04x10 - Dance

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Mozart in the Jungle". Aired: February 2014 to February 2018.
What happens behind the curtains at the symphony is just as captivating as what happens on stage. Brash new maestro Rodrigo is stirring things up, and young oboist Hailey hopes for her big chance. Watch on Amazon Prime Video
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04x10 - Dance

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♪ ♪

- Hello.
- CHILDREN: Hello.

I'm very excited to hear all the progress

that you guys have made.

But not as excited as the people

that are gonna be in August Memorial Hall

when you perform it!

Yes. Okay.

Eh... right.

So, uh...



♪ ♪


Gloria was right.
Cynthia, you were right.

Bob the Union, you were right.

- Warren Boyd, you were right.
- About what?

About the Fifth Symphony...
the Funfte, Beethoven.

- You know what's wrong?
- UNION BOB: What?

- Me.
- No.

I'm the wrong thing in this
orchestra. Why am I wrong?

I don't know.
I-I don't know, I don't know.

But we have to cancel the concert.

- Well...
- We have to... yeah, I don't know.

If Maestro Rivera was here,

He would just throw a baton at me, like,

a thousand batons at me.

Do you mind throwing
this plunger at me, Warren Boyd?

Please, just throw it. To the teeth.

I don't know what that would help.

Well, Maestro, I have an idea.

We don't have to cancel the concert.

But we would have to trim
our sails significantly.

Oh, trim the sails, yes, yes.

Let's just trim the sails, because we're

crashing into an iceberg, okay?

And we need to save the iceberg.

Right? Do you understand the metaphor?

- Please.
- Ab-Absolutely.

Would you mind just minutes, please?

- Oh...
- Oh, uh, yeah.

Sorry, sorry, sorry. Yeah, sorry.

Close the door, please.

- Sure, you got it.
- Sorry.


♪ ♪


Shit. What the f*ck?


Is it easy being a cat?

Looks pretty easy.

Oboe, on the other hand,
not so f*cking easy.

Don't get me wrong.

I appreciate the gig.


Have you ever had a boyfriend?

Like, are there any
cute tomcats in the building?

Have you ever even left this apartment?

Caught a mouse...

or a cockroach, even?

They don't let cockroaches
in the building, do they?

f*cking co-op boards.


Between you and me, do you even
like classical music?


Didn't hear any beautiful music.

Oh, we were just having a little chat.

You're not getting paid to chat.

Isadore really loves the music.

- I can tell.


I'm not interrupting anything, am I?

Oh, hello, darling. Hope you don't mind,

I used my key.

It's my own fault for giving you one.

Hello, Betty.

Fukumoto San, how nice to see you.

FUKUMOTO: You as well, Gloria.

I came here to tell you that...

- Don't say it.
- Don't say what?

Whatever it is you called
this emergency meeting to say.

What makes you think
it's going to be bad?

- It's not?
- Well...

You... you... you... (MUTTERING)


Okay... okay, say it.

I'm withdrawing my donation.

Oh, don't say it!

You're too late, darling.

Look, I-I know...

I know that it's been a little

whee-whee-whee-whee here,

but this is still a once-in-a-lifetime

branding opportunity for FukuSoft.

Yes, I agree.

I just feel that the current leadership

at the symphony is not strong enough.

Well, if you think she can run this place

any better than I can...

What? I don't want to run this place.

I miss playing.

But you're not interested in more power?

Honey, I can rattle the skull
of an audience member

sitting in the last row of the hall

by blowing air through
two tiny pieces of cane.

It's all the power I need.

- Bravo.
- Look,

anyone who doesn't have
their head up their ass knows

that you're not the problem
with this place.

I hope you're not referring

to the brilliant Maestro DeSousa,

because that's where I put my foot down.


MAN: Rodrigo.

- There you are.
- Hey, Egon.

I have decided

- the role of Faust is still yours.
- Great.

- Yeah?
- Great, yeah. Well,

- I thought it was...
- Today's the dance.

Today? No, I can't, I can't,

because I'm going to the symphony.

- I've got a performance.
- Right.

The legions of adoring fans
getting their culture in.

Don't keep 'em up too late,
they got Botox in the morning.

Don't be cynical, Egon.

Only naive people are cynical.
Don't be cynical.

- Let's do it tomorrow.
- I can't do it tomorrow.

The next day I go to Reykjavik.

I'm working with a huge rock
star that is not Bjork.

But it's a ballet for no audience.

I mean, we can do it anytime, right?

The Hans Christian Andersen
sculpture in three hours.

That's the invitation.

- Three hours?
- Yeah. I need that back.


And, yes, you were right
about me being cynical.

You are the most innocent
narcissist I know.

Stop being so grown up
before you get trapped.

Three hours.

Could be your last chance.


Uh, excuse me, where's
the nearest bathroom?

And will we be able to use it
prior to the performance?

Also, we're supposed to be
getting a snack break

in five minutes, just in case you forgot.

What-What's your name again?

- Esme.
- I like your style.

Hey, Hailey. I heard you were back.

- Yep.
- How does it feel?

Really weird.

You know, I remember your first day here

playing with the orchestra.

Boy, were you nervous.

Yeah, and you offered me pills
to calm me down.

Yeah, those were the days.

Anyway, it's great to see you back here.

- We've missed you.
- I missed you, too.

Oh, my God.

This is the best-looking orchestra

I've ever seen in my life.

CHILDREN: Thank you.

You guys look incredible.

My God, you look like...

like, so cool, you know?

Tara, Tara, where's your bow?

Oh, it's in my backpack.

Okay, run and get it, quick.

I can lend her mine if you... okay.

- Uh...
- How's your wrist?

- Is it okay?
- Uh, you know,

I haven't had a second to think about it.

Excellent, okay.

- Well, keep it up, keep it up.
- Okay.

Hey, Ricky, Ricky. What's up, man?

How's it going?

There's a lot of people out there, right?

There is, there is.
There are, like... Yeah.

It's... b-but don't be nervous.

I'm not nervous. We have Ms. Cynthia.

Yeah. Yeah.


We don't need hard hats, do we?

- Earplugs maybe.

I just think this is going
to be so amazing

to hear these kids play
Beethoven's Fifth.

And then to follow it up with Rodrigo

back in the saddle
with Hesby's piece... fantastic.


Thank you, thank you.

Tonight, we will open our program

with the very first public performance

of the Maestro Rivera Youth Orchestra.


Thanks to you.

They will be performing
not Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

But they will be performing something.

I'm not certain what it's gonna
be, but... (SCOFFS)

A-Anyways, it's, uh, it is
a pleasure to introduce you

to the person that's been
in charge of all this.

She's an accomplished,
amazing cello player.

She has an injury, and...

and I feel that sometimes
the injuries help heal things.

Please give a big applause

to the Maestro Rivera Youth
Orchestra and to Cynthia Taylor.




CYNTHIA: Thank you, Maestro.

We very much look forward to playing

Beethoven's Fifth for you

at some point in the near future.

These kids have been working very hard,

and we're very pleased
to welcome them here tonight.


They sound great.

Yeah, they do.

I just wanted to say thank you
for letting me play.

Of course. No, thank you, thank you.

It's crazy, no? How simple the melody is,

but it's still...
it's still really beautiful.

Maestro Rivera had a saying:


What does it mean?

It means "Keep it simple, stupid."

I don't think that he invented that.

But it's a good saying, no?

It works.

Like "Play with the blood."



♪ ♪




- Into the...?
- Yeah. Go now.

- Pavel, Pavel.
- PAVEL: Maestro.

- Hey, man.
- Yes.

- Can I ask you a favor?
- Yes.

Would you mind giving this
to Bob the Union?

Union Bob, yes.

Yes, tell him to read it to the audience

- when he gets onstage.
- Read to the audience.

Yes, yes, yes. To read to the audience

- when the orchestra goes on.
- Before you get

- to the podium?
- Yes. Yes.


Yes. I-I would ask you
to read it, but, uh...

It's your accent.

It's a little bit too heavy.

What accent?

Good to see you back, Hailey.

- Thank you. You, too.
- Ah!

One of us, one of us, gooba-gobble.

- One of us.
- Okay, that's really creepy, Warren.

What, you never saw Freaks?

- I've seen Freaks.
- Ah.

- Where's the maestro?
- Hmm?

- MAN: What's going on?

What's Bob doing?


Okay, all good. I got this.

- Right.
MAN (QUIETLY): Bob, where's Rodrigo?



- What's going on?
- I don't...


I have a, uh, a-a letter
from our conductor,

Maestro DeSousa.

Darling, you're puncturing my hand.

"Introduce yourself, Bob the Union."


My name is Robert Szymkowski,
and, uh, I play the flute.

And the piccolo.

Also the Jew's harp
and, uh, jazz harmonica,

but not here...
here I just play the flute.

And the piccolo.

(WHISPERS): Get on with it.


Uh, "Leading the New York Symphony

"is the best job in the world,

"and this steadily maturing conductor

does not feel worthy of the job."

- Holy shit.
- What?

"Today it is someone else's turn."

- Get up there. Get up... go, go.
- Um...

- Go right up there.
- Darling.

I have my own orchestra.

"I have sent a baton..." Oh.

Go grab that baton.

- Grab it.
- Next time, darling.

- Come on.

- Excuse me.
- Thomas, Thomas.

"The baton has someone's name on it."


WOMAN (WHISPERS): What does it say?

I don't think he knows
how to spell your name.


"This person has helped me study

this very promising piece
by Hesby Ennis."

"Promising"? f*ck you.

"Hai Lai, I know you do not want
to be handed this by me,

so I've given it to Bob the Union..."

(QUIETLY): You can do this?

HAILEY: Good evening.

Um, tonight, we will be
premiering a beautiful new piece

by Hesby Ennis.

I will try to do it justice.

Uh, but-but I need something
before we start.

I need an oboist

who is amazing enough
to be able to do this cold.

So is-is Betty Cragdale in the house?

BETTY: You know I am!

Now you're in for a treat.

I'm blowing this one for you, Fugu.

Rodrigo, hello.

Hello, Egon.

What made you come?


I was remembering the first chance I had

to conduct a real orchestra.

It was in Oaxaca at a competition.

I was eight.

And I was very nervous, I was...

I did terrible.

Maestro Rivera, he...
he was very angry at me,

and he didn't talk to me for a week.

He was a very tough guy, you know?

His version of tough love was no love.

But then I got a second chance.

And it was quite good.

So I think, uh, today is the day
of second chances.


(WHISPERING): Hi. Thank you so much.

I really appre...

I need the oboe.

Don't f*ck up.

- So, where's the dancers?
- Oh, they're not here.

You don't need them.
They were just for practice.

It's just you and me?

No, it's just you.

You don't need anyone else.

No, Egon, no, no.

I need someone.

I'm used to working with people,
you know?

Like, composers that are d*ad or alive,

or, or with an orchestra,

or with, I don't know, an audience.

If not, I'm nothing.

Then be nothing.

Be nothing. Be nothing.

What a load of scheie.

- Wolfgang.
- Who you talking to?

- To an-an old friend.
- MOZART: You flatter yourself.

Ah, it's so good to see you.

You have some nice fake color
in your cheeks.

That's-that's good.

What are you up to? Uh...

I came here to watch you make
an ass of yourself

and destroy your career.

So far, you're doing a good job of it.

I know. It's, uh... ooh.

Okay, Egon, I think I'm ready.

- Yeah?
- I think I found my no audience.

Let's begin the performance. Let's begin.

- What music are we gonna do?
- Oh, you pick the music.

- Whatever.
- Okay, just, uh...

- I-I think I know what.
- Explore your jetés.

Good. Are you gonna be watching?

No, I'm not gonna watch. I'm gonna go.

So center yourself.

Lift the frame, and...


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Mein Gott.


Rutledge, you freak. I love you.




Okay, now you are scaring me.

- And you're scaring that baby.
- I love you, baby.






Betty nailed it! Incredible!

God, I-I almost had a heart att*ck.

Brava, Rutledge! Brava!


Yes! Hai Lai!

Yes! Yes, you did it, Hai Lai!


- Ha, ha.
- Yes!

You really are a lunatic.

Didn't I tell you she was gonna be great?

I told you she was gonna be great, right?

Didn't I tell you? She was...

She was amazing.

Hai Lai!

You are the best, Hai Lai!


Yes. Yes, Gloria Windsor.

Yes. What?

(SIGHS) You're fired.


It's okay.

Aw, Gloria, it's okay.

It's gonna be okay.

- Isn't she great? She did it.
- Ah!

Great! Oh, my God, that's incredible.

- She was.
- I didn't see it, but I felt it.

I felt it from a distance.

Yeah. She was beautiful.

Oh, Gloria, it's okay.

"Oboist Hailey Rutledge,
a recent runner-up

"at the Fukumoto Conducting Competition

"was thrust into the limelight

"as Maestro DeSousa
was a last-second scratch.

"While sometimes overmatched,
Rutledge was particularly adept

"at dredging out the emotion
from the sometimes

over-intellectual symphonic enigma."

"Adept." That's good.

- That's good.
- Right?

That's very good.

Um, have you seen this?

tell you she was gonna be great?

Yeah, yeah, I told you
she was gonna be great, right?

Didn't I tell you?

She was amazing... you did it!

Yes! Yes! Hai Lai!

You are the best, Hai Lai!

- Yes!

You're playing with the blood!

With the blood!


SHAWN: You can cry. Cry your eyes out.

If you can't cry about this,
what can you cry about?

Do you have to turn everything
into a Bette Davis movie?

Yes, I do.

Man, was that you, as a toddler,

telling me that I'm a piece of scheie?

No, that was my second child, Karl.

- Mm.
- What a rascal.

He's the reason
I never finished the Requiem.



Yeah, I-I was almost done,

and he came in and purposely
knocked over a pot of ink

all over the score.

I had to start over.


I thought it was because
you were overwhelmed

by the enormity of mortality
or something.

"The enormity of mortality"?

The only people scared
of mortality haven't died yet.

Before I forget,

Maestro Rivera asked me to tell you...

Oh, you... you're talking to him?

Wow. Okay. What-what did he say?

Yes, he said...

"Get to work, you little shit."


Yes, yes. Get to work.

But doing what?

No, seriously. What... d-doing what?

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪
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