01x13 - Czech Mate

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Whiskey Cavalier". Aired: February 2019 to May 2019.*
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Suffering from an emotional breakup, FBI super-agent Will Chase (codename: Whiskey Cavalier) and his new partner Francesca"Frankie" Trowbridge (codename: Fiery Tribune), a CIA operative, embark on missions to save the world.
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01x13 - Czech Mate

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Previously on "Whiskey Cavalier" Because of you, I'm gonna have to k*ll all these people.

Paul is an Interpol agent deep under cover, sent by MI6.

- Yo!

- Huh?

Okay, this place is awesome.

Look, this is all new for me, but I will figure it out.

I promise.

I love that we tell each other everything.

Thank you.

I was suffocating under there.

The team needs to head to Europe for a prisoner transfer.

This guy may have intel on The Trust.

- Ollerman?

- No way.

I know you k*lled Emma.

I didn't even tell him to k*ll your girlfriend.

He just did it on his own.

Been great catching up.

'Til next time.

It takes me one minute to pack.

You've been at it for 30 minutes.

Speaking of which, it's gonna be cold.

And thermal underwear cotton or fleece?

Why can't I get this?

'Cause you skipped college.

Come on.

Cotton or fleece?

I didn't bring thermals.

All right.

I'll take them both.

You'll thank me later.

I'm not wearing your underwear.

See, you say that now.

This time, I'm gonna get it.

This time.


It's impossible!

All right, the secret to this game confidence.

I know you think that was sexy, but it wasn't.

Yes, it was!

Maybe a little.

You're driving!

Get your plane tickets.

Get them while they're hot-tah.

Middle seat again, Ray?


All right, now, you know it'd take me five seconds to steal your identity and ruin your whole life.

Oh, did I do the thing wrong where I did the There.


I got you business class 'cause I know you tweak your back sometimes when you travel.

Mm Ray.



First, you have to admit that you've enjoyed spending the last few weeks with me, maybe even like me a little bit.


Thank you.

Well we're sleeping together.

You can't not like me.

Those two things have nothing to do with each other.

You in that sweater waxing those skis may be the whitest anyone has ever been.

I can't argue with that.

- I can't find my spare p*stol.

- Spare p*stol?

Yeah, no.

I put it in the side pocket.

See, huh?

Planning is cool.


This place is cute.


- Don't matter, as long as the beer is cold.

- Oh.

I'm sorry.

We're not open right now.

Well, you don't look closed.

Uh, we're still remodeling.

Yeah, we're, uh, gonna be open in a couple months.

Yeah, we're going skiing.

Not me, obviously, but they're going skiing.

Thank you for making the trek.

I know it's not easy getting up here.


People with vision are in short supply.

I'm never too busy for someone who sees the world the way I do, especially if they're offering $100 million in untraceable bearer bonds.

May I?

I insist.

Good job, Paul.

Keep Ollerman talking.

All right, I'm on the ground.

I'm coming to you.


All the cool kids snowboard now.

Oh, is that why you're on the snowmobile?

Hey, what's the status of the chalet?

Launching drone now.

You spent a month customizing that thing.

Don't get it stuck in a tree.

Not cool.

Are you trying to jinx him?

Oh, I can't be jinxed, because I am a rock star.

We've got visuals.

Careful out there, guys.

All right, I'm in position.

Yeah, I count multiple hostiles.

Paul, see what you can get out of Ollerman before we move in.

99% of the people on this planet live in a fantasy.

They believe institutions are stable, that democracy is forever, that their leaders can keep them safe.

The truth is you pull the right piece, and it all comes crashing down.

And all that's left is the simple beauty of chaos.

What about opportunity?

Well, now, what fun is burning the world down if you can't get rich doing it?

Hey, you.

Yo, what's up?

I've been gone on a mission for two weeks, and all I get is a "Hey, what's up?" Oh, I'm sorry, babe!

Hey, I missed you so much.

Please don't ever leave me.

You're way outta my league.

It's just, the team is in Austria, and we may finally have Ollerman.

I totally get it.

Hit me up when you're done.


The Trust is about to make headlines.

The next event we're planning will be impossible to miss.

I'd love to hear about it.

The team is there.

The money's fake.

It's a trap.

I see.

Thanks for calling.

Everything okay?


He made me.

Son of a bitch knocked my teeth out!

Chase is here.

k*ll him.

Ollerman's on the move.

I'm in pursuit.


I'll cut him off from below.

I've got eyes on Ollerman.

I got two of them behind me.

Frankie, I've got Ollerman on a slope about half a klick east of you.

Copy that.

Hi, guys.

Damn it!

How the hell did he know we were here?

We're gonna get him, Frankie.

Hey, you cold?

I'm good.

You wearing my underwear?

I don't want to talk about it.


You can't even tell those are implants.

I know, right?

Yeah, good call getting your teeth fixed in the States, man.

If that was Britain, they just would've shoved a mint in there.

- Geez.

- You alright?

I think I'm still a bit groggy from the anesthesia.

Why don't you go lay down in the office upstairs, all right?

Yeah, and if you want to watch a movie, the password to Will's laptop is GH165948RTS7.

I'm guessing.

Hey, party people, listen up.

I'm as pissed as anyone that Ollerman got away.

Uh, Ray, if you're gonna try to turn Austria into a positive thing, just don't.

Okay, I won't.

But it's hard not to, because there's so many positives.

We know that The Trust is planning an attack.

And Ollerman didn't get any money, so I'm betting they don't have the funds to pull it off.

So, The Trust is teetering.

Ollerman's still the head of the snake.

We cut that off, and we end this.


Jai, Standish, I need you guys to hack into commercial airline computers, railway systems look for any coordinated travel from Austria to the major European cities.

- On it.

- Thanks.

Hey, Frankie, you want to come over to my place?

We can go over high-value target assessments.

I don't know, maybe order some food anything but Chinese.

Oh, but I want Chinese.

- I do love fortune cookies.

- Yeah.

All right.

See you in 20?




I'm just You two are good together.

His crazy is different from your crazy.

He doesn't seem to mind your crazy, which is sweet, because, girl your crazy is terrifying.

Can we not go down this road again?

Will and I decided a long time ago that we don't want to compromise our work.

Frankie, you can't control how you feel.

Sometimes, it's not up to you.

Sometimes, it's up to fate.


You're so annoying.

She's right.

You are annoying.

"Frankie, you can't control how you feel.

" You might as well have been talking to yourself.

I mean you can't even admit you like me.

If you want to pretend that you're still mad at me, you shouldn't have brought me a beer.

These are both for me.

Your problem, Ray is that I can get you to forgive me anytime I want.

Oh, God.

I just want to gouge my eyes out.

Hey, guys.

Hey, Tina!

He's in the back.




You scared me!

Nothing new there, I guess.

What are you working on?

I'm working on this facial-recognition algorithm on the airport security cameras trying to get a bead on Ollerman.


Any luck?


He's just too good.

I'm sure you'll find him soon enough.

Hey, I think I got something.

I don't think they gave us fortune cookies.

So, Susan's profile of Ollerman paints him as a power-hungry sociopath, right?

So his next move could have political implications.


And since we met with him in Austria, I bet he's hunkered down somewhere near there, planning his next move.

- Uh-huh.

- You know?

So I'm thinking Europe.


That's your big revelation "probably Europe"?

I don't know.

I just figured if I keep talking, something brilliant would come out.

- Nope.

- Definitely not.

Do you believe in fate?

I don't know.

When it comes to me and Ollerman?

Like we're on some predetermined collision course?

I don't know.

I mean fate in the more general sense.

I guess I believe that whatever's gonna happen is gonna happen, whether we like it or not.

Hey, speaking of fate, where are our fortune cookies?

They didn't give us any.


I know.

Well, that's not a good omen.

You okay, there, buddy?



I'm still trying to wrap my head around this.

So am I, man.

So am I.

You have to tell Will.

Do I, though?

Unless you plan to stop this.

Do you plan to stop this?

Y-Yeah, uh Y-Ye Um - Y - See, she wants to say yes, but she can't, because we're not stopping.

Then you have to tell Will.

I know!

I know.

Knock, knock.

Remember us?

How was your ski trip?

Not great.


We're still closed.


We know.

- Was that - Yep.

- Should we - Yep.


- I'm not armed.

- Me neither.

I got bad news.

- I got the door.

- Copy.

I think I have a plan.

There's an antique shotgun back there from when this place was a speakeasy.

You know about a g*n behind the bar and you never told anyone?

Are you seriously lecturing me about secrets right now?


And now.


You're a keeper.

All clear.

Disgruntled patrons?


Nice jump.

Pancaked her.


Come on, y'all, let's go!


They can't get through that.

I say we just hole up here and call for backup.

I wouldn't do that.

Tina, what you doing?

Put the g*n down.

They can't get in.

You're gonna pay for that.

Doubt it.

Drop your g*n.

Open the door.

Mine's an a*t*matic, and you've got one b*llet.




So glad you could join us.

No g*ns, no backup, as requested.


Come on in.

May I offer you a drink?

I brought my own.

No, I'm good.

Yeah, I'll pop some champagne when you're dead.

Yeah, I figured.

Your friends didn't want to partake, either.

Sorry about the mess.

Standish, your girlfriend sucks.

Yeah, I know that now.

Savor the moment, Alex.

You're gonna spend the rest of your life in a cell.

Ooh, so mad!

I love the passion.

That's why I want us to be a team again.

You and your friends are gonna do a job for me.

That's never gonna happen.

I thought you might say that.

So I brought a little incentive.

Now who to pick.

Hey, whatever you're doing, you can use that on me.

Wish I could, Will truly.

But you are so chock-full of misplaced heroism, you'd let yourself die before you work for me.

But if someone else's life were at stake, someone you care about even the estranged best friend who stole your girl way back when - Aah!

- No!


then you'll do whatever the hell I want.

What did you put in him?

50 microns of magnetized nanoparticles state-of-the-art medical technology.

They're designed to move harmlessly through the bloodstream.

Unless I activate them.

Then the particles coagulate in the brain, rupturing veins, causing massive cerebral hemorrhage instant death.

I won't lie it's pretty grisly.

But why would you just take my word for it?

A demonstration would be much more convincing, don't you think?

Get you all in line No.

No, no, no, no.

Please, don't Paul.

You really shouldn't go to strange dentists.

You never know what they'll put in you while you're knocked out.

Please, tell my wife that I I need another drink.

All right?

Now that we've dispensed with that unfortunate piece of business, I'd say it's time for the mission briefing.

Ray, you don't mind if I do this one, do you?

- Go to hell.

- Great.

Now, forgive me if I'm a little rusty.

Your team will be flying to Prague to infiltrate the upcoming Global Economic Summit.

Your target is Roman Kirilov, Russian Finance Minister and right hand to the Russian president.

Not only does he control all of his country's legitimate assets, but he also has access to billions in stolen foreign currency.

These funds are stored in black accounts that can only be accessed through an encrypted laptop, which Kirilov carries chained to his wrist, which is why you're gonna steal it and replace it with an identical dummy.

The fake laptop will fool the Russians long enough For us to transfer the stolen funds to The Trust.

The phrase "perfect crime" gets overused, but I'd say this fits the bill.

An event like that is gonna be crawling with security.

How are we supposed to get into the conference?

You'll figure something out.

Any other questions?



After all that talk, The Trust is just about money?

Honestly, I'm disappointed.

I was hoping you'd be something more than just a common criminal.

I wish I could come through for you, Will, I really do.

But money makes the world go 'round.

You leave for Prague at dawn.

Don't try anything foolish.

If you do Be good, kiddo.

I always am.



So gross.

Get to work.

Look, I get it your girlfriend's a t*rror1st.

- It's an old story.

- It's not.

But we can only pull this plan off if you can still come through for us.

- Can you do it?

- He can.

I know he can.

I don't know.

I heard him crying in the bathroom.

Hey, that's enough.

No, no, she's right.

Great acoustics in there.

Some of my cries had this whole Whitney Houston thing going on.

Hey, look, you gave someone your heart, and she broke it into a million little pieces.

I've been there.

Crying is, um it's a natural response.


Will cries at "Field of Dreams.

" Hey, you don't get it.

Look, when he plays catch with his dad at the end am I right?

Yeah, ghost baseball movies don't really do it for me, but good good for you.


Well, look, the measure of a man is how you deal with the gut punches that life throws at you, right?

So you either give up or you rise to the challenge.

What's it gonna be for you?

I don't know.

Dummy laptop done?

You two, go gear up.

We're leaving in five.

Not you, boo.

You're gonna stay and give tech support from here.

You're not reliable in the field.

Came to kick me while I'm down, huh?

That's cool.

Don't take it personally.

It's just business.

You met my mom!

I guess I should be thanking you for not k*lling her.


That was a little touch-and-go there for a minute.

I don't get it.

Why me?

Because you're barely even a spy.

You don't have it in you.

That made you the easiest mark.

I don't believe you.

You felt what I felt.

You can't fake that.

Obviously, you can.

'Cause I did.


I know you.

You think you know me?

I'm the one who k*lled Emma.

I watch her bleed out on the concrete.

I watched the life drain from her eyes.

And I would do that to you in a heartbeat.

You guys shouldn't be jeopardizing your lives for me.

Not another word about it, okay?

None of us even thought twice.

Some of us are still mulling it over.

I'm joking obviously.

I need a drink.

Oh, this'll do.


It's amaretto.

I'll live.

We'll see.

Hold still.

What are you doing?

Well, a man deserves to be buried in a nice suit.

I'm trying to help you, Ray.

I'm glad we're friends.

I never said th Yeah.

Me too.

Thank you everybody.



Europe's most-trusted news source reporting for duty.

I gotta say, you make a pretty good news reporter.

k*ll me.

Oh, man.

- What?

- Nothing.

It's just, we always come to places like this, but we never get to enjoy it, you know?

I mean, I've been to Prague before, but I've never stopped to appreciate the view.


It is beautiful.

Yeah, I wish just once, I could see it without a g*n in my hand.


Press credentials.

These'll get you into the reception, and they're good for two free drinks at the bar.

I'm gonna be in the van, working on the other problem.

- All righty.

Here we go.

- Let's do it.

Hey, careful with that mic.

Got it.

Okay, guys, we're heading in.

Do your best to sell Susan as foreign diplomat.

Nice job getting inside, all of you.

A team this talented should get that laptop without any hassle.

So bring your "A" game.

'Cause I'd hate to cause a mess in such a historic building.

Right, Ray?

It's hard to call it work when it's this fun.

- Hey.

- Hey.

They're totally buying you as a Spanish deputy finance minister.

Finally, a use for my Spanish and my deep knowledge of international trade protocol.

What something bothering you?

You mean besides bankrupting the Russian government to keep Ollerman from k*lling Ray?

Yes, I mean besides that.

Well, actually, there is something that has been eating at me for a long time, and I have meant to tell you.

- I - You're sleeping with Ray.

You knew?

I'm a spy.

Will, I'm so sorry.

It just happened and Hey, it's okay.

I knew that if you started to like him, you you'd tell me eventually.


I do not like him.

That's Oh.

That's That's what you're gonna go with?



All right.

So you're not mad?

No, I'm not mad.

Besides, sleeping with Ray, that's punishment enough.

All right, Kirilov's here.

Hey, he's here.

And three two one.

You're on.

I'm here at the Global Economic Summit at historic Prague Castle.

Today, some of the most powerful leaders Hold on that guard.

Okay, zoom in on his badge.

a pressing issue Got it.

How long is this gonna take?

I'm freezing.

You know, probably because of all the deadly metal flowing through my body.

So please hurry.

Your e-badge should be activated now.

All delegates, the conference is starting.

Please head towards the secure meeting room.

Laptop's unsecured.

Frankie, Susan, let's go.

Let's go.

Pardon me, Madam Minister, do you care to respond to allegations about your corruption?

How dare you.

The Spanish people will not tolerate these lies.

Oh, really?

We have the e-mails.

Private jets, plastic surgery.


I have never had plastic surgery.


Your face hardly moved when you said that.

Psychics, pedicures every week Hands off me!

Get your hands off me!

You'll be found out!

I am going to k*ll her!

Get off of me!

Do you know who I am?!

Nice work on the swap.

Tina will meet you to receive the laptop and transfer the money.

I'm tracking Frankie and Susan through the castle.

I'm gonna send you their exact location.

Standish, you ready?

I'll knock out surveillance cameras along the way.


I was wondering when you'd pipe in.

Nice to hear your voice.

Wish I could say the same.

You know, if we ever fought for real, I bet it'd be pretty close.

Oh, please.

I would kick your ass.

All right, Susan, Frankie, we're on our way to you.

All right, look, we can't go around 'em.

We gotta go through 'em.

Just like the old days.

That's right.

You ready for this?

I got robots in my blood.

Here we go.

Excuse me.

Do you have any comment about the illegal imprisonment of journalists?

Sleep, you squirrelly little fella!

I saved ya.

Yeah, Ray, you did.

Thank you.

That was the sexiest choke-out I've ever seen.

Not now, Ray.

But thank you.

What's our next move?

The next move is, you give me the key and the case and I lock you in here.

The key?


I don't - I misplaced - Ray.

Thank you, Susan.

It's time to start the real mission.

Should've known this wasn't about money.

The money?


It was just a nice bonus.


Good teamwork.

What is it you always used to say to me, Alex?

"Go big or go home"?

I'm sure this mission's political.

Bravo, Whiskey.

We're here to k*ll the Russian minister of finance.

What better way to start a w*r than to assassinate their second-in-command?

After Tina walks in that room and puts a b*llet in Kirilov's head, they'll find security tape of you breaking in.

They'll discover that Tina worked with your team.

She even dated one of your members.

I can see the headlines.

"American Spies Assassinate Minister.

" Of course, you'll be tried by Russia and ex*cuted.

So sad.

w*r brings chaos.

Chaos brings profit.

Come on.

And you'll be there to pick up the pieces.

To reestablish order.

I mean, Will, you said you wanted me to be more than just a common criminal.

You can't honestly be surprised that I turned the tables on you.

Honestly, Alex, I'm not surprised at all.

Neither of us are.

A lot of good that does you now.

Thank you for everything, team.

Mission accomplished.

Consider your ass dumped.

Guys, spread the word.

I'm single again.

Hey, hey!

I knew you could do it!

I didn't, but I'm still glad.

How'd you manage to bribe your way into that room?

Well, let's just say we owe a lot of countries a lot of things.

I'm on my way.

Special delivery.

Got it.

This is from Jai.

Hey, Jai, what what's she doing with that dog collar?

Well, the dog collar is a really powerful electromagnet.

I'm gonna use it to stop the nanoparticles in your blood from collecting in your brain.


Well, once again, I'm glad we're friends.

Me too.

Ray, I'm gonna use the collar to track Ollerman when he activates the detonator.

But once the nanoparticles get blocked, the signal goes out, so if we want to find Ollerman We have to leave some of those little suckers inside Ray's brain.

All right, what are the risks here, Jai?

Best case a lot of pain.

Worst case he dies.



We're not doing it.


We have to do this.

- Ray, I'm not gonna let - Will!

I'm doing it.

All right, look.

We got a lot of stuff that's happened in our past, and I-I, um I want you to know that I I appreciate your attempts at, uh Hey, hey.

So we're good?

Yeah, we're good, Ray.

Thank you.

Someone call for a locksmith?

Hey, Susan, take me off speakerphone.


Maybe you need to follow Will's lead and just tell Ray how you feel.

I-I Just hear me out.

I don't know if this is going to work, Susan.

I'm sorry.

The truth is, I'm I'm actually quite fond of Ray.

And somehow, I find myself rooting for the two of you.


Ray I really like you.

And I would be very upset if you died.

You happy?


That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.

Well, don't make a big deal about it.

I'm sorry.

Just kiss me.

Almost cute.

All right, we're back on comms.

Is everybody ready?

It's me.

Did I catch you at a bad time?

What's going on?

Where the hell is Tina?

Oh, are you having you having comms issues?

Man, these things are so unreliable.

Look, I just wanted to congratulate you on your plan, and the speech gosh, just fantastic.

Yeah, was Tina gonna sh**t Kirilov right after you did it?

- 'Cause that would've been cool.

- That would've been cool.

Unfortunately, we had to put a b*llet in her.

Yeah, payback, much like Tina, is a bitch.

That ought to do it.

Good luck.


Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray!


Come on.

Don't make me a liar.

Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray.

I'm right here.


Ray, can you hear me?

Don't go, don't go, don't go.

No, no, no, no, no.

Stay, stay, stay.


Please, please stay.


I have him!

I've got Ollerman.

There's nowhere to run, Alex.

Oh, good.

You both came.

Yeah, if it was just me, I would've already shot you.

No, I don't think you would.

He's changed you.

Oh, yeah?

She's changed me, too.


It's over, Alex.

Come on.

Let's go.

I'm not going with you.

Next one's in your head!

Still think he changed me?

A little piece of advice from an old friend if someone tries to write the end of your story for you, don't let them.


End it on your own terms.


- Hey!

- Hi!

Where am I?

The hospital.

It was pretty touch-and-go there for a while, but you're gonna be okay.

You did suffer minimal degrees of brain damage.

It's fine.

Good thing is, none of us will ever notice.

That is a good thing.

Is that my jello?

No, I brought this from home.

What happened to Ollerman?


Recovered a body.

Or what's left of one.

Will is going to ID it later.

I think she wants us to leave.


Oh, right.

This is gross.

Hey, Ray, you owe me a window seat.

You got it.

So, um, I'm just curious how much you remember, you know, before you, like, blacked out.

Not much, really.

It was all pretty hazy.

Except for when you told me that you liked me.

Oh, but I I wasn't thinking clearly.

- I was under a lot of stress.

- Oh, no, no, no, no.

I'm not gonna let you roll that back, okay?

You said it, all right?

Live with it, even if it haunts you.

It really does.


You're here.

Yeah, I wanted to see, you know, the view without my g*n.

How about you?

Just wanted to see it again.

Brought my g*n.

Of course.


Oh, come on.

You were talking about fate before, and now here we are?

It's gotta mean something, right?

Probably means that both of us had nothing better to do than walk around Prague.


I will, uh I will ignore the phenomenal coincidence, stand here, look at the view, and eat my trdelník.

It's a local pastry they make here I don't care.


Well Okay, that smells amazing.

- Right?

- Yeah.

So, they make them hot and fresh right down the street from this bar that I went to last night.

It's r It's really good.

I thought you might like that.

What, like you knew I was gonna show up here?


But I hoped.

Hey, Will.

I'm home now.

I'm kinda happy you didn't pick up.

Look there's something that's been hanging over my head, and I'm not even really sure I should tell you, but it's about Emma.

The person who k*lled her It was Tina.

All right?

And I-I just You shouldn't have shot my girlfriend.
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