03x13 - Angels in the Night

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Gargoyles". Aired: October 24, 1994 – February 15, 1997.
An animated tale that follows heroic night creatures who are re-awakened to protect modern day N.Y.C.
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03x13 - Angels in the Night

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Goliath: one thousand
years ago,

and the sword ruled.

It was a time of darkness.

It was a world of fear.

It was the age of gargoyles.

Stone by day,

Warriors by night.

We were betrayed by the humans

We had sworn to protect,

Frozen in stone
by a magic spell

For 1,000 years.

Now, here in manhattan,

The spell is broken

And we live again.

[Deep growl]

We are defenders
of the night.

We are gargoyles!

[People celebrating]

Goliath: the yearning
for renewal is universal.

The human new year
takes many forms.

But each message
is the same.

The struggles
of the old year die away

As unspoiled hopes
of the new year are born.

hope is all we have.

Uhh. [Gasp]

Come on, lady.
The rings.


You wanna
take the rings off

Or you want me to?


What was that?

Three guesses.




I hate those things.

Surprise, surprise.



Are you all right?

A-actually, i, uh--

Stay away from me!

Well. Now,
that's gratitude for you.

No matter how many we help,

Humans still look at us
like we're going to eat 'em.

Thanks to john castaway.

Aye. His quarrymen

Have spread their
hatred and bigotry

Across this island
like a virus.

Time to head home.

-[Two-way radio beeps]
-angela, how is the park?

Peaceful for a change,
I'm happy to report.

the sun will be up soon.

Meet us back at the castle.

See you there.


Man, I'm ready
to call it a night.


Then again...

We had better
have a look.

[Little girl crying]

Help me.
Please, help me.

You guys hear that?

Sounds like
a little girl.

She must be trapped
in there.

[Girl sobs]

Please, help me.

I'm hurt.

Hold on, lass.
Help is here.


It's so dark down there,
I can't see a thing.

I'm going in.

Take care.
She can't be far.

Hey, what is this?

Do you really
have to ask?

Girl: help me.

-Please, help me.
-Oh, man.

Somebody sure went
to a lot of trouble
to reel us in.

Let's see
if they can hold us.


This is not a good place
to turn to stone.

Things are about
to get worse,

If that's
what I think it is.



Angela: I heard
everything, guys.

Bronx and I are on our way.

Angela, no.
Dawn's almost here.

It's too late for us,

But you still have time
to find shelter.

Uh-uh. I'm not giving up
on you that easily.


[Tires screech]

Stay away.

That is an order,

It's too late.
We're here.




We got 'em.

going to love it.

Now, to make it official.

911? Yeah. Yeah.

I'd like to report
an expl*si*n.

The building site
belonged to john castaway,

Industrialist head
of the quarrymen,

The radical
citizen's group

That seeks the extermination
of all gargoyles.

Castaway-gargoyle tension
was heightened by

An as-yet unconfirmed
911 report
claiming that the gargoyles

Entered the premises
carrying a suspicious
metal case

Just before the blast.

Also in question,

The fate of
the two surviving gargoyles,

Who now may be
the very last
of their kind.

Man: you and your quarrymen
must leave the city at once.

Defy me,
and you will be sorry.

it certainly sounds

Like the one who
called himself goliath.

I knew they were dangerous,
but to blow up a building?

Just think how many people
they could've hurt.

We've got two of them.

Don't worry, they won't
get away with it.

Elisa, I'm so sorry.

They deserved
better than this.

I keep trying
to tell myself
it's all a bad dream

That'll go away
once I wake up.

You and me both.

So, who's going to pass on

The bad news
when they wake up?


That's my job.

Goliath would've
wanted them
to hear it from me.

In the meantime,

They'll be a lot safer
in protective custody.

Guess again, maza.

They're going downtown
to be booked.
We got a warrant.

A warrant?
For what?

Huh. You better
take that up
with the assistant d.a.

Elisa: oh, come on.

The gargoyles
didn't plant that b*mb.
They were set up.

Castaway's tape is bogus.
I bet a month's pay

He lifted court recordings
of goliath's voice

And had them edited.

I don't like b*mb
in my city, maza.

We're charging the female
with conspiracy and terrorism.


Guard: good to see you
again, detective.

Mr. Xanatos realizes
this must have been
a most difficult day for you.

Elisa: he has no idea.

Thank you for coming
right away.

I tried to see angela,
but I've been barred
from visiting her cell.

Yes, I understand
ms. Yale has branded you
a gargoyle sympathizer.

Hmm. I guess I am.

In a minute,
angela will wake up

To find out
the clan's d*ad,

The whole world
is against her,
and she's all alone.

Not quite all alone.



What happened?

Elisa: goliath.

You're alive.

-What about the b*mb?
-How'd we get here?

-What happened?
-What happened to us?

I believe I owe
some of you an explanation.

If you'll allow me,
I can explain.

When I learned
of the special accessories

Castaway was adding
to his building

To trap the gargoyles,

I had my spy bribe
his construction crew

To add a few extras
of my own.

The moment
you turned to stone,
the floor rotated,

Moving you
to a protective chamber.

At the same time,
pieces of impostors
were rotated in,

Taking your place
just before the big blast.

Now you have a decision
to make--

To be or not to be.

Ha. He talks
in riddles now.

New york believes
the clan is d*ad.

This could be your chance
to make a fresh start
in a new place.

Put the quarrymen
behind you.

Xanatos, your intentions
are good,

But it is not our nature
to hide away

Or to abandon
the protectorate.

Besides, we've still
got to get angela and bronx
out of the slammer.

I must confess,

That's one complication
I didn't anticipate.

And if we
go to the police,

Let them see the clan's
still alive and kicking.

Come morning, there'd be
seven of us behind bars
instead of two.

Hudson's right.

For the time being,
at least,

Angela and bronx are safe
right where they are.

Margot yale may share
some of the quarrymen's views,

But she won't tolerate
vigilante justice.

I'm off to see
what I can do downtown.

you guys lie low.

[Crowd clamoring]

Ms. Yale: given the number
of protests across the city,
I agree, sir.

It's the wisest
course of action.

Elisa: we have to talk.

I'm sorry, ms. Yale,
she barged right past me.

It's ok, maxwell.
Maza and I
are on our way out.

I've been authorized
to take the gargoyles

To an upstate
detention facility.

We will carry out
the transfer tonight.


You're in charge
of security.

But I'm a gargoyle


I know you will do
your very best
to protect them.

[Door closes]

Well, me, I was
on the fence--

At least till I heard
how they blow up buildings.

I guess they got
what they deserved,
didn't they?

I never did care
for them myself.

They always reminded me
of giant bats.

I detest bats.

maybe xanatos was right.

Why should we stay
where we're not wanted?


Hey, what about
all those places
goliath talked about?

Avalon or japan,
places where we might
meet other gargoyles.

Other female gargoyles--

Goliath: I understand
your feelings.

But we have worked
all our lives

To prove that
we deserve a place
within human society.

We have fought
and suffered together
to gain acceptance,

Not because it was easy,

But because it was right.

We cannot
throw that all away.

Yale's smoking them out
on the baggage car

Of the red-eye commuter
to albany.

It pulls out of penn
in two hours.

well done, maxwell.

At the next rally
you must remind me

To award you a silver hammer.

Now that we know
where our prey is headed,

We can formulate
a plan of att*ck.

I don't know
about the rest of you,

But I'm ready
to smash some stone.

Smash some stone!
Smash some stone!

Smash some stone!
Smash some stone!

I still can't believe
the clan's gone.

They're alive.


It's a long story.
I'll tell you--


You're a policewoman,
not an animal therapist.

Gargoyles are not animals.

They're noble beings
who happen to be

Far more evolved
than we are.

But you'll never see that
as long as you're bent on

Prosecuting them
to advance your career.

Keep this up, and
you won't have a career.

there's the train.

Your prey is aboard
the second car.

Do your duty, quarrymen.


What's wrong, bronx?

[Scoffs] the beast probably
wants something to chew on.

We're under att*ck.

Visual confirmation achieved.

Vermin aboard.

excellent, alpha squad.

You know
what comes next.

Uh-oh. What's this?

Five unidentified blips
on my radar.

They're on a beeline
for the train.

No! It couldn't be.

What are you waiting for,
alpha squad? att*ck!


These two are out cold.

We're all lucky
to still be breathing.

Heads up, alpha squad.

Trouble is heading your way.

What is he talking about?


Alpha squad's been taken down
by a gargoyle sneak att*ck.

You're on, beta squad.
I'm counting on you.

I don't know how you survived
certain death, goliath.

But it doesn't matter now.


Oh, no, you don't!

Are those gargoyles?

I thought the gargoyles
were d*ad.

Look, they're taking on
the quarrymen.


Broadway! You're alive.

We're all alive, angela.

And we're taking
you home.

Not unless
you want to add

Aiding and abetting
to your crimes.

You're a true romantic,
ms. Yale.

I'll take over from here.

what is this?

Look out!

The train's
out of control.

We'll all be k*lled!

And away we go!


Now what?



Look lads, the train.

Goliath: must be castaway.

After 'em!


Somebody must have shut down
the emergency brakes.

Angela and I will go up front
and stop this thing.

Why are you doing this?

Both of you
could just fly off.

But you're staying--

I don't understand.

I can explain it
in two words.

Gargoyles protect.


Ha ha ha!
Good sh*t.

Take the others,
I'll handle castaway.

We're on it.

They both look
pretty bad.

We all saw
that last blast
from our car.

We don't know why
the quarrymen
are attacking the train,

But we'd like to help you.

We saw what you
were doing to save us.

Thank you so much.

Let me have
a look at those two.
I'm a doctor.





I knew you gargoyles
wouldn't let me down.

Sacrificing yourselves
trying to protect
everyone on board.

You would destroy
all these innocent lives?

For what?
An ancient hatred?

Ha ha ha.
I never intended
to hurt them.

How ironic that your last
efforts to save lives

Shall end up
costing them instead.


Nothing can stop us now.




Go ahead, coward.

Show me
just what you feel
about gargoyles.

Here's your big chance.

Show me!


save all you can carry
off the train.

I have an idea
to save them all.

Just follow my lead.



Jam them in good
and tight, guys.

Make sure the jets
point backward.


Have you gone daft?

No. It-it's like

Whatever you're doing,
you'd better do it now!

f*re your engines!


[Train wheels screeching]

It worked!

Engines off.


Could you have cut it
a little closer, laddie?

Well done, all of you.

I have never been
as proud of this clan
as I am this night.

[Happy grunt]

[People cheer]

I sure like
the sound of that.

It has been
a long time coming.



And after
personally witnessing
the heroic efforts

That saved the life
of every man, woman and child
aboard this train,

It is my duty--
no-- my privilege to announce

The people's charges
against these noble crea--

These noble beings

Have been dropped.

one thousand years ago,

We lived in a world
that understood our purpose.

It was the age of gargoyles.

Ten centuries later,
we awoke to a world
bent on our destruction.

we never lost hope--

And today,
we've come full circle.

A new age has g*n.

And we live again.

[Theme song playing]
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