04x13 - Freedom

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Sleepy Hollow". Aired: September 2013 to March 2017.
Ichabod Crane is resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time to unravel a mystery that dates all the way back to the founding fathers.

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04x13 - Freedom

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Previously on Sleepy Hollow...

CRANE: He's immortal.

Our enemy, Dreyfuss, seeks to raise

the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

This is bad.

Dreyfuss has the Horsemen

in striking distance of the president.

You and I...

we are the Witnesses.

Yes, we are.

JOBE: w*r's spirit was

but separated from Crane's.

It can be recalled, provided
you have the right host.

Perhaps I'll do.

Shall we begin, Father?

If we must.

You were the offended party, Henry.


I demand satisfaction.

Very well.

To the death.

JENNY: Ten paces.


f*re at will.

My money is on the warlock.

Will this w*r between
us never end, Henry?

It ends... today.

You tried to usurp me

as the Horseman of w*r.

Now that I have

what is rightfully mine,

I will be free of you.


I brought you into this world, Henry.

I will free you from it.



That was intense.


As mystical visions go, that
was... surprisingly visceral.

Tapping into the vestiges

of your connection with
the Horseman of w*r

probably amped up the volume.

At least we know what
happened to Henry.


He said, in the vision, he
had what was rightfully his.

He's taken back the mantle of w*r.

We need confirmation.

Alex has been working on a way
to surveil Dreyfuss's position.

Right. We should make haste.

DIANA: You spent a lot
of time here, huh?

In the future you're from?

Not my best days.

We don't have to talk about it.

No, no.

I-I want to.

You know Dreyfuss has
a thing for artifacts.


He sent Jobe and I to raid this place,

clear it of everything valuable.

- You and Jobe?
- Yeah.

Jobe was tasked as a sort
of a guardian to me.

Everything that I know
about the supernatural

I learned from him.


And I feel bad leaving
Molly with a nanny

while I try to stop the Apocalypse.


I'd like to meet Molly.

When this is over.

Just tell her that she'll never
have to live the life I did.

When the time's right, of course. Yeah.


Oh, my God, you're staying.

This is a one-way trip for you.

You can't go back.

Yeah, I-I weigh that against saving you

and giving Molly a
chance at a life with you.

It's not even a contest.


It says here that the Four
Horsemen may be more powerful

together than separately.

Mm, like the Beatles.

Their solo work never
had that same magic.

Are we good?

I brought you a cruller yesterday.

If you don't understand what
a fish-cake emoticon means...

Did I do or say something to offend you?


In fact, the opposite.


(door opens)

Miss Alex,

any progress in gaining a
view of Dreyfuss' encampment?

I was able to get an aerial POV
from about a half mile up.

I'm still working on trying
to get a thermal image.

Mind if I give it a whirl?


It's been a while since
I've hacked a satellite.

The symbols.

All four have been lit.

Our fears were not
unfounded, Miss Jenny.

ALEX: Camp David is
only ten miles from him.

Do we call Secret Service
and warn the president?

And tell them what?
It's the end of times?

And hashtag "Revelations is true"?

DIANA: He's right.

If I call and say,

"Malcolm Dreyfuss has opened
the Book of Revelations,"

they're gonna put me in the nuthouse.

JENNY: We've got movement.

Four bogies leaving the compound.

That can only mean one thing.

The Horsemen have been loosed.

(horses neighing,
loud thudding hoofbeats)

Delta, this is Alpha.

We got hostiles on approach.

MAN (over radio): Copy that,
Alpha. Sending in QRS.

Take 'em down!

(indistinct shouting)

(indistinct radio transmission)

(horse neighing)

My God, what is this?
A t*rror1st att*ck?!

(loud thudding)

What... are you?

Forgive me,

Madam President.

I'm afraid my associate...

he isn't much of

a conversationalist.

Malcolm Dreyfuss?

My fellow Americans,
my name is Malcolm Dreyfuss,

and your president...

I'm afraid she is now my prisoner.

That showed up on DHS
servers an hour ago.

He has to know they'd never
concede to his insane demands.

My sources say the first strike
is happening in six hours.

Well, the Horsemen
are gonna crush them.

Which is precisely what he
wants... a show of force.

Not if we get there first.

And-and do what?
The Horsemen are unstoppable.

Dreyfuss is the key.

He summoned the Horsemen,
bound them to himself.

If he dies, do they?

But the immortality issue
puts us back to square one.

In a few hours, his riders are going

to wreck the U.S. military

- and crush our democracy.
- CRANE: Well, then,

if we are to stop the Four
Horsemen of the Apocalypse

from harming the president
and destroying all we hold dear,

we must find a way to
k*ll an immortal man.

In the Rauoskinna, Hodr the
Blind k*lled an immortal god,

Balder the Brave, with
a mistletoe arrow.

Enchanted by the trickster Loki.

- It was a one-off, no use to us.
- This place

is filled with ways of
disposing supernatural creatures.

Isn't there something we can use?

I think I know someone
who could help us

with our immortality issue.

I spent a lot of time
with Jobe in the future.

He'd been sidelined by Dreyfuss.

Okay, in the here and now,

- Jobe and Dreyfuss are pretty tight.
- LARA: I know him.

Even if he doesn't know it yet.

If I can contact him,

tell him that he has more
to lose than he can imagine.

CRANE: How do we begin
such a conversation?

The last of my spell crystals.

Quasi per aquam.

JOBE: More Atlantean magic.

I still owe you for the last time

you used one of those, girl.

We came to treat with you, demon.

Good luck with that.

Now that I know where you are,
I think I'll pay you a visit,

bring my master

your still-beating hearts.

LARA: He grows bored with you, Jobe.

Has you run his errands,
collect his baubles.

Is that the fate a demon
like you deserves?

A Prince of Pain from
the Sixth Circle of Hell?

Soon enough, your only
confidant will be the teenage girl

that you babysit.

You serve the Lord of Lies.

Tell me, am I lying?

The truth?

What does it matter?!

Dreyfuss' immortality poses a problem.

You cannot help us, not directly,

but you can direct us to someone,

or something, that can.

You two Witnesses.


Via ad Infernum!


My master will show you
the torments you deserve!

DIANA: That Latin...

an insult, I assume?

Roughly: "Go to Hell."

No, no, no, no, no.

"Via ad Infernum,"

taken in the imperative,
can be translated literally:

"travel to Hell."

He was very specific.

It wasn't an insult.

It was a directive.

JENNY: So Jobe

told us to go to Hell

to get some help from the Devil?

Not all of us. Just us
two Witnesses, apparently.

(sighs) This is nuts. Really.

I've already lost one
partner this year.

Agent Thomas,

I have found a way back from
Purgatory, the Catacombs,

and New Jersey.

We will return.

- You better.
- ALEX: Okay, we still need a way

to bypass the Horsemen
to get to Dreyfuss.

- Or at least hold them at bay.
- JENNY: On it.

And if Hell has a gift shop,

I'd like a snow globe.

"I went to Hell and all I got

was this lousy T-shirt."


You, uh, pick this spot for any

mystical or magical reasons?

Far from it.

According to this tome you showed me,

it can be any place of our choosing.

I chose here because it's
the one place I know where

the neighbors won't bat an
eye at a gaping hellhole.

You ready?


Say this with me.

BOTH: "Ostium apertum...

"Aditum ad Pueros...



"Itchabob" Crane.

I'm here to install your new modem.

It's Ichabod.

And I thought we
scheduled for Thursday next?

Oops. Got our wires crossed.


But I'm here now.

So let's get that Mbps rate blazing.

When I'm through you'll be
able to play your video games,

watch your p*rn,
and video chat your grandma

- without any lag.
- Right,

well, I'm a little preoccupied now,

so could we reschedule?

CABLE GUY: Are you
available between the hours

of : a.m. to : p.m.
three weeks from today?

If the world hasn't ended
in fiery apocalypse, then...

...yes. Three weeks today.

The torments of the
damned have already g*n.

Where were we?

"Ostium apertum...

"Aditum ad Pueros...

Flamma ignis."

CRANE: I know this place.

Valley Forge. Midwinter.

Stands to reason.

This truly was Hell on Earth.

I'm not seeing what you're seeing.

But it is a hell that I know well.

St. Agatha's Orphanage.

Where I was sent after my mother died.

I'm here. As a little girl.

I can see myself.

Sartre was only half right.

Hell is not merely other people.

It is the damned
places we carry with us.

That's some grim real estate.

I can only imagine.

Coming back to this time
you have an opportunity

to revisit who you are...

...and everything you can be.

Some things you can't change, no matter

how far back in time you travel.

Adrift in a time

that is not my own.

Trapped in a world I never made.

Solitude may seem like respite.

But in your younger
self and your mother,

I found comfort.

Please never forget that

in this time, I have not abandoned you.

And I never will.

I mean that as a Witness

and as a friend.

I appreciate that.


Down to the center of the pit.

LARA: There's a door. Words in Latin.


I see it, too.

"Abandon all hope,

ye who enter here."

At least we're in the right place.

Ever since Dreyfuss
started raising Horsemen,

I've been combing through
these history books looking for

anything we could use
against them, and, so far,


You checked the histories, but, um...

how about the shelf they sit on?

These look more than decorative.


One of the symbols that
let us onto J Street.

It's a switch.

Here, I got these.

It's a hidden volume.

It's dated .

The first entry relates a
meeting between Banneker

and Washington in Sleepy Hollow

at a site of a recently
decommissioned armory.

- Sleepy Hollow? That's your archive.
- JAKE: Uh-huh.

It says here it was redesigned

and improved by Banneker.

Is that Betsy Ross, Samuel

I told you before... no one can know

that she was on that mission.

I'll paint over her, sir.

Keep her distinctive tricorn hat.

We should leave some small
clue that she was there

for future generations.

Yes, sir.

We shall be finished
refitting the Armory

in a matter of months.

A repository for powerful
mystical artifacts

and w*apon to be used

to battle the forces of evil.

Have you considered any
of the agent candidates

I sent your way?

I'd rather not have anyone

in direct connection to public office.

When will you forgive me for the events

that led to Captain
Crane's long slumber?

This place that we have
built together, sir,

is a step in the right direction.

A legacy for future generations.

Are you familiar with the Latin,
"E pluribus unum"?

"From out of many, one."

As in the colonies forming one nation.

As in all peoples forming one people.

I mean for this place...

the Vault... to represent the
best of what our nation can be.

Men and women of all races,
creeds, and beliefs

shall serve its noble cause.

E pluribus unum.

I like it.

Could any of the w*apon or
artifacts he was referring to

still be hidden in the Archive?

- Crane and I have been over every inch of that place.
- Wait, no, no.

A later entry posits
that many of the Armory's

greatest treasures were to go

wherever the Agency did.

(Jake shudders)

Their w*apon.

What if these are

four of the artifacts
earmarked for use by Agency

in times of need?

Bring that over,
let's take a closer look.

I think I finally see bottom.

We must keep our wits about us.

MAN: ♪ Heaven, I'm in heaven

And my heart beats so that ♪

I can hardly speak

And it seems I find

The happiness I seek

When we're out together

Dancing cheek to cheek.

Welcome to my humble home,


It took ,

wretched souls

an eternity to craft it by hand.

Pleased to meet you.

Are we to assume you are...

the biblical Satan?

The serpent who tempted Eve?

Why box myself in

with definitions?

I'm the Devil you know.

And many you don't.

The one who struck a deal
with Malcolm Dreyfuss.

Before he became immortal.

Now you'll never get that soul

you bargained for.

I have a contract
with Malcolm Dreyfuss.

Hell abides by rules.

We need to find a way
to k*ll an immortal man.

Why would I help you
k*ll Malcolm Dreyfuss?

He's bringing down an apocalypse.

I deal in souls in torment.

That would be a...

conflict of interest?

That doesn't bother you
that he cheated you?

Oh, a contract is a contract...

(yawning): is a contract,

and I grow bored of this conversation.


I've never had a
Witness to tear to shreds,

and here we have two

for the price of one.

You cannot keep us here.

We came of our own free will.

And like you said,

Hell has rules.

You cannot trick us

with cheap intimidation.


are we going to pussyfoot around,

or shall we strike a deal?


Alex checked the frame and print

for any runes, sigils,
and symbols, right,

and found a message
written with invisible ink.

Now, with a little help of
copper sulfate and some heat...



"E pluribus unum."

And a floor plan

of the Vault,

notated with surveyor marks,

pointing to...


...a spot behind this wall.

Right here.


- (knocking)
- Yeah.

Okay, I've, uh, fought
magical creatures, demons,

and monsters, but...

I've never defaced government property.


I think that's pay dirt.




Or we just tore up the
Vault for nothing.

Strange time to remodel.


You made it back.


LARA: Jobe was trying

to help us, sent us to the right place.

Mm-hmm. So...

you met the man downstairs

Yeah, the Father of Lies.

The freaking Devil himself.

Yes, and he gave us something
that might do the trick.

The Philosopher's Stone.

That turned Dreyfuss immortal.

So, if I can get close
enough to Dreyfuss,

I can use this to reverse
the effects of his immortality

long enough to deliver a mortal blow.

DIANA: On our end,

Banneker hid a trove

of magical w*apon in here.

Yeah, I don't know
about magical, though.

ALEX: Yeah, time has

- not been kind.
- Honestly, I don't even know

how we're gonna use these
against the Horsemen.

All right, stop it.

When I first walked
through these doors,

this was Agency by name only.

But we have, every one of us,

restored it to its former glory.

So I ask you today, now...

trust me.

God's blood, trust each other.

Because if Banneker
bequeathed these armaments

to the original heroes of our agency...

then "age shall not weary them,

nor the years condemn."

And with these in our hands,

I have no doubt,

as one,

we can only prevail.

(chuckles) We've got
Secret Service men in choppers,

Rangers in the woods,

and we've got you,

my most glorious warrior.

You are so close to
crushing them with your...


iron bootheel. (cackles)

My father's coming.

I can feel his bond
with the Armor of w*r.

It was not so long ago

that I set my own designs

on an empire.

And it was Ichabod Crane,

for all of my strength

and power and cunning...

he was able to better me.

Henry, my friend,

you are no longer alone.

Can you not see this?

You're part of
something glorious, Henry.

You're part of something

far greater than yourself.

Trust in this, Henry.


Trust in me.


"Sound the trumpets!

"And let our bloody colors wave!

And either victory, or else a grave."

The U.S. military is
massing up on Route .

If we move quickly, cut
around their flank,

we can still reach
Dreyfuss before them.

Lara took point. She'll let us know

if we're heading into any trouble.

Did the Secret Histories volume we found

say anything about the w*apon,
how they work?

It doesn't mean they won't, okay?

Great. You could've lied to
me, you know. It would've helped.

When we first met Crane and
Diana, we were pencil pushers.

Now we're the front line.

So if this is the end,

at least we go out strong.

That's a nice spin, I guess.

I was never as blown away as you were

to find out that the
supernatural was real.

It was like, "Yeah, that makes sense."

The bigger surprise, Jake, is that,

for three years, I've been
working with the one person

in the world that I can't live without

and I never saw it.

Well, those are

more words than I've heard
you say about yourself,

ever, to anyone.

Now, uh,

that's a good reason
to stop the apocalypse.

Damn straight.

LARA: The Riders are headed this way!

You need to keep the Horsemen
at bay until Agent Thomas

and I can take Dreyfuss
out of the picture.

It's do or die time.

We have a chance...

I have a chance

because of you.

Just please be careful.

You might be from the future,
but you're still my baby girl.

You watch your six, Mom.

You, too, old man.

Stay together.

Hold the line.

"E pluribus unum."

Out of many, one.

So it's down to you and
me and a chunk of rock

- you got from the Devil.
- Indeed.

You've come a long way since
Demon John Wilkes Booth,

Agent Thomas.

In fact,

I'd go so far as to say
you found your true calling

in the w*r against the supernatural.


I don't see w*r.

At least we have the
advantage in numbers.

How is Headless even out
during the daytime?

JAKE: It's like I said,

they're more powerful together.

Do we have a plan B?

Besides dying?


What are you doing?

I'm unarmed.

So talk to me.

Because we've been here
before, haven't we?

Something is happening.

JAKE: Whoa. They must
be activated by proximity

to supernatural evil.

Yeah, let's hope it makes a difference.

There's only one way to find out.

Hit 'em again!

Yes! Now we're cooking with gas!

Or not!

Henry, please!

I don't think he's in there.

Yes, he is!

My time in the Armor
allows me to see him

and to speak to him.


Say your piece.

Then make your peace.

Different though we are,

we share one thing in common:


We both value freedom

above all else.

You're wrong, Father.

My sole purpose is
destruction and conflict.

I thrive on it, live for it.

w*r is a part of you, yes.

But it's not what drives you.

So just ask yourself one thing.

This... anger,

is anger worth swearing servitude

to the will of a tyrant?

Is hatred worth
sacrificing your freedom?

I can never forgive you, Father.

Never let the coal that burns die down.

But freedom...


is a cause that I
would sacrifice all for.

So, for now,

for today,

even in w*r,

there can be a truce.




Why hasn't the att*ck g*n?!

Where-where are my Horsemen,
Jobe? Where are they?

They're being fought to a
standstill by Crane's team.

A standstill?

- How?!
- DIANA: It's over, Dreyfuss.

Let the commander in chief go.

Oh, it's over, is it? It's over?

Is that right?


it is clear you have a brilliant mind.

You have so much potential to do good.

Why squander it

on a mad quest for power?

You say squander.

And I say...

I've merely chosen my destiny. Jobe...

would you be a dear and
fetch me the president?

You know, I'm feeling a
strangely urgent need

to slice her right across...

the neck.

Don't, or I'll sh**t.


(clears throat, sniffles)


(clicks tongue, sighs)

- (g*n)
- (groaning)


Agent Thomas.

Do you have any idea...

...how much I paid for this shirt?

This... This was supposed to be

(laughing): my victory shirt.

My... Wh...


What's ha-happening?

Why am I still bleeding, Jobe?

(panting): Why am I

not healing, Jobe?

You gave us no choice.

Oh, no.

No, we...


Jobe. Jobe, I've...

I think I'm really gonna
need your help, my friend.

I know you can help me, Jobe.
I know you can help me.

I'm sorry, Malcolm.

(quietly): Please...

But it appears your
contract with my employer

has come to an end.


(bones breaking)

Which makes me a free agent!


It is finished.

We can only hope the
Horsemen have gone with him.


(Lara panting)

Where did they go?

What happened?

It's too early to call, but...

...I think we just won.

(all chuckling)

Who are you people?

Agent Diana Thomas.

Homeland Security.

CRANE: Agency ,

to be precise.

Captain Ichabod Crane

at your service,

Madam President.

You people have put me
in a hell of a bind.

If I tell the truth of what happened,

it upends the entire
world's notion of reality.

On the other hand,

I can't deny what you did for me...

and the country.

The best course of action

is for you to keep doing
what you're doing,

except you report directly to me now.

A wise course, Madam President.

One that would be more attainable

if I were to be transferred
to the Vault full-time.

That can be arranged.

DIANA: I'd also like
to bring on new staff.

Mr. Crane, Ms. Mills...

they have proven to
be invaluable assets.


Whilst it would be

an honor, I...

Technically I'm...

legally not a United States citizen.

Raise your hand, Mr. Crane.

Welcome to America.

("Don't Get Around Much Anymore"


I've registered to vote.



Agent Thomas and Molly.

We're late. Are we?

We're late. I'll grab my coat.

- (sighs)
- (music stops)

Maybe it's not a good idea, Crane.

You're having second thoughts?

For a person to meet themselves...

I-It could cause some sort of tear

in the time-space continuum.

Now, that, Miss Lara,

sounds like a well-crafted excuse

to avoid a difficult situation.

Meeting my mother has been intense.

Meeting myself?

I don't know that I'm as
ready as I thought I was.

Besides, I'm a piece of
what could have been.

Molly deserves to have a future

that is free and clear.

And she can,

now that she's no longer the Witness.

So, since you arrived in this time,

you and I alone share the bond.

I need to figure out

what that means for me.

Go walkabout for a bit.

Get my head on straight.



Our fates are intertwined,
Ichabod Crane.

Sooner or later, we'll be
seeing each other again.

Of course we will.

CRANE: Lara has gone.

She's traveling the world
she helped to save.

And find her place within it.

I really wanted to meet her.

I know, sweetheart.

I'm sure she felt the same way.

It's just... complicated.


You're free.

When you grow up, you can choose

to fight evil...

or not.

And the Witness mantle?

I don't have it anymore.

But you bore it

with bravery and aplomb
well beyond your years.

Miss Molly is not the only one free.

Without the Witness mantle, you...

I don't have to do this anymore?

You were right when you
said I found my calling.

We're a family.

(phone vibrates)

It's Jenny.

Something called a Siren may
be singing its song at sea?


Homework. Dinner.

And then The Bachelor.

Ooh, yeah.

I'm kidding, old man.



Miss Jenny said the creature
was sighted in this vicinity.

We're partners, right?

Partners tell each other everything?


How did you get that piece
of the Philosopher's Stone

from the Devil?

I... struck a bargain with him.

I know enough about the supernatural

to know that the Devil
only bargains for one thing.


A lien on my soul.

Payable in the event

of my death.

Your soul... are you kidding me?

I'm sorry, what was that?

Situation dire.

Prognosis grim.

No, Agent Thomas.

Another day at the office.

How can you be so flippant?

You might have just damned yourself.

I have learnt a very
important lesson over the years.

One that is reflected in the
heart's blood of this nation.

Work hard,

stay true,

surround yourself with
people you love and respect,

and there's nothing you cannot achieve.

So this?

I'll fix this.


We will fix this


I have no doubt.

Now, is that the siren call

of duty I hear?

(groans): Cheap.


That's like a Succubus, right?

No, it is not.

The daughters of Achelous,

the Sirens would lure
sailors to their doom.

I had a roommate like that in college.


Well, a little wax in the ears,
lashed to a mast,

and we'll be home in time for supper.

You're the monster expert.

(screeches and roars)


That is not a Siren.

That is a Kraken.

Are you sure?

Sure it wasn't a Bakunawa

or Scylla and Charybdis?

Well, somebody's been cramming.

No, I am the monster expert,
you are the law enforcement.

That is a Kraken.

I'd stake my reputation
as a Witness on it.

That is a bet I will take.


Shall we punch the clock?

I'm on the highway to hell ♪

On the highway to hell.
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