01x04 - The Mystery of the Stone

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Fena: Pirate Princess". Aired: August 15, 2021 - present.
Japanese anime featuring Fena who was orphaned and raised as a servant in a brothel until her life changes when she escapes to an island of pirates.
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01x04 - The Mystery of the Stone

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Voice, Maiden of purest white, answer:

Voice, Which wilt thou choose? Blue water? Or storm clouds?

Karin, Fena! Let's go!

Fena, Oh. Sure.

Tsubaki, You're absolutely sure that this is the destination?

Enju, Absolutely positive! Debar-Dodopepapin!

Kaede, It's at Dendeden!

Enju, Wasn't it Deededeen?

Kaede, Not even close! It's Dendendekeden!

Enju, Oops, you're right!

Tsubaki, Fine, that's enough. I'll ask Fena later.

Enju, Huh? Why?

Fena, Libar-Oberstein.

Yukimaru, They must mean Dresden.

Tsubaki, I knew it, those two were way off base.

Tsubaki, Roger that. Thanks.

Fena, Okay, that should do it.

Fena, I'll change it again tomorrow.

Fena, Oh, hey!

Fena, I'm sorry. For acting on my own.

Yukimaru, There's no need to keep apologizing. You made your point the first time.

Fena, But I feel--

Yukimaru, Our job is to protect you. Don't worry about it.

Fena, I guess, but still... I'll work hard to be at least a little useful to you guys.

Yukimaru, Thank you, but that won't be necessary.

Yukimaru, For one thing, you're badly mistaken if you think you can be helpful.

Yukimaru, So stop putting yourself at risk. Never do it again!

Fena, Like hell I will! I want to be useful to you guys someday!

Yukimaru, That attitude is exactly what makes trouble for us!

Yukimaru, Pick fleas off your dog or something to stay out of the way, idiot!

Fena, Never!

text, "Now, now..."

Yukimaru, What is it?

Shitan, It's not like you to raise your voice like that.

Shitan, Normally, you just whack people on the head.

Yukimaru, Let me through.

Shitan, Fena.

Shitan, Shitan?

Shitan, Your voices carried through the whole ship.

Shitan, Don't let Yukimaru get to you. He's always like that.

Fena, Say, Shitan...

Shitan, Teach me how to use a w*apon.

Fena, Why isn't it going very far?!

Shitan, This is going to take a while...

Shitan, I just had a thought.

Karin, Absolutely not!

Fena, Can't you help me out? You and I are friends, right?

Karin, I don't recall us being that close.

Karin, Besides!

Karin, I don't like that jerk's snooty implication that "Oh, if Fena can't handle a bow,

Karin, surely a g*n would be easy enough for her!"

Karin, He knows when to b*at a hasty retreat.

Karin, And anyway, Fena, g*n aren't something you can master in a day!

Karin, First you have to study their construction, tools, g*n, features, and history!

Karin, Only then can you start actually training with them!

Karin, Actually, I want you to take a look at this thing I just invented.

Karin, It's based on the same principle as a bean planting machine, using spin and gravity to--

Karin, Huh? Fena? Where did you go? Fena?

Fena, Shitan...

Shitan, That was just for laughs. For fun.

text, GALLEY

Fena, Tsubaki! Got a minute?

Tsubaki, Swordplay? You want me to teach it?

Tsubaki, To you? What for?

Fena, Shitan said that since you're the person on the ship who's closest to my skill level,

Fena, maybe I'd have an easier time learning from you.

Tsubaki, Oh, that makes sense!

Tsubaki, So, long story short... Of everyone on the ship, I'm the worst swordsman,

Tsubaki, so I'm the ideal person to teach a total newbie like you.

Tsubaki, Sure, I get it... That's what he's saying.

Tsubaki, SHITAN!

Shitan, Tsubaki, is this that sumashijiru stuff? It's so bland and simple.

Shitan, Can I try dropping the head of a bonito in here or something?

Tsubaki, GET OUT!

Twins, No way!

Fena, In the end, everybody turned me down...

Fena, Am I really that hopeless?

Shitan, I'll teach you. Swords aren't exactly my strong suit, though.

Fena, Really? I always thought you were the sort of person who was good at everything.

Shitan, Hardly. I'd say I'm probably the worst out of everyone on this ship.

Fena, Oh, no way!

Shitan, No, it's the truth. And actually,

Shitan, it's all because I was always around someone who made me feel like

Shitan, I'd never measure up no matter how hard I tried.

Shitan, I didn't want to be shown up by the guy, so I always ran out ahead of him.

Shitan, But as a result, he had to save my life again and again.

Shitan, So I thought, I want to save his life next time.

Shitan, But not by running out ahead. From behind.

Fena, So you took up the bow.

Shitan, Let's head in. It's getting cold.

Fena, Shitan!

Fena, I want to become strong enough to protect him for a change, even if just a little.

Fena, Just like you do!

Shitan, We'll begin tomorrow. Before breakfast.

Fena, I want to be able to protect him...

Yukimaru, Have you seen Shitan?

Fena, Wha--? Shitan?

Yukimaru, He's the only one who has the screws for this barrel.

Fena, - Look, um... - About this morning...

Fena, Shitan was up on deck until just now! Together with me!

Fena, I think he might have gone back to his cabin!

Fena, You know, I think I get the source of his sex appeal! He's so relaxed around women!

Fena, Him being handsome and a nice guy and tough almost seems unfair, you know?

Fena, N-Not that I noticed! Well, good night!

Yukimaru, Relaxed around women...

Fena, Ow!

Fena, Again!

Fena, One... One more time!

Tsubaki, Okay, Fena. Here's the one thing I can teach you as the worst swordsman here.

Tsubaki, Draw it, and k*ll the other guy.

Fena, - Draw it, and k*ll the other guy. - Yep!

Karin, You're late!

Karin, All wrong! Elbows in!

Karin, Your right elbow is drooping!

Karin, Your back's all wrong, too!

Karin, Your elbows again! Elbows!

Karin, You want your elbow up like--

Karin, If you sh**t without my say-so again, that's the last time you're touching it!

Karin, - Is that clear?! - Yes, ma'am.

Karin, - I can't hear you! - Yes, ma'am!

Karin, When you don't answer with gusto, the g*n doesn't respect you!

Karin, You're a lousy sh*t because the g*n doesn't respect you!

Fena, She takes so long... She takes forever to read me the riot act...

text, "Eat all of these."

Fena, Any little detail would help. Can you tell us anything?

Craftsman C, The grinding definitely looks like the method we use in this village,

Craftsman C, but we don't make anything in this shape.

Craftsman C, Not anymore, at least.

Fena, I don't believe it...

Craftsman C, I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Arya, Hold on.

Arya, - Mind if I take a quick look? - Arya, it isn't one of ours.

Arya, - May I? - Um, sure.

Arya, Well, well.

Arya, Where'd you get it?

Fena, Er...

Yukimaru, It's been passed down for generations among my people.

Yukimaru, Circumstances now dictate that we learn more about it.

Yukimaru, We'd like to learn everything we can, no matter how trivial.

Yukimaru, We'll repay you as best we can.

Arya, Ah.

Arya, I'm Arya. Nice to meet you.

Yukimaru, I'm Yukimaru.

Arya, - Nice to meet you, young lady. - I-I'm Fena.

Arya, For starters, I'll take you to someone who probably knows about your stone.

Arya, It's a bit of a hike, though.

Fena, Thank you so much!

Arya, All goods shipped from this village are submitted to the Burgermeister for inspection.

Arya, For generations, we've been forbidden from taking on jobs as individuals.

Yukimaru, - You don't inscribe them? - It's our way.

Yukimaru, - That's odd. - I know, right?

Arya, Those who don't like it pack up and leave.

Enju, Yukimaru's talking to a woman like it's no big deal...

Kaede, With a sexy one.

Arya, - Is that sword of yours sharp? - Sharp enough.

Arya, - Who honed it? - I did.

Arya, You trained in it?

Kaede, - Physical contact! - Oh, my...

Yukimaru, I wouldn't say that. I just picked it up as I went along.

Arya, That's the best way to learn, young man!

Enju, The adult two-step touch!

Kaede, Her hand's gradually moving inwards!

Karin, Come on, ants, you're reading too much into it.

Shitan, They haven't seen many women like her before.

Arya, It's just past that turn.

Arya, Okay, we're here.

Arya, This is where the Burgermeister does his work.

Arya, Wait here a minute. He can be a little difficult.

Shitan, - What'll you do? - About what?

Shitan, She's into you, friend. If you tried, you could go all the way with her.

Yukimaru, Huh? Go where?

Arya, It's okay! He says that he'll let four of you come in.

Arya, Yukimaru! I have a favor to ask, if you don't mind.

Shitan, If we stay the night here, that woman is going to sneak into Yukimaru's bed.

Fena, H-How can you be so sure?

Shitan, Many years of experience.

Yukimaru, Is this all right?

Arya, Thank you! Grandpa, he's finished!

Burgermeister, This is amazing work.

Arya, - You like it? - Of course!

Burgermeister, This knife was given to me by my father when I was a little boy.

Burgermeister, I wanted it so badly. I kept pestering him.

Burgermeister, It gleamed and shone just like this. This brings back memories.

Burgermeister, I must repay the favor.

Kaede, - I'm bored... - We haven't had scenes in a while.

Kaede, Makaba, I'd get a line in if I were you.

Makaba, This is delicious!

Burgermeister, Now then...

Burgermeister, You wish to know about this stone, then?

Fena, Yes.

Burgermeister, To make a long story short, this stone was definitely made here in this village.

Fena, - You mean it?! - You were right, Fena!

Fena, Do you know when it was made? And where? And what it's for?

Burgermeister, When a product is being prepared to be shipped out,

Burgermeister, we scratch it in a way that's invisible to the naked eye.

Burgermeister, We use it to keep a record of its production date and who commissioned it.

Burgermeister, This stone has "D " etched into it.

Burgermeister, - Arya. - Yes?

Burgermeister, Go fetch me the blue book from that shelf.

Burgermeister, This is most unusual.

Burgermeister, The stone itself didn't originate from here. The client brought it?

Burgermeister, From France. Year of production, . The client's name was...

Burgermeister, What on earth? Is this some sort of joke?

Karin, Hm? What's it say?

Fena, What's the matter?

Arya, Client, La Pucelle d'Orléans.

Arya, La Pucelle d'Orléans?

Arya, Hang on, does this mean...

Arya, Does this mean it was commissioned by Joan of Arc?

Arya, Look here at the signature. It's hard to make out, but that says "Jeanne."

Karin, Really? If that's true, that's amazing, right?

Shitan, It does seem to be a joke.

Burgermeister, That is of no concern.

Yukimaru, The order being from Joan of Arc is no big deal? Is that what you're saying?

Burgermeister, A client being famous is of no concern to us.

Burgermeister, We count da Vinci and Columbus among our clients.

Burgermeister, We've even had many an order from royal families around the world.

Shitan, What is it, then?

Burgermeister, The problem is that it lists the year as .

Shitan, ...

Shitan, Joan of Arc was b*rned at the stake in Rouen's market square--

Burgermeister, In .

Burgermeister, This says that this stone was made five years after Joan of Arc's execution.

Burgermeister, Commissioned by Joan of Arc herself.

Arya, Did that help a little?

Yukimaru, More than a little. We'll never forget your kindness.

Fena, Arya, thank you so much!

Arya, You're quite welcome.

Arya, Say, why not stay the night before you go?

Yukimaru, I appreciate the offer, but we must move swiftly.

Yukimaru, We must take our leave here.

Arya, Oh, I see. I understand. Be careful, wherever you're headed.

Arya, I'll be praying for you to have a safe journey.

Arya, Fena!

Arya, Hang in there, okay?

Yukimaru, You'll catch cold.

Fena, They sure were nice, weren't they?

Yukimaru, Yes. They were very pleasant people.

Fena, Yukimaru.

Fena, I've... heard it before.

Yukimaru, You've heard it before? Heard what?

Fena, The word "la Pucelle."

Fena, Like maybe I used to call someone that.

Fena, Or maybe someone used to call me that.

Abel, La Pucelle...

Abel, What?

Cody, I've been informed that they've set out.
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