01x08 - After

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Defending Jacob". Aired: April 24 – May 29, 2020
Assistant district attorney finds himself torn between his sworn duty to uphold the law and the love for his son.
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01x08 - After

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Yeah. Hey, Joanna.

No, it's okay.

What's going on?






It's over.

-He confessed.


-I don't...
-Joanna just called.

Leonard Patz hung himself last night.

He left a note for the Rifkins.
It's a full confession.

The cops just confirmed his handwriting.

Are you sure?


I know it doesn't feel real, but it is.

Joanna's moving for a dismissal
first thing this morning.

Oh, my God.

I was so... I thought--


Doesn't matter now.

It's over.


Wake up, buddy.

We got something to tell you.

Court, all rise.

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye.

The Honorable Judge French presiding.

This court's now open. Please be seated.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
at 8:00 a.m. this morning,

the Commonwealth filed a nolle prosequi
announcing its decision

to drop the charges
against the defendant, Jacob Barber.

This is a response
to recent developments in the case

you, no doubt,
will be learning of shortly.

The defendant will please rise.

Young man, I'm sure you're anxious
to get out of here.

So let me be the first to say to you

the words you and your family are,
no doubt, longing to hear.

Jacob Barber, you are now a free man.

Jacob Owen Barber,
in the matter of indictment 08-44-07,

it is ordered by the court that you be
discharged of this indictment

and go without day.

Bail posted shall be returned
to the surety. Case dismissed.

We're gonna conduct an internal review

and issue a more detailed statement
at that time.

Right now, I only want
to express my heartfelt regret

at what both the Rifkin family
and the Barber family have had to endure

and my hope that they both find
some solace in a just outcome.

Thank you. No questions.

we are thrilled with this outcome.

But as you can imagine,
this family has been through a lot.

So we're gonna ask
that you respect their privacy

and allow them to process this ordeal.
Thank you very much.

Jacob, how do you feel?


Mr. Barber, will you be taking
civil action against the department?

Mrs. Barber, Mrs. Barber, this way!

-Joanna, I don't even have the words.
-Oh, please.

Andy's right. We couldn't have
gotten through any of this without you.

The best I could've done
was a verdict of not guilty.

This is a thousand times better.

This is proof of innocence.

-Congratulations, young man.
-Thank you, Joanna.

I know that this has been rough for you.

But I think that someday
you're gonna realize

that you have experienced something
that very few people ever have.


-I know it was you.
-Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

I know it was you! I know it! I know it!

-Let me go!
-Are you okay?

What do you want me to do with this guy?
Want me to hold him for the cops or what?



Let him go.


Come on. Get outta here.

He didn't do it, Dan.

You okay, kid?

Who the hell are you?

I'm an old friend of your pop's.
He asked me to look out for you.

Congratulations, by the way.

I guess it was your lucky day, huh, kid?

Get in the car.

I'll call you later.

Thank you.

Anything for old Billy.

Make sure
you give your old man my best, okay?

You're a free man. Attaboy!

Give us a smile, Jacob. A smile.

We're seeing our first images
of the Barber family

as they return to their home
in Newton, Massachusetts

after a remarkable turn of events
in the courtroom.

A trial that has captivated
so many people.

As you can see, there are smiles
on their faces, and who could blame them?

The Barber family can finally
spend some time together

as they celebrate
today's courtroom decision.

I remember that day so clearly.

It all felt so unreal.

It was real.

Of course.

So then? What?

Life just went back to normal?


There was no normal to go back to.

It was just before...

and after.

Hey, honey.
I'm gonna make some coffee. You want some?


What's going on?

That day in court,

when Derek read the story,
I was so sure.

In some crazy way, I was almost relieved.

I thought, "At least now I know."

What kind of mother
would think that about her child?

You were under a ton of stress.
We both were.

That story shook me up too.
More than I let on.

You just gotta let it go.

I'm trying.

One thing we knew for sure was that
there was nothing left for us here.

We knew we wanted to start over.
We just had to figure out where.

Laurie got a job offer in Colorado.

She was intrigued.
She just wanted to take it slow.

We figured this story
would follow us everywhere so...

why not get our feet wet here...

where we were wanted least of all.

-Thank you.
-Okay, be right there.

So I got a call from Claudia Hoffman
today confirming our reservation.

For what?

Oh. God, I completely forgot.


Wow. Felt like forever ago.

Should've heard how nervous
she sounded on the phone.

Yeah, I bet.

Well, it's Christmas week, so if we
wanna cancel, we need to do it now.

I say we go.

Please do not.

Don't do that.

Hey. Finish your dinner.

So, how are you?


You knew we had to have
this conversation sooner or later.

I mean, I suppose
we could've done it on the phone, but--

No, no, it's...

I don't mind.

It's good to see you.

You too, Andy.

Look, I know we can't undo
what we put you through.

I just hope you understand
the position I was in.

You were doing your job.

Anyway, I just want you to know

how much I appreciate the way you've
handled yourself through all of this.

-I didn't do anything.

But you could've made life very hard
for me and you didn't.

So, thank you.

The last of your stuff.

I kept meaning to send it to you,

but I guess I was just trying to
postpone the inevitable.

You know, you could just stay.

Is that something you would ever consider?
Coming back?

No. Not really.

If I said Neal Logiudice is thinking about
transitioning to the private sector.

It's not about that.

I just can't do it anymore.

Not after being on the other side.

You sure?

Yeah. Very.

All right. Fair enough.

I had to ask.

For what it's worth, I think you should
try and hang on to Neal.

Good lawyer.

Picked up a few bad habits,
but maybe this was a wake-up call for him.

Right. Well, either way,
I'm gonna keep you on the payroll

until you figure out your next move,

so you should take
however long you need.

I intend to.

All right.

-Well, you'll give Laurie my best?
-Of course.

Oh, I almost forgot. The cops finally
wrapped up the Patz investigation.

I thought they already had.

I don't know. I guess there were
a few things that didn't totally add up.

Some minor details.
You know how these things are.

But it's closed now.
I thought you'd wanna know.

Yeah. Thank you.

You don't wanna be a tough guy tonight,
believe me.


How'd it go with Lynn?

It's fine. She sends her best.

Yeah, right.

Do you like this one?

Yeah. Yeah, it's nice.

They have it at the mall in Worcester.

It's a drive.

But I was thinking I could take Jake
with me tomorrow, make a day of it.

He's outgrown all his swim stuff.

Wanna join? You could use a new suit too.

No, I actually have that Skype
with the firm in Boulder.

Really? That's great.

Yeah. Yeah, we'll see.

What about this one?
Not in pink. Just the style.

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

It's nice.

Yeah. That's what I'm talking about.

Come on.

Did you do it?

Do what?

Father O'Leary, your buddy.

O'Leary? Never heard of him.


He did a bid in here with you.

A lot of guys come through here.

Just tell me.

I just told you.
I don't know what you're talking about--

Don't f*cking lie to me!

-Hey, man, I'm trying to talk here.
-Wanna keep it down, man?

I read the police report from
the crime scene at Patz's apartment.

Yeah, the kiddie-raper?

What about him?

Jesus Christ.

You did it. Didn't you?

I still don't know
what you're talking about.

The neighbors said they saw a car
hanging out around the complex that night.

An old Lincoln.

No plates.

She thought it was black, but it was
too dark outside to know for sure.

Is that supposed to mean something to me?

You know exactly what it means.

I don't know shit.

Except some piece
of human f*cking garbage got his.

I don't know
what you're so broken up about.

One less animal in the world.

We didn't need you.

You sure about that?

Kid practically confessed.

He was innocent.

I don't give a shit.

I don't care if he did it or not.

You want your kid to spend
the rest of his life

in some f*cking place like this?

This f*cking grave?

Now, I'm not saying I even know
what you're talking about here,

but it sounds like whatever happened...

was for the best.

And if you can't see that...

maybe you're not as smart
as I thought you were.

I can't... I can't let you--

Careful, boy.

You wanna throw him back to the wolves?

Tell the cops this crazy f*cking story.

Maybe they believe you.

And then what?

You can be a good man.

Or you can be a good father.

Me, I'm neither.

I know that.

But you get to choose.

It's been good seeing you, son.

Gettin' to know you a little.

I know this is probably it
for you and me.


tell the boy...

if he ever wants to meet his grandpa...

he knows where to find me.

-Oh, my God. That is so gross.
-Hey, Dad.

Hey. How was your Skype?

They had to reschedule.

Oh, that's annoying.
You could've come with us.

Hey, tell your dad
that one you just told me.

Why was the cannibal
disappointed by the restaurant?


It's called Five Guys.

You eaten?

No, not yet.

Did you try it on?

The swimsuit I bought you.



I like it.

You told me you like it. Does it fit?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It fits great.
Thank you.

Jake thought it'd be funny
if I bought you a Speedo.

You okay?

Yeah. Why?

I don't know. You seemed
kind of out of it tonight, even at dinner.

Well, I'm fine. Just...

Just got a lot on my mind.

Like what?

The move and career.

And what about it?

I don't know. Just part of me feels like
we should get out now, you know?

It doesn't have to be Colorado.
We can go anywhere.

I thought you like Colorado.

-No, I do. I like Colorado.
-We don't have to go there.

It's not that. I just--

I think I'm ready.

All the waiting around
is just getting to me. That's all.


I think I'm ready too.

When we get back, we can put
the house on the market, make a plan.



I wish you'd said something sooner.

Well, I didn't want to rush you.

Doesn't mean we couldn't talk about it.

We agreed. This is how it's gonna be now.

No more secrets.

It's "FUNintheSUN."


The Wi-Fi password.

It's "FUNintheSUN." All one word.

"Fun" and "sun" are in caps.

Thank you.

Can I ask?

Are you... Jacob Barber?



I mean, I thought so,
but I wasn't entirely sure.

It must be kind of weird
getting recognized.

Andy, look.

Yeah, I bet.

All set.

Thank you.

So how was Mexico?

It was everything we hoped for.

It was paradise.


Stop it. It's embarrassing.

You just seem so content.

I am.

I'm gonna grab another one of these.
You want one?

Seriously? It's not even noon.

Andy, look.

She seems so sweet.

I've always liked that name, "Hope."

Apparently, she's an older woman.

You said you met the mom?

Yeah, at the fitness center.
They're from Toronto.

And... she knows?

I have to assume.

Seemed okay with it.

Sure you don't want another one?

Maybe later.

Let's talk about Hope Connors...

the girl that Jacob met at the hotel.

From what I understand,
they spent a lot of time together.


She posted a picture of the two of them.

Caused a lot of excitement back home.

I guess Jacob was something
of a celebrity.

Do you know if they spoke about his case?

I have no idea.

But it's possible.

He may have even confided in her.

I just said I had no idea.

And there was nothing to confide.

Tell me about New Year's Eve.

So it's a party?

It's more like a bonfire, I think.
It's just down the beach.

But past the hotel?

Yeah, but, I mean, just past.

Hope says it's really close.

Her parents are okay with it?

Yeah. I don't think
we'll be out that late anyways.

Oh, I know you won't.

So, then... yes?

You need to text us when you get there
and when you leave. Understand?


I mean it.

Yes. Thanks.

It was...

Danny something.

With the big glasses. Harkaway?

-Harkavey! Yes!

-Didn't he work for DWP?
-Yeah, he did.

And anytime anybody asked, he'd say,
"I clean the water that you drink."

Oh, my God.

God, he was so weird.

That was such a great apartment though.

Feels like a lifetime ago.

It really does.

We're here.

We made it.

Should I order another bottle?

Only if we can bring it up to the room.

You sure that's when it was?

It wasn't. I know it was on our honeymoon
because I was already--


I thought you were gonna text us
before you left.

Yeah. Sorry, I forgot.

You guys have fun at the party?

She was more into it than me.

-How was dinner?
-It was really nice.

Didn't you have your white shirt on?

I left it at the beach by accident.

You guys didn't wanna hang out downstairs,
watch the fireworks?

No. She stayed actually.

At the beach?

Her parents were okay with that?

I guess. She said she'd text them.

Trouble in paradise?

You know, you and Hope.

No, not really. I just don't like parties

with drunk idiots
and shitty music, that's all.

Well, we're gonna watch the ball drop
in our room. You wanna join us?

It's okay. I'm good.

All right.

Happy New Year, sweetheart.

-Happy New Year, pal.
-You too.

-Mrs. Barber?

The police like to have a word
with your son.

-I'm sorry, what is this regarding?
-It's about a missing person.

Hold on, hold on.

They have to take your cards, ma'am.

-They're asking where is your husband--
-I don't understand.

-Hey, hey, hey! What's going on?

-Hey, hey, hey.
-It's okay. It's my family.

It's okay.

What's going on?

Hope Connors didn't come back last night.
The police want to talk to Jacob.

-We have to take him right now. I'm sorry.

-Okay, okay. Come on, Jacob.
-Please, follow me.

-Please, this way.

What time did Jacob say
he had last seen her?

It was around 8:00, 8:15.

He said that... they got in
an argument on the way to the party.

Something stupid.

She liked an actor that he didn't,
and it got awkward.

And then he just decided
he didn't want to stay.

And she did. So he left.

And did you believe him?

Of course.

-Did Laurie?

-Right away or--
-We both believed him.

What about the police?

They thought he was lying.
They thought we were covering for him.

They questioned us for about three hours.

The great white shark,
also known as the great white...

Took our passports,
asked us not to leave the hotel.

...which can be found in the coastal
surface waters of all the major oceans.

The great white shark is notable
for its size.

By the time we went to bed,
she had been missing for 24 hours.

I can't believe this is happening.

His shirt...

He said he left it at the beach.



It's nothing.


What are you doing out here?


I didn't know.

About what?

It's all right.

Whatever it is, we can talk about it.

Did Jacob say something to you?

Then tell me.

Leonard Patz.


He didn't k*ll himself.

It was my father.

That's impossible.

How could he--

Oh, my God. The Lincoln.

It was that man.

He k*lled him?

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

-Then Jacob was never really innocent.
-It doesn't mean that.

Of course it means that.

Of course it does.
Why else would you be telling me this?

Do the police know?

Nobody knows.

At least not yet.

You think he had something
to do with Hope.

Oh, my God.

I don't know.

Do you want me to tell the police?

Laurie. Laurie.

No. I need to go inside.

And then?

Then they found her.

Police said she had met some guy
at the party.

He slipped something in her drink.


Took her back to his place.

his buddy panicked and called the cops.

You must have been relieved.

Everyone was.

Even Laurie?

What do you think?

I think finding yourselves
in such an eerily similar situation

must have dredged up
a lot of old anxieties.

Lot of old fears.

You flew home the same afternoon.
Skipped the last three days of your trip.


I'd have thought you would have had
cause to celebrate.

Jacob was exonerated.

We just wanted to go home.

-Do you want to talk about what happened?

When then?

I don't know. Maybe never.

He called them Job stories.

Did Job post a story
about the m*rder of Ben Rifkin?

"If Brent knew the real Jason,
he would have been scared shitless.

He curled his fingers around the grip

and felt a surge of power through his arm,
up into his shoulder.

Brent saw the knife coming for him, but
it was too late to do anything but stare.

It slipped in so easily,
Jason thought he was s*ab air.

He did it twice more, telling his brain
to remember the feeling."

What if you knew in your heart
that our son did this unforgivable thing?

"He went down to Brent's body
to make sure he was d*ad.

The smell of blood in the air
made him feel dizzy."

What if I just didn't look closely enough?
Then in a way, isn't this all my fault?

Do you understand
the cell division process?


Yeah. I think so.

Something changed in Mexico.

Something happened to Laurie.

This is ridiculous.

You put your house on the market
less than two weeks after you got home.

That was always the plan.

Neither one of you had a job
waiting for you in Colorado.

You hadn't even decided where to live.

-So? What were you running from?

What changed?
What happened between you and Laurie?

Nothing. I just told you.

Then why isn't she here today, Andy?

Why isn't Laurie here today?

-I have to run some errands.

Hey, remember this?

I'll be back later.

Have you just been secretly honing
your Othello skills?

It's all about taking the corners.
You taught me that.


Where'd you say Mom went again?
Kind of hungry.

She just ran out to grab a few things.
She'll be back soon.

What's going on with her?

What do you mean?

She just seems really...
I don't know, more quiet than usual.

Well, she's got a lot on her mind.

You know, packing and the move.

I think we just gotta give her time.


It's your turn.

I can't find a move.

It's 'cause you don't have one.


I didn't know you were down here.

Yeah. Lot of stuff to go through.

I was gonna go to bed.


Jake's overdue for a haircut.
If you want, I can take him tomorrow.

No, I can go.

-You sure? I don't mind doing it.
-No, I know what to tell him.


I think he's worried about you.

So am I.

I don't know what you want me to say.

Nothing. Just...

It's like living with a ghost.

-I don't know if you're punishing me or--
-I'm not.

Then what is it?

The way that you look at him...

I'm just trying to figure out
how to move on from here.

Isn't that what we're doing?


If you just want to take some time...

by yourself, the move can wait.

Just want to get away and...

decide what you wanna do.



Whatever you need.

I mean it.

I love you, Laurie.

I know that might not mean much...

but I do.

I don't want to go too short.

Just, like, trim around the ears
and the back, like last time.


I'm trying to remember.

Last year, when it was all happening...

I don't think I ever just asked you.

Not directly.

I guess I was just scared
of what they might do to you.

But they can't hurt you now.

No one can.

Still, would you have told me the truth?

If I promised to love you no matter what,
would you tell me?


Did you k*ll Ben?


No. You know I didn't.

What if I said I don't believe you?

-A man died, Jacob.

You don't know this,
but a man was m*rder

so that you could go free.

-So I have to know.
-Know what?

Did you k*ll Ben? Just tell me the truth,

-I did tell you. What's wrong with you?
-I will love you no matter what.

I don't believe you.

Mom, you're driving too fast.

Why would you write that story?

-Mom, slow down.
-All the details, the little things.

I made it up. Slow down.

I don't think you did. I'm sorry.

If I just knew the truth.

I made it up. Just slow down!

Mom, slow down!

If I only knew what happened.

-Fine! I k*lled him, okay?
-You did?

Whatever you want! Just slow down, please.

-I want the truth.
-Slow down. Slow down, Mom.

But I'll never know, will I?

-Just slow down.
-I will never know.

-I will never know.

Mom, you're driving too fast.

-I can't do it anymore, Jacob.
-You sound crazy!

-I can't do it.
-Mom, you're scaring me. Slow down.

Mom, please!

-I love you.

-I love you and your father both.

Stop! Mom!


I need to ask you again.

Why isn't Laurie here today?

On February 22, nearly six weeks ago,

you received a call from the Massachusetts
State Police. Is that correct?

You were told
that there had been an accident.

That Laurie and Jacob were in a car
that had gone off the road.

That both mother and son had been rushed

to the intensive care unit
of Newton General.

The officer explained that
there were no other cars involved.

That there were witnesses,
other drivers,

who saw your wife's car
swerve suddenly off the road.

-She was speeding.
-I'm sorry?

I said she was speeding. It was raining,
and she was driving too fast.

None of these witnesses reported
seeing any attempt by the driver

to right the vehicle or apply the brake.

She was speeding, and she lost control.

Did she? Lose control?

That's not what I meant.

Joanna Klein, Jacob's prior attorney...

told investigators that she received
two missed calls from your wife

between the hours of 4:00 and 5:00 a.m.
on the morning of the crash.

Both hang-ups.

Why do you suppose she was trying
to get in touch with Jacob's attorney?

I don't know. Joanna is a friend.

Is Elizabeth Vogel a friend?

Phone records show that there was a call
from Laurie's phone

to Dr. Vogel's office at 3:18 a.m.

This sounds to me like a woman
who was distraught.

Did she get any sleep at all that night?


You said you wanted the truth to come out,
but you're not telling the truth.

Yes, I am. It was an accident.

It was not an accident.

She tried to k*ll her son. Your son.

I understand
why you don't want to help us.

But Jacob is owed justice.

Nobody here blames you, Andy.

You're a victim,
but you need to be strong.

You would do anything for your son,
I know that.

No matter how painful.

Help us.

Help us deliver justice.

That's all we want.

Justice for Jacob.

For you.


She was speeding.

It was raining.

And it was an accident.

There's a decision.

Hey, pal.

All good.


They voted.

No bill.

What does that mean?

It means no indictment.

It means they know it was an accident.

-Really? Are they sure?

I went to see him again today.

I read to him.

The nurse says they're optimistic.

-They're seeing some encouraging signs.

They are.

When he wakes up,

what if he thinks that I...

He won't.

I keep trying to remember that day.


It was an accident. That's all it was.

It was just an accident.

I just want our family back.

So do I.

Try to get some rest.
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