11x00 - A Modern Farewell

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Modern Family". Aired: September 2009 to April 2020.
"Modern Family" follows three different, but related families as they give us an honest and often hilarious look into sometimes warm, sometimes twisted, embrace of the modern family.
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11x00 - A Modern Farewell

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"Modern Family" getting ready to say goodbye.

The award-winning comedy announcing its th and final season.

The extended family moving on to a new chapter after over a decade of laughs and love.

Alright, everybody, welcome to the last first, as we are calling it.


By the way, years ago, we did our very first table read in this very room, and then right afterwards, we went outside, and on my phone, I grabbed...

"Modern Family" was born from the notion that families have changed.

Chris and I, we were working on a couple of ideas, and we realized that we'd come in on Monday mornings, and one of us would tell a funny story about something our kids did or some sort of thing that happened with our wives or whatever it was.

And it started to dawn on us that maybe that was more interesting than what we were working on at the time.

So we started writing the script.

This is the casting breakdown for the "Modern Family" pilot.

At the time, the show was called "My American Family."

"Synopsis: A documentary style look at American families... traditional and non-traditional."


We saw Claires,


Do you love it?

... Camerons.

I know my family's gonna have a big opinion about it.

Mitchell, we only saw .

Oh, God.

Haley, .

No, the little bitch shoved me!

Alex, we saw .

- Right.
- Luke, .

And Manny, .

Stop the car.

And we were already in discussions right from the get-go with Sofía Vergara.

Don't let him! Kick him!

I mean, I don't remember...


...seeing anyone on TV that sounded like me.

I mean, the last time, I think it was Ricky Ricardo.

The character was, like, a passionate woman.

You know, she loved her family.

And she's loud, and she was, you know, very colorful.

And that's how Latin women are.

That's the woman that I grew up around.

I'll tell you the funny thing.

When I met with Chris and Steve, I told my manager,

"Look, this is rude, at best.

"'Cause I'm not doing a half-hour,

"and you know I'm not doing a half-hour,

and... and I want them to know I'm not doing it."

- So, why am I...
- So, hold on, hold on.

Before you even go in, you're like,

"Half-hour comedy not part of my future"?

Never again, 'cause I did "Married" years.

But I got the script in the mail, and it was so well-written.

And then I thought, "[BLEEP]"

And I read it again.

So I called my manager and said, "Make the deal."

We wrote the part of Phil...

- Hi.
- ...for Ty Burrell.

And we went to the network and said,

"We want Ty Burrell for this."

And they weren't big fans.

And I got word that it was basically over.

"They're not finding you appealing, charming, funny.

"You know, like, all the basic... basic things about you personally that they don't like."

And I said, "Well, why don't we just show them the way that we think this will actually look?"

- So...
- No jacket.

...we grabbed a camcorder and created a scene from my life with my son.

How'd that feel?

Which I thought was very good parenting.

And I think you've learned your lesson...

- Ow!
- Wow, okay.

- You hit my bone!
- That was an accident!

- Dad.
- Dad, Dad?

You have got to talk to Mom.

She is, like, completely freaking out and embarrassing me!

Well, honey, your mom isn't always as cool

- about things as I am.
- Ow!

What is with this thing?!

The network saw it and said, "We get it.

Alright, good. Go."

And that was it.

Thank you, Steve.

Ed, I think, had been cast. Sofía had been cast.

Ty hadn't. Maybe Julie had. Jesse had.

He likes to remind everyone he was cast before me.

I'm sure he'll bring it up in his interview.

I had the pleasure of being cast first, so I got to audition with several people for Cam.

And I remember when Eric walked in the room, there was a crackle, and there was something special that happened between us.

And to have so many characters in that pilot and have them all perfectly cast was something that was really magical.

- Which family is this?
- The Dunphys.

- The Dunphy family.
- We are the Dunphys.

- And we are proud.
- What... What's our last name?

I don't know what our last name is.

What's our last name?

You're Pritchett.
You're Mitchell Pritchett.

Yeah, Mitchell Pritchett. Pritchett.

Chest bump on three.


We just ran over our director.

It hurt... hurt my foot.

They're in trouble.

We're gonna get fired.


- [BEEP]
- Scene , take .

Gary, you can get a little tighter when you go to the kids.

I hope we do this show for so long, I'm doing scenes with Nolan when he's .

sh**ting the pilot was, of course, like any pilot... stressful.

♪ Are you ready to get your minds blown? ♪

♪ Yeah, I think so ♪

♪ Oh, my dad might be a phenom ♪

♪ How does he do it? ♪

♪ We're all in this together ♪

♪ Yes, we are ♪

♪ Just like us four ♪

♪ But I mean that metaphorically ♪


But I remember saying...


..."This feels good.

I think we have something here."

I come from a small village.

Very poor but very, very beautiful.

- Wow!
- Ew!


It's the number-one village in all Colombia for the...

What's the word?


Yes, the m*rder.

Sorry. [LAUGHS] You just...

♪ Wakka wakka wakka wakka ♪

I was pregnant with twins.

Very pregnant with twins.

So there was a lot of laundry baskets, a lot of folding towels, a lot of large sweaters.

Come on!

Nobody knew.

Nobody could tell.
It was pretty amazing.

We were pretty proud of ourselves.

- We're getting there.
- Really?

I will take you down to Chinatown, my friend.

You will not know what happened.

We're here.

That was the first AD.

And she just checked on us.

We're rolling.

You come into my house and you insult me and my boyfriend...

I can't help but think of all the ways we could've screwed it up.

But miraculously, these amazing actors came together at that perfect moment.

We found each other, and lightning struck.

♪ It's the circle of life ♪

We adopted a baby.

Her name is Lily.

- Exciting!
- Turn it off.

I can't turn it off.

- It's who I a...
- The music.

Oh, yes, the music.

Say hi to Lily!


I was driving down Ventura Boulevard, and my phone rang, and it came up "Unavailable."

I'm like, "Oh, I'll answer." Click.

"Hello?" "Eric."

"Yes." "Ed O'Neill.

"I saw the pilot.

"It's fantastic.

"Honestly, if this show doesn't go years,

I don't know what the hell I'm doing in this business."

And from that moment on,

I was convinced the show was going to get picked up.

I was convinced the show was going to be on for years because Ed O'Neill said so.

It is quickly becoming one of the most popular shows on TV.

It's "Modern Family."

You ever heard of it?

We sh*t the pilot, and we were all very excited.

But I didn't think much about it until it started airing for the first time.

And then we realized, "Oh, my God.

This is gonna be huge."

What makes "Modern Family" appeal to so many people?

The show is so incredibly funny.

Yeah, I mean, it's been crazy.

I... Just a blast.

I don't know how I ended up in this position, but it's been really fun.

It was a hit right from the beginning.

And I don't know if there could be another "Modern Family" today because there are so few shows that collect and unite people like this one.

The compliment I always love is,

"It's like you have a camera in my house."

That's the one show that my whole family can watch.

You know, my -year-old sits down with me, my kid in college who won't give me the time of day.

We all sit down and watch it together.

Watching "Modern Family" with my wife.

The Romney family, it was their favorite show.

- "Modern Family."
- Yes.

And it was the Obamas' favorite show.

Malia and Sasha love that show.

And when I heard that, thought, "That's remarkable."

That show really spoke to both sides.

The best in prime-time TV were honored at the Emmy Awards last night in Los Angeles.

The big winners... "Modern Family."

- "Modern Family"!
- "Modern Family."

"Modern Family," the mockumentary about a dysfunctionally funny family, took home top comedy prize.

It's amazing, and this is, like, the most important day of my life right now.

I made it through a
-something-year career very skillfully avoiding getting any award whatsoever.

And I will say that getting awards is so much better.

But the year we won our fifth Emmy Award, there was a collective groan in the audience.

So people are like, "Oh, God, not again."

Welcome back to the "Modern Family" awards.

So, at that point, we're like, "We'll try not to win next year.

Just please don't be mad at us."

Hey, guys, you know that picture I showed?

Let's re-create it right now.
Can we do that?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

You're leaning into his shoulder.

- He's big now.
- Yeah.

This is the end of an era for us.

- We got to pose like this.
- Let me see this again.

years is such a huge part of anyone's life.

Okay, here we go.
Let's just take a bunch of these.

Ending that is...

And here we go.

- ...it's hard to think about.
- Everybody act nervous.


Gil Pickles! Who wants a Gil Pickle?

Fun? Are you joking?

Margaritas, you guys, these guys.

[LAUGHS] Stop it.

Rainer Shine.

Pepper Saltzman.

- When the show...
- Oh.

...is a successful show, it's easy...

I commanded a circus.

...to get really good actors.

Oh! Vroom, vroom!

Oh, my God. You're Ray Liotta. Wow.

Billy Dee Williams?

I'm a huge fan.

'Cause they want to do funny parts, and they want to...

Watch and be amazed.

...enjoy some good writing.

I walk five miles a day, and I've had a tremendous amount of plastic surgery.

"Modern Family" was a class act, and people wanted to come play.

I am the evil boy king, and I want your heads!

It's a Katrina car.

He's like the least gay person I have ever met!

Have you ever touched the smooth, taut skin of a -year-old woman?

About to ask you the same thing.

He is the winner.

When I got invited to become part of the show, I was thrilled.

And I was also a little bit nervous.

Wow, that's close.

This was the biggest and best party in town, and everyone at that party knew it.

- B mark.
- And action!

He's here.

He's here!



- Haley, get in here.
- I'm good, thanks.

No, we're not gonna let go of each other until you get in here.

Haley, get in the hug. Come on.

- Oh.
- Right, yeah.

Sure, but who needs a hug when you can...

- Man-shake!
- Man-shake!

Give them room, give them some room.

The virtue of the style of the show is the simplicity it creates keeps everything fresh and funny for the actors.

And I would hear stories where it was, like, the envy of other shows on the lot because,

"Oh, 'Modern Family' finished by lunch again."

Alright, here we go, guys.
Trading gifts.

- Get ready.
- Here we go.

Lock it up. Roll sound, please.


The show moves fast.

I mean, I'm not kidding you.

I mean, it's probably the fastest-run single-camera show there is.

Okay, here we go.

We'll do a quick rehearsal.

We show it to the crew.

Hey, guys, I need a - in here, please.

They light, and then as soon as the cast comes back in, we start sh**ting.

When you walk on the set of "Modern Family," it is a team, it is a family.

We all want to make this, every single episode, as good as it can be.

This I think it's definitely funnier...

The way that we sh**t, it helps the comedy, because you do feel like you've got time to improvise and do multiple takes.

I'm doing it! I'm doing it!

You're doing it.


Everybody around you, if you're gonna try some alts or something at the end of the day, the end of the day is
: in the afternoon or maybe : , you know?

People are still fine.

They're like, "Yeah, try new stuff."

But sometimes you've been...

I've been on a film set, and it's : in the morning, and you're like, "I've got an idea for a new line," and you're getting this, like, from the boom guy, just like, "[BLEEP]"

[BLEEP] damn it.

We... It's not... It's never funny.

"It's not gonna be funnier."

I cannot believe that there are three active documentaries right now.

It's the most meta thing that's ever existed.

A documentary of a documentary.

On the show that's a documentary.


This show "Modern Family" is so beloved by so many Americans.

Are you and Ty still getting along?

No. I'd like to discuss it right now.

No, we get along famously.

Yeah, no, we are fantastic.

He's like the nicest guy in the whole world.

He is. He makes me feel bad for most of what I do.

Actron .

Ty is one of those magical beasts.

He's not only a good person.



He's funny, he's serious, he's soulful, he's kind.

He's just the greatest.

And Ty will always surprise me with what comes out of his mouth or what he's gonna do with his body.

Of course. The power of social...


- I'm... No, my stomach...
- Is that your stomach?

- Yes.
- Oh, my God.

That was an amazing sound.

- Hold for Ty's stomach, please.
- Holding.

Holding for Ty's digestive tract.

Like, as soon as they say action, it's always fun.

I've never had a bad time doing a scene on this show.

Unless it's physically painful.

And even that, I'm weird. I like that.

I like falling.


- Down.
- Oh, God! Phil!

Oh, no!

Oh, no. Oh, God.

Also, it took him about six years to let me know in a very gentle way

I need to stop talking right before takes.

Okay. Okay.

I'd be talking, talking, talking, talking.

And he's like, "It's impossible."

I'm ready.

Okay. Go ahead.

So I owe him probably six years of scenes.


- Oh.
- Now it's fine.

From the very beginning, we both were working hard to be a good work partner, and I think and I hope that that translates, you know?

That the fact that we do actually trust each other and know each other pretty well.

If we didn't, it would show.

We've seen the best and worst of each other in years, and I just feel lucky to have had a work partner like that.


I'm feeling a little bit of melancholy as this comes to an end because I know these last few episodes, it's gonna be harder to just really try to do the show.

[VOICE BREAKING] I am gonna miss this.

Me too.

This show has sort of ruined me in the best way... because it has been the best job of my life.



I love you. I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Just make our way past all the set dec stuff.

And right outside of the set-dec department is the Dunphy house.

So, this is where Phil, Claire, Haley, Alex, and Luke live, and now Dylan and the twins live here, as well.

A lot of people ask me which step is the broken step.

Gotta fix that step.

And the answer to that is, nobody really knows.

Fix that step.

Ty... I personally think he just tripped up the steps, and he's such a great actor that it made it into the show.

And then throughout the series, he constantly makes references to, "Oh, I gotta fix that step."

Gotta fix that step!

This is their kitchen.

Everything in here is completely practical.

No matter what you try and open, there will be something in there.

I do always like to point out that things have expired in .

They basically stocked this fridge and then never looked back.


Somebody had a party here over the weekend and I guess took a notch out of the floor, so I'm gonna get my best painter on it.

It's Rod Stewart.

I don't know if you guys realize that.

This is tinted wax.

Made for furniture, but it serves a purpose here.

I've been the lead painter on the show since Season .

I remember, at the time, I hate to admit it, but I hadn't heard of the show.

But my daughter was a huge fan, so she said,

"Dad, you better take this thing because it's gonna go far."

years later, and she was absolutely right.


Five or less. Five or less.

I'll call you when the van's here.

Today is a very jam-packed day.

What I call almost a full family day where I have every actor except for the three Dunphy kids.

So it's just one big domino dance around.

But I've been doing it long enough that I feel as calm and cool as I possibly can doing it.

- Thank you very, very much.
- No problem.

Here's your breakfast here.

I had to drop off Ed's breakfast.

He gets a fried egg on sourdough with lettuce, mayo, and cheese.

It's been the same for nine years.

Literally, everyone gets the same breakfast for nine years.

Like, I had his backpack.

With the show ending, it's a very heavy feeling,

'cause normally, it's just a job, and you walk away.

But even if we all come back as a crew together, it will never be this.

And a big part of that was them, so...

Yes, sir?


Give me one second, guys.

Be right back.

Okay. Let's just talk about the Mitch-Cam thing first.

Let's talk about what worked and what didn't.

While I know all the writers have been thinking about the ending and dreaming about it and planning for it,

I do think that they're in a place right now that is, in a good way, panicky.

The first joke, it feels like it's, like...

- I know. It feels weird.
- Yeah.

"The clock is ticking, Cam."

I'm not sure it's gonna get us a laugh out of that. Maybe.

One of the benefits of this writers' room is so many of us have been there from the beginning.

We know each other so well, and we trust each other.

And we are a bunch of overachievers who wants A's all the time.

This writers' room, year in and year out, broke episodes a season.

And that's unheard of now.

I mean, they've demonstrated that it can be done, and you don't sacrifice quality.

Six minutes of sleep.

I think that's okay... "I get six minutes of sleep."

And we worked hard to...

Not great, okay, but...

...keep pushing ourselves into be more and more ambitious with episodes.

That's where some of the most outrageous, inventive things come from in a comedy room.

"How fun for you. Cameron made a little mistake."

- That's funny.

- You know, a door closes.
- And a window opens.

But should we answer it?

- You don't answer windows.
- Oh, how fun for you.

Cam made a little mistake.


Our best episodes have come from the writers having experienced something.

And we start with that.

We all revealed such awful stuff about ourselves, our spouses, children, anything to come up with a story.

Like, I remember pitching the episode where Mitch and Cam came out at the same time in the same outfit.

You did it again?

My partner and I have done that thousands of times.

Lily, it's time to play "Who Wore it Best?"

I had to reveal that once when I was a guest at a very close friend's house, I spilled red wine...

- [GASPS] Oh!
- ...on a carpet.

My mom has to take an airplane pill in order to come visit me in California.

She's back East.

And it makes her a little loopy.

It's time to take that special flying medicine Ronaldo gave us.

- What does "cuidado" mean?
- I think it means "Sleep tight."

- I don't know.
- Oh, well, cheers.

- Cuidado.
- Mm-hmm.

But we did an episode where Mitch and Cam take an airplane pill, but their flight is grounded.

So they're kind of roaming the airport on an airplane pill, which happened to us.

- I'm gonna follow you.
- Yeah, okay.

And we actually lost my mom at one point.

I knew it. Instinct.

And we found her trying to buy handfuls of hats.

And so when we were breaking the episode, we were like,

"What do you do on an airplane pill?"

And I said, "Well, I know you go and try to buy a ton of hats."

There's a saying that's been going around for a few years that if you're happy on set, well, are you as happy as Eric on a Fizbo day?

'Cause that's happy.

I think this will be the last time.

- Aww.
- For sure.

This will be it for Fizbo.


How big is my face that I need this much moisturizer?

Well, when we were sh**ting the pilot,

I had said, you know, I had wanted to be a clown and performed as a clown as a kid, and I had auditioned for

Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, and Chris Lloyd was like,

"Uh, we're gonna need to see pictures of that."

I didn't realize it was gonna make it into the show.

Wow. Is that you, Uncle Cam?

No, I'm Fizbo the Clown!

I don't know who this Uncle Cam is, but he sure sounds handsome, doesn't he?

Hey! Howdy, life partner!


I love putting the makeup on.

I love the costume.

There's a line in the show where Cam says...

I've known I wanted to be a clown since I found out clowns were just people with makeup.

That's absolutely how I decided

Eric Stonestreet wanted to be a clown.

And I said, "Look, if I'm going to do this, it's got to be right."

I want it the way I want it.

Steve's like, "You have control over the clown."

There's no need for a mirror if you're on selfie mode.

That's so not accurate.

I would be applying the makeup in a mirror.

Have you not seen an episode of "Fizbo the Clown"?

Have you watched any of the show?

I don't remember.

The notion that I had hung up the clown dream...


...and it all came full circle.

Okay, guys, hey, it's me again.

Now, remember when you're applying makeup to the mouth region, you don't want to overdo it.

You're doing tricks, not turning them.

You know, I dreamed of being a clown in the circus.


I never knew I would become a clown in the biggest circus of all.

For people that don't know "Modern Family," what is the show about?

Well, "Modern Family" is about...

One minute.
I was talking when you started.

- That's my fault.
- It's okay.

Coming at me with the hard questions there right up front.

"Modern Family" is about...

These three different families and how they live and interact with each other.

They're all going through their troubles and their phases.

It's just a really funny comedy, and we're all just going along for the ride, and it's gonna be really cool.

Okay, well, this is gonna be so funny.

Every job that I've worked on, I always get the hottest mom.

I always get the hottest mom.

[LAUGHS] I did it!

I'm gonna play outside!



Going through the experience of growing up on a show, and especially a show that is on for years, is really difficult, but I was grateful that I got to do it with Nolan and Rico and to have that bond.

But I do have to say, the couple years I had braces, those... those episodes are not really my favorite.

I looked it up.

The distance between our houses is , miles.

Yeah, on some maps, it's like this big.

God, you're stupid.

I always say that "Modern Family" is professional home videos.

So I know what I looked and sounded like when I was , when I was to when I turned .

And so, like, I had my first kiss on the show.


It was the whole crew and the whole cast...

- Aah!
- Surprise.

...right there, and it was on-camera.

Ruin the greatest moment of my life?

- Thanks again, Mom.
- Oh!

And the surprised becomes the surpriser.

This party had everything.

"Modern Family" was my first job, my first audition.

Oh, my God. These cupcakes are so good.

Hi, honey.

I remember my first day on set.

We saw you guys on "Modern Family."

- Yeah!
- We watched it.

- Yeah.
- I was so confused.

I was like, "This is a fake set, and these are all fake houses, so these must be fake people."

I don't know what I was thinking, but...

Whenever I watch the episode "Caught in the Act"...

- Surprise!
- Oh!

No! Oh!

- No!
- No!

I'm sorry!

...it makes me realize how incredibly long the show has been on and how much of a baby I was.

- What were they doing?
- Nothing.

Whatever it was, it looked like Dad was winning.

I remember at the time, like, not really realizing what I'm saying because I was so young and innocent.

These jokes that flew over my head at the time.

Now I'm like, "Oh. Now I get that."

My kids are now the age that these kids were when they started.

Often, people say, "Oh, did you...

Have you taught those kids a lot?"

And I'm like, "No."

They've taught me a lot.

The kids really do truly mark how long the show has been in our lives and on television, specifically Nolan's height literally marks it.

Six months into the show,

I decided to make a height chart.

Luke, you can see here, years old.

Also, Ariel... Alex... is up here.

And Haley is up here, as well.

And then Luke is way up here.

See, he started way down here at , and here he is a bunch of years later.

I look at Ariel and Nolan, and sometimes I want to wring their necks.

And other times, I want to squish them until they die

'cause I love them so much, you know?

They just really are like my little siblings, and so is Julie.

She's been a big sister.

She's been a guardian angel at times.

When my fiancé proposed, he asked my mom and dad for their blessing.

Then he also hunted down Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell and asked for their blessing.

So... they really, really are like my second set of parents.

- What?
- Just love you so much.

- You're making fun of me.
- No, we're not.

No, not at all.



"Modern Family."

The g*ng is all here.

There's Justin.

Eric, Abraham, Julie, Joe.

Half of my life has been spent on this show, and it's become a huge part of who I am and the way that I define myself.

This set has always been so supportive, through our best moments and our worst.

We always really have been a family.

I guess I'm in the denial stage.

I think it hasn't really dawned on me.

And then, like, as soon as the show ends and gonna kick in, like, "I'm not...

I'm not coming back to work at this place."

Like, I won't... I won't...

I don't know... see all the people that I grew up with every single day.

And I wish that I could go back and do it again.

Smell my hair.

Just I want you to tell me what's different about my hair.

Or what it reminds you of.



I'm shocked if it doesn't.

Do it again. What's it remind you of?

It just smells like you. I don't know.

- It's Paris.
- Oh.

It's the shampoo I stole from the hotel in Paris.

I stayed at a different hotel, remember?

- Well, it's still French.
- Yeah. [LAUGHS]

Alright, guys. Let's go.


Alright, y'all, here we go.
Camera's going up.

I'm gonna enter from where you're standing.


Light up, roll sound, please.

- Rolling.
- And action!

You're the longest relationship I've ever had.

Four husbands, three heart att*cks, and countless love affairs.

You've stood by me through it all.

- You know, early on...
- And we'll always have Mitchell.


...the interesting thing, I think, was that I had no clue how to play the part.

Because I thought, "I've never been this age before."

When you get into your s, it's like, "This is really foreign territory."

And I looked at Sofía Vergara, and I thought, "Who is gonna believe this?"

- Oh, this must be your dad.
- Her dad?

- Yeah.
- Uh, no, no, that's funny.

Actually, no, I'm her husband.

Don't be fooled by the, uh...

Give me a second here.

So, in the whole thing with Sofía, I just said to her,

"Look you gotta help me out here.

You have to actually act like you're attracted to me."

I didn't have a problem pretending to be attracted to Ed.

You know, and years ago, he was, like, in his prime.

For the record, I think you're smokin' hot.

I would always look for Ed's approval.

Like, every time I would do something,

I would, like, look at him.

You know, 'cause I'm not really...

Well, now... I guess now, after years, now I can say I'm an experienced actress.

But years ago, I wasn't.

You know, I started acting very late in my life.

You don't say, "Happy birthday."

- Okay.
- We come in with the argument.

"Give me the chess set. We're gonna settle this right now.

Right now, let's go," and as you walk by him,

- go, "Happy birthday, Phil!"
- Oh, okay.

And it was amazing to see Ed help Rico and to see Rico, like, learn all that and blossom.

- How you doing, Rico?
- Good.

You gonna do the Benihana thing again soon?

Soon enough, soon enough, yeah.

Ed, you know, he took me under his wing from the very beginning and showed me the ropes.

Sometimes I may not have hit the right joke or I was having trouble with some word, and Ed would bring me aside, and he'd go,

"Okay, let's work with it.

Try it like this."

And then it would kind of go back and forth, back and forth.

And then, you know, he would look at the director and wink at him like, "He's ready.
Let's do this."

I couldn't have done it without you.

What he taught me, I still...

We can hug. We're family.

...bring into work every day.

I'll try to make you proud.

You already have!

And action!

Welcome to your nightmare.

Ho ho ho ho.

- Oh, my God.

Did I hear Gloria say, "Ho ho ho"?

She said, "Ho ho ho."

That was what set me off.

"Ho ho ho"!

Sofía, when she messes up, is the funniest thing.

You need to make this right with Shorty.

You need you tendy more nifeen.


- Sofía.
- Honey, she's had a few drinks.

When you dream about la blouto mamoose...

What did you say?

We make fun.

Is the mouse in your mouth?

And then we get up and keep going again.

- I said it wrong again?
- Oh, yeah.

- Poultice.
- You said it wrong every time.

- Every time.
- It's getting worse.

You do know that.


"Welcome to your nightmare.

Ho ho ho."

Quiet, quiet. Funny times.


It's important when people bend over to make farting noises.

Every day, he goes into a fetal position, sucking his thumb, saying, "Acting's hard."

- Acting's hard.
- Acting is so hard, you guys.

- You have a lot to think about.
- It's so hard.

I work so hard.

To portray a gay couple in a s*ab, loving home with a daughter, what is the significance of that?

It means a lot to both of us.

I mean, I think that growing up as someone who was looking for role models on television, not necessarily finding them, I love that we can be that to kids now.

- It smells like eternal love.
- Aww. Oh.

- Mitch and Cam...
- Oh, oh, a pet daughter.

...were this very regular couple...

There you go.

- ...trying to raise a kid...
- Ha-ha.

...and dealing with the stresses that that put on them.

Lily was up all night because she didn't have Bunny, which means that we were up all night because she didn't have Bunny.

God, she must've cried for...
How long was it, Cam?

- Cam, Cam.

Mm. Oh, sorry.

The fact that they also wove in the story of Jay's inability to accept his own son...

- What?
- I'm sure you made it very easy for Mitch to come out of the closet.


...I feel like that's a relationship that a lot of people can really relate to.

- Mitch, get over here.
- Now?

Well, I feel weird.

What are you waiting for, a box of chocolates?

Let's do this.

My dad had a lot of complications with me being gay and can look at that character like Jay and be like, "I understand what he's going through."

And it gave me a lot of empathy for my father.

It gave my father a lot of empathy for me.

It's the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

If that's how much it impacted just these two people,

I can only imagine how much it impacted the rest of the world.

The "Modern Family" cast is gearing up for the biggest wedding event of the season.

Quartet, quartet, quartet!

Cam and Mitchell finally say "I do."

- Oh!
- See?

He's not...
He's the one that's not ready.

Do I walk you down the aisle?

Does someone throw a bouquet?

I mean, I'm just saying, I don't know how this stuff plays out with my guys from the club.

This... This isn't about them.
This is about you.

You are the one that's uncomfortable here.

Fine, I admit it.
This whole wedding thing is weird to me.


The wedding episode was probably the pinnacle of this whole experience for me.

It's a portrayal that broke barriers, taking place a full year before the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in all states.

About to start, Dad.

You should probably take your seat.

Actually, I thought you and I would take a little walk.

We really had a wedding that happened to be filmed and put on a sitcom.

And they gave it the space that it needed emotionally for us.

And I think it really plays out in those scenes.

Thank you all for being here on this happy occasion.

We're gathered here today to join two amazing people.

Cameron, do you take Mitchell to be your husband?

I do.

Mitchell, do you take Cameron to be your husband?

I do.

Then by the powers vested in me by the state of California,

I am privileged to pronounce you spouses for life.

You may now kiss your husband.



Oh, my gosh.

- We're married.
- Yeah, we did it.

- Yeah?
- So your mark for your dancing

- is right there.
- Okay.

Tape. This is my wedding ring.

I've already lost some weight since I've been married.


You know, I'm a woman from the South and the granddaughter of a Baptist preacher, and I'm gay, and where I came from in my family, it wasn't okay to be gay.

And now I'm on this show that literally changed our relationship.

It changed the way they thought about it.

It went to now this is just mainstream, and it was acceptable, and it was on people's hearts and lips, and everybody can see themselves in a character, and they talked about it at their church, and it just helped transform my family.

I can't even imagine how it's gonna be to be part of this world where "Modern Family" has happened but I don't get to see those people every day.

For example, I was at a table read a few weeks ago, and I came across the line,

"Let's all just enjoy each other wh..."

See, now I'm crying just saying it.

"Let's all just enjoy..." Oh, God.

"Let's all just enjoy each other why we... while we still can," and I just burst into tears at the table read because I...

I had been burying a lot of that emotion, and I-I just wasn't ready to deal with it.

And it sort of all just came rushing at me, and...

We really have been through so much together as a unit, and we have been each other's support system.

That's just what family does.

Every sound stage at Fox has a plaque by the entrance door that shows all the great shows that were filmed on that stage.

And currently, "Modern Family" is there, but we don't have an end date etched in.

So we're waiting for that day fairly soon where that's gonna get chiseled into that plaque.

So, it's the final table read.

I'm here, finally!

Welcome to the table read, buddy.

Yeah! It's my first...

- Oh, your first table re...
- ...but the last table read.

The first table read, but...

Hey, guys, I'm Nolan.
I play... I play Luke.

We've come full circle.
It's exactly the same.


Alright, let's go.

Here we are at the th episode of "Modern Family."


Let the man with the golden voice take it away.


Act , interior Dunphy house, living room, morning.

Mitchell, Cam, and Lily are...

I never expected that I was gonna be part of something this good and special.

I complain all the time.

I don't understand, why can't they write like "Law & Order"?

Why can't we go forever like "Law & Order"?

I don't understand it. Why?

Why do we... Why do we have to end?


Come here. It's okay.

years ago, we were all feeling so lucky just to have a steady job.

And years later, here we are.

We've been through very high moments, and we've been there for each other at the lowest moments of our lives.

It's just so hot in here.

My eyeballs are sweating.

They're just pumping in pollen. It doesn't...

It's allergy season, guys.

Ty's had children since we've been doing the show.

I've gotten married.

There's been breakups.
There's been health scares.

I mean, we really have been through so much together as a unit, and we have been each other's support system.

I've watched my children get through most of elementary school.

I have buried my cousin.

I have gone through a divorce on this show.

And this has been a place for me to come.

So, if this is my best job, I'll take it.


I think it's just beyond all of our wildest dreams.

The experiences we've had, the friendships, the family that has... been born here on this lot.


The title is prophetic.

It's been a modern family.

There's dysfunction in a family.

There's a lot of love in a family.

But what the show has always been about...

Cast, go towards Rico!

...is they come back together 'cause they love each other.

Come on!

And that's what it's felt like all this time.

Alright, does everyone see a camera lens?

I've never had anything like this go away.

So I don't know what it's gonna feel like.

I want to just live this moment.

, , .


We all are gonna go on and do our own things, so it's reasonable to say

I may not see some of these people for a long time.

Some of the crew I may never see again.

You develop -,

-some different interpersonal relationships with people over the course of years.

And then to say... you know, "Thank you, and...


Okay. Here we go.

Lock it and roll sound, please.



Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

Leh-leh, blah.

- Ow.
- Okay, let's try that again.

- No, you're always silly.
- No, you're always silly.

My God, what's wrong with me?

What was that noise?

Silence! Craft service!


- Get it right in there.
- You can't do it.

Oh, you can't do it. You won't do it.

- Ohh!
- Yeah!
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