04x10 - #KThxBye

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Degrassi Next Class".
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Following the lives of a new generation of students at Degrassi Community School.
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04x10 - #KThxBye

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[electronic music playing]

[students cheering]

[students continue cheering]

I hope everyone's enjoyed their dinners.

Now, the moment everyone's
been waiting for...

prom king and queen.

- Ooh!
- [chuckles]

Zoë Rivas and Rasha Zuabi!

[students cheer]

- Okay, we were robbed.
- [chuckles]

[cheering loudly]

Should I be worried?

'Cause Zig's been talking
to Esme for, like, an hour.

What, do you think he's, like,
in danger or something? Or...

Yeah, of hooking up with Cruella De Vil.

Zig would never ditch Maya.

[students cheer]

We would like to invite all the couples
to join our queens on the dance floor.

- Go. It's okay. Go.
- What will you do?

I don't know. I'll take a walk. Maybe
I'll meet a new Prince Charming. Go.

Come on.

[slow music playing]

[Esme crying]

What am I going to do? [sobbing]

[Maya] Esme?

[Esme gasps and sniffles]

Hey. Are you okay?

If you had just left us alone,
this never would have happened!

- Where's Zig?
- [breathing heavily]




[breath trembling] Zig?

Maya? [groans]

[grunts] I... I can't move my leg.

♪ Whatever it takes I know
I can make it through ♪

♪ And if I hold out I know
I can make it through ♪

♪ Be the best, be the best
The best that I can be ♪

♪ Whatever it takes ♪

♪ I know I can make it I
know I can make it through ♪

Those crowns look so good on you guys.

Yeah, they'd probably
look better on us, though.

- Just saying.
- [both chuckle]

I can't believe we're prom queens.
I think Jonah is actually jealous.

That's no reason to be upset.


Sorry. My mom was prom queen and...

she always hoped that
I'd be prom queen, too.

- And you did it!
- Except I can't share it with her.

And with prom tonight
and graduation tomorrow,

- I've really been missing her.
- I get it.

Of course you do. You have
no idea where your family is.

In Lebanon. [chuckles]

- With a cousin.
- [chuckles]

I've been texting my mom.

I thought she couldn't handle
the fact that you were gay.

Now she's just glad I'm safe.

I... I should've told you.

You didn't wanna make me feel
bad about my own crappy family.

Call your mom.

[scoffs] It's been seven months.

What if nothing's changed?

Then off with her head!

[both chuckle]

The leg's not broken.

Just a bad sprain.

- What happened?
- [sighs]

I... I told you. I slipped.

[paramedic] You should
get home. Get some rest.

[Maya sighs]

Okay, you can't let
Esme get away with this.

- What if she hurts somebody else?
- Maya, I told you it was an accident.

- That doesn't make it okay.
- Yeah. Because she's not okay.

She hasn't been ever since we found...

[stutters] Ever since she found out
that we were going to prom together.

- This wasn't her fault.
- I should've never asked you to prom.

I'm sorry I got you involved
in my relationship drama.

I'm Maya Matlin.

Drama follows me.

- Ew.
- Don't be jealous.

Her dress was a disaster.

- What are you doing here?
- I messed up and I need your help.

Do you have a pen and paper?
We need to make a plan.

- Are you okay?
- [Esme breathing heavily]

You seem a little on edge.

Zig's about to get back together
with Maya. Of course I'm on edge!

I saw pics.

- They went to prom together.
- I tried to stop it,

but I just made everything worse.
He's not gonna forgive me, Frankie!

Where do you keep your freaking pens?


What do we do now?

- You could try apologizing.
- That won't be enough.

Okay. Then... a gift is always nice.

Zig's always wanted a motorcycle.
My cousin owns a high-end bike shop.

We'll call that a first idea.

My mom always says her best thinking
comes after a good night's sleep.

- You're right.
- Great. I will call you...

a cab. [sighs]

Anyone starving? I could
literally eat this menu.

That's it. I'm calling my mom.

She's not answering.

Wait, should I leave a message?

Hi, Mom. I won prom queen tonight.

I'm also valedictorian tomorrow.

I love you, and... and
I want you in my life.

Please come to graduation tomorrow.

Now what?

- Burritos or enchiladas? I can't decide.
- [all chuckle]

[cell phone vibrating]

I can't look.

I'll do it.

It's your mom.

She wants to know what
time the ceremony's at.

- She's coming?
- [chuckles]

- She's coming!
- [both chuckle]

Rise and shine, Maya
Matlin. Graduation day.

- [chuckles]
- [Maya] I can't go.

- You're singing!
- I can't do that, either.

- If I stay in bed, nothing bad can happen.
- Uh, except you'll miss graduation.

Caps and gowns, final farewells...

Don't you wanna see your
mom bursting with pride?

Of course, but...

[sighs] I just have a really
bad feeling about today.

That's allowed, but I won't let
you miss graduation because of it.

[Grace grunts]

- [grunts]
- Is this about Zig and Esme hooking up?

No, they... they didn't
hook up. But things...

They got messy. I just feel like...

every time I do something to
be happy, somebody gets hurt.

- That's your depression brain talking.
- Yeah, well, it feels real.


Listen, I don't know if I should
go to California next year.

SoCalArt is your dream. What
would your doctor tell you to do?

Deep breaths, and take
it one step at a time.

Okay. So, you start breathing,

I'll go start you a shower
and we'll go from there.

What happened after prom?

How can you talk about prom when
a great injustice has been done?

[scoffs] She's talking
about the b*mb thr*at.

All I did was give the school info
that I snapped off Saad's computer.

Why would Saad wanna blow up
prom? He's just a regular guy.

Yeah, who was talking to some
pretty scary people online.

He was lonely.

Yeah, well, lonely people
do desperate things.

Oh, God.


Okay, it's probably nothing...

but Esme said she tried to stop prom.

- So she's responsible?
- I never said that.

Esme's crazy, but not that crazy.

- Where's Esme now?
- She's in my room.

Be careful! She seems really fragile.

- She's not here.
- Then... then where is she?

- [Jonah and Grace chuckle]
- [camera shutter clicks]

Okay. Now take a picture
of Maya and I over here.

Oh, okay.

Because we must remember
this bench forever.

- [chuckling] This is where we first met.
- Oh, yeah, right.

When Miles thought you could
track down my cyberbully.

Uh. When were you ever
friends with Miles?

- Oh, they dated.
- Until she broke my heart.

Yeah, well, maybe you shouldn't have
accepted a striptease from Zoë Rivas.

Who turned out to be
your cyberbully. [laughs]

Ah, the good old days.

What? I don't look that
silly in this cap, do I?

- You passed history!
- By %.

Thanks to you.

See? Good things do happen
when Maya Matlin's around.

- [Grace and Jonah chuckle]
- Are you okay?

A little tender. [sighs] You?

Same. [sighs]

Great. Everybody's okay. Now
it's time to graduate. [chuckles]

Uh... here or there?

- Definitely there.
- [sighs]

[sighs] I can't believe
Mom's actually coming.


[Rasha] Looks like she's here.

- How do I look?
- Beautiful.

[both chuckle]

You didn't have to come so early.

Best seats in the house. Perks
of being valedictorian. [chuckles]

Is Mom parking the car?

She's not coming, Zoë. I'm sorry.

- Then why are you here?
- She wanted you to have this.

So your mom wasn't ready to come,
but she got you a graduation gift.

- What are those documents for?
- I need this stuff for university.

- She doesn't want me anymore.
- Maybe the letter explains it.

No, no. [chuckles] It's fine.

I am.

I just need to forget about
her and focus on the speech.

- [Maya chuckles]
- Hey, have you seen Esme?

No. Don't jinx it.

Well, she came to my house
really upset last night

and I thought she'd be here.

- She's graduating, right?
- She's not on my list.

She's a straight-A student.
She got into Harvard.

Well, she hasn't been in
class for, like, a month.

Well, at least we don't have
to worry about her today.

Well, we should be worried.
There's obviously a problem.

We should tell somebody
what happened at prom.

Wait, do you mean the b*mb thr*at?

- That was Esme?
- I don't know. Maybe?

- [graduation music playing]
- Okay, guys, it's go time.

I'll figure this out
after graduation. Okay?

Oh, no.

[all cheering]

Thank you for coming to
celebrate this year's class.

And now, may I present our
valedictorian, Zoë Rivas.

Seems like just yesterday we were all
tiny freshmen struggling with our lockers

and now we're graduating! [chuckles]

We wouldn't be here without
the support of our teachers,

our friends and...

our families.

When I arrived at Degrassi as a...

as a... [sighs]

[crying] I'm sorry.

[students murmuring]

- [sighs]
- [Goldi] We should go.

[Simpson] Oh, uh, graduation
can be an emotional day.

Maya, are you ready?

[Maya] Ready?


[singing] ♪ Gotta pack my bags
Leave my world behind ♪

♪ Take a different road
I know it's my time ♪

♪ To open up my heart
for another crowd ♪

♪ Play it strong
And sing it loud ♪

♪ There's empty places in my
life And I need to breathe ♪

[crying] So... that's the last
memory everyone will have of me.

- A blubbering idiot.
- Hey, at least it was... memorable.

[inhales sharply] Everyone
else had their families there.

I just... looked at those seats and
all I could think is, "I'm alone."

So what am I? An
acquaintance? [chuckles]

- Yeah. What about me?
- [Winston] Me, too?

[Zoë exhales] I love you
guys, but it's not the same.

You're not my family. Who am
I going to spend holidays with?

- I get Thanksgiving.
- Christmas.

Easter. Of course, I don't celebrate it,

but if you need someone
for Eid, I'm your girl.

- You bought a motorcycle?
- It's a graduation gift! [chuckles]

[sniffles] Look, I know things
got a little intense last night...

Esme, there is something
seriously wrong with you.

I know. Your friends are
trying to tear us apart.

[chuckles] Which is why
I got this motorcycle.

We have to get away.

I'm graduating.

- So? They'll mail you your diploma.
- [Zig] And I can't drive a motorcycle.

Why do you keep poking holes in my
plans? I'm trying to fix us! [crying]

- Why don't you see that?
- Calm down. Someone's gonna hear you.

Oh, so now I'm embarrassing you?

I've done everything to keep us together!
I called in a freaking b*mb thr*at!

But nothing's good enough. [crying]

I never should've bought
you this stupid bike.


Whoa! Stop, you're gonna hurt yourself!

- Esme!
- [crying] Let go of me!

Think about what you are doing.
It's never too late to ask for help.


- [Esme wailing]
- Okay.

[Ms. Grell] I'll take it from here...

Deon Bell. Caltech.

[all applauding]


[all cheering]

Grace Cardinal. Ryerson.


Winston Chu. Banting!

Jonah Haak. U of T.


Miles Hollingsworth.
London Writer's Academy.

Congratulations. Good job.

Maya Matlin. Undecided.

Congratulations. Hold on, not
yet. We gotta do this. [chuckles]

Zig Novak.

Has anyone seen Zig Novak?

Oh, there.

[all applaud]

He's here! He's here. Nice job. Oh, yes.

Next up, our VP, Goldi Nahir.

Recipient of the Service
Award, and attending Banting.

[Goldi] Whoo! [Simpson] Congratulations.

You sent Grell out?

I told her everything that
happened at prom. Somebody had to.

- She needs real help, Zig. Like I did.
- Last, but not least...

- Zoë Rivas.
- Whoo!

We could not have survived
without your leadership.


I'd also like to present an
honorary diploma to Tristan Milligan.

His journey has been an inspiration
to the entire community at Degrassi.

- Tristan, get up here.
- [students cheering loudly]

- Congratulations. Good job!
- Thank you.

May I present your graduates!

[all cheering]

What are you doing here?

I'm sorry I accused you
of making the b*mb thr*at.

I was wrong and probably r*cist.

- Thank you.
- [Lola] Wait!

Um, we'd also like to invite
you to an end-of-year party.

I have to pack. I'm going to
stay with an uncle in Montreal.

But you're coming back, right?

To a school where everyone
thinks I'm a t*rror1st?

The police questioned me all night. My
parents thought I would be sent home.

- But now everyone knows it was Esme.
- There's nothing for me here.

[breathes shakily]

Now will you come to the party?

[indistinct chatter]

So did you make up your
mind about SoCalArt?

Yeah, actually. I'm gonna try it.

Turns out, not all my
decisions are the worst.

Well, if, uh, you need
someone to drive you,

I don't have any summer
plans. Or fall plans.

- Or winter plans, come to think of it.
- You'll figure it out.

Life isn't a race. You taught me that.

Ready to see what Mom has to say?

So she can try to explain why she
doesn't want me in her life anymore?

I don't care.

I don't need her.

- You're my fam now.
- Speech!

- [all chanting] Speech! Speech! Speech!
- No.

- No! Guys...
- [all continue chanting]

[all cheer]

[Zig] Speech!

[Grace] Go, Zoë!

- Good afternoon, graduates!
- [all laugh]

It seems like just yesterday we were...

scared little kids struggling
to find our lockers,

and today, we're graduates.

[Miles] Whoo!

Along the way, we
welcomed some new faces.

And we said good-bye to others.

When I arrived at
Degrassi as a h*m*...

um, I thought high
school was a competition.

To be the most beautiful.

The most popular. To score
the hottest boyfriend.

Boy, was I wrong. [chuckles]

- Yeah, preach.
- [all chuckle]

I was scared to show people
who I really was, because...

I was afraid that they would reject me.

[inhales deeply]

I've learned that this world is big
enough for all of us to succeed, and...

the only people that we should ever
be competing against is ourselves.

'Kay, thanks, bye.

- [all chuckle]
- Hope we all keep in touch.

You all have bright futures
that I want to hear about.

- Whoo-hoo!
- [all cheer and applaud]


♪ There's empty places in my
life And I need to breathe ♪


♪ There's empty spaces on the
map Waiting there for me ♪

♪ I'll take the last
exit to freedom ♪

♪ The last chance
to be free ♪

♪ And the first
sign of tomorrow ♪

- ♪ Feels like freedom to me ♪
- ♪ Feels like freedom to me ♪

♪ Oh, there's hope
out on the horizon ♪

- ♪ And a light only I can see ♪
- ♪ And a light only I can see ♪

♪ It's the last
exit to freedom ♪

♪ The last chance
to be free ♪

♪ I'll take the last
exit to freedom ♪

♪ The last chance
to be free ♪

♪ I'll take the last
exit to freedom ♪

♪ The last chance
to be free ♪

[mellow music playing]
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