03x10 - Book of the Fallen

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Berlin Station". Aired October 2016 - February 2019.
"Berlin Station" follows Daniel Meyer/Miller, who has just arrived at the CIA foreign station in Berlin, Germany. Meyer has a clandestine mission: to uncover the source of a leak who has supplied information to a now-famous whistle-blower named Thomas Shaw. Guided by veteran Hector DeJean, Daniel learns to contend with the rough-and-tumble world of the field agent: agent-running, deception, the dangers and moral compromises.
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03x10 - Book of the Fallen

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Previously on
"Berlin Station"...

Did you see Hector?

Yeah, I'm...
I'm supposed to meet him

at an abandoned green dacha.

He was k*lled yesterday

by someone who had enough
medical knowledge to use it.

- We were talking on the phone.
- I heard screams.

Jan told me
something was happening,

and then we were disconnected.

Could you shut the server down?

Yes. But I'd need
a hard-line connection

to the server to do it.

I need to get these folks
on the ground.

Tapa and Tallinn.

What the hell do you want,

I want to stop Platov.

Right now, we are looking at
$480 million.

The ground forces
I spotted near Tapa

will take out
the NATO trip-wire force.

Shut the f*ck up.

Or what?

The next player
won't f*cking knock!

I'm just an old spook
telling stories.

There was someone else.

And you k*lled my mother?

Daniel, what the f*ck is this?

Pretty easy to fool
everybody, right?

I'm d*ad.

Aren't I?

Not yet.


You're back, buddy.

I was worried.

At are you,
my f*cking spirit guide?

That's right.

After all the shit we pulled,

which direction do you think
we're going?

That way or that?

It's all right.

The Devil's not
done with you yet.

Jesus, Ble.

Either die
or quit your f*cking whining.

Look how you bled
all over our Egyptian sheets.

They are ruined.

Wait a minute.

How the f*ck did I get here?

My men found you
on the edge of my grounds.

Who patched me up?

My physician.

How do you go from
trusted by Krik

to hunted by Krik
in less than 24 hour

f*ck the story.

We cut to the end.

You stitched me up
because I'm valuable. Right?

I have access.

I can get you anything.

I have everything I want.

What is missing?

One last "f*ck you"
to Krik and Platov.

You can take his fortune
in the free port.

The Kremlin will
seize Krik's fortune.

And that coward's
in a courtroom cage.

There's still time.

But you've got to jump.

Now, Krik's out, Platov's in,

and the next person
he's coming for is you.

Especially aft that
dumb-as-f*ck stunt you pulled.

Sending someone to k*ll him
at the club.

I can take him down
before he gets to you.

Your wound is infected.

My doctor says you may stl die.

So, what's new?

All I need is of your best men.

And some clothes.

I was Diver's mentor.

I made him.

Call me
Doctor f*cking Frankenstein.

He was a good man.

He was a friend of mine.

And he was a traitor.

It's Hector.

Oh, thank Christ.

Oh, my God.
Sorry to disappoint. st you, too.

I caught a slug,
nothing serious.

Where are you?


Uh, after you and Torres
missed exfil...

Wait a minute.

What do you mean when you said
you thought you'd st me, too?

Where's Daniel?

You haven't heard?

Oh, Jesus, Hector.

Daniel didn't make it.

They dumped his body
back in Berlin.

And Platov's trying to
cover his tracks.

But, uh...

I... I, um...

I de it
to the green dacha, Steven.

The rally point?

Geez, we must've
missed each other.

Did you see anything?

Um... bits and pieces,

I can't...

Where are you?

Stl in Komarovo.

Heading to St. Petersburg
with Timur Jadovsky.

Dangerous company.

Tell, uh... tell Valerie
I'm doing her one last solid,

then she'd better
lose my f*cking number.

You too.

By '81, Diver was in Moscow.

He was married by that time.

Great girl.

One night, the newlyweds
have a night out,

tossed back a few.

Diver's wife shouldn't have
been driving,

but she was in much better
shape than Diver was.

So, the worst befalls them.

She kills a destrian.

Her blood alcohol level's
through the roof.

They offered Diver a choice.

If he don't want his young bride

rotting away in some gulag,
dot, dot, dot...

You know the deal.

The Soviets ran Diver as
a double for...

f*ck, years.

And it all came crashing down,
November 9, 1989,

the night we won the Cold w*r.

Saving Henrik Viiding,
hmm, that was the pretext.

Diver crossed over to the east,

and he changed history at night,

for one reason only...


to make sure his sins
would stay buried.

When the Stasi started
burning their files,

Divemade damn sure his files
b*rned up with them.

I know what you all
want to hear.

You want Der's real name.

You want to know
what happened to him.

Well, you're just gonna
have to tune in tomorrow...

for my final podcast.

And I promise you,
all will be revealed.

Time to hold up
your end of the bargain.

My men are waiting

He's just had surgery
and he's fighting sepsis.

If he doesn't rest,
he'll be d*ad in two day

I only need him for two hours.

Long enough to get him
to the freeport.

No rest for the wicked.

Robert, it's B.B.

Can't dodge my calls forever.

I'm not leaving!

What are you doing here?

We need you at work.

I can't, uh, leave just now.

What are you doing over here?

Hey, what's going on in here?

What the f*ck?!
Who is this woman?!

It's my neighbor.
Nina Bartek.

She's been spying on me.

I'm telling you, always around,

It's impossible.
I'm telling you, B.B.

She's a f*cking spook. -Do?

Robert, please tell me
you have evidence.

There were noises.

I heard... I heard noises
in my apartment.

And she took my mail and...
And she's always around,

in the hallway, outside,
always running into me.

And Basarov,
the day he f*cking bled out,

she stopped my watch.
She bent the pin.

That was the sign for Basarov
to k*ll himself.

So it's your intuition?

Which we're supposed to trust,

You've been under
a lot of stress.

No. No.
This isn't about Daniel.

We're all grieving.

But we're moving against Platov
and I need you.

I don't care what Wolfe says.


How can I help?

Well, if this woman's a foreig,

take her in and question her.

By the book.

That makes sense.


Just let me leave.

I'm going out of that door.

I can't do that.

Don't make it anharder.

Drop it.

Drop it.

Oh, Robert!

Oh, Robert!
Don't die on me.

Oh, Robert!
Don't die on me.

Esther, it's B.B.
No time to explain.

I need an APB on a Nina Bartek,

170 centimeters, red hair.
Consider her dangerous.

Last known was Markisches Ufer.

We think she has connections
with the Russians.

She attacked Robert Kirsch
with some kind of w*apon.

you met my friends.

What do you think?

I think it's exactly
the type of place

I pictured you spending
your spare time in, Kolya.

I thought we might begin with

a briefing on Berlin Station's


Still playing games, I see.

I'm not playing games, Valerie.

There is much to fear here.

For both of us.

Platov is powering the blackout
using Tervik's servers.

April Lewis is inbound
with a tactical team

positioning fia Vesik
where she needs to be

so she could
power the lights back on.




You are moving your queen
off the back row, huh?

I also have a man on the ground
in Tapa.

He'll take out Rodion Volkov.

Cut the head off the snake.

Even with the power restored,

even with half his force

Platov will not relent.

What we need is
a show of military force.

After the 14-Eyes vote,

we have no hope
of military options.

A show of force.

If we can crte
an American intel cable

stating that U.S. and NATO
is in a position to strike,

I can make sure Platov
receives it and believes it.

I can do you one better.

Go ahead, Valerie.

Do you still have that
survllance drone

flying over Estonia?

It's mine for the next 12 hours.


I need you to crash it.

What's the play?

We need to send up
fake intel for Platov.

Convince him NATO is coming,
and maybe he'll back down.

Blake. I heard you were
six feet under.

Fresh as a f*cking daisy.

Mr. Kamenov's representatives
ardue at 8:00 p.m....

Why the f*ck
do you think I'm here?

Final inventory
red-flagged a piece,

provenance is in question.

I've got Christie's up my ass,

with a f*cking insurance team.

Orders from Mr. Platov...
No one in or out.

This is my freeport.

We don't get this fixed,
it ain't worth squat.

Empty your pockets.
I need to search you.

All right, cop a good feel.

It's been a while.

We're good.

Lost contact with the drone
10 miles south of Tapa.

Signal was jammed.

You were right, Valerie.

Put an American V on their radar

and like clockwork,
they bring it down.

You think he'll buy it?

We uploaded
our Baltic w*r games,

the entire NATO brigade.

Should give Platov
a hell of a fright.

Thank you, B.B.

This could be the difference.

I owed you one.

Three weeks ago, my clie
paid $3.27 million for this.

Someone here f*cked up.
Provenance is gone.

You can wipe your ass with it

This vault has been sealed,

Word gets out even one of these
pieces is compromised,

that makes them all forgeries,

and that puts Roman's hands
around your throat!

It's not a forgery, you kn that.

It doesn't matter!

A f*cking rumor, a whisper,
it's over!

Christie's bean-counters
are coming!

They take one step
inside of here,

we're on the hook
for the appraised value

of every f*cking thing in here!

What do we do?

We get it all out of here!
Alof it!

To an independent vetter
before it's locked up

for years of f*cking
insurance litigation!

We do it now, we get it straight
to Kamenov from there!

Okay. I am gonna
need his permission.

No signal in here!

No reception, by design!

Stupid bastard!
Use the landline!

- W-Where is it?
- Back of the hangar.

By the time you get there,
call Platov,

have him rip your f*cking head
off and get back to me,

they'll f*cking be here!

All of it goes!

All of it!
Move it out!

Get every f*cking last thing
out of here!

You should be thanking me,

I just saved ur f*cking life.


I'm supposed to believe
Roman Platov k*lled him.

But I don'

There is something else.

Danny was looking so desperately
for s mother's k*ller.

You're gonna tell me who he is
and where to find him.

So secrets are better off
staying buried.

If you're scared,
I can protect you.

No one can protect me from
what I'm scared of, Fraulein.

Secrets are all I have.

Lies is what you have.

You tell yourself
you played a pt in history,

that you are history,
but that's shit.

You were middle management.

If not for me, you'd still be
in a Stasi uniform

eavesdropping on your neighbors
or fetching coffee.

I... I can't let this go.

Well, in that case,

I pity you.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I need to get cleaned up.

I'm expecting company.

Go right.

Valerie, the camp is empty.

They're on the move.

I know where they're headed.

30 enemy inside, scattered.

Heat cluster
on the second floor.

Those are the servers.

Any of your people in there?

Not likely.

Can you get us in?

Follow me.



I always knew the servers
would be vulrable.

I planned ahead.


When we get there,
we won't have long.

The Russians must have installed
a firewall by now.

That means

30 seconds after
I access the system,

they'll know.

They're gonna come for you.

Five solid minutes.

That's what I need.

You have to keep them out.

Five minutes,
you can put the lights on?

And the Wi-Fi
and the cell towers.

People will be able to organize.
They'll be able to fight back.

We get the lights on,

the cockroaches wi scatter,

and we can take back
our country.

[ Dialing ]



f*ck, f*ck.

We're losing containment!

It's now or never!

I'm American.

I'm American.
- I need a medic over here now!

- Get a medic in here!
- Come on, buddy.

...It's all right.

Dr. Adeyemi?

I'm from the American Embassy.

Just what we need,
another diplomat.

Okay, I'm... I'm listening.

Green cards and visas
to the United States,

ready to be expedite
by me, personally.

All they require
is your signature.

I don't trust them.

We'll arrange for you to live
close to Washington

and make sure that you're
back to work very quickly,

continuing your research.

Additionally, we'll be
purchasing your device,

which is already in our
possession, at a fair price.

You want me make more w*apon?

We want you to further the
advances you've already made.

What if I wanto invent
a technology that starts hearts

rather than stops them?

Wod I still be welcome?

You knew what you were doing
when you invented the device.

The hour is rather late
for a pang of conscience.

Is is a one-time offer,
Dr. Adeyemi.

And April?

She's washed her hands of us.

You have April to thank
for this.

It would've gone
very differently without her.

So when you see her
on the street in Georgetown,

you may want to tip your hat.

Good day.

To the new route of the pipeline
and to our new partnership.

Long may it last.

There were others
soliciting my business,

on the continent, in the States.

And I had my pick.

You know what sealed the deal?

Uh, my unbeatable
intelligence network

that nobody can
hold a candle to?


I asked around about you.

Above all else in business,
I value loyalty.

They say Steven Frost
is a man you can trust.

Well, th... I'm deeply honored,

Thank you.

I'll be in touch.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Are you all right?

- I'm fine. Fine.
F you want to call medic...

No! I said I was fine,
for Christ's sake.


privet patsan.

We're taking a trip, You and I.

Sounds delightful.

How should I pack?


Linen, then.

I'll just get my passport.

Or the p*stol
Yresting beside it..

If I h taken Estonia?

He's waiting on us now.

Giddy up, cowboy.

Let's ride.

I... I hadn't been in the dacha
for 10 minutes

when this group of armed men
opened f*re

and I had to
get the hell out of there.

Didn't even see Daniel.

What about Hector?

He called me yesterday.

Said he was gonna
do you a solid,

then he wanted you to
lose his number.

Oh, God.

I wish this all could've ended

I just...

You did everything you could.

We all did.


You know...


You said you were in and out of
Komarovo quite quickly,

yet you didn't call me bk
until today.

Why is that?

Uh, you were right, Valerie.

I'm too old to be in the field.

I was picked up
by a Russian patrol,

and I had toall in
all of my local favors

just to walk out of those doors.

I should've l.

Do you mind if I ask you
another question?

Becae of your example
and your friendship,

it meant so much to Daniel.

Would you speak at his memo?

Of course.

In Estonia,
life is returning to normal

after an attempted coup
was foiled.

Sofia Vesik's
White Passport Progr

is gaining traction with
public support behind her.

Recent polls have shown
a sharp incr...


Look who I found.


It's nice to see a friendly.

They keeping you
for the psych eval?

Daniel's gone.

My career's over,

the career I threw my family
away for.

I'll be luy to get my job back
in Berlin.

Last woman I thought liked me
was a Russian operative.

You're forgetting
the most important part.

We won and they lost.

Think about what that means.

You know how many lives
we would've lost

if we allowed another w*r
to break out in Europe

and what could've happened?

And the people of Estonia
are free.

That wasn't a given.

It could've played
completely differently.

We all have nicks,
we all have scars.

We do our best,
and then we pray.

We pray that it was worth it.

And this time, it was.

Right on time.

Uh, you want a drink?



You know, I've been trying to
find a way not to do this, Gil.

You know I have.

I've given you
chance after chance.


I was never any good
at doing what I was told.

Yeah, well, you put me in
quite a spot, old friend.

'Cause we both know that you're
not making that last podcast.

There he is.

It's good to see you again.

It's been a long time.

You're losing it, pal.

I was here last week.


Steven Frost was here last week.

Steven Frost
with the aw-shucks grin

and the fancy f*cking suit.

No. This te,
you've come back as Diver.

You took his mother's life,

then you took his.

Didn't you?

To save your own skin.


f*ck you

and your g*dd*mn loose ends.

Esther Krug and Daniel Miller,

they were almost happy.

It was rig there in their grasp.

Just like you and Kelly.

Why are you the one
who gets it all?

I have nothing left.

Go ahead.

Send me to Valhalla.

No. f*ck.


Come on, do it.

Do it.




You don't get off that easy.

All the blood on your hands,
it's gonna stay there.

And I hope you burn
for what you've done.


And what about you, Gil?

What about your part?


I gave my life in defense of
the United States of America.

I am forgiven.

What is the measure of a man?

The quantity and grade
of courage in his heart?

The sureness of his word,

the faith in his work,

in his fellows?

Well, by that standard,

Daniel was an extraordinary man.

He sacrificed his life
for freedom.

Not the word, not the idea,
but the absolute reality of it.

His actions and yours,
who supported him,

sad millions from
the jackboot of oppression.

Hell, he might've even
saved NATO itself.

This honorable man
with a crystalline...

...with a crystalline
sense of duty.

He pursued the truth
like no other.

But that's our calling, our
vocation, to pursue the truth,

He pursued the truth
to safeguard it, to deliver it

pure and undiluted
to the president.


You all right?


I'm good, yeah.

I'm sorry.



may the truth that you
so nobly served set you free.

Thank you.

Esther, I'm so sorry.

Thank you for your words,

I promise I will remember them.

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