09x10 - Legacy

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Wentworth". Aired: August 2013 to present.
"Wentworth" is a dynamic, often confronting, drama series that begins with Bea Smith's early days in prison. Set in the present day, it's a modern re-imagination of Prisoner.
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09x10 - Legacy

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- Who is this?
- Oh, my God, she's perfect.

Do you want a hold?

I want a baby.

- I've done it.
- There you go.

- Don't look.
- I'm not gonna look.

Oh, my God. Does that
mean... ? Am I... ?

Yes, you are!

- I am?
- You're having a baby.

- You're having a baby!
- I'm having a baby! I'm having a baby!

Hey, did you know that
seahorses like to swim in pairs?

Yeah, they link tails so
they don't lose each other.

(g*n FIRES)

Darling, you're not Top Dog material.


My spinal nerves are damaged.

- This is it.
- This is the reason that you're here.

You're the best of us, Allie.

I'm still a cop.

I came in here to protect
you from Marie, Roo, please.

You're my sister,

and I love you.

As of right now, you are
just another prisoner.

- Jones has won.
- You can't give up.

Two black chicks, both
crims, against the cops?

We both know how that's gonna end.

Get me out of here!

- Have you ever been back?
- Would I go back there?

To make sure the body's still there.

Police have found passports, Jake.

It said Grace Maxwell.

My name is Kath Maxwell.

She never breaks character.

Could it be true?

I was gonna poison Ferguson
with it. I'm as bad as she is.

I am Joan Ferguson.

What is your endgame,
you crazy f*cking lunatic?

So what does that make
me, then? Your shrink?

Or your exorcist?

I don't know what to call you.

How about Marie?

I told you that I was
gonna make them pay...

... for what happened to Reb.

Judy's gonna help me.

And how do I know these contacts
of yours aren't bullshit?

You'll be the one speaking to them.

She wants it packed with at
least kg of Semtex or gelignite.

They'll be a b*mb in that van.
I cannot risk that van coming in.

Frazer has links to the group
that k*lled your daughter.

And Bryant, was she involved?

I'm gonna need you to
phone our friend tomorrow

and call the whole thing off.

- No.
- It's over, Lou. It's finished.


This is for Reb.

- Who did it?
- Mandy Frost.

- Another death on your watch.
- Her death is on you.

You and your politics
are a f*cking cancer.

You're done. You're finished.

- Rita's here's a cop.
- I'm her sister,

you'd think I would
know if she was a cop.

You're a filthy f*cking pig.



f*cking pig-loving c**ts!

♪ You don't know me ♪

♪ When I don't know you ♪

♪ You don't know me ♪

♪ When I don't know you ♪

♪ Calling me in, catching me out ♪

♪ Calling me in, catching me out ♪

♪ You don't know me,
when I don't know you. ♪



♪ I can see the change ♪

♪ Come what may,
I won't regret the day ♪

♪ I can see the change ♪

♪ Feel the pace of everything ♪

♪ Who am I? Teary-eyed? ♪

♪ Who are you in your life? ♪

♪ Are you dumb enough to pass time? ♪

♪ Oversold and out of lies ♪

♪ No, it's not for me any more ♪

♪ No, it's not for me any more ♪

- ♪ I can see the change... ♪

f*cking cr*pple!

We're coming for you!


♪ No, it's not for me any more ♪

♪ No, it's not for me any more. ♪

You pig c**ts!

Make no mistake,
people, this is a crisis.

Our duty of care, as always,
is to protect the prisoners.

We don't have the staff.

Every officer will need to
do double shifts to cover.

- Why don't we lock them all down?
- It's not sustainable.

Yeah, and neither is providing
one group of prisoners

- with bodyguards, Will.
- Only for hours.

And given Winter's death,

it is obvious our policies have failed,

so I plan to reopen the protection unit.

- Good luck with that.
- Ann won't have a bar of it.

Ann won't have a bar of what?

I'm aware of certain accusations
that have been made against me,

but fortunately, I have
bigger things to worry about.

While certain members of staff have

been engaged in petty office politics,

I've been dealing with
matters of national importance.

This time tomorrow, I'll
be getting a big promotion,

while some of you'll
be looking for new jobs.


- What are we gonna do about Ferguson?
- Leave it to me.

What's this?

Your transfer, to the
Sinclair Institute.

You'll be moving there
first thing tomorrow.

I am not criminally insane.

Well, Dr Miller begs to differ.

It's a parting gift.

Do you really think

you can escape the
consequences of your actions

by saying that I'm mad?

I know you're gonna f*ck us over...

... but you can do
that from a padded cell.



Give me a minute, watch my back.

All right, all right, back up.

Seems we've both got big targets on us.

I think you might be more
of a pariah than I am.

And we've both got Lou
Kelly to thank for that.

There's a phone in your
unit, she's got it, I want it.

Why should I help you,
Connors? Even if I could.

You get me that phone,

and I'll convince my mob to join forces,

- protect each other.
- I think that ship has sailed.

Judy Bryant, she has a court
appearance this afternoon.

pm? That's late.

Her QC leveraged a special hearing.

Not in the schedule.

It's just come through to me.

There's been complaints about
prisoners not being ready for transport.

First I've heard of it.

Just make sure Bryant is in a
holding cell no later than : .

Can you do that, Miss Miles?


Can we talk?

What's there to talk about
other than your treachery?

Let's talk about
tomorrow's board meeting.

I reported you and I'm supporting
Will's motion to have you removed.

Oh, Vera, you're in for such a surprise.

Will's shipping her off to Sinclair.

- Who, Ann?
- Ferguson, tomorrow.

Talk about poking the
bear. We should go.

Tonight. Let's pack up
the car and just drive.

Drive where, Jake?

- Alice Springs?
- If we run,

we can never stop.

- We'll get new identities.
- Whatever Ferguson has planned,

I am going to face it, I am
not running from her any more.


Hi, you have reached Gavin,
please leave a message.

Oh, hello, it's me again.

Surprise, you didn't answer.

ANGRILY) f*cking pig lover!

Cut it out.

I'm pregnant.

And it's yours.

So, yeah, I'm... I'm
gonna have a little person.

I don't know if you want to be a dad.

If you did, that'd be...

... OK.

But if you didn't...

... well, that'd be OK, too.

You know, I've got enough
love in me for like,

mums and dads, Gavin, so,

I've got this.


- Susan, are you there?
- What's going on here?


- Get back to your unit.
- Susan?

- I'm here.
- Oh, thank God. Thank God.

It's so good to hear your voice.

- Is it?
- Of course it is, love.

Oh, f*ck me. Why... ?

I thought... I thought you
didn't want to talk to me no more.

Oh, no, no, I've been...
You're not gonna believe this,

I've been locked up because
of that bloody camera,

- they found it on me.
- Shit.

Did I hear right? You're pregnant?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm gonna be a mum.

And you're gonna be a dad.

But you don't have
to do nothing, I just,

- you know, wanted to tell you.
- And I'm so happy for you.

I won't abandon you,
Susan, I'm here for you.

- And the baby.
- Hey, so you what... ? You... ?

Is that OK? I mean,
I thought after we...

- ... you know? We're a team.
- Yeah.

Yeah, we are. We are
a team. We're a team.

Hey. What did Frazer say?

He's happy you're getting out.

Nowhere to hide, hot lips.

Screws can't protect you forever,

it's only a matter of time before
someone finishes what Judy started.

Yeah, and who's gonna
do your dirty work, Lou?

- Now Mandy's in the slot?
- Oh, no,

Mandy didn't stick Marie.

I had that pleasure all to myself.

Move away.

And he's gonna stand by me

and we're going to have a baby! Yes!

OK, all right, you dancing queen,
you're gonna make baby dizzy.

I'm happy for you, Boomer.

- You deserve it.
- Thank you.

f*ck, Lou, she did it.

- Did what?
- She k*lled Marie.

- You sure?
- Yeah, she was gloating about it.

All right, copy that. OK, that's it,

- you'll be confined to the unit.
- We under lockdown now?

There'll be two officers
permanently stationed at this gate.

No-one enters, no-one leaves.
Until we move you to protection.

There is no protection.

- There will be tomorrow.
- You can't do this, Mr Stewart.

- You can't just force us to bloody stay in here.
- Yes, I can, Connors.

It's by order of the governor.
And it's for your own good.


f*ck this. f*ck!



We're not getting that phone, are we?

I am so sorry, Ru.

Shit, all my decisions,
they've been wrong.

- Right from the start.
- No, no, no, don't say that.

But it's true.

I came in here thinking
I could save you.

But I've gone and done
the bloody opposite.

I put you in here for life.


Sissy, you sacrificed so much.

You k*lled for me.

- Twice.
- Yeah.

Maybe I deserve to spend
years in this sh*thole.

No, you did everything
you could, you had to.

You had no choice.

I just...

I don't know what to do.

I can't see a way out.

We're stuck in here.

Without that phone,

we've got no hope.


You're my big sister.

My best friend.

If that means we have to
be in here for years,

then at least we'll be together.

Come here.

Oh, f*ck.

Zero Alpha Major, this
is Zero Minor, over.

Go ahead, minor.

Frazer just drove into the prison. Over.

minutes early.

OK, they're on their way.

As soon as they get that
device from the back of the van

and attach it to the south wall, we go.

So, if things pan out as I expect,

I'll have you out by this time tomorrow.

And you'll be able to look
into Lou Kelly's case for me?

If your father foots the bill,
I'll happily take up Kelly's cause.



Bryant, let's go!

Oi, what the f*ck is Frazer doing here?

Don't play dumb with me, Lou.

I just saw him coming out
of the visitors bathroom.

Well, he probably just
had to change his clothes

before he got the f*ck out of here.

What the f*ck? You were
supposed to cancel the plan.

Oh, honey,

either I am a f*cking genius

or you're just a little bit slow.

This was never about busting us
out of here, that was just a bonus.

What the f*ck? You
have to call this off.

- You have to...
- Stop it!

You really think that I'm gonna
let Reb's death go unpunished

- just 'cause your daddy came through for you?
- No!

This b*mb's going off
and those c**ts will pay

and there is not a f*cking
thing that you can do about it.

You call Frazer, you
tell him to stop it.

I'm sorry, princess.

No can do.


Come with me.

- Where to?
- Now.

I'd like to speak to Connors.

- Piss off, Ferguson.
- It's OK, Miss D.

Make it quick.

This about the phone?

It's about Lou Kelly.

I know what she has planned.

She's hoping to b*mb
her way out of prison.

- A b*mb?
- Today.

I overheard her talking to Bryant.

Why are you telling me this?

I have no love for Lou Kelly.

And she k*lled my goldfish.

OK, time's up, Ferguson. Let's go.

- Move it.
- I don't feel so good.

Oh. Ugh...

Ferguson? Ferguson?

I've got you. Just take
your time. That's it.

Get me the governor now. Please, hey!

Hey, someone get me the governor!

- What seems to be the problem?
- No, I don't want you, OK?

- I need to speak to Mr Jackson.
- Suit yourself.

f*ck, wait, wait!

It's Lou Kelly.

- What about her?
- She's going to escape. There's a b*mb.

Lou Kelly's made a b*mb?

No, it's inside a prison van
which is out there right now.

- OK, you have to believe me.
- Oh, I do.

I do believe you.

You see, we're miles
ahead of you, Bryant.

We know what you've
been up to for weeks.

- No, it's not me, it's Kelly!
- Having you here

is my personal insurance.

No matter what happens,
you're not going anywhere.

You don't understand,
OK? I called it off.

She called it back on.

I cannot get caught up
in this shit, please.

Please, I'm about to get out of here!

This will ruin everything!

You k*lled my daughter and
now you're gonna f*cking pay.

Your daughter? What
are you talking about?

The NSO told me what you did.

The NSO? You cannot believe
anything those f*ck say, OK?

Please, they set me up.

Please! Miss Reynolds, OK...

Miss Reynolds?!

Please, you have to stop it! f*ck!

When's this b*mb going off?

It's too late, there's not a
f*cking thing you can do about it.

What sort of danger are the women in?

Lou, they don't deserve this.

At least give them a chance
to get somewhere safe.

No-one gave Reb a chance

so I couldn't give a
fat f*ck about the women.

Oh, f*ck, my rib.


Oh, f*ck!




(Pounding continues)

Novak! What are you doing here?

Break it up!

- Break it up!
- Argh!

Get off! f*ck off! Get the f*ck off me!

- Let's go.
- No, wait, I need to speak to the governor.

- Miss Miles, I need to see the governor!
- Get her to H now.

No, no, wait, I was looking
for the nurse, I feel sick.

Get her to medical, then take
her to her unit and lock it down.

Miss Miles, please listen to me.

Get your f*cking hands off me!

I'm not bullshitting you,
the women are in danger.


- There is a b*mb.
- Give it a f*cking rest, Connors.

Get the f*ck off me! f*cking arsehole!

I'm telling you the truth!


You bastards!

Tell the governor, tell Mr Jackson.

- f*ck!

Let me out!

Zero Minor, this is Zero
Alpha Major. Where's the van?

We think it entered
the sally port, over.

What the hell's it doing there?


What was that alarm?

H block, fight between
Kelly and Connors,

- both have been slotted.
- All right, no surprise there.

Hey, do you know why that
brawler's in the sally port?

- No, why, should I?
- It's been there minutes.

Access the prison network.
Check for actual transfers.


Lou, listen to me.

There's still time to stop this.

You're stuck in here
now, you can't get out.

That b*mb's gonna go off for nothing.

One transfer added today,

scheduled for pm.

Bryant's in a holding cell for
an unscheduled court transfer

that Ann Reynolds logged.

- Nothing has come through from the court all day.
- I'll talk to Ann.

Judy Bryant.

They're not gonna b*mb their way out.

They're going for an extraction.

OK, change of plan. We
wait until hours.

As soon as Bryant gets into
the back of that van, we pounce.

- Here's a new one: b*mb thr*at.
- What?

Kelly and Connors got
stuck into each other.

Connors was going off,
something about a b*mb,

- thought I'd better report it.
- Where's Connors now?

I'd give anything to be out of here too,

but no matter how f*cked off you are,

you can't give up on hope.

You must have never been this
f*cked off, then, Connors.

There's no morality in this
place, nothing good lives here,

and you want to talk to me about hope.

Get f*cked!

My hope d*ed with a f*cking
rope around his neck.

You're wrong, Lou.

There is good in here.

Good people. Like Reb.

What happened to him was bloody awful.

I know you loved him.

There's people I love in here too,

who don't deserve to get hurt,

who don't deserve to lose their hope.

That's all we've got, Lou.

You take that away, and there's...

... there's f*ck all left.

Then there's f*ck all left.



Where the f*ck is Bryant?







Sierra , I'm in J .

Part of the ceiling's come down!

In H Block, the executive level's gone.

This is the governor,
I need a full sit rep.

Governor, I'm gonna report

there's some kind of
expl*si*n in the sally port.

It's taken the entire east wing...



This is the governor.
Alert emergency services.

All officers initiate
evacuation of the sectors.

Make sure all emergency exits are
released. Go through. Let's go.

- You OK?
- Yeah.

f*cking Connors was right.

All right, keep going through,

get everyone to the
main muster point, OK?

Can you walk? OK.

Use the south corridor, OK?


Clear the building! Clear the building!

Get to the evacuation point now!

The building's unstable!

Miss Deng?



Officer Deng? f*ck.

Oh, God...


Attention, compound,
this is a code orange.

All prisoners evacuate
and assemble in the...


And unlock the friggin' gates!

Maybe the whole thing's
been shorted out.

I've just got knocked up, I'm
not f*cking losing everything now!

- Hey, hey.
- Hey, you deserve it.

Hey! You can rot in here, bitches!

- Help us, we're stuck here!
- You f*cking pig lovers.

Hey, I'm in here!

I need help! I'm in here!


Anyone else?

Hey! Somebody open the door
and get me the f*ck out of here!


f*ck you.

- Z, Z! Z! What the f*ck happened?
- Hey, hey, hey.

Oh, they reckon it's a b*mb went off.

- A b*mb?
- Half the f*cking prison's gone.

- What do you mean, gone?
- Gone.

- Have you seen Rita?
- No.

- What about Allie?
- No.

Hey, hey, hey.

What the f*ck?

Right, you've got to go get an officer,

then get us out of here, OK?

- OK.
- Hurry.

- Anyone else?
- Sierra to Sierra .

Vera, are you hearing me?

- Hey, where's Vera? Have you seen Vera?
- No.

She was on her way to the exec level.

There is no exec level.





All emergency exit doors are now open.

All prisoners are to evacuate
the building immediately.

Please follow instructions given
to you by emergency personnel.

Repeat, all emergency
exit doors are open now.

All prisoners are to evacuate
the building immediately...








- Ann, what are you doing?
- I have to find the paperwork.

I filed it this morning. This
filing system is a disaster.

- What paperwork?
- What do you mean, what paperwork?

Judy Bryant's court transfer.

Ann, we have to get out,

- the building's being evacuated.
- It's all got Bryant's name on it

- and my signature.
- What are you talking about?

We had to let the b*mb
in, Vera, we had to.

We had to tie the whole
thing to Judy Bryant.

YOU let the b*mb in?

- Where is it? Where is it?!
- Ann!

- What?!
- You let this happen?

People are d*ad,

innocent people.

Judy Bryant planted this b*mb.

She k*lled my daughter, she has to pay.

Judy Bryant is over there...

... and she is d*ad.

She's d*ad?

Bryant's d*ad?


You can't tell anyone.


You... can't... tell anyone!



(BONES cr*ck)



- Take them to triage.
- Copy that.

Ruby? Ru!

Has anyone seen Ruby Mitchell?

Has anyone seen my sister?




- You OK?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, we were worried about you.
- Yeah.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah, I'm good. Yeah, I'm good.

- Where's Allie?
- Isn't she with your mob?

No, we thought she
must have been with you.

We tried looking for you guys.

It's all blocked up, they
won't let us back in there.

It's all right, the firies
will bring her out, eh?

We have evacuated J and K blocks,
there are still prisoners in H and F.

- I haven't accounted for all my staff, all right?
- Copy that.

- We're going in.
- No-one's seen any sign of Vera.

OK. Have the prisoners in
isolation been released?

- Yes.
- We need a count,

so emergency services exactly
what they're dealing with.

- OK, but Vera's still...
- Just do your job, Jake.

- Get on with it.
- Copy that.

Part of the yard wall's bl*wn out,

- prisoners are escaping into no man's land.
- Shit.

Get a team together.
We'll round them up.


Is anybody here?

Evacuate now.



Everyone, clear the building.

Clear the building!

Is there anyone here?

Is there anyone in the vicinity?

Evacuate now.






This is for Marie.

This is for Ruby.

And this is for me.


- Connors?
- She's responsible for all of this.

Bitch, you're under arrest.



- So then let us go back in!
- It's not gonna happen.

- No, I'll go in myself now.
- No!

- What's going on?
- They said that there was a collapse in H Block.

The roof caved in and
they can't get to it.

Have they found Allie?

Did they get her out?



You carried me out.

You asked me why I did what I did.

In court.

What my... my endgame was.


I didn't know the answer
to that until just now.

A child needs a mother.


OK, you two, gather
in for the count. OK.

- H .
- f*ck the count.

We've got to go back in,
we've got to get Allie now.

Jenkins, H 's gone.

I'm sorry.

- ***
- It's gone.

Mitchell. Connors.

Vera! Vera!

Oh! Oh, thank Christ!

- Are you hurt? I thought...
- Yeah, no... I'm... I'm fine.

- Hey.
- Jake, I'm fine.

- Are you OK?
- Yeah. Is everyone out?

No, not yet. The firies
are clearing the building,

but the roof's collapsed,
making it harder.

- OK.
- Uh, Ann... Ann Reynolds was one of the casualties.

I'm really sorry, Vera.

Now, Allie Novak, we
haven't found her yet.

Five officers and
prisoners unaccounted for,

including Joan Ferguson.

Well, if she's d*ad,

then she's not our problem any more.


Come on. We've got work to do. Let's go.

- You OK?
- Yeah.

Oh, no...


♪ When the night has come... ♪

Hey, Boomer, look.

♪ And the night is dark... ♪

Oh, Allie!

Stop, stop, stop! I'm fine,
I'm fine. Just leave me here.

Oh, my God!


We thought you were, like,
squished under a roof or something.

I was. Till those firies pulled me out.

Oh, it's bloody amazing
you're still alive.

You gave us a scare, girl.

It's a frigging miracle.

Yeah. I think you might be right.


I got you something.


- How the f*ck did you do that?
- ♪ If the sky ♪

- You're a legend!
- ♪ That we look upon ♪

- ♪ Should tumble and fall... ♪
- It's gonna be OK.

- ♪ Or the mountains ♪
- It's gonna be OK.

- ♪ Should crumble to the sea ♪
- Thank you.

♪ I won't cry, I won't cry, no ♪

♪ I won't shed a tear ♪

♪ Just as long as you stand ♪

- ♪ By me... ♪
- That Allie?


♪ And darling, darling, stand by me ♪

♪ Oh, stand by me ♪

♪ Oh, stand ♪

♪ Stand by me ♪

♪ Stand by me ♪

♪ Whenever you're in trouble ♪

♪ Won't you stand, stand by me? ♪

♪ Oh, stand by me ♪

♪ Oh, stand ♪

♪ Stand by me ♪

♪ He used to give me roses ♪

♪ I wish he could again ♪

♪ But that was on the outside ♪

♪ And things were different then ♪

♪ We built our world together... ♪

- What's a code black?
- Shit.


Still rolling. Reset.

You need to tell me exactly
what happened in that kitchen.

Yeah, I know. I'm so shit.

- Do it again.
- Still rolling.

- Sorry. I missed the button.
- Eyes.



It's gotta be extra hard
coming back to such a shit crew.



I could go blonde.

Keep your disgusting sec-lis...

- ... sex life to yourselves.
- Oh. Oh.


Right, it's on.

- Sorry!

Yeah. And two Big Macs and a milkshake.

I've come to say thanks.


No, because you went like this.


♪ He used to give me roses ♪

♪ I wish he could again ♪

♪ But that was on the outside ♪

♪ And things were different then. ♪

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