02x06 - Wedding

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Pure". Aired: January 2017 - May 2019.
"Pure" revolves around a Mennonite pastor working undercover within an organized crime network in order to clean up a drug trafficking problem in his community.
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02x06 - Wedding

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Previously on Pure...

I have a plan. Don't you dare interfere.

- You need to start talking!
- She won't tell.

I will prove to you that
everything she says is true.

God has forsaken us, Noah,

but I will make sure
our children survive.

I am so sorry,

- but I had to protect my family.
- What kind of a man are you?

- I saved your life!

A little gratitude next time, huh?

- Klaas Klassen.
- Typical back-and-forther.

- Like your father?
- I don't know.

- He left and never came back.
- ♪♪

I will threat Anna

- with the respect she deserves.
- Do you love him?

And your daughter will want for nothing.

ANNA: I cannot marry you.

I have not told you the
whole truth about who I am.

MAN: Whatever you tell me,
it won't change my mind.

Anna Funk, you're under arrest
for conspiracy to launder

the proceeds of crime,
conspiracy to traffic cocaine,

conspiracy to commit m*rder.







- Noah?
- Jo?


Anna... nee.

There are men who want to k*ll you.

I think the safest place for
you to be right now is here.

And I think that you are
a fool, but here we are.

You will go to Tina right now
and tell her whatever you must

to make her marry that boy.

I have sacrificed too much

for my daughter to be
trapped in this hell with me.





- No.
- Tina?

No! No...

I thought you were dead.

I thought you were never coming back.

Nee, nee, nee...

Why didn't you come home?

Because I was afraid if I did,

this business would follow me back.

I was trying to protect you.

The business found you anyway.

And on your wedding day.

I am so,

so happy for you.

And I am so sorry.

So the police did this?

Not the drug dealers?

But if you helped the
police catch Eli Voss;

then why would they arrest Mama?

'Cause the Poliez want my help again,

so they thr*aten her. It's their way.

It's the Ausländer way.

So Mame really didn't do anything wrong?

Her only mistake was marrying me.

And what about Isaak?

He's out there right
now looking for you.

I will find your brother

and I will bring him home.

This world is not ours.

It's a trap.

It's like a wicked hall of mirrors

with Satan smiling
back from every angle.

So you must marry Johan

and go back home and
be with your own kind.


Now, if he's here, the
police are not far behind.

You take care of the pastor.
I will take care of the kid.



Hit a Taco Bell on your way there.

I'll clean up.


Oh, Justina. It is all so beautiful.

You can thank Mrs. Fehr

and her ladies for all the
elbow grease. And your mother,

bless her heart, she covered the cost.

By the way, I thought
she'd be here by now.

Last minute details.

- She just wants everything to be perfect.
- Tina!

Come on, we're making garlands!


♪ Praise God from home
our blessings fall ♪


- Jo?
- Jo.

Uh, I could not find
any of the evidence

of the drug business in
Julius's ledger because...

he put it all into the music.

- What?
- Hector Estrada's Dirty Money

is hiding in Julius's hymn book.

Yeah, Broda. (LAUGHING)

Oh, hey, sweetheart.
It's your mom. Again.

I'm just wondering how your
trip to California went.

Haven't heard from you.

Give me a call when
you get a chance, okay?

I love you.


You lied to me, Isaak.

That's right.

Take it out.

Put it on the bed.

The man who picked me up
off the street in Medellin.

He treated me like a son.

Like family.

But then the Norteños get greedy,

hack him into pieces
and offer me his job.

So I work hard,

steal what I can,

buy a vineyard in Spain.

My next stop is a plastic surgeon,

but even he can't put eyes
in the back in my head.

Which is why I need you.

The only one in my way now is Orff,

and he will see me coming.

But he won't see you.

So your choice. You stay with
these animals the rest of your life,

or you help me make my wine.

- Ziffer?
- "Tsifren".

It's a music system. We grew up with it.

7 musical notes, 7 numbers.

1 through 7. But look, here you see

we have 8's, we have 9's...

- So they're actually...
- Records of mortgage payments.

Estrada buys a property
and he "sells" it

to someone who's just in need
of a roof over their head.

Then they pay him back using his money,

washing it clean with every installment.

The top line is the dates,

middle line is account numbers,
bottom line is deposit amounts.

You see, Julius

was keeping a record,
like an insurance policy

in case the police ever
came through the door.

Look at the amounts:
9,000 this, 9,000 that.

Because any deposit over $10,000

would trigger an a*t*matic
report to FINTRAC.

I spoke to the bank in Antioch.

All the money in his
account was transferred

to the Caymans this morning.

Anna Funk is still in custody.
Sterling MacKay is dead.

And the bank manager we spoke to

said that all deposits into
these accounts went through

one single bank teller.

So go talk to this teller,
see where it takes us.

You guys wait here. I'm
gonna go talk to the teller.

Hey, Broda, I think
she kind of likes me.

- Val?
- Yeah.

- Are you ferejkt?
- Why not?

Once you get over the
fighting and the swearing,

some of the Ausländer girls

- are kind of sweet.



- No!
- Jesus!

Get your meathooks off
me, you skanky bitch!

Just relax.

I just want to talk.

- Police brutality!
- Jesus.

So it was you that paid my bail.

Thank you.

- I will pay you back.
- I don't want your money.

So then what do you want from me?

The question is: what
did you want from me?

A job? A husband?

A place to hide your dr*gs?

Oh yes.

Yes, the police told me everything.

But did they tell you why I did it?

Did they tell you what
would happen to my children

if I did not do as I was told?

Come in the truck, please.


If you were in so much trouble,
why didn't you just say so?

What could I have said

that would not have
driven away a man like you?

So it's true?

You're a drug dealer.

I cannot be the woman you want me to be.

So change.

Be good again.

You just need a husband

to help you...

to help you find your way back.

There is one kindness you can do me.

Something that would bring
joy to my daughter's heart.

Drive me to her wedding.


So sorry I am late. So many details.

Mama, um, can we please talk?

Of course. Excuse us.

My Tina, are you alright?

Foda came home. He came to the house.

- I know. I know.
- He said they arrested you to...

To try to force him to
help them. That's true.

These Poliez, they are
nothing like Bronco.

They're brutes.

If it's Foda they're after,
why did they search our house?

Because they are wicked people.

But your Foda, he will do as they ask

and we will put all of this behind us.

I have missed this place so much.



My boss's written promise
that you will receive immunity

in exchange for your testimony.

Alright, well, once upon a fairy tale,

I worked behind the bar
at the "The Rusty Plow".

Sterling MacKay was a regular.

We became friends. Companions.

Not long after that,

he came up with the idea
to have me work at the bank.

So that all of the
vendor buy-back deposits

would go through your wicket?

And when I wasn't doing that,

Sterling had me registering
all these new companies.

Such as?

You broke it, you bought it.


The car wash. The microbrewery.

The landscaping and paving
and roofing companies

and so on and so on.
Estrada told me to leave them

in a bus locker or else.
And then you showed up.

So all of the cash

from Estrada's businesses
would go into these accounts

and then back to the cartel?

No. The cartel money left the
country in shipping containers.

Estrada was skimming,
and the money he stole,

he and Sterling would
invest in all of this.

Once the money was clean,

then they'd send that money overseas.

- Through your bank.
- No.

I was just the place

they took all the extra money

that they couldn't turn into cash cards.

Most of Estrada's money

was sent to, like, this army of minions

who spent all day

just buying prepaid cash
cards. It's much easier

- to move those than cash.
- "Smurfs."

Smurfs. The guys who go around all day,

they make the deposits and
they buy the cash cards.

I learned it on the Google.


So who is the boss of these...

- Smurfs.
- Smurfs.

Oh, I don't have a name.

I always had to wait in the car
while he did the money drop.

Some broken down farm
at the back of beyond.

Another half-litre of the white

will buy you a map.

- Si?
- Estrada came to me.

There's been a change of plan.
He stole money from the cartel

and he's running and he wants
me to come with him.

But I know what happens
to my family if I do.

We have to talk.

I'll text you a location.

Okay. Fifteen minutes.


Cousin Rita, do you know Justina Epp?

That's alright, Anna. We
all know each other here.

And they know who you are.

And that you're excommunicated.

For Tina's sake, you need to step back

and let others do the work.

And you need to stop sniffing
around like a rat in a pantry

and let me enjoy my daughter's wedding.

Oh, Anna. Do you really think

you can buy your way back in? Do you?

Excuse us.

My Tina is so trusting.

She thinks that just because
you shed your skin,

that you are no longer a snake.

You bought off Dirk Fehr,

but you will never buy your
way back into this colony.

No matter how much money
you make selling dr*gs.

Be careful, Justina.

He that is without sin...

Let him cast the first stone?

Well, wouldn't it be a shame
if I cast that right now,

right into the middle
of all your guests?

And wouldn't it be a shock
to poor Tina to find out

how you paid for her husband?

One word.

One word from me and
there are men out there

who will pull out your tongue,
wrap it around your neck

and hang you from the highest beam,

just like I had Joey hang Gerry.

You leave right now

and do not come back

or I will make orphans of your children.



I snuck into his office
and found some numbers.

I think there might be accounts
where he's keeping his money.

Take a look.

Too late.




OPS. Antioch detachment.

I'd like to speak to
Detective Valerie Krochak.


VALERIE: It looks abandoned.

Yeah. It looks like the perfect place

to hide a mountain of cash cards.

- And Isaak.

Detective Lee. Please tell me
Esther's story checks out.

Our bosses are very excited.

So many old white men in the
conference room right now,

it looks like a Who reunion tour.

Everyone is talking
about Hector Estrada,

including some Mennonite who called,

wanting to talk to you about
where to find one Hector Estrada.

Left a time and place to
meet, but no name.

I'm sending it to you now.

Mennonite called.

Said he wants to meet. Said
he knows how to find Estrada.

We have to go.

The last time I saw Isaak,

he was collecting money for Estrada.

If the cash cards go here, then
maybe Isaak comes as well.

- Yes, possibly, but...
- You follow your lead.

I will stay and wait for my son.

If anyone comes, I call.

Fine. But you stay out of sight

and under no circumstances
you approach that house.

- Do you understand?
- Yeah.

- Okay, Abel, come on.
- No, no, no, I stay.

Abel, I need a translator.

- Broda...
- Listen. You saved my life.

I will not throw it away.
I promise. You go!

- Go on!
- Okay. Come on. Come on.




Go! Go! Did you bring the police?

- Nee.
- Nee?

Time to meet your maker, preacher.

- Joey, nee!
- (g*nsh*t)

My father

is an old, craven man

who still thinks that his
favourite son k*lled himself.

I thought if I could
do this one good thing,

if I helped him live
out his life in peace,

then maybe God...

would forgive me.

We're prisoners.

Taking Estrada's money,

travelling the country looking
for any drunk or drug addict

or high school boy to
buy more cards for him.

Where is he taking them?

I don't know.

He tells me nothing.

Just "buy more cards or
your father will die!"

Help me.

I'm working with the
Poliez to catch him.

Estrada is making plans to leave

and he will surely k*ll
Isaak before he goes.

Please, Joey...

Maybe there is still a chance
of redemption for us.


(TWO g*nshots)



Foda! Foda!

Estrada's gone.

He shot out my tires.

Joey, where would Estrada go?

When he came in this morning,

he was on the phone
with Heinrich Rosenhof.

Rosenhof. Rosenhof has the
runway for the crop dusters.

Estrada's taking a Loftschepp.

Take the buggy.

I'm gonna call the Poliez
and find my father.


And now you, Tina, are asked

if you will take this man,
our fellow brother Johan,

to love him, to care for him,

to stand by him in need,

in sickness, or whatever
the Lord shall ask of you,

to live with him in a peaceable manner,

to be submissive to him
and to not to forsake him

until death shall separate you.

- How do you answer?
- Yes.

Give me your hands.

God of Abraham, God of Isaac,
God of Jacob be with you

and bless this union

- through Jesus Christ our Lord.

What God has put together,
let no man put asunder.

Go forth as husband
and wife, live in peace

and keep His promise.


Anna Funk. Cleaning lady!

Anna Funk. Mother of the bride!

Anna Funk. Drug dealer!

And what did she buy
with all her drug money?

She bought this house.
She bought this wedding,

She bought her own daughter a husband!

But our mother of the bride

isn't just a drug dealer.

She made my brother-in-law
Joey hang my husband

from a beam in our barn,

which makes her a m*rder*r!

Justina Epp.

If you want to do good with
your husband's drug money,

why not give it to the
poor or build a school?

Just save enough to hire a doctor
to get the help that you need.

It's not my money, Justina.

It's yours. Do with it as you wish.




This feels bad.



My boss has a gift for you.

The names of all our
competitors north of the border.

Locations of their stash houses.

Favourite border crossings.

Police and lawyers on their payroll.

What makes your boss think
that I would take that?

Because I told him you'd
do whatever it takes to win.


What just happened?

Val, are you okay?

I'm fine.

- Noah, what's happening?
- I'm at the Rosenhof farm!

Abel knows where it is!
Estrada has a helicopter.




If I go with you, my family dies.

- If I go with him, they live.
- Isaak. Nee.

- Don't do this. You will go to Hell.
- If you're going to hell,

- you might as well be boss.
- Nee!

Isaak, nee!





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