01x06 - Day 51

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Waco". Aired: January 2018 to February 2018.
The retelling of the 1993 event of Waco, Texas between the FBI, A*F and religious leader David Koresh.
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01x06 - Day 51

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-[g*n in distance]

-[drums playing]

[baby crying]

[girl screaming]


Still nothing?

-They're still not answering.


But you've been...

-Yeah, calling every 30 minutes, just like you asked.

They haven't answered in days.

How long we gonna keep trying?

Let me make sure I'm getting this right.

David Koresh believes the opening of the fifth seal begins -when Babylon, the A*F...


-...att*cks the "peculiar people." -Right, the Branch Davidians.

Then there's a quote.

"Little season of waiting." Yes, that's what they believe they're in right now.

And that little season culminates in a second round of bloodshed -in which the rest of them are k*lled.



But where this gets interesting is the interpretation of the little season.

Um, in Biblical terms, that could be a month or a decade.

It's not specific.

And the word "season" in the Bible is a translation of the Greek word "kairos," -which actually means...



"time" more than "season." So, you can think of it like "right time" versus a literal season.

These people are not crazy.

David Koresh is not crazy.

His theology follows a coherent logic.

Agree with it or not, there's something to it.


If you say so, I believe you.


Let's open up this conversation to some callers.

Uh, Derek, you're on the air.

Hey, Ron.

Say, I'm, uh-- I'm one of the camera guys that's standing out here watching Mount Carmel.

Something occurred to me.

You know how the Branch Davidians have no way of communicating with the outside world?

I've been thinking.

There's this huge satellite dish on their roof.

I mean, if we can somehow get them to listen to your show, we can ask 'em "yes or no" questions and they could move the dish to answer, right?



Go, go.



That's not a bad idea.

I guess the question would then be, "How do we get them to listen to my show?" Whoa.

Ron, they just moved it.

They moved the dish.



They did?



Are you guys listening to me in there?


Come on, Thibs!

[Derek chuckles]

They moved it again.


That's a "yes." -We have communications!


That's a "yes." Um, hi, guys...

-We have communications.



Is there anything you need?

My name is Dick DeGuerin.

David Koresh's lawyer.

Jack Zimmerman.

Steve Schneider's lawyer.

We'd like to speak with our clients.

-Ron Engelman, KGBS.


You can't be serious.

You expect me to, what, just let you walk up there and knock on the front door?


We filed a writ of habeas corpus.

That only applies when someone's in custody.

Well, if they're not in custody, we'll arrange transportation so they can leave.

They haven't even asked for a lawyer.

Yes, they have.

They're asking for their lawyers in front of the whole world.


what do you think's gonna happen to you when this whole case is dismissed...

because you refused them the right to counsel?

David, they're coming.

[knocking on door]

A*F claim that you sh*t at them first through those front doors, but the metal bends inward.

They claim their helicopters didn't f*re, but the holes in Jaydean's room are clearly from above.

We have recordings, the 911s, Wayne made of you trying to surrender.

Trust me on this, gentlemen, any jury sees this at all, you got a hell of a case for self-defense here.

This is the U.S.

government we're up against, and you're sitting here telling me we're gonna get a fair shake?

The government doesn't sit on the jury.

People like y'all do.


Let me ask you this.

If you were on that jury and you saw that front door, what would your verdict be?

What's the plan?

What's the strategy here?

The plan is we go for full acquittal.

Full acquittal?



Thanks again.

-We'll be in touch.

You realize we're standing outside.

I know.

What do you think?

The theologian on the radio show, the little season...

the camera man calling in, the satellite...

the lawyers...

All of this doesn't happen by chance.

Come on.

-[phone ringing]




-[ringing continues]

[clears throat]






Oh, David.

I have to say I've missed the sound of your voice, brother.

-What's going on?

-Something special happened today, Gary.

Something I can't see as anything short of a miracle.

What are you saying?

I got my sign from God, Gary.

We're coming out.

But first, I want to protect the message that we have going on in here.

So, when I go to jail, I can spend all my time answering the stupid questions.

Like, "Why do you have so many wives in there?" and "Why are you torturing babies?" 'Cause once I finish writing those seven seals, I will personally walk out that front door, and you can throw me in the jailhouse and come on down and feed me bananas for all you want.

I'll come feed you anything you like.

How long will it take you to write it?

Oh, I'm thinking a week, a week or so.

Are you telling me that once you have reduced your version of the seven seals to written form, that you and all your people are coming out of there?

I have no reason to draw this out any longer, Gary.

Please answer the question definitively.

Are you coming out as soon as you're done?

Gary, I'm going to fulfill my commitment to God.

Now, if you would allow me to show you what has been pre-written by the prophets, you'll have a way better understanding of what's going on in here.

I am asking you a very simple question, David.

-I need-- -I'm gonna give you a very simple answer.

Yes, yes, yes!

We have no intention of dying in here, Gary.

Okay, David.

Well, I'm gonna let you get to work because, frankly, I am eagerly awaiting that manuscript.

Well, I tell you what.

It's gonna blow your socks off, Gary.

My concern is...

-we gotta make sure that their field...

-They're surrendering.

We're gonna work out the details of the surrender while David writes down his interpretation of the seven seals.

-Then they'll come out.

-How long is that gonna take?

-They're guessing a week.

-Tell them to take a few extra days.

Maybe knock out his memoirs while he's at it.

I just got off the phone with the man, okay?

He told me, "I never intended to die in here." Those are his words, okay?


Koresh's biggest fear is being silenced before he can share his message with the world.

If we let him write it, he will come out peacefully.

It's just another stall tactic.

You're not taking this seriously, are you?

Mitch, we've been here six weeks.

What's one more?

-I know how long we've been here.

-One more.

All right, Gary, start working out the details of surrender, and let's see if it happens.

I can buy you one week.

Yeah, thanks.


[indistinct chatter]

Excuse me.

Everyone, listen up.

I've got some news.

David's received a sign from God.

We're working out a plan to surrender.

It's over.

It's all over.


Oh, God!

It's gonna be okay.

I'm ready.

-Strange, indeed...


...for the judgment of man, for who knows within himself that his judgment be true?


Steve Schneider will then deliver the manuscript of the seven seals to the theologian James Tabor.

Once the manuscript is delivered to Tabor, David Koresh will leave the building, either by foot or on stretcher, followed by those remaining on the inside.

How do we know the place isn't rigged with b*mb?

I don't want my men getting blown up when they search the place.

Mitch, why the hell would they put b*mb in their own house?

I'll be the last one out of the building, and...

the Texas Rangers will be the ones to secure the scene, not you, to protect the evidence.

-Not acceptable.


If you wanted them to trust you, you shouldn't have tortured 'em.

We'll accept those conditions.







for anything but those disgusting things.

First thing I'm gonna eat when I get out of here...

a whole box of fish sticks.



Do you think you'll go to jail...

once this is done?


Probably for a little while.

Do you think I'll go to jail?


No, that would be crazy.

My idea of crazy has been changing.

-[both laugh]


But, hey...

when I get out of jail...

I think I could look you up.

Give you a call.

You won't have to.

I'll be standing outside the jail, waiting to drive you home.

And I saw, in his right hand that sat on the throne, a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals...

David, I gotta stop.

My finger's really hurting here.


And I saw a strong angel...

proclaim with a loud voice, "Who is worthy to open the book?

And to loose its seals?" -[typing]


And no man in heaven...

nor on earth, nor under the earth...


how real do you think this Koresh manuscript is?

I-I think it's real.

-Have you seen any of it yet?

-No, they haven't sent anything out.

Has anyone in there seen in it?

Nobody's seen it, but he's working on it day and night, apparently.

Like, have I read the manuscript personally?



I know he's working on it.


Strange, indeed...


All right, Steve, I need you to send me some pages to show my bosses that you and I are working towards a resolution.

Because right now, they think David is stalling.

-[Steve sighs]

I can try, but-- -To avoid them making any hasty decisions.

Do you understand me?


...who knows within himself...

-[Judy typing]


Yeah, I understand.

We'll send out some pages.

I'll talk to David.

Hey, where'd Prince go?

He left with Decker.


I think they headed to the airport.

...saying with a loud voice, "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive honor and power and glory--" -David-- -"...and strength.

-Wisdom--" -I need to talk to you.

I need your permission to send out some of the manuscript pages.

-No, it's not ready.


David, Gary has got to show his bosses that we are really doing something here.

We have to send out some pages.

Steve, last time I rushed it, the message wasn't ready.

And finally, I've received the word of God.

And this is gonna be the most sacred revelation in human history.

-It's gotta be right!

-I know, but I am telling you-- And I'm telling you you'll get it when it's done!

Because under him and for him...

all things were created.


You're telling me you've exhausted every other possible option?

Negotiations have reached an impasse, Madam Attorney General.

You're asking me to sign off on an as*ault that would put children in danger.

I wouldn't call it an as*ault.

Once we insert tear gas into the compound, they'll come right out.

I thought you said they all had gas masks in there.

Nobody makes a gas mask that'll fit children.

Once those mothers see those kids' eyes watering like that, game over.


Wouldn't that hurt them?

We believe it's the best option available.

Our intelligence shows they continue to abuse those children while we wait.

There's no other way to end this?

I'm afraid it's the only way.

-Let me take this to the president.

-Thank you, Madam General.

[indistinct radio chatter]

There are barrels of CS gas out there.

This thing needs to be brought to a logical conclusion.

CS gas is banned by the Geneva Convention.

It would be a w*r crime to use CS gas on a t*rror1st.

And you think it's a logical conclusion to use it on American women and children?

You've had almost two months to work this out.

And you failed.

What do you mean I failed?

We have a deal for surrender!

Yeah, I know.

All right.



Get him on the phone!







Steve, it's been a week.

You told me you were gonna get me some pages.


I know, but David-- -Nuh-uh, uh-uh!

I need the pages.

Gary, David really wants to get this right before he sends-- I don't give a shit what David wants anymore!

I need those pages!

The last time he sent out a message, he was embarrassed, and you saw how that turned out.

Why not give him the time that he needs so that he can get it right?

We don't have time anymore.

Get me the pages now, Steve.

I am trying to help you people, but you make it so g*dd*mn hard.

-Do you have any idea what is--?

-[line beeping]



You've gotten a little too close to this one.

I'm sending you home.

Uh-uh, I'm not leaving.



Please don't make me have my guys do it.

You cannot remove these people by force.

The more you push them, the more they think it is a test of their faith.

You've been wrong about a whole lot of things on this one, Gary.

Don't do it, Tony.

Don't go in there with gas.

This isn't your fight any longer, Gary.

All right.

Let's pack it up.

They asked me to stay.



Oh, Jesus.

You know...

before this...

before all the t*nk and psy-ops and g*n...

and cruelty...

and bullshit...

do you know how they kept order in Waco?

Do you know how they kept the Branch Davidians in line?

They talked to 'em!

The local sheriff doesn't even carry a sidearm.

He doesn't need one.

But you people...

Look at yourselves!

All this!

All this!

You think this is really working?

Good luck.

David, it's the FBI on the phone.

I've agreed to everything.

But they won't stop.

It sounds important.


-No, it's Walter.

Gary's been reassigned.



David, I need to tell you that my bosses have run out of patience with you.

Every day, we try and show you men good faith, but all you want to do is fight.

I'm tired.

I don't wanna fight no more.

I'm a life.

Everyone in here is a life.

We've got children.

We're American citizens.

But we all have our breaking point.

You brought yourself to that breaking point, David.

If you'd walked out on that day as you promised, by now, you'd probably be out on bail for God's sake!

We both know that's not true.

You got your guys out here removing evidences, you say you're the government, you wanna settle this in a court of law, but I don't believe it anymore!

Are you covering up for the A*F?

Because it appears that way, Walter.

-We're not removing evidence, David.

-You are removing evidences!

And there's things in here that we can't replace!

Like that '68 SS El Camino!

You can't replace that!

They don't make those anymore!

I don't really have control over that, David.

It's wrong, and you're doing wrong by God and by man, and every day, you're adding to your wrong!

-David, you're the one who's doing wrong.

-No, no, no, no!


David, you seem to have no concern about anybody within that place except yourself!

Walter, please tell me...

what is it you men really want?

We want you and everyone else in that place to come out safely.

Well, you're not showing me that that's what you want.

Because I believe you want just the opposite.

That's not true, David.

Your commanders are fixing to ruin the safety of me and my children, my life, the lives of my wives, the lives of my family, the lives of my friends.

You all are fixing to step across that ribbon, and you know it!

Walter, if you want to place this in the history books as one of the saddest days the world's ever known...

then that's on you.


-[hangs up]

[electronic distortion, pulsation]

[man shouting in distance]

[phone ringing]

[ringing continues]



I need to speak to Steve right away.



t*nk are coming right at us!


This is Steve.


Steve, we are going to insert tear gas into your building.


-This is not an as*ault.

We are not entering your building.

-Do not f*re your w*apon.


-If you f*re, f*re will be returned.

-No, no!

-No, we had a deal for surrender!

-This is not an as*ault.

We had a deal!

Son of a bitch!

Everyone, get your gas masks!



-David, wake up.


-They're gonna gas us.


Gas us?


I mean they're coming with gas.

-All right, get Walter back on the phone.

-No, it cut off.

Cut off?

What do you mean "cut off"?

I got mad, and I ripped out the phone.

-Why would you do that, Steve?

-They're done talking!

Okay, then, men in the chapel, women in the vault.

We need to wet the blankets to protect the children -from the gas, okay?

-No, no, we gotta get out of here.

They're trying to stop me from getting the message out, okay?

-I need more time.

-David, we gotta leave.

Stay with me, okay?

Stay with me!

Let's keep moving!

-I need to use that PA!

-I can't authorize-- I'm authorizing it!

This is not an as*ault.

The siege is over now.

The gas you will be smelling is a non-lethal tear gas.

Exit the compound now.

You will not be harmed.

This is not an as*ault.



Get to the vault!

Go, go, go!


[women screaming]

[Walter over PA]

This is not an as*ault.

Exit the compound now.

Come on, let's go.

Come on, let's go.

Come on.

Come on.

Put this on your face, okay?


-Where are you going?

Don't leave us.

Stay safe.

I'll come back, okay?

I'll come back.


It's okay.

Get back.

[Walter speaking indistinctly over PA]

[man on TV]

...has been standing by in Waco, Texas for the entire duration of the standoff.

-She joins us now live.


John, about five minutes ago, we saw t*nk continuing to batter the compound, continuing to put gaping holes into the walls of the structure.

We saw what looked like white, wispy smoke coming out, which usually is indicative of tear gas.

The FBI has told us that they are using non-lethal gas...

[voice fading out]

-[woman screaming]

-[baby crying]


Oh, my God!


[Rachel sobbing]

Put your hands-- Put your hands here.

Judy, get the kids-- get the kids out of here.

Put your hands here.

I'm gonna pull your body out.

-Both of your hands, Rachel.

-I can't!

Stop-- [both grunting]


-[loud expl*si*n]


We gotta get to that vault.

Get up.

I got you.


My eyes!


Cover them!


David told us to go to the vault, Rachel.


Keep your eyes covered.






I am getting my kids out of here!

We're going to the storm shelter.

Come on, come on.

I want to come with you!


Looks like the t*nk are, uh, knocking out the walls.

I'm not sure how much longer the structure will hold...

The FBI is reporting they're receiving heavy g*n from the Branch Davidians.


Who's f*ring?

-If you're still listening in there, -you're lives are at stake.

-[loud rumbling]

[Walter over PA]

Gas will be continue to be delivered until everyone is out of that building.

Heat signature shows people gathering in the bunker.

Gas isn't penetrating there.

Gas the bunk.

I need you to gas the bunker.

[Walter on PA]

We have no intention of entering the building at this time.

-[people coughing]

-[loud banging]

-[women sobbing]

-[banging continues]

-Open up!





-[people screaming]


-[Walter on PA]

This is not an as*ault.

-Why isn't anyone coming out?

-They should be coming out.

-[Walter speaking indistinctly on PA]

Why aren't they coming out?

[baby crying]

Okay, get outside!

Get outside!



Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!


It's blocked, Rachel!

It's blocked!

Go back!

Go back!



[people screaming]





Ronnie, for the last 15 minutes...

-My God.

...we watched this M60 vehicle, this combat engineering vehicle, uh, pump tear gas in there.

Uh, at times, as you well know, tear gas can be incendiary.

[loud rumbling]


We have a very large-scale f*re breaking out on what must be the southside, right near the front side of this building.

Uh, these-- these are some amazing pictures here.

Uh, a f*re has broken out, and, uh, let's just stay with this, and...


Thibs, wait!




Help me!

-[screaming continues]


We're trapped, Rachel!

We're trapped!


Come out now!

Save yourselves!

It's time to come out, David!

Rachel, Rachel!





[Walter speaking indistinctly over PA]


This is not an as*ault.

[Michelle sobbing]

Wake up!

Wake up!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Go, go!


Don't sh**t!

Don't sh**t!

I'm unarmed!

It's okay.

Okay, okay!






95 people believed to be inside this building.

17 of those 95 people, children.


Oh, my God.


37 people have left the compound since the standoff began 51 days ago.

Oh, no.

Oh, no.


-Where are the kids?

Where-- -Michelle!


Where are the kids?


-Tell us!

Where are the kids?



Get out!

Get out!

Get out!




Get out!

Get out!


[Rachel coughing]

-We give up.

We give up.




We give-- [coughing]

Somebody help me!

We got kids down here!

My son's not moving.

Is he d*ad?

Is he d*ad?

Somebody help me!

-Just, please, get my boy, please!

-I'm gonna get you out of there.



Somebody help me!











[loud expl*si*n in distance]

[Steve screams]


[g*n fires]



The following persons have come out of the compound.

Jamie Castillo, date of birth 6/4/68.

Clive Doyle, date of birth 2/24/41.

Misty Ferguson, 16 years of age.

Derrick Lovelock, born 8/13/1955.

A citizen of the United Kingdom.

-David Thibodeau...

-Oh, yes!


-...born 2/13/69.


There are no other confirmed survivors at this time.

[people gasping]

And I'm sorry to report that none of the children made it out.


we were unable to prevent this tragic mass su1c1de.

The FBI and the Branch Davidians each claim the other started the f*re.

And we may never know the truth.

So, instead, let's talk about what we do know.

Fact: Fresno, California, 1973.

A standoff with law enforcement ends when tear gas turns to f*re, k*lling those inside.

Fact: Los Angeles, '74.

Standoff between the SLA and law enforcement ends when tear gas turns to f*re, k*lling those inside.

Fact: '81, West Fork, Arkansas.

A standoff, tear gas, f*re, death.

1983, Smithfield, Arkansas.

1985, Philadelphia.

1987, Escondido, California.

All of them...

standoff, tear gas, f*re, death.

The FBI knows this happens, and yet they made no plan...

to put out a f*re...

if one started.

We are...

all of us...


When did we start seeing each other as the enemy?

[gate buzzing]

Gary Noesner?

They're ready for your testimony.

Thank you.
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