04x12 - Old Souls

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Wynonna Earp". Aired: April 2016 to present.
"Wynonna Earp" follows Wyatt Earp's great granddaughter as she battles demons and other creatures. With her unique abilities, and a posse of dysfunctional allies, she's the only thing that can bring the paranormal to justice.
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04x12 - Old Souls

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Previously on "Wynonna Earp"...

There's always a crisis.

I just want him to be happy.

I've lost my love.

My job.

I know your code.

One I never should've broken 'cause of what it did to us.

- My reflection.

- You de-vamped him?

I want a fresh start.

I've been meaning to introduce myself.

I'm Nicole.

- I-I owe you.

- How about you buy me that cup of coffee?

I mean it.

I swear to be bound to the Ghost River Triangle for all of my days.

Everything I love is already here.

You gonna marry me or what?

Yes, please.

Let's have ourselves a wedding!





What... what did you do?







(WAVERLY): It's here!

And just in time!


My wedding dress!

- You're getting married!

- I'm getting married!



♪ Cause I gave you all I got to give ♪ ♪ I know that ain't no way to live ♪ ♪ I told that devil to take you back ♪ ♪ I told that devil to take you back ♪


(WYNONNA): I knew it.

It's buttercream!


Does this look like buttercream to you?

Which answer's gonna make you less crazy?

- The bride-to-be is vegan.

- Yep.

- (WYNONNA): Well, buttercream's not vegan.

- Nope.

Ergo, Waverly can't eat her own wedding cake!


What if we just didn't tell her?

This isn't a secret wife, Nicole.

This is the matrimonial icing!

(SIGHING): Wynonna, I know that you want everything to be perfect but it's not gonna be.

That's okay!

That's our brand!

Not today!

Look, this is us.

Trying to pull off a wedding.

At the Homestead.

Both of Waverly's dads died here.

Save something for the wedding toast.


Hey, Waverly Earp.

I can't wait to be your wife.

Aw, I can't wait to be your wife.

Nicole was gonna serve you buttercream.

- Huh?

- I was joking.

It's basically hamburger.

There's vegan cupcakes in the freezer.

I made 'em yesterday.

Just in case.

It'll be fine, sis.

Nicole gonna wear her hair like that?

(NEDLEY): You all packed?

I got my clothes, my pillow.

Have you thought about your lures?

Nasty boys for pike and jig spin for walleye.

Ah, we don't waste time on walleye on my boat, little lady.

Honestly, I'll be happy if I land a minnow.

God, fishing!

You know I'm glad you're excited.

The only thing Chrissy ever caught was mono.



(WYNONNA): Oh my God.

It's beautiful.

What would it even feel like?


It's summer, who needs doors?


(FRANTICALLY): Grab the crystal water glasses off the cart before they break.

Forget the glasses, water the arbour!

(GRUNTING): That's definitely not vegan!




Little help?

I just saw this dress hanging in the barn, and it was just the one beautiful, perfect thing.

- And I...

- You had put it on.

Your sister's wedding dress.

On the day of her wedding.

And now I can't get it off.

Here's something to help us brainstorm.


Mmm, okay.

Wedding speech not going well?

(DOC): Oh.

Sometimes it is hard to find the right words.

If we don't get me out of this dress, there's not gonna be a wedding.

Getting you out of your clothes used to be my specialty.

Nary a zipper to be found.

I could cut it along this seam.

Sew it back together and no one would be the wiser.

You can sew?

Wynonna, some of my clothes are years old.

You look different.

These threads are enchanted.

I cannot cut through.



Oh my God.

Someone's coming.

Close the door!



Shouldn't you be getting ready for your nuptials?

Just running a few little errands first.

So to what do I owe the honour of this visit?


Wyatt Earp's saddle.

(WAVERLY): It took a while to get it properly restored but...

I should've given it to you years ago.

John Henry Holliday.

You are a good person.

Not perfect, but trying, every day to be better.

And that makes you the best man I have ever known.

And so...

I'd like you to be mine.


My best man!

What about Wynonna?


She's standing up for Nicole.

Apparently, they're best friends now.

I do not know what I did to deserve your kindness.

Just say yes?

I still have so much to do.

It would be my joy to stand by your side and watch you marry that formidable woman.



Then I'll see you in a couple of hours.

Can you believe I'm getting married?

- Okay.


- (WYNONNA): Psssst!

Ask her where she got the dress!

Oh, uh, Waverly!


Where did you buy your wedding gown?

Jeremy and I are looking to procure matching cummerbunds.


I got it at this adorably quaint little boutique down on Hogback Road.

Did she say quaint or taint?

- She does love her vintage.



You're so goth.

We get it.


- Boo.



I see my gown found you.

Yeah, my pee found your gown.

What are you supposed to be?

Some kind of knight in shining armour?

A cowboy?

- I am a g*n...

- Okay, nobody cares.

- But you.

- (WYNONNA): Hm?

You are the perfect mark.

I am nobody's mark.

I am Wynonna g*dd*mn Earp.

And you are gonna get this gown off me before he blows your brains all over this bleak freak boutique.

The dress will do its work, regardless of what you do to me.

Alright, just give us the evil spiel.



When the wedding bells chime, the slaughter will begin.

At the hand...

- What is happening?

- ... of the one.

- (DOC): Slaughter?

- ... who wears it.

What I think she's saying is I'm gonna k*ll everyone at the wedding.

Well, bing bang boom, we won't ring the bells.

Don't be so literal.

It's gauche.

Oh, don't you gauche me out of this.



Only a b*mb mori can undo the thread it has spun.

b*mb mori.


Yeah, you know the one that has the same pattern on its back as that one.

We're kind of on the clock here.

I'm just gonna sh**t you and see how it goes.

k*lling me won't stop the coming bloodshed.

So how do we k*ll the dress?

You can't.

Not without k*lling the person who wears it.

Alrighty then.


Well, I guess we gotta find some bugs and save a wedding.

Bring it on.

I found the cake topper.




- Oh.

- Mmm.

Lesbian wedding.

Uh, guys?

I misted this before I left!

Why is everything frigged up?

- Yeah.

Things have kinda gotten...

- Earped?


Yeah, it appears that way.

Well, who...

or what did this?

Don't worry, brides.

I will get to the bottom of this.

Didn't the barn used to have a door?




Of all the days!

You really thought we wouldn't know, didn't you?




Damon, really?

Isn't that a little on the nose?

What nose?

(SIGHING): Oh my gosh.

This is a wedding.

A day when we celebrate love not...




- Not here.


Neither is my wedding dress!


I don't even like that dress.

And everything wedding-y is trashed.

(BOTH): Haunted wedding dress!

(WHISPERING): I know your secret.

It's not a secret, man.

(CHUCKLING): Okay, great.

Can we just have one day where your kind isn't being shoved in our faces?

My kind?



So, you'd prefer no gays at the gay wedding which you of all people are officiating.

Oh my God, okay, let me guess, you were born that way?

Yeah, demon.


Sorry, gay demon?


Alright, I'm gonna go away from you while you sort out whatever it is you need sorting out.

And you don't get any pinwheels.


The second I saw you I had a feeling in my crotch!

- For Waverly!

- Okay.

Ooh, mama!

Did you get it?

Well, if by "it" you mean E. Coli, then probably.

You know it is entirely possible that there are no silkworms in the entire Ghost River Triangle.

Where did you, uh... Wynonna.

Are you serious with this shit?

The fog is gone.

Amon is gone.

BBD is no longer a thr*at and I am back to being just a man.


You're skipping town and you were gonna tell me in a f*cking note?

My purgatory historical kills file actually has a buttload of weddings that ended in bloodshed.

When your town has forty times the m*rder rate of a normal borough, you don't always connect the dots.

Here's another one.


The bride axed her groom to death on the foot of the chapel

- right after she'd...

- Just axed her family to death?

Then k*lled herself?

- Slit her throat.

- With the axe!

Wanna see her beautiful wedding dress?

Ooh, wait, don't tell me.

Vintage lace, inlaid sapphires in a heart?


So, we know the dress is haunted, so it's gotta be the dressmaker, right?

There's an old wedding announcement.

Check this out.

"The bride will be wearing a creation from Cursey's Bridal Boutique, designed by Ms. Brigitte Hogback.

That's definitely the weirdo who sold me the dress.


First wedding m*ssacre, .


A Miss H, left at the altar, k*lled her guests.

Well, that is a terrible way to be dunked on.

Awful enough to want to destroy every future wedding in town?

Baby, if you left me at the altar, I would f*ck shit up.

I might k*ll Nedley.

- Nicole!

- I'm kidding.

I think.

What else would you do to keep me around?

You cut and run on Wyatt.

You cut and run on Kate.

God, her shit's still in your car!

That is your shit.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised you'd cut and run on me too.

On us.

Look, if you could park your temper for even one minute...

Why, so you can explain?

We count on you.

And you were just gonna drive off in Charlene and go find a new family?

You think so little of me?

Yeah, well, that's the thing with you, right?

You get us all to believe you can be better.

That you're better.

And you're just a coward.

A coward would stay.

Instead of admitting it is high time to let go of the past and get to living.

And as far as dastards go, you are one to talk.

What is that supposed to mean?

In w*r, you are the truest hero I ever fought alongside of.

But in love, Wynonna, you are a coward.

You don't know me.

I know you as sure as I know my own heart.

And I wasn't just gonna leave a letter.

I was just trying to find the right words to say.

Prove me wrong.

Come with me.

We don't have time for this shit.

If we don't get me out of this dress, it'll be "here comes the scythe".

So that's that?

Shut up and help me paint some grubs.


- (WAVERLY): Oh!


- Oh, my God!

Guys, for the last time, nobody wants to see this.

Sorry, Jer.

We figured out what happened and then we sort of...

The spirit took us.

Oh, okay.

So you know about the...

(BOTH): Haunted wedding dress?


Uh, no.

You mean the demon caterer?

Uh, no.


- Check the m*rder-board.

Yeah, but if you're talking about our caterer, his name's Damon and he's pretty great.

Super hot, right?


Definitely hot.

And gay!

It went that well, huh?

Ugh, No!

Sorry, Jerbear!


I gotta go.

Hey, baby.

Heads up.

You sure you got this?

I'll make sand out of that witch!

Nice one.


(NICOLE): Oof!


Are you sure he's not a demon?

I gotta fix my hair.


They're in there?

Your cup runneth over with silkworms.

But how?

They're not endemic to the region.

Amazon Prime same day, baby.

Now de-dressify me.


Common Earth worms.

(CHUCKLING): Did you even try?

Have you painted a bug before?

If this is your best effort, I'd rather not see what's next.

Now, listen here, ma'am.

Yes, that is a tumbler of grubs covered in nail polish.

But it is also symbolic of the great effort that Wynonna puts into keeping her family safe.


That's actually kinda sweet.

What you have here is a cup of love.

Scratch that.

Well, love is not enough to stop your descent into a m*rder fever.

Your failure has sealed... your fate.

Failure is never irreversible and I'm living proof of that.

And if I have to paint every damn maggot on the continent to give Waverly the perfect wedding day then I will.

Sorry, um, whose wedding day is this?

Hi, guys!



What is she doing here?

Do you think she saw the dress?


That was such a rush!

That was remarkably easy.

I cannot believe that I jumped into a swamp when we could have just done that.

I was bested by regular silk and a standard removal spell.

So can I sh**t her now?

- No!

- I agree with the new girl.

No k*lling on my wedding day!

It's your wedding day?


Are you two lesbians?

- Bisexual.

- No, we are sisters.

Oh, and you're getting married?

(BOTH): No!

(SIGHING): She is marrying the Sheriff, who is a lesbian.

Then why was the aggressive one in your wedding dress?

You know what, great question, silk witch.

Because it was a magic dress.

Tell 'em, Hogback.

No, the dress does not choose.

The chooser chooses.

Throw me a frickin' bone, man.

As long as the chooser is in love.


I saw the dress hanging in the barn and I know it's stupid.

But just for a minute, I wanted to pretend I could be that kind of normal and have that kind of...


We have a... complicated history.


You want to know complicated?

This woman was left at the altar.

I'm so sorry that happened to you, Brigitte.

Everyone deserves love.

(WYNONNA): Mama's dress. Feels right, with a few Waverly modifications.


Do you think Mama would approve?

I think Mama's banging her way through Turkey.

Postcards have gotten real graphic.



- Wynonna?

- Hm?

What is it?

Oh, you know.

My baby sister's getting married.


Oh, hi.


I never knew a woman could look so beautiful in a suit.

Took some work to get the barn sex out of my hair, but...



Turns out, I'm a little nervous.

I... know I'm not supposed to interrupt the bride while she's getting ready but I thought this might come in handy.


Thank you.

But I need one more thing.


Will you walk me down the aisle?

It would just really help if you would walk beside me, like you've been doing for most of my life.


It would be my honour.

Now, pull it together, Sheriff, let's go get you hitched.

You're the best of us, baby girl.

I love you too, sis.

You look so beautiful.

Haught as hell.

Please be seated.

We are here today to celebrate the union of Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught.

Two elements, maybe working in a bar or small town police department, just minding their own business when one day, boom: they connect.

And if the right amount of magic is involved, they become something stronger than they were before.

They become love.

Please hold hands and say your vows.


My beautiful angel.

You are the smartest, and the kindest person I know.

I promise to stand by your side for all of life's adventures, and always pack a safety harness, just in case.


I promise to hold your hand when the firelight grows dim and that my love never will.

I love you.



Nicole, I thank goodness every day for that b*llet-proof vest.

Without it, I would never have known a love so strong...

and mighty.

I promise to love you.

I promise to stand beside you, as equals, for the rest of our lives.

Waverly, do you promise to love and respect Nicole for as long as you both shall live?

I do.

Nicole, do you promise to love and respect Waverly for as long as you both shall live?

I do.

Then I now pronounce you, wife and wife.

You may now kiss the bride.


(ALL): Opa!




I've never been to a wedding before.

I haven't done a lot of things, before I met you...


And now I feel like I can do anything.

But this is about Waverly and Nicole.

I didn't know what to get you guys, so I got you this.


♪ I'm wide-eyed and it's midnight ♪ ♪ I can't sleep and it don't feel right ♪ ♪ I'm caught in the shadows of your limelight ♪ ♪ I'm wide-eyed and it's midnight ♪ ♪ And all I see is you ♪ ♪ All the heads keep turning ♪ ♪ In my mind like parachutes ♪ ♪ And my heart's still burning over you ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh ♪


Nicole Rayleigh Haught.

There's no way that's your middle name.


My ginger bitch!


Best friend.

I'm so glad you finally found someone worthy of you.



Jeez, look, former invisible monster teen,

- wear a bell, will ya?

- Yeah.

- Um, so...

- Maybe?


You two work out this whole presentation ahead of time?

Please, Randy?

(SIGHING): Okay.

He can come.


there's only gonna be one kind of tent we're pitching on this trip.

- Yes, sir.

- So embarrassing.

♪ No I'll never get over you ♪



♪ No I'll never get over you ♪



♪ No I'll never get over you ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ And all the heads keep turning ♪ ♪ In my mind like parachutes ♪ ♪ My heart's still burning over you ♪ Hey, uh, Damon.


I just wanna apologize.

For trying to out me?

Or for accusing me of being some sort of demon?


Okay, well, grab the other side of this.

I didn't say stop?

Look, I wasn't gonna out you.

I'm already out.

Oh, cool, same.

I'm in the same out-ness as you.


You share the same terrible, demonic secret?



Well, obviously something was weird here today, but apology accepted.

- I'm Bunny Loblaw's nephew.

- Ah.

My forgiveness muscle is taut as hell.


Cool, well, uh, it's great to meet you.

Gay you... later.

- Wait.

- Yeah?

What was that thing about you feeling something in your crotch when you saw me?

No, uh, no, that's like a long story.

No, not that long.

Just like average size.



You had me at enthusiastic.

Why don't we start over?


Tomorrow night?


You should probably actually get that.

Yeah, sorry.

Hello, what is so g*dd*mn important?

- (WOMAN): Deputy Chief Chetri?

- No, it's Agent Chetri.

Not anymore. Black Badge needs you back and running the whole Ghost River Triangle. First thing Monday. I, um, I can't do Monday.

I have a date.

Well, congratulations. On all of it.

See you Tuesday.
Alright, we get it.

You're a good poker player.

Starting to think you're not bluffing.

I have to move forward.

My spurs are covered in dust.

Besides I wanna see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

What do you w... do you want me to beg?

That is beneath us both.

Maybe a little.

I told you a lie when we first met.

All those years at the bottom of a well.

Yes, vengeance drove my thinking.

Kept me alive, and gave me a purpose.

But when it was dark and I was scared, and I have been scared for a long time, Wynonna, I mostly thought about love.

They say life is short.

But it is long.

And it is lonely.

So if you manage to find a group of souls who will tolerate you and elevate you, Oh, and one...

and one who will especially love you.

Well, that is all it's about.

That is what the fight is really for.


I can't leave her.

Then you do know of what I speak.

I keep telling you we're the same.

You are without a doubt the best Earp that I have ever had the privilege of calling...




I'm sorry.

For all the ways I hurt you.

We only ever really hurt ourselves, Wynonna.

I wouldn't have changed a note.

A-a-and you said no.

I did.

To Doc Holliday.

The Doc Holliday.

Was he not wearing his hat?

He has changed.

But also done some like terrible things.

- (RACHEL): So have you.

To Doc.

- Yes, I know, but I don't have to sleep with him.


- Guys, it's for the best.

- (NICOLE): Yeah.

- You two have always been...

- Extremely hot.



My fourth favourite Britney song.

What are we talking about?


You better hurry, you're gonna miss him!

Wynonna turned Doc down.

Doc Holliday?

I am the Earp heir.

I'm the only one who can wield Peacemaker.

I can't leave the Ghost River Triangle.

Uh, the f*ck you can't.



Don't you "ow" me.

And you lot.

Letting Wynonna mess up her life, again, for us!

f*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you!

Not you, sweetie pie.

- Waverly.

- Nope!

Ow, ow, ow, okay, ow!

Ow, ow, ow, ow!

What do we got here?

What are you doing?

- Okay.

- What're you in my nick-nacks for?

How do you have like bras and one pair of panties?


I am...

not going.

Wynonna Earp.

Do you want to go?

- I want to protect you.



Do not put this on me.


(SIGHING): You need to stop thinking you're the only person who can handle this place.

You need to stop acting like you're alone!

And you need to stop punishing yourself.

- Okay.

- But, Peacemaker.

- And...

- Put them on.

The whole...

the whole thing.

Nicole is the Angel's Shield and the Sheriff.

She's gonna do things differently this time.

Humans, demons we all have to figure out a way to live here together.

Oh, and Jeremy's the new Deputy Director of Black Badge now!

(SOFTLY): Wow.

Go Jer.

We'll be okay, Wynonna.

Henry and I are not always good together.

Yeah, it's been messy.

But you love him.

Oh f*ck, I do.

That cowboy became a cow-man for you.

He's tried.

Now, it's your turn, Wynonna.

My biggest fear used to be that you'd...

(VOICE TREMBLING): ... that you'd never come back.

That you'd never get to know the real me.

But now I know, you always will, Wynonna.

Not only because you're the f*cking hero we need.

When we need you.

But because this is your home.

It says so, right out there on the mailbox.

You're my whole heart, Waverly.

We have cell phones, ding dong.

- Yeah!



Okay, I can give you a police escort!

Well, I'm more worried about...


Perfect timing, old girl.



Less screaming!

- Nedley!

Get the jumper cables!

- Alright!

(RACHEL): They're in the cellar, let's go!

Let's go!

Oh no, oh my gosh!

He's almost at the border!

You installed a tracker on Doc's phone?


I didn't want to miss when he posts his first TikTok.

Plus I worry that he drives too fast.

Can't leave without this!

Nicole, it's like degrees out.

- Fashion first, bitch.

- Oh my God.

He is going in a zone.

I'll never catch up.

Unless I take the back roads.



- Did you just sh**t Charlene?

- Yeah.


Did you really think you could leave without me?


I love you, Doc.

I love you in that bottom of a deep dark well way.

(WHISPERING): I love your face and your butt and your drawl and your heart.

And I love the way you love my sister.

And I love the way you love me.

I do love you.

Well, that's good.


You k*lled my car.

I'm not driving to Cleveland in that piece of shit.

But you're coming with me?

Read the room, dingus.


It's been a long time since I travelled light.



That's quite the itinerary.

Think we have time for a pit stop in Miracles, Montana?

What is in Miracles, Montana?


Do you think she'll recognize us?

Yeah, I'd take that bet.

I'm all in.





She'll be back.

I know.

Do you wish it was us?

Going on a big adventure, travelling the world on a sexy chic honeymoon?


Hard pass.

I'm where I've always wanted to be.


With my wife.




Everyone has a very hopeful ending, something to look forward to, which is so beautiful.

It's just so nice to see everyone is in a happy place.

I think it's everything...

I've ever wanted for them, for all of the characters.

I think and I hope it will elicit that same reaction for fans.

It's the happiest I've been since the beginning of the show.

There's no doubt.

I read it, and I was just... happy.

Everything comes together, and I think we did something...

really special.


I just think...

finally getting permission to...

... to let herself be loved is what the part of...

a huge part of her journey and her demons.


♪♪ TIM: Well, you know, we waited four years to get here, but I think we all deserve it.

We are at the WayHaught wedding.

♪♪ KATHERINE: When we walked out, and we, like, Dom and Kat, saw the way the art department and all the...

like, all the departments had come together.

And costumes and just seeing the homestead.

'Cause we have talked about it and thought about it quite a bit.

DOMINIQUE: It was exactly what I had imagined.

I think we're all just quite emotional.

I think, um...

we're feeling everything and...

We actually started the wedding stuff yesterday, but today it's... it's really getting into all the reception and...

and the loving everybody...

there's so much love and hope and, um...

and I think it's bringing up a lot of nice feelings for all of us.

- DIRECTOR: Action!

- It'll be fine, sis.

Is Nicole going to wear her hair like that?

DOMINIQUE: One thing I would say that I loved about this, the way it was written, is, traditionally, you might think that Waverly would have been the one who was fretting, and they decided to race.

Nicole maybe was a little more nervous, and certainly Wynonna was having a right stress


- 'cause, like, she was the bridezilla.

MELANIE: That's my favorite part, one of my favorite parts of the episode, because it's, like, funny but it's also just, first of all, unexpected that Wynonna would be the one freaking out, but also, like, so many bad things have happened at the homestead.




There's so much bad there, and so I think, for Wynonna, it's like everything must go perfectly.

Like, take no chances.

Everything has to go well for Waverly.

There is no room for error here.

So that when error occurs, it's just, like, perf...

of course it did.

A little help?

She tries on the dress.

Like, that's such a, like, a vulnerable different character moment for her.

It's, like, someone who probably never pictured being married at all, and then in that moment, just takes that dress

- and puts it on.

It's so vulnerable.

- Was it the spell?

- Oh.

- Was it?


It's this guy.

- Who knows?

- Oh, fine.

Maybe not.

And... action!

I just want to apologize.

For trying to out me?

Or for accusing me of being some sort of demon?

VARUN: Jeremy is really excited to move on.

It's a symbolic thing that he even entertains dating somebody else.


It's really tough for him, I think, 'cause he felt a lot of guilt about the whole thing.

I mean, that's all he was racked with the whole time.

And for him to want to go on a date with somebody else just hints at the, you know, he's ready to move on and that he's forgiving himself in some capacity.

Maybe not completely, but...

but that he's willing to.

So it was a really hopeful, nice moment.

And also to get, like, being the head of BBD is icing on the cake.

'Cause I don't know what that guy will do as the head of BBD.

Like, I don't think he commands very much authority, but...

- Maybe?

- I think he does.

- Oh, yeah.

- He's not intimidating, though.

Is he?

- Mm, his intelligence, I think, would be.

- Yeah.

- Absolutely.

- And his chest.

He's been doing a lot of push-ups this year.

He looks great.

Did you see him in that turquoise shirt?


Looking good.

Thanks, Tim.

Always looking out for me.

♪♪ I remember I said to you, like, you know, when everything came together, and they all marry together so beautifully, like, the sensation I had was Waverly would be so happy right now.

And that is the nicest feeling in the world

- 'cause you just feel so happy for the characters.

- Yep.

Everyone walking down the aisle and looking back at the characters, and then I would look at people and see the actor and my friend,

- and their journey and our journey.

- Yes.

- And, like, it was just so much.


And every time I felt like I needed a little boost, I could

- just look at a different person.

- TIM: And when I saw the chairs

- with Dolls and the other characters,


you're, like, "Wow".

And just the name tags.

Uh, it was beautiful.

You were so connected that even on...

when it wasn't your coverage, when you weren't there, were... you were so in that moment 'cause you know how important it took these characters to get to this moment.

And the two of you... and I was like, "This is just awesome".

MELANIE: They played it so beautifully, and they were so...

divinely engaged with each other,

- Kat and Dom,

- TIM: Yeah.

so when you're watching them it was, like, it was so pure and hopeful.

That's a great word for that whole episode.

It's hopeful.

ALL: Opa!

RACHEL: This is about Waverly and Nicole.

I didn't know what to get you guys, so I got you this.

When she...

kind of goes up there, and she's like, "I've never done anything until I met you heroes, like this group of people".

For me that means a lot as well because I'm, like, I'm so grateful to, you know, come in and be part of this family 'cause everyone, like, the cast and the crew have been so...

welcoming and so...

For me I was like, "This is it.

I-I'm done.

I'm just going to start bawling, and I'm not going to stop", which was literally me for the rest of that day.

The emotion that you genuinely had, like, you-you can't...

you can't buy that.

Like, it was just so real, and I-I believed every second.

I think that's why we were all so touch by it.

It was just so, like...

I believe everything that's coming out of your mouth, like, um, and the reasons that you would be emotional as Rachel, I think, made perfect sense.

MARTINA: Yeah, I mean, she's talking to these people who pretty much gave her a home, and are her kind of newfound family. And also we were just, like, "How are you this good?" It was so good.

It was so good.

♪♪ ♪ No, I'll never get over you ♪ ♪ Ooh... ♪

TIM: I thought it was over.

When I read the script, that's what I thought.

I thought it was over.

And, uh, I was sad.

I still thought it was beautiful, oddly enough.

I said...

I mean, 'cause at the end of the day, you know, she's Wynonna, like, she's, like, you know, like, it's not easy for Wynonna, her choices aren't easy.

If she chooses Wynonna, I mean...

you've got to kind of understand it, too.

So when I read it, and then that was the end, I was...

I was sad.

I was like, "Damn".

And then when I read she sh**t his tires a couple pages later, I was pretty happy.

I just loved when we were sh**ting that...


that nothing was going right.

Except us.

Like, our acting was on point.


But, like, the car died...

the car died.

Um, so they had to push it down a hill to try to start it.

Everybody was like...

we're going to sh**t...

he drives away and the car won't start, and the camera fell off the Movi, like, it was, like, everything in Wynonna was happening outside, like, everything was like, "Don't go, please".

I can't say it, so I'm going to send the wind and I'm going to make your car stop.

- And there's going to be deer attacking, like...

- Wow.

It was just, like, it was, like, everything Wynonna couldn't say the world was trying to do.

It's also very smart what I just said.


A hundred percent.

♪♪ TIM: I'm also trying to accept the fact inside my brain and my heart and everything that I've got to say goodbye to...

not only my character but, uh...

the feelings my character has for...

Wynonna and everything.

So there's another layer underneath all these things.

MELANIE: I think that was part of her...


to love herself enough to... to be loved by someone else.

So I think it finally took, um...

I think it was, like, a combination of everything... but the wedding and...

seeing all this love and hope, and...

Yeah, I just think...

finally getting permission to...

to let herself be loved was the part of... a huge part of her journey and her demons.


- Letting go.

- Hmm.

But you're coming with me?

Read the room, dingus.

TIM: This year it's all about letting go and just...

being free and then...

getting on the back of the bike, holding on to the woman he loves and driving off to go find their kid.

There's only one destination: let's go get our girl.

♪♪ I'm the girl...

with the big-ass g*n.

I'm going to blow you all to Hell.

This is the season that everybody

- fought so hard to get.

- So much fight had gone into it.


We all fought for it so hard, and I'm saying "we", I'm talking about the community.

Heroes always win.

TIM: Emily, man.

Like, you did it.

You just... you told such a beautiful story.

The wedding is, I mean, it's the endgame.

You know what I mean?

To me it's better than The Avengers movie.

Who cares?

Almost every scene is just this-this moment of us coming together and, like, taking stock of what we've accomplished, and where we're at, and filling us with hope, and, you know, saying goodbye.

I need you to know that I've never loved anyone the way that I love you.

There's absolutely nothing that we could've added, really, like, it really has come together in such an amazing way, and I'm so happy, considering the fight that everybody went through, that this is what we've managed to put together.

For what it's worth, I couldn't be happier and prouder, so...

that's all you can do.

NICOLE: I'm where I've always wanted to be...



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