02x10 - To the Sea

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Outcast". Aired June 2016 - June 2017.
"Outcast" follows a young man searching for answers as to why he's been suffering from supernatural possessions his entire life. Based on the comics of the same name.
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02x10 - To the Sea

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(crickets chirping)

Maybe me most of all.

It's hard not to be after
all we've been through.

And so we retreat...

for the familiar,

places we feel safest,

behind the walls of our
righteous fortresses,

but it's all a fairy tale.

We're-- we're not safe...

behind these walls...

not in our own homes,

not inside our own skin.

Because we have been deceived.

ANDERSON: But not by
the Great Deceiver...

because there is no Devil.

Now, Devil or not,

evil is real, it exists.

It infects us,

spreading hatred...

and madness...

and death.

And now,

today's selection from
the Holy Scriptures.

What shall enlighten us tonight?

Hmm? What words...

will gird us for the battle to come?

How about the Psalms?

So full of lessons to make us feel

we're living a righteous life.

- (congregation agreeing)
- So much...

- bullshit.
- (congregation murmuring)

Or Ezekiel,

who reminds us of God's sovereignty

over all of his creation.

- That's a f*cking laugh.
- MAN: I've heard enough.

ANDERSON: And that's
just the Old Testament.

We have even gotten to...

to God's promise to send
a savior to protect us.

- Matthew...
- (rips out page, crumples)

crap. John...


- Oh my gosh. I can't believe--
- Smoke...

blown up the world's

collective ass.

ANDERSON: Now, I believe...

in good and evil

and that good can and must prevail.

- Amen.
- And it will...

just so long...

as it lives in the hearts
of righteous people.

- Amen.
- I don't give a shit

what you want to call it,

but if you truly want to
do God's will on Earth...

- raise an army in his name.

Go out there, find the enemy,

- and destroy them.
- Amen. Yes.

Because Lord knows...

he ain't gonna do it for us.

♪ ♪

- Amen.

SIMON: We never got married.

She wanted to...

especially after you were born.

She took my name.

She wanted you to have it.

But I always thought that was
some kind of a bad omen.

I didn't want my stink
rubbing off on you.

Suppose that makes it easier
when you want to get up and go.

That's not what I wanted.

I figured if I wasn't around,
maybe they would pass you by.

I thought that way about my family once.

Difference is, though,
I checked in on mine.

Wanted to make sure my kid
wasn't locked in a closet...


hair pulled out by the root.

You know...

that kind of thing.

I know you're upset with me,

but we don't have time
for a therapy session.

You know, after you left,

now and then, I'd ask Mom about you.

"Where'd he go?"

"What kind of man was he?"

"Did you love him?"


"Is it my fault?"


She could only ever say two things.

"He left."

Now you're here. So what
kind of man are you?

You a cult leader here to
watch the end of the world?

'Cause you sure act the f*cking part.

The world doesn't have to end, son.

Did you tell them that?

Your chosen ones out there?

I think you're feeding
them a line of shit.

And I think they're just some
other family you got tired of.

(electrical crackling)

You feel that, don't you?

It makes the hair on your arm stand up

like lightning's about to strike,

and if you close your eyes,
you can actually see it.

Those pinpricks of light
dancing around in the dark.

Those are beacons...

and they're coming...


How do you know?

Because I told 'em.

How's that work?

We tend to gather around together,

like water finding an ocean.

That's how a bunch of us ended up here.

Is that the way it was before?

With those eight beacons that
I saw buried in the junkyard?

Go on, tell me you didn't do that.

(knocking on door)

Who is it?

DAKOTA: It's me.


♪ ♪

(Megan whimpers)

- (panting)
- (insect buzzing)

(door opens)


Don't f*cking touch... me.

All right, all right.

All right, just...

- (gasps) Where's my daughter?
- She's fine.

She is fine, I assure you.

Where are we?

(door closes)

You and your baby appear
to be perfectly healthy.

Your oxygen levels were a little low,

so I thought it best to
start a prenatal program,

- intravenous vitamins--
- What kind of f*cking doctor are you?

Would you like to see the sonogram?


Obstetrics weren't really my specialty.
I was...

more of a research fellow,

but it's a girl.

That deranged midwife
told me the opposite,

but she was also convinced
the baby was one of you.

Well, you can never really tell.

Stop f*cking with my head!

I'm clean. My baby's clean.

You just said we were both fine.

Truth is, I don't know any one of us
that has ever carried a baby to term.

The body always seems
to find a way to...

expel it.

- Megan, that's--
- (gasps)

I promise you.

I will do everything in my power...

to bring your baby into this world.

Thanks, but just give me my vitamins,

and I'll just check in every few weeks.

I suggest you try to
find a new head space...

or these next seven months
will be unpleasant.

Let me out of here!

Let me out of here now!

MEGAN: Let me out! f*ck you!


- Let me out!
- (phone rings)


Yes, I understand. I was
delayed by another project,

but I think you'll find it extreme--

(quietly inhales)

(quietly exhales)

I understand.


♪ ♪

(fluid gurgling)

(electrical crackling)

SIMON: I need you to get
Sarah out to the compound.

Check on Dot's old RV and see
if that thing's still running.

You know of anybody with
any medical experience?

Jacob can handle it.

All right.

Remember, she's just like us.

She's pure.

Even though things didn't
happen the way they should've.

Simon. We've been preparing...

everything we need,

supplies, w*apon, for
when the Merge comes.

And I'm proud of you.

You stayed strong, you done
everything I've asked.

"The sins of the world
will be washed away,

and only the pure will be spared."

- That's what you said!
- This isn't a religion.

It's a strategy.

Now maybe you misunderstood...

but I'm gonna do this
with or without you.

It's up to you.

♪ ♪

(distant dog barking)

(distant horse whinnies)

I was gonna call Joe Lacey over
at the funeral home when...

I realize...

I don't know if he's one
of us or one of them.

I'll take care of her myself.

There's a spot where we used to camp.

Little trail leads right
up to a waterfall.

Nobody'll bother her.

I'll help you.

Long as you don't need a benediction.

She was a church-goer.

Not me.

I am so sorry, Byron.

You ain't got nothing to be sorry for.

You did everything you could.

I told you to f*ck off.

I was gonna sit back here and...

drink away the Apocalypse.

Not lift a finger.

Not my Rosie.

She decided to...

face what I was too weak to.

And she couldn't live
with herself after.

This one's on me, John.

This one's on me.

You're not weak.

And Rosie, sure as shit, wasn't either.

And you're not alone.

There's folks out of the Light of God,

they've seen what's happening.

They're scared, but
they're ready to fight.

You've got your flock back.




They're not my sheep anymore though.


We got ourselves an army.

Question is...

are we gonna use it?

My Rosie had a list.

That's a good enough
place as any to start.

♪ ♪

(car alarm chirps)

(engine starts)

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

(quietly) Holly, we gotta go.

- Right now.
- BLAKE: Go?

We're having fun.


That's a really big puzzle.

I don't think we've done one
with so many pieces before.

HOLLY: Blake said the small one
with kittens on it was too easy.

That I had more puzzle talent than that.

There it is. Talent. Up top.

Do not leave me hanging.


Aren't you supposed to be on bed rest?

Thinking calm thoughts,
watching TV shows?

Dr. Park says the baby and
I are doing just fine.

Thank goodness.

But why don't you two keep an eye on me?

If I seem tired let me know, and...

I promise to lie down.

Blake used to be a police officer...

like Daddy.

Maybe that's why you two get on so well.

When you were little, I told
you if you ever got lost

to go find a policeman.

It's their job to protect us.

I never thanked you...
for protecting me.

(teakettle whistling)

Hey, Puzzle Master.

I think that hot water's
ready for hot chocolate.

Go set us up. Okay.

(quietly) You know how many
shrinks they sent me to?

Using empathy, stroking my cock,

tying to bend me up like
a pretty velvet bow.

(scoffs) You all try the same tricks.

Next time you try shit like that,

I'm gonna bash your sweet little girl's

f*cking head in, you get me?

(whispers) Yes.


Okay, Holls.

Now deal your mom in to a
pile of pieces, and...

we'll see if she's as
smart as I think she is.

- (shovel digging)
- (chopping)

(men grunting)


This isn't what we came here to do.

DAKOTA: I wanna serve him...

as much as anyone, if not more.

But he's lost his way.

We can't do this.

(loud chop)

- (chopping)
- (digging)

I bought a car here right
before you were born.

Pontiac Catalina.

Paid $ for it.


You used to love to push
the buttons on the radio.

Thought we didn't have time
for a therapy session.

Guess we both have some shit to unload.

(dog barking)

(g*n echoes)

- (exclaims)
- (cocks g*n)

Yeah! You think you can
pick us off one by one?

You better think again!

(g*n echoes)

You sumbitches ain't gonna take me.

Hey, buddy.

Oh, f*ck me.

KYLE: Bob! Shit!

Kyle, where the hell have you been?

I been calling you and
looking everywhere for you.

Why? What's going on?

They took your wife
and your little girl.

- I told them girls to stay...
- What?

...hunkered down in
the hotel room, but--

- Wait a minute. When did this happen?
- Last night.

- Shit.
- I went to the room, the room was empty.

- Nobody saw anything.
- We gotta go.

- Hey!
- I'm sorry, Kyle.

SIMON: Hey, just wait a second! Wait!

- Let go of me!
- What are you doing?

I'm going after my family.

If you don't want to come,
then give me the keys.


What the hell are you gonna do?

Go driving around the country, hope
you find 'em walking down the road?

Now close your eyes.


Close your g*dd*mn eyes.

You see all them lights?

(electrical crackling)

That's how you're gonna
save your family.

We're gonna put an end to
this once and for all.

Those things...

they're gonna leave us alone forever.

You got to trust me.

♪ ♪

(clock ticking)

(clock chiming)

WOMAN: Nice of you to finally show.

Apologies for rescheduling,
something came up.

WOMAN: Oh, well.

Something came up.

You're getting pretty comfortable
with this arrangement of ours.

I don't take any comfort in
the things I've done for you.

We just happen to share the same goal.

We didn't ask you to
m*ssacre your council.

That was all you.

Though I am impressed
you took out Sidney.

WOMAN: Bold.

I didn't.

I haven't seen Sidney since
the council meeting.

- Neither has anyone else.
- Hmm.

Well, he wasn't exactly... percent.

Perhaps his nature just
caught up with him.

Isn't that what your
research is supposed to fix?

I have a few new test subjects
that should prove very helpful.

The issue now is time.

You can't tell me you
don't feel it coming...

even sealed off here in your fortress.

It's being dealt with.

I already have a team in place.

If this happens...

you will lose everything.

Everything I have worked for--

- (sizzling)
- (gasps)

Your old friend, Sidney, had a job here.

To protect Kyle Barnes,

because he could bring about the Merge.

So now it's your job

to look after Mr. Barnes
and his daughter,

and his father.

Because what they can start,

they can stop.


You do that for us.

Keep us informed on what
your friends are doing,

and we're happy to continue
to support your research.

Now, we have some friends
to entertain, so...

if you'll excuse us.

(gasps, panting)

SIMON: They know we can hurt them.

(sighs) I'm still not hearing a plan.

We need to all come together
and focus our energy.

Are you f*cking kidding me?

That's exactly what they've been
trying to do this whole time!

Get us all in one place
and bring on the Merge.

Yes, but they're not
expecting us to fight back.

I know what we can do.

I know who we are, we can push 'em back.

Now, once these sumbitches understand

that they can't come back here,
they're gonna leave us alone.

They'll die off and let us...

go on living like normal human beings.

How do you know?

How do you know it'll work?

Because I've seen our power.

Thirty years ago...

but it's dangerous.

Getting everybody together
in one place like that.

Especially after what Helen did.

What did Helen do, exactly?

They hate what makes us human, son.

They hate everything about it...

so she bored it out of 'em.

(drill whirring)

Removed their ability to feel...
to think.

She just left 'em there,
sitting in their light.

When I showed up, the whole
place felt electrified.

It was lifting me up, I could
barely keep my feet on the ground.

It was happening.

Their Merge was happening...

and I had to stop it.


Which one of 'em survived that night?

Kyle said he found eight bodies, but...

there was nine.

Must've miscounted.

We're gonna need every
single one of 'em.

We're gonna need all of the light
we can get to pull this off.

Wait a minute.

Is this true?

Is there someone out
there who can help us?


You don't know what you're asking me.

(electricity crackling)


Hey, Emma!


What's he doing here?

We need to see Martin.


He ain't strung three words
together in years.

I don't know whether it was Helen
and her scrambling his brain or...

you putting a b*llet in it.

- (vocalizes softly)
- KYLE: My God.

That's him.

He was there, the night of the town
meeting when Giles got possessed.

Martin's my brother-in-law.

Emma's my little sister.

Do you feel that?

Imagine a dozen of us.

Or a hundred of us all focusing
our power on these things.

- (Martin whines softly)
- (electrical crackling)

(Martin moans)

(Martin mumbles)


KYLE: Martin?

Those things that are coming
took my wife and my daughter.

My father says if we work,
together we can stop 'em.

(Martin moans)

SIMON: Martin!

I'm sorry, but we need your help now.


(babbling loudly)

BOB: What's he saying?

I don't know.

(mumbling loudly)... did it!

(shouting) He... did it!

Oh God.

- He did it.
- EMMA: It's you!

You put him in this mess!

- Emma, no, no!
- Get out!

- Get out of my house!
- (shouting incoherently)

- Martin, we need you!
- Dad, come on!

- (Martin shouting incoherently)
- SIMON: We need you to let him--

Let's go! Stop!

SIMON: We need everyone we can get!

- EMMA: Get out!
- We need him!

- (moaning, crying)
- (shushing)

It's okay. It's okay now.

He's gone. He's gone. Shh, shh, shh.

- (whimpering)
- (shushing)

(wind whistling)



TUTTLE: That's it, hands
where I can see 'em.

Thank Christ.

Somebody's minding the store.

I could use a hand.

What are you doing, Chief?

How many times I gotta tell
you to stop calling me that?

Well, Nunez is MIA.

It's just Rita and I running the
shop, and she called in sick.

So did Warren and Franks, so, uh,

I'd say the job's yours if you want it.

Nunez is d*ad.

What happened?

She was one of those demons
we've been fighting, Bill.

She come after Rose and me.

I couldn't let that stand.

(brakes squeaking)

It's time to pick a side.

MAN: All right, come on, let's go.
Get out.

- WOMAN: Where are we?
- MAN : Let me go!

- WOMAN : I don't know.
- MAN : Easy.

- What are they doing?
- You can't do this!

- Let's get 'em inside.
- Check the girls first!

Settle down, move it.

You can't do this! What about my son?

- What about my boy!
- What the hell's going on, Chief?

Oh, we've got us a full house.

(woman crying)

Who's gonna take care of my boy?

GILES: So, we're gonna need
some water, some food,

some extra blankets.

Might wanna raid Owen Boyd's
shop with all you can carry.


GILES: You're a God fearing
man, aren't you, Bill?

ANDERSON: Come on!

TUTTLE: You know I am,
Chief, but we're still cops.

ANDERSON: Get him in.

You can't just round
people up without cause.

What happened to me and my family
gives me enough f*cking cause.

We're at w*r, a holy w*r,
and we're under siege.

They don't just want our town,

they want what makes us God's creatures.

Now you're gonna tell me, you
don't wanna fight for that?

- WOMAN: What are you doing?
- MAN: Stop it!

WOMAN : Get away from me!

MAN: What are you looking at?

All right, let's get these
guys in here, come on.

Let's get 'em out of here!
Come on, let's go!

Chief Giles, what's going on?

Do I know you, miss?

I'm looking for the reverend.


And what would you want with
my friend the reverend?

Just tell him Dakota needs to
talk to him, it's important.

I think you need to
join us inside, miss.

Hey! Get your hands off me.

I'm not gonna do that.

- (Dakota grunts)
- Well, well.

Look who just popped out of her
little hole in the ground.

You know this one?

She's one of the chosen ones.

Can't you tell?


Thank you.

We can help each other.

I offered you my help.

I appealed to your
humanity, your decency,

and you told me to go f*ck myself.

So why don't you just go run on home?

I think I can hear your
messiah calling for you.

Listen. You spend your life believing,

spreading that light,
it gives you purpose.

Until one day, you realize

it's not just yourself
you've been fooling, right?

Thought you'd have a
little more sympathy.

BLAKE: You know, when I was your age,

I used to sleep in the
backyard in a sleeping bag.

(Blake chuckles)

The stars would sing me to sleep.

Last few years, locked in a room

and no windows, I got
pretty sleep-deprived.

Why didn't you have any windows?

Well, that story will
give you nightmares.

Just tell me.

I, uh...


HOLLY: Blake?! Blake!

Hey, hey, hey, run to the bathroom,

and see if there are any bandages,

and aspirin. Go.

I'll get you a towel.


Dr. Frankenstein's is a--
it's the result of...

extended isolation.

- They can't hurt me.
- Who?

What do you see?

I warned you.

Don't f*cking psychoanalyze me.

I'm not, I'm sorry.

I'll do whatever you say.

I see the end...

for everyone like me, like Park.

Maybe even that sweet
little bun in your oven.

I don't understand.

They can destroy us all.

Kyle and his daughter.


Whatever the f*ck her name is.

(sighs) Or maybe I'm just...
going f*cking crazy.

I could take you to her.

- Amber.
- You'd do that?

- (gasps)
- Why?

What if it's real?

Your vision? What does
that mean for my baby?

If-- if she is like you,

it'd be the end for her too.

And I-- I can't lose her.

She's all I have left
of Mark, she and Holly.

(whimpers) We...

We wouldn't hurt Amber.

We would just...

We could just take her away.

Keep her with us.

So she couldn't be a part of
whatever it is you're seeing.

How do I know you're
not f*cking with me?

We wouldn't hurt her.


We would just keep her with us.




(thunder rumbling)

(footsteps approach)

(electrical crackling)

When I was growing up after...

what happened with Mom...

you were here in Rome, weren't you?


I wanted to see you.

I remember... I think.

There was one night...

I felt something.

Like it was... tugging at the edges.

(vehicle approaches)

Like I feel now.

I wanted to come and get you.

- Drove my car right up.
- (door opens)

Next to that big ol' house
y'all were staying in.

(door closes)

Must've sat outside for an hour.

Even if I knocked on the door,

I don't know what I would've said.

(vehicles approach)

I'm sorry, son.

SIMON: Somehow I knew this thing

would bring us all together again.

Like water drawn to the sea.

And here we are.


(truck door opens)

(wheelchair clatters)

(truck door closes)

♪ ♪

(vocalizes softly)

It's time.

Let's get it done.

♪ ♪

- (electrical crackling)
- What's wrong?

Move, come on.

(car alarm chirps)

BLAKE: We're not coming back here.

Wait in the car.

MEGAN: What are you--

Hey, if you get out,

- (alarm chirps)
- ...the alarm will go off,

and if you try and run
and hide, I'll find you.


(glass shatters)

Are we really going to see Amber?

- (car approaches)
- Get!

♪ ♪

(glass shattering)



We've decided we don't want to
be your lab rats anymore, Doc.


(grunts, groans)

(grunts, groans)

(grunts, groans)




(alarm blaring)

Stay down!

(alarm stops)

(engine starts)

(tires screeching)

- You left him!
- Are they following us?

- He helped us!
- Is anybody following us?

I don't see anything.

I'm sorry, we had to leave your friend,

but there's something
you need to understand.

It is just us now!

We can't rely on anybody.

We can't trust anybody.

We only have each other.

I love you, Mom.

I love you too, baby.

♪ ♪

(thunder rumbling)

(thunder booming)


(thunder rumbling)

Are you sure?

(vocalizes softly)

(Martin shudders)

Thank you.

Thank you all for
helping me finish this!

You've kept your faith,

and I'm grateful for that.

But I now know the world I
saw for us isn't coming,

but we can have a better world!

A world purged from their darkness.

And all I ask from each
and every one of you,

is to keep your faith
just a little longer.

(electricity crackles)

AMBER: Daddy!

And I ask the same of you, son.

AMBER: Daddy! Daddy!


Hey, Firefly.

Baby, where you been?

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, we're fine.

Is this really your father?

He is.

He said he needed our help.

We need all the light we can get, son.

Without it, we'll fail.

You should've told me you had my family!

I wanted to,

but I didn't think you were
ready to let them help us.

AMBER: Daddy?

We can fight the black things together,

and then we can go home,

and we don't have to be afraid anymore.

I want us to go home.

Can you do it?

They're coming!

I want you to open up

and feel the light!

Wait, baby, come here.

SIMON: Let them feel you!

(electrical crackling)

It's happening. Can't you feel it?

Wait, no, stop!

Not yet, wait. You need me!
You-- (grunts)

You turned out to be a bit of a handful.

I think Megan and her baby

will prove to be much better subjects,

once I get them back.

(Blake groaning)

♪ ♪


They're coming!

- AMBER: Daddy!
- ALLISON: Kyle?

It's okay, baby.

Feel it!

♪ ♪

- KYLE: What the hell?
- Oh my God!

Oh God.

EMMA: No, no, no!

Martin! Please--

You f*ck!


What is this? What the hell is this?


Look, son!

It's our blood that destroys 'em.

A few lives to save billions,

for we don't have time.

Our blood will seal this thing forever!

Baby, no.

- I'm sorry.
- Please, no.

- No, please.
- I love you, baby.

- Please don't!
- I love you more than anything,

but you gotta get out of here.

- Please...
- Please!

- AMBER: Daddy!
- Take Amber, Allison.

- Take her and get her out of here.
- No!

- It's okay, baby.
- AMBER: No, no!

- It's okay!
- Stop it!


I'll do it, but get her out of here.

- It's okay!
- AMBER: Daddy!

- AMBER: Daddy!

- I love you, baby. It's okay!
- Stop it!

- It's our bloodline that makes it so powerful.
- (Amber crying)

From me to you to her.

It's all or nothing.

We need Amber.

No! No, wait!

- Not Amber! No!
- AMBER: Daddy!

- Dad, you can't!

You can't do that!

No, Dad!


I love you.

- No!
- I won't make you watch.

- No!!
- AMBER: No!


Everybody get down!





(Dakota grunting)

Stop it!



- Come on, Rev!
- Yeah, yeah.




We gotta close this, son!

There's gotta be another way!

No. No!



- Daddy!
- Amber!

Stop it!

(echoing) Leave my daddy alone!

♪ ♪




♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Baby, are you okay?

Are you all right?





What was that?

- Was that the Merge?
- SIMON: No, it wasn't.

You have no idea what you've done, Kyle.

They ain't finished with us yet.


(grunting, moaning)

Good Lord.


♪ ♪
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