05x12 - Bye, Zombies

Episode transcripts for the TV show "iZOMBiE". Aired March 2015 - August 2019.
A Seattle Medical Resident and M.D. finds that being a zombie and eating brains allows her to help the police solve m*rder. Based on the comix by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred.
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05x12 - Bye, Zombies

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Previously on iZombie The original batch of Boat Party Utopium.

I get this to Charli at the CDC, and we are one big step closer to the cure.

Brains of Freylich Syndrome victims are the cure.

Do you have any idea how much those Freylich kids were worth?

Punch a hole in that wall.


These zombies have gone full Romero.

They're just standing there like trained dogs.

Dad, I'm begging you.

Don't do this.

Sir, I demand you tell me if we are going or not.

Or what, Enzo?




Another beautiful day in New Seattle.

Shame the terminally ill kidnapping victims can't go sight-seeing.

Help yourselves to scrambled eggs.

Red bowl with brains, green bowl without.

No classes today, kids.

That tutor you all loved, he was lying to us and helped with a plan to spread zombieism outside the wall.

Yes, my long-lost dad, the drug addict who accidentally created zombies, was one of the masterminds, but he had a change of heart right before I watched him get k*lled.

Can I, uh, help you with this?

Thanks, I'm good.

Radical humans want zombies d*ad.

Radical zombies want humans d*ad.

There's still a thr*at we'll all be nuked, and, oh, yeah, the city is running out of brains.

- Everything okay?

- Yup.


I want to lay down right here, in this very spot and never move.

But I won't.

The cure is coming.

I have to believe that everything is gonna be okay because what's the alternative?

Well, isn't that just beautiful?

You are a true hero, General Mills.

I've given you the tools, Ms.


Now it's up to you to use them.

It's time to annihilate those monsters.

Don't mind if I do.

[opening theme music playing]


Looks like someone's got his monthlies.

Feeling a little crabby?

Charli called.

The cure isn't coming.


What are you talking about?

We sent her the tainted Utopium.

Saxon's been working with this big pharma company, MediVec, and apparently, instead of making a cure they realized there's more money to be made in some kind of chronic treatment.


Saxon sold out.

He can't do that.

I gave them the tainted Utopium.

He has total control.

Can't Charli just get it back?

Saxon kicked her off the project.

What he's doing isn't exactly on the up-and-up with the CDC.

And he knows if I got the formula for the tainted Utopium, I can make the cure myself.

So he moved the project to a high security building.

She can't get access.

They haven't even figured out the treatment protocol yet.

It could be months before it's ready.

We can't wait months.

Don't they understand what's happening here?

They don't care!

They could just cure everyone now.

They could just cure everyone and all this would be over.

Are you not listening to me?

It is out of our hands.

It is over!

- I screwed up, I trusted the wrong - No.

If Charli can't get us the formula, we get it ourselves.

We'll get it?

Someone has to.


What, so, uh, you wanna leave Seattle, travel undetected to Atlanta, break into a high security building and steal the formula?

I am done being screwed over and lied to.

I'm done watching people I care about get k*lled.

We keep fighting and trying to fix things, and it's always two steps forward, 40 back, and I'm done with it.

I want this over on our terms!

This doesn't end with Saxon and some company profiting from zombieism.

It ends with us saving Seattle and getting our lives back.


We need to know everything there is to know about this building.


It's called Zone 19.

I know they have retinal scans.

When we started working with MediVec, Gladys from HR had us all do a scan.

But I got booted off the project before I ever went inside.

They have retinal scans, Liv.

I cut off a d*ad guy's hand once for fingerprint access to a secret lab elevator.

Well, Major cut it off, but I carried it around on my belt.

I'm not backing away from a retinal scan.

Well, I do know a janitor who works in Zone 19, Darrell.

I don't really know him.

He's just always super flirty with me even though he's married.

This is good.

Flirty Zone 19 janitor who likes you is good.

You could, like, subtly pump him for inside information.

Oh, I've tried.

The only scoop I got is that there's a r*cist security guard who thinks Darrell and the other black janitor are the same guy, and he calls them both "Chief.

" I'm not really great with, I guess, uh, men.

We can do a Cyrano thing, with like an earbud, and you can help her seduce the information out of him.

Or maybe while he's chatting her up she could plant, like, a GoPro on his mop bucket or something.

- What?

- To get video of Zone 19 so we can see the layout.

That's what you're pitching?

You're confident we'll get through a retinal scan and that's what you're pitching?

We're brainstorming.

There are some good ideas.

- Like the one I had.

- And some not so good ideas.

- Yours.

- Which inspire better ideas.

Oh, my God.

Spy pen.


Looks like you need a keycard to get in this part as well.

Stop chatting to the buxom lab tech, Darrell, and show us more security measures.

Yeah, kudos to Charli for planting that spy pen so quickly.

And to me for having great ideas.

I guess he's in the janitor's closet now.

Oh, the lab tech's in there.

What, is he hugging her?

Looks like.

Oh, he pushed her away.

Now he's hugging her again.

And pushing her away.

Back in for a hug Out with a Oh, my God.

Is he [groans]

That thrusting spy pen's making me a bit motion sick.

I guess this footage isn't all that helpful.


Didn't Charli say he was married?

They have the cure but they're not sending it?

The cure isn't coming?

It's sort of coming.

We're going to Atlanta to break into the CDC and get it.

Well, we're breaking in to get the formula for tainted Utopium.

Which is the only ingredient we're missing.

The formula is on a thumb drive in a vault.

In a high security satellite building called Zone 19.

We were able to get some inside information from my friend Charli.

Then we kind of blackmailed a philandering janitor into giving us the full scoop.

Here's what we know so far.

Relax, Major.

It's much worse than you think.


The formula is in a vault that only Dr.

Saxon has access to.

To even get into that room, you have to pass through a series of security checks.

The first is a keycard which can't be copied, and if it's lost the entire system will be reset.

His photo comes up on a security cam.

This only gets him into the outer room.

Next, he has to pass more security cameras to get to the second of three checkpoints, where he has to pass a retinal scan.

And this leads him to a vault that only Saxon can access.

We have no way of knowing how he accesses it.

We suspect it's by DNA, possibly from saliva, could be from blood.

If any one of these systems is set off, it will activate a lockdown.

Quick question.

Is any of that true or are you just doing the Tom Cruise monologue from Mission Impossible one for your own amusement?


Are you guys actually thinking of going to do this?

We're going to do this.

We just need some help planning it.

That's where you guys come in.

Clive, you must know something about security systems, right?

And Major, you have special ops training.

Not to mention cool military gadgets.

You're here to poke holes in everyone's ideas, make sure we're not doing anything stupid.

Oh, okay.

Well, then let me start by noting that you are talking about a major heist.

Yeah, you'd need an Ocean's Eleven-styled team of highly skilled criminals - to pull this job off.

- Yes.

Yeah, at least some kind of hacker genius.

And there's always the con man, the safe cracker.

The pickpocket, the computer guy.

You guys aren't highly skilled criminals.

No, we're not.

We're zombies.

We don't need Ocean's Eleven to do this job.

We just need the right brains.

Clearly, American Ninja Warrior brain.

We basically have to do a high-wire obstacle course through the labs of Zone 19.

One ninja warrior, we'll be able to climb walls.

Look, I'm just saying Cirque du Soleil is a bit more stealthy.

We have to climb without being seen.

We don't know what role they had.

They could've been a mime.


Can I ask you a question about the menu?

The Cirque du Soleil acrobat is an actual acrobat, right?

That's what it says on the menu.

Do you know what show they were from?

They had a starring role in O, they only ate grass-fed beef and they died peacefully in their sleep.

We should just get both.

Let's get both.


[Ravi clears throat]

We'll have the ninja and acrobat to go.

Just cold, no sauce or anything.



Acrobat brain, huh?

New man in your life?

I'll take that glare as a "No.

" It's probably for the best.

You're not that great with boyfriends, are you?

Speaking of acrobats, though, how's Peyton?

Madly in love with me.

You should probably try to get over her at some point.



That's a good cover, Doc.

I almost bought that.

Oh, that was genuine cockiness because I'm going to spend the rest of my life with Peyton Charles.

And you're probably gonna spend the rest of yours with him.

Bon appe-don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Keep the change.

- [door opens]

- His hair makes me so angry.

[door closes]

Oh, Major gave us these earbud things so we can talk to each other Mission Impossible style.


Voice-activated throat microphones!

- Hey!

- Hey.

I went to see the manager at Le Dôme.

In exchange for the rémoulade recipe, he hooked me up with an off-menu brain, Russian hacker.

Well, I've got some more off-menu items.

John Amato, grand theft auto, deceased.

Liam Monteaux, grand theft auto and larceny, deceased.

They're all buried inside the wall.

I don't know if this is true, but Google said brains last up to ten years if the body is embalmed and in a coffin.

The real get is Angelo De Marco, pickpocket, con man, petty thief.

Rumor was he could take the diamond out of an earring without removing the earring.


The rotting brain of a d*ad pickpocket.

This is the nicest thing anyone's ever given me.

Um, I wish I could do more.

Oh, I arrested Liam Monteaux once.

So if you use him get ready for visions of me rocking a mustache.


You're leaving in the morning?


Road trip.

So I guess I'll see you guys.

You know, when we get back with the cure, there goes your zombie partner.

What are you gonna do without me?


I don't know.



Was that a, uh, "I'm sorry you're gonna die" hug?

I think he was crying a little.

You haven't seen the last of us, Clive Babineaux.

We hope.



Bringing me the name of the miscreant who took my valuable Freylich children.

I don't have a name.

Then please see this carrot chopping as the thinly veiled thr*at it is, - and turn around and go and get me - I got a picture.


Moving in the right direction.

Warehouse next door to where they got snatched had some cameras.

Got a hold of the footage and I saw this.

It's kinda fuzzy but Ravi Chakrabarti.

Works for the city morgue.

Find him, follow him, and once you have the kids, k*ll him.

[shovel scraping]

I'm really glad we're at this place in our relationship where we can dig up graves together without having to talk.

We are easy like Sunday morning.

Let's take a moment to honor how far we've come.

From fresh-faced kids picking out china patterns to zombie exes grave-robbing felon brains.

- Cheers.

- Cheers.

I don't think Clive thinks we're making it back.

He's just nervous.

He doesn't want to see you get hurt.

Isn't that your thing?

Hey, you're not itching for me to get hurt.

- Of course not.

- Exactly.


I know that what Ravi and I are doing is crazy, but we have to try.

You have to do more than try, Liv.

You have to succeed.

Fate of the world and all that.



Sorry, I guess I'm kinda waiting to get hit over the head with that shovel and wake up duct-taped to a chair in your basement "for my own good.

" One time!

I kidnapped you one time.

Lest we not forget, you turned me into a zombie to save my life.

And you stopped bitching about it never.

All right, let's just say that, um, we've both done a lot of well-intentioned crap to each other, but here we are.

Still here.

Let this be our official restart.

Sounds good.

Fresh start before I head off to meet my untimely end.

If I didn't know better I'd think you were nervous.

I'm not.

I feel much safer knowing that you're gonna do this.

Think of all the things you've done.

Your alias is freaking "Renegade.

" You are a badass.

You got this.

[romantic music plays]

I went to see Michelle and baby Jacob today.

That's nice.

Deadbeat Shane still hasn't even called to ask after his son.

Sweaty Steve.

- Excuse me.

- Steve Reinhardt.

I arrested him for involuntary manslaughter but he'd done time for robbing banks.

So he's not great at bank robbing 'cause he got caught.


Good point.

I'm not 100 percent sure he's d*ad.


I gave them what I could find, but that's not the main guy, you know.

I mean, they need the Clooney.

What's Ocean's Eleven without George Clooney?

Ocean's Ten with Brad Pitt.

Can I please tell you what the real problem is?

You're the Clooney.


Dale, I'm not They're not robbing casinos.

They're going to get the cure for zombieism.

We're having a baby in a few weeks.

Can you please go out and make sure that the world is safe for her?

I can't leave you.

Is there any part of you that isn't sure that I can take care of myself?


So, go save the world.

Look, I'll come by at least twice a day.

Let them outside to pee, fill their water bowls.

Can we be serious for a second?

If something happens to me Yeah, I'll be curled up in a ball on the floor and useful to no one, so don't let anything happen, okay?

Take care of Ravi, please.

I'm probably gonna marry the guy.

Well, now I know your ass is coming back.

Damn right, it is.

I thought Major was kidding about coming out through a closet.

What are you doing here?

I figured if you're gonna eat a bunch of criminals, you should have some law enforcement with you.

And it'll give me one last hurrah with my partner.


" Partners.

It's not like I'm against us lurking around and watching Peyton Charles, but why?

It's been three days and no one's seen Chakrabarti.

Not at work, not at home.

So I figure we follow his favorite thing, maybe she'll lead us to him.

[Don E]

I can't believe she bought Time 4 Tacos.

Darcy loved Time 4 Tacos.


Looks like she's not the only one.

Here's what I don't get.

How in the hell did the Ricky Gervais face-making-knob bag a woman like that?

The guy ain't rich, he's barely a doctor.

I mean, yeah, the hair, whatever, and I guess the accent.

But I do have to say, the sweater and the cords thing sometimes works for him.

I don't get it.

That door leads directly into this bay.

And no other doors in or out.

And she's gone.


Where'd she go?


It was supposed to be a moment of healing but v*olence erupted as zombie and human friends of Sloane Mills gathered to pay their respects.

A memorial for a zombie who k*lled a bunch of humans didn't seem like an opportunity to unite everyone.

When I told you to send a security detail, I thought maybe there'd be some protests.

Yes, it went a bit further than that.

Do we know who's responsible?

Looks like it was d*ad Enders.

They came in sh**ting with full auto w*apon.

Our guys didn't stand a chance.

Any survivors?

No, I'm afraid not, sir.

Where the hell did they get that kind of firepower?


We're getting reports of zombies rioting in the streets.

Windows broken at Warmbloods.


Just what they wanted.

I want everyone geared up.

I want a team on the scene securing order, I want to double our patrols.

They want to start a w*r.

Let's not give them the satisfaction.


Okay, Hot-lanta, let's do this.

Our target, Gladys Tinkerton.

Head of HR for the CDC, who Charli describes as "mousy.

" I'll lift her keycard and get it to Ravi, who will access her office computer and switch Charli's retinal scan to read as Saxon's.

All you gotta do is keep her occupied and out of her purse till he gets it back.

Got it?


I'm the Clooney, I got it.

What a bunch of chumps.


Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry.

Okay, first order of business.

- Find the bar.

- Find Gladys.

I need you to focus on the task at hand.

You know how many tasks I can focus on at once?

I clocked Gladys when I walked in while pinching two wallets and this watch.

Is that my watch?

Worry about your own focus.

As I was saying, first order of business, bar.

Then I need eyes on me.

Once I fan the mark, I'll tug my dress strap.

Left strap means leather in the pit.

Right strap, the prat.

Both straps, I'm legit adjusting my dress.

I can dip without a stall if you'd rather be my runner.

But if I'm working single, I'll need to find a spot to dump my poke 'cause I can't fit much more in this bra.

Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry.

I haven't even had a drink yet.

[chuckles awkwardly]

Seriously, bar, now.

Can we please find Gladys?

What did it look like I was just doing?

- Hang onto these for a second.

- Is this - When did you - Could you hang on to this for me?

It's pinching me like crazy.

What are you What the We are in the south now.

You don't put stolen jewelry in a black man's pocket.


It's not in your pocket.

I just made a terrible mistake.

You can't leave her alone.

She checks her purse, sees she's missing her phone and key, we're b*at.

I need you on her like bald on a bowling ball.

[electronic music playing on stereo]

How about parking closer?

[in Russian accent]

You should be faster and have longer legs.

How long will the download take?

It will take as long as it takes.

Just Do me a favor, hang on to this for me.

Before the boy scout makes me return everything.

I'll split 80-20 for your silence.

- 50-50.

- 70-30.


I drive away now and give you nothing.

- [engine starts]

- Fine.



You better be careful on this brain.

Your attitude will blow this whole operation.


Another "pfft" from you, we're gonna tussle.

[music gets louder]


So Aaron, Jones, Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz?

Are all your cats named after Atlanta Braves?

- I can't believe you got that.

- Of course I got that.

- Do people not get that?

- No.

Um - Do you want to see pictures of them?

- No!

Oh, okay.

I mean, of course I do.

I love pictures of cats, but I'm really amazing at guessing what pets look like by their names.

Yeah, it's a weird talent.

Oh, well, I love weird talents.

- Tell me more.

- Okay.

Um, Aaron is an orange tabby.

Oh, my God.


You are a man after my own heart.

You watch the Great British Bake Off, you like cats.

Got that ass on you.

I would climb you like a mountain.

- Oh.

Well, that's - I should go.

- Should I go?

- No!


You have to let me guess the rest of your cats.

Oh, I could just curl up in your lap and purr.

But I should go, right?

I should go?

The purring thing was too much?


Purring is fine.

Who doesn't like purring?


Actually, I'm really a growler.

- Ooh.

- [growls softly]



Do you wanna get out of here?

Uh, you know what?

I've got a better idea.


Can I help you?

I got call for third floor ladies room.

Gladys Tinkerton.

"Toilet's full.

Not flush.

Bad smell.

Call at 4:14.

" - And you're getting here now?

- Are you only customer?

Do I sit by phone and wait for only toilets here to back up?

Just give me a second.


[line ringing]

This is Mike from CDC security.

Is this Gladys?

Did you call for a plumber?

Oh, yeah, the third floor ladies room is backed up like you wouldn't believe.

Total nightmare.


[song changes to funk music]



Oh, yeah!




Ravi Chakrabarti?

You have me confused with someone.

Uh, I'm sorry.

Are you really gonna pull that?

Oh, my God.

You don't even remember me, do you?

You don't remember having a really amazing first date with me?

Charming me into bed and then never calling me after?

[music continues]

The problem was me.

I was too immature.

I wasn't ready for someone like you.


I wish someone would just be honest with me for once.

I mean, it's not like I fell in love with you.

I didn't even remember you being Russian.

- [door opens]

- You are too needy, so Hey, are you finished in the bathroom?

We're kind of in the middle of something here.

Go on.

You are attractive girl.

With confidence, more attractive.


Know your worth.

Thank you for honestly answering my question.


I wish you all the best.


- [funk music playing]

- [all cheering]

[all cheering]

Hey, Magic Mike!

Ravi's back with the card.

Where's your mark?

I'll get the card.

You stall her.



Where you going?

You're a tease.

I booty called my building manager.

[tires screeching]



I saw you flirting with my man, how he was coming on to you.



I'll be thinking about that all night.

You're welcome.

You had one job.

[car lock chirps]

[g*n cocking]


- Oh.

- Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry.

Oh, you're five minutes late.

It's fine.

I'm feeding the kids cereal for dinner and letting them b*at me at poker.

- [all murmuring]

- What?

Peyton Charles losing?

That just doesn't seem right.

- You don't have to do this.

- Sure I do.

See, your boyfriend took something that was mine.

That doesn't sit well with me.


They're human beings, they're kids.

They're not yours.

You really don't think a human being can't belong to someone?


Blaine, please.

You're gonna beg me now, Peyton?

Is that where we're at?


I'm not letting you take them.


Sweetheart, you don't have a choice.

You're gonna k*ll me, huh?

That's how important money is to you.

You're gonna sh**t me.

Pretty, pretty, pretty.


[kids gasping]

I don't have to k*ll you.

[all screaming]

- [Peyton]

No, no, no, no.

- [Thuds]

Him, I had to k*ll.

Well, ish.



Were you Sweetie, honey, baby.

Were you still secretly hoping I was a good guy?



I was, too.

[Don E]

Holy crap!

You were serious about that closet!

Dude, how do we not have one of these?

Wait, is there more of them?

I don't think everyone's gonna fit in the van.

We'll make room.

Worst-case scenario [sobs]

You can sit on my lap.



So the entire block from Fifth Avenue to Spring Street is a w*r zone right now.

We take the perimeter, apprehend anyone armed.

Something you wanna say, Ames?

All due respect, sir, but our people have a right to be angry.

Our mission isn't to take sides.

Lives are at stake here, humans and zombies alike.

Stay focused.


[faint ringing]

[shots f*ring]

[men shouting]

[shots f*ring]

[Major grunts]

[breathing heavily]


[machine g*n f*ring]

[men shouting]

Get to cover!

[shots f*ring]



Hands up!

You're surrounded.


Don't sh**t, don't sh**t!

- [man 1]

Zombie bastards!

- [man 2]

We got it.

Let's go.

- Come on.

- [rebel grunts]

I want these men taken alive.

Yes, sir.

Figured I'd run into you eventually.

Your w*apon are pointed the wrong way, gentlemen.

This w*r has just g*n.

The future of our species is at stake.

You can die here for the sake of this leader.

Or you can live to fight by my side for zombie-kind.

That is the choice.

Ames, with me.

That's an order!

I'm sorry.

It's the only way.

Look at the zombie lives I just saved.

Except for one, of course.


Load up.

We have work to do.


Okay, so here we go again.

Last night's pre-heist heist, was it flawless?


Did we kick ass and take names?

Metaphorically, we did.

Are we finished?

Not by a long sh*t.

This is the big show, g*ng.

So let's review.

First, Ravi hacks the security cameras.

Done already.


I'm not slow like you.

Second, thank the saints, we eat new brains.

Because this one is getting on my last nerve.




Clive enters through the front, past the r*cist security guard who thinks all black men look the same.

[keypad beeping]

By now, the brains are kicking in and it's time for Ravi and I to show Zone 19 who's boss.

It's all you, buddy.

It's go time, you got this.

- You got this!

- We got this together!

But you really got this.

I'm with you, man.

It's go time.


Once inside, we'll make our way through the main building.


We rendezvous with Charli and Clive in the storage area.

Then use Charli's retinal scan to access Saxon's restricted lab.

It's a little anti-climatic, actually.


So, yeah.

You owned that.

- You owned that so hard!

- Thank you.


Happy to help.


Thank you.

- We couldn't have done this without you.

- No way.

You just [inhales]

- You just owned that so hard.

- Yeah.

You're welcome.

You okay?

You're gonna have some brain tubes soon, right?


That looks like the vault.

Well, all right then.

[zipper squeaks]

- Let's hope this works.

- [drill whirring]

[woman on TV]

We're making an easy ganache.

We're gonna let this melt.

This is gonna take about ten to 15 minutes for the chocolate to melt.

[tv beeps]

Good evening, Seattle.

I am Enzo Lambert, the new commander of Fillmore Graves.

For too long, zombies have lived in fear of human extremists attacking our kind with impunity.

This stops now.

These men helped ambush and m*rder some of my comrades this very day.

Under the previous regime, they would have been turned over to the police.

This method of deterrence has proved ineffective.

So, starting today, terror will be met with terror.


- [prisoner 1]


- [prisoner 2]

Don't do this, please.

Oh, my God, no.

I'm begging you, please.

No, no, no, no.

- [Enzo]

Scratch him.

- No, please, don't!

- [growls]

- Oh, my God.

- No, please!

Oh, my God.

- [Growls]

- Oh, no.


- [snarling]

Oh, God!

Oh, God!


To the humans of Seattle, if you allow us to live in peace we will do the same.

To the United States government, and the world, you have long held the thr*at of the nuclear option over our heads.

As you see, with our new breed of zombie soldiers [snarls]

We now have a nuclear option of our own.

[tv beeps]

There it is.

It's w*r.

Get out there, recruit every human you can.

If they have a pulse and a god, I want them holding a w*apon.

Sir, there is no way someone got in here without us knowing.

I got a call that someone broke in.

It's better safe than sorry.

- [scanner beeping]

- Come on, come on!

[beeps rapidly]


[whirring and beeping]

Thank God.

[Ravi clears throat]

[g*n cocks]

[both groan]

We knew it would be impossible to get into that vault.

So we figured we'd have you do it for us.

Yeah, and I'm the one who called you to say someone broke into your lab.

My American accent's on point.


Look, I was wrong.

- You think so?

- I shouldn't have kept you out of the loop.

I was greedy.

But there is some real money to be made here, enough for all of us.

Do you know how many people will die without that cure?

We can't save everyone!

How about coming out on top for once, Ravi?

Oh You're thinking about it, aren't you?







We have it, Ravi.

It's over!

[Ravi snarls]

[breathes heavily]

We did it.

Mission possible, baby.

Holy crap, we really did it.

- Clive, we did it.

- We did do it.

We should get out of here before he regains consciousness and we undo it.

Major, it's me.

We got the formula and we're heading back.

We just need the Max Rager from Fillmore Graves, and then We've got the cure.

That's great.

Really great news.

I could use some good news.

Sorry, we gotta run before security gets here so just Right.

Just, uh, get the Max Rager from the storage area in Fillmore Graves.

Don't worry.

I'll get it.

[helicopter whirring]
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