03x07 - Episode 7

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Marcella". Aired: April 4, 2016 to present.
"Marcella" took a 7 year maternity break from the m*rder Squad of the Metropolitan Police and returns to her job, investigating a case surrounding an unsolved serial k*ller 11 years previously.
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03x07 - Episode 7

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[Marcella] Frank, it's me.
Will you call me back?

[crying] Will you please help me?

- [echoing] She's in my head.
- I'm all messed up.

- Marcella.
- I can hear her talking.

She's in my head.

She got in my head
and I'm not in control.

[echoing] This is Marcella.

- Oh, will you please help me?
- Marcella... In my head.

This is Marcella.

This is Marcella.

- This is Marcella.
- ...got in my head.

[Frank] You're d*ad.

[Marcella] It's her, I know it.

- It's Marcella.
- I want it to stop!

- She's in my head.
- It's her, I know it.

She's in my head. She's in my head.

- [crying]
- [Frank] You're d*ad.

- Marcella. She's in my head.
- She's in my head.

[theme song playing]

[telephone ringing]

[woman] Hello. Incident room.

Eddie called. Sangha has no idea
Stacey's in custody.

We need to get her out
before he does.

[Rory] This was a big mistake.

[Katherine] Watch your mouth.
I know what I'm doing.

We could have just let her go.

[scoffs] With my granddaughter?

Nothing's more important than family.

[Rory] She's the one
turned her back on us.

And we all know
why she did that, don't we?

Don't be so facetious!
Bobby had it coming.

If it was my own wife had betrayed us,
I'd have done the same to her.

You? A wife?

That's enough, the pair of you.

Is this what I've raised you for?
I should be able to trust you.

Bobby should never have been
in charge of the docks in the first place.

He was an accident waiting to happen.

Oh, so you know more
than your mother now, do you?

Aye, maybe so!

And you can keep your nose
out of my private life in future.

Things are different now, Ma.

You don't know what's what any more!

You speak to me with respect.

Without me, you're nothing.

And you'll have nothing.

[door closes]


I can have you out of here
on bail within the hour.

The charges will be dropped.

You really think I'd come home with you
after what you've done?

[scoffs] Either that
or you'll get a year for possession.

I couldn't have you take
my granddaughter away, now could I?

She's my daughter.

As you are mine.

Jesus Christ,
would you listen to yourself?

No. You listen to me,
you silly little bitch.

You come with me now or, I swear...

your life will not be worth living.

You let my brother m*rder my husband.

You... had me locked up in here,

and then you think you can
swan in and kiss it all better?

How dare you call yourself a mother?

We're like rats eating each other
because you made us that way.

You need to think about what's best
for your baby now, Stacey.

And you need to think
about the family.

That's right.

I know enough to bring
this whole thing crashing down.

All I have to do is say the word.

Rav Sangha will be eating
out of my hand.

I gave you a fair chance.

Social Services agree
that this is no fit place for a baby,

and that she will be much better
being looked after by the family.

No! No! No, Mum!

No! Mum!

Nobody thr*at me, daughter!

No. No!

Mum. Mum!


Katie! Katie!

No, Mum!

[Finn] Come on. We're gonna be late.

I thought we were going
to the office.

You and I haven't seen eye to eye
for a while, have we?

[Rory scoffs]

Well, that would be
a fair observation.

Ma's struggling.

She's not up to it any more.

The way I see it...

it's up to us to help her out.


I wanna make
a constructive proposition.

You and me need to offer her a deal.

We can run this thing together,
you and me.

I'll take the reins, obviously,
because you can't actually talk to people.

But I'll give you full responsibility
for all the legal and backroom stuff.

That's not a proposition,
that's a fait accompli.

I call it progress.

Catch a grip. You seriously think
I'm gonna settle for that?

That's what the smart money would do.

Oh, you wouldn't even know
how to count it.

There's no way you are catching me
s*ab our mother in the back.

Simple choice, brother.

You're either with me or against me.
It's the way it's gonna be.

So you can like it
or you can go f*ck yourself.

[Rory] What do you think
you're doing? Hey.

Get your hands off me. Don't...

- Leave me alone!
- Got a surprise for you.

[Rory] For God's sake, let me go!

- [Rory grunting]
- This here's my final offer.

Face facts, Rain Man.

This was the way
it was always gonna go.

No, no, no!

- [Finn chuckling]
- [groaning] God!

[Rory panting]

Now, be a good boy
and do us all a favour.


[Frank] Why did you come here?

The b*mb was only meant
to destroy the place,

but it went off early and...

it caused a gas expl*si*n.

Your wife and little girl were here
waiting for you to arrive.

Sally's face was so destroyed,

you couldn't even recognise her
in the morgue.

And Niamh, she...

she didn't have a mark on her,
but she was so small,

she was blown clean from the blast.

But she didn't breathe for so long
that she was starved of oxygen, and...

they kept her alive in ICU until you
arrived at the hospital to say goodbye.


Isn't that the story? Huh?


"The past only...
exists if you let it."

How did you find out about them?

Marcella's a good detective.

It was about protection.

The feud between the Maguires
and the Callaghans.

Yeah, what was she?
Was she, erm...

was she collateral damage?

It was Finn Maguire
who gave the order.

[yelling] Why didn't you
just k*ll him, then?

Because I'm a police officer.

I want to see them in court,
all of them.

Rich people don't go to prison.

You see, that's why I chose you.

We have the same moral code.

f*cking hypocrite!

You're a liar,
and you played me from the start!

- I did you a favour!
- I wasn't okay up here!

Life has f*cked us both over!

We both want justice.

We both know
how it feels to lose a child!

Now we can bring them down, together.

[in normal voice] I'm gonna get justice,
but not yours.

Goodbye, Frank.


[car approaching]

[car door opens]

[car door closes]

[door opens]

[door slams]

[Rory groans]

[Katie wailing]

[shower running]

[Rory whimpering]

[Rory sobbing]


[door opens]

You celebrating something?


I gave Raw Hands something
to think about.

He's upstairs now, gurning to my ma
like a wee girl.

Mmm-hmm? So why the long face?

May Street yesterday.

You weren't looking for Stacey
at all, were you?

I was doing my homework on you.

What the f*ck?

I want to know what I'm involved in, Finn.
I need to know more about you.

What do you want from me?

I like my life here with you.
I need you. I want to...

I want to be with you.

Whatever you need,
from now on, you get it from me.

Roz, why did no one tell me
that Stacey Barrett was arrested?

I didn't know where you were.

[Rav] This doesn't make sense.

Their sort do not make mistakes like that.
Get it up.

She had drugs on her, it's in her DNA.
Let's see.

Says here she checked in
for her flight to London,

when the arresting officer
found grammes of coke in her bag,

with the baby food.

No. It wasn't even hidden properly.

No, something's not right.

[door opens]

Stacey Barrett, I'm DCI Rav Sangha.
This is DS Roz MacFarlene.

I actually knew your husband.

I know who you are.

[Roz] Are we recording this?

Er, no. Let's keep it off the record
for Stacey's sake.


Stacey, do you do drugs?

What do you think?

Good. Because you're gonna
have to prove yourself

as a responsible young mum in court.

- Because that's what I am.
- I believe you.

I actually really do,
but that's not what it looks like.

So, come on.

What happened?

I mean, it must've been pretty bad
for them to dump you in it like this.

Someone planted drugs on you,
didn't they, Stacey?


Look, I don't blame you for being scared.
I know what they're capable of.

I know what happened to Bobby.


Because you were the one
who pushed him over the edge.

No, I think you'll find,
whichever way you look at it,

your family were responsible for that.

Now, I don't know where he is,
but I know he's not coming back,

so you're completely on your own now.

Alternatively, you can do
six months minimum for the drugs,

and probably a whole lot more for
assisting an offender wanted for m*rder.

You know enough about Isambard Grey

to put you down for a very,
very long time,

unless you talk to me
about your family.

[Stacey breathing shakily]

[Rav] Stacey,
you're the victim here, okay?

You talk, and I'll make sure
you get witness protection,

with all the bells and whistles,

and you will not have to worry
about this crap ever again.

You and Katie can go
and start a new life.

I can't f*cking do that!

What do you mean?

Hold on.

Hold on. Where is she?

Where is she, Stacey?
Where is the baby?

[Stacey crying]

The child was with her,

but Social Services authorised it
to be taken.

- Who by?
- Her family. Katherine Maguire.

Yeah, but who filed the order, Roz?

Eddie Lyons.


[Marcella snorting]


[Juliet wailing]

[lullaby playing]

[Frank] Is that your d*ad baby?

[Juliet wailing]

[wailing continues]

[Katie cooing]

[Marcella] I'm d*ad to them.

And they're d*ad to me.

[tune playing on music box]

[music box stops]



[Katie fussing]


[whispers] Hi.





- [Katie fussing]
- [Marcella shushing]

Good girl.

It's okay. Right there.

[Katherine] There you both are.

You have the magic touch.

The poor wee sprite was
sobbing her heart out last night

till you came to the rescue.

You scooped her up like an expert.


It's just common sense. [chuckles]

You and Finn should think
about starting a family.

We're only just
getting to know each other.

[Katherine] Hmm. Well...

I can see you're very good
for each other already.

I worry about him.

He's got a very short fuse.

Particularly around his brother.

He can be very impetuous.

That's what makes him fun
to hang around with, I guess.

Oh, he's a good boy.


he's never been able to see
the bigger picture.

Running a business like this,
it takes guile.

I think you're just what he needs.

Finn's his own man.

[Katherine] Mmm.

But all men need controlling,
don't they?

You can't own your children.

[chuckles] No.

But when they make mistakes,

you can correct them.

- [Katie fussing]
- [Marcella] Hmm.

- [Katie fussing]
- Hey.

You not ready to go down?

Do you want your grandma?

- [Katie coos]
- Yeah?

[Katie fusses]

[Katherine] You're just a wee sweetie.

- [fussing]
- No, no, no.

Stacey Barrett's agreed to talk.

- [Roz] You're not serious?
- Get onto the lawyers.

We need to work out
a draft immunity deal ASAP.

[Roz] Result.

Hopefully, now we can get
the whole lot of them.

[softly] All right. Go on. Watch him.

[line ringing]

We've got a problem.

Are you asking for more money?

[Eddie] Stacey's flipped.
She's gonna talk to Sangha.

I can't get her out of there now.

So shut her up.

Whatever it takes.

Hold on a second.
This isn't in my job description.

I'll make it worth your while.

Look, I need you now, Eddie, son.

Oh, Jesus, I don't know...

Just f*cking do it!

But... but how? How?

Find a way.

And be quick about it.


[Marcella] Hey.

I had, erm...

a very cosy chat
with your mother this morning.

We should talk.

Poisonous wee bitch,
she's went too far this time.

- What do you mean?
- Stacey. She's flipped.

Eddie's taking care of it. End of.

What are you talking about?

She was gonna talk,

so I gave the order, okay?

For God's sake, that's su1c1de.

The cops will be all over her.
You've got to stop him.

[Finn] What am I supposed to do, Keira?
She's gonna talk!

[Marcella] You call it off.

I will deal with it.


Call it off.

- Please. For Katie's sake.
- [keypad beeping]

[door buzzes]


[mobile ringing]

[Eddie] Yeah?

Change of plan. Walk away.

[Eddie] I'm on it now. I'm on it.

Just f*cking forget about it!



What are you doing?

Well, I was just gonna
interview the girl.

You're under arrest!

[exhales heavily]

Working for the Maguires, huh?

[breathing heavily]


[Finn] She's still a liability.
She could still talk.

I can get Stacey back.

You'll have to trust me on that one,
but now you have to do your job.

You think I can win them over?

They'll never follow me.

Your family's useless to you now.

Your sister's an informer,
your brother's a mental case,

and your mother's losing
track of reality.

You can't have an old woman, who is sick,
running a business.

Now's the time, Finn.

You could have everything...

including Jack.

You'll never guess
who he's been calling.

He never said he was diabetic.

[Rav] What the hell is it?

Take it to forensics.

Hello, I'm legal counsel
for Stacey Barrett.


I had nothing to do with your arrest.

I didn't have anything to do with it.

Is Katie all right?

Sign the conditional bail form,
and you can come home.

What, so my brothers
can have me whacked?

And you don't think
that they can get you in here?

The police will question you
until you crack, Stacey.

The family can't risk that.

Well, maybe I'm stronger
than you think.

What about your daughter?

She's not sleeping, she's not eating.

She's too young not to have
her mother with her.

That's emotional blackmail, Keira.

I'm trying to get you
out of this mess.

I just wanted a life
away from my family.


That's not gonna happen. I'm...

part of this now,
but Finn listens to me, he trusts me.

I can protect you.

I'm on your side.

How's it going, Katherine?

You'd better have
a good explanation for that.

I wanted to talk about the future.

I'm hoping you're gonna
work with me on this.

Time for a change, Ma.

We'll go look at the detail later.

For now, the simplest way is to hand over
power of attorney for your entire estate.

[scoffs] This can't be your idea.

It's best for all of us.

You couldn't have
come up with this yourself.

You haven't the wit.

Just sign it.

Ever since you were a child,

you always had to have someone
holding your hand.

And you never learned anything
without a good slap.

[Finn grunts]

Aye. My da knew all about that,
didn't he?

- And he had the scars to show for it.
- You...

[Finn] You can't hack it any more, Ma.

And you're not getting any younger.

Oh, I'll sign, all right,

to cut you out
of this family completely.

You'll not get another penny out of me,
you ungrateful little bastard!

- [Katherine groans]
- [Finn] Oh, Jesus! f*ck!

- [Jack] I'll call an ambulance.
- [Finn] No!

[Katherine groans]

Come on, Ma.

I'll get you a doctor.

All you got to do... is sign.


Why have we stopped?

[door closes]

Welcome home, sis.

No need to apologise.
We all make mistakes.

- [Stacey] Where's my daughter?
- She's here. She's fine.

Probably best you stay with us
for a while.

Conor's here,
if there's anything you need.

I'm looking after you now.

Isn't that what big brothers are for?

Oh, don't mind him.

He's on best behaviour.

[Marcella] Do you want to go see Katie?

She in the library?


[Katie fussing]

[Stacey shushing]

[Stacey softly] That's my girl.

- You did really good.
- [Marcella] Mmm.

- [Stacey shushing]
- [Marcella chuckles]

Maybe a kid's not such a bad idea.

[doctor] She's s*ab,
that's the main thing.

Which is positive.
I've made her as comfortable as possible.

But I'm afraid her right side is paralysed
and she's lost the ability to speak.

Her hearing and eyesight are intact.

We were afraid of that.

Well, this could be temporary.

We'll do more tests tomorrow,
but right now,

she needs rest
more than anything else.

[Rory] Thank you, Doctor.

You look knackered, Ma.

Our Rory has you exhausted.

[Marcella] Let me make you
more comfortable, Katherine.


I can take over from here.

You mustn't exert yourself, Katherine.

- [door opens]
- [Finn] That's right, Ma.

- [door closes]
- We've got this.

I've taken the reins now.

[Marcella] We're all in this together now.

And you should be happy.
We've got Stacey back and everything.

One big happy family.

We have the power now.
Don't we, Keira?

[Katherine groaning]



You see how easy it would be?

Don't ever underestimate me, Katherine.

[Marcella] I don't know what I've become.

I was a married stay-at-home mum,
and now...

I don't know what I've become.

My name is Marcella Backland.


- I don't know what I've become.
- [tune playing]

- [Juliet wailing]
- I'm not Keira.

My name is Marcella Backland.

I don't know what I've become.

...Marcella Backland.

I'm not Keira.

...married stay-at-home mum, and now...

- [grunts]
- ...I don't know what I've become.

- I don't know!
- I'm not Keira.

I don't know! No!

I don't know what I've become.

My name is Marcella Backland.

I don't know what I've become.

I was a married stay-at-home mum,
and now...

- I'm not Keira.
- I don't know what I've become.

I was a married stay-at-home mum,
and now...

I don't know what I've become.

I don't know what I've become.

I'm not Keira. I'm not Keira.
I'm not Keira.

I don't know what I've become.

My name is Marcella Backland.

My name is Marcella Backland.

My name is Marcella Backland.

My name is Marcella Backland.


My name is Marcella Backland.

[echoing] My name is Marcella Backland.

[echoing continues]

My name is Marcella Backland.

[Marcella] Hello, Keira.

[tune playing on music box]

[breathing heavily]


[theme song playing]
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