01x06 - Confession

Episode transcripts for the 2017 TV miniseries "SIX". Aired: January 2017 to August 2018.
"SIX" chronicles the operations of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) - more commonly known as SEAL Team Six - which is one of the U.S. Armed Forces primary counter-terrorism units and the daily lives of its operators.
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01x06 - Confession

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Previously on "Six"...

Wait, wait! I'm American!

I'm from Detroit, okay?


What the...

He was a thr*at.

Erase that.

He was an unarmed American who surrendered.

Just deal with it, Caulder. This is w*r.

And we are warriors, not savages!

I won't do another op with you ever.

How come you and Rip never had kids?

Are you kidding me? He's got teenage boys already.

Boko Haram captured Richard Taggart, former troop chief of this command.

He's there because of you.

What are you doing, Michael?

What needs to be done.

Your new owners have arrived.

Rip: I got a d*ad Boko Haram.

What the hell?

These are soldiers. Trained, geared up, armored.

Michael: Akmal, show us what Esther and Na'omi are wearing.

Make me believe it.

My name is Richard Taggart.

I was nothing more than a hired assassin.

Committed w*r crimes.

The President of the United States wants to go on TV and tell the world that Richard Taggart is an American hero and that this confession is pure bullshit.

It is, right?

Sir, there's no way that Rip would say that.

Not unless he was coerced... Or worse.

We checked the ISR footage, and there's a gap in the coverage when this was supposed to have happened.

<font color="#D81D1D">Synced and corrected by VitoSilans</font> -

The other Muj was turned over to the Afghan police... SOP.

Anything you want to add, now is the time.

Sir, we need to get Rip before they t*rture him any more.

Did we get any news on that Chechen we bagged in Nigeria?

Yeah, we're working on a link between him and an ex-Spetsnaz guy named Akmal Barayev.

We thought he was d*ad, but turns out he might not be.

Chase, Fishbait, can you guys give us a minute?

You trust me with your life, Ortiz?

Yes, Chase, I do.

Then trust me.

You know, he's right.

We're either on this team or we're not.


So, what's on your mind?

Everything Rip says is true, right?

Of course it's true.

Caulder, what'd you do with the photo of that d*ad guy?

The one that I took for the sh**t statement.

I erased it.

Who else knows about this?

Just the other Muj.

The one with him... The driver.

This is on us.

Okay? You could lose your trident... or worse.

Look, what Rip did, sh**ting that kid, it's not what I signed up for.

The bottom line... We're on the right side.

You know what... I signed up to help people who can't help themselves.

Like those girls who got kidnapped.

We all did.


Caulder: Stay out of this.

You got a bright future. Don't screw it up.

Ortiz: Walk out, brother.

You were never here.

[Telephone ringing]

Ortiz residence.

Who's calling?

You're from New York?

Oh, The New Yorker. Magazine?

[Snaps fingers] Give it to me.

Come on, give it to me.

Yes? Who are you asking about?

Never heard of him.

You must have the wrong number, buddy.

He asked about Rip.

Yeah. Come on, let's, um... Let's have dinner.

I'm not hungry.

Why? You're not feeling well?

Everyone was talking about Rip today at school.

I watched that video.

Okay, guys.

Listen to me, okay?

Um... it's gonna be fine, but it's, uh... It's a tough situation.

Someone is forcing Uncle Rip to say a lot of bad things.

But we're gonna bring him back safe and sound.

He was an American? The guy that Rip k*lled?

He might come over here and k*ll Anabel and Ricky Jr.?

Ricky, I made peace a long time ago with what you do.

I don't care if Rip k*lled him.

I care about you, about us.

That's what I care about.

To my brothers on SEAL Team Six...

...look inside your hearts.

Let your better nature... let the truth... Let it shine through.

It's not too late. I am proof of that.

[Remote clicks]

Congrats, Rip.

You're a real hero now.

It's already the most popular video in the world.

Recruiting's through the roof.

The SEALs, your families, they're all...

Rip: They won't believe it.

I only said those things

'cause you put a su1c1de vest on a woman.

And a 13-year-old child.

You're right.

I apologize for that.

I know you love these girls.

My little brother's name was Omar.

It means "long lived."

He was born premature.

My first memory is going to the hospital and watching my mother cry outside the ICU.

She could only hold him for 20 minutes a day.

It almost bankrupted my father, but Omar made it.

He was the smallest kid on the block, but he never backed down.

He hated injustice.

He hated the strong preying on the weak.

And then you m*rder him.

If you're looking for blood, look on your own hands.

Now, you're a good woman. A teacher.

But you have no idea what kind of a man Richard Taggart really is.

[Cuffs lock]

[Door locks]


The first time Boko Haram r*ped me...

...I wanted to die.

[Voice breaking] I wanted to die.

But then you told me I had to be strong for the girls.

And so I was.

Now you have to be strong for them.

I don't care what that man says.

I know one thing for sure about you.

You will do anything to save us.

[Engine starts]

Man on radio: If we don't get a handle on these professional assassins, we're going to be hearing about a lot more w*r crimes.

Man #2: Look, this Taggart guy was coerced.

Even if he wasn't, he sh*t a t*rror1st and a traitor.

I'm sick of our soldiers being vilified for doing what it takes to protect America.

Lena: That is a good idea.

Pastor Adam: Yeah, it is.

A bit of a sweet tooth myself.

[Chuckling] Yeah. Me too.

Yeah, well, there you go.

[Clears throat]

So, hopefully...



Um, I asked Pastor Adams over for a chat.

Hi, Pastor. Good to see you.

Hello, Joe.

Good to see you.

Your wife made some lovely coffee cake for us.

Actually, it's store-bought.

Oh, well, pardon me.

You know, my cousin is a Ranger.


Did I tell you that?

No. No, I don't think you did.

Four tours. Iraq, Afghanistan.

He lost a lot of buddies.

Well, that's tough. I feel for him.

It can be a heavy burden, even when the cause is just.

And it is just.

What helped, what really grounded him was coming into the church.

Not just the prayer, but being with people, Joe.

Picnics, socials.


You can't isolate yourself...

Look, Pastor, I don't know what...

What you've been told, but, uh...

I'm fine.

I'm fine.

I'm... I'm glad to hear that, Joe.

But we're the ones who have asked you to do what must be done for your country.

Let us help you.

Pray with me, Joe.


Jesus, we ask you in the name of the Lord to bring peace to this member of your flock.

For you are the eternal shepherd.

You bring us all under your protective...

[Engine stops]

I didn't know you were leaving.

I could've helped.

The Viking warrior looking after the widow of his fallen comrade?

It's an ancient tradition, right?

You know, I never cheated on him.

I know you all thought I did... All y'all...

But I never did.

Not until he was d*ad.

I'll take the blame for it, if you want.

I'm... I'm sorry.

It's... Look, it's not your fault.

I just wish I were you.

You are the lucky one.


Because you have nothing to lose.

Judge Martinez and her husband came to dinner.

They asked after you.

She said she'd love to have you clerk for her.

You were only a semester away from your J.D.

You could finish up.

We've already talked about this.

I'm not going back to law school.

Did you know this SEAL?

The one that confessed?


I just hate to see you get caught up in all of this.

Look, what I'm doing is just as righteous as your march at Selma.

Son, that was the Civil Rights movement.

There's no comparison.

All right. Tell you about a buddy of mine.

Good ol' country boy.

He d*ed in my arms a week ago.

And then I took out a guy trying to save some kidnapped girls who only wanted to learn how to read.

I k*lled someone.

And I will do it again.

Is there something you want to talk about, son?

You ever have any doubts?

Hmm? During the movement.

That what you were doing was right?

Doubts... sure.

There were some dark moments.

Regrets? No.

If I allowed injustice to happen, then it was on me.

I couldn't stand by and do nothing We were warriors, too, in our way.

I would've d*ed for them... and they for me.

Your roommate from Harvard, uh, Charles Billington, he's still at the embassy in Kabul, right?



'Cause I need a favor.

Fung: The target is Nilofar Kazbekov...

A Chechen rebel.

Her husband was the d*ad Chechen you brought back from Nigeria.

He's a key lieutenant of Akmal Barayev...

Nilofar's brother, who may have been leading the group that snatched Rip from Boko Haram.

Agency sources tell us Akmal here stays in close touch with his sister.

Atkins: So we need to get her to get him.

She lives in a villa in Panama paid for by charities tied to t*rror1st groups.

We estimate a three-to five-man security detail.

Going in low-vis, with non-attributable gear.

On Wednesday nights, the nanny usually takes the daughter to the movies.

That's when we'll grab the target... when she's alone.

[Indistinct talking in native language]

[Radio chatter]

[Video game music plays]

One minute.

Stand up.


Nilofar: Fatima.

[Lighter clicking]

[Silenced g*n]

[Silenced g*n]

[Whispering] Go, go, go.


[Shouting in native language]


Put your head down.

Bear, get the girl.

[Shouting in native language]

Shh! Stop struggling! It's okay.

Okay? Come with me.

Got the drive.


Coming down with the target.


Don't look. Don't look. Come on.

It's okay.


Graves: Touchdown. Prep for exfil. Break.

Fishbait: Delta 1, Delta 4, collapse inside the house.

Delta 4, copy.



The girl's not supposed to be here.

Yeah, no shit.

You got the security hard drive?

Yeah. Buddha has it.

All right.

We got to go.

We got lights at the neighbors'.

Let's go.

Let's roll!

[Speaks native language]

Quiet. Quiet. Get in.

[Engine starts]

[Speaks native language]

[Speaks native language]

You get the idea.

With all of these new recruits you're bringing us, gonna make a lot more of these teams.

American ones.

To bring on you what you bring on us.

Michael, what you've done with the SEAL, all of these new recruits... I was wrong to doubt you.

Well, it's only the beginning.

Right, Richard?
[Door opens]

Assalamu alaikum.

This is unexpected. You should've let me know.

I could've made arrangements for you to have a much safer passage to the facility.

The prince wants me to cut off my hand for stealing.

He says I stole his trust.

I didn't tell him it's because you stole mine.

Emir, your trust is sacred to me.

Take him away.

He's more valuable to the cause than I thought.

Have you seen the recruiting numbers?

Do you want to watch some of the training?

We need to speak... In private.

You are aware, are you not, that the power alliance with Boko Haram is the key to our expansion into Africa?

Of course, but...

So then why do you go and you k*ll their leader and his men?

I made a tactical decision.

It wasn't safe to come...

I raised you up like Lazarus out of the gutter!

They all wanted me to k*ll you, but I saw something in you.

You were like a son to me.

I will always be grateful.

I may not be able to make this right.

If we have to leave Chad, the prince is going to k*ll both of us.

I remember the first day I saw you k*lling a man for stealing your shoes.

I knew then that you had the will that my son lacked.

I knew then that such... Such f*re in you would be great to join with this intelligence...

That you would be the lion the cause needed.

But I also saw this rage inside of you.

Because of Omar, that rage has endangered our cause.

Everything I've done, I've done for you.

Out of respect and gratitude.

And we are doing everything we dreamed.

I'll try to talk to Boko Haram...

Come up with some sort of accommodation.




What are you thinking?

Tell me right now.


You don't want to know.

No, I do.

[Exhales deeply]


So... yesterday, I sh*t a woman.

And I dragged a kid out of a bed screaming.

I dragged her down a flight of stairs past three d*ad bodies, and then I threw her in the back of a van.



I-I shouldn't have told you.

No, no, no, no.


You should.

Joseph, you do these things...

...for a reason... To protect us.



I shouldn't have told you.

I'm sorry.


[Graves chuckles]

When Sarah was a newborn, I used to take her out and look at the stars.

She couldn't understand, but I just...

I wanted her to know that she was part of something bigger.

Something... beautiful and good.

Something I was fighting for.


The night that... Lena found her in the crib was the same night that I k*lled that kid in Fallujah.

What, that kid that picked up the RPG?

Any one of us would have sh*t that kid.

I would've sh*t him, man.

No. No, listen.

Sarah d*ed to pay for the life that I took.

That... No, that's bullshit.

No, Bear, that's bullshit.

No, dude, these... these... these things, they're... they're the mysteries, man.

I mean, they're... There's no why.

[Cellphone ringing]




Ooh. You better get that.



I always blamed you.

For what happened with Rip.

I should've got him.

I should've got him, brought him back.

We all have regrets, Bear.

After Buck...

...I went to Tammi's.

She said she didn't want to be alone.

She said...

... "I just need to be held."

So I held her.

Whoa, whoa! Hey!

You hear what he said?!

h*t me again, man. Please!

This shit is way overdue!

Take it to the beach!

You selfish little shit. You had this coming a long time.

You're always trying to pin your guilt on me, dude. Be a man.

Own your own life.

Okay, that's enough!


Are you done?!

'Cause if you're not, I will go and get Rip with Red Squadron!


And I mean it!

All right, girls, a quick refresher.

Esther, which is the verb?

"Return," teacher.




[Laughing] And the subject?

[Door opens]



[Door opens, closes]

Please... sit.

I know who you are.

Emir Hatim al-Muttaqi.

The Butcher of Khost.

You know, you were famous in Afghanistan, as well...

The SEAL who hunted me.

You'd be surprised how many times you really got close to catching me.

Yeah, well, almost is not good enough.

So, what happens from here?

You are going to tell me how we stop your drones, your surveillance...

All the technology that helps Americans b*at us.

And then after that, I'll give him back to Boko Haram, and we'll add the $10 million plus the girls, and that should balance the scale.

We'll see.

Emir, he's more valuable to us.

That's for me to decide.

You Americans had the Jordanians waterboard me 86 times, and I vowed every time to k*ll 100 infidels every time they put a towel on top of my face.

Well, you better k*ll one more, because I don't know... about the information that you want.

At what altitude do the drones fly?

And what is their fuel capacity?

I don't know.

What about the frequencies and how to jam them?

I can't tell you anything that I don't know.

You have to give me something.

I've been out for two years. It's all changed by now.

Waterboarding didn't work with me.

It won't work with you.

[Speaks native language]

[Door opens]

How can we jam the frequencies?

You don't get it, do you?

k*ll her.

k*ll me.

k*ll everybody in that room.

'Cause America's coming for me.

And they're coming for you.

And they won't stop until they k*ll you and every single person that you know.

Now, your best option is to trade me and those girls for 20 of your imprisoned jihadist brothers.

At least you get something out of the deal.

Give your boy to Boko Haram.

That would square things with them.


Emir, he's just stalling, trying to save his own skin.

Every day, we grow stronger.

Shh, shh. Of course.

We shall continue this later.

[Door opens, closes]

All the Afghan police prisoner interviews in Khost and prisoner dispensations from the day you asked for, Plus a day on either side.

I don't even want to have to tell you what it took to get this.

Thank you.

In politics, sometimes, ignorance is power.

Yeah, well, I'm not in politics.

Everyone's in politics.

Think hard about what you're doing.

This could be one of those moments in your life where it could go one way or the other.


Be careful.

Dharma: I don't think it really makes a difference whether or not you're saying, like, gelato, gelati.

It's kind of the same thing.


Oh, thanks.

If you're here for the gelato, this place [whispers] sucks.

I actually came to give you an apology about the video that you saw of... of, um... me and Buck's widow.



I thought you were coming about the video in the news...

Of the SEAL.

But I guess you think that having sex is worse than k*lling an unarmed kid.

It's not that big of a deal.

Tammi probably needed it.

People hook up.

What do you mean, she...

Wait, are you... Are you having...

Is it true about the SEAL?

I can't tell you that.


I'm really busy here.

[Bells jingle]

Have a good one.

[Door closes, bells jingle]

The stuff that SEAL says, it happens all the time...

On both sides.

It always has. It always will.

But nobody wants to know it.

They just want us to go out there and keep the bad guys out of our suburbs and the truth off TV.

Well, maybe we're making more bad guys than we're k*lling.

It's bad math.

I can't think about that.

So I don't.

Doubt creates hesitation. Hesitation gets you k*lled.


I can't.

I did make one mistake.

Which mistake are we talking about?

I'm a warrior.

It's who I am.

It's my path.

I have to live like I'm already d*ad.

I think it would be a good idea if... you weren't around anymore.


But, then, you came to see me.

[Bells jingle]

[Bells jingle]

[Doorbell rings]

Lena. What a surprise.

Can I come in?


Thought you were another vulture at the door.

Man: Have you seen the video of your ex-husband?

Woman: Is he a w*r hero or a w*r criminal?

[Baby coos]

I should've called.

Yeah, it's been a while, Lena.

I... you know, everything that's going on, I wanted to check in on you, make sure you're okay.

Yeah, well, I've got Dylan and his daddy.

That's all I need.

He's beautiful.

You want to hold him?

Sure. [Chuckles]

Doesn't bite. [Chuckles]


So, you trying again? You and Joe?


[Dylan cooing]


[Chuckles] He's so big.


So, why are you really here, Lena?


Let me guess...

Joe's torn up inside, shutting you out.

Like he's got a thousand ghosts in his head.

Think that life you're in, you think it's normal.

It's not.

I just... [Chuckles]

I don't know what to do.

I don't know how to help him.

Their world, it's all about death.

If you want this, you want life...



...get out now while you still can.


There's a smile Thank you.


In that... video... you spoke about your brothers.

Other SEALs?

Tell me about them.

Not much to tell, really.

Start with their names.


There was this one guy.

The name was Bear.

Ooh! He must be really big.

Yeah, but we called him that because he, uh...

...he ran bare-ass naked down a...


...a boardwalk while we were doing this, um, this thing... Green Team.

We all had nicknames.




Uh, Fishbait.

Yeah, we do the same in Nigeria.

It is a sign of affection.

Everybody except for this guy, Caulder.

He's a bit of a surfer...

But he was our surfer...

They were really good guys.

They were your family.


They were my only family.


You know, the stuff I said on that video...

...it was true.

All of it was true.

I sh*t his brother...

...while his hands were raised in the air.


He was just a period... at the end of a 60-word sentence.

I don't even remember what he looked like.

Hold on. That could be him.

Yeah, freeze it.

He looks familiar.

It's hard to understand him. His Pashto sucks.

He says he's Arab, but his Arabic sucks, too.

What's he saying? What's he saying?

He's saying that a U.S. soldier k*lled a prisoner in cold blood after he surrendered.

He was American.

Where did you get this?

The less any of you know about where this came from, the better.

Ortiz: Okay, anybody know what happened to this guy?

All these guys in these tapes were interrogated and released.

[Sighs] All right, so besides you guys and Rip, he's the only one who knows what happened, right?

This guy has Rip or knows who has him.

It's the raghead driver.

Wait, what?

Rip was gonna k*ll him, too.

So why didn't he?

Because I stopped him.

Because I stopped him.

All right.

All right, so... So maybe this guy's American.

All right, think about it. All right?

He's not from where he says he's from.

It makes sense... Two guys fighting together.

Well, if he's American, then maybe Intel could I.D. him, right?

Could get us get closer to Rip.

No, hold on.

We can't send it to Intel, because then they'll know what Rip said in the video is true.

Then it would be the word of a t*rror1st against us, right?

Maybe yes, maybe not, but, I mean, it's gonna take them forever to sort it out.

We'll be sidelined.

Could take us months to get back out, if ever.

But, guys, this is bigger than Rip. Right?

It's bigger than the girls, and it's bigger than us.

Now, this guy had Rip in front of the same flag as the Tanzanian Embassy b*mb.

All right, this guy...

...he wants to be the next O*ama b*n L*den.

Meet your new cellmate.

You were right... Boko Haram does want him.

My brother d*ed for you.

Your brother was more loyal than you.

Akmal, everything we've worked for...

Don't you waste it.

[Door closes]

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