talk to her I knew it. I knew something was up.

Well, we don't know anything for certain, Liz.

Right now, Charlie's still missing and we hope to find him.

When was the last time you saw him?

He dropped by Thursday morning.

How was he? Well, his mood, I mean?

The same as he always was, happy.

He had no problems or worries?

I told you, he was happy.

Was he planning on taking any trips?

Think I'd report him missing if he was going off on his holidays?

Anyway, he wouldn't leave. Not now.

Why not now?

Liz is ill, cancer.

Because of the chemo, she needs a bone-marrow transplant.

Charlie was a match.

He was due to donate his marrow two days ago.

Liz was waiting at the hospital for Charlie to show, but...

He wouldn't let me down.

Charlie had been working recently?

For some businessman.

Steven Richards.

Do you know Steven Richards?

Charlie never talked about him.

No, doesn't ring a bell. Why?

What's this Richards got to do with my brother disappearing?

We're just trying to get a full picture.

Well, try this for a picture, love.

Charlie's my last chance.

Either you find him soon or I'm done for.

The sister seems genuine.

Yeah, but not the brother-in-law.

Richards is throwing up flats all over the city.

Yet the bloke who owns a skip-hire business says he's never heard of him.

Hm, let's check him out.

And I want Franklin's flat searched.



(OVER PHONE) It's Richards.

We need to talk.

I'd rather we did it face-to-face.


I thought it best to do it in public.

Last time you and I were together, you tried to put me through a wall.

Shame I was stopped.

Turning up at the grave today, it was a cheap move.

I expected more from you.

Delighted to disappoint you.

My old man used to trade here.

Sold flowers over there in the corner.

He was a proper character.

Everybody loved him.

A terrible businessman.

I used to think he was failure.

No ambition.

Now I realise that he was just an ordinary bloke looking out for his own.

Do let me know when you have a point.

You need to stay away from Tamsin.

And what happens if I don't?

You really don't wanna know.

I remember your dad... and he wasn't "loved".

He was a drunk and a thief and a lowlife scumbag, just like his lowlife scumbag son.

And you can thr*aten me as much as you want, but I am not going away.


(SIGHS) So, what we got?

Clothes in the wardrobe, food in the fridge, and a brand-new pair of trainers delivered this morning.

Nothing to suggest Franklin was taking a trip.

Nothing to suggest If he left, he left in a hurry.

Which would be understandable, considering the amount of debt he's in.

Franklin's fond of a casino or two.

Credit cards are all maxed out.

Vince: That's just the half of it.

Charlie Franklin owes money to just about every loan shark in the city.

I know a croupier at the Brunswick Casino, says Charlie's a regular but no-one's seen him for days.

What about his call records?

His mobile provider confirms his phone was active up until Thursday evening and then everything stopped.

Well, that tallies with the sister.

Can we get a time and a location on the last call Franklin made?

Funeral notice for Kat Richards.

The same day Franklin went missing.

So, if Franklin went to the service, it might have been the last time he was seen.

You think something happened there?

It's worth considering.


Vince, let's find out who Franklin owes money to.


Breakfast roll, extra sauce and a tea.

Thanks. How are you bearing up?

What happened with Colvin?

Interview drew a blank.

Fair chance he'll get released.

You can't release him.

We don't have anything on him, or at least nothing concrete.

Forensics didn't find anything?

They found something... but it kinda led us down a different path.

What path?


Here, here. Let me help you.

My name's Alan Banks. You spoke to my colleagues this morning.

This about Charlie?

This is about Jack.

I had more on my mind than who was or wasn't at the funeral, I was burying my daughter.

So you don't remember seeing Franklin?

I don't remember much of anything.

He may have been there, the church was packed.

Steve has a lot of friends.

When did you last see Franklin?

The day after Kat d*ed, maybe.

I spoke to him.

Told him he was sacked and that we didn't want him around any more.

Charlie Franklin let us down.

Right, so how come you're the one asking all the questions now?

Because I'm leading this investigation.

Oh, yeah, does er...Banks know that?

Mm-hm. DCI Banks is aware, yeah.

Because this is the er...second time Tamsin's been questioned today.

So you spoke to DCI Banks?

(SNIGGERS) Oh, you lot are a bloody shambles.

My husband isn't a liar.

Anyone working in the building trade around here knows Richards.


And Jack would've been well-aware that Charlie was working for him.

This man, Richards, he's violent and he's ruthless.

This man, Richards, He just lost his daughter recently and he blames two people for her death - me and your brother.

Charlie can handle himself. No.

Richards is way out of Charlie's league.

Richards already had one of my officers k*lled.

You think Charlie's d*ad.

And you think Jack knows he's d*ad.

I'm not listening to this. Liz.

Let me give you a lift.

I can manage! Please.

I've got a location on the last call Franklin received on Thursday.

It pinged off a tower in Gipton.

So what was Franklin doing in Gipton?

I'm thinking he was here, a development site owned by Steven Richards.

They just broke ground on a bunch of executive flats last week.

Got to admit... (EXHALES)

..a construction site's a good place to hide a body.

We don't know Franklin's d*ad.

Not looking good, though, is it?

Let's go and take a look.

It's a big area.

OK, let's do it.

We'll need the works, a full search team, a dog unit, and a ground-penetrating radar.


I hope to God we find something. (EXHALES)

Liz: This officer, the one who d*ed.

Her name was Annie. Were you close?

15 years me and Jack have been together.

I thought I knew everything there was to know about him.

Thursday night, about three in the morning...

..Jack got a call.

He said it was the police.

He said the yard had been broken into and he had to go down there to check things out.

It happens a lot.

Kids messing about.

He didn't get back till 7:00 in the morning.

He said he had to wait for a locksmith, but I could tell something was up.

Later on, I found him in the bathroom...

..crying his eyes out.

15 years...

..I've never seen Jack cry.

Not a single tear.

Even when his mum d*ed, nothing.

So, I'm asking myself, what possibly could have happened that night to scare him so much?



Yeah, it's me.

He's just going in now.

What do you want us to do?


What's the overtime on this?

(SIGHS) I'm trying not to think about it.







Anderson's here.

You sure you've got enough resources here, DI Morton?

Well, it's a very big area, sir.

Have you found anything?

Not yet. (DOG BARKS)

At least you've given that lot something to point their cameras at.

We'll do another sweep...

No, you'll shut it down. What?

Shut it down now, DI Morton.

All units, stand down!

So, how goes the big dig?

Oh, come on, we've all bl*wn the overtime budget on a wild goose chase.

No, don't do that.

Don't pretend you're not happy about this.

About what?

Me falling flat on my face.

That's not true. Yes, it is.

You don't think I'm up to leading an investigation.

I think there are areas you could improve upon.

Like what?

You can be a little too rigid.

When am I rigid?

You get caught up in detail.

Yes, because this job is 90% detail.

And the other 10% is instinct, going with your gut.

I'm fed up with you lot and your guts.

You're all so proud of your hunches and your feelings.

It's like a bloody therapy session half the time.

Well, guess what? Expressing your feelings at work isn't healthy.

It's unprofessional.

(SNIFFLES) And you wanna know how I feel about Annie?

I'm furious with her.

She met the wife of a violent criminal on her own, without any back-up.

She didn't even tell you.

She just waltzed on over there, the stupid blood... (SOBS)

You place such a premium on going with your gut.

Well, Annie went with her gut and it got her k*lled.


I went with my gut on Richards's building site.

Sometimes your gut is wrong.

Great. Now you tell me.

You were right about Annie...

..she was reckless and she was stubborn and I suppose I encouraged it in her.

It's not your fault.

No? You wanna know what I did last night?

I broke into Telford's yard and I came that close to having my skull cracked open by Richards's thugs.

Did you find anything? A newly-laid concrete floor, and this...

It's a casino chip.

It's Charlie Franklin's casino chip.

What's the drill for, Mr Telford?


Search officers have found invoices and contracts relating to Richards's building projects in Telford's site office.

So, Telford knows Richards.

Results are in on the casino chip.

They've confirmed the most recent prints belong to Charlie Franklin.

Yes. But even if it was his casino chip, it doesn't prove he was near Telford's yard. it doesn't prove Oh, Franklin was there.

And I'm betting his body's under that shed floor.

We'll soon find out, the search team are about to dig up the concrete.

What about the call Telford took on the night that Franklin went missing?


But it's the same number Colvin called the night Annie d*ed.

This is it, this is our connection.

You get Telford to confirm that that number belongs to Richards and we can link him to Annie's m*rder.

The call came in at three in the morning.

You told Liz it was the police, a break-in at the yard.

But we've no record of officers attending the yard on that night, so someone else must've called you.

Who called you?

Do you recognise this, Jack?

It's a casino chip, it's worth ã10.

We found it in your yard.

Now, we know your brother-in-law Charlie often frequents casinos.

Now, we know your brother-in-law Sir.

We also found his fingerprint on this chip.

It belongs to him.

How did get into your shed?

He must have dropped it.

He comes down the yard sometimes.

Was he there on Thursday night?


You're sure about that?

We've got officers searching your shed.

They're digging up the floor.

Now, what do you think they're gonna find under all that fresh concrete?

He said it was my fault.

He said because it were me who had vouched for him, I had to take care of it.

All I did was put in a good word for Charlie.

He needed a job...I got him one.

Who said this, Jack?

He phones me...

..tells me to get down the yard.

I get down there and there's this... there's this bloke. He's...

..proper scary and he's got Charlie in the boot of his car...

..like a piece of luggage.

I could see he were d*ad.

Was this him?

He said we had to get rid of Charlie's body.

He said we had to bury it.

So I broke up the floor in the shed.

It took me two hours to drill it out.

We put Charlie in the hole.

I mixed up a new batch of concrete and... poured it over the top of him.

The phone call, the one that told you to go to the shed.

Who was it?

I need you to say the name.


Steven Richards.

Bring him in.


What about Colvin?

We're just about to release him.

Ken's sorting it.

Come to wave me off, have you?

Yeah, about that.

I'm afraid there's been some developments.

You won't get him.

Steven always gets to walk away.

Well, maybe not this time.

Maybe if you were to help us, we could stop him.

We'd protect you, Tamsin.

Like you protected Annie?

There's plenty of time to challenge him later, don't get into a scrap.

Go at him with Franklin first... Boss!

She knows what she's doing.

The time is 16:43.

Detective Inspector Helen Morton.

With me is Detective Constable Ken Blackstone.

Do you know Jack Telford?

Er...I know he runs a skip business.

When did you last speak to him?

(EXHALES) Really no idea.

Did you speak to him recently? No.

So you didn't call him last week? No.

Are you sure about that?

He answered the question. Move on.

OK. Well, Mr Telford stated that you called him on his mobile at 3am last Friday morning.

And that you told Mr Telford to meet Stuart Colvin at his skip-hire business on Gartmore Road.

No, that's not true.

Mr Telford also says that you instructed him and Colvin to bury Charlie Franklin on his premises.

How do you respond to that?

The man's lying.

So you didn't force Mr Telford to meet with Stuart Colvin?

No, I don't know who this Colvin bloke is.

Why would Mr Telford lie?

My client is not a psychologist, DI Morton, you can't...

Hang on a second.

Jack Telford, his...his wife, she's er... she's ill, bless her.

She's got some sort of erm... is it cancer?

Cancer's a stressful business, and sometimes the partner feels it the most.

Maybe Telford's not coping.

Maybe he has this run-in with Franklin, kills him, buries his body in the yard.

And then you lot come along and he gets scared and concocts this story about me and this Colvin as a way of deflecting his own guilt.

But you don't know Colvin, you've never met him.

It seems odd that Mr Telford would concoct a link between two strangers.

We've a record of the call that Mr Telford received that night and it was from this mobile number.

Do you recognise the number?


It's the same number that Stuart Colvin called It's the same number the night DS Cabbot was m*rder.

We would like to request a short break.

For what reason?

I need to confer with my client.

I have further questions.

Which you can ask when we resume.

Nadir's messing us about.

Well, that's only because he's worried.

You did a really great job in there. Yeah.

It'd be a lot better if we could link Richards to the pay-as-you-go.

What about the search of his house?

Vince is liaising with them.

Well, see if they've got anything.


What was that about?

Well, just because she's a lawyer doesn't mean she's off-limits.



Hey. David?

They asked me to come in and er...collect Annie's stuff.

I could have brought that...

I wanted to get out.

How's Isla?

She's like her mum, strong.

And you?

You're gonna get the bastard, right?

I promise you we will.


I should...



Colvin's making a statement.

Colvin: She was distracted.

I went for her bag.

She put up a fight and...

..I k*lled DS Cabbot...

..and I was acting alone when I did it.

The Kn*fe I used, I dropped down a drain on Kirkgate Road.

It's probably still there now.

And the call you made that night?

It must have been a mistake.

What about Charlie Franklin?

Charlie owed me money.

We had an argument, it got violent.

I needed to get rid of the body so I went to his brother-in-law's yard.

And his brother-in-law says Steven Richards called and ordered him to help you bury Franklin's body.

He's lying.

As with the copper, I was acting alone when I k*lled Franklin.

Why are you doing this?

I'm racked with guilt.

He's taking the fall.

He's taking the piss.

Release Richards now. Ah, sir!

You have the confession.

Colvin's a hired g*n, he's just doing what he was told.

Richards is the one responsible for their deaths.

Then find a way to prove it.


Woman (on the radio): A 49-year-old man will appear in court today charged with the m*rder of DS Annie Cabbot.

The man from the Leeds area will also be charged with the m*rder of Charles Franklin.

He called you as well?

What's it about?


You look like the living d*ad.

I need you both to sit down.

Do you want anything? Helen, please.

(SIGHS) What's going on, Ken?

I spent the night in the office going through some of our recent cases.

Why? Looking for something.

Something I hoped I wouldn't find.

Get to the point, Ken.

It's funny how Richards always seems to be one step ahead of us.

Not by much, but just enough.



What is this, the welcoming party?

We need to have a word.

Richards's building site at Gipton.

What about it?

Why did you lie about Franklin's phone registering there?

I checked.

The last call pinged off a tower on the other side of Leeds.

You led us to that site at Gipton.

I...I must've made a mistake. Right.

Colvin's confession wasn't a mistake though, was it?

That was timed to perfection, just when we were about to cr*ck Richards.

I saw you talking to Colvin's solicitor last night.

And she's not the only one you've been talking to recently, is she?

An unknown number keeps coming up on your records.

Multiple calls at all times of the day.

You wanna tell us who's been calling you?

(CHUCKLES) I get lots of calls.

Let's ring it then, shall we?

All right, all right.


Does it matter?

It matters.

After Mum d*ed, Dad got back into boxing.

That's where he met Richards.

They became good mates.

My dad was still drinking back then and one night he hurt this guy, put him in hospital.

And the guy was all set to go to the police And the guy was all set until Richards stepped in.

Of course, I didn't... I didn't know any of this at the time.

Richards told me once I joined the force.

He made it clear, if I didn't cooperate...

..my dad was going to prison.

So you just fell into line?

I was looking out for my dad.

And what about Annie?

She was your colleague.

(CRYING) Boss, I'm sorry.



I'm sorry. (SOBBING)

Tomorrow morning, we come back to work and we start again.

And we keep doing that until we get Richards.

And then what?

Even if we get him, he'll always have an edge.

A slick lawyer, a corrupt cop.

Some lowlife willing to stand up and take the fall for him.

Look at us.

We've sacrificed our marriages, our families, our lives.

We have no life, you and me.

We're sad people. Speak for yourself.

I used to think the sacrifice was worth it.

Richards k*lled our friend and walked away from it.

And the fact that he can do that makes everything we stand for worthless.


Your search team made a mess of things. (SIGHS)

Where's Tamsin?

She's gone.

I'm sensing some tension, Alan.

Why did you k*ll Annie? (SIGHS)

I have to know.

What does it matter?

She's d*ad and so's Kat.

Don't bring Kat into this, what happened to her was different.

You had Annie k*lled.

The least you can do is let me know why.

Because I could.




Now I wanna know! Why?

Tamsin: Because he was protecting me.

Tamsin, you need to go.

You need to leave now.

No, Steven. No more.


We told Franklin not to come to the funeral.

Steven warned him... but he came round to the house instead.

He waited until I was alone.

He wanted it to be just me and him.

He thought I'd go soft on him.

He asked me to get Steven to forgive him.

And what he didn't realise is that it wasn't Steven who wanted revenge.

You k*lled Franklin.

Right here in this kitchen.


Steven took care of it when he came home.

He took care of me.

I loved him for that.

You don't have to be strong to k*ll someone.

Where you need strength is afterwards... to block out the guilt.

And that's where I fell down.

It just ate me up.

And so I turned to Annie.


I didn't know Colvin was following me, but he was outside.

He must have read the signs and called Steven.

And Steven isn't one for taking chances.

I got her k*lled.

She d*ed because I couldn't keep my mouth shut.

Helen, come on, it's time we got the drinks in.

Sounds like a plan. DI Morton?

I'll see you down there. Sir.


It's a DCI post.

An opening's come up in Vice.

They need you to start right away.

You'll need to let Banks know.

No, I don't think I will.

He'll need to be informed.

No, I mean, I won't be taking up the post.

The team's been through a lot and we don't need any more changes right now.

Thank you.


So, it seems you told David you wanted to leave your body to medical science.

He says you were serious, but it sounds to me like you were a few glasses down at the time.

Anyway, the point is, I don't have a place for you, nowhere that I can come and talk to you, so I chose this.

I hope you like it.

David and Isla are coping as best they can.

David said he wants me to get to know Isla... to talk to her about you.

I think I can do that.

As for me?

I miss you, Annie.

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