01x10 - Accused

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Wolfblood Secrets". Aired: September 21, 2016 to present.
The wolfblood secret is out, and in a remote location a top secret investigation has g*n. But who is asking the questions? And what will their interrogations reveal?
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01x10 - Accused

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In a secret location, the investigation into wolfbloods is nearing its conclusion.

Ma'am, I strongly advise that you make a decision, now!

I have to agree, that at this moment in time, I consider it prudent to recommend...

What? To lock me up for something I haven't done yet?

Look at her. Security!

Why not arrest him, because he might run someone over one day?

All the guards are about to come in here through that door for, I don't know, punching the next-door neighbour in ten years' time?

It's the only way. Cage me over this, and you will have an uprising, I promise you that! It's your choice.

I think...

I think we need more evidence.

The case against Jana.

We know that for years, you've conspired to hide superhuman powers, and use them against us.

And I know that there's been someone speaking to you in a hidden earpiece, this whole interview, telling you what to say. Because I can hear them.

And I can tell from the b*at of your heart, and the sweat on your brow, that you've been lying to me from the moment that you walked in here.

We know from the testimony of your own wild pack, that your true nature is violent and savage.

Jana fought like an Alpha should.

Proving that she'd be strong, ruthless and cruel.

We know that you fantasise about returning to a wolfblood golden age.

After the Romans, wolfbloods lived in huge communities.

We were everywhere. We helped shape civilisation!

The Vikings were actually wolfbloods.

We believe that your militancy is connected to the disappearance of Dr. Alexander Kincaid.

No-one has the right to take a wolf away from the wolfblood.

And no matter how skilled you are at masking it, you cannot control what's inside of you.

Because, like all wolfbloods, you are filled with hate for humans.

And the natural conclusion is...

The Morwal.

The "Narwal".

Going public was just the first part of your plan, wasn't it, Jana?

A plan to bring wolfbloods out of the wild and take back what was once yours, the human world.


You're the ringleader, aren't you?


You want what belongs to us, and you don't care who gets hurt, as long as you get it.

Do you think you can really win this, a bunch of stinking animals?

Mr. Smith. Jana, what do you say to all that?

I say, that all this talk, all these people that you've dragged in here, and thr*at, and bullied, what has it actually got you?

Nothing. Not one bit of evidence.

Just the same old fears and superstitions.

You might as well have built a case on what big eyes you have.

You want to talk evidence, actual evidence?

What about the work that's just g*n with Dr. Whitewood?

Medical research based on wolfblood healing.

It's phenomenal.

What is?

What your herbal remedies can do when combined with antibiotics.

And some good red meat.

You'll get your meat soon enough.

Your last course.

Make sure you take them all.

Thank you.

I'm in your debt.

Actually, there is something you could do for me.

The potions, Segolia would love to research them.

They're a pack secret.

Which I shall discuss sharing with others on our return.

If the pack agrees, I'll let you know.

[Ceri growls]

I said, we'll discuss it!


Segolia have made huge advances in that area, but they did not have the trust of the wild packs.

All right?

[Ceri sniffs and growls]

I took a few samples.

They're a pack secret.

I do have their trust.

Quack remedies, is this all you have?

I've seen the benefits for humans first-hand.

♪ Like moths to flame Let's chase it down... ♪

You've got Shannon's never-ending statement.

You're not telling me she didn't talk about it?

[She sings out of tune, they laugh]

♪ Pull of the moon Pull of the moon... ♪
♪ Pull of the moon The chase goes on and on and on. ♪

[Laughter continues]

♪ Running... ♪

[Raucus laughter]

She's going to be sick!

She's not!

She is!

[They laugh]

[Jana]: She didn't tell you how I helped her?



It's wolfblood for healing potion.

Made by the healers in our pack.


It's for when you're feeling scared or nervous.

It brings out the inner you.

The strong you. I was given a drop before my first rite of passage.

What's it made of?

I can't tell you.

In fact, I'm not supposed to give this to anyone outside the pack.

But as there's another audition at school today...

[Tunefully]: ♪ Like moths to flame Let's chase it down ♪
♪ Both long to wear its crescent crown ♪
♪ The stars are bright Our moon is high ♪
♪ We flee across An inky sky... ♪

And that's just a hint of what could be achieved.

♪ Pull of the moon Pull of the moon ♪
♪ The chase goes on and on and on... ♪
Why would I even attempt to help someone like Shannon, if I was planning on wiping out the humans?

I didn't say that was the plan. Is that the plan?

The only wolfblood medicine I'm interested in is the one that Dr. Kincaid developed.


What... are you?

What is she?

She's human.

She is free of her primitive fear of f*re, free of the animal curse you all have to live with.

Welcome to Cerberus.

The end of wolfbloods.

Dr. Whitewood's own research into the area has shown us just how to instigate a full programme.

Well, at least I got to wolf out once in my life.

[Steady beeping]

My guess is, that with you out of the picture, the chaos that will undoubtedly ensue will create great public support for such a programme.

Led by a less easily-swayed scientist than your own Dr. Whitewood.

Yeah. Except, you're bluffing.

Remember I said I could sense her lies?

You're even easier to read.

You know you can't tame me. You've got nothing.

Tell me what I'm charged with, or open the door.

How about as*ault?

Signed statement from Liam Hunter, dated...


"Jana ensured my silence with a series of att*cks which left"

"me physically and mentally scarred..."


"It was like trying to fight off a wild beast..."


"I was too terrified to speak out,"

"fearing that the consequences would be even more permanent."

That's a lie, all of it!

That's all the evidence we need to invoke the emergency measures.

Give the order, take her away.

This isn't about me at all, is it?

All this? This is about you, your fears, your intolerance.

Spare me.

People like you are the reason we had to hide.

You hate, so you think everyone else hates.


You think everyone's as scared as you are.

Did you hear me, doggy? I said, sit!

Mr. Smith!


I have carefully considered everything I've heard over this last week.

I would really like to believe, Jana, that you are the force for positive change that you proclaim yourself to be.

However, in light of this new evidence, I have no choice but to consider you a thr*at to public safety.

I shall recommend to my superiors that other wolfbloods must also be considered a thr*at.

Legislation will be put in place accordingly.

You'll be taken from here and detained indefinitely, under the emergency measures.

I'm sorry.

Recording ended at...


This statement, it's signed "Abraham Runcorn Hunter".

This changes nothing, the evidence remains...


This smacks very much of coercion, Smith.

You're not going down that line, you're not going to believe one of them over one of your own!

You, one of our own?

In the short time we've been here, I've seen outright bigotry.

Your people, living like dogs, eating like dogs, smelling like dogs, that to me says dogs.

I've seen intimidation...

You disappear and we go through every pack, every wolfblood family, till we find you, you want that?


I'll remind you again, Dr. Whitewood, we do very much want to renew your research licence.


Last night you tried to entrap that girl into wolfing out.

If she can't control herself in here, she cannot control herself out there.


That's enough!

You've manipulated witnesses emotionally.

If you and your sister are so close, and supportive, and getting through this together, then why can't we find her?

And now, what? Falsifying statements?

How did you persuade him, Smith? Blackmail?

I saw the phone video on Liam Hunter's file, too.

I should thank you, actually.

You've helped me make up my mind.

Wolfbloods aren't the thr*at here, are they?

We are the thr*at! Humans!

If anything's going to spark a conflict, it's us.

Our prejudice, our jealousy, our anger...

They're animals!

They need to be rounded up, the whole lot of them!

Thank you for illustrating my point so articulately, Mr. Smith.

You are free to go.

I'll be recommending that legislation be put in place to protect wolfbloods, and the way they live.

I wish you good luck.

You may need it.

[She enters pass code]

I've got one question. Did you have to be so convincingly hateful?

It was the only way to ensure nobody here suspected.

Hm, convince them that I wasn't a thr*at, let them work it out for themselves.

You played your part well. Everybody did.

What now? You'll lose your job for this.

It was valuable, having a wolfblood in the organisation.

No, it's OK.

I'm not the only one.


What about you, what's next?

Who knows?
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