01x10 - Must/Can't

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "The Outsider". Aired: January 2020 to March 2020.
Investigators are confounded over an unspeakable crime that's been committed.
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01x10 - Must/Can't

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From now on, we have to assume that whatever Claude sees and hears, it sees and hears.

You asked me where my people are buried around here.

The old Bear Cave.

It's been sealed since 1947.

He's in there. We found him.

We're gonna be back in a couple of hours.

It's not right. Not telling them that that thing's out there.

What if it doesn't cotton to being contained?

Then we k*ll it before it can k*ll us.

What if it can't be k*lled?

Do you know what you just did?

I know what I just did.

I gave you the heads up of your life.

He's in my head, Seale.

So, you just told that thing that all of those people are coming for it.

There you go!

Jesus Christ! f*ck!

We gotta get outta here.

And go where? I don't know.

Just to get the f*ck outta here.

Who's the sh**t?


We can talk about this!

Motherf... !

No, no, no. Come on, come on!

Ah! Goddammit! Take this! Take this!


Is that f*cking Howie?


Oh, yeah, get in there.

Jesus Christ! Keep going! Keep going!

Is that Pelley? Go! Go! Just go!

Go! Get the f*ck out!

Move! Jesus Christ!

Oh, my God!

Hey, Seale, what the hell you doin', man?


Oh, no! Get off!

Go! Go, go! Go now! Go now!

Seale! Seale, whatcha doin', man?

Get back here!

Hey, Seale, get back here!

I got you.




I see you!

Oh, shit!


Get up! Get up!

Up, up... Get up, up, up, up. We don't have... Go! Go!

Oh, shit.


Let's get the f*ck outta here!

Oh, shit!

Seale! Claude!

Don't go out! Damn it! Don't!




Oh, God, man.

They got him good, man. Oh, shit!


Oh! Oh, shit!

Oh, man.

f*cking hurts to be sh*t, man. f*cking hurts.

Yeah. With the slugs he's using, you're lucky you didn't get your arm taken off.

Hurts to get sh*t. You know what...

If we could just get some f*cking bars!

Don't even think about it.

Hey, when the GIs were getting chewed up on the beaches on D-Day, you know what they're told?

Um... Uh... Ad... Advance or die.

Or something like that. That's f*cking right.

Can you f*re lefty?

Yeah, that's about all I can do.

Take this! Take this! No! No! No, no, no!


What the hell is he doing?

I don't f*cking kn... I think he's going to get reception.

Ah, Jesus, man. Why couldn't you stay where you are?

Son of a...



Go, Andy! Go!

One... two... boom!

f*ck! Just go!



Go! Go, Andy!

Go, go, go!

What happened?

Andy! No!

No, no!

No! No, no, no! Holly, no! No, go back!

I'll get him. I'll get him. Go! No!

Go back!


Mother nature!




Holly! Holly, get back here!

f*ck! What the f*ck is she doing?

Holly, get back here!


Get back here!

Damn you to hell!

Oh, he definitely will.



f*ck you!

No more.

Come at me, f*ck.



Come on, come on.

Jack's done.

Tell Sablo to save his amm*nit*on, and tell him to stop sh**ting. It's...

It's splitting my head in two.

It's time.

You're gonna be all right out here by yourself?

I'll be fine. You be careful.


Put it down, Jack.

Jack, just put it down, man.

It's in there.

k*ll it.


Watch out.

You okay?

Yeah... Yeah, yes.

Uh, better be careful.


He can be k*lled.

How's that? He's scared of falling.

Like us.

He's feeding.

Breadcrumbs from hell.


He was in a frenzy.

Holly. Hmm?


This is where it happened.

They're all in there.

Must have been going crazy trying to get to them.

Holly. Hmm?

See it?

The light?

Watch your step coming in.

It's very slippery.

Stay close to the walls in case you need to grab onto something.

You haven't come all this way just to turn back now, have you?

Well, howdy there, Sheriff.

And you must be the lovely Miss Holly.

Claude doesn't know your last name, but he thinks about you all the time.

It's Gibney.

Holly Gibney.

It's you I have to thank for this situation I find myself in, ain't it?

I wanna know what made it so easy for you to believe in me, and how on earth did she manage to convince a cowpoke like you, Sheriff.

What are you?

What is your name? Oh... you know.

Where did you come from?

I don't remember. What is your nature?

We're not very good answering each other's questions, are we?

Are there more of you? Why?

Have you seen someone like me before?

Are there others?

'Cause there have been times when I... sense there could be more... Shut up.

You really gon' pull that trigger, Sheriff?

Well, you go ahead and do it... if you don't mind dying.

Will the real Claude Bolton please stand up?

You see? Step back!

Stop yelling.

They're here, you know. The d*ad.

The rescuers that couldn't even rescue themselves.

But... you couldn't get to them, could you?

Well, it don't matter. I still feel their presence.

Especially the four Boltons. They give off such a glow.


They're the blood that I'm becoming.

It feels like... like I'm being entered.

And what enters me, fills me.

You have no idea what it feels like to have all of that emotion inside of me.

Why children? Stop asking him questions!

I eat to survive, just like you.

Shut up. Why children?

'Cause they taste the sweetest.

f*ck! Stop!

He's poison.

I can't let you leave.

You know that, right?


We're the ones who can't let you leave.

Jack left one of us out there.

He knows we're in here and he knows what you are.

He'll send more.

I see.

But I need to eat.


Put the g*n down.

Don't sh**t.

Don't sh**t. If you sh**t, the whole chamber will fall on our heads.

Hey, Claude.

Just take your finger off the trigger, okay?

Claude, just...

Just look at us.

Just look at us.

That's it.

Now... Now put the g*n down.

Oh, my God.

It's collapsing.

Move! Now! Now! Holly!



Cover your head! Tuck your head!


Over here.


I can't move. Hold on... Oh, shit.

Okay. Um...


Three, two, one. Yeah. Okay.

You got it?

Oh, man.

You okay? Yeah, I'll live.

Told you not to sh**t.

Okay. We'll be back in a moment, okay? Hold tight.

All right.

Ah, f*ck.


Do you have some kind of knife?


Yeah, Holly. Leave it. Leave it. Leave it.

If we were ever to claim that this thing k*lled Frankie Peterson, they'll write us off as loons.

Terry's name will never be cleared.

Who's Terry?

Did I k*ll him?

Yeah. Yeah.

Okay, buddy.

We do this on three, yeah? Mm-hmm.

Okay. Three, two, one. Two, one.

Ooh-ooh-ooh. Ah, shit.

Watch your head. All right.


Ah, man.

What's wrong?

Nothing, I'll catch up. Okay.

Now look at you playing possum.

How I know?

What's left of your heart.

Whatever it's called, it's still pumpin'.

Otherwise, you got nothin' comin' out.


I didn't know whether or not you could be k*lled.

I thought you could be like anyone else, but...

I'm not so sure anymore.

I know that, uh, this knife's certainly... isn't doing the trick. Here's how I see it.

You're weak. You're getting weaker.

You can't run.

You can't hide.

You can't hunt, which means you can't feed and fill yourself.

There's nothing stopping me from just walking outta here right now, come back with a bus load of tourists and just watch them f*cking push each other out of the way, desperate, trying to get the best angle of what's left of your f*cking face.

And then comes the ever curious scientific community.

They're gonna be real interested in you.

Poking, probing, injecting, extracting.

They'll cut little pieces of you off, take it back to the lab.

Just keep f*cking carving you and carving you and carving you until...

Yeah, you wouldn't want that, would ya?

And it would serve our purposes much better... if no one ever knew that you ever existed.

So... you gotta go.

He, uh...

He came here to be with me.

That was the only reason.

Holly, the locals could appear at any stage.

We need to talk pretty fast.

Get our story straight.

Lieutenant Sablo from GBI.

Hayes. Hayes, it's Sablo.

We're down here in Cecil, Tennessee.

There was a sh**t in the parking lot.

The gift shop, Alec Pelley's d*ad.

Howie Salomon is d*ad.

Jack Hoskins is d*ad.

They're d*ad?

The sh**t was a cop.

One of your own.

But he didn't act alone.

In fact, he was compelled to k*ll by someone else.

Like... he had an accomplice?

No, I'm saying Hoskins was the accomplice.

The alpha who I believe k*lled Frankie Peterson is still out there.

He attempted to grab another boy down here two nights ago.

He got away, but we got him on video, so I'm gonna send you the link.

Wait, wait, wait. Hold on, just, uh...

It's nobody's fault, okay?

But I believe certain decisions coming out of your office need to be revisited. Wouldn't you agree?

So, Seale Bolton receives a phone call from an unknown individual who says he works with me.

This individual claims to have knowledge of the whereabouts of a more likely suspect in the Frankie Peterson m*rder.

You wanna tell me what happened, Claude?

I already told you. Well, I'd like to hear it again.

Detective Sablo and Anderson, they came to interview me when the Cherokee County DA was considering reopening the Frank Peterson homicide.

Why you?

Because I identified the man they arrested for it, Terry Maitland, when he walked into the Peach Crease, covered in blood.

But the more you thought about it...

Well, the more I thought about it, the more I... I realized I made a mistake. It wasn't him.

It was just someone who looked a little like him. That's all.

Witnesses from the Peterson homicide.

I need the transcripts from the interviews.

This caller, did he specifically tell you where to find him?

Yeah, the abandoned souvenir shop on the side of that hill, so we went to investigate. You went there?

Yeah. My assumption is that he's there to take out Claude Bolton, who he perceives as a thr*at.

Him being Jack Hoskins.

The detective from your squad who's been in the wind for kidnapping, attempted m*rder.

The same.

Yeah, so, I, uh... interpreted the phone call as being made to set up an ambush.

Frankly, I thought the whole thing was gonna turn out to be bullshit.

Was wrong.

How long they gonna keep my brother's body for?

Hopefully not for too long.

Well, how long is not too long?

Claude, tell me about the phone call.

March 3rd through the 7th, Maitland's last visit to see his father, um...

On my investigation, I encountered Mr. Katcavage, uh... former Dayton PD detective who had worked dozens of homicides over the years. I found him...

I found him, uh, highly competent, so I recommended that my employer... hire him as part of the team.

Hey, darlin', it's me.

So if we're gonna pull this off, Jeannie, there's something I need you to do.

Thank you. Thank you.

Whether you accept or reject the reality of that thing, it's not important right now. What is important... is that when they ask you, and they will definitely ask you about that meeting with Holly Gibney, please don't mention anything about shape shifters or El Cuco or anything that might sound supernatural.



I can do that.

What I've come to tell you today, Mrs. Maitland...

is that there have been certain developments in the Frankie Peterson homicide case.

Some new avenues of inquiry have opened.

We're reopening the case.

What about your slam dunk forensics?

Well, we reexamined the perp DNA we got from the crime scene and discovered that what we actually had was a mixture of samples, perp and the victim, which makes it unreliable in court.

Girls, I need you to go upstairs, please.

On Monday, I'm holding a press conference to announce the reopening of the investigation... and to officially go on record regarding the dropping of charges against Terry Maitland.

Your family has suffered enough, and I just want to do whatever I...

Because of your pending lawsuits against me and my office...

I have to refrain from telling you what is in my heart.

I completely understand.

Was he mean to you?

No, my love, he wasn't mean to me.

Flying or driving?


About ten hours, right? Chicago?

Yeah. Ten hours?

I have a couple of stops I have to make along the way.

You know, I wouldn't mind teaming up again, the opportunity ever arose.

I mean, preferably on something simple like a gangland triple homicide. Something like that.

When I was in the caves, El Cuco asked me, uh, why I was so open to believing in its existence.

My father was ex-military and when I was little, he would say, "A man knows a man."

Well, if I had the time to think in that cave and the inclination to answer that thing, I would have said...

"An outsider knows an outsider."

Holly. What else is out there?

I never told you, but...

I saw Derek.

He... spoke to me.

What did he say? Well, it... it wasn't Derek, so...

Ralph... Tell me what he said. Just humor me.

He said that I need to let him go.

Let him go?

Well, fat chance of that.

I don't know.

I like to think the way this whole experience... cracked the world open.

Maybe the next time he appears, maybe it's gonna be the real Derek.

Or maybe after a few years pass, many more years, we'll just go visit him.



"Get Out and Get It". That's Devon Gilfillian.

Before that, Janis Joplin with "Get It While You Can", and a song of the same name by Robert Finley right before that on the show.

Now, here's an obscure little gem for all your audiophiles out there.

This is a Dixieland revival romp, peaking at number two on the Billboard Hot 100, 1963, and it's one of my personal favorites.

Here it is.
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