06x16 - Cause and Effect

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Numb3rs". Aired: January 2005 to March 2010.
An FBI agent recruits his brother, a mathematics genius, to help solve crimes.
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06x16 - Cause and Effect

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CHARLIE: Yeah, sorry for the short notice.

It's just the one grad seminar.

Oh, yes, yes. Not a problem. Happy to help.

All right. Here are my lecture notes.

They're pretty... pretty self-explanatory.

Mathematical physics. Fun. (both chuckle)

So, what's so important that you have to miss it?

Uh, you know, Amita and I have been offered visiting professorships at Cambridge.

So, we decided to move the wedding date up to, uh... to today.


(laughing happily)


Thank you.

Oh, I wish I had a visiting professorship.

My shirt fits you pretty well.

Ah, it's a little big.

Not that we had a lot of advance notice.

What? I mean, did you really want a big wedding?


Actually, I-I'm kind of relieved.

Yeah. I'm excited.

I think this will be good.

Do you really need that?

What do you mean? I'm on duty.

Ah. You ready?

Are you kidding?

Watching a son get married?

Been waiting for this a long time.

All right.

It's a lovely day, an auspicious day.

DAVID: There he is.

Hey. Hey.

Hey, guys.

So, where's Don? Uh, he's bringing my dad.

Where's the bride? She's in her office.

My dad's going to walk her down.

Where's the minister?

That would be me.

You're a clergyman?

I thought you were a monk.

I'm also a minister of the Universal Life Church.

A credential acquired, uh, specifically for this occasion.

Is that the one you sign up for online?

I don't take casually the responsibility vested in me.

I wouldn't imagine you would.

Uh, Liz is at the office.

We, uh, drew straws, and she had to stay and answer phones.

You ready? Hey.

I'd better be.

All right.

Any words of advice?

Oh, yes.

If you want to get out of it, now's the time to run like hell.

No, I'm serious.

You are.

I remember on my wedding day, I had this thought, "What if I just walk away?

"Stay single, you know? Live alone, and take things simple and easy."

And over the years, you know, I, uh...

I often thought about that other guy, that other me.

On his own, free to do whatever he wanted, a life so simple with a lot of fun.

Whereas mine, well... it got a little complicated, and sometimes painful and...


I never envied that other guy.

Not once.

Shall we? Yeah.

LARRY: Are you ready?

At the request of the bride and groom, uh, I'll keep my remarks short and non-technical.

Well, as you all know, there are four fundamental forces in physics: electromagnetism, strong nuclear interaction, weak nuclear interaction and gravity.

So, I wonder what the technical version sounds like.

I heard that.

We've been talking here about the forces that bind the universe.

But what binds humans?


Powerful in small spaces, yet with profound effect on distance.

Love defies time, outliving both its source and its object.

Love is faster than light, for light requires time in order to travel through space, but love reaches its object instantaneously.

Love journeys forever, into infinity, and it's here, binding together two lives.

Do we have the rings?

Symbolic of eternity and rendered in a beautiful element.

Amita Ramanujan, do you take Charles Edward Eppes to be your husband?

Yes, I do.

Charles Edward Eppes, do you take Amita Ramanujan to be your wife?

I do.

I pronounce you husband and wife.

(all clapping)

♪ We'll never, never, never ♪

♪ Never be the same ♪

♪ Forever, ever, ever... ♪ ROBIN: Sparkling cider, huh? NIKKI: Yeah.

No champagne. We got to go back to work.

Oh, hey, by the way, um... we're having a little party at the house before they leave, so everybody's invited.

Good, I still need to buy a gift.

I'm in the same state of delinquency.

I think you caught us all by surprise.

So, when are you guys flying out to London?

Three days. It's hard to believe.

(cell phone ringing)

DON: Yeah, so how does it feel?

Feels good. Right?

Of course, we've still got a million things to do before we leave.

And not a lot of time to get them done.

That was Liz.

LAPD located Ted Dacosta.

Here in L.A.?

An informant spotted him 20 minutes ago at a restaurant in Larchmont.

What's that?

This case we've been working on for, like, two years.

Go ahead.

You sure? I got classes.

Only my morning's covered. I'm sorry.

We'll celebrate later, okay? Don't forget to be there.

I won't. All right. Party. Yeah?

We don't have an address on him.

We don't even know if he's staying in town.

Let's grab him.

Yeah, I want the right guy to move it because I have so much invested in this.

Theodore Dacosta. FBI.

No. You got to be kidding.

DON: No, we're not kidding you.

You're arresting me? For what?

Confidence fraud, computer fraud, financial fraud...

Confidence fraud? (glasses crashing)

You mean you're a con man?

This is a mistake. I'll get it cleared up.

You said you were a real estate agent.

You had this property investment thing.

I gave you $35,000!

Sir, calm down and step back.

No! He stole my money!


MAN: You bastard!

You got it all. Hey!

All my savings!

Get off!

DAVID: Dacosta, stay down. Freeze.

Don't move.

What's wrong? My g*n.

Someone grabbed my g*n!

So, LAPD has a couple bystanders who say they can describe the guy.

He's Caucasian, medium build, brown hair.

CATES: We got officers canvassing.

If we're lucky, it might be someone living close by.

Well, he had on jeans, they were rolled up.

These boots.

Work boots?

Brown leather, you know, good quality, like, hip-looking.

CATES: Okay, we'll add that, see if we can make a decent composite, but honestly, it's a long sh*t.

Yeah. Thanks.

Look, somebody picks a cop g*n up off the street, chances are they're going to brag about it.

Not if they plan to use it.

Right, but maybe they plan to stick it in a drawer at home and use it for protection.

That's not the point.

I know. I get it -- it's your g*n.

Anything that happens, you'll feel responsible.

No. I am responsible.

Okay, so we arrive at Heathrow on Saturday.

We can spend Sunday in London before heading out to Cambridge.

Oh, that's great. I've always wanted to see the w*r Cabinet Rooms Museum.

Uh, I was thinking something a little more romantic.

The Tower of London?

(Amita laughs)

That's romantic. No, it's not.

You going somewhere?

Huh? Yeah.

I'm going to take a look at some condos over by Old Town.

I'll, uh... catch up.

Didn't you tell him that in India, it's tradition for parents to live with their married children?

I did, and he said that this isn't India.

It... it doesn't seem right for him to move out of this house.

You know, I know you own it, but...

No, and it's his house.

He always said that he wanted to find his own place after I got married, and this is all happening so fast, and now he's set on it.

Glock 19? Yeah.

Academy g*n?

Uh, no. It was my second one.

You've had this piece...?

Six years.

Feel like you've lost a hand, huh?

(groans) That cannot be any fun.

Yeah. Remember when I was issued my first g*n.

I couldn't believe I was expected to keep it on me all the time.

After about a month, it's a*t*matic.

It becomes a part of you.

Yeah. It doesn't have your name on it, but it might as well.

You know?

Losing your g*n is one thing, but knowing it's out there and someone else has it...

If we have any sh*t at recovering this thing, it's now, right?

When people might still be talking about it.

I'll check with some guys at Parker Center.

You know, I know a few who work with informants in that area.

And one more. Signature at the bottom.

We're going to need the Bureau to send over the original ballistics.

For the unlikely scenario that your g*n is used in a crime.


Can you believe I used to ride a bike to campus?

Given your propensity for mechanical mishaps, the world became a safer place when you opted for applied mathematics over engineering.


Boy, it's going to be weird not being here.

CalSci has been my home for how long now?

Well, why all this sentiment? I mean, you'll be back soon enough.

"No one steps twice in the same river."

Oh, yes. Heraclitus, the weeping philosopher.

It'll be different when I come back.

I mean, I'm moving on to a new part of my life.

Well, so are you.

Every element in the universe exists in a state of constant change and becoming.

You know, I think it's important to let go of the things to which we've grown accustomed, becoming mature, gaining self-knowledge.

All these trappings we surround ourselves with.

You want my office, don't you?

Well, I'm changing, too, Charles.

All part of the cosmic flux.

And, uh... yes, I would like your office.

Don heard we were making some checks into finding his g*n.

LIZ: What did he say?

To treat it like any other case of theft of federal property.

In other words, don't put a lot of time into it.

Just... hey, uh, where's Nikki?

Putting a lot of time into it, working her LAPD contacts.

Ah. Good.

What's up?

I was hoping to tell you guys all together.

Um, I was offered a job in DC, running an anti-corruption team.

I decided to take it.

That's a prestigious job.

Yeah, I'm still kind of getting used to the idea.

We cool?

We cool? Of course we're cool, man.

We had to break up at some point, right?

People were starting to talk.

Don know yet?

He was the one that recommended me.


(dog barking)

I mean, it doesn't sound like you could have done anything differently.

It's just one of those, uh, unexpected things, right?

But you seem troubled by it.

It's the way it happened, Dad, you know?

I mean, it was right in front of me.


Wonder what that guy was thinking.

Could have just gone off and bought a g*n, couldn't he?

Not if he doesn't want it linked to him.

So, you're worried that he's going to use it.

This might sound funny coming from me, but, uh, as they say: "It isn't g*n that sh**t people.

It's people that sh**t people."

Yeah, well, I'm responsible for it.

You trying to get it back?

Yeah, I'm trying to get it back, but it's not like they can give it special attention 'cause it's my g*n.

You know, reason tells us that what can be lost can be found.

I'd like to help you get your g*n back.

Charlie, you guys are leaving, all right?

And look, I do not want you worrying about it.

Here's the bag you wanted.

Enjoy it. Use it in good health.

Thanks. I've got three days.


I hate walking away from a problem.

Yeah, well, it's not your problem.

Okay, so I'm going to get on a plane, go to Europe while your g*n is still out there?


You know, we can't keep doing this forever.

ALAN: Oh, yes, you can.

Until you're just two old crime fighters with bladder problems.

Well, yeah, without the bladder problems.

(phone rings)


Oh, great. All right, I'm on my way.

LAPD has a lead on my g*n, so... see you guys later.

(door opens)

(door closes)

(sirens wailing in distance)

(indistinct radio transmission)

These two were known drug dealers, Don.

Both had records for as*ault.

Both sh*t with the same g*n.

Nine mil?

Preliminary tests on the recovered shell casings match the m*rder w*apon to your Glock.

(indistinct chattering)

Nobody looks too upset.

Residents complained for months about these two.

They sold to kids and brought in a bad element.

A community watch group kept an eye on them, but LAPD was never able to make an arrest.

Victims like this, the sh**t could be anybody -- rival drug gangs, robbers, locals.

There are dozens of suspects.

So, this sh**ting gives us a second location on the g*n.

Narrows the search field considerably.

Well, the more the g*n is used, the more data we've got, even if bad things are generating that data.

I think Don feels responsible for the sh**t.

Well, why? His actions aren't the cause.

Yeah. You'd think he'd blame the guy who walked away with his g*n or the guy who knocked it out of his hand.

Yeah, or the guy they arrested.

I mean, he set the whole chain of events in motion.

You know, we keep thinking we can gauge cause and effect, but we can't.

Maybe just a small fraction of possible consequences.


(phone beeps)

You know, if I had known that volunteering for the FBI I would again be tethering myself to an electronic device!

(electronic chiming) Ooh.

I think I just inadvertently tweeted.

I've been doing an NSA-style keyword search on the Internet to find mention of a g*n matching Don's on g*n sellers' websites.

What did you get?

There's something weird going on.

There are a ton of mentions of a cop's g*n, but not on sale sites.

On social networking sites:

Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, others.

The social networking sites, what are they saying?

That this g*n has taken care of a problem that the cops couldn't handle.

(typing) Someone posted these photos.

We're trying to track whoever posted this.

With every hour, dozens more posts talk about it.

Wait, so Don's g*n has gone viral?

The message is that this g*n solves problems that good people have with bad people.

It's... it's the vigilante g*n.

Can we run this stuff down, you know, find out where it is now?

There are hundreds of screen names and websites to track.

You know who could really help with this?

Even when we rule out the false positives, there's a lot of mentions that clearly refer to Don's g*n.

Well, a Glock 19 dropped by an FBI agent during an arrest is definitely a specific data set.

Shouldn't be too hard to perform a social networking analysis.

Identify our actors and map their actions.


People using the networks.

We'll build a model that focuses on individuals.

That'll allow us to view the structural network environment that provides opportunities for their actions.

That's beyond my skill set.

Yeah, I've called for reinforcements.

LARRY: Social network models interpret the structure of human relationships: social, economic, political.

Yes, yes, uh, you'll need an adjacency matrix for the network data.

Adjacency matrix. Okay.

Go for it.

Hey, Larry, you going to be able to handle all this FBI stuff while I'm in Cambridge?


No, you're not? Uh, not by myself, no.

You know, like Sherlock's brother, Mycroft Holmes, I prefer to do the conceptualizing, leaving the grunt work to others.

Well, with me and Amita both away, who's going to be your algorithm sl*ve?

He stands at your chalkboard.

OTTO: Uh, if you express the nodes in this manner, you can identify relational ties as channels for transfer or flow of material resources.

(chuckles) I had no idea that graph theory could be so much fun.

Otto, is this true?

You're going to help him on FBI cases?

Am I?

Oh, excellent. (chuckles)

A chance to show what physicists can do.

You mathematicians, you had your sh*t. (chuckles)

They're talking about my g*n on the Internet?

How do you know if any of this stuff is real?

We know when and where it was stolen.

We know it was used in Highland Park.

We've got the list of suspects.

We've got anchoring facts, and we're going to get more.

You're talking about one g*n in all of L.A.

You know about the six degrees of separation phenomenon?

Yeah. In math, the same thing is called the small world problem.

By using principles of the small world problem, we build an algorithm to filter through millions of social links, and identify individuals using local information, like the Internet, to create paths in the network for a specific purpose: the transfer of your g*n.

So, in essence, we turn the immense social network of Los Angeles into the equivalent of a small town.

Charlie, what are you doing? You should get out of here.

You guys should be getting ready to go.

This is my way of getting ready.

What are you doing?

You're not trying to postpone all this, now, are you?


Charlie... look, this is my problem.

You got to live your life.

You know, most of our lives, we've lived in completely separate worlds.

I don't want to go back to that.


Yeah, I hear you. I know.

But I don't think we will.

We won't be working together.

That doesn't matter.


Hey, LAPD got a break in the drug dealer sh**ting.

Print on a shell casing matched a member of the community watch group -- a guy who got into a shoving match with the victims when he was taking photos of them.

They run a GSR?

Yeah, he recently fired a w*apon.

I was cleaning the garage, found some old fireworks.

That's where the g*n traces came from.

That's not going to hold up. It has to.

I didn't sh**t anybody. DAVID: You knew the victims.

You argued with them days before they died.

Me and a lot of people.

Their buyers mugged kids walking home from school.

78-year-old woman had her arm broken by one of their customers.


I got it off this suspect's BlackBerry.

He posted a message online saying he put the g*n in a trash can in an alley.

LAPD says it's already gone.

Who did you pass the g*n to?

No idea what you're talking about.

(metallic crashing, car alarm blaring)

(tires squeal)

(tires squeal)

(horn blaring)

(horn stops, siren blips)

(indistinct radio transmission)

This is Evelyn Ryerson.

She's got a couple of DUIs and several traffic accidents, mostly minor, but about six months ago, she injured two people at a crosswalk.

What's she even doing behind the wheel?

She's got no license.

This is her brother's car, taken without permission.

There's an empty fifth on the floor.

Just wouldn't stop driving, so somebody decided to stop her.

I think people are saying it's okay to take the law into their own hands.

Yeah, with my g*n.

DAVID: Evelyn Ryerson's m*rder looks like a vigilante act.

The chronic alcoholic, menace behind the wheel.

We got dozens of suspects.

See, I can sort through those suspects two ways: by motivation and by opportunity.

She was sh*t close to home.

I'll weight her neighbors pretty high.

Lot of fake I.D.s and anonymous posts to go through.

You can hide your name -- it's a lot harder to hide your motive.

DAVID: She was set to check into a rehab facility in three days.

She paid for it in advance.

Two months. Really?

She was trying to change.

Yeah. She made her move a little bit too late.

ROBIN: What's bothering you?

This is about more than just losing your g*n, isn't it?

You know, it's the g*n. It's the whole thing.

Just trying to decide what to do, where to go.

It's tough when you're not being given obvious choices.

You're not being assigned to something.

Your family doesn't need your help.

It's just you and what you want to do.

What it is, is I have this crazy take on all this.

What's that?

Like losing my g*n is some sort of test.

And if I don't find it, that means I should leave the Bureau.

I don't think that you can let a chance occurrence have that much influence on you.

Yeah, but if I can't do more good than harm, you know, I shouldn't be doing this.

LARRY: This garage was built the same year the house was?

Yeah. Yeah, 1908.

Never done much to it.

Probably needs a lot of work.

Yeah. Indeed, it does.

Charlie, I think I found something here.

Okay, I've tracked a thread of messages on Victim-Aidline to different sites and servers.

Most users have a shielded I.D. or account, but not this one.

CHARLIE: "Linda Samuelson."

Do you know that that's her real name?

Well, it's linked to websites for her jobs, her kid's schools.

Looks genuine.

She's arranged to pick up the g*n.

LARRY: Linda Samuelson.

Why would she use her real name?

Well, she used a screen name, "BusyMom8."

Most people think that's enough to hide who they really are.

Well, then, we might have just found Don's g*n.

I found the g*n in a bag in a park.

Through an arrangement you made on a website called Victim-Aidline.

Who was your contact?

It was anonymous.

Why did you want the g*n?

My ex-boyfriend b*at me up.

He said he'd k*ll me if I broke up with him.

So, your solution was to sh**t him?

I got a restraining order, but that just enraged him.

I have an eight-year-old daughter, and I am not leaving her alone.

So, when I read about a g*n that couldn't be traced to me...

Oh... then, when I actually held it in my hand, I realized what I'd have to do with it.

DAVID: So, I understand he's in jail now?

He came to my work, and one of my coworkers called the police.

They arrested him.

Well, the system did work.

I don't know how long he's going to be locked up.

And I'm moving. I'm changing my name.

I've got no new job.

I don't know where my daughter's going to school.

If that is the system working...

(laughs angrily)

Where's the g*n now?

I put a message on Victim-Aidline and got a response.

I left it where they asked me to -- by a bus bench in Silver Lake.

I'm going to need a name.

All I know is Jim.

We found the bus bench and the bushes, but the g*n was already gone.

There are some 20 sets of prints on the bench, so we're running those down.

Are any street cams in the area? Both ends of the street.

One side was a bank, the other was a gas station.

We got the techs looking at the tapes right now.

All right, we have some 800 people registered at Victim-Aidline.

We got 37 named James or Jim.

Of course. Too bad the name wasn't Eustice.

Yeah. The top three Jims on the list...

So, one guy was injured in a bar fight.

The other one's got a neighbor who's bullying everybody on the block.

There's a third one who... he thr*at a man who was acquitted of raping his adult daughter.

I'm not sh**ting him. I'm suing the bastard.

You're filing a civil suit against your daughter's r*pist?

In a civil suit, we don't need proof beyond reasonable doubt.

And we can strip him clean, take everything he owns or will earn for another ten years.

I told the cops Stan hit me.

He denied it. My word against his.

You posted on a website that if you had a g*n that couldn't be traced, you'd use it.

I was drunk when I wrote that.

Did you get a g*n?

Look, Agent, I'm not an idiot, okay?

And besides, he didn't k*ll me.

Like they say, "An eye for an eye..."

I just want him to wind up like this.

MAN: Call the police a dozen times, nothing happens.

Post on a message board, I've got the FBI in my house.

You indicated an interest in acquiring a stolen g*n.

No. I only made some comments.

DON: About what you would do with it.

DAVID: You said you were going to use it on your neighbor, Michael Hiller.

WOMAN: Jim, no.

Okay, I-I... I wrote some things I probably shouldn't have. That's it.

Listen, if I get a g*n, I'm buying it legally.

A g*n is not going to solve a conflict with a neighbor.

A conflict with a neighbor.

Yeah, you cops always make it sound like it's a two-way thing.

He's crazy.

He dumps his garbage on people's lawns.

WOMAN: But if you say anything to him about it, the next day, your windshield's smashed.

Our neighbor down the street tried to have a, uh, backyard barbecue.

He started to throw things over the fence into their yard, screaming that they were disturbing him.

Our dog got out, ran into his yard.

He kicked her so hard, he nearly k*lled her.

I go over to talk to him about it, he punches me in the face, broke my nose.

Did you report this?

Yes, I reported it.

The police told me that it was a mutual dispute.

They told me to stay off his property.

The next day, all four tires on my car are slashed.

WOMAN: He taunts us -- he says he knows how to do whatever he wants to do without being caught.

JIM: And the cops say that unless you catch Hiller in the act, there's nothing you can do.

With or without your g*n, this situation is not going to end well.

Yeah. Let's see what we can do about that guy, huh?

DAVID: Jim Mazzolla may or may not have Don's g*n, but he sure as hell has motivation to use it because of this guy.

COLBY: Mike Hiller, the neighbor.

This guy's just a malignant narcissist who gets off on scaring people.

He sets his own rules and wants everybody else to play by them.

Yeah, these types know how to cause damage without getting caught, and they don't stop.

You think Mazzolla would actually use a g*n?

DAVID: I don't know.

He feels helpless, and this family... they are scared to death.

I know. We got a lot of other Jims to look at, too.

We need to find a way to narrow it down.

Hey, I got something for you guys to take a look at.

So, Amita and I have a Bayesian filter -- a spam filter, if you will.

We set it loose in the message boards with the post about Don's g*n.

This message thread is for people who can't get police help -- cases of harassment, abuse.

DAVID: Yeah, by estranged spouses, uh, business disputes, neighborhood conflicts.

Right, we took the membership list, cross-referenced it with police reports and got a high score on this name.

So you're re-running the Bayesian filter for verification.

I'm not sure what help a plasma physicist can provide for a pure mathematical analysis.

Well, it's the same as a cosmologist.

I mean, critical thinking.

And any good equation monkey needs to be familiar with the applicable tools of mathematical crime fighting.

Equation monkey?

That's what Einstein used to call his very good friend and mathematical contributor, Marcel Grossmann.

Has anyone noticed how compromised the integrity of these load-bearing elements are?

What, you mean, do Charlie and Alan realize the garage roof is sagging?

Yes, yes. The roof. Really saggy.

You know, I tell you, it is odd how they've let this garage deteriorate, especially given how much time they spend here.

This is a good space.

You know, you could do something with this place.

Yes, yes, yes, like-like park cars.

Amita, as co-owner of this house, would you consider a possible, oh, redefining of this particular space?

If you're thinking what I'm thinking, I would be very interested.

OTTO: Good. Good.

I love topological problems.

Otto, you do realize we're talking about remodeling the garage?


I thought we were possibly discussing defects and electronic properties in graphene, but...

Uh... no.

Not this time.

Who the hell are you?

You can't come on my property.

COLBY: Understand you're having some problems with the neighbors.

I handle my own problems, unlike some around here.

What kind of problems, sir?

I don't talk to cops, especially skinny bitch cops.

Hey, you watch the way you speak to my partner.

I was referring to you.

Now, get off my property, or my lawyer will call your supervisor, and you'll both have a report in your personal files.

I don't like being harassed by federal agents.




(door opens)

(door closes)

NIKKI: Mike Hiller's got a driver's license and a checking account, but nothing else.

No birth certificate, no employment history.

It's like he never existed until six months ago.

Yeah, he's been through the legal system.

He knows the routine.

And how to push a cop's buttons.

This guy's got a record somewhere.

You think he'd be laying low, trying to mind his own business.

LIZ: His type can't do that.

They're addicted to conflict.

They need to be aggressive and thr*at.

Guys like Hiller only get worse until they're finally caught.

Hey, guys, techs found this on the tape from a gas station security cam.

It's Mazzolla's car.

It's parked 50 feet from the place where Don's g*n was stashed two days ago.

NIKKI: Mazzolla lied.

He's got Don's g*n.

And he's going to use it on his neighbor.

You can't do this. You don't have any evidence.

It's called probable cause.

Your car was videotaped at a drop site for the g*n.

There's no g*n.

Look, just calm down.

It's better if you tell us.

JIM: This is ridiculous.

Look all you want. I don't have it.

Go ahead, tear the place apart.

The money I get from suing the FBI will pay for a great renovation!

Damn. What is it?

It's not him. He doesn't have it.

Finally, a cop when you need one.

Enjoy juvie, kid.

Jim, what are you doing? Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Stopping him.

Not like this, kid. Can't do it like this.

I have to before you take away the g*n.

You think this guy is going to hurt your family.

We know that.

JIM JR.: He won't stop until we stop him.

DAVID: And if you sh**t him, you're going to ruin your life forever.


I want that punk arrested.

Shut your mouth!

Jim, I'm just going to talk to you for... for a second here, okay?

I'm not going to do anything.

I've been an FBI agent for 15 years.

I trained for stuff like this.

I can take that g*n from you if I want.

I can trick you into giving it to me, I can get inside your head, but I'm not going to do any of that.

Want to know why?

I know you don't want to sh**t him. I know it.

You just want to scare him just like he did to your family, and... and I understand, believe me.

Protecting your family is the most important thing, but... you got to give me that g*n, Jim.

'Cause that's the best way to protect them now.

HILLER: Hell of a way to raise your son, Mazzolla.

as*ault with a deadly w*apon.

He's going to do time, and I'm going to sue you for every nickel you got!

And you, arrest that kid and get your lousy Feds...

Hey! Hey! What do you think you're doing?!

I didn't touch you.

Get these cuffs off of me, or your career is over.

I don't think so.

No? What are you charging me with?

You've got nothing. You know what?

I just have a feeling I'll find something.

Will you look at this.

You trying to take my job right out from under me?

What the hell!

You see, Hiller is really Michael Ray Simmons.

Escapee from the Florida State Prison where he was doing a life sentence without parole for double m*rder.

No way. I-I'm not that guy.

Liz found a fingerprint match, saw my name on his sheet, and here I am.

Oh, so he's one of yours?

I don't believe this.

Yeah, sucks to be you.

See you got your g*n back.

Good job, Eppes.

Oh, and tell that brother of yours I can't believe I wasn't invited to his wedding.

NIKKI: We pieced the chain together from James Mazzolla Jr. to the battered woman to Ralph Morris, community watch guy.

COLBY: And we wound up with a fugitive on Ian Edgerton's list.

What are the odds?

Guess we'd have to ask Charlie.

He'd say it was a coincidence.

Hey, so, Betancourt, you got a little extra time to help me out with a case I'm, uh, working on?

You looking for a rebound partner?

Yeah, maybe I am.

Got a problem with that?

Not at all, Idaho.

Not at all. LIZ: Great.

Leave me to be the third wheel.

We could all be partners.

Not officially, but, yeah, I get what you're saying.

COLBY: David's taking the promotion, Charlie's moving to England.

Guess it's just down to us, huh?

What do they always say in the movies?

"If we all stick together, everything will be okay."


As long as we stay away from hugging and high-fives.


(imitates expl*si*n)

You know I can't let you walk out of here without saying something, right?

And why is that?

Losing your g*n -- it helped to, uh... to capture a violent fugitive and saved a family.

Three people still lost their lives, even if they weren't exactly innocent.

You don't think the good balances out the bad?

You can't know that.

Yeah, well, you got that part right.

I'm going to tell you something.

I've worked with you for six years.

You know, and regardless of how many times you've questioned your decisions, or you've b*at yourself up, I know...

I know in my heart, in the end, Don Eppes is a force.

You are a w*apon for what's right, what's good and what's true.


Going to make yourself one hell of a good team leader down there in D.C.

You know what? I will.

♪ Twilight sky... ♪

(lively chattering)

(glass clinking)

(talking stops)

I've been having a hard time saying goodbye.

My father and brother are probably pretty tired of hearing me tell them how much I love them.


Hey, Larry, want to thank you for giving me the wisdom I needed to grow up.

(quietly) Oh.

And the frequent scientific b*at-downs I needed to expand my thinking.

David, Colby, Liz, Nikki -- thank you so much for sharing your world with me.

You've taught me the power of courage and service.

And you saved my life a few times.

Amita, you and I got to share both worlds, and you married me.


Anyway, thank you all so much.

Hear! Cheers.

Congratulations. ALAN: Cheers.

I might follow those very kind words with a very brief announcement.

You're not going back into space, are you?

No, but I am about to embark on a mission to redefine space.

The space I am referring to happens to be your garage.

While Charlie and I are in England, Larry is going to help Alan remodel the garage.

ALAN: He's going to do what now?

It needs a renovation. Oh, yeah.

And as co-owner of this property, I think it would be best redone as a guesthouse.


Uh, what about what the other co-owner thinks?

I imagine that he would think that if his father chooses to live in the new guesthouse, it would be a way for him to stay close, yet have his own space.

That's exactly what I was thinking.

What do you say?

I guess my first question is, um...

...what's the rent going to be?


LIZ: Congratulations. DAVID: Congratulations!

(whooping and whistling)

♪ Twinkling above me ♪

♪ Show me you're lucky ♪

♪ And send my love tonight. ♪

(indistinct chatter)


Here's to lost things found.

To brides and grooms everywhere.

Mmm. They made a brave move.

Well... we all have to move on sometime.


Sometimes it feels safer to stay where you are.

More to life than that, right?


You know, I was offered that special agent in charge gig.

Think I'm going to take it.

That's great.

I thought you were going to quit.

It's what I do. Mm-hmm.

I'm good at it. Mm-hmm.

That's good.

You know, when I asked you to marry me and you said no... you were right.

I was trying to figure things out, and I really wanted you to decide for me.

I know what I want... more than ever.

I want you to marry me.

Will you marry me?


(both laughing)

♪ The winter's marked the Earth ♪

♪ Its floor with frozen glass ♪

♪ You slip into my arms... ♪ CHARLIE: I can't believe that in 28 hours we're going to be living in a country with 50-hertz electrical current and public health care.

(Amita laughs)

Yeah. It's easy to get homesick when you have a home like this.

I'm going to finish packing.


I'm just going to miss... everything.

Well, we're going to miss you, too, Chuck.

I won't miss being called Chuck, but...

(laughs) for the first time in a long time, it feels like things are really... settled here.

ALAN: Well, I guess that makes it the best time to move on, huh?

What are you drawing?

I thought I'd get a jump on the new project.

What do you got, the garage? Let me see that.

Uh, guesthouse.

CHARLIE: Uh, we haven't decided on what the rent is yet.

I'll pay you with rib eyes every Friday night.

Yeah, that sounds fair.

CHARLIE: You'll be eating them while I'm 7,000 miles away.

Hey, I'm your representative.

What do you got, like, a 50-inch plasma there?

Uh, 60.

Sixty? Sixty?

You're turning my garage into a man cave.

I like it. Might have to come by once in a while.

Tell us something we don't know.

Everything changes, everything's the same.

♪ It's all for you ♪

♪ It's all for you ♪

♪ It's all for you. ♪
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