01x07 - Maria and the Beast

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels". Aired: April 2020 to June 2020.
A spin-off from the original series Penny Dreadful set 50 years later when a m*rder shocks LA in 1938, Detective Tiago and his partner Lewis become entangled in an epic story of all time.
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01x07 - Maria and the Beast

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[man] Previously, on Penny Dreadful: City of Angels...

[Molly] And what if I have feelings for Detective Vega?

Strong feelings?

Your flock need to feel as if you're married only to the church.

All the good work you do in the world can go away.

[Linda] If you think you're bringing that German whore into my house...

You will be checking into a sanitarium.

[girl] Tommy? Tommy?

- [breathy scream]
- [hyperventilating]

[Lewis] Germans get that rocket, the fight's over.

k*ll him.


I'll tell you who the other f*cking guy is!

- [heavy slam]
- [groaning]


Your f*cking brother, and you didn't tell me!

[Lewis] Hazlett was the beginning.

- You k*lled him.
- What?

Him, the wife, the kids.

Reilly too, of course.

You're going to San Quentin, and you're not coming out.

All you still get to decide is whether you go as a rat or as a g*dd*mn legend.

[wind whistling softly]

[gentle music]

[baby crying]

[indistinct chatter]

[dramatic musical sting]

[tense music]

[dark music]

♪ Am I blue? ♪

♪ Am I blue? ♪

♪ Ain't these tears in these eyes ♪

♪ Telling you... ♪

Some kinda mad dog, huh?


k*lled that whole family from Beverly Hills.

And the cop.

That's right, that's what he did.

Hey, you nailed him though.

You'll get some kind of medal, I bet.

♪ There was a time... ♪


You've had a night.

Celebrating, I take it?

Nice picture, Detective.

You got him. That must feel good.


[bird caws distantly]

You're in need of a shave.

I could help.

Yes, I've become quite adept at that.

Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.

I shave the faces of mine.

The ones at the soup kitchen anyway.

You really do that?

I have no pride before my congregation.

They would smell it a mile off.

I meet them as they are, no better, no worse.

Don't you have to get ready for work?

Captain gave us the week off.

Reward for a job well done.

- So this Mexican boy...
- He's not Mexican.

He's a Chicano. It's different.

I didn't mean anything.

Can we not talk about work?

James Hazlett was important to me.

You know that.

I just want to know what happened.

This kid k*lled him.
That's all there is.

- And the family?
- Yes.

And the family.

[sighs softly]

You ever been... in a place where there's no right answer?

Everything you do is gonna be wrong.

So you do something.

And you know it's wrong.

And you live with it.

It's not a compromise, it's not a mistake.

It's a sin.

[gentle music]

I meet you as you are, Tiago.

No better, no worse.

And I love you.

You wanna come inside?

Hell yes.

[Goss] Dare to imagine a future with me, Brian.

No w*r, no poverty.

Only the greatest minds and hearts walking side by side to live and flourish together.

The place you shall find the destiny you so richly deserve.

Your mind is an indispensable asset to our new Eden.

You see that stretch of land right over there by those oaks?

That is to be the location of your very own laboratory.

You'll have all the state-of-the-art equipment of which you could ever dream, and one day, you'll share your beautiful ideas with the Fuehrer himself.

The Fuehrer?

This is to be his new Eagle's Nest, his heart and home in the new world, surrounded by God's good nature.

You see, this is what people don't understand about us.

We are builders, not destroyers.

I am architect, a city planner.

So what pleases me is this, imagining the future in your mind, and bringing it to life in stone and steel, building a new, better world for everyone.

What if I can't figure out the engine for the new rocket?

Oh, you will.

In there are such wonders.

[light uneasy music]

[camera shutter clicks]

[Peter] You will see your mother again, Tom.

She's just ill.

Like when Trevor had measles and had to go into the other room to be safe.

Well, this is how it is with your mother.

When is she coming home?


It may be some time yet.

And you know, sometimes things change in our lives.

Like what?

Like, um, the fairy stories.


Sometimes things happen, and you think they are bad.

But they turn out good, hmm?

When Hansel and Gretel get lost in the woods, they find their way out again.

Don't they?

Only when they k*ll the witch.

- [doorbell chimes]
- I'll get it.


- Dad?
- [Elsa] Hello, Tom.

Ah, Maria, you remember Elsa Branson and her son Frank.

It's a pleasure to see you again, Mrs. Branson.

The pleasure is all mine, Miss Maria.

Dad, what's going on?

- Ah, Maria...
- Yes?

Will you help Elsa and Frank get settled?


[Maria] Upstairs, please.

[door creaks closed]

Our friends are gonna stay with us.

Isn't that nice?

You must be very kind to them and show them where everything is, yeah?

How long are they staying?

Uh... well, this we cannot say.

But it's good they are with us.

Elsa will help take care of you now, yeah?

I already have a mother and a brother.

[uneasy music]

Isn't it all so lovely?

Little Frank and I, we had nothing like this.

Do you have any special things like this in your home?

We have a set with ivory handles from my grandfather, but we only use them on rare occasions.


Rare occasions, I see.

Oh, Maria, I'm sorry.

This must be so strange and confusing.

To be honest, it is strange for me too.

I'm only here to help.

But I know how highly Peter thinks of you.

I just... I want things to be good, yeah?

I want us all to be happy.

Of course, Mrs. Branson.

I have one more thing to ask of you, if I might.


I'm worried about Frank.

This whole change is so frightening for him.

I think it would help if he stayed with Tom in his room.

He's so fond of him.

Well, of course we can dec...

But I think also, Trevor is getting older and should have his own room.


Would you like him to have mine?

It's just, I know you don't often spend the night.

I was thinking you could have the room by the garage.

[Peter] Ah, yes, hello.

How are my two best girls settling in?

Oh, we were just discussing how to settle the boys.

Would you prefer I move to the room next to the garage,

Dr. Craft?


Oh, I, uh, yeah, I think that would be best.

For now, that is.

[Elsa] Wonderful. I think so too.

Don't you, Maria?

Yes, ma'am, I'll move my things right away.

Excuse me.


[gentle music]

So many toys.

I never had any toys that weren't broken.

May I play with this?

I promise I won't break it.


It's like the one from Robin Hood.

Robert Hood?

Robin Hood.

Like from the book.

We read that one, my dad and me.

My father didn't read with me.

Robin Hood's the greatest.

He's an outlaw who robs from the rich and gives to the poor, and he has a band of merry men,

and... oh, I have something to show you.

[squeaking softly]

What is that?

He's a hamster.

I named him Friar Tuck after Robin's best friend.

[squeaking softly]

What a strange little creature.


I've never had a brother before, and I want to be a good one.

Will you help me be a good brother?

[tense music]

Yes, Frank, I'll help you.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

[mellow jazz music]

[music continuing on radio]

Hello, young sir.



I didn't think you were coming.

And miss our usual Wednesday lunch?

Hell, son, this is the closest to a date I've had in years.

So tell me, anything from our German friends?

Have they contacted you?

No, no, I haven't heard anything from them.


Not a word.

You wanna try that again, pal?

So where's the truth here, Brian?

Are you a n*zi?

You wanna build a rocket that can k*ll all the Jews, is that it?

- Don't be stupid.
- Then why are you lying to us?

That photo sure as f*ck doesn't look like radio silence to me.

You know, you don't know everything.

What they talk about, it's not all bad.


They don't wanna take over the world.

That's just in the newspapers, that's just politics, about which I honestly don't give a hoot.

And unlike you, they actually appreciate my work.

Now you leave me alone.

Now listen, kid...

When I was your age, I didn't have comic books.

What I had was the Yiddish theater.

My family had a troupe that performed in a tavern back east.

No spaceships.

But we had King Lear, Faust, and dozens of our own plays, all in Yiddish.

Well, guess what.

Not everyone loved our little Jewish theater so much.

[uneasy music]

So one night, they broke in.

My father was there.

They kicked him and b*at him so much he lost an eye.

But for him, that wasn't the worst part.

Because they b*rned down the theater with all our plays inside.

Some men create.

Some destroy.

What kind of man do you want to be, Brian?

Please don't let them hurt me.

I promise you.

Dottie's gonna take you home, and you'll stay with her.

She'll leave you alone so you can work.

It's real quiet there.

[Dottie] I'm over by the La Brea Tar Pits.

So nothing much has happened there for a million years.

May I get a Yoo-hoo?

Of course, honey.


A Yoo-hoo. Breaks your heart.

Don't let him out of your sight.

We can't keep him hidden forever.

Won't have to.

I'm gonna take care of it.

[light tense music]

[door closes]

Miss Malone.


Mind if I ask you a question?


That fat so-and-so wouldn't last a day without you.

You are the brains. I can see that.

Why do you support someone so utterly devoid of worth?

I think he has potential.

Do you now?
Gonna make him mayor, are you?

Gonna make him president.

You're going to make a r*cist demagogue without a single scruple the President of the United States?

That's exactly what I'm gonna do.

And who's going to vote for him?

Every angry man and woman who feels that you and Mr. Roosevelt have betrayed them.

Oh, you'll keep the support of the Jews and the coloreds and all those people of worth.

We'll take everyone else, thank you very much.

What are you about, Miss Malone?

I don't know what you mean.

No one seems to know anything about you.

Where you were born, where you went to school.

It's like one day you appeared out of thin air, sitting on his shoulder and whispering into his ear.

That means you have a secret.

And in politics, secrets are currency.

And I will discover yours.

And if I may, a bit of rouge never hurt.

[tense music]

Did you see this?

Beverly's smiling like f*cking Jean Arthur, but you notice she doesn't talk about how much diverting the motorway's gonna cost.

And for what, to save some Mexican slum?

Hell, they oughta give me a medal, for bulldozing the damn place.

We have a bigger problem, sir.

I just got off the phone with the county elections office.

Councilwoman Beck has filed a petition to have you recalled.


That's ludicrous. On what grounds?

That's immaterial.

She has you in her crosshairs, and you're not getting out until your head's on her wall.

Plus she has the support of every New Dealer on the council.

f*cking Roosevelt.

So what do we do now?

- We go to w*r.
- Yes.

- [Alex] We give no quarter.
- Zip.

But realistically, sir, our options are limited.

That woman has an unimpeachable reputation, a mountain of resources and decades of political capital she can use as she likes, and she's very... popular.

While I am disliked.

[uneasy music]

I'll tell you, I might be able to end this w*r before it even begins.

You're a cutthroat advisor, Alex, but maybe we need someone who actually knows how to cut a few throats.

[indistinct chatter]

[Ana] I can't see it.

Why? She's good.

Katharine Hepburn isn't romantic enough.

She is.

I just want Cesar Romero to play Rhett Butler.

- [laughs]
- [Mateo] 'Fina.

- Oh, baby.
- I miss you so much, 'Fina.

Are you all right?


You need to come home with me.

Will you tell me that you love me?

Of course I love you, Mateo.

- You promise?
- Yes.

Te lo juro.


I did something bad.

And I...

I didn't think...

I didn't know it was something I could do.

- I don't know what to do.
- Stop.

It's all right. I love you.

No matter what.

No matter what you did, I love you to the sky, and I always will.

And you know who else loves you?

Our Father in Heaven.

His is the most important, most powerful love there is.

There is nothing you can do to make him stop loving you.

- No, don't do this.
- Listen, please...

No, I don't need make believe.

I need my sister.

Your sister has found her faith.

So I have no one.

I can't talk to Mama or Raul or Tiago, and now I don't even have you anymore.

[somber music]

I hope the church makes you happy.

It is only for a little time, until Frank is comfortable here.

You know, he's very young, and he has the asthma.

You don't have to explain yourself, not to me.

Cigarette, Dr. Craft.

Maria, you smoke?

Am I off the clock?


Then yes.

I can't imagine what you must think of me.

I send their mother away and I bring this woman here.

In my family in Germany, this...


...this would be a disgrace.

All families have their secrets.

There's a reason windows have curtains.

[chuckles softly]

Hm, I suppose you're right.

I will need your help now.

The boys love you so.


And you've always been a part of our family.

I'm not going anywhere.

That I can promise you.

Thank you.

And, um... how do you find my Elsa?

She is... very clean and pretty, sir.

Yeah, she is that.

She will need your help too.

All this is very new to her.

And she has been through many hardships.

You know, she is... oh, well, fragile.

I'll keep an eye on her, I promise.

Very well, hm.

Well, will you stay here tonight?

No, I have to go home.

May I drive you?

Stay with your boys. They need you.

Very well, yeah.

You are a wonderful woman.

May I?

[gentle music]

[approaching footsteps]

Here they are.

They weren't just my oldest friends in the world.

They were acting as my agents, before the n*zi k*lled them.

This is Richard Goss.

He's the leader, I think.

Highly connected in Berlin.

The kid's a scientist with a lot of dangerous ideas up in his noggin.

That's the real problem.

Lewis, two of your friends are already d*ad.

I mean, no disrespect, but you're in over your head.

Oh, so I should just let this go?

After those f*cking animals k*lled Sam and Anton?

Let me tell you something, son.

That little favor I did for you at the station last night wasn't only out of the goodness of my heart.

I'm collecting on that debt right now.

Or you can just walk outta here and we're done.

Either way.

So what's the plan?

- [Dottie] Lewis?
- In here.

[Dottie] Oh.

Tiago Vega, meet Dottie Minter.

How do you do?

My pleasure.

Dottie's our other operative.

Don't look at me like that, Sonny Jim.

I ran g*n to the Cubans during the damn Spanish-American w*r.

[sighs] Yes, ma'am.

Kid's all tucked in.

I gave him a hot water bottle and a Seconal.

Okay, I'll need you on surveillance tonight.

And you and me, partner, we got some debts to collect.

[uneasy music]

[indistinct chatter]

[Latino music playing indistinctly on radio]

[sports announcer] Runs on across.

Man on third and man on first.

The score now Padres three, and the Angels one.

Padres three, and the Angels one.

[continues indistinctly]

La bendicion, Mama.

[announcer] And Collins swings. Strike one.

One strike and no b*lls...

Que dios te bendiga, mijo.

Is Josefina here?

- In her room.
- Ah.

[announcer continues indistinctly]

[gentle music]


[Josefina] We read all the time.

[Raul] Yeah, it's been a while

since I picked up the Old Testament.

You're going out?

Bible study.

With Father Nunez.


The Temple.

That place.

- That place is my church.
- No, that's no church.

You know nothing about it.

I know enough!

Talk to your sister.
I cannot listen to her.

- [Josefina] Mama...
- Enough.

Go wash up.

We are having dinner.

I'm going to the Temple.

So you are not Catholic anymore?

Are you?

When you're in need, what do you do, Mama?

You don't go to Father Nunez.

You go into the garage and light candles to Santa Muerte.

Santa Muerte's a holy angel...

Sister Molly is just as important to me as Santa Muerte is to you.

The only difference is Sister Molly is real.

[door opens, slams]

Well, I'm glad Josefina has an older brother to talk some sense into her.

You used to fight for your family and now look at you!

You sit and sit and you don't say anything!

[sighs, scoffs]

[somber music]

[dog barks distantly]

[Maria] Tiago...

Hey! [laughs]

- Yeah!
- [cheering]

[dogs barking]

[light dramatic music]

[dogs barking distantly]

What a new life you have given me.

And for me too.

I will be so good to your boys.


It will take time for them, but...

...they will love you as I do.

How can they not?

I wonder though about Maria.


Do you think having a mixture of, well, cultures under the same roof is good for the boys?

How then?

She makes her people's food for them.

They know Spanish words.

Such things do not happen in Germany.

Well, they happen in Pasadena, and we get along just fine.

But if the boys are to speak another language, should it not be German?

Oh, I'm being silly.

Never you mind.

Hm, Maria has known the children since they were babies.

She is a good woman.

Yeah. Yeah, she is.

I shouldn't have said all that.

I was just trying to act like a woman who belongs in a house like this.


I lived with a woman who belongs in a house like this.

I was miserable.

Until I met you...

...I was but half alive.

But now I dream of everything all at the same time.

With you...

...I am the man I was meant to be.

And all those dreams, they will come true.

You will be a strong man for your family, an important man, and the world will watch.

This I promise you.

[wheel squeaking]

How can you sleep with that wheel squeaking all night?

I like to know he's there.

He makes me feel safe.

I'm scared.

There's nothing to be scared of.

[Frank] I know.

But I am.

I miss my father.

Can I get in bed with you?

[squeaking continues]

[quiet sobbing]


You can get in bed with me.

Sorry, my hands get clammy when I'm scared.

Do you miss your mother?


Do you think she still loves you?


I love you, Tom.

We're brothers now.

And brothers love each other.

Don't they?


Will you say it?

It'll make me feel safer if you say you love me.

I love you, Frank.

[squeaking continues]

[uneasy music]

[squeaking stops]

[tense music]

[quiet whimpering]

[jazz music playing]

Here you are. Enjoy.

His house is very modern.

Much more expensive than he can afford on a councilman's salary.

That's family money. What else?

Here are your martinis.

He bought a new tie to impress me.

Of course he did.

Has he talked about his father?

No, he never does.

He won't even drive down Townsend Boulevard.


Run as he might, he can't escape his bloodline.

He's not as foolish as you think.

- You think not?
- No.

He's awkward and ungainly, but he has a passion for his work, for the city.

For you.

You're to be congratulated, Kurt.

You've done your job admirably.

I suppose so.

Does that icicle heart of yours begin to melt?

I bid you to remember this.

Your only use to me is as the icicle.

Otherwise you're only one more unnecessary American.

Yes, sir.

Look, the kid's just too dangerous and jumpy as the Chinaman's cat.

He's on our side, he's on their side, he doesn't f*cking know.

So we've got him hidden for now.

Because of this one rocket he's working on?

Point is, with an engine big enough, the V- has a k*ller range.

Old Adolf can press a button in Berlin, and, boom, there goes part of London.

You put that rocket on a ship or submarine,

and, boom, there goes part of New York or Washington or God forbid Hollywood.

Maybe not such a loss.

But we need to protect that kid,

because if they find him and get that rocket, ball game's called on account of apocalypse.

So we're following them?


So what are we doing here?

You know I have family in Germany?

My distant cousins.

I met them once.

They came here, and I took them to the beach.

They liked it.
Who doesn't like the beach?

You like the beach?

- Sure.
- Sure.

Anyway, second cousin,

Manny's his name.

Sweet guy. Lives in the Rhineland.

Practically in Belgium, this is.

Used to cross the border to buy chocolates, because they were cheaper, right?

That's how much it was almost Belgium.

Sent me some chocolates once.
They were good.

And cheap.

So... two years ago, Germany invades the Rhineland.

You probably didn't know.
No one cared much.

This wasn't so good for Manny though.

See, he was what they call a degenerate.

A Jew and a q*eer in one f*cked-up package.

This they don't like.

This they cannot have.

So... they stuck him on a meat hook.

Took films of it and sent it to Berlin so Adolf could have a laugh, right?

On this meat hook for hours, I guess.

While they filmed it.

This is who those people are.

And my friends Sam and Anton... were good men.

And the time comes, you say enough.


You with me?

I'm with you.

Good man.


They got their big n*zi parked around the corner.

We follow them there, bang, bang.

Walk away.

Serve and protect, right?

That's the idea.

[Lewis] Hold on. Something's going on.

[mysterious music]

[Tiago] Jesus Christ.

That's Councilman Townsend.

- The motorway guy?
- What's he doing here?

[Lewis] Bosom pals, looks like.

They got a man in city hall now?

You think he knows what they are?

No, he can't. That...

[Lewis] So correct me if I'm wrong, but we currently got city hall and the biggest radio church in L.A.

The bully pulpit and the public airwaves sitting down with the Third Reich.


[Lewis] Oh, Christ.

We better keep our powder dry, partner.

Tell you one thing, if the dragon mother's there, the daughter can't be far behind.

[animals howling]

[mysterious whooshing]

[animal snarling]

What do you want from me?

Tell me why your b*tch of a sister is attacking my family.

Old Coyote.

You think too much of yourself.

My children are being taken from me one by one and all at once.

And I... smell her.

The beast.

In the air.

I feel her on my neck.

The Old Coyote knows.

And must the Coyote be told how to care for her cubs?

[tense music]

You watch and wait and you do nothing, while my family...

My family...
Is the battleground of a w*r

I don't understand.

Now, Lady Death, you tell me.

[Magda] Yes, why don't you tell her, sister?

Why do you torment this family?

I know how they feel.

I know what it is to be loved by you and to be rejected.

Do you remember how it was when you turned from me?

Do you remember that agony?

I made my choice.

And I have suffered for it.

But do you remember how it was when you loved me?

[gentle music]

And here is my victory.

One single tear.

Or an ocean of them.

Weep, sister.

Weep in darkness and forever.

[dramatic music]

Why does she call you Coyote?

It is my spirit guide.

A hunter of the night.

I could give you a better one.

Why not raven or bat or tigress?

Why that sad, little dog?

I am a dog.

That is my strength.

You are not welcome in this home.

This is the Lord's house.


Oh, mamacita.

Spare me the invocations of a dusty faith in which you no longer believe.

What is all this but wicked idolatry?

And you worship her.

She's the icy finger of death, and yet you embrace her.

I give mankind what it wants, and you hate me.

Now where's the sense in that, Maria?

Why do you only break what others have built?

All life comes from death.

What do you know of life?

You should choke on the word.

I've created life.

I nurtured it here inside me.

What have you done?

You hunt, you k*ll.

There is no life in it.

You do know I can end your suffering, yes?

Bring your family back to you, all around the table just like it was.

I will not be tempted by your lies.

You're a hateful old c**t.

Hollow words from a broken heart.

My sister has no ear for it, but I do.

I hear you cry out for a savior.

I can be that savior, Maria.

If you love your family, if you would protect them, you will embrace me with open arms.

I... can bring you peace.

[thunder rumbles]

My dear Maria.

You've clawed through the mud, you've climbed hills with a broken back, all to give your family a better life.

Now you need to rest.


My time for rest is coming.

But not yet.

My family may be at the center of this chess game of yours.

But we not pawns.

We are kings and queens.

And the blood of the Aztecs runs through us.

The soldiers of the Revolución walk beside us.

And as long as I draw breath from my lungs, I will claw through mud, I will climb hills, and I will fight you to the end of days.

In the name of my children, whom God knit together in my womb, I banish you from this place.

[thunder rumbles]

[thunder crackles loudly]
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