03x10 - The Legacy

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Versailles". Aired October 2016 - May 2018.
Set in 1667, "Versailles" follows how 28-year-old Louis XIV achieves his vision of creating the most beautiful palace in Europe, transforming a relatively modest hunting lodge in Versailles into a majestic palace.
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03x10 - The Legacy

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Good morning.

Are you preoccupied,
my love?

I went to bed last night
happier than I've ever been.

But then I woke up.

I'm sorry.

You owe me no apology.

I know how much you
have sacrificed for me.

I have everything
a king could ever want.

Except a queen.

That is why
you married me in secret.

What are you doing?

To protect your reputation,

for the good of the crown.

It is enough that you and I
know the truth.

Do you ever think

about what you will
leave behind when you die?

Just ashes
and fading memories?

Or something that will last
for all eternity.

You have already built
something for eternity.

A palace, an empire.

Yes, but at what cost?

I will bring the dauphin
to Versailles.

It is time for him to learn
what it is to be king.

And your brother?

What of him?


perhaps you should let him go.

Allow him his freedom.

What makes you say that?

Well, sometimes,

it is not the future
that stands in our way

but the past.


The force that
binds us together

is stronger than the force
that drives us apart.

I need him.

And he needs me.

I'm the king of my own land

Facing tempests of dust

I'll fight until the end

Creatures of my dreams

Raise up and dance with me

Now and forever

I'm your king

It's Monsieur Marchal, sire.

- He's been seen.
- Where?

In the town during
the disturbances last night.

Sire, we must assume
he knows everything.

He had already guessed that
there was a close connection

between yourself
and the prisoner in the mask.

For all his loyalty
in the past,

he is now a deadly thr*at.

Send for musketeers.

Search every building,
every nook and cranny.

Tell them he must be found.

I will take charge
of the search myself.


If he resists?

]i>He'! -]/i>

You think you can return
to a normal life?


I'd like you to join us.


I have my own plans.

What sort of plans?


We got word of a carriage
of muskets being transported

from the palace tomorrow.

- We're gonna raid the convoy.

Are you mad?

You'll all be
slaughtered like lambs.

Well, if I'm going down,

I'm bringing some
of Louis's men with me.


You, go upstairs.

Hey, get over there.

We're looking for a fugitive.


You may have
encountered him before.

Formerly head
of the royal police force.

He has no friends here,

but as soon as we find him,
you'll be the first to hear.

A purse of gold
for whoever turns him in.

Death by hanging
for anyone found helping him.

And if you see the Protestant
woman who used to work here,

I suggest you
turn her in likewise.

Of course.

All right?

You still think you
can have a normal life?

Head down to the river.

- Check the customs houses.
- Yes, sir.

- Wait.
- This way.

Try to get him alive.

But if he puts up a fight,
do what must be done.

"Thanks to the sterling efforts
of our security service,

a nefarious plot
by Protestant anarchists

to assassinate His Majesty
was discovered,

thereby compelling
His Majesty's forces

to seize their properties
and imprison the ringleaders."

How many?

Over , imprisoned.

They shall be sent
to work the galleys.

- And the pastors?
- Seventeen executed, so far.

I want to meet
the people of France.

I want them to see me
not as their tormentor

but as their savior.

May we ask how?

The tradition
of the thaumaturgy.

I will lay my hands
on the people.

To those who doubt,
I shall bring faith.

To those who grieve, comfort.
To those who are sick, healing.

I think that's
an inspired idea, sire.

So will His Majesty bring
the people to the palace

for this ceremony?

No. I shall go to them.

To Paris?

By seeing that I trust them,

they will know
that they can trust me.

Sire, may I urge you

to consider the risks
of doing this.

I have.

I've also considered
the risks of not doing it.

Enjoying the good news,
my boy?

Do you know
the whereabouts of Lorraine?

- No, Your Highness.
- Is it entirely true?

It's the official version
of what happened.

Why wouldn't it be?

It's just I'm worried
about my sister

and her well-being.

Have you seen
the chevalier anywhere?

- No.
- No, Your Highness.

She's not on any list,
so she'll be safe.

Thank you.

Now then, I've been
thinking about your future.

You can no longer rely
on the tannery to sustain you,

so we must find you a job.

With your military background,

we might find you a position
within the royal guard.

I shall speak to the king.

That would be an honor, sir.

I've been looking everywhere
for Lorraine.

Do you know where he is?

Exactly where he should be,
Your Highness.

In prison.

Sire, you have gone too far.

And pleasure
to see you too, princess.

Not only have you destroyed

the lives of decent
Protestant people,

you have also locked up
a man I deeply care for.

The Chevalier de Lorraine.

His actions were in direct
opposition to the king's orders.

He was showing loyalty
to one of our closest friends.

Something in short supply
around here these days.

You should choose your words
more wisely, Sister,

and your friends.

I am begging you
to show mercy.

He and the duchesse
will be deported to Louisiana

at the earliest opportunity.

But he'll not survive
the journey.

You might as well
execute him now.

Lorraine is responsible
for his own actions,

as we all are.

I gave him my trust,
and he chose to betray it.

And not for the first time.

Where are you going?

To join my husband.

Are you going to stop me?

You are my sister.

And this is your home.

Not anymore.


Since the day you set foot
in this palace,

you have been a source
of honesty and charm.

Without you and my brother,

Versailles would lose
some of its sparkle.

And I would lose
a part of my soul.

I know that
I have lost your trust.

And more than anything
in the world, I want it back.

You cannot
let her leave, sire.

She'll be back.

And I pray
she will not come alone.

Do you think we shall spend
the rest of our days in here?

I'm sure if the king
puts his mind to it,

he could find us somewhere
less salubrious.


Paper and a pen,
if you please.

Where would we be
if we had not been caught?

Crossing the border into Italy.



The perfect mixture
of depravity and culture.

What are you doing?

Contacting the only person
with whom I still have leverage.

Have this delivered
to Monsieur Colbert immediately.

And what would we do in Rome?

We would live
happily ever after.


Why not?

Because what you describe
is a lunatic dream.

Where would we be
without hope?

No sign of him?

Nothing as yet, sire.

Tell them to keep looking.

Now, Bishop,

have you consulted the relevant
texts for the thaumaturgy?

Yes, sire.

This Sunday is the closest
to the harvest moon.

This Sunday?

The timing could not be
more propitious.

The grace of God
will be with you.

And the event
will go down in history.

Let us hope
for all the right reasons.

There are doubters among us?

I encountered
much hostility in the city.

The people may not show
the gratitude you expect.

In the absence
of Monsieur Marchal

there are concerns
over security.

Then you will take over
his responsibilities

until we can found
a suitable replacement.

You do me a great honor, sire,

but I believe we've already
found a suitable replacement.

Then engage him.

- Sire, I really do insist--
- God will protect me.

And God will show
my people the way.

Forgive me.

Old habits die hard.

They came looking for you
at the tannery.

I know.

Why are they so scared of you?

They believed I'm a thr*at.

Are you?

We need your help.

For what?

To stop the king.

To make him put an end
to our suffering.

Don't waste your time.

If you stand in his way...

he will crush you.

Look, we're just an angry mob.
We don't know what we're doing.

But with you on our side,

that would change everything.

He's sent his men
to hunt you down like a dog.

Do you feel no anger
towards him?

You helped us before.
Why not help us now?

Because I've seen
more bloodshed

than anyone should see
in a lifetime.

So you're a coward.

I have k*lled, maimed,

imprisoned, tortured,
and executed.

Some guilty, some less so.

But I have destroyed families.

I've taken fathers
from their children.

I have blood on my hands.

It's time to wash it off.

Then do the right thing.

Or you abandon us.

But if you abandon us,
then you abandon justice.

Are you not attending council?

I'm slightly below the weather.

Please present my apologies
to His Majesty.

I believe congratulations
are in order.

For what?

For bravely vanquishing
the deadly Protestant assassins.

I obeyed my king.


Please give him this.

It's an estimate of the assets

that will accrue from his
marriage to the infanta.

I trust we'll see you back
on your feet again soon?


If only to do what is right.

Good day.

To you too.


What are you reading?
The latest potboiler?


The world's greatest pessimist.

De la Rochefoucauld.

"How can we know
what we want in the future

when we don't even know
what we want now?"


Sounds all rather wise
to me.

Did my brother send you?

No. I came of my own accord.


To take you home.

That would please my brother.

It's not for him.

It's for me.

For the chevalier.

And for you.


I'm delighted to see you.

Now, I hear that you are
intelligent and courteous,

but that you spend too much time
chasing girls and foxes.

- Well, I--
- Don't worry.

I was the same at your age.

He's grown
into a handsome young man,

with a regal bearing.

Don't you agree, Madame?

He's the image of his father.

I'm so pleased to meet you.

I do hope we shall be friends.

You haven't lost your tongue
since I last saw you, I hope?

No, sire.

"No, sire."
You must call me Father.

Yes, Father.

Did you have a task for me?


I simply wished
to spend time with you.

Father and son.

And I believe the time has come
for you to learn the ropes.

You will not make a good king

if all you know how to do
is climb a fence and flirt.

you remember Guillaume.

Of course.

You saved
my brother's life in battle.

And you have left
your family and business

to live here at Versailles.

I hope this has not
caused you too much pain.

It is a price worth paying
if I may serve His Majesty.

This is my son.

He is the future of France.

By entering my service,

you are pledging to protect him
and my family from any danger,

even if it means
sacrificing your own life.

Are you ready to do that?

If I die in the line of duty,
I would consider it an honor.

The first rule of being a king:

surround yourself
with men you can trust.

Do you really want

to remain the rest
of your life here,

a sad recluse,

all alone surrounded
by nothing but memories?

The chevalier wants me back?

He needs you.

He's been imprisoned.

Caught pilfering
the communion wine, was he?

He risked his neck to stop
a squad of musketeers

destroying the duchesse
d'Angers' castle actually.

Courage I didn't know
he possessed.

He's changed.

Perhaps it's time
you changed too.

So I come back to Versailles

just so that my brother
can boss me around

and treat me like his poodle.

That's the way he is.

You know that.

He does what he has to do.
He's the king.

He'll always be like that.

It doesn't mean
he doesn't love you.

We're a family, Philippe.

And families stick together.

The king invites
the sick and infirm

to a ceremony of thaumaturgy.


Who does he think he is?

The savior?

Look at them.
How can they fall for that?

Come on.

Let's get back to work.

Wait, wait, wait.
Hang on a minute.

Can't you see?


This could be
our chance.

To do what?

To k*ll the king.

Your Highness.

Madame, if I didn't know better,
I'd say you were avoiding me.

Of course not.

I understood we were
to discuss the wedding

as a matter of some urgency.

Princess, you must understand

that His Majesty has many
important things to think about.

- And I am still one of them?
- Naturally.


But even if you were not, you
would surely not lack suitors.

Any eligible prince
or king in Europe

would see you
as an ideal wife.

I'm not bothered
with any prince or king.

I am interested
in the king of France.

As are we all, Your Highness.

Now, if you will excuse me.

She lacks nothing
in self-confidence, that girl.

Perhaps you should
send her back to Portugal

and inform her father

that you will take
a decision next year.

To keep her here would be
to encourage her to...

- Believe she will soon be queen?
- Yes.


That will not happen.


I cannot see you hurt
any longer.

There is only one way
to end this speculation.

I see nothing has changed.

The royal family!

My God, he's married her.

Remember, show modesty
and self-confidence

in equal measure.


Remind me never
to play you at cards.

My dear infanta,
I would like you to meet my son.

'Tis an honor to meet you,
Your Highness.

I see you have inherited
your father's looks.

Let us hope you have not
inherited his manners.

You two should get
to know each other.

I already know many people.

Yes, but none of them are going
to be the next king of France.


s*ab and fodder--

one million.


, .

Wine-- , .


Two million.

This is what you owe
the palace of Versailles.

But this is a time
of celebration,

which is why I hereby liberate
you from all your debts.

Let us drink and be merry.

But let us not forget those
less fortunate than ourselves.

The people who fight our wars,

till our fields,
and bake our bread.

We live together,
suffer together,

and share love together.

On Sunday, we will celebrate
a grand ceremony of healing,

where I will bless
the sick and the needy.

We will celebrate that
we are not just one nation.

We are one family.

The king!

The king!

I was hoping to see you
here tonight.

Good evening, Madame.

I would prefer it
if you would call me Sister.

We married last night.

Then surely she is queen?


I am the king's wife.

My congratulations.

You've shown great courage.
I'll give you that.

May we have a word in private?


Thank you.

Welcome to the family.

Shall we play cards?

As you wish.

I warn you. I cheat.

So do I.

I didn't
come back for you, Louis.


I'm here for myself.

I need you by my side.

There's too much water
between us.

I've always tried
to stand by you.

And what did I get in return?

What do you want in return?


Free him, if that pleases you.

I saved your life.

How so?

I found our father

and stopped the Vatican
destroying us.

You wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for me.

You didn't just save my life.
You saved our life.

You are still my brother.

And I am still king.

Aren't I?

Yes, you're still king.

And do you have my back?

Come on.
Let's get out of here.

I'm not leaving
without her.

Go. You've already
helped me enough.

- I will come back for you.
- Just go!

- I promise.
- Go!


How are you?

Take a wild guess.

I thought you could do
with some pampering.

Um, perhaps after
you've taken a bath.

Hang on.

Do you really think we can just
pick up where we left off?

I thought
you'd be grateful.

- I was doing you a favor.
- No.

You were doing
yourself a favor.

What next, sexual favors?
Am I your whore now?

I did the decent thing,
and this is the thanks I get?

You really want to do
the decent thing?

There are dozens
of innocent people behind bars.

Why not save them?

Look, there's nothing
you can do for Delphine.

We have to try
and forget her now...

and make the most
of what we've got.

Maybe that works for you.

Not for me.

I brought you some sustenance.

Fresh fruit.

Kept my mother fit as a fiddle
until she was .


I think the time
for fresh fruit has passed.

The king wishes to see you.

I shall not receive him.

In doing so, you insult him.

Do you know what it says
on my coat of arms, Louvois?


It says: Pro rege saepe...

pro patria semper.

"Country before king."

No one respects His Majesty
more than I.

But he has changed.

He now inspires
more fear than love.

He's truly concerned for you.

And I say again.

- I shall not receive him.
- But, Colbert--

I have given him
my life.

I will not give him my death.

All my life has
led up to this moment.

I must not fail.

And you shall not.

Do you believe in me?

More than ever.

Sire, I would be
failing in my duties

if I did not urge you
to cancel the ceremony.

And I would be
failing in mine if I listened.

I will not let my people down.

And I'm not a coward.

To go to Paris is
to enter the lion's den

and to put your life at risk.

I'm begging you, sire.
Do not do this.

I have to.

However, the dauphin
will remain here at the palace.

Check all the houses
before the king's arrival.

Search everyone for w*apon.

Put a man on every corner.

Tell your men
if in doubt, sh**t.

A-And remember,

the king's life
is in your hands.

What's wrong with him?


You should try.

Kindly open the door,
if you please.

Stop for no one.

He'll take you to Amiens.

From there, a horse will
carry you to the Dutch border.

Where do you think
you're going?

A valiant effort.

- Take her back to her cell.
- No!

Let her go.

But, Your Highness...

- Get her out of here.
- But His Majest--

You have spoken
far too much for today.

You're a good man.

Never forget that.

Come on.

Let's go watch my brother
play God.

Now, the king's going
to be heavily guarded.

And his men will have orders to
sh**t on sight, so no f*ck-ups.

When I give the signal,

you open f*re on the guards
and the musketeers.

My target is the king.

You don't stand a chance.

You'll be mown down
before you've fired a sh*t.

Right, if the thought
of dying scares you,

best you leave now.

But if you want to take courage
and risk your life

for freedom and justice
for your families,

then stay.

Better to die in glory

than live in misery, I say.

So are you with us or not?

I'm leaving, for good.

Get him.

No. Let him go.

We can't take that risk.

I know this man,
and I trust him.

Let him go.

Do not do this.

You will die.

And the hopes of your people
will die with you.


You're not attending
the thaumaturgy?


Why not?

There was something
I wanted to say to you.

Will you please...

give these documents
to the king?

My Parting gm.

I pray whatever you have to say
to me does not involve finance.

Colbert, we've known one another
for many, many years.


And although we've had
our disagreements...

I admire you
more than any other man.


You have sacrificed your life
for the king and for France.

Uh-- And if we had not been
so busy with our work...

I'd like to think
we could have been friends.





The king!

Don't move. Wait.

- Where have you been?
- Oh, you know.

Saving damsels in distress
from f*re-breathing dragons.

All in a day's work.

You searched every house,
every shop, and the rooftops?

Yes, sir.

- The king!
- The king!

The king!

Let the ceremony begin.


The king touches you.

May the Lord heal you.

The king touches you.

May the Lord heal you.

The king touches you.

May the Lord heal you.

The king touches you.

May the Lord heal you.

The king touches you.

May the Lord heal you.

The king touches you.

May the Lord heal you.

Protect the king!

{all gasping)


This way, sire.



I'm sorry.

Over here, sire.

I realized in that
moment I might lose you.

I couldn't let that happen.

Thank you.

Who would have thought
a little girl like that

would one day
save the king's life?

It wasn't the king you saved.

It was your brother.

There will always be
those who want me d*ad.

I know.

You are king.

I could have not been king.

No, Louis.

You have been king
since before you were born.

I used to hate you for you it.

I was jealous.

You were always
center stage,

and I was...
an unwanted accessory.

And now?

Now I've grown up,
I suppose.

I see you
for who you really are.

What you have to do is
beyond me and anyone I know.

How can I be jealous
of someone that I respect?

Two brothers.

We started this life together.

We must end it together.

Can't have you going around
like a scarecrow.

Can we stop fighting?

I'm sorry.
I'm just... scared.

That's all.

So am I.


perhaps we should.


Perhaps we should.

But first
I want you to say it.


You've never said it.

I will if you will.

All right.






- you.

- We were just...
- I know what you were doing.

There's always a place
for you here, Liselotte.

Don't worry.

I accepted my fate
a long time ago.

I'm married
to the two men I love.

Now, come on. Our presence
is requested in the salon.

Unless you have other plans?


No plans.

Open your eyes.

One day,
this will belong to you.

The glory-

The power.

And the duty
that comes with it.

Do I have the strength?

The courage?

The knowledge?

Who am I?

Are you ready
to shed tears?


And blood?

I think so.

The journey that awaits you

will be filled
with blood and tears.

Not just those
of your enemies,

but your own.

Those of your people,
of your loved ones.

You will make mistakes,

take the wrong path,

heed bad advice.

You will lose
your innocence.

Learn that your best friend
is in fact your worst enemy.

But trust only in yourself
above all others.

Because you are the king.

Chosen by God.

Always look to the future.

That's where obstacles
and enemies await you.

But you cannot face
the future...

until you've conquered
the past.

Then you will be free.

Only then...

will you be immortal.
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