01x03 - Do No Harm

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Undoing". Aired October 25, 2020 to current.*
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On the eve of publishing her first book a New York therapist begins to unravel.
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01x03 - Do No Harm

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He didn't just leave his phone behind, he arranged to be unreachable, Dad.

This doesn't make any sense.


Dr. Fraser, where is your husband?

He is at a medical conference.

Dr. Jonathan Fraser's employment was terminated three months ago.

A full disciplinary hearing alleged inappropriate contact with Elena Alves.

GRACE FRASER: Excuse me, I live here.

Why are you taking his hairbrush?

We need the hairbrush for DNA, for paternity.

You need to get protection for yourself.

[WHISPERS] Grace, you need to get out of here. You and Henry.

This story will explode.




♪ Night breezes seem to whisper I love you ♪

♪ Birds singing in the sycamore tree ♪

♪ Dream a little dream of me ♪

♪ Say nighty-night and kiss me ♪

♪ Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me ♪

♪ While I'm alone and blue as can be ♪

♪ Dream a little dream of me ♪

♪ Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you ♪

♪ Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you ♪

♪ But in your dreams whatever they be ♪

♪ Dream a little ♪

♪ Dream of me ♪



GRACE: My name is Grace Faser.

My husband has just broken in.

He's a fugitive. He's wanted for m*rder.

- I didn't do it. I didn't do it.
- GRACE: His name is Jonathan Fraser.

I'm at Beachway,

Beachway Drive, and I'm f*cking terrified.

I need you to... get here quickly.

[GASPS] Please.








JOE MENDOZA: So he didn't call first. He just showed up.

[EXHALES] That's right.

And you called approximately five minutes after he arrived.

- Yes.
- Correct?

More or less.

Is there a reason you're not believing me?

'Cause that's what it feels like right now.

You don't believe me.

You said he, uh, he, he grabbed you by the throat?

He put his left hand over my mouth.

He put his right hand behind... back of my neck.

- And...

- It's okay. I'll take it from here. Go.
- All right. Yeah.

Yep. Yep.



Were you afraid?

I was terrified.

Because you thought that he might harm you?

I don't... I mean, I wouldn't rule it out.

k*ll you?

God, why would you be asking me these questions?

Why are you asking me this?

MENDOZA: We're investigating a crime.

He assaulted you.

I'm just trying to assess the severity of the as*ault.

I'm sorry.

The DNA results came back.


The daughter is his.








- Last name?
- Fraser.

- Go on. Last name?
- Lopez.

- Last name?
- Hernandez.

- Last name?

NEWSCASTER [OVER TV]: Things are very fluid,

but what we can confirm is that Dr. Fraser

is scheduled to be arraigned at the New York County Supreme Court.

We are also now learning that the victim was an artist,

and that her sculpting hammer was discovered

to be missing from her studio.

Police are now considering this as the possible m*rder w*apon.

You'll remember that Elena Alves

was found bludgeoned to death.

Henry, can you turn that off, please?


- Henry, turn it off.
- What?

Turn it off!




Does he have a lawyer?

I'm hearing he has a public defender.

Probably hasn't got much money.
He hasn't been working.

- What about you, money-wise?
- I'm fine.

[SIGHS] He did drain our bank account some, but...






So, what's happening?

He'll be charged, they'll enter a plea, and it'll be over. It'll all go pretty quickly.

Do you know who his attorney is?

No, I do not.
My grapevine is a bit limited on the criminal side. But Grace, I don't know. I don't know what you've been reading.

I don't know what you've seen, but I am telling you, you need to hire your own attorney.

The prospect of you knowing, possibly aiding and abetting...

- GRACE: What
- Harboring a fugitive!

I didn't do that. I'm not...

SYLVIA [OVER PHONE]: Well, even so, this is what they do.

The police will want to secure your cooperation.

Leverage is leverage. I'm telling you.

I'm here. I will call you on the other side, okay?



[SIGHS] Jesus.



- Hey.
- [OVER PHONE]: Hi. It's a madhouse.

I can't see over there. It's too... Oh.

Oh. He's got "The Badger."

- For his attorney.

Robert Adelman. He's a public defender.

He's good, but he's not great.
He just chews and gnaws.

They call him "The Badger."

Catherine Stamper's prosecuting.
We actually... We...

We interned together for a hot minute.

- Yes.
- SYLVIA: She's a heavy hitter.

She's here in person for the arraignment.

It means they're not messing around.

Oh, Jesus.

Husband is death-glaring me.

You'd think I k*lled her.

- GRACE: Who's he with?
- SYLVIA: I don't know.

With his mother, or something.

What? Okay.

No, I have to get off the phone.


BAILIFF: All rise.

The criminal court of the city of New York is now in session.

The Honorable Layla Scott presiding.

Please be seated.

I have allowed television cameras into this room for today only.

I am making a public interest exception, pursuant to my authority under local civil rule . .

However, however, this courtroom will not become a circus.

I don't want to see anybody talking on phones,

Snapchatting, Instagramming, or any of the other social media nonsense.

We're going to call the case, bring in the defendant, arraign him in accordance with the duly-promulgated rules of procedure of this courtroom.

I hope I have made myself abundantly clear.

Go ahead.

BAILIFF: [CLEARS THROAT] Docket number .

The People of the State of New York versus Jonathan Fraser.

COUNT ONE: m*rder in the first degree.

Count two: aggravated r*pe.

Robert Adelman for the defendant, Your Honor.

At this time, we'll waive reading of the charges, and enter a plea of not guilty for all charges.

- We also ask...
- Catherine Stamper

for the people, Your Honor.
We oppose bail.

This was a heinous and violent crime...

My client has long-standing roots in the community...

CATHERINE STAMPER: The defendant has already demonstrated himself

- to be a flight risk.
- Cures cancer, no record.

- He fled the jurisdiction.
- Not so much as a parking ticket.

Well, m*rder and r*pe.
He hit the ground running.

Objection. Ask for sanctions.


Ten million bond, two million cash.


JUDGE SCOTT: Take the defendant back into custody.

- Thank you, Your Honor.
- Thank you, Your Honor.

Next case.

- BAILIFF: Docket number .

People of the State of New York versus Matthew Tinker.




HENRY: He looks scared.





GUARD: Straight ahead. Let's go!

INMATE: Yeah, hey.
I'm gonna f*ck you up!



How are we doing?

- It's been nearly a week, so...

ADELMAN: Yeah, I'm sorry about that.

- First things first.

Don't be talking to nobody in here.

The franchise is populated with reprobates looking to improve their plight.

Any information they can glean from you, might reap dividends. And not to you.

Well, I would only tell them that I'm innocent.

Innocent is good.
Saying nothing is better.

So, can you get me out of here?

With money for bail, yes.

With, with my persuasive skills...

More of a challenge.

Now, you own your own home?

The one in the fancy building I seen on the news?

I own it jointly with my wife.


I am innocent.

- Do you care?

Not really.

Truth be told, I prefer my clients guilty.

Takes the pressure off.

I should say, having read the police report,

I would be very surprised if you were innocent.

In fact, it'd be difficult for an innocent man to present more guilty.

Unless, of course, he was stupid, which...

I'm figuring you're not since you cure cancer and all.

Back to me, please.

You know, I should say up front that in my experience, doctors tend to be assholes.

The reason they tend to be assholes is because they get to be. They're doctors.

My point is, you don't get to be one anymore.

I would be very grateful if you could arrange for me to see my wife.


Dr. Fraser.

Thanks for coming.
I'm, uh, Robert. Robert Adelman.

- Nice to meet you.
- Please.

This all must be a terrible hardship for you and all, so...

My, uh, my sympathies on that.

SERVER: Hi. Can I get you anything?

Um, no. I'm fine. Thank you.

Your husband seems pretty convinced that you would vouch for his innocence.

I won't.

I can't.

Uh, okay, then.

You strike me as a wife suffering from PTB.

Excuse me?

- Post-Traumatic Betrayal.
- Oh.

- I kind of, I kind of coined it myself.
- Yes.

- So, it's not a real disorder.
- No.

It means a f*cked-over person, in the immediate aftermath of being f*cked over, often believes the fucker-overer to be capable of anything.

Including m*rder.

So, my question to you, um, before you got wind of the fact that he was unfaithful, your pre-f*cked-over impression of him.

Did he strike you as a person capable of committing this kind of mayhem?

If he did, do you think I'd be married to him?

My, uh, my specialty is reading people.

It's the best tool in my kit. I just...

Getting a feel for a person.

I'm thinking your husband is a bit of a d*ck.

But not a k*ller.

And what do you think?

I don't know what I think.



FRANKLIN: I wouldn't go anywhere near the son of a bitch.

Don't tell me you're considering it.

I feel like I owe it to Henry.

To allow for his father to be innocent. Don't I?

No, you do not.

I just need to get a semblance of the truth.

What makes you think you will get the truth from him?





You think he did it, don't you?

[WHISPERS]: No, baby.

No, no.



No. Henry, Henry.

[WHISPERS]: It'll be all right, Henry.

- Oh.

REPORTER: She's coming out.

- Did you know, did you know...

REPORTER : Is he guilty?

REPORTER : How do you feel about the betrayal?

REPORTER : Did he do it?







GUARD: Move it! Let's go!

- Move it!

Let's go!

Move it!



Thanks for coming.

How's Henry?


How do you think he might be?


Look, I don't know what the purpose of this conversation is, but you wanted me to come and I'm here.

Well, it's, it's not to convince you that I'm a good husband.

Or a good father.

You didn't just do this to me.
You did this to your son.

You have a daughter.

You have a f*cking daughter.


Look, I...

I spoke about Elena, uh, being obsessed with me. Yeah?

She was.

She was not a well person.

Grace, you have to help me.

The whole world thinks I did this.

My only chance is for people who know me to come forward.

To help you?
You actually think I'm gonna help you?

You know my heart. You know my heart.

I, I understand that you can no longer trust me to be the man you thought I was. I get that.

But you certainly know that I would never take a human life.

You know that.

I don't know anything.

My heart wouldn't allow it.

Nor would my ego. You know...

I didn't...

I didn't do it.

Whatever my faults and my transgressions...

My love for you...

For Henry...

Can you bring him? Please, bring him.

[WHISPERS]: Please, Grace.

He's gotta hear from me.

He needs that.



Perfect. And back again.

Very good.

Um, which other animals have funny walks?

The batfish, uh, body like a tennis racket.

They use their flap-like fins for walking slowly on the sea bed.


Yeah. Perfect.



Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

I appreciate it.

I appreciate you taking the time.

I'm really not comfortable with this.

- No, I understand...
- I, I signed a, a confidentiality agreement, and, uh, I'm risking my job even talking to you.


You're a good friend to him. You are. You were.

If you're expecting me to actually help him at this point,

- that after everything that just...
- No.

I would never expect that.

If, if he were guilty.

- Which he is.
- And if he's not?

[SCOFFS] Come on, Grace.

He's not who we thought he was.

I think we can at least acknowledge that.

What do you know about the victim? Elena Alves?


I know she had a son.

A seven-year-old boy with a Wilms' tumor.

Jonathan was his doctor.

They weren't discreet.

They weren't even trying to be.

He got warnings. Didn't seem to matter.

He wanted her, and he was willing to risk everything.

Which he clearly did.

Well, he says that she wasn't well.

He says that she was obsessed with him and that she was...

I wouldn't know.

If she was the obsessive-compulsive type...

- Yeah, then, then what?
- And I, I admit,

- I'm, I'm clutching at straws here.
- Grace,

- Jonathan cultivated it.
- I... Plea...

People becoming obsessed with him? He...

He fed off that.

His patients loved him.

The parents, of course, the parents worshiped him.

He was saving their children.

He thrived on being the center of intense emotion...

In a very narcissistic and unhealthy way.

It's like he never got the God complex memo.

In fact, actually, sometimes I think

- it wasn't even about the, the patient.
- I...

It was about the emotion coming at him.

He cared about his patients. He did.

- I saw it.
- Yeah. Maybe.

- I did. He cried for them. He would...
- Yeah. Maybe.

- Yes!
- They say psychopaths

- can't work in a hospital.
- Psychopaths?

He's not a psychopath.




Did you see Jonathan?

- Yeah.
- How was it?

- I'll tell you later.
- Yeah, of course. Sorry.

It's called hero worship.

Excuse me?

People falling in love with their saviors.

It's mostly a woman who is affected and... the objects of the delusion are doctors.

Firefighters. Policemen.


It's also called rescue romance syndrome.


- Sounds like a load of crap.
- Well, it isn't.

What has it got to do with anything?

She fell in love with the doctor who saved her kid's life.

What has that got to do with him k*lling her?

According to Jonathan, she took it to extremes.


Crazy people do crazy things.

Are you serious?

Are you now believing that Jonathan is innocent?

I'm just open to the idea.


And are you open to the idea of you and Jonathan getting back together?

No. Of course not.
Don't be ridiculous. It's your move.


He came to me for money.

[SOFTY]: Excuse me?

He said you were worried about paying for Reardon this year.

That you thought you might have to take Henry out.

- That's not true.
- Yeah, I know.

I told him it would not be in Reardon's best economic interest to lose Henry.

And he said, yeah, but you were worried about finances overall and that you would never come to speak to me about it.

And I knew that to be true, so that when he asked me not to say anything to you...



How much did you give him?

$ , .

But I, I, I thought I was helping you and Henry.

[STAMMERS] I mean, I know how private you are, Grace.

I knew that you would not come to me.

I mean, I was actually grateful to that son of a bitch.

I even thanked him for giving me the opportunity to...


I am so sorry.


I should have told you.

I mean, if I had, maybe that woman would be alive today.



Oh, dear. [SNIFFLES]





- Shh, shh, shh.



This isn't gonna be easy.

You keep saying that.

- Hey. Come on...
- Mom.

- Hey, put that down.
- Mom. Mom!


I'll be fine.



- GUARD : Name?
- HENRY: Henry Fraser.

- GUARD : Name?
- GRACE: Grace Fraser.

Over there.


Out around the corner.




GUARD : Hey. Hey, hey.

No touching. Let's go.

WOMAN: Bye, baby.

GRACE: Henry, you alright?



Well... another fine mess I've gotten you into.


- How are you? How's school?
- HENRY: Fine.

Violin? Rosenbaum?

What's the latest on him?

- Did you k*ll her?
- No.

You were f*cking her.


Well, it's straight to the net with that one.

HENRY: Were you?


Yeah. We were romantically involved. Yeah.

So you don't love Mom anymore.

Yeah, of course I do.

I love her and you more than anything.

And I always will.

I f*cked up.

I made a terrible, terrible mistake.

I, um, allowed myself to be, uh, persuaded that a person desperately needed me because her child was very sick, and I could help him recover.

And I let that be a reason to lose my strength of character.

I was very sorry for her, and I think that, uh, my wanting to help overwhelmed me, so...

And then, after everything, instead of being grateful for everything I'd done for her and for her son, she became unsound.


It got to the point where I felt she wanted to destroy us, as a family, so I went to confront her about that.

And that's it.

That's all I did.

Why did you run, if you're innocent?

Well, I ran because I...

I was scared. I, I knew how it looked.

And I was selfish.

In that moment, I was completely selfish.

I thought only about myself and what might happen to me.

And then, uh...

I thought about you. Mom.

So I came back, uh, which may have been selfish again.

But, you see, I wanted my family back.

[QUIETLY]: We're never gonna be a family again.

Well, I, I desperately hope we will be.

Come here. Come here.

GUARD : Hey. No touching.

Let's go.


All right.

GRACE [WHISPERS]: Come on, Henry.


- Mom. Please.
- Hey...

[WHISPERS]: Hey. Hey.







You mentioned Haley Fitzgerald.



- FRANKLIN: For you?
- For him.


There is a certain stigma attached to a public defender.

[CHUCKLES] You have always had an unlimited capacity to see the humanity in a person.

To have an affair... that's human.

To strike at someone in an act of passion, or anger, that's human.

But to bludgeon someone to death and keep on bludgeoning them long after they are dead, that is a monster, Grace.

That is a monster.

He's not that monster.

- He's...

He can't be.


He's not that monster.

Dad, he's not.


I'll arrange for you to meet with Haley Fitzgerald.


Take the right hand.

Come on.

It makes me miss Mom.





Lots of shit on you on the Google.

You got the guards, everybody talkin'.

Hey, what's it like to be so famous?

Come on.

You probably got book deals and shit, right?

Hey, if I can get my hands on a pen, you, you think you could sign some shit for me?

Take your f*cking hand off my...

Take my f*cking hand off you?

You gonna be an assh*le about things now?

Take your f*cking hands off me.










Haley Fitzgerald.

Grace Fraser.

- Thank you for seeing me.
- It's my pleasure.

Please take a seat.

I've read the police reports.

I'm curious as to why you'd want to help this man.

Well, for my son, should his father be innocent.

And should he be guilty, thinking of your son, which side do you want to err on?

If you would just take a look at the case...

I have.

The evidence isn't good.

Add to that, he's got a truth problem.

Are you saying that, um, the case can't be won?

I'm not saying that at all.

I never underestimate the state's ability to f*ck things up.

I can win almost any case, Grace.

What I cannot do is wave a wand and make everything better.

If he k*lled her, I can't make him innocent.

- I can't make him faithful.
- I know that.

- Do you?
- Yes.

Many clients think I can undo everything.

Wipe the slate clean.

You sound like me talking to my patients. [CHUCKLES SOFTLY]

HALEY: I understand that you're a very good therapist.

You've probably fixed more than a few marriages.

That's not my skill set.

People hire me to create muck.

Muck up the state's case, so they can't meet their burden.

That's what I can give you, and your husband.


MENDOZA: Mr. Reinhart?

Detective Joe Mendoza. NYPD.

I'm sure you are, dear boy.

I got a feeling your daughter is hiding something.

Whether she's withholding, tampering with, or falsifying evidence.

For all we know, she's an accomplice.

You're her father.

She could use some good advice.

Voice of reason.

Or better, I think, that I be the voice of reason for you, Detective.

My daughter has neither committed a crime, nor obstructed justice.

I recognize that in the particular, justice is open to subjective interpretation, and I would not deem to presume what your version of it is.

Mine is very specific.

And if you'd like to know what it is, get a warrant.




Shit. f*ck. Watch out.


- Ms. Fraser.
- Oh!

My name's Fernando Alves.

And I'm sorry to intrude.

Can we talk?


No, that's... That's not a good idea.

Why not?


GRACE: Because it's not a good time,

- Mr. Alves.
- Your husband k*lled my wife.

When would be a good time?

I've been informed you've been asking about her.

I was told she wasn't well.

If you have any questions, who better to answer them than her husband?

Unless maybe yours.

Are you trying to intimidate me, Mr. Alves?

My wife has been m*rder*d.

- Yes.
- And the idea of her character being att*cked...

I'm very sorry for your loss, sir.

I cannot fathom your grief.

But I also find it very hard to believe that my husband could have taken her life.

Because he was such a fine person.


- Huh?

My son had cancer.

I put him into your husband's care.

He f*cked my wife.

What kind of doctor does that?

What kind of mother ends up f*cking her child's oncologist?

I'm under a lot of pressure right now.

And I've reached the point where I'm not taking shit from anyone.

Mr. Alves, were there other men?

[WHISPERS]: Were there other men?

- Were there?
- No.

No, there were no other men.

Was your wife being treated for psychological disorders?

None of your f*cking business.

My son's father has been charged with m*rder.

So whatever secrets your wife had, whatever secrets you have...

Whatever secrets you continue to harbor for her, it's my business.

I will make it my business.

Be very careful, Dr. Fraser.








MENDOZA: Did he thr*aten you?

GRACE: Not directly, but he has been following me.

Following you?

St-stalking me.

All right, so you're here to file a complaint.

I'm here to ascertain exactly what was Fernando Alves' alibi.

- It's not something we can disclose.
- And why is that?

Dr. Fraser...

Have you categorically ruled this man out as a suspect?

Have you?

I mean, he suffers from anger issues.

- I could detect that in the first meet.
- Yeah, he's in shock.

It would be understandable if he was angry, don't you think?

His wife cheated on him, then she was m*rder*d.

Those are the kind of things that piss husbands off.

He had motive.

He had opportunity.

He had access.

He's hiding something.


What tells you that?

Twenty-plus years of psychological training.


You read his mind.

O'ROURKE: Mrs. Fraser, we have no reason to believe that Fernando Alves is a suspect.

Are there security cameras from inside the building?

Do you have video footage of people coming and going that night?

Again, we are not at liberty to disclose that.

But you're at liberty to interrogate me?

Disclosing and weaponizing every last informational nugget to, to emotionally terrorize me?

You're at liberty to approach my father?

I mean... [EXHALES]

There must be video surveillance.

Are you telling me that my husband was the only person to enter that apartment that night?

Because if that's the case, I want to know, because it will better enable me to walk away from him and never, ever look back.

Just... Just f*cking tell me.

All right. There were no security cameras in the building.

- It's an old building.
- GRACE: But on the street.

You have cameras everywhere in this city.

Yeah, there was a...

There was an active camera

- a block away from the scene.
- GRACE: And?


What is it? What?


MENDOZA: There was only one image captured that we deemed to be relevant.

GRACE: What is it?


What is this?


GRACE: What is this?

This is you.

Near the scene of the crime, and around the time Elena Alves was m*rder*d.

I was walking. I mean, I...

- Mm.
- GRACE: This isn't...

I was walking. I take walks. I didn't...

I, I didn't even know where she lived. What...

Are, are you suggesting that I'm a suspect? I...

Fernando Alves was not near the scene that night.

The only people of relevance that we can place in the area, around the time, are you, and your husband.



MENDOZA: Exactly how well did you know Elena Alves?


Should you do anything to further harm my daughter,

I will track you down, and I will k*ll you myself.


HALEY FITZGERALD: You cast a spell.

Daddy's home.

I look forward to clearing my name in court and proving that I'm innocent.

Are you all planning to live like a family again?

Put up a fight.

How weak do you think I am?


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