04x18 - Dirty Laundry

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Fosters". Aired: June 2013 to June 2018.
A multi-ethnic family mix of foster, adopted, and biological kids are being raised by two moms.

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04x18 - Dirty Laundry

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Previously on The Fosters...

I've been thinking, when Ty gets out, you guys move into the one-bedroom, and Ana and Isabelle will move in with me.

Troy Johnson said he was working here - the day that Martha Johnson was m*rder.

- No, Callie, no!

Your trial is comin' up.

You need to be thinking about that, not worrying about some m*rder.

Troy: I'm gonna call the cops if you ever come near me again!

Emma: Callie saw AJ kissing another girl. - Do you like her?

- Yeah.

I like her.

So, Jesus didn't read my letter...

- because he can't read. - Mariana: What's that? Brandon: It's the letter Emma wrote to Jesus. - What are you doing with it?

- Emma didn't want anyone else finding it.

- Emma's pregnant?

- No, she isn't pregnant...


Jesus: I...

want to build it.
What if...

we ask Gabe to help?

Are you guys all here for LGBTQ sex-ed?

Lauren: To require a permission slip from ABCC, implicates the school. We're asking you to resign.

It wasn't a parent who told Lauren about the sex-ed class.

Drew told Lauren?

Guess who they're making interim principal? (sighs)

I feel like I should quit in solidarity!

I mean, Drew totally threw Monte under the bus.

I'm sure it's only a matter of time before he s*ab me in the back.

I don't know about that, Lena.

He got the job that he wanted.

He can't run the school without you; he needs you.

Besides, you love ABCC.

Our kids go to school there.

- You're really gonna give this up without a fight?

- (phone buzzes)


Is that work?

No, it's about Callie.

Mariana: Gabe, hey!

What's going on?

What are you doing?

I... tried calling you, but your phone's disconnected.

Uh, yeah, I am, uh, moving.

Got a job in Lake Tahoe, so...

Wait, you what?

- Were you gonna tell us?

- Of course.

Ah, just it happened really fast and...

So, what...


why are you looking for me?

Jesus and I want to build this massive tree house, and...

I don't know, I...

I thought that you could help.

I found bread!

Oh, wait, never mind, it's just the butts, you want 'em?

Yeah, I don't mind butts as long as I have jam.

- Yeah, I'm not touching that.

- That's what she said.


- Morning, everybody.

- Okay...

there is literally no food in this house.

Lena: I know, sorry, sorry!

I did not have time to go to the store yesterday, but I will go today, I promise.

Hey, Mama, do you think that Noah and I could decorate Taylor's locker this weekend?

Her birthday is on Monday.

Oh, honey, that's really sweet, but you know it's not allowed.

They consider it defacing school property.

Stef: Well, that's kinda harsh, isn't it?

Hey, so what do you guys think about, uh, giving Jesus my room?

Like, permanently?


That's awfully nice of you, B.

Well, not so nice.

I was kind of hoping I could move into the...



Well, Callie and Mariana might have an opinion about that.

Well, I'm sure Mariana will have an opinion, but...

I'm fine with it, I don't want to sleep up there.

I think that's a great idea.

Oh, do you?

Well, we will talk about it.

Why don't you guys get a move on?

Your brains are not going to enrich themselves.

Callie, can, uh...

- Can we talk to you for a second?

- Yep.

So, we talked to your lawyers, and the, uh, the trial date has been set.

Okay, when is it?

Well, there must have been an opening in the schedule, because it's a week from today.

♪ It's not where you come from ♪ ♪ It's where you belong ♪ ♪ Nothing I would trade ♪ ♪ I wouldn't have it any other way ♪ ♪ You're surrounded ♪ ♪ By love and you're wanted ♪ ♪ So never feel alone ♪ ♪ You're home with me ♪ ♪ Right where you belong ♪ - (indistinct chatter)

- Girl: Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!

(boys snickering)

Todd: I figured you might want that after h*m* sex-ed.



Drew: I want you to know... I feel terrible about what happened with Monte.


I never wanted her job, and I know you two are close.

Aw, I...

I mean, not really.

Monte and I didn't always see eye to eye.

So, it'll be nice to...

to work with someone with an educational background again.

Anyway, we were just lucky that you were here to step in.

In the meantime, if you need any help, I'd be happy to take some work home.

Uh, that would be fantastic.

- Oh!

- Yeah.

And then...

That guy!

- It's heavy.

- (chuckles)

So, Troy's manager at the dive shop said that he was working at the time that Martha Johnson was k*lled.

- Right.

- Right, and four years later, they're in a relationship.

Troy and the manager, I mean, what if they were having an affair back then?

She was married before, and now she's not anymore.

What if that's what ended things?

Well, if there's any truth to that, she loses all credibility as his alibi.

I don't think Vanessa's gonna want to talk about it, but maybe her ex-husband would.

Do your lawyers know about this?

Well, they don't believe that Troy k*lled his grandmother.

I can't tell them about the DNA evidence we found.

Unless I wanna add breaking into Doug Harvey's house to the list of charges against me.

Do you know, uh, where Vanessa's ex-husband lives?

Uh, yeah, Los Angeles.

Well, um...

I'm actually headed to LA later.

It's my dad's birthday.

You don't seem very happy about it.

It's complicated.

But maybe I could go check on the ex, see what he has to say?

Or maybe you could come with me?

Get some answers, be my buffer?

I guess AJ wouldn't be too cool with that.

I don't think AJ would care.

So, is that a yes?



Um, so can I go with Aaron to visit his parents in LA?

Oh, honey, I really don't think that's such a great idea.

I mean with your trial coming up on top of everything else?

I don't wanna spend the whole weekend just sitting around thinking about the trial.

It's only overnight.

I need to check with Mom.

Yeah, um, we kinda need to know now though, so we can b*at the traffic.

Please, Mama!

Aaron wants a buffer, because I guess he doesn't have the best relationship with his parents.

And you promise you're really just going to go hang out with Aaron's parents, at their house?


You can even call his parents if you want.

I do want.

- (phone ringing)

- (sighs)

Hey, it's Stef, please leave a message. Hey, call me back.


But you're not going anywhere near Aaron's death-cycle.

Take the Mini.

Okay, thank you.

- Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Oh!

Text me their number!


(mechanical whirring)


You okay?


this safe for you?


Yeah, I think so.

But you're not sure.

What, do you want, like, a doctor's note or something?


I shouldn't have said yes?

I got to take this job!

You know, but I just...


I just didn't want to disappoint the twins again.

So don't, stay.

I'm living in my truck.

I, uh...

I got evicted, that's...

that's why I took the job in Tahoe.

- Wait, you got evicted?

- Yeah, I was, um...

You know, going through a rough time, and...


and I just...

I stopped showing up for jobs.


Now, Mariana and Jesus need me.

I can't help them, because I messed up...


Look, you gotta talk to them for me.

Please, I...

I just don't think I can face them.

- I...

I will.

- (sighs)

Thank you.

(door opens)

Everything okay?

(door closes)

- Okay.

- Have fun at wrestling.



Can I have sex?


Wow, uh, okay.

Well, as you know...

Mom and I don't encourage it, because you're so young, but if you do, we...

we insist that you practice safe sex.

No, yeah, yeah, I know that, Mama.

I mean, like, with my TBI, is it...



Uh, sex with your TBI?

Maybe, honey, I...

I don't know.

Yeah, well, can you call my doctor?

You want me to call your doctor and ask if my -year-old son can have sex?

Yeah, please.

Okay, fine, I will.

So, are you gonna call now?

- Jesus!

- Well, I just...

(Lena scoffs)

_ (sighs)

(car alarm beeps)

- It's nice.

- Yeah.

- Hello?

- Deb: Hey!


Uh, Mom, this is Callie.

- Hi.

- Callie, welcome.

- Thank you.

- Welcome, how was the drive?

It was good, it was easy.

There was almost no traffic.


- Happy birthday.

- Thank you.

- Hi, I'm Callie.

- So nice to meet you.

- What's up?

- What's up?

(all laughing)

Evan, could you show Callie to her room, please?

- Thank you.

- Thank you.

- You have a beautiful home.

- Thank you, very sweet.

Uh, dinner should be ready in an hour.

Allison, could you come help me in the kitchen, please?

- Hey, your room okay?

- Yeah.


(clears throat)

It's, uh, pretty cool wallpaper.

- Oh, thank you.

- (grunting, laughing)

Okay, alright, easy, bro.

Come on, relax.

So, are you a lesbian?

His last girlfriend was a lesbian, oh, no, wait, no!

- She was straight, he was the lesbian.

- Evan.

Chill, okay, Callie has a boyfriend.

- Go help Mom, go.

- Alright.

- Sorry.

- No, it's okay.

He's fun.


I don't have a boyfriend anymore, actually, um...

- AJ and I broke up.

- Oh.

- Are you okay?

- Yeah, it's for the best.

- I mean, I'm probably going to jail.

- Callie, going to jail is, like, the worst-case scenario.

Well, what about Vanessa's ex-husband?

He could still crack Troy's alibi.

Short of him producing a video tape of Troy m*rder Martha, I really don't see how it helps.

I could still get a plea deal.

Have you talked to your moms about that?


I just don't think I can handle a trial.

Those people saying awful things about me.

You can't give up though.

Is it giving up, or is it being smart?

Noah: Your mom's gonna know you did this.

Jude: Totally worth it.

She's gonna love it.

Hope so.

Now let's get out of here.

Hold on, I want to see what I got on my history test.

B-plus, not bad.

Is this the class where the kid put the dildo on your chair?


Let's see what that douche bag got.

- Nice work, Todd.

- (snickering)

- _ - Karma's a bitch.

So is payback.


Could you please pass the rolls, Allison...


I'm sorry.

Allison was my mother's name, and she was named after her.

Evan: They're also both the biggest cheaters you'll ever meet.

- Like games, cards...

- Death.

Nana lived way longer than she was supposed to.

(nervous laugh)

Do you ever see Lindsay at UCSD?

Who's that?

The girl in the prom picture?

Mmm, they were a cute couple.

Uh, we don't really talk anymore.

She got into the sorority scene, so...

Guess you won't be doing that.

Evan: Dad.


Only you get to joke?

I, uh, I got you something.

It's a first edition.

I hope you like it.

- Thanks.

- _ Peas, please?

Jim: Thank you.


It was so gross.

Kissing Drew's ass and hanging Monte out to dry, but you're right!

I'm not giving ABCC up.

Thought you were going to the store today.

Oh, I didn't have time.

I ordered pizzas.


That's the third time this week, love.

Drew gave me a stack of paperwork as tall as Mariana.

And, you know, there are many grocery stores - between the station and home.

- Yeah, well, you know, I was just busy trying to take down johns and pimps, but, you know, I'll make sure and add that to my list.

Wanna hear what's on my list besides trying to keep my job and taking Jesus to rehab?

Callie asked if she could go to LA for the weekend with Aaron, and Jesus wants to know if he can have sex.

- (doorbell rings)

- Wait, I hope you said "no" to both.


Oh, my...


Deb: Rose for the birthday boy.


I gotta get the cake server.

Oh, is that a tattoo?

Bad ass.

I got nothing to say about that.

Oh, you do, you're just not gonna say it.


Haven't you mutilated yourself enough?

Okay, (clears throat), you know what, um...

surgery is not mutilation.

Aaron is a man.

All he did was make sure that what he looks like on the outside - matches who he is on the inside.

- On the inside?

On the inside?

Underneath all of this, - is my daughter, Allison.

- He is your son, okay, and he is a wonderful, caring, brave person, basically, the best guy I know, and you should be proud...

Deb: Okay, this is a birthday party.

So, can we all get along?

Who would like some cake?

You think you might be going a little far?

He came after me twice for being gay.

I don't think I'm going far enough.

I feel bad for him.

I just wish there were a way that he could stay in town.

I think it would be good for him, and for the twins.

He's gotta have some options.

I mean, isn't there a family or somebody that can help him out?

He has us.

What if he moved into the one-bedroom?


The one-bedroom you're moving into next week?

It would just be temporary.

Just until he got back on his feet.

And where are you and Isabella gonna live?

You can't live with me and AJ.

I guess we'll just stay at my parents' a little longer.

Gabe needs help.

(knocking) Hey.

So if you wanna get out of here, I'm like totally down.


You just went off on my parents at my dad's birthday dinner.

You seriously think that's okay?

I was defending you.

- I can defend myself.

- But you didn't.

You just sat there and let your family say really awful things about you.

Look, I don't like the way they treat me either, but I made a choice.

I could...

push them away, or I could accept them.

Yeah, but they don't accept you!

You said it was complicated.

It's not complicated at all.

- It's completely one-sided.

- They're family, Callie, - that's important to me.

- Why don't you say something?

- It wouldn't make a difference.

- They don't even have any pictures of you in their house, since you transitioned!


This isn't something you can fix.

Can we just...

let it go?

I'm tired, I want to sleep.

Um, I think I'm gonna bail.


I thought we were gonna hang out.

Yeah, I just don't really feel like being around you right now.

I get that you're pissed off and everything, but...

bullying a bully?

- Kinda makes you just as bad as him.

- I'm just supposed to take it?

Let everyone make fun of me?

I thought we were supposed to stand up to the bullies.

- There are better ways to fight back.

- Oh, come on!

Bullies always win...

and I'm tired of being a loser.

What makes you a loser is stooping to his level.

Uh, have you and Mama decided if I could move in the garage?

Oh, it's all we talk about.

It's our number one priority.

Well, Mama said she wouldn't have a problem with it.

Did she?

Okay, well, I am still thinking about it.

I mean, you know, we could rent it out for extra money, quite honestly.


Hey, listen!

If you would like to earn the privilege of living out there, then you need to step up and start helping out around the house more.

Sure, okay.


Well, then, you can start in the morning - with a grocery run.

- Easy enough.

Okay, this is for groceries.

Okay, and groceries only.

Got it.

My work here is done.


How's paperwork going?

- Oh, I haven't even made a dent.

- Oh.

So, I just got off the phone with Jesus' doctor.

- Mm-hmm.

- And after one of the more awkward conversations I've ever had in my life...

Jesus is now cleared to resume sexual activity with some limitations.

Hey, well, thanks for the help, Doc.


if we pass this along, does that mean we're condoning him having sex?

Well, he's having it anyway.

What my concern is where he's having it.

I don't want it happening in a car or...

God knows where, especially in his condition.

You're saying that we should allow him to have sex in the house in his room?

I don't know, I mean, the kids are getting older, and part of safe sex is having it in a safe, private place.


So at any given time, our five kids could be here having sex behind closed doors.

- What are we running, a brothel?

- No, of course not.

And Jude is too young.

But I think that maybe we need to think about relaxing the rules for the others.



Well, whatever you think, honey.

I'm gonna get ready for bed.

Excuse me?

Um, I just wanted to get some water.

Oh, please, help yourself.

(water running)

I shouldn't have said those things at dinner.

No, it's okay.

I'm really glad he has a friend like you.

She was such a beautiful girl.

It's been really hard.

I mean, especially for Jim.

And me...

I've lost a daughter too.

Someone to go clothes shopping with, and get our nails done...

offer boyfriend advice, or girlfriend advice.

I mean, we were okay with that.

I think the thing I was most looking forward to was...

being a grandmother.

Teach her how to change diapers, and what to do when the baby's teething.

You can still be a grandmother.

It's different when you have sons.

Their wives have their own mothers, and so you're just...

not as involved.

And then, I think of all the pain that I caused her.

Every time I put her in a dress, or had her take ballet, or join the Girl Scouts.

Things that I thought would make her happy.

I must have made her life so hard.

And I always thought that we would be...

best friends, but I don't know who is sleeping in Allison's old room right now.

He's the same person that he's always been.

And he...

- loves you.

- (sobs)

A lot.

I know, I'm...

I know you're right.

And we are trying, I swear we are trying so hard.

I just wish he hadn't...

done something so permanent.

(door opens)

I'm sorry.

- My mom hates it.

- Yeah.

- Understandably.

- Hey.

- Good morning.

- Morning.

You're up early.

Evan: She was getting us coffee and donuts.

Lindsay never did that.

Um, where's Dad?

Uh, golf, of course.

Right, and the donuts?

In the kitchen.

- Hey, I want that last fritter.

- Oh, okay.

I, um, actually printed something out for you while I was out.


He's handsome, isn't he?

Um, what is this about?

Well, I finally heard back from your doctor.

So, Jesus was wondering about his health...

- in regards to sexual activity.

- Mama, she...

she knows.

Okay, before we start, Emma, I want to make sure that you are comfortable discussing this.

- Yep.

- Good.

'Cause I think it's important that you two are on the same page...

with parameters.



like what?

Well, like, um...


how do you...

how do you guys have sex?


Um, the normal way, I mean, I...

I think, yeah.

What I mean is...

don't do anything too strenuous, okay?

No standing, no picking up, no in the shower stuff.

Uh, just no acrobatics, basically.

Got it.

And the doctor also suggested that Jesus be supine.


what is that?

On the bottom.

Right, so, uh, that way you won't exert yourself so much.

Yeah, less work for me, no problem.

Okay, also, um...

given your circumstances, we have decided to waive the "Closed Door" rule.

For now, okay?

We don't want you sneaking off somewhere doing something somewhere unsafe.


so I can...

I mean, we, we...

can do it in my room?

- I am neither encouraging nor condoning.

- Got it.

But use protection.


done, and...

and done!


So, are we good?

We're good.

Just don't do it right now, please.


The move is finally finished!


Say, "Yay, Mama." Thank you for watching her.

- Are you kidding?

She's the best.

- Yes, she is.

Gabe came by yesterday.

He, uh, he's not gonna be able to help with the tree house.


- But he's...

- It's not what you think.

He wants to help, he really does.


Yeah, right.

The thing is he doesn't have a place to live, and if he doesn't take this job up north, he's gonna be living out of his car.

I think he's depressed.

Well, he could have just said that.

He was hoping he could work something out.

Anyway, he has a new number, and he wanted me to give it to you.

- Thanks.

- You'll tell Jesus?


Bye, sweet girl, bye.

- See ya, guys.

- Bye.


Look, I hate to see Mariana and Jesus let down, but I mean, you, me, Isabella, AJ, we...

We've got a complicated situation and we're just starting to figure it out.

I feel like we're finally moving forward, and I...


I just don't want anything to mess that up.

I know, me neither.

Do you wanna see your new room, princesita ?

I'm gonna put her down for a nap.


This is weird, right?


I mean, every time your door is closed, it's like we're announcing to your moms that we're having sex.

I could live with that.

Remember, don't move too much.

Alright, my bad.



Less work for you does not mean no work at all.

♪ I'll take care of you ♪ ♪ I'll be your Superman ♪ - Umm...

- I, uh...

I think all that...

the Mama sex talk.

It's just, like, getting in my head, I guess.

Screw the rules, right?

♪ I promise I will catch you ♪ ♪ Before you hit the ground ♪ (sighs)

- This has...

never been a problem.

- Trust me, I know.


maybe it's your meds?

My aunt's on anti-depressants and she says that she has no sex drive at all anymore.

She's an... over-sharer.

♪ I'll be your Superman ♪ Oh, what was that for?

For being the guy I knew you were.

Drew: Thanks for coming in today.

Man: Sure, happy to be here.

Drew: Now let me give you the tour.

Hey, what's this?

Oh, uh, Mom asked me to go to the store.

I see.

And why did you get these?

A sale.

Two for one.

Uh, a lot of this was not on the list, I'm quite sure.

Uh, yeah, I kind of lost the list.

So, I just, sort of, winged it.

Okay, well, where's...

where's the chicken?

Do we need chicken?

I will go back.

Uh, no, you've done enough.

I'll just have Mom get it on her way home.

She was supposed to do the shopping.

Uh, isn't Mom working late tonight?


Okay, get the chicken, only the chicken, or I will turn that garage into a meditation room.

God knows I could use it.

- Question.

- What now?

Gabe's homeless.

Can he move into the garage?

(laughs derisively)

Sure, why not!

Oh, thank God, cause I already told him "yes." I really believe Anchor Beach could be one of the top prep schools in Southern California, and maybe the country.

Who is that?

Well, one of them's the new principal.

What are they doing here on a Saturday?

Drew: We're gonna need more classrooms, of course, - and a new auditorium.

- Man: But school's right on the beach!

Parents will pay a premium - to send their kids here.

- Drew: Yeah.

Man: So, what kind of endowment do you think we're going to need to convert Anchor Beach from charter to private?

Drew: Oh, ten million?

Man: I can make that happen.

Does your mom know about this?

Uh, she must, right?

♪ I have spent years now looking down ♪ ♪ Thinking that my life could mean much more ♪ So, you were right.

Vanessa was having an affair with Troy.

- Are you serious?

- Yeah.

According to her ex-husband, apparently, she was obsessed.

Would have done anything for Troy.

And he said that he was willing to talk to the police, or your lawyers, or whatever we need.

I know it's not security footage, but...

But it's something.

- Thank you.

- Yeah, so...

No plea deal?


Well, if you can put up with all the things your family says about you, I think I can handle what some strangers at a trial say about me, so...

You did... you did a number on my mom.

She put my picture on the mantle.

Look, I, uh, I want you to know that I don't...

I know you're going through a lot right now and I know you don't want attachments and...

Last night probably didn't mean...

It's fine if it was like a road trip thing or...

♪ Lay, lay, lay, lay your head upon my shoulder, let's go ♪ Or not, fine with that too.

Mariana: No one's out there!

It's just empty.

Please, Mama, Jesus needs Gabe to help him with the tree house.

- He can't do that from Tahoe.

- Mariana, it's a really big ask.

I know, but I'm sure he'd only be living out there - for a couple months tops.

- Out where?

- The garage?

- Gabe's moving in.

- Nothing has been decided yet.

- What about me?

- What about you?

- I'm gonna move in the garage.

- So Jesus can keep my room.

- (sarcastically)

How generous.

Hey, I'm the one who offered Jesus my room in the first place.

Okay, well, what if I wanted to live out there, huh?


Do you?

- Ew, no.

- Right.

- Oh, hey, how was the trip?

- Oh, it was good.

Callie already said she doesn't want to move in the garage.

- Mariana: You did?

- Yeah!

- I like sharing with you.

- Aw.

I like sharing with you too.


Okay, look, you have Jesus' bed, - Gabe doesn't have anywhere.

- Jesus: Whoa, what...

what about Gabe?

Oh, uh, well, he needs a place to stay if he's gonna help us, so - I volunteered the garage.

- Well, Mama, can he?


I really need to discuss this with Mom first.

But if she says no, does that mean that...

that we don't get to build the tree house?

I'm sure we can...

we can work something out.


Yeah, of course, sure.

Lena: Okay, Jesus, your medication.

How long do I have to take this for?

Five years, honey.


Are there any...

side effects?

Well, they usually list them on the bottle.

Let me have it.

"Side effects include dizziness, blurred vision, skin rash and impotence." Wait, wait a minute, are you reading that?


Am I?



- (Mariana gasps)

- I am!

- Oh my God!

- You're reading!

(excited talking)

- Yeah, yeah, no...

- Keep going, keep going.

Um, I take one capsule by mouth two to three times a day!

Stef: Hey!

Well, there's the happiest I've seen you since the accident.

Oh, I know, I'm just so grateful.

Although I am gonna kinda miss those glasses.

Well, he still has to wear them for a little while.

- Yeah.

- Hey, you know, if you're hungry, there's still some leftover chicken in the fridge.

That I had send Brandon back to the store to get since he forgot the list...

- that you gave him.

- Stef: Oh, really?


I thought you were gonna do the shopping.

Well, I see no reasons why the kids can't pitch in and...

There is every reason, and we have a giant plastic tub of Red Vines - in the cupboard to prove it.

- (chuckles)


You know, I really need you to help out a little more.


'Cause you seem to have it covered, you know.

Making all the decisions without me.

I'm making all the decisions because you're not here.

Everything is on me.


I had to have the sex talk with Emma and Jesus alone.

Had to deal with Mariana wanting to move Gabe into the garage alone.

I mean, am I gonna deal with Callie's trial preparation all alone too?

- No, sweetheart.

- No, I've got...

I've got laundry that I'm doing.

- Okay, you wanted me to take this job.

- I know.

I just didn't think that I was...

going to feel like a single parent.


Okay, listen, sit with me.


I appreciate everything that you're doing for this family.

I do, and I realize that the majority of the burden is falling on your shoulders, and I am sorry for that, I am.

Well, I appreciate...

all the extra hours you're working to make up for me being on leave.

Okay, but it was never the deal that you do everything, and I'm gonna try and do better, but I do think the kids can help out more.

They're old enough.



- Are those marshmallows?

- Shut up.

I was eating my feelings, and I have a lot of feelings.

And there's a lot of laundry.

Would you like me to do the laundry?

- Yes, please!

- Okay.


Please tell me that you didn't say Gabe could move in.

Hey, so Mama said you forgot to take your pill.

- Thanks.

- Yep.


have you seen the letter Emma wrote me?


I want to read it, - now that I can.

- (chuckles)

Um, yeah.

Hey, thanks, by the way.

For what?

For giving me your room, and helping me with rehab.

You're a good brother.

And you're a good brother too.
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