05x23 - House of M

Episode transcripts for the 2013 TV show "Avengers Assemble". Aired May 2013 - February 2019.
"Avengers Assemble" is about the further adventures of the Marvel Universe's mightiest general membership superhero team. Season 3: "Ultron Revolution" revolves around Ultron returning after his apparent demise, planning to replace humanity with robots, and seeking revenge on the Avengers.
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05x23 - House of M

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This looks like the place. Okay, then.
Let's wrap this up.

I don't wanna miss breakfast.

Seems like every time we take down
one HYDRA base, another one pops up.

That's kind of HYDRA's thing. Scan
for hostiles comes up with nada.

Weird. Then we agree.
This is clearly a trap.

What say we spring it? Let HYDRA
know the Avengers are here.

I got this, Cap.
One boom, coming up.


Hawkeye, your hands
aren't in any shape for...

I said, "I got this."

Relax, friend. There are

to be plenty of doors
to go around.




[IRON MAN] The complete absence
of people isn't creepy... at all.

Seriously, where are
all the HYDRA agents?


It's Arnim Zola!

He's seen better days.

Looks like someone's
been using him for spare parts.

Whoever it was
might still be in the base.

All right. Split up.
Section sweep, level by level.


- No!
- Aah!


She will never take me alive!

Not my body!
Not my technology!

I will not allow it!

Arnim Zola's technology
belongs to HYDRA!


She will never have it!

- Do you hear? She will never... Aah!


Perfect timing, as always.

Greetings, Avengers.

Glad to see you, buddy.
Thanks for the assist.

- Black Panther!

That was a mighty fine trick

you played against me
when last we met.

With the box and my arm...

It's me, Thor, being sh*t into space!

It is good to see you under
better circumstances, Thor.

All of you. But what has
happened to your eye?

Oh, this? It's nothing.
Just a scratch, really.

- I totally won the fight.
- [HAWKEYE] Hey, your kingship.

Why didn't you let us know you
were here before the big entrance?

Wait. Let me guess.
It's a secret.

It is no secret.

I merely hoped to use
the element of surprise

once I was aware
Arnim Zola was present.

Stealth is difficult
with five Avengers,

especially the noisy Asgardian.

Aha! He's right!

I am the Prince of Thunder,
after all.

So, we're supposed to believe you being
here is just a lucky coincidence?

[BLACK PANTHER] Actually, I believe there
is more going on here than you realize...


Coming here was a mistake,

One that HYDRA
will now make you regret.

- [IRON MAN] And HYDRA decided to show.

Hey! What gives?

Your shield... [GRUNTS]
keeps... [GRUNTS]

getting in the... [GRUNTS] way!

That's what it's for.




[RED SKULL] After them!

Typhoid Mary, reactivate Zola.

But, but, but there's Avengers
to blow up.

[GROWLS] Why don't I ever
get to have any of the fun?

Wake up, you stupid toaster!


What is happening?

Who has broken my view screen?



You look so tired, Captain.

Are the years finally
beginning to take their toll?

No chance, Red Skull.

I can punch you all day.



Crimson Widow.
What are you doing here?

Let me guess. Being an evil pain
in the butt. I'm right, right?

Mock HYDRA at your peril.



Black Widow,
you assist Iron Man.

That will allow me
to take Red Skull.


Let me remind you again!

We don't take orders from you.



You're so mechanical.
It's like fighting a textbook.

I don't need to get creative
to best you.


I always feel sort of bad hitting
someone when they're not looking.

Aah! Well, I have no
such compunctions,

iron buffoon.




What is this?

The incredible archer seems to
have lost his hands.

Let's see if I can take care
of the rest of him!

Allow me to put you out of your misery.


Two for one! [LAUGHS] Wunderbar!



You can let go now.

Next time,
help the other Avengers.

I can take care of myself.

You are in no shape to be in the field.
Your hands...

My hands are this way
because of your lies!

I never lied to you. Yes, I kept
secrets, but I had reasons.

When I tried to explain,
you would not hear me.

Wha... So, this was my fault.

Well, you didn't give me
much reason to listen, did ya?

I needed you to trust me, but you would
not, even though we were friends.

Key word being "were."

Yes, it seems you never forget,
no matter how lost the cause is!

And what is that supposed to mean?

I know that ship.

Madame Masque is why I am here.
I have been hunting her.

She has become more dangerous than
any of us could have imagined.

And we have all just
fallen into her trap.


No! Not her!

Not now! Not again!

Whitney Frost.

No. Madame Masque.

Well, well. I finally meet
the traitor scientist.

Come to rejoin the ranks
of HYDRA at last?

Hardly, Skull.

I have a vision of a new future.

It's why I used Zola
to draw you all here today.

To give the Avengers and HYDRA
one final chance to build

a better world, my way.

HYDRA will never
relinquish power to you.

Then I will take it and use it
to free the world from conflict.

A world free of conflict
is easier said than done.

I've watched the Avengers
try to make the world better

and HYDRA try to conquer it.

But both sides have failed.

Under my guidance,
I can bring peace and order.

Um, it sounded like you said
peace and order under you.

Uh, the Avengers don't help tyrants.
We stop them.

Very well. But I still have a
use for you and the Skull.



Uh, guys, I can't move.



Boss, hang tight. We'll get
you out of that. [STRAINING]



She has me again!


That's enough, Madame Masque.
Avengers Assemble!


No. No!
We are not doing this!

I am here
to end all the fighting.

Whatever you're planning to do
to Iron Man,

you'll have to
get through us first.

I know.



Listen, Madame Masque,
what you're doing here...

kind of the opposite
of saving the world.

She doesn't want
to save the world, Stark.

Like HYDRA, she merely
wants to conquer it.

You're so limited
in your thinking.

Between the two of you, you control
percent of the world's technology.

Once I couple them with my own,
I'll be unstoppable.

And you, the only ones who
could stop me, will be gone.

And for the first time
in human history,

the world will work
the way it should.


While I detest your motives,

I greatly admire
your ruthlessness.

Here's a tip. If the Red Skull likes
your plan, you're on the wrong side.

In a few minutes, there won't be any
more sides. [IRON MAN GROANING]




- How are we not crushed?
- [THOR] That would be me.

My pleasure.
It's not heavy.

Not heavy... at all.

Just hang in there.

We'll all get through this.

You Avengers and your oafish blundering
put us here in the first place!

Be quiet, Zola, or I'll
find a way to unplug you.

Ah, yes. Good.

Another television joke.

That never gets old.

Please, tell me another.

Instead of getting us
out of here!

"Us"? There is no "us."

These are our enemies.

This is your world too.

If we allow Madame Masque
to take it,

then it will be as dire
for you as for us!

If we're going to solve this, we're
going to have to work together.


Ugh! Fine. Here.

Use this.

This oughta be enough
to blast through.

[BEEPING] f*re in the hole!

- That's one problem solved.
- [CAPTAIN AMERICA] And one to go.

The big one.

Can you not see?
Masque will destroy you all.

The Red Skull is finished.

And from this,
a new HYDRA will arise!

A HYDRA run by me,

the unstoppable Arnim



We're not leaving
the boss behind, right?

- Right?
- Mm-hmm.

If we have any chance of stopping
Masque, it has to be now.




A few more moments, and all
the most advanced technology

of the Avengers, and HYDRA,
and Stark will be...


This is getting
a little annoying.

Not too late to end this
and give up.





[STRAINING] You're at a
severe disadvantage.

I've planned for every att*ck,
every strategy.

Did you plan for this?















let's finish this.

Oh, Whitney, what have you done?

- We have to help them.
- We will,

but not until we have a plan
to defeat Madame Masque.


She is trying to seize control of the
world, and you still see her as...

I see what I want.

In that case, then look at
what she did to the Avengers.

Those are your friends.
Madame Masque is not.

Back in New York, Baron Zemo
wasn't who you thought he was.

Black Widow wasn't either.
That was in the past.

And I am atoning for it
as we speak.

I honestly don't know
who my friends are anymore,

and I don't think
you know either.

That is true, and yet the world
still needs us right now.

So, what do we do?

It's just you and me, and
I've only got the one arrow.

In my hunt for Dr. Frost,

I have done considerable
research on the mask she wears.

It draws its power
from her ship.

If I can board that ship and destroy
it, we will be able to stop her.

Well, she's gonna realize
what you're doing.

- You got a plan B for that?
- Yes. You.

I'm sorry, wha... Hey!



Hey, Whitney.

Are you here
to stop me, Hawkeye?

Even if I wanted to,
I don't think I could.

Are you saying you understand
what I want to do?

I'm saying I'm willing
to talk about it.

Can we do that, Whitney?
Just talk about it?

What happened to your hands?

Let me see them.
So much damage.

Tony tried to fix 'em.

What did they do to you?

[SIGHS] You know, really, I
think I did it to myself.

By not listening to my friends.

Maybe that's a mistake
you don't have to make.

Don't worry.

There's no mistake
I can't fix now.

- Whitney, what are you doing?
- I've learned wonderful things

about this mask,
this technology.

With it, I have the power
to change the world.

My hands.



The Avengers and HYDRA
are afraid of me.

They think I'm too powerful.
But they can't stop me.

Nothing can stop me now.

Gotta say,
I've heard this before.

All they have to do
is submit, right?

Not submit. Entrust.

Entrust me with their power.

To do a better job
than they ever could with it.

After everything that's happened,
you're with me on that, right?

Clint, you are with me,
aren't you?

I've always been with you.

Then tell me where
Black Panther is right now.

[SIGHS] He's trying
to destroy your ship.

I'm supposed to be
distracting you.



One more should do it.


[GROANS] You've always
been a sneaky little cat.

Remove the mask, Dr. Frost.
Come to your senses.

It's not about the mask.

This has always been me!

My moment! My time!

I've learned so much from
you, from Wakanda. [GRUNTS]

Forget what you think you know
of me and the Shadow Council.

Trust me. Trust that I can rule
the world better than you.

Your choices have brought you
here and made you who you are.

I cannot ignore them,
just as I cannot ignore

my own choice to stand for
Wakanda, to stand for the world.

I'm making everything better.

I have the power to stop the
fighting and end the conflict.

Look around.

Have you stopped the fighting,

or have you just
become a part of it?

You've had your chance.

I will repair
the damage to my ship,

just as I'll repair the damage
you all have done to the world,

and then I'll rule it.

Not... while...

there is still...
an Avenger standing!


Time to choose, Clint.

Change the world or break it.


Save it.



I'm sorry, Whitney,
but you're wrong.

The world isn't meant to be
controlled by one person.

Even if that person is you.

Now I finally see.

You're just like
the rest of them!

That ship is corrupting you!

No. You don't understand.

This ship is a part of me.


I need it.

[CROSSBONES] I got ya, boss!

Whitney, let it go!


I can... hold it!

I... can still... save it!

You and I found something
on the bottom of the ocean.

And I tried to turn it
into something beautiful.


Hawkeye, I am so very sorry.

She made her choice.

So did I.

Time for you to make yours.

The Avengers need you.

I do not think we can ever go
back to the way things were.


And I don't think you and I
will ever be friends again.

Too much said and done.

But maybe we can find
a new way forward.

Neither of us is perfect,

but you are a good man, Clint.

Whitney Frost knew that.

The two of you saved the world
tonight, despite your differences.

That's how we got through this.

- Hear, hear!
- Aye.

Shuri made this for you.
To replace what you lost.

Put it behind your ear.

[TRILLING] Made from Vibranium.
Very top secret.

Now is the right moment
for you to have them.


Come on, guys.
Let's go home.

Breakfast's on Tony.

It always is.

Yeah, I don't know if any of you
know this, but T'Challa is a king.

He could easily pick up the tab.

I know of a great place
in Wakanda.

Much has happened recently and
I will tell you all about it.
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